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Bruce Cassidy with Dale, Holley and Keefe

May 4, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe interview the newest coach of the Boston Bruins for the first time, Bruce Cassidy.

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Let's get you back Gomorrah dale and Holley with rich kids. Watch Sports Radio WEEI. 617779793. Sevenths telephone and we'll get back to your phone calls in just a couple of minutes. We joked that this is coaches managers say we had John barrel on the program at 230. Joining us right now is the 28 head coach in the history of the Boston Bruins Bruce Cassidy joins us Bruce it's dale Michael and rich thanks for taking a few minutes. I don't know how you got it. Don't know rates I've I'm assuming that when done Sweeney came to you after the season and said Bruce. We want you to be the head coach permanently that you more exactly shocked by that. That's no but and you still you never know what's gonna happen Gujarat on the stretched all stopped and open work out for us and it did so. I've enjoyed were quick Dona administer them Providence and I think we have real good relationship Scioscia. A lot of stuff so. You know. It was a when he picked. You know Bruce always wonder how hard it is and it does the process. Just to get over. A series. A series that ends your season so you guys lose to Ottawa at what what did you do next day to go back in your bench watch all of those games are. Had he not gone back and just try to create some separation from. Separation I think at first and then the first U model play leisure time for the Rangers to beat him and and you kind of get your your head. Back to normal and just watch it and appreciate the keen. You know there's not much you can do about it I think you get ready here you know here exit interviews with players. Gets feedback in almost certainly vote next year. That's always been for me would sit down talk or players. Who who may be coming back you know we don't get too much and there you know free agency kept it and just our own guys where they say in who who stepped out who. You know who we thought could be better setter so. You know you almost right back into work mode fairly quickly. I wonder you know you look at a series like that six games yet for overtime games all of them decided by one goal. Is there one of those games it is not that you a little bit he said man if we could've just done you know fill in the blank. You know maybe we can won that series. Ill most people say it's good to me because we had to leave but it's it's portable game industry we got behind trees out front. Because in two they came back awaited them in game one was almost awash Petrie at home to the downstream now. The very poor start at home I don't know we are nervous and to get back. Tied at three and then political getaways must go over time much. You know I'm not a great call by not someone I thought that we couldn't you know looking back. As we are starting to lose body in the back and we just couldn't afford to lose that he was an emotional demons. About the wanted to get out when I I think it is it could've been different I mean you can always play the what if game but that would be became my thought that was. But you know look it up punch but punch and they got. You guys don't with a lot of injuries obviously as you mention was there anything that you learned from your team as you guys were you know go on six games and as Michael said. Four times going over time. We IE you see certain guys emerge. The obvious is you know Crowley comes in as young kids steps up and military. Score some big goals force guys that. You don't think there are gonna provide offense but. Totals are playoff stories every every playoff those guys that kind of hard nosed guys that find their way to the front of the net but. He just you look at the leadership that's become a little more vocal. I know that maybe you need your vote and force throughout the year or weren't sure what was there and I don't go through each individual but. It bodes well for going forward to coach you know that you can lean on those guys and and then the other way he sees some players the hope what would be able to step up and give him more and so the so you gotta you gotta take a look at that goal we get them. There so you know a little bit both sides. We're talking with the Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy. Safe to say that if you hadn't had all the injuries on the back on the back line that we might not have seen Charlie Mack avoid this season I don't think that was the plan. Now hindsight being 20/20 do you think it was a good thing that he got his feet wet with you this year. Well I do. I thought he stepped right into. There was an agreement that. Did look out of place at all sending. At times dominated terms of his agent how many minutes he played what is able to do so. And you're right I don't know what is seen him with probably a little while with the guys we have the goddess that's our would have been tough decision to us. So at the business side that goes into the woods you know than that the contract so. He but it stayed on as power and Providence and played them in the playoffs and the critical next year but a nice surprise for several surprises are right word (%expletive) would have predicted he would Hewitt. He has the potential player to signal went so those circumstances was excellent but. If that he's special town. I've said it before that dissent in Boston for treatment is to. As you mentioned you've new apprentice for this job with a Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League you developed a reputation of being. Good with younger players do you agree with that assessment and if so what makes you good with younger players. Well I mean I'm happy that the younger players I would never got out Utley picked up and bite down there your job description as. You know develop players and winning environment so. And that was certainly mine with with a bronze we always had a sprinkling of of older I sit to help younger guys there's generally a lot of prospects what I thought over the years. We've pushed number of them through some of stuck around so moved on been traded sign elsewhere. Just couldn't cut it but. I do. I think there's. He's certainly. I enjoy coach and older players as well I've learned a lot from them as much as they'll ever learn from he's such without part of it as well but. When you've been around America we long. I think. You know he's just become a guys either like series don't I get I'd like to teaching part and I like to see guys do better I was a career minor leaguer has a lot to do that situation I. Kind of achieve their treatment and get ahead so. Such as a part of it for Meehan and now at this level I think it's important way to keep going you're gonna get more more these unfinished products the NHL level. Become more of a developmental league worst before yet they are almost have to be ready made guys over the cap and haven't announced that's just the way it is an endorsement out. Not that your team is out of it and you look at the rest of the field and the National Hockey League who's the best team left. Well what effect Pittsburgh above 48 hours ago they took some serious hits I don't know how bad Crosby is Schering. Maria I thought might have been back quite Albert goaltender what time we know was out so. Obviously you get through those injuries while out that's that's a full load so obviously Washington on paper but. We've had a tough time they have that would do it it'll make as many won't this year so in these guess that they Pittsburgh and in the last. I always like Anaheim thought they had a good mix and a bit of trouble that the senate together Google underrated so but those would be my top two teams. That data back inside the long term deal first year Boston last year first of how did you think. That he played this season and also at this stage whose career do you think he's better suited. As a winning aura as a senator. Work backwards. I unlikely get on the wing and he can certainly go back into the middle I think when Archie. It was you don't Bergeron scratchy and it was Spooner this year cut. We had no option and more. Good young JJ FK who finished with a sick you know sold for him he's probably gonna end up staying on the wind. Knowing that we can put him in the middle think it allows them to be more physical I can on top of people will have to worry about you know albeit. Back in his own end first back in his own zone so that part of its. Is is a good fit for him I thought this year was. Was good there's a lot of intangibles and Eugene. In the locker room you see it sought playoff time and accused. Some of the leadership skills in commode a lot more. That you see behind this season leading the physicality part when it caught on waivers ought to ought. Up until that ticket numbers take a bit of a hit because of what on the first power plays to that. And everybody's well about how. You know marshy got some of those minutes is front and at beside his numbers colossal and that's just part of how I was told Oden and looking back at our played a better year and so it. It worked out well and he just to get as many reps on. David hoster not made a big leap forward especially in the offensive and for your team this year. Or some guys you'd like to see make a big leap forward for you next year. I think the Trout six hit it can really shoot it and he's just got around odors even more. He's treating some of his own offense I mean process that dynamic player and enjoy that part of it. But sometimes Frankie will score. Someone gets in the pocket and I I see them do it Providence where Kris summer's almost put speed so that's something we'll look for him. They get have to that there are some guys we don't know will either delegate it to prosecute there than you know he's the guy that. Will be wherever kind of goes into our line up in the lineup like positive few years ago. Promising enough to produce at some point. And then but you know the bottom of the lineup decisions probably in a charity those guys they're not goal scorers they have the ability to let soul. You wanna see them contribute at least become guy that obviously not labeled all scorers we have the ability to score goals and kitchen has to come. Become that four line team again but. I guess until we see which young kids are in the lineup every day. It's a little bit of it you know what tough call right now with the obvious one is a trial was simply because it's got such a good shot and you know NHL releases heavy and it can be cool is we just got to get on worries to be seeing more partisan and better opportunities score. Now this is new for uses as really going to be your first. It offseason as Bruins head coach but. I'm wondering you know what sense you get what your expectation is. Of having a hand in free agency and the draft and having the organization lean on your vice what do you expect in and what you want. Well they dropped well. And it shall quote is basically a hero because all of us thus done during the year. Watching these young kids who want these kids are not gonna help the team for a couple of years down the road anyways but that's kind of a management's vision of what you know what they want to see. But the free agency yes if you have experience in the previous player. Myself. I haven't been in the league lawn you know it is on some of the other cultures is simple and every time it played awful this guy's great against sister however so. I'll probably sit we've done on them in the most part unless there's a player. You know that they're talking about that coach here's a going status is it's great character player is that in and out so for me to focus. We're all other stronger opinion of the guys provinces in adult present quote some sort of I'm a little bit you know better than we know what they can't you can't do. Barring any kind of big trades are hitting it seems like you have a lot of the same guys under contracts that could be a very similar team from last year were for the addition of a some of the young guys that we've already mentioned. If that's the case do you feel confident that next year's team can advance further than this year even with a lot of the same personnel. I do I do because I think some of these younger kids or your older I think it going in the last year. As well document are back and was going to be a problem and it publicly from that much over the past descent score yeah NHL but but I think that part of it. Group held their own. And they've got like Carlo was a pleasant surprise you hope to not go through a stop working entities get better with garlic Mac or common and it's. You know see if he continues to develop what the rate we song. Over the course of a couple of weeks at the end of the season and you've got two young players right away that you're checking in your lineup. Toward crew that fought at a really that you're supposed injury and you know we've got some happiness with. You know that it obviously that the expansion draft me if this will probably affect our back end. He had he. Well I thought ten gold Saturday night bounce back you're so. I think our defense Colby rock solid. Obviously got one. Competition probably for one spot for sure there. To go healthy if we can manage it starts who Goldman if you finish like star start which is just here excuse me should be solid there and then all of these younger forwards. Continue to grow like like a Pasternak and some of the kids that we are hoping to inject into our lineup but. Looking around to get better so it's all relative but I think we will obviously got to get a little bit more at a few of the players that we get an issue and that's that's fine you know put the work in and hopefully they do and you know the pockets he's for us. Chris congratulations on the appointment I thought it was well deserved to look forward to working with you again next year. All right thanks for all. Experts. Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy joining us we'll get into the phone calls that you guys coming up next 617. 7797937. It's dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WE yeah the.