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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Turn the other cheek Buck, when have the Orioles ever turned the other cheek. 5-4-17

May 4, 2017|

The Red Sox gave a fan a lifetime ban at Fenway Park after making racist comments at Tuesday nights game. Christian talks about how this is a good thing but wants to know how Fenway can enforce this and what other acts will lead to lifetime bans.

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Good evening welcome in this is WEEI late night sounds a lot like. Red Sox career but now it's late I'm Christian argue and I am your host eleven are Braden studios up overlooking the Mass Turnpike Ben Charleston. On the wheels of steel taking your phone calls it 6177797937. Your text messages of 37937. In your tweets and Christian are cans. Our Red Sox with interest thing win tonight at double up the Orioles 4202. Palmer it's a nice start Kevin Gaza and tossed after. Hitting Zander Bogart's with a curveball which I think is insanely stupid. Not that he had with a curveball that got tossed Warrick. And I'm speaking as someone who thinks the Orioles are the biggest bunch of crybaby big wins I've ever seen in my life by the way Caleb Joseph. The catcher who was right in that umpires face had uninteresting quote that our read for you adjust a little bit also talking about this Newser Sam Kennedy. That a lifetime ban has been handed down to a fan. That directed her racial slur to another fan talking about the National Anthem singer on Tuesday. The headline of this witches is it. I guess can be misleading if you're not if you don't read the article is. Stand banned for life for Fenway following racial slur. Now there's two things that take away from this number one. Is that it wasn't a racial slur people are thinking of it wasn't what happened on Monday and if you don't believe it happened I know there hasn't been any corroborating evidence yet I choose to believe that Adam jones' and just. Making up the story for no reason here and on May first in in trying to paint entire. Region or city year add to their bad reputation especially not when after the game he said now I like playing in in Fenway I think it's a great atmosphere. And I like the fans here. If he's trying to really paint a Red Sox in Boston and all their fans is evil racist he's not doing a particularly good job about it however that's not what this was about. This was about Tuesday night in which a Kenyan woman sung the National Anthem before the game. And this is how it's written Ryan animal has it on WEEI dot com. Following the song. Fans direct their racial slur to another fan that fan ask the person to repeat what was said which was done and at that point the person definitely security involved the fan was immediately injected. Kennedy said it was a racial comment a racial coming used to describe the anthem that was taking place the performance of the anthem and it was sickening to hear. That fan has been banned for life and Kennedy believes it is the first time a lifetime ban has been imposed a free fan at Fenway Park. And the matter what you think about what was standard we don't really know exactly what was said but it doesn't sound good. The fact that's the first thing anyone's ever gotten a lifetime ban for. Let's say it's okay all right so please. And also how dumb is this person. How freaking dumb do you have to be assay summaries is about a National Anthem singer that day he died today. After Adam Jones said he heard someone call on the N word up and Satterfield. You come in the next day and start dropping racial jokes about that Adams or what you stoop to become. How dumb can you beat it do that. I should be banned for life would be and that dom. And people had dom among us here. On racist jokes that day after a huge scandal hits. Because of a fans saying some raise it to a black player Barack. Say this. This isn't necessarily fair but it's the truth. Makes a lot easier to believe that. Someone said that. The Jones now. And it may be a wasn't heard by everybody. Then again if you yell and Eddie Jones and he hears it you would imagine someone else what are heard. If you missed it today Mike Lupica had a story. In which he quoted a high school junior whose name I don't need or use probably heard the name right now I don't feel like doing that did seventeen. It was said in the it was a long story that he gave the lupica about how. He heard the fan say the N word in that there was a beer vendor in the center field bleachers. And the beer render refuse to serve anymore and he was laughing about throwing the peanuts so many things wrong with the story number one there's no beer vendors and the bleachers number two. The peanuts came from a totally different part of the stadium. That's really all you need a mean lupica should really know better than to run with that. Before betting any parts of him in person and not the need to go beyond super detective you're there are some pretty verifiable or unverifiable. Parts of that story. All the beer vendor did this are right well let's see which appear Renner was a low. Well looks like there's no beer vendors in the bleachers. I was laughing about how he threw the peanuts. Not so much. Tom Brady couldn't throw bag of peanuts from the center field bleachers to the third base Daria. Got some schmo while there was was doing that either. And that was what that was what the kids said. I know I read somewhere I think Uga might have been on girl boy sports I think that he had changed the story a little bit. Set all maybe it wasn't a beer vendor and all he was just laughing about the guys through the peanuts it wasn't him who did it so is the kid is completely lying in the kid. I mean it was his words it is his story that lupica had. But LaMarcus productive. And again. This does not at all mean that Adam jones' line with it really doesn't. It absolutely doesn't. And I don't think he would you might think he is fine. But let me also just say if you're confused as to why Boston may have a reputation. Still and 2017 might have something to do with the fact that when every time a black athlete says that something someone called on some races. Lot of people accord called a liar immediately. Before any facts come out. And a guy like Adam Jones he's played a Fenway Park seventy sometimes. Now here in what he's seventeen he's just gonna make up a story. For what for what reason. What does Adam Jones stand to gain by this. That's good question Owens answered. And that may not prove anything either but it would be important to note there was some way you think that Adam Jones would benefit from making up the story is otherwise I don't two point. Six on 77797937. He's a phone number 37937. That your number on text we got sound from Buck Showalter continuing to (%expletive) and moan. And now he has a Jesus complex literally will play that for you in just a little bit but first let's get your phone calls here. Early and often that as the late I promise and we'll kick things off with Patrick he is in Beverly hello Patrick. They realize that. The person who weren't personal one that it would base that whatever interest total all of our interest Jack. I'll let you control the patriot. And if you like to anything stupid you kick out of it you only sees in Derek. You lose an excellent and you'll get it yet you strict about it meaning date on the very professional around the out there and an open wrestlers do that I mean and. This guy wasn't a season ticket holder Kennedy said he was just the one day buyer he wasn't there but they're gonna now ban him for life he's not allowed to act and. They should and you know and and I'm kind of upset about the people go around this person. If you could be out loud dual mics on eleven year old son I would go to would not. Jerk are you talked about it version on Tuesday on the front of the singer the one on Monday. Why you don't want either one or Erica well the one Tuesday always try and yet there and. You know what if you going to be what you buddies at home what are GP consider what you want but would European. At a stadium. You respect everybody around do you watch a game and enjoy it. You have you know I'm I'm with you Patrick I wish that everybody thought like that it. I mean do people going to a rowdy sometimes you know as people without yes I've seen people with kids' eyes our guy with his three kids with a get into a fight once in the bleachers. It's crazy and started its. Like the other guy was really doing and Kirk or Kirk it was metal. Now people are sometimes it's a stricter than you would gain I mean are you can Yelp or whatever industry use soccer whatever by. So it just. Enjoy the game. JPM routine but so I don't I don't get it you know army Chris I just don't get it. Patrick I'm with you and thanks for the call 6177797937. A Twitter follow mine named Ethan. So that was at the game on Monday three rows up from the Red Sox bullpen from that position. I did not hear any racial taunts what I did here was a one fan near me Al Adam Jones you sock. Which is a normal fan thing to say few booed him I want us Hampshire Jones is not lying but at least were I was I did not or could not hear any racial slurs. That is from A Twitter follower who I don't I'm not gonna ask for receipts here all I'll take the guys were I mean. You know really if people want so much proof today it's unbelievable. I don't have any way to verify this if if the you know I mean you wanna tweeting your ticket stub I guess okay find it. You know that's that's the other thing about it is you can have people call in and say I heard this I'd heard that I was your position. It'd due to give historical lupica. Either way is. Played a joke. Or was trying to get. Noticed hitters something and always said he wanted to tell a story to parcel sports and I don't think they've posted anything about it last I checked. Bite. In down there where we're going down a road here are eight I mean this is this is the beginning of something whether you whether you like it or not. I like the idea that there's zero tolerance policy for people saying racist things of the ball Parker you know that that's fine with me. Lifetime bans. You got to give people lifetime dance today she got to give lifetime ban for a lot of other things though. In to be handed a mile left and right I mean is is gonna be some people and I talk about the racial stuff I'm just saying if this meets the standard of a lifetime ban. Then many other things laughter was well when she wouldn't you think. Fighting running on the field. You know death. Into the different ways you can get kicked out what it what Kenny sand and on meth smoking pot drinking too much. Europe you can on somebody. Get in a fight. Tripping kids with the cup and whatever they get days in the did you get bam for like for doing that definitely by the way but it felt like this is. This is lifetime ban territory okay. You start talking about that. Then you have to maintain a standard for that. There has to be a line that people can't cross of there wanna get banned for life and right now the only thing that is on that line. Is one fans saying something racist to another. So. You know I mean here be here we are. If that's the if that's the standard. Then there're plenty of things I think on that level or how are worse than that. That also should carry a life time bans with them if that's the way they wanna go on if that's the way they wanna go. The Red Sox starter going in and get a direction I mean I did listen. This is this is harsh punishment here. It's not you lose your season tickets it's not you can't come back this season if you can ever come back to Fenway Park for the rest of your life. What about what people get like older you know. They gonna do that that age technology like they used for Whitey Bulger not so they know what it looked like. In other areas like 4045. As the guys got a walker trying to hobble intercity. Hey aren't you sick guy got Adam Jones the a word forty years it up dead and you are banned for life. RG that guided you done those kids in the bleachers that web banned for life. Sorry grams. Take it on down the road. We don't appreciate your kinder around here. That's I mean that's that's the Big Bang at the big thing to do and they did it. They have done it. 6177797937. As a phone number 37937. Asian number on text go to mark using Quincy hallmark. It was a Christian and mark. So between com Chris Phelps group Oregon last time around it. I think I don't know I mean I think he's probably throwing add many in the arm many missed that's what I think. Are discrete or what do you think. I think eighty crew bar number 200 would have squadron part so why would throw behind him was the point that. Shortly your heart out so we wouldn't get thrown out. Why not just hit him in the him in the foot there you know drone in the in the light do do it does Dylan Bundy did the night before why you know I mean like. Drawn behind them that doesn't really do anything it doesn't get your point across the doesn't send the message and it doesn't really hurt the opposition. You know I thrown behind the I am purpose. I think he was trying to hit in the leg. Wagered in a small. Small mass. And he just missed. Just like any Matt Barnes tried to throw it. Which out of last week and I think he dismissed him. Maybe he's trying to throw does that I don't know he said he wasn't. If you're gonna believe that made him a shot I didn't mean despite the drier than I guess she got a you know why we can't believe Matt Barnes up. Matt Barnes said the pitch got away was trying to go inside every wasn't trying to go I know don't believe you. As a basically would Joseph Torre said that there. If there's a good hard slide. I believe that was a good hard slide. But Matt Barnes. And dude. He said he didn't mean to do it but I don't believe him. On Monday said he didn't mean to do it or even. Chris sailed through running guys' legs. It's a guillotine. Come on Torrey. You'll more transparent hunt. Norris stick it to the reds action as is some left over Yankee thing from way back when from all four. Saint. Because there was some god awful. Disciplinary reasoning. It may Roger Goodell would look. Calm and measured honest Heath and it maybe that's going a little too far but it wasn't that far off. Really really stupid 61777979837. That your phone number so don't want more game with these. This Kyle Kendrick pitched against two well knows. Kevin gossip and again maybe that's tomorrow solo C on this one man's six point 77797937. As your phone number quick break we'll grip back. Heartburn they keep trying to do right do you think. Look it's. Frustrating it is hard to. Another secret. Those decisions home. But we have to deal with a common folks a lot of people. Lot of players who want them things that third goal so. Foremost scientists know superbly and do something about it. Just when you were talking earlier remarks and a we've brought smartly reminds. You know we've made plans were overly. So. This is this somebody else forces were playing my game. Cry me a ocean Buck Showalter for real I mean my god this guy. Turn the other cheek when did you turn the other chi at what point have the Orioles turn the other cheek. That is such a grotesque misuse. Of that biblical reference. Jesus turn the other shared Gigabit local minor in Jesus turn the other cheek when he got slaps. We got slapped him he's turn the other Ciara slap this one there. That's turning the other cheek. Manny Machado had someone throwing miss him and then throw in mission again. And then when they've hit now there's second batter in this series. And it was number it was but it was the second version on the Red Sox who have been hit by a pitch now. And one of them was I think definitely number there's also yeah what are your players spiked one of our players not the market through games. And you're talking about turning the other cheek. Bible you read. That is not how that expression is supposed to go. By far be it for me to criticize the great Buck Showalter. You know what this really all his fault Kevin Gosling guy getting drawn out this game was Buck Showalter fall. If he had made such a big hockey deal that many Machado to which are gone off and Ed tirade last night was insane. Ridiculous. Going getting that angry at not getting hit by pitch. Drop in about a hundred. F bombs satellite into parks on a jam in 945 in 1997. And whoever is a bit of an obscure reference for you younger listeners out there in 1997. Jam in 945 used to play through parts on and it got to edit the entire sun. It was just the beat and not. Because. And that was it I mean he had no idea what was actually. He said that if by the album the nobody was releasing. And it was that's that that's that recruitment six point 76797937. As your phone number 37937. Is you're number on tax board you can tweet me at Christian our chance. A Borg a full phone lines here at 1230 love it. Love my late night audience 6177797937. There's actually wanna open phone line so Guidant ravages about the get as snatched up your. Let's start off the hour here or this half hour I should say with Branden in mill beret with a thought on pitchers getting ejected over in the. Barely got up. That again rejected today I was pretty ridiculous. That obviously wasn't intentional. Injury. With salaries are essential they're pretty much rock blues are well. And I did that better the MLB Atlanta patent and light. About the not so. You know that we haven't brought somebody that's our current laws somebody it not that we're gonna have to do it together it is actually children. That's a really stupid conclusion to come to Brendan I think if that's if that was way if that was what Manfred and Torre thought was the most prudent way to handle this if someone throws a curve ball and accidentally hit somebody we're gonna toss him out of the game in the second inning. If that's acceptable. Outcome for them. Then they didn't think this through very well I don't think. I am not so live badly for them and you know that but that's not saying that they wouldn't do that dog and you know. You never know what these people are they on their backs now they make of these rules or whatever and they do things. One way for a while and it's such an up. But I do think it's going to be agency when it seems like yet because. And I are gonna kill our that is going to the inside because they have been nervous solidify what drives slip a little bit as gamma and yet there on out there. We have you know that mean it's is listen it's gonna be tough it's they're really do this I think it's going to be a differ called the road here for the Red Sox and and their security team it's not easy to. Police that many people and certainly not the police what they say. Especially not to each other I mean you know like it's soft it's tough to know exactly who said what when there's a bunch of people all screaming in your look at the field. Alicia looking right at the person who says it. Everybody's yelling you here's something you turn around you don't know Saturn I mean it's like that's noted that and that to me seems like people are acting like that's an obvious thing to be able to do. And I don't think it is at all. And I think they do a great job security over Fenway. Up by the way remember when that fanned through the veering Gary Sheffield. He had banned for one year. Now just. There with me here. What would you consider to be more deserving of a lifetime in and this is under the same ownership so I mean it's not like you know we're not talking about two different. Administrations here. Or be more worthy of a lifetime ban throwing a beer onto a player. During the game. For. Making aid racist joke about the Nash and the person singing the National Anthem. You might think those are equally bad. And you know whatever I damn posing the question. I tend to think that'd be here on the field thing is probably a little bit worse. And saying something that's you know assault and battery first of all you're interfering with the game. And it's much more I think you know. That that's something you can actually prosecute in court you know you can you can press charges for that. It just seems to me like you were gonna we're gonna start talking lifetime danced. Then you're gonna have to you're gonna have to really define these rules to the lifetime ban is a big thing suited to throw out there. And I understand this is not a great week for Boston the Red Sox fans are Fenway Park or any of that stuff okay. Now you if you're watching ESPN which I am Bemba if you are in probably know what they're saying. And fine I did happen to think that the opinion uses a lot of the people who like this. You know get up on the soapbox about Boston and what they think about it or from here and don't really spend that much time here aren't that did their opinions are worth anything to me. And they're easily ignored. Bite. It's not quite food. It's not quite news. Bogus story that some people are making it out to be especially when every time a black athlete. Says that they experienced some sort of racism in Boston there's always a group of people were quick to scream wire in the face. You know you wonder why get a reputation when that your default. Why can't be said there's racism a bot liar didn't happen I want profile receipts I want evidence. You YE. You are really the wondered if and MS and everybody feels that way Britain. There's some vocal ones who do. And it's not just with his Adam Jones needs every single time. They don't believe Jones and hopefully price and don't we CC sabathia I don't believe in now anybody and say OK well. Kennedy says the Red Sox players on the team said they've heard before. So they're lying to everybody's line. Love the though what the what the point of that is. Specially for players on the team. Six or 77797937. As your phone number got a lot of calls to get through here let's go to Joseph in Connecticut hey Joseph. AM comment. Are excited have a theory caught crazy. Lot of moms could Adam Jones had any motivation to do this by trying to get as the Bjork commentator and ESPN. Comments here yes yes. Yet they love all the drama and you know they lost big stories like this you know this is kind of what they're trending to do so they're being motivation for him to push a story like this. And make to make up a story. Yeah. So he can be NE SP and commentator after your tires. Yeah he'd twelve seasons but don't you think he just be that ESPN commentator anyone. Probably glad I Iran components from strangers also wanted to comment on. Getting kicked out for life I would actually banned from our. Great woods and the teenager for underage drinking and parking lot did Weiss a yet while now they took a photo copy in my life and but I since went like twelve or thirteen concerts there I don't know how they actually control that. Interest and did you change your name this. The couple says the guy while I can't believe I can't believe they got you for underage drinking a danger for life that's like what you do agree woods isn't. I know that's what we did we had a bunch is Siemens were armed. Like the second part of your call better than the first job I don't think that Adam Jones made this up to be any is being commentator after tired I think that's an interesting theory maybe that I died now. Adam Jones wants to beanie is being commentator you can probably beanie is being counted. I'll say this I think that the way that he's handled this in the things that he said that he said cents Monday. I haven't had any issue with any of the really haven't I think he's been handled them all pretty well I think he's credible he doesn't sound like he's he's making up the story. And he's also gone out of his way did praise Red Sox fans in general and say that you explain at Fenway Park they like the atmosphere need Vietnam was a passionate the fans have. So this is all some sort of big ploy to make Boston look bad and to be edgy or whatever and in get a job ESPN when every retires and how old is how old's Adam Jones he's in his thirties now. Finally forever. Adam jones' 31. So let's say he's got I don't know five more years left. Five more years are you going to be left the ESPN. Ever robots up they're given the source. Anybody even last. Awful what happened there. Terrible some of the guys who lost their job guys and girls who lost their job it did ESPN news. These layoffs terrible. Very unfortunate that they're business model has. Ended up costing livelihoods of a lot of really talented people in this industry 6177797937. Let's keep it in Connecticut wacko in Connecticut and I'd like it. And thank you Connecticut Jack is in Connecticut with subject. What Jack you're on the air. Eight interest and find jackets up. That stick by the way of Sergey no problem with guns and how much does what you know if so late time there are commonplace in any of the other ball parks and if this is lake and it sort of precedent or maybe tightened security at other ballparks or in trying to like. That's a good question I don't I don't morally ambient. I don't know it to what the rules are like with that and other places I'd imagine it depends on the and team owners you know I mean some of them are probably stricter than others I know that day. Are very strict about it the crafts are original let a lot of people get banned from July for various things. Bite and I I don't know I don't know what other ballpark sure. What it's like to garner any of those things I don't know if there if they're quick to hand out lifetime Banzer if they've never done before I can type. But it took to the team owner it's not a Cilic. An event. And that and well most of these side you know that did the Red Sox own Fenway in the Bruins on the garden in the graphs sewn. You know they own Gillette Stadium and I think to most you know most places that sort of a case be. Did you know team owns the owns the stadiums great not an every day like the Celtics on on the garden they rants. And but the Bruins have to have the right to sort of decide their rules and a private. Private building like that where they hold these games I mean it's their roles they get to make the area. I'm a parent of thanks for the college Jake Jake I don't know I don't know what this is gonna. Do for these other places first of all I don't know what they're with their rules are mean and B. And take a long time they go through each one of these Arenas and know what their policy on lifetime dances I'm surprised that this is the first ones are gonna and that out of Fenway. Fenway open ended David Titanic sank. Fenn always been open for a 105 years. And is the first lifetime's hit the bank and wow. Are we sure the first lifetime ban ever the first lifetime ban from this ownership. That's something it may be. And I'm not accusing anybody in this reporting anything here. Bite it could that be maybe I don't know it just seems. Outrageous than a 105 years. This is the first thing they got ownership to look at each other and say this guy can never come back into the super. It's bad his body guys that they worried it was okay it was not. Absolutely not he should have gotten dejected and probably ban for the rest of the season. Or for life. It is the first time. But who. Okay. That's that's tough to digest there really is and be honest here. I'm trying to I'm trying to be objective and that's a tough on the straw. Six on 77797937. As your phone number let's go to cliff in Connecticut standing Connecticut what's up. Commitment of the go it includes our. God. I'd rather be at Joe's incident. I got I load the anfield rivalry that were called bay here with the Orioles I mean we haven't seen their catalog kinda kind of dissipated with. With the Yankees and if it's nice to have that that fire going to a game and not know what's gonna happen. Yeah it is kind of kind of interest thing I've been really looking forward to these games. I you know I did Chris Sale going you didn't know what was gonna happen there. This game tonight you know that the Orioles are still got angry you know that there is as big how loud orient Manfred and everybody else yeah I'd say it's cool like I I do kind of enjoy cliff you're right. Right and as such epic and I you know go out and talked after the second inning and don't get caught it. I'm excited the American Igawa watts bar and then just it being another baseball game it. It's exciting yeah and I like in I think that it that we need more of and we haven't senior while at it could excite the fans and the media and everybody that's. Vietnam with the cliff and I thank you for the call I get around this is early season Major League Baseball it we're we're in May still. Season doesn't really start getting exciting like oh my god we can't miss this game tonight until he announced after the all star break usually. August September that's when you have the star -- OK here we go in a pennant race now. And this time a year. Stuff like this bad blood between teams two great way to get people interest that I'm sorry to say. And I get on that's and I hope people get murdered and are getting hit in the header or anything like that but it you know on this this sort of thing. Rangers in the blue jays last year Renato dork cold Clark and the Jose Battista I mean that. It's injury. People always wonder what's it gonna take to get this yet this gained of people back interest that all season long off five months of the season you know attention spans are getting shorter and kids wanna get. Wanna get the younger people interest didn't involve. Hate to say it played in town tension conflict. Maybe just the cool. Little bit of violence once and while. Not clamoring for an I'm just saying. People are just that in. Maybe that says more about me in society in general but it's the truth. Excellent 77797937. Major phone number we got to open phone lines. Anthony bill and injures stay on hold level come back to you guys write when we return from commercial quick break WEEI. How to noted throughout her. You know to dummy on that situation after. What sale ended yesterday on nine years behind again on purpose everybody knew it you can throw me out in the kind of curve ball so. Second any. Because I. Gosh and as a rate to be mad about that absolutely does that was insane as the second inning does occur ball. What happens when you laid down these edicts like it's dangerous it's dangerous to go there. And Joseph Torre in the league office and Republican stupid wood this won't. Dexter pat the big guy down around brings up a good point here is Christian do you believe at Twitter Tweeter I should say. Christian you believe the benches haven't cleared in his bean fest I actually am surprised by that very surprised but I'm also very relieved. Because. Between the Orioles and red charge. Red Sox who get their asses kicked I think you mean it just look at the size of the two teams. Red Sox got Hanley and see any Leone. And Mitch Moreland he's pretty big guy Tim other than that moved you bet is 59. Injured Ben attendees like five to. Dustin Pedroia is about 54. And oh my missing. Well they go I mean since three guys right there who you know I'm sure they're feisty but going up against trombone Jones and mature Otto and Chris Davis say no thank you knew Ruth thank you. I'm also Zander Bogart's not exactly a big hulking figure either. Hayley do some damage. You don't wanna you know wanna win handling. From one of those if the benches cleared I'm on the Orioles hum did try to avoid the DH I'll go for the outfielders I'll go for the shortstop I am not stepping Naylor marriage. Pretty sure Hayley can bench press the entire Baltimore Orioles roster. Bright the rest of the rest of the team. MB. Literal David vs Goliath and is if there is to be a full on brawl between these two teams. Then again now I think the Red Sox were they might have an advantage is that the bullpen to get involved. Or sex got some bad dudes and ample time. And that's here to dare no day in Zach Britton now we got Robbie Ross. We are razor Ramon he Camry to. Thank camera like Betty general throw throw down. I'm not sitting here fantasizing about a brawl between the Orioles in the Red Sox by the way I'm just saying should the bench is clear. This is how I imagine it would go down around they would be good for the Red Sox particularly. Red Sox don't strike me as a very angry team meeting you know late. Move keys kind of fun loving guy you know they do all dance in the Al feel like they don't they seem like lovers not fighters in honoring. So. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. But I guess we shall see yellow Morgan the player mar 617779. And 7937 major phone number you back to your phone calls aunt Denise in New Hampshire Anthony. Picker scenario of the show thank you it's who is up. This looking back on my question a comment on the most racist city ever I don't know maybe yardage up or not that maybe China turn a turning it stirred some and that wasn't Eric respond to get your thoughts on that. Well I figured OK a couple of things about dad Jones in his comments later on afterwards said that he didn't think that Boston was any worse than a lot of other places he also said he liked fan when you like this fans and you like coming to Boston and playing here so I mean. If he was trying to jump on a whole Boston's the worst place ever read into a very good job of in out. Yeah Aaron thank aggression he got an Anthony thanks for the call. I've heard people say that by the way Michael. This is we're gonna. I understand someone like the money Joan user. In a sign the other people would ESPN who have said the things that they've set about about Boston OK but it comedian like you comedian making a joke. He really that sensitive now. If you're that sensitive just think about wire that sensitive. Because now everybody thinks and that really everybody I don't think so most people who. Leave here and don't necessarily think better know know a little bit better whatever and amassing a Boston doesn't have problems of course it does. Lot of problems in Boston. But Adam Jones also Adam Jones and I think it was way in Chen's. In Toronto both got called some racist in Toronto and they called it out there and act gonna you know on a mandate and make that up the guy got ejected. People are refusing to believe that Jones was called something on Monday because there hasn't been any concrete evidence of it. Which I think is a little silly. Need concrete evidence. Adam in this is on Adam Jones to provided you know like okay now but. How about the other fans in the crowd or maybe someone in the crowd heard it heard didn't hear her knowledge. Maybe someone heard it didn't feel like being on the news. You know maybe someone herded and didn't feel like having and I have their name in the paper her on the radio or whatever. If it's just an anonymous source saying yeah I heard it no one's gonna take that with any face value either. I had a we know wasn't just some anonymous person making it up I guess you don't. You know I mean people aggregates. And not everybody but some people mag like this is an open and shut case and Adam jones' line. Into that I just say why. To what impressed Michael. ESPN commentator actors' careers over really that's he's gonna do that now and then. Afterwards after it's over sale these nice things about Boston in the Red Sox in Fenway in the atmosphere and all that. Pretty pretty confusing guys got to say about of the theories that that one that ones now and take some twists and turns. Tough to us stand a straight line without won't. Affect your phone calls here injures in Connecticut hello injure. There was not a world straight down to a science area. I don't I don't go to our beat person in social work on the most basic and her neighbors wondered and so on an analyst at I believe. You know what all the rivalries in baseball being basically Watertown now like the first time baseball to work from the ninety's so 2000 story that spark is gone. And Boston and Baltimore have their little beat entrance going on a pop that baseball play at these polls watered down again. How are they call it how they expect to get cute when C publics they expect in an apparent collapse into their personal stories. Member in the ninety every you can watch for you want to do you want 62 and that was stork everyday sure I like that anymore. Yen and it doesn't necessarily always have to be bad blood either but I think the people are naturally kind of drawn to that when that happens people are interest that it. Exactly and now it's just it just seems so all from the slate he says. You know I was interstate in May based well after the all star break everybody start and it rates were a bit but back in the nineties you released. Click in game one of the season and follow through even if it wasn't that bad robbery it's great pitching matchups just great. Mr. gray everything what better time for baseball and it is now Armitage could post and it just release looks seat the sport. Go this direction. Yeah you know it's tough manager I think that there and thanks for the call they don't okay with her CD money they've gotten some big contracts local TV contracts and they're doing OK financially but. You look at sort of the business model you look at the overall sort of fan interest at least in the first big early parts of the season. And yet I think you're onto something I mean this is the game that's on every single night. With a couple of weeks as a couple off days here and there once known couple every month that's it son every night. And you know this is a business just like everything else in the businesses now pushed along by advertisers to. If people are coming of the games or are going to the games but not paying attention to the game should it's going to be tough for them to feel like they get a return on their investment. And that's too bad. Because baseball I think still has a ton of potential for those sorts of things and I'm not saying that everybody has to go out there and fight each other every night that's certainly not the dissolution that would be very. Unfortunate if that was the way it went quick you know all throughout the all throughout the years. Do you remember the rivalries people remember that angry sort of bad blood rivalries and they remember them fondly. You know I mean that's that's the way it is. People remember that you think yet answer I really cared about torch. Echoing around Carlton Fisk in what's his name at the plate and in Pedro and Don Zimmer in now these days it's that's people look back on that finally in their memory Nader murmur of the good old days and that's you know. The them the more you try and take it at a game in and and make it so you know it's sooner real. Cardinal sins. Throw players to throw behind players should in on hard slide in the second base should take got the catcher when every talking about here I mean yeah of course you wanna protect the safety of your players. We also got a lot of play you know I mean apple and play baseball. 6177797937. Bill is in New Hampshire before the top of the hour ago. Good morning Rory good morning. Thank you create I appreciated. So sprayed a patrol so thanks to let the let us this year. At W yet many reports that. A case you have these there's there's other affiliate stations in New Hampshire is loners maybe it was not one of those that's an order so. I even Nashua. Opt out classed them very nice what's on your minds. Well I wanted to comment on the end of June issue real quick and then just ask you questions are patriots now did you go to Timberland high school by the way doesn't last week that you're now. I am now very nice who who baby Eric what's on your mind. Sort of. I you know at the end of hosting its rot opposition you know back into society its rocket you know that for sure about. You know ignorance of other people and how we were out society as a whole will hold them accountable for that. And I think albeit need to be held accountable but how but it it well at the post forgery there's you know what I've seen many have. That act outrageous in depth out that the alcohol and artists I think it's just simply it's. Yeah eulogized you right exactly. But that doesn't reflect the entire. You know knowing I call opposite wing because we are all. Austin saying it doesn't matter what an answer motto for our pastures in supplement. Although the name at the integrity issue but he's all arms. But anyway so tightly that I don't I don't think you make that out. I'm I'm glad it sparked a compensation suite to so we as society hold people accountable. But that the saints aren't. I think the league as a whole is going all rated single order in terms sale oracle lite I bet I can I can access. Zero tolerance for that kind of be eager which I agree with but did you like I'd be in that against holy it. Now you think there are certainly things that people should be banned for life for rate and not something that should never have bagged I was shocked to find out the dead never there's never been one given to a fan before I think that's incredible just remembering some. Think my friends that if Fenway Park and discussed story for high end. Twitter said that a drunk guy got removed from the stadium and while he was dean getting carried out by the police started. That should be you know you think that would be a lifetime ban rate paired urinating on an officer but at the yeah I had I was very surprised to find out that they never done that before even more surprised to find out that the first one they're handing out was for this which isn't to say that this is okay. But lifetime ban the first one OK it's band plays and over a 105 years people. That's right correct on I'd been in law enforcement or that your. Zero I had zero tolerance to certain behaviors you all for people have been spit on compute on being called names. I think called peg I think all the sort of stopped. But at the end of the day remote attack it's because they're under the laws of the driver also it doesn't excuse the behavior because I eventually hold them accountable to get arrested. Or you know and so forth but. Lifetime ban. For that I think it's it is sending that message. I do believe they should Obama out. And on the second note I'm a die a major airports well. And I looked at the draft and appalled at the beginning of the draft you know you know missing couple picks to you know and then trading up. But then when I look at the roster you believe. You believe in it's just a general question that they can repeat. But this coming year should. And that and I and I I believe there's a good possibility they could actually. They're the best team in football last year and they got better bill and I don't think there's any other team that even came close the getting his is competitive reloading the way they did who is a playoff team last year even the team in contention I think the patriots. Who is with the moves that they may get that receiver getting coney you leak drafting through tackles and two would pass threshers and you know did all the things that they did as Dwayne Allen and and the rest are these guys their roster is stacked right now their offense is stacked their defense in the secondary with ball we're coming back and stepping Umar mean. There that I think they'll be the odds on favorites it'll be them vs the field I think there'll be some sports books that'll probably take that give you pretty good odds. Well I like to see I'd like that they were built in the line up on both sides. All because that's been needed to do you know he got to protect radioed in and it's in his twilight years coming up yeah but also that defense. You know I'd just to be in the penetrate and end up they get to speed on those two random. And I think they were a lot of excel are better on defense and Erica. And apps so. I appreciate it thank you. Anger the called bill. 61777979837. As the phone number 37937. And amber on tech's quick break we'll Greg peck after the Charlotte that.