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OMF - SNL's Michael Che doesn't care about the facts. 5-8-17

May 8, 2017|

SNL's Michael Che makes a Boston is racist joke during weekend update. Callers give their thoughts on Boston being racist.

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On WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter act always math and EI let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne where ammonium 48 right now what sports repay. Think baseball has condemned the quote unacceptable racial slurs yelled that Orioles outfielder Adam don't during the game Boston. We really ought to play it for racism in baseball and on the hacks. How much chance Saturday night line. Over the weekend and the one thing we are talking a lot about the Adam Jones issued last week. And people are getting very defensive on both sides of the of the issue. And I probably got a little bit defensive it's a long time Bostonians. That you've just putting kind of like a blanket over the city of Austin and everybody is racist. And Michael Shea plays right into it. Where he talks about they was at 3436. Arrests that were made at Fenway Park the other night which was the correct number of a rest. But as we action they were arrested eject and reject isn't there a thrown objections thrown out of the ballpark. We got a list the other night at the other day from the titles and candidate and give us the entire list and now. There were for dropping the the the inbox okay but this is our played to the country. And this is how the narrative is playing out about Boston. And totaled 34 people were removed from Fenway Park. How comfortably racism plays have to be for thirty forced friends to look around and very. Debbie Elliott were here. Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling said he believed that Jones is why it. Come on current event that that really hard to believe of course not everybody in Boston is racist not everybody said Cisco's get. But if Adam Nelson thirty Ford do that a giants' game yelled yeah I ask Kuwait I'd like get affected pretty low so. I saw that's a history here. 34 people to his problem. It's not an accurate statement but yeah comedienne and I don't care to college comedian a friends but you know how it works in this day and age if one says it it spreads everywhere and that's what's going on. And we're sitting here trying to figure out because if you're looking at a from afar how was it that somebody shouted this out to Adam Jones. And let's sit there with 34 people who stood around and just let it happen. That would be. And above probable that would be any he has some. It doesn't sit it really surprise you though they release shoes thirty for a while others there's two things here there's the there's the 34 Q which is just made out but this alive. And then there's the holes Saturday Nightline I would worry about nobody wants it showing more. Nobody watches it in your right edge nobody wanted to know the last time. Do you ever purposely stood up or found yourself up at that point comes that you know what. Watched the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live suing the musical guest is all I wonder who's hosting amounts could play my hair. And I don't not just funny you say eagle on their news seeing 34 people thrown out. Drop it and makes it looks like there's a Klan rally going on it aimed at Fenway 34 people all united. Together the show and I decided hey we all think the same we all like black and nothing's said about it. It solidifies the stereotype of Boston her preparation stumped and that's what it does. And that's the issue why that's why am I I heard John Tomas he say even if Adam Jones were lying he would have no issue with that I'm not sure worries coming on that one. But I think we wanna believe what Adam Jones said not said this before that off the word before at Fenway Park it was many years ago but I did hear it. And I'm not sitting here that naive to say that it's not going to happen in this day and age in 2017. But I think we have to get to the bottom of it. We have to point out the individual that actually did it and we have to point out. That if he didn't that there were more runs around him or allowing it to happen because if you don't. Here's what happens you'll be false narrative. Go coast to coast here and become part of comedy which is what. Michael Shays or use loosely content you loosely ethnic and that act like this guy. On you know this guy is. I don't look at mop I think all of the guy from the team if they always done this before and he's a little I don't know I don't guess he's. It causes the most racist idiot much the same guy yes yes well you know again rob aren't exactly so long hang him in front. Oh yeah but that's the problem there're people and you can say that he's a prominent comedian ways that you can view and judge of what are our guys Sebastien must allow. I thought a lot. It anyway unity of the tea CNN com and its effect these prominent publisher is Nancy ironically announcer so positive animosities that today is the care center over the weekend. It doesn't care if he's lying he's and it's irrelevant. Is it relevant line civilians trying to from his show with. That he did over the weekend with butch he actually said it's irrelevant if Adam Jones is is long does it doesn't make it it doesn't change. I think it changes everything if he's like I'm thinking it was version what I tell it was it was it was the reverse. You get an issue. And in the that it wellness centers and a patient should respect your making the argument and it's a good one. What would he have to gain by lying about it I would agree so therefore if he does lie about it. Then it it it has greater implications. Because then he's making something up for his own benefit. And it's he he was not harassed he was not based. With the situation at Fenway Park were were were people were harassing him. With the good the you know the lowest in home were you can use against African American I miss the point and all of us. But she'd this is what you're getting across the country that's what you that Boston stood around. That it did that somebody stood up. Started calling Adam Jones they VMware and 34 these are the people were standing around just letting it all happened so we must be racist city because and that's where I have a problem. If you want to pinpoint the individual. Who did this to Adam Jones and I want to grip. I would agree that is an issue when you should point pick and that's why we should identify that guy who he is and let everybody know who yet so when you're suddenly putting a blanket statement out there. The 34 people who were rejected all for different reasons. Not what Michael Shea is claiming they they were projected from. When you're claiming that they all stored around. And let this one individual. Child the Anbar. Around and I'm just passing prop from. Also disagree and at Philly John tries to have it both ways when when he says in their talk with a guy that was banned for life from Fenway. John isn't think this guy's name should be out there. Because you don't want you want this guy to pay the price you know want this guy you know it really hurt his life for saying that you know but. If you wanna destroy people for saying that word Fenway and they should be they should be out. Although word about this tackle pull one instant you think that's just one instant at this the guy that's that's cool round as comfortable enough to. Dropped in and where to someone sit next to him at a game. Well maybe he's the issue loopy do get rid of it maybe (%expletive) out of maybe should on should be able to publicly name should be out there should be shamed. So which is it okay we'll give your bedroom. We don't know who this guy is the thing. Who who said this to the other fan there's a report out there that the bleed the law enforcement Boston Police said that the fan who did say. Two and the thing. It is a year with the with a National Anthem actually admitted to the police that he did I guess that's the case he needs to be identified you know when is it. Afraid to hurt I do know even better how do you keep them out of Fenway Park. Visually. We digital picture I don't recognize what Arnold got to have a picture of don't wanna post could quit but how do you for example if Johnson now. And it wouldn't surprise me if I happen and happen real soon. One of the band moved her Loney from the ballpark it would be simple he he would give your name. We would have some pictures may be the before and after which you lose another seven pounds OK just occasionally angle again ought to go to Asia at Wembley. That they'll beard beard and we won't be able to keep you from going into the ballpark. Owes anybody an employee at the Boston Red Sox going to keep this guy because I heard none of the ushers nobody knows who this guy is. If that's the kids how people out of work and shows up. This weekend. How do you do that. I don't know I don't know it's always ask that question when it first happened he bans them for life from Finland he's not really think of your season ticket holders easy. People with these tickets correctly I was you know grown he's not a season ticket or housing on the bleachers tomorrow is usually get him on his record against them but. I don't know. I don't think you can do that. And this idea that and and that's what tomorrow she wants to have the balls what Jesus Ottawa to guys and you know identity really wanna punish but I don't wanna and or partial city I don't want to individuals like. That's exactly what he's always right. He's punishing the entire city as opposed to punishing the offender. Should you say we need to punish the offender I would like we call these people say this is not. Boston and we need to stand up when somebody yells at touted player in center field they shut the bleep up. Lot of the ballpark I don't want this guy sit around and instead what we're gonna do is we're gonna make up a phony story. That 34 people were rejected from the ballpark why. Because it really says cassette Boston Boston is all races and then we're gonna sit there and protect the guy well today it is our general David I allegedly did. Situation this guy brings up Bryant yeah you would sit there for the first time you hear the story. 34 people Fenway drop the end bomb on Adam Jones. 34 PP you're right Michael. They must have felt really comfortable third and more people feel as Andy North drop that word on Adam Jones you're actually right and fortune it's not true. The way to waste makes it sound yeah it would be hard to believe as well you can take all game. You can tell you wanna Saturday nightlife and about the show and I agree with everything you said but it does get an audience. It reaches a certain culture around there they are people who politically lean to the left. And all it does is it piles on again. To give the stereotype of Boston be in this race is set. When if Adam Jones tell the truth I believe he's only truth that we had somebody who shouted it out. And guess what we have to get to the bottom of it. Because you can't just throw a blanket statement when 34 people get ejected from the ballpark for other reasons too they were drunk. Well they were doing something else stupid but they weren't dropping. An offensive word out there at the center fielder of the Baltimore Orioles can't sit there and we want them there insect. Iraq culpable racism plays have to be put thirty or spray is to look around and it got it Eliot urges. And he's right yeah just it did happen you know that's a perception all but that's the perception. And people were watching that show who already probably sought a little bit of the poorly of Boston. Probably piling all of with even more now Michael chase coming he's gonna perform near Winston Bryant it's him he's performing at the Wilbur theatre he's gonna meet with with the mayor Walsh. What is gonna sit down have lunch room. Try to you know shown around the city whenever we're serious that it shows that we're not a racist. And what is that going to do. Do you do you think that Michael she ignored he believes this is suddenly gonna say because a white male. Is taking him out to lunch at some fancy restaurant whatever and sit there and tell them worn out racist. That suddenly he's gonna look at why Denver why why later why cater to him. Why give him the time today because this is why we Kathy because it I don't worst thing you can say to somebody and boss told why he or care what Michael pace nature. KCAA. Player say does the Yankees and. Yeah. Obviously. A little bit. I can't pronounce the your favorite comedians and at least get that back as JR eighty that I call see that HI am and it in and nobody at reform. I'd put C I think all we did. This past week in the conversations with that here in Boston is we've given fuel to people like this comedian and other. Kindergarten through casino with a man or continue to pound on Boston. And so the poster is right not to this one individual who shouted it out to two Adam Jones in center field. It that he shares. It's Boston it is else for it around and watch them. You know it got away with a because you get away with boss I search wants 77 on seven not trees or more get a solid coming up next week you wanna fall. DC sports way murder Loney and Fauria with a collars have a voice we used to joke about what a lot Melissa you're. You can look always asking the question is an easy start answering your songs well most of them anyway. Sports Radio. I took protocols we don't six point 77797937. Here and all NF McGill is in Lyn what's up McGill. Yet found a moment that I Melinda and I obviously am I'm a foreigner and I got to tell you bought that much computers are tough place to live if you are minority or eight you are. An immigrant. Yeah we're we're all squirrels have you lived in the country. Others inland. I lived in Florida I lived in New York. It was a lot easier in this way to sort of wild so yeah back. By my messages it's. Is Buffett is pretty progressive but much to sell all of them Boston he's actually critical several. It is it is not. Conservative is not kill. I disagree with the award in the political political match. Iron Man and the reason why this state turned. Progressive every year is because Boston has a lot of people from other states. And Daniel have a lot of minorities and sort of bigger cities like screamed bailed and a whole bag even now he actually beat the suns are. If you if you gotta look at individual count where you're from again there wasn't a single. There wasn't a single count. In Massachusetts. That voted that went on trial not not not even close. Not even close eight it's extremely progressive. Now one thing I won't say about the city of Boston and you've got to take it into consideration. When you're talking about it is that Boston has one of the smallest. African American population. Percentage wise to the rest of the community. Of any major city in the country a top thirty top fifty said. It is very low. But the fact the Latino population in the Asian population. Is larger than Boston and African American population and through most of the country that is not the case so I can understand what people sit there and say. I don't feel comfortable. It's not friendly enough city for me. If you're a minority because you're going to out of these events in you're looking at a crowd is saying throw a lot of other people look look like because the population as well. I think that's a factor I think it plays into some. I would agree with that. Let it do what Barack Hussein Zagreb parent it is it's my home. I I hate I hate to go more comfortable here are gonna do any well made because they were in in do you sort. Alone and won't. Went as you started the conversation saying something that seem much different than what you're saying now. I thought you didn't feel comfortable. I Ellis and data. On this and that people have had their opinion and I understand that and engaged because somebody is Ed. I have a misconception of another race an agreement and certainly in racing you mechanism on. And an edit the brunt overran an increase in auto like they would want to give the president regarding race I think the government has purchased diet wit. You might be role what you're saying about this so that people instead of saying yeah he's still racists. I dated a we have we have to pay the price of being diverse. And that is a record date and it Greg did it anyway went to the corner into right to protect their own group. Well we need to do all its we need to stop having cross referenced talk. About what is your amnesia comfortable light right now this conversation is quite a bit of it is and how about race. In pinion. I don't have it announced was glad. It's that's sad that's. Let me let you know workers were able to any time I agree argument you write that we need to have more conversation about this more dial. Instead what people wanna do with him when they wanna burial stuff. And they don't wanna talk about it but. You're right everybody takes their own position. And so. Even with the seven Jones thing this past week I don't understand the position that why don't we go at why do we have to go and find this guy. And people are getting very defensively what you you're not you're not taking out of Joseph offers no. We're we're gonna take Adam Jones for his word of it. But we're not going to be liken it to say everybody in Boston is a racist. Which is what a comedian tried to go on Saturday that is certainly 34 people that the only one right before dad read what we want to do that we're gonna find the individual. And do something about it. Now the Red Sox have got to play this thing from a real. Terrifying line careful delicacy. As I should the fans got thrown out apparently this cooperation now. That he admitted to the Boston Police. That he actually did use the inward to another fans sitting next to not realizing claims gonna go on and it tournament. So why can't we revealing who this guy. How do you ban him from the ballpark. If we don't know his identity if they don't know what it was like are you gonna ban him from the. It's up to do it shall we haven't always identity still felt that do. So I was others John Smith there is the Letterman can get rice and identified ago but but the Red Sox have a problem because people like. Tomas in others this admission I don't want you to wrap this guy out cause I'm worried about you know kissing I get that ninety. And don't tell me you were the guys in front line. Is it a voluntary ban. Is exactly. And man it got to do the honor code. You just prompts you'll come back and yet what you guys name. We did the guy's picture to all the people at the turnstiles for Friday night and how how good would that be because it's Alex yeah get outs in the medium we're gonna find out who this guy. Is there some other random kids and it's not like what is that on longevity. As it like. How long people work. The turnstiles a lot of people workers ushers early lifers so what are we what are we accomplished. We're gonna have another player say the same thing or another fans say the same thing. And nobody's gonna get thrown out then nothing is gonna cut it. So we've got to be productive we've got to kind of move this thing along as opposed there was McGill said everybody get in the trenches hold onto their position. And not be willing to have a given like I've read an hour ago at 61777. I seven I threesome.