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Enough About Me - Ep. 58: Mike Finkel, author of The Stranger in the Woods

May 4, 2017|

Kirk Minihane talks to the author of the best selling book "The Stranger in the Woods" Mike Finkel. It is a crazy story of a hermit leaving in Maine. Mike is also the author of "True Story" which was made into a movie staring Jonah Hill and James Franco. Mike talks about how the movie came out, his thoughts on Jonah Hill portraying him, and if it was true to the book.

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Purple ever say this but I will. Thank you thank you for downloading this week's edition of enough about me with Kurt Mann brought Cuba mills owns the store for man. On this week's show Kirk talks to author Mike Finkel who wrote the bestselling book the stranger in the woods the extraordinary story of the last true hermit. He also wrote the book true story murder memoir mania Coppola. That recently that turned into a movie starring Jonah Hill and James Franco I'm gonna waste no more of your time and we'll get straight to the show right now. So amber. On morning show when this happened to support you know where Massachusetts and I have a place to mean. And social the other host we we talked with the story for a couple of days. The Chris for nights where the kind of cozy stories do this sort of that this fund. Story for a day or two MW disguise and 27 years hermit and you know was charged 2000 crimes were never. Then it kind of floats away and I got to be honest Mike. I essentially forgotten the story and those walk around a little local bookstore in my. In my hometown sought in grabbed it right away read it personal Bob was great. Secondly it is funny though is and I'm sure you see this all the time these stories just kinda go wade you forget they even exist and seed thank Jesus that's right this happened. And and it is a it is a wild story. In America all bombarded with so much information and who knows that brings an old idea that forget it remember what I have for breakfast this morning that. Yet this is. That's the thing that really detonate the storage specialist that sort of legend that built up around this guy for 27 years you know. Imagine if you own a summer home on the slate it. Like this we are sitting at your door and smashed in your window broken which like. You sit your flashlight. In your. Even king not a hole in you're. You used your readers digest year old National Geographic yet aperture computers there and you're. There or mutual Erica I know it's like. He did choke some people thought they were losing their market people blame they're so is from people thought it was a disgruntled neighbor nobody would really sure and so. After a while there's like legend started that they were all all all there to do the work on the north on arm and went on earth like decades and became like this sort of locally in Maine it was like it was like their person of the lot. What's it. That's not part of is a volatile hour back up a little political four ball go back at the same time. So how does it come in the wind up in contact Christopher Knight obviously. Given that you've given your history you know right in true story you have some. Some history guess of of of of dealing with guys in prison is strange that sounds are corresponding. With them I mean did you reach out to him first obviously I'm guessing you did given his. Given his lack of you know whatever social grace I'm guessing you part of the issue in this story and reached out to him. Yes of course I was arrested breaking into summer now. Are feeling like you know Hamburg she used. And illegal buy and buy an upset in Ward Just wanted to solve this mystery. And pretty much everything you say the least the night was regret it like jaw dropping the unbelievable. You said yeah I lived in the woods for 27 years without ever talking to people person he I never even lit a fire you know all of it is right there ever imagined. Roy says he's right. He said he said hello once to somebody walking buyers and. Yeah want to drivable go to high 127. Year keeping it out and help out. He never he can't turn that into a local call used. A bathroom doors slept in a real bad armed. And then it caught up and I'm reading this I'm on the in my home and beating its. Story from central Maine out on the Internet. And these guys got to be just leave the were easy and then the last paragraph of this little newspaper article is what to begin from curiosity to actually that this guy spoke Elton a upon thousands of well. I'm like calm. And possibly not a creep U guy really does get a bunch of books so I wanted to know what he would say and so I keep skimming and used her like a month. And according to a lawyer like 500 journalists tried it and I would Chris Knight and the guys did not think 27 years. He says absolutely. Not sing and I can't stop thinking about a minus one and why do you lead the world what did you learn how did you survive a million during questioned them. I decided to write them a letter in jail and iris guilt especially at a loop there. And I told about a journalist instead you know I like can't count I like reading and you're like a world champion open and there are. You know to my somewhat surprised. EU broke me back not so it started. Then start sort of an odd correspondence before you actually go and visit him in. You know it the book is that he sort of going to you know isolationism in the history that to some extent. All the same time going back and forth to your read it with your relationship with night. And it's sort of you know one of the themes of the book but it seems like you've never could quite crack. Chris Knight is that you think it's fair assessment. Man I'm not happy sort of dramatic shift that the journalist actually used the guy couldn't say a word from 27 years right to write a book about it. I think I like challenges. Welker I cannot say on. You've sort of touched on something we're like you know it's sort of this primal fascination there have been a tiny percentage of people throughout history that forget the world. I'm gonna believe I've might sell for. Sometimes people do it for months sometimes that you're per decade and we've always been ethnic. And if you think about some of the people have gone up by themselves weeks. Probably seem well like you know Jesus went together for forty or forty days is by himself and then started christianity. Buddha sat under a treaty in India for about it out and started. You look at them and even Ahmet that'd be it Islam. You know the U how or things happen it were always. I like you know you have guru sitting by himself and illegal what do you app but why are we also creepy Euro per your you know in the real world. Put that our our nation's public interest in the and also even from his first letter even though he didn't write a lot. Because this I was hyper intelligent and he turned out to be at this sort of very dry roll and humor. And he had an incredible story it's also sort of at that can be even though he was it difficult man to say the least to speak with the story itself sort of crap. Notice from the needle Mike about nine many things our blog mart is its street Bristol these people things they wanna do. That was not night's goal all do you have any big and you want to change anything you wanna do this he just wanted to be left alone essentially. Like you know. Yeah I totally agree it what you. Funny thing is is you know you're never when I talk about like our world a piece of the nightly. He would like interviewing mark you are close can't believe it or the it is like old little world that he built it would buy sell or close to. Post a three decade and knocked in three decades late. You know you mean the world leaders 65 years old that your your I 85 that's different than when you deeply your money right I was just. I'm like twenty to 47 but like when everybody loses or what order we sit at your middle aged persons like. Scheme was Bryant helped you never got advice from an older never spoke to anybody so you develop our own sort of sort of world on it and of course we eat an art world won an old point oh we root. And I actually more profound more interest at of course frustrating that he wasn't trying to group and the heat just like he's. Wanted to be left alone and we don't understand why that's fine you don't care that we that we don't understand each. Really was a true harm and are eating and sort of threw me for a loop current economic I'll explain it like no I can't act. You know literature explaining and I sort of like it was a frustrating. Thing. What's what you do forget it she you know when you read the story you paint the picture of somebody you have some level of sympathy for the guys some level of natural sympathy. But at the same time you know you then think of life kids I think of having that that place it is you do to get having a place up I mean every summer. And kind of going there and you get there in year whatever your box of frosted flakes are missing you said your packet of Mac and cheese are missing or. That aggression book you read fifteen years ago was missing. And I think it more from the kids' perspective where it's sort of you know you could say a pain in it though is sort of this crazy. You know ghost like figure in this town but it's actually. I would think for lot those people you really scary think it's an unnerving. Think I mean what he did at its core is mean that's sort of indisputable. You're completely right it's not. It's not the hamburger. And achieved in the flat plate that he stole that problem. It's your peace of mind. And your senses security and you can't put a price company people bought these partners are almost there almost all second home people were you didn't have a job people worked. Provided have been so they get away from the pressures of the world for a weekend or two victory summer this guy got away from. Armed there are people on the pond who told me that the worst thing that ever happened in your life. With this guy like he said it would keep it nightmares about him there were a lot of women especially who couldn't even spend a night in their home baloney what they supposed to know what it's like would they both he didn't have a sniper gun it was only. If you read it to your. Completely. Right. However. There were other people on the seemingly with the same happens who told me listen man. The second time this guy broke in its books she's I didn't you know. I knew that this was not a big deal he was no more trouble than the seasonal outside I would wasn't worried about and all the wondering who owns. 200 acres where this guy illegally. Slept for 25 years after you know how did you feel about the stranger. Living on you're land uninvited perk whatever century mentioned it to me out here is product out of I would let them that they're about. And there are some people. Upside there are some people who leave Michael Michael list roots or leave appease neighbors say listen whatever you want to spill it out would get forty X right. The people consuming and are you are beautiful art and every Orkut and secure hungry athlete and altitude that you don't creep into my house. Wouldn't he wouldn't write down something on the list that. To him if you want to communicate with someone even as simple shopping list that kind of our relationship. Come other people actually collect food out for him ample but I'm good on their door like that. School fund raiser. He never did he said that you know he was afraid that maybe someone would put complete minute and he couldn't trust that he would. You've been very compelling story you know Chris I can tell you. Did not get did not want a VP it at any sort of Angel cure all right failure right you make that clear yet. Yeah I speak warmly up and look what he's an usual person but there's just no way everyone. You you're angry at him and you disliked it that's totally foreign reaction I wrote the books so. Are you know you can decide whether it's a good book about the books that I liked. To help the reader how to deal I've laid it all out and if you like him or you hate him you're you've either reaction is right it's. I think that's part of what makes the story interesting is that everyone has different reactions. Another gimmick story interesting to me is simple I'll get to that the bigger picture that later but. The idea that you know where he was in Maine. Was not fought like how far away from where he's at camp as his base he's camouflaged can't far away was that. From people who were hiking and walking around all the time with the way I read it was not a. Yet she was not in agree nor would that mean he wasn't like will basically. In the world suburbs you know he he. He could walk to your cabin in three minutes and all of the hundred there were like hundreds of people currently eco twenty heavier out about her idea not light a fire. How he can't help but think it would for twenty years in a pretty crowded late and nobody. It never get caught it seems it seems impossible right. I can beat you and all your listeners that. Beasts is that pretty much. 90% this city and are talking about like you just shake your head and say that applicable. Completely I completely get every action and mistakes. For personal and professional reasons I. You had to make sure this story so crazy. Couldn't afford any exaggeration. Any mistake are higher too independent fact checkers or acute lawyer and the prosecuting attorney read I expect. They were pretty all the by the papers I have police officer at I surged to its site. Or I went there eight times spent the night their art out and wanted to catch and a lot ordered aren't a chart. What that showed he lit a fire people put security camera although they're all one on a picture of him taking a nap in a bad. Nothing I'm telling you. Hard it is to believe this story is entirely true that guy really lived by himself without speaking supper one syllable word. Without lighting a fire without theater for 27 years it is a mine Butler is woods were so it. And he was so fanatical. About being quiet and not leaving a footprint debris branch and nobody found this site is and it is hard to get your head around the scene on our new. It's true. Are we gonna take a quick break we gotta talk about our sponsor militants the store for men and I got to talk to customers about this because we talked about it on the glass that sort of enough about me when you guys went down to DC you went to militants before you have to look good. 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I've been the main obviously a lot how do you survive 27 winters in me with no fire Heidi how you do. And I expect you hooker or like in Montana so I know about winter and I do a lot of happy. You put me out of it in a cold where about 45 minute and narcissistic wouldn't buy back in the first thing I'm doing like courses pitched just breathe easy. So I ask you out and I'm like yeah we talked a lot and simple like caddies are what are breeding animals but how do you not read. This is what this guy did you mean I sit in you must adjust. Wrap yourself and I'll be sleeping bags cocoon yourself just major so like this sort of human like you know what it's like you said that completely wrong. This guy parity. Has been using mine for solving problems. Are just figuring out if you remember that story into the wild. Yeah so Chris mccandless Alexander's. Actually didn't survive one winter this guy. Point seven winters and walked out stronger and ox is but he hit just just for starters. You know what year it was and yet we get to the decade but he had these are old analog watches he used the hour and minute. Key woke up every day in winter at 2:30. In the morning went to bed about 730 and actually up about five hours. And tutor him or about to get cold and you know that the body produces compensation matter how cold it is content creation and got condensation will freeze. And starting your fingers and those people premier will marks to your heart. Chilling account up at 2:30 in the morning and I would probably you probably everyone would be we just grab their beat me guards around in the huddle I. Got it. He had this room that he carved out of dispensed or. Haste. The perimeter market site around. Around and around all night. Every night. All winter for 27 winters and never lost so much has its own health frostbite it is. Just protect this forget the story of solitude in and eating and people's reaction that just survival story itself or be. And a lot of people in that area don't believe that. That right I mean you talk about them a bit of rain right lava locals say that's (%expletive) I don't blame on particular because. This is you know that it could be twelve years to come up with a another topic for a book I don't pay these people. Seriously like I'm busy under three is that it's not worthy story then I'm not writing a book about a all right magazine our news oh this is. Both unbelievable. And true meantime no wonder that normally when I'm writing a story went heavily towards donor. I answered something to close strike calm to the story more people sort of explain to me and I understand this was. Totally aren't that aren't at the closer I got to work on. The more people said no way despite the pole sitter she is just not possible but I'm Helen you. He really doesn't want publicity even really want me to write a book and reading about each. So no other journalists on the sort of the defensive strategy that he held one person's story. Stop everyone else he's not looking for me he'd been on an operative monies that you know you not. A liar he and again if I sound. One tiny scrap of evidence is higher story would have collapsed and police search firm for 27 year. I I I spent more than a year during factor in. Story holds its just. So hard to get your head around this is it I mean beat it the old cliche to treat this stranger an fiction really applies in this case I I've never found out. Our story here. You know makes a story even more later though in the way Odyssey you know this is number one the story is hard to believe in number two. It's been written by you who is somewhat famous for you know getting in trouble obviously your time's magazine. Being fired for making composite character. In that stories you sort of have. I journalists you've written about obviously in true story of a journalist you have some questions about. And a story we have some questions about it almost adds another layer of mystery novel things that you thunderstorm coming from a that. Yet this concur I am 100%. Human I make mistakes man. And I mean huge mistake if you read it your listeners don't know on or about seventeen years now but I was working for the magazine. To make a story whatever Morse happy it better to read I mean all other apology interviews and I combine them into one. And that's against the rules of journals and at least not without seeing at the top aide Eric lie. And I looks caught. I would fire and I deserved to beat. And and I miss you afford to be like 500 journalists tracked it might argue the facts are mixed up and what you have a black mark on our record that was banned from writing for some publications street years you know at all back into the business. Unless I'm journalist I can match you like holier than thou and contrary you are approached but he added it's reasonably certain criminal it was. Or I am human I know better than anyone else. You know trying to come back in the guy who wanted to survive in the would then he'll also be reduced to its healing keep it that they. You know you're way. The fact that I have a black mark on my record and have failures. Sort of makes people like Chris might we are people criminals. That makes them almost more comfortable talking to actually is an insult not I'm not making any excuses you know I deserve to be fired. I'm trying to do that I on the back in in the sort of you know we are raised need to be a better writer and a better journalist. So you that's the only time you average it summit that that's the one time he got caught was the only time you decide that your career. Yes and you know this is a funny thing when you're. There's not been thinking a trumpet secret that when you're you know it's something. Someone says I'm gonna investigate you or your reaction is great he's investing. To think about. Like if you're innocence and collect as we wanted to have an investigation like bring it up so when I let fired from your current banking producer politics Eric I knew what I had. Yeah that was the only time I'd done that it was. Creative being artists. Didn't want like twenty people with weird being being quoted in your dual core readers' eyes would glaze over they would just turn the haters I've got to one person be here I know that the only I. I mean when New York Times that hole. Yeah we. Doubt that this you know it's like shot. You know out first on don't believe that there like. We're gonna investigate all of your articles out like thank god we. And they sent reporters all over the world to be report our story and then he wrote another story about music that. That they atomic numerical error spelling error of course real regular human. They clearly be here I'm fired me and clear we are near the group you know they they they investigated me and I was happy. We think you know you secure computing of glass do you think the Blair you know we're gonna we're all all the support and you open up you did the the band aid in the bullet wound comes fly out or it's just it never. Yeah of course that's where A I'm human I'm exactly like that you you know. You get caught want to probably cereal on your art he's been which is why I was happy to investigate because just like. It just like investigated he that you'd clearly like you say people are looking court's pretty eat eat and irk them and the times and other publications. Didn't find any because there wasn't any other it was a what does this I didn't have in my mind that I was one gonna cheat I would like. That that the cheating was to make this story more readable not to like. Do you leave right now I still interviewed all these people and so it is sort of again you know when you mentioned at the beginning of it as of this concept. You know you forget stories they just last year aren't so you know it pains me when I get lumped in that other people. I'm so grateful for the world the United States you know journalism in the second chance and I knew I had not made any other mistake and certainly. Every article right now is so thoroughly fact checked that you know your way. I feel like I'm the most trustworthy journalist who talked to look at that I ever got caught again there's just no coming back it's you know right to the gallows. Until I feel like you're gonna trust anyone you. Truck we can't afford anything and I'm so cautious and vigilant and you know I was 99% sure of something in the book act out about the is not good enough. Over the books only a 191 page on which really short I just wanted to quote what I knew to be true and only Tibet. Major credits why he's book strange in the woods when these books I read like sitting and half the umi we get what you get going on you cannot stop breed that's I would say. And I liked and I really liked restoring law. I'm curious as somebody who is you know. Been portrayed in film so I really like the book true story. Obviously you sold the the bootable crisis on how much you can talk about the senate would raise. I was not a huge fan of film adaptation that but the book is usually was much in the movie I'd be curious if you could talk about what she thought them. With the experiences. Yes so be a true story is he about me getting fired by New York Times and also don't know. Again this is all true but at that everything under the law you met journal I internal. And reputation I got. Caught cheating won't be at the same time I'm talking like that day. I found out that this guy on the ten most wanted list was wanted for killing. For people not to panic for people whose wife and his three kids like true recycled material was running around Mexico. And everyone that his name was minding my vehicle and a greater you are literally. I beat the had a murderer impersonating me and so those two weird stories urban your time in murder personally I sort of knew it into this story and I called a true story or boat. Literal reason the story's true and also little tongue in cheek and I got fired regarding her true story and that the character Crist on the cycle they. A liar. He couldn't tell the truth it is it's it it could Bittermann note. And you know immunity to a movie and unit. Touted such surreal experience because the book is very personal to me also. I have elected to keep you got murdered as like you treat it like I wrote about a guy. That is an ass hole crimes and helium which I wrote about psychopaths. Are really. Kind of into it at an reached. The hell out of like I've I will never recover. At a murder yet because it was so scary to me to to a movie. But to act like watch it between my fingers like diplomats are handled are watching like. So I have no idea. I think it's good I don't know people that some people like it from people go for the civil. I'm comfortable for me to watch you know. I Jonah Hill lately and is a great actor and by the way a good guy. Like him and up. James Michael Clayton murder and I think it's likely to get actor art to learn all the literature I still good good talent there that term toothless Jones. I like that. Publicity junket justices start they start spring they are like chill and also great are so good stop their go to. More like the worst I'd ask about and because so some real meters a year and I actually have you know get and as you can match. You know our country combatants but I've only like watch a breakthrough REIT iron. And I was like. You know coolest swept all three times so who like squirming. At. What is sure where yet and so the book I am amok acuity into the book of decision it's this certainly. A line drawn in the sand between you in night in the Balkans and curious since the book's been. Published in sent outrage if you had any contact at all with Christopher nightmares he liked today is you and talking. OK so Chris Knight gave me. The most valuable thing he owned in the world what is incredible story he gave it to write him walk adamant in any money at all. As I ever sort of hit it like he's a hyper intelligent guy like. One other one of the main reasons he left the world I'd frankly is that martyrdom. Although it's harder although SR I wanted to just ask that formal order of the questions that's in the second. The reasons for him beefing are strange on he goes on this road trip. Down south. Turns round drives back to decide to pick a random spot he has really know much about in disappears there's no real actual thing you look at I'd say. Okay this somebody died use accused of this. You know he's somebody you'd assume his wife you know was (%expletive) somebody walked in none of that actual stuff happened and now that cliche stuff. He stands its. Of course having one of the main questions just like I leave the world behind me here. The twenty year old kid he's Smart and decent job stalling a automobile and home alarm system two with a walk and jump in quick and the later on TP installing on a content or depending on. Yeah act being. Hired to trip you want is like. You want this specific regional like committed a murder I. Views of the child I was accused sexuality anything. If you think about it. And he told me that none of those things are true to think about it and specific like that you kind of get over that allow you Angela you at all what he. Separate years you get your BR not. I'm not gonna kill economical people want shower so the reason he left his boot. Kind of it's it's kind of an underwhelming but also really profound he says to me that trees and higher lights even longer because remember what we're very comfortable. Amongst other people. And he felt this like hardy cult like is gravitational Tug. To lead the world and if you read. Other comics books and out of orbit the written about themselves. It was also a similar thing. That they just felt something in their soul and a you picked up on prepared. I like literally teach your car in the woods through the key in the center console you have enough food and clothing. Yeah like a little sheep and he just walked into the woods. And didn't come out for what and the copper electrical upper twenties. Every year for all we know are throwing on the car still they're somewhere right. I guarantee you are still there yeah I mean sentiment is a couple of junk cars around but I tell. I want it I get the instructions were so we'll take it it would be like you'll and I hate that I'm guaranteeing you. We all looked around the shores. Oh muscat late. In in central meat we restarted old dodge Brad would Citic east Cameron in the middle there all overgrown by the. Did you ever feel like you're his age it's it's in the back and forth is is so fortunate to I guess said. Thought he never really let you win a little bit once the while I guess what did you ever feel like you're. Friends with this. And you know sometimes journalists. Which has skiing like you know what sort of like or or or boxers actually start to punch each other sort of our circle each other on each other out. I have Tony I was one group behind in the chess game and warned that aren't are used to like these I was so Smart that there was no like. In your tricks that you can particulate unlike now. You know artistic. Controlling people are saying this flattering them with their ego just like sort of assuming something that they are gonna through all the little trick while working with this guy. He was not. And I kind of respected that 'cause if you at all but he but he would mean suddenly. Spoke. You know endlessly that you wouldn't really even on the key. Never really even liked me. To pay the truth we had a weird connection. And they are especially you know you're not keeping it in the but especially at the end sort of found meaty right back. Not we never came friends and I look at at a sort of I sort of respected the fact that he never even pretended like me I. He was very real quick it was none of that yet. We're buddy buddy journalist subjects he knew what to do what I took notes and one of them I told him from my first letter that I wanted to write about them. And he also knew exactly how much was telling me and he didn't hold back something. And now this is all you're gonna hear from one of the most extraordinary people. I mean that a priest basically that ever lived it's an incredible story and you know it I want him to help more gas but on the other hand he told more than he wouldn't be. This guy you could live for 27 year without content that sort of year like frustration satisfaction camp. Happened for me and probably will happen for some of the reader to get which argue more optimum so lucky to a much. It's so strange that if so what it's like you know in the way he was able when you guys are done. Your conversations that were always seem like he was able to say OK yeah I never see you again I don't care which you became. Obsessed distraught but you became you know really really really into going back report visiting you know almost too much. Yeah I mean. If there's any criticism that you have lobby that the book is you know apartment that didn't leave this guy wrote them and that is sort of each other's well there. I admit it and he's you know you pulled back from the sort of sensed that the IQ she said to me when it's quote. You going to be your bottom Mikey just you know can't leave it alone and there is some truth to that and I you know I am human and I'm not not at all but I went back when when most are immune to this story that's just so amazing. I have repeated I want to hear more now the only thing I can say in my two cents. Is that number one I started by writing him letters and hundreds of people literally wrote letters he never had to write EP. And then of recent apartment is that it didn't chip in jail I have checked in yet to Greek. And he always agreed and then even more profoundly. And not giving to actually we have this one final meeting. After he's released from jail face to face in his backyard in me and he says to me my. It might Umar Oslo you'll you know in reference to the guy who wrote in the atop big. Literature at my you are my eye out for gave me. That. Appointment that gift and approved of as and then when he was done talked to be carried out here 120 yeah and of course I want to get better at that point when he said I've done enough. My biographer. Let them alone and haven't contacted him since. Yeah. When you get so tied into a subject like Adams again I would think about it I mean. It must be tough even now a couple of years later when you're just where every revered in France here. Akamai tendered Trabant simmered not that I have an impulse of trying to find disguised doing where he used it would be tough to let I don't think. Of course I mean I tried to keep tabs by that you know speak in people in the court system but it. You know I get a book tour and mean and I would right near or is how is it right near where he's living and you're like you know I left arm was hugging my steering wheel to go there are right our typical double the needle thing I did not. Others have but I mean are you asking me to I wanna hear from you at commanders in the U when you get a letter from in the like year against army in. Added strange and all the like. Mean if you're a journalist and you like the English language is as a kind of a beautiful way of using a unique way and and I am a collector of stories in this one is a this one to mind blower and Jerry guy a two way to feel. That there isn't a issues when when you when you about the money heck yes I'm human. I felt like our state just on the right like it but yeah it was a little bit machine I can feel a little bit bad about it but yeah when Chris I said that's enough. And I get stop but I certainly pushed a minute this party was willing to go. So where is he today as you and I talk I mean I mean right now what what is he doing what's what's going yeah. I'm happy you know he's he's in his fifties now he's not as young as he wants what I don't know it's hearts she would love to escape. Into the woods again because I mean money and he only spent it in this is not to be too much lately only spent seven months in jail. And even the prosecuting attorney would like this guy. They need that curriculum recruiting him like sense it like this guy which is not. Does not deserve to be in jail but the gitmo harsh probation but if you break any law again spend as much seven years in the state penitentiary he hasn't. He has observed is probation to the letter is living a quiet. Anonymous life in central Maine he got the job he's at work for the people he takes apart engines or scrap metal. Armed. And he's you know he's keeping non he's probably you know you're one of the things that I find the most. Fascinating about this story and you know the record doesn't think that the most pressing and we asked him what I just leave there in the woods that brutal. Which are we know fired the loneliness that they use it to me was never lonely he would never bored in effect he. Well. It's like to know what he was so content he expressed. More satisfaction. Within your life. Then most people out here in the real world ever expressed about the election was truly happy was never going to come out of the woods if he wasn't. I caught why that's so important that was upset at him he would never gonna tell anybody historic it would never gonna be well he. Really was living a beautiful like the mallet that so but he's. It you know that the ending at the say. Semi melancholy that he'll be okay uses survivor but I know that he wishes he could get back into the. So really just dot eventually would just die in the woods that was his doses hole. He was going yeah I mean its like again how many things can I attempt at Tea Party here that are. Well I listen. He was are you can't political life there and up he was like you have this very. Went cold then a Buddhist or just like he was a little bit of your doctor if you are sick just repeat what it was gonna. Just ask Mike that he ever had like you know it is ever in the severe tooth bakery never had. Real injury never broken ankle are out there why around never broken arm broken wrist or not that's. A lot when the guy Yiddish atlas weeks. So personable a note stick this is hard to believe however is that you know how he gets sick of you holding on another note I'm asked you didn't know exactly right right. I got three man under totally cut but another. You get sick we get from each other almost exclusively but you can still get me I am or I. I talked to doctors like yeah of course but he touched or not be without. Like you know germs don't live on inanimate objects for very well. Fact that Indian chapter of the people was so that let the reading never got their own terms as sickness now she did take you falls. Arm on the ice that he not only did he have an amazing mind I mean listen for twenty years. Oh lucky or you honoring had a great mind that he had a real heat or Atlantic athletic is about the actual guy. He will be able to move people would he said his worst injury with the bell. It is armed heart in the right and couldn't pick up a cop for about a month you'll committee practical we know what it. And you mention it eat a lot should hurt the worst. Physical thing that he had was that the key war going attic he won two through pre without such that the but. So astonishing. Physical. Ability to about you know so good mines. Agile body and just have really extraordinary immune system. All combined together to me it's you know truly extraordinary story. We'll book is a stranger in the way it's like not as I said recommend enough that rapidly since that day and a half it's great year on Amazon obviously your any books around it is still there the authors of Mike vehicle. Strange and it was a really enjoyed enjoyed this Mike I go back and rigorous Europe vacation for its affect. Thank you so much her really my pleasure talking to be able to. Speak at length about that you might that you and I are being so it's been really a. Any time in sixteen years now right next book we can we can do this again that's got. Me where I and it's like I appreciate it. All right thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go and I two's. Download it go to stitcher do the same and the parading leave review that she can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the (%expletive) you.