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Complete discussion about the Adam Jones incident and the state of racism in Boston

May 3, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe spend the day discussing the Adam Jones incident at Fenway and how these things can still occur in this day and age in our city.

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I guess the Red Sox would probably prefer we not talk about the quality of play on the field last night half. Man yet I was going to be gory awful out. Amassed. I have errors on. Four consecutive plays three consecutive plays how how does at Major League team if you don't watch it in ovals the Youth League team in your local town you'll have all the time yeah that's it major leaguers or any errors he has a thorough. Through. It happens a dive leader went to the little guys doesn't it well hole how that was ugly last night. And then you know. The one that wasn't an air it there was one that wasn't an Arab should've been. Hanley base running. Yeah but he gets you guys stand back the other dairy a degree in a couple of good luck yes Amanda you guys' eyes and hear his comment after. You know I would never permit them about Whitman colleagues are all right you are throwing so you aren't we have been using it this fall. Yeah and opportunities they had I've never the Mikey minute about the Michael please get it entered it happened. I can't believe he was there ya wouldn't go there used to be run in the third. They're very sloppy game and then after. And then there was the. Yeah and and it's the big story not only in Boston but nationally I was watching a sports center this morning Stephen A it was on their. Talking about it and you know and and it if you work the night chipped or something you're just waking up and and wondering what the hell we're talking about. There were apparently a couple of incidents involving. Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones last night one of them was near the Orioles dugout. In which an on release spectator I won't use the word fan. Tried to throw bag subpoena it's Adam according to Sam Kennedy who was on earlier today he actually miss Jones and hit out a Boston Police officer with a bag of peanuts. That fan was ejected I would prefer they do more but what they did with each accident for him I'm trying to hit out of job after you wind up hitting out of a police officer Smart. And Adam Jones it was obvious if you watch the game was having some issues with somebody out and in the center field bleachers syrup. He told two reporters after the game one of whom was Bob nightingale of USA today. That that somebody out there was using the N word a racial epithet. Directed at Adam Jones he was obviously a sad as it was going ID was gesturing at this person right back it was pretty clear something was going on we didn't know until afterwards. That Adam Jones said that somebody out there was using you know the and word that. A Sam Kennedy again earlier today on with a WiMax said the Red Sox. Except Adam Jones. Version of what happened they apologize without. Question of apologize to the Orioles they've apologized Adam Jones Sam Kennedy is meeting with Adam Jones this afternoon at Fenway Park. They increased security at the ballpark for tonight. Aunt and there was something going on last night at that ballpark. They're fired there was it. I heard a caller earlier today senate was at the game and and people were angry and this was before they were you know kicking the ball around yeah yeah it was it was a smaller crowd it was a crummy night it was cold. They announced 33489. There's no way they were 88 point 9%. Yes hold those that don't lock himself out of there. But to go to that game Sam said on a normal night they inject twelve to fifteen people are normal night. I know that that you don't manager I did not know would do just that now you've got out of trouble connecting on a nightly basis and her on the normal night he says the ball twelve to fifteen people get ejected. Last night's wrong last night 34 day it. Without a smaller problem there's a percentage saw much much higher and and that was just sounds almost three times more than what you it if you go to twelve. It's almost three times as much right norm in what was the percentage and that's the other prize in twelve when it's on real self. Of course right arrest them you know that you see when they park it's fallen I wasn't last night so that was something going on I don't know if this goes back to last week. What was going on between Pedroia and Machado down in Baltimore and and and all the stuff that went on I don't know if that added to it but evidently was a strange vibe in the park last irons. I do pretty poor protection that is my number. A lot it was a high and yet it the average numbers. I shouldn't twelve to fifteen they can't prove you. Number of egyptians last night I don't have an answer for you. Why maybe it was ten times. Two way team and we were losing. Yes I think definitely want to do and are so thirty Fort Jackson thought fellas let's say with don't don't hurt. A lot of shows on the station already in the a lot of the conversation about it. And I just wanna say flat out I believe them so why I believe that it happened yet and are there exceptions to every rule. Anything I CA. I can come out of state will this always happens and you pick him up with the exception of of what it didn't happen a move could do that all the time most of the time though. I don't believe people would make it up. Well at I don't think in this case he would make it up not who people have made it up before you can liquor unit can Google. People talk about racial that racial incidents and then they look into them and those things turn out to be taught us. But in this case I don't think that he made up. Because most the time. People are saying this up to you because they are trying to break Q. The person who was looking for the attention is not the person who is being called the name the person looking for the attention is the name caller. Whoever whoever did it likes the conversation we're having today. Whoever did it once people. You look at Boston the way some people are looking at Boston when a drive people away. They don't want inclusion. In this area so any kind of negativity that you keep in mind this person. You know racists are sick and so people try to use logic about it at logic locked plot to collapses. Because you're trying to use your sensibility. Explain someone who really can't be explained some situation. So that person. Is looking for the attention. You don't want the attention. If you're Adam Jones or anybody else that's happened to you look at it this is my base is baseball player right so that's his job. I come to work looking for that. You don't come to work looking for somebody to call you. How many games as he played better and I'm excited about that and Fenway Satterfield there's nothing affirming about that there's nothing exciting about that. It is a you wanna talk about distractions it is something that you have to deal with that you didn't plan to deal with. That night or that day so I'm gonna say that it happened. And it's something that needs to be confronted does it mean that the whole city. Is filled with those people know it just means that happen in our city. Does that mean that happens in the city in no other city in the United States that. Absurd. Here's what percent here's what I think about the person or persons who who I believe did say something racially insensitive Adam Jones. A customer at Fenway Park sent a racial a racially insensitive remark now I won't say Red Sox fan I don't know. In fact I won't even say baseball banned because that's open to question to be honest with you. Op what I will say as this person assuming he or she does exist is an eighty. There are idiots amongst us there are morons walking the face of the earth this is one of them. And unfortunately. All of us get paid it would that same broad brush. Because other morons like the big lead say sixty. Sixty racist racist rejected from Fenway Park last night. First of all 34 were rejected from Fenway Park according to sands accounting and get the complete breakdown in what was was ejected. For yelling profanity said he ball player. One. According to the big leads sixty racists were ejected from Fenway Park last night because of one or one or two or three whatever the number wise. The city of Boston is once again the most racist city in North America and that's us. And so as the game was over here we go again a year ago you of 180 it. Who says some and Adam Jones and again I believe Adam Jones I don't know why he's played over 14100. Major League games and now all of a sudden he's gonna decide that to say this about what somebody said don't sigh I absolutely. Believe them but. You know what's gonna happen you know what the headlines are going to be you know what whether it's the big lead or ESPN or whoever how they're gonna then turned this into. And I think most of us realize our it's a very is a it's a minority of people that that. Feel this way and say these things and act now whether it's at the games or on Twitter or whatever else correct. But then that's that they get all the attention and then we have to then defend ourselves and any sound ridiculous to think there's no way to. Races that the city like this even have that conversation here in the eyes of say is insane. Like OK so are a defend yourself why why aren't you racism of this article is helping anybody. At that point I I have never heard that word at Fenway Park in in all the times I've been to Fenway Park now I also will freely admit. I haven't sat in the bleachers in 25 years ran it's it's not place where I normally sick I mean I'd move around the park a lot but I don't normally sit out there just because it's. It's not the most convenient place to sit watching game. I've never heard the word doesn't mean that it doesn't it said there. I that a lot today to why I don't. Heard anybody say OK good that's your thoughts your experience I think my experience right exactly seeking in he can't speak that it can't say that it that it did. I think I think he's telling the truth and I advocate a a couple of reasons why. Similar remarks have been made by Kirby Puckett all noted bomb thrower right back in his career not Torii Hunter. Another noted bomb thrower Wright who said similar things a David Price edit in an interview just recently this past spring and Adam Jones we know at least four players for players of color who have said yes I've heard racially insensitive remarks at Fenway Park. In my heavily all of them are wrong. They were with for almost all out. Yeah believe it I believe that happens. There's no question and then just happened to a baseball players and Boston other many people listening to me and various professions. Where it it is happened to them in on May be happening to you right now as it is it. The entire city know what happens is happened to me happen to me. Maybe the first within the first couple days. That I moved here and I want to say. That. If you are a black person living in any city. You're you're it's it's you're trying to figure out. How to confront these things when it happened. Yet not be consumed by them. That's the balance. Because. You have to be courageous enough to call people out. When they're doing things. That are that are trying to destroy people. And that's really what it is you're just trying to you you're you're trying to break them down for some reason. It's a very cruel thing and the very sick thing where it's audio. But what Sony try to call now yeah yet you've got to protect yourself because. If you if you go around thinking. Everybody's like that. You're not gonna trust anybody. Be very bitter. Everybody you your relationships will not be healthy. Even you even your relationships with the people who look like you will not be healthy if you're going around. Thinking about that all the time so that they're really is a balancing act I just moved to Boston. The person I was looking for an apartment person. Heard me talk on the phone and because my mother taught me how to talk. Sometimes you know people who say Unix are sound like a nerd. On the phone so I never actually set to you've got a shot at some other what are some other people would say that is a whole different conversation different day. The price they thought it was light. On the phone. So this guy apparently thought it was like that report apartment. In Dorchester. 223 point four years old any of them but get an apartment in Boston. And I came to the door and pretend like I'd he did not see me. He pretended like he didn't see me and mean. It it was. Mistaken identity he thought I was somebody else but it may be in many incidents that have happened to me in the city but I can say. Honestly and proudly I love this city. I love the city of Boston and and is not just. Boston's not just to tourists the part of Boston. That's fine you know downtown and Quincy Market. Or it'll pass very that's fine but I love. The places that it don't always have. Great things written about him I loved Xperia love mad at hand. You know I loved mission hill I love. This city despite. Some of the things had been sent to be on the phone and I was looking at the open but make your blood run run cold and people would. Read an article about the Celtics the patriots and they turn it into. A racial attack. Some of the emails today that I got from the tweet that I get. But. That. Is is not. Gotta override the way I think about the city there are people like this in the city and it's hard for a lot of people to reconcile of this is happening. Made with some of your neighbors some of your friends. But it but it happens and so. Adam Jones sang it last night. It's not if not a problem with Adam Jones the problem with the person who set it and what we've got got to figure out is how deep is it. No it doesn't mean that everybody. Is doing a but it could happen and how did it happen in that space last night. We're too we're we're three to four people around them and they said OK all of this I don't want to confront this guy because he's drunk and he might he might burn rate me. And frankly I understand hat I do like I do understand it. You know depending on on the size of this guy answer how much of us knew full you think he's got. And and you know I can see saying gotta buy it buy do something here yet too are really going to fight right now yeah and and and you know as Sam pointed out when he was on earlier there is a text line people can use where you can make complaints by text. I'm not sure how many people Knoll but I'm not sure how many people utilized that on a nightly basis I've told this story happened one time. At the ball game what my young daughters. And that too young people sit in front of me were used in the F bomb you know it every every sentence. And after a little while I finally tapped one of them on the shoulder and I don't think it. I could get drilled here Sherry I don't know other but I finally said let. Guys please I've done here with my daughters to be cool and and I just asked if they could toned down you know the language. To their credit they apologize look we're sorry we didn't even look back over our shoulder are bad. And break the rest of the game no issues at all there was just as good a chance I was gonna get popped. Sure and I can see where if you're out there I've heard that a lot today owed nobody saw this nobody said anything else. There are a lot of people who could have been around some Nimrod assuming that the Nimrod exist. In Sitka I don't know 51 confront this guy picks the guys to. Enough to be thrown around racial slurs he's also dumb enough to. Punch you wore don't try you know rough you up or whatever you're out in the bleachers the last that you wanted to do. So. But there's there's still somebody could do and also wonder yo. What is the crowd's reaction that you are they feeding into edited they make you know maybe maybe doesn't start right away with. With the racial slurs but he's he's getting on Adam Jones about something in the crowd's into it the crowds Carroll in our plan planet up or I was a funny guy intersection and he's talking one vote. When the Orioles and it just gets worse and worse and worse. And your people out there supporting us or are they you know discuss the bite we we don't know. This AM today and as editor in the interview that he publicize that number he had 23215. I wrote it down as I was listening to the interview. I didn't know what it wise I mean I know they put it up on the board yeah I'd have to Aurilia watched he Diddy talked about that. And he understood where you know you might not want to do something on your own and it's probably not Smart to do something on your round. But he said you can send a text to 23215. And say hey there's a band you know using racially insensitive language here. And outcome gonna take a look and that's probably what we all should do. I can I can totally understand why you don't go confront that person yourself. Now so let's say this it's a matter of perspective. How you view. These incidents not an in terms of how bad they are mean obviously if it's happening it's bad for anybody. To be experiencing something like that. Whether Europe a woman and being talked about here your body is being talked about you being talked about the very demeaning way. It that doesn't feel good whether you're. What year Asian or or Latino or African American or or white and being talked about in a way that is makes you feel less than. That's not great but above what I mean by perspective is. You go to a certain place and you have certain experiences. And how you interpret that is is a personal thing so Michael Shea said now Boston is the most races cities that he's been too. No I don't know what his experience was vote for him. Either that was a joke. That he just wanted to it was a good line that he went to snap off or he had a terrible experience here nice can't double down OK that's him. Art so for places that have been so I don't know I would say it that way. That I've been to a place in the United States that is the most racist because if you experience it is it doesn't feel good. But I remember going to it's a long story but it wound open and not North Dakota. What the out of the North Dakota Europe there are doing those storm though I joined a story on boxing. Our boxing hotbed area yet we all don't close the arteries it was it was hostile. There was only one that was racially hostile but now knows a young woman from South Africa who went to North Dakota last year loved it. So yeah I mean there are. It just depends on how hard you wanna look at him if I really wanted to Wear wanna make a list. Of all places. In the United States of America that. What we're doing our top ten players a rhetorical question enjoyed our art our top did places. No I I've experienced things. In a lot of places. But. I've also. In some of those same places. Experienced. Great joy and make some of the best moments in my life have happened here met my wife here room kids were born here. I'll work with you knuckle heads and that's enjoyable a little further on the list so far I slowed down quite a bit. All all you know the writer named John Edgar Wideman rotor books were stories on all stories are true all stories can be for. You can't experience this night in Boston. And Boston also can be positive just depends on how you how you choose to look at it and you can't really get frustrated with people. And I think that's that temptation because you're so protective. Of a town that we love so much. Temptation is to attack them because they're not just attacking your city they're tacking unit attacking your experience but. Really what they're just telling you is something that they went through. And and it seems to be instinctive in this town. Wildly. I'm not a racist I've never heard it so it didn't happen. It's okay by the way to say that it happened it's OK to say there was a moron. At Fenway Park last night probably with a snoop full. And the idea well unless they've got a on film I'm not gonna believe it well there's a real good chance. It in the bleachers with one however many people were out there that can happen to know who this guy once. You're not going to be able to put a name and a face to them although guideline but if the could yeah I mean I would love it. To see that guys name and face put up on the on the giant screen at Fenway Park. This is that guy added be it be the best. But there's a real good chance that's not gonna happen. All the Sam Kennedy said they will continue their investigation they're gonna talk to everybody out there. Bullpen personnel security. They're gonna continue to try to find the person or persons as best they can. I'm just gonna warn yet. Not positive that apple up 16177797937. I say that only so that its future reference to the lines are full we'll get right to a would you coming up next dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio WB. I think the world. You know I often times. I go to one of my that my dad on this topic kids. You know racism. I'm fortunate. Lee had been in the DNA of our culture we have. We worked. To everything. With the Boston Red Sox are held to one of the highest standards in this market. And we need to make sure we're doing everything. Hands of these poor bookmark it and our players just goes well we've had losses. And baseball. And so we take it very seriously. By the I. Or if they. Or or any New England fans are off candidate who had to misrepresented. Every bearish. Parent. Disrespectful people anyone who would do this. Not all at Fenway Park. But I guess what happened around. The country. I happen. Sports that you certainly can we take I don't that is that is word we apologize. I was Sam Kennedy on earlier today with Owen map talking about the incident last night and they're continuing investigation of it. This is happened in other places that just always gets played up a little more here. Interestingly enough it happened last October. And it was. Adam Jones and another teammate and and this was kind of hard to miss it's kind of hard to say I just say in this stuff. Op fans in Toronto ruled beer Canon. Strike and it was Clinton is it now you couldn't help but yet yet via so it's really not yet but he always say in this stockman you well. I watched it I saw it on video. They threw a beer can and a right. So it does happen another place is now I don't I can't I can't answer why Adam Jones happens to be involved in the two most recent incidences that I can. That we can point to as I said the Toronto with a harder to refute. Why IBM (WSJ) makes sense in baseball. Why would happen in baseball to an outfielder and for obvious reasons. Know you're out there. And and your close to them. And if you are you wanna give the out the opposing team a hard time orange of your own team a hard time depending on how to paint it Red Sox allow us to get you some the result. The way they played last night maybe you wanna do that they like him a hard time in their right there that you you can. Yeah and their attention that barely moving this take ten minutes at a time sometimes longer if you vote Terrell pitcher on the he would. It is slower and I think it adds more to that amount there's trash talk although on every single sport but it's and it's a little easier in baseball particularly outfield. Yes and you know we talk about this anytime something dramatic happens. You know a big event happens we talk about the safety of the players and how. It's it's a wonder that more incidents don't happen. In professional sports. We have people who close to the field yeah people war. Who have things in their hands of people who go out there and had a lot to drink in the outrage at these bright ideas of things it that they wanted to do. We're fortunate most of the time it does goes on without incident. But every now and then you hear about a a bottle being thrown at this guy you're. Who was a tennis player of Monica Seles now out that was on the scene fighting threatening an it and so. It doesn't happen often. I don't know why people are so surprised. That happens you think you maybe that's something. And it happens and other cities or other neighborhoods not supposed to happen in your city happens at other places or or and Francisco once or you say this. Those dates in Chicago. Of the folks there all year track you may be it's. You know Boston has taken some hits. Austin has taken some hits nationally. And as it it's it's hurtful. It's hurtful when you hear people talking about just that. And saying things that. Overall you know not to be true but you also have to understand. Of the nature of the media. The media. Is he's not looking for overall. As not looking to you and every report is not a spotlight team report when it's been in time on this and we really get the full story. It's the headline grabber it's the news making thing is the usual thing that all that will get people's attention and so when that's what happens in your city. You wanna say hey I've lived here for X amount of years and I know this to be true and of this to be true well the reports won't always. Accurately reflect. What's your city. But he can sort of see why. Boston fans and it just people live in Boston all the more sensitive to yes and I am right so I hate that that. You know now across the country saints say that races Saturday bust and again that's the story the story becomes Boston's race city not there's idiots in Boston. Whereas I feel like. That's Chicago's it was fathers to Chicago White Sox fans jumped on the field and beat the crap out of first base coach dad. And now and it wasn't. Oh my god Chicago late that they got the worst fans and all this I was the these two idiots they deploy and opposed to here at a hotly debated that was because I'm not living in Chicago and it just. Looked like those two with a focus now there was a face and a name so that maybe it'll be different but go back to the Toronto example. Toronto is chopping stuff on the field at Jones I'd leave Els also the game it was just there are chuck and all kinds of stuff on the field knew it delayed the game. There's so much stuff getting thrown on the field. That was moral look at those idiots in in Toronto not Toronto is racist or Toronto is as the it and label the whole city. Whereas Boston guess that's the front page and everything is another example of Boston being a racist not. Look at look at how dumb this one or two or three people are are let's get to the calls of you guys nix on the cellphone Europe first on Sports Radio still on Hollywood Keith. I wouldn't say about what started got in Austin now we're actually at the game last night by well me. For the behavior that and there's no room pretty recent figure anything. It's really disappointing year but there are real. By the game. We are now off on the monster and there was some guys screaming about it and try to deter wait in the Middle East and get it squared and Andy. Like really late model that you're looking. It is while really strange I won't talk and that the sport. It would disappointing more than anything glad yeah. Just like well I mean I don't know what was going on that accidentally. Cash app and I character but it's really disappointing year. Well other than other players don't eight that's the way and art you know it's like yeah it's sad it's. It's inexcusable and it's like what water to people can really kind of ruled a whole lot or an image so. And and nick your your point about the kind of night it was at Fenway Park. I mean why do you think ESPN picked up the telecast on the blue. Why do you think we are talking about it yesterday we were we were all expecting you know Roman gladiators out their last night and we actually got it but that was. Who is dead wrong back. Who's gonna get hit I mean we all thought at and I think that there were a fair number of fans who showed up at that game last night ready for fight ready for a fight looking for hope and we're gonna see a bench clearing brawl. And I mean. I I can't match the guy swearing had been intended because during play. K app ever way I mean it's a see that's just alcohol powerful it really is yet. And it adds to the bottom you hit price of high enough beavers look dirt where or and they need to. Now there's also and I I said I heard somebody earlier today make this point in May it may be true. You know Egypt may first. Got a lot college kids or kitten kitten close to the end of the semester. Let's go to Fenway tonight you know they've added the Monday night who cares it's a it's a high cover charge but will bring those eleven dollar Beers or whatever they are and and you know it may it may be the head of I younger crowd the normal there last night was it was an eight crummy night and probably a lot I think it was obvious a lot of people weren't there. And I'm guessing a lot of the folks who go there all the time saying you know like a catch the game when it warms up like. This week I ask you why Adam Jones would make it up. While we you know like if you know smudges and it's we. No way it was a guy calling him inward for innings and no one reporting him to security Jones has played the race card before. But what what's itself was to get out of it. Endorsements. No but it would get out of a lucrative. How is it lucrative yes if I would imagine it's not that lucrative thing is now and focus more. As he's trying to embarrass Boston he knows that Boston has been in the news and he just wants to add a lot to the fire what is his. Motivation. Why would why would he is those of you believe that he's making it up. Why would make it out. Well but I don't know I don't know the answer it in if it was the only person who had made these accusations. If we hadn't heard in in the past from Kirby Puckett and Torii Hunter and David Price that I might do on exactly you know a lot. C'mon nobody's saying this but you'll. Three of them outfielders one of them out of pitcher who spent some time and older in the bullpen yeah. As so it's pretty consistent. And it happens if there are some people like that and why is it hard to believe that there's some people like that among you among us. Yeah I like that why is it hard to believe. There's 30000 people there although that government yes I mean somebody won races in the group side of the people. Who who you're at these games with some of the people you're celebrating championships with. Looking at. Black players and black coaches Stiller racist. Why is that hardly. 6177797. ID 37 I backed calls that you guys coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Especially for someone. The high character of Adam Jones and then you're you're not talking about somebody that has been in trouble this is somebody who. Who has helped quite a bit. In the community in Baltimore let's not forget that when they had. Racial issues a couple of years ago it was Adam Jones at the forefront. Of that city's problems trying to unite people this is not somebody who was a divider Adam Jones is somebody that tries to. Figure out ways to help the problem. And just. Don't think these fans. Care about that now you know look I agree they don't hear it from there I mean I I'm sad because I feel like it's just the seventeen people like online. Come on let's 2000. Seventeen but a whole lot has changed in certain pockets. It's it's unfortunate. Pedro Gomez just commandos on sports center this morning just before via the appearance by Stephen A Smith which I'll watch. Stephen even need the idea of a certain pockets how much is certain people. Right people yeah Pedro and got two of seventy not Boston it's not authentic product just for certain people. What these people are from and and and and I know how touchy we are around here about it and you know we hate being accused and I understand that I I hate to do right there like it just point to people. There's immediately so amongst us. By the way if probably more than yes there she got there or are there any other out they may heighten playing in plain sight but they're out there up. Anyway back to the calls dogs on the cell phone hey Doug I don't. Hey your body doesn't than those on the Geithner got Michael LeBlanc the words rabbi about the O'Shea about people not necessarily leaving Adam Jones in this situation. From all day today I heard people calling him try and offer some kind of lame excuse. And I think that you guys as you know they're the hosts of these programs. Have a responsibility. To stop using all the sectional qualifiers. I keep hearing it it's really happy and if this guy exists. All day long I mean what what likely could happen and Adam Jones making it. So let's just. Gold also said I I believe them but but but I don't have proof dot gov about it. How hot it likelier it probably end and I said that history. Red X so you have a thought probably need people who gonna call in and tried to send that type of behavior you got a hold up Curt Schilling like you god you know any you the most. In Spain out of touch. You know white privilege. Rightly so subtly racist people on the record we haven't brought his name he holds them up god. That's true that's are bought and to transport them. We'll stop making stuff up not Assad doesn't stop making stuff up stick with what's real here yeah real RI and knowing the dog. Well what are we doing how about we never mentioned it done. All right so called public showing that hurts me and it you got to fix in here Doug you just wanna declaring we can Holland. Yeah I'm which I'm pushing an agenda. The real issue you are bought into that problem and it stops and that in the first I'm a lot on the next time. And you guys add voices of the people need more responsible. In kicking aside and sticking it. And not trying to coddle this minority eager and based fuels and that people might think their way. So what haven't we been consistent well let Doug your current and let me just say drug yeah. You you are one of the voices. Because because of the form. We're talking to people and you are you are somebody who is adding your contribution to this conversation so it's not about. Telling people how to feel and and and how to think. We all have our own experiences I don't know what your experience is that you feel like. You know from from your experience that there is a problem. Throughout the city. And so that's that's yours but if it dale feels differently if he is willing to focus on people or from willing to focus on. The incidents that we've heard about. Then that that has value to but I I don't think you really helps us advance covered it but Doug don't really help I don't think it helps as advanced conversation. By you know attacking each other. Let's also say it was your morning show. 1 morning at a two guys that you got I want to call them out call that we don't know if we don't program that show you can call them a fuel problem of them we have nothing to do that. We zero to do was what they talked. On a show fairly obvious that Doug had a certain political agenda that he really wanted out there I don't know I don't know what all eyes tell you that Jimmy Dorsey did you run out of Jones isn't Curt Schilling costs are around the lion's share of Kirk and any class Bradley or that wants. They had nothing to do with what we were discussing nor did we bring it up because it had nothing to do with call them Joe's in Providence NATO height. Good afternoon gentlemen I you know John I get I get the followed this. You know and good luck. Let them back up just a little bit talked about. You know what we know so far about there's so we'll sort things we know is that. That it was somewhere weird in the stands controlled. Keynote at Adam Jones. Who was then thrown out. We also know that the red than dead weight and the Red Sox camp. Away to report anonymously. All the bees eventually happen. We also know as well it's quarter of reaching day. That no one has come forward to. Validate. A handful of racial slurs. RD 3434. Rejection projections and hit a you know let let let let me let me tell us you know something. And tested them and it's imminent test myself to a number approve pointy. Ice at Fenway has upon a number to report with the number. I definitely got not accept. Okay bit but dale just over the number at about 45 minutes ago. And normally twelve it and dean a night and it and what are some of the numbers the number of the number where you reports about there's a undetected atomic numbers when Clemens already forgot. So I mean to everybody they hosted in debit and exhibited the same that. Who knows why we do we do Joseph there are at and there there are situations. In my life. That I'm not proud of over the years where you may hear something you may hear a sexist joke. You may hear racist joke you may see somebody doing something treating a child in a way that they shouldn't be treating a child a man talking to a woman a little too aggressively. And for whatever reason you don't do anything and so it is not unusual. Psychologically I got a guy got across and he's got a who's got a psychology degree couldn't really release speak on this more intelligently that I can't. There are many cases where there's disturbing behavior happening and we eat. Sometimes I'll do anything. We don't say anything as we should so I mean that that suggestion. That that. Well it's something happen will off hundreds of people would rush. To that person's depends not necessary. Well the other thing is you know nobody's called your station to say they heard it. That we do we know they haven't called Red Sox. Do we know that and Sam Kennedy said earlier today that they're continuing their investigation. Do we know that those people whoever they are. To make called the Red Sox and say listen I was in section four C twelve. The guy one row in front of me was the guy yelling and how lined up I don't know. Yeah it 'cause they haven't called sports talk radio. Doesn't mean they don't exist there's a a story out there that stuff that in fact. Isiah Thomas had. Oral surgery last night and and had to have three teeth. Fixed oh man had had what three fix this guy thing you know we got that the youth. If that won the rollout of the neighboring ones caught up there guys. They're not there letter are Tennessee yesterday the chase it yet they succeed. Man or as Michael likes to call them false these policies. I'd uses that term but like you know did those things and are now what do you do mounties. But it yeah probably got a miserable in depth at them out these. The gonna affect him drive into the basket. Now you would think probably I think he's going to be fine. I'll find out tonight. We last talked about throughout the course of the afternoon you guys all know what happened last night at Fenway Park. Michael pointed out as we sit here during the break that down at some point here within the next hour. Adam Jones will likely be at the ballpark and members of the media will be talking to him. I'll be curious to see what he has to say you know that now but he had a night to sleep on it and presumably by that point he would have party he has Sam Kennedy said he's been texting and today throughout the day but that he was gonna meet with Jones when he got to the park. I'm guessing that's probably first on the agenda for Jones and then in a global actors your duties after that seldom will hear from and so. Yeah you know I was reading the story last night when the first came around Bob nightingale of the first person I saw who had it he said he spoke to were the two reporters who were there but I saw an ideal story today in the grow faster than the other. But I was surprised by the number number I'm mentioned this to you guys today during our conference call I was surprised that there are 62. African Americans a Major League Baseball six point 7%. Off 62. That this character and out. Swallow and wonder how many African Americans were in baseball a percentage of it in 1974. And I young been typed in 18%. 18%. Eighteen point 7% and and then in in the 1980s that it was 20%. What 81 of the Benson was the highest. That was and at since 2005. Or so is Ben under 10%. And I don't think it is. I don't think it is a denial of opportunities. In that obvious story in itself. I think it is a combination of of many things and sometimes. No those athletes. Were playing baseball go to other sports. Although I think baseball's good playing a non contact sport and you're really really good money and guitar from the left side you could be and that's where we're kind of your not thank you get from the 120 years. But he got a basketball and go to football. Or or are you go to soccer he is gonna beat you go to another sport. That maybe you find more enjoyable. More exciting. More lucrative although there are many more to it lowers at baseball yeah. Especially if you're talented. Base maybe our basketball that first out where the real money is here but you know I was guaranteed money base of baseball baseball's pretty good price just. Yeah I mean it especially your first round pick. Getting as legitimate yeah you may have to go to reminders for companies can you get your first round opponents yet. And then when you won when you make the majors in fear any good. You gotta be in there with guaranteed money as opposed to pro football. And playing out just given your contract and just after the offered on the. What does Al come back around I wonder if you don't football's gonna start to lose more like to hear those stories on our own we've seen that impact yet you know it just only people being aware of it here like you know NFL players you could say. Well you know my kids not complete football we know so much about all these guys that are retiring early. It will that translated to more baseball players oral descended being more soccer players are ready girls. Back to the calls we go at 6177797937. Tonys in Quincy hey Tony. Our guy so it's almost I don't know what's up. Well I'm thinking outside the block. What happened Adam Jones was was despicable. But. A pot or restaurant or room. He should go public with it. Where it happened in front of 38000. People. He should just went so Fenway Park security and say hey somebody up in this area that did this. And can you guys help me. What do you guys think both. A way you use that but didn't he go public. He didn't go public I. Didn't want him to go public. I think he should wanted to run Red Sox. Why don't let lighting climate. Why did you want him to go public. Well because there's this 38000. People. And maybe one or two people off poor people. In this thing and work here. And you know I am now. A lot really at night. So so you want him to if somebody said it's who on face the face. In a restaurant you'd think he should be go public with a that some of screaming out on the while he stranded in that he do his job. You you think he should just sort of tell somebody like on the sly but what's wide. Watch them. Because. There and I got that sloppy on the part of people it. He loves it they all called them that now. And and yet we can't look at it that way. That you know everybody's guilty everybody is at Fenway Park west and Europe and we're park last night you're guilty and he says now I don't students. So. I don't I don't understand but it did and all the other every thousand people this is what I find problematic. Why. Why are we trying to defend this person. I ever heard no not sit up our heard more criticism and do you know I'll call by saying just make an uptick but the thing I've heard more criticism of. Adam Jones and a half of the acts. You can denounce the without announcing your whole city without announcing yourself either undertow. Our editor to. I'm denouncing the act yes without announcing the city of Boston the doctor and he hasn't done it can be it should be done. Why is that what why is now. So typical B you do because. For some folks the very fact that that it happened. Kass says my shadow on the entire city harder to defend the city right you wagers on this hour on out there. You know said something it's it's like well that not all cities being so it didn't happen. But it happened you know. Because as Michael said earlier I can't come up with a reason why you'd make that up. And Italy did it get any out there and somebody's on the table a lot of people make things up the united that the topic yet white people make things that people lies sometimes but. Dave you've got to assume Adam jones' line. And you also say that Torii Hunter was lying. Energy Torii Hunter was line you also say that the late Kirby Puckett was line. And if he was lying and David Price. Is on. And there are folks by the equitably all rules say yes all that Iran or if they weren't line they were at least mistaken. There is another at some input today at what somebody was just saying bigger. Yeah that's probably an idea yet to get baseball wants a baseball term passes alzheimer's that you're not a chick that all the time yes. And other what I heard today which I'd I'd like that a bigger is a big Turkey are. That's a GA and the other what I heard today which was almost as dumb is. What it was a black person saying it till. OK they're just trying so hard yeah. Today they're at to justify what happened. It was another former twin. Had her back there are no doubt before it was former winner former Indian member. Matt Lawton yeah. Matt Lawton also. I remember him saying something. About the crowd. And got it and it's usually they usually talking about people in the bleachers. Not say what again if you're in the bleachers last you're not guilty but that that was the interaction for them. Using happen in the bleachers and they have something to say about. Now. Is that is that surprising the people that they don't think that exist. Anymore. I mean clearly exists still but I think it expected the you know the guy's gotta be coming in was that a white sheet. Covering his face yeah I don't think it's any thought of some grand wizard. Otherwise idyllic we acted out of odds and bet if you don't see that that is not happening. No I don't think anybody that you heard the last night or read this morning was like shocked by. But ice I think it's is it just so disappointing that. It's it's kinda surprisingly if you told me somebody threw a bag of peanuts that a player and I would I would in batted ninth that it that that as an idiot. But okay that that happens. But this. I don't know maybe maybe I just really. It you know wow Martha's not to be a part of of what happens and it turned on me but it but it doesn't tell you you're not like oh my god never a million years when I've expected this to happen. I'm not surprised at a state of Fenway. This happened at Fenway last night and happened a few years ago on a few years before that. Of Fenway. I can tell you from my experience has come a long way because when I first moved here. It made me almost to the point of physically ill of being there. The atmosphere. Was so. Exclusive in a bad way and was not welcoming. And there were there were a lot of comments. Yeah that'd teach at that time via at and and friends of mine who. Who whoever relates stories over the years. So really just it's really ugly stuff is yeah ignorant ignorant remarks and for the most part you know that that's not the case at Fenway. When he did JK I don't know was overnight relate how. How long ago voted into sort of changed well I think it started to change. Toward the end of Mo. I'm so toward in a move on stay here and then. You know Dan Duquette for all of its faults as a general manager. It was not like. Some manager general managers of yesteryear. Who do who just had it a real aversion to bring in. Black and brown players. So Dan Duquette you know brought in Manny Ramirez in the brought in Pedro Martinez and he is Jose offerman hit Jose offerman. I would've added that what else to meet I don't think up a lot I don't got a few games doubled it but it was clear that you know for all all the mistakes that Duquette made. The user is trying to find those players. And so that was part of it than the other part was. Note Henry group coming in and kind of remaking the atmosphere and focusing on. That. Friendly Fenway thing and that that was like a marketing campaign and we are talking about pink cat but. I think the presence of pink cat in different people in the ballpark. Took some of the sharpness away from the atmosphere. They brought in a big green mascot and he ended racism had yeah Ali Oscar show Ali indicated that apparently partly yes. It's the laws to be part of it Peterson Malden hey Peter I don't. I could have been guys on our it is Mike Michael. Just thank you for your work. The first half of the beginning of the program because it really just touched upon everything. Just experienced in just your whole day of radio and just try to take. We can point intro of the car cock principal wood in a positive light and but I just wanted to ship opened with you guys in the back our portal where were. It it's it's going to be point all the good it makes sense to move in the constitution or. I went to Wentworth back when struggled with the base yes there aren't why. And it off. Basically Wentworth are possible increase school and all that in the projects were Kabul where it played basketball in the court where were. And we all walked on the Annan didn't myself on 52 and we don't walk down and watch Reggie Lewis practice US import these. And I walked back moment right square in my bag of books in my watch my expensive watch and we vocal Beckett played solution let's talk to answer. And everybody after a week to week maybe you know out occur wherever they had a broken glass but it basically take them off. Nobody went back to watch and that the back of the state where judo archery. Dear boy comes from Baldwin to go to where work and I just I hear it's all perspective. Because every warning if you want that he train comes out of all the talk Petrie they were what it was throwing rocks and Richard we built almost arbitrary. If they're pretty come from the VA on the old. Before rubble or playing with these two pro active those nutrients so far I've ever had any inkling of racism. Our kids and my parents they always go all the Boston's racist. But the bottom line here is that if you have a lot of civilians actionable something in sports and we have these Yahoo!'s ago with the maybe it was electric but. Boston's good Boston is great and you know they respect me and I respect that but we plate solution like saw. And some of the great respect political player like that there was never ever any craft that went on. Like and and and I appreciate your your Taylor as well I. I think we have a tendency here. To try to to to try to explain all the good things that happened this city racially. When something bad racially happens with a debit but I play basketball nobody looked at my battered that's me also more uncomfortable conversation but we Serra the show. You then you you feel like you have to defend yourself in the city OK well are racists in your life yeah. And we've heard a lot I've I've been to Fenway at thousands if I ever heard the word OK I never have either. And and if I did maybe it wouldn't resonate with me as much as it would if Michael her if he was at Fenway Park I'm guessing he would here. Even before I would hear. DC McKee that's his tweets. Well that's just tweeted. Out facts. I'm black too noble that's the most edgy. Literally stand up for. At Adam jones' Twitter handle. Tonight and state notre racism we as at Red Sox and at MLB fans are better than us. And he's he's evidently referring to this this idea that's been floated out there today about. Fans at Fenway tonight giving Adam Jones is standing ovation. It sounds look a bit pandering to me I don't like that at all or stuff like what I was just talking of the. So yeah. I thought you should bull Adam Jones don't rove would play out until he had a great player on the opposing team who happens right now to be your biggest rival. In baseball you should boo every player comes up for the Orioles. If you would sir treat them differently if not the same idea that racism that pander to get. Did you graduate you know after an after it opened in cheer Adam Jones. I don't know how you guys still like of about company coming over it. And people over the house from. That's right Josh. Octagon I apparently believing I'd you'll result is what my daughter that's about it. There's certain people. Coming your house just things. Baltimore Orioles and how happy I made a gun at our house yeah I guess they go to something broke and yes relatively bulky bags. Got a little you're condescending little manager Buck Showalter. He had a stern that I haven't got Dylan Bundy last night and it won't for guys too so it because you want somebody also hit. Every every pitcher who watch somebody hit. Eagle on purpose right whereas this I thought he did okay. Bigger bringing out patrols. Bringing opera Schneider and nasty is among us. You bring them out it's not a got to talk about baseball today. All of acted about Clinton yeah. I had earlier offering more games about cowboy greats that they don't drink it up my liquor. You don't have a pullout couch anymore. No you cannot go in the refrigerator. Note that you watch TV. And stay out of them closet with a towel started. You know about it here because things go wrong when you're there. House is in Boston outside on. Are you going to arm announced. You don't just keep mr. Helene Gayle I don't know you'll remember what I call you blow one time you know. You guys gave me the best device where a soldier was Trent was Nestle would well. How are black and how Libya where it starts and it out of Libya brought shame because it'll recently. And how they were racist you guys in their places like you know. Predictive is not like that now it you know addition national and I'll follow debt. It and I listen to your that was greeted by. And it now elicited what happened Adam Jones and Internet what. We got to understand and people. It is still racist people. All over the world. And there are even some thicker reasons people that teach their children to be gracious. Mean you know when we come out just because. Of fuel is because people saying okay. I don't like that word. Right. There are people that will hear somebody else we have where it. And just turned their hey man and yet they okay. Isa did not meet so that is proud. You know it's everybody's problem. Because if it if you don't go and say. You know if you don't standout who would you believe in it and you might as well be right along with tools he held accountable we're told people for the simple fact that. If I was emotional where if I if if there was a ride re all. Dead I'm in the car know about the robbery. And I don't say anything. Outlaw digital. Well you probably won't but but but I your butt but your point is well taken you guys vote taken just because. It's not happening to use doesn't mean you don't have responsibility try to do something about if you're in position to do. And there were people in position to say something I think perhaps it is we don't know that. But I don't do you know this in the Red Sox. Believe the story. Now Sam Kennedy. I thought gave a great interview on this radio station earlier today. And and he apologized to Adam Jones and Orioles he believes this story. Some of you don't believe it. And I don't know it it does it. Does it advance says that we are we are we more enlightened by saying I don't believe the story. Are we more enlightened by taking this in Kennedy approach and saying I'm sorry that happened last night. And we it takes steps that happens. Fewer and fewer times at Fenway Park until we can eradicated. But what's with the better approach. Like the way Sam Kennedy I have an act and and I thought you know and and even tonight he he admitted that you know they're probably gonna have more. Security than they normally have them don't follow they already know form and undercover. Throughout the ball park BK is eating in you think that some other moron out there it's gonna think I'm. I did or Jones still in you know some Opel say some stupid again to. Are there and that's it and plasticky. Brand only Adam Jones can speak this and I really hope he does say something today. Just for clarification is really when it went to a it's found an elaborate. On what happened last night although he spoke pretty. The spoke pretty extensively last night to. If somebody saying that you. Are trying to. Trying to throw you off track or trying to throw you up for some reason. IRR river some. If if young Ben remembers the story John van. It was a patio. The guy who text and then and he was here to as a guy text at the registration. And is very bright guy you know sheik. Really tried to. Was trying to make the case. That calling me. The N word. Was not racist. In so. And Patrick Benn and patty two with a with a patty talking to a bad and we both did you talk to get a tax cut out on film we all got on the phone yet. Yet album. We have two very different tactics and how we approach this fact. It's okay. Tried to earth stupidly I try to have me intellectual conversation with them about it and patty patty please dad what terrorism. Perfectly as he's not in great. And basically threatens like. You know everything in the world and around. And so let me the positive thought about it that we have callers like that yet. Texas a and yeah. And what their driveway unfortunately. Almost daily. And almost daily and what. They're truck that what they're trying to do. Is discourage you talk to say to anybody who's going through in you don't have to be. Black to to understand when or where I'm coming from on this. You've you've got you you've just got to convince yourself you gotta tell yourself. That that is somebody who's got they've got the problem and the you don't and you got a vision for every trying to do. Whatever you're trying to do and I've for the sports talk radio whether it's a year your professor your engineer your accountant but you're driving a bus. Somebody don't let somebody's. Vision twisted vision of the world messed with what you have in mind. What's your assignments so. And he can say whatever you want. I remember telling that the I don't know if it was that guy we're not going as it believe me you're in Iraq and Britney you can you do not so. Keep talk it it's fine and I don't know how Adam Jones is gonna handle it. I don't know what he's got to say today. Put that person may be happy with all the attention. That that's that's going on all the negative attention it them off and today they win. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. What Max out hawking back to a conversation. That I have that was you know quietly it was that was on Boston radio station. I don't believe it was WEEI. I think it was Callahan has somebody forgot what it was vote please give me on my memories of that fog a bit foggy right now regards to that but it was door simple bowl week. When I pointed out was this. Anybody who stands up and says Boston is a racist city. And just pass that cast judgment against the citizens of Boston like that is wrong to do so. It's just that simple I go to Boston all the top watched Celtics games or what have you the fan base is absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed going the other watch basketball games except her and I don't think that a whole city. Should be tainted body actions of a few good. Game today. Plays right wing and I think he's he's right. And you know that's. Truly the case about. That's the case for all cities isn't it. Yes I'm making you say. Just ate an entire city. Based on your experience. An entire city is something and gamble and it not about the security to. What city what what aspect of the city are you talking about. I I I don't know where. Michael Shea with. Art show. Is his experience was it in the BU campus loses his experience and BU campus. Indicative of the entire city of Boston. Or do you go to Dorchester. Go to Hyde Park the resin dale where what what what Boston are you looking that's the other part of it. And and that's from from several perspectives. So if you ask you ask somebody. Who. Who lives on Dearborn street and in Roxbury. Is is Boston rates. And I think no. I might be in an area that is predominantly black might be in an area. You know mix and come. You know middle class lower middle class. But the people around them treat them well. They like it. They're familiar they've known people for years and years that's their neighborhood and so they might say no. Where you have somebody else coming in. And you might go to a restaurant and you're not treated well or. You know you might try to get a cab and then the cab driver to zooms by you pick up somebody else and then that's sure. You or you're looking at Boston through that prism. They're forced to work place you ever been to all depends on how you're looking at. But I. Don't. Feel confident enough to say about Chicago Chicago is that. Yeah New York is that. For that matter I I think Boston is that. It's a big city. And I've lived here for many years but I can't tell you about all aspects of Boston I can tell you that last night somebody sits up and Adam Jones yes and it stung me. The hate to hear that about a place where I live in the place that I love. But to have to really just. Blanket yes I play day or an entire city and it's also a little Crazy Horse not like all of this city. Has really good food or this is terrible food like. By dissing the city is racist is as a whole other level he's at somebody comes the Boston one time and it about experience. Now said it's it's completely racist now get a good experience somewhere measure others it is the great city. But that none of that stuff is as harmful. Is just like you have the blanket statement. That it is races and that every time that there is a isolated incident and again we don't know if those 12 however many people were there bode get an incident like this is still amazing to mean that. Just the city's always Jimmy perceived that way we talked about this wave. Jae Crowder Gordon Hayward we talked about this and it a couple of times. We've done a bunch of you know is Boston racist shows that venue or whatever five months and we had a bunch of these different shows. It just doesn't seem like. That's gonna go away late from ESPN's perspective or just the national view of it. They're gonna take one of these. Kabul 23 how are great times a year they're gonna blow it up to being you see. In a paper Roma's fancies you know some pockets just haven't changed like Boston you're you're gonna continue to get that aren't and we mentioned that Adam Jones would be talking to members of the media this afternoon he has started he's on MLB network talking with Tom Perdue cheek. This is how they began the conversation. I just appreciate the Red Sox and will be. Ski jumping on it right away come to the forefront of it and you know. Of course I apologize to me apologize to our team and makes it I'm not but this incident I'm not gonna think you know all Boston fans are racists and ignorant and not a that that the bears to the media even assumed something like that. I know they're very passionate for their teams they're going to force franchise appeared. Quite successful stress in my lifetime so I understand that their passion and had expectations for winning but. Leave leave all that others in the stupid slightly though that stuff at home. Hard to argue that yeah. Yeah yeah you know because. He of all people you know he could have been someone who says yeah light. You kind of expect that stuff here like right again yeah it was a great reporters in other other media members. Say that kind of thing all courts faster to get in Boston when here's a guy who was getting it. Racial slurs yelled out of during the game and even he's saying afterwards say listen I'm not gonna single city is. But you know that guy or guys or whatever one is they may work and you know that's they shouldn't speak for the entire family. And he was he's out without poverty Judeo yes right now predict she's a great reporter from shore. If he's in town if he isn't easy for you to do in the interview in Boston yeah they're certain item on the on the side of the field at Fenway I don't at some point he's gonna ask you may what do you say that people who. Believe you're making it up. That'll probably be a question. And we'll get the answer when it app yet I Johnson Quincy hey John I don't. It's the polls the used to and so that Utah to its commitments and I quote of the ordinary unit. In Newton could have an attempt to do it for all of so we're very important people of munitions and conducting an him. Post nobody should give him node negative exactly who's better. Picture community sites slows you. It was an impediment. On the opposition not the Clinton tonight they can attribute transforming moment. You might contribute. You know what what we have rights advocates tonight. First time this is not immune to what we did it is the two homestand so you'll carry. We're gonna give them a hand wouldn't let them orbit regret this sophisticated and well that is an obscure and we're gonna. We're gonna have a a moment here at the tuna. Leo you know addicted Dicky can give quickly now. John I think he I think he already knows that based on his comments yet based on his comments yard no matter how fancy instead they got passionate and they're passionate fans and in Boston and and that he's he he said it would be stupid of him to say that the entire fan bases that way so of these states it's stupid. To believe an entire fan base is like that white shouldn't hire them based them stand up and give him. An ovation as let's say you don't do that as it I'm sorry I'm sorry that that happened last night. But I I'm really happy to see them when they get out now go. The simulator is it that Rick how urgently belted act but that it did not get off its get out there if they Chris Hill lodge real somebody time yes I'd exit announced lives. And I hope that's probably not Adam Jones does not do without yeah I would be Adam Jones but that would be made him a shot though and I hope is that those doesn't lie about it. Dostum will don't lied about it you know I go home he said can organize holes filled out form cannot go home home isn't on anymore. The leader what a strong leader Ben is calling from Franklin hey Dan how you don't. Gloria let's go about it than without. I was actually at bat where last night in the center field bleachers and I'm I'm thinking about that all morning like. I did not see anybody or hear anybody call and the guy the F word or anything racial the whole night honestly. Where a few hours it what did you hear I didn't hear it and becomes a lot of data and asking a different way and asked dutifully. What were you capable of hearing. In your section were you able a year five rows ahead you five rows behind you. There was a guy in the front row don't stop but he wasn't yelling stuff but typically Adam Jones. You don't stop and all the Orioles players is drunk guys subtly. So you know. Your confidence thing because you didn't hear it didn't happen. I mean I didn't hear of cinema circuit bleachers that's racing and it's a good thing. I I figure I'd really Ide or the. Well let them look we're dance a little bit because you'd told. You told we whoever's during the call. Adam Adam Jones is lying. I do think you like I. Yeah we're also merit last night and we're all thinking about it this morning well trained ourselves like. We didn't hear any that we would like we would have been chant out of whatever we whatever they racial about it like oh whatever player out. Even balk what are you gonna do what you stand on the outfield he kind of jerks you're the cocky guy. Honestly I don't think. Politely I cannot believe that people were saying that so. Are well. Where we got another clip from now on the other side will play there Adam Jones will buy talked about what he heard. And whether or not he can identify the guy who set you'll hear it when we come back Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. As we said Adam Jones has been on the MLB network with Tom Perdue team over at Fenway Park over the last few minutes we played the first cut Korea. We've got another one here where reviewed chi asked Jones about what he heard and that was also asked if he could identify the guy who set it. Now did that levels and an able to identify anybody because I focus on the game I'm. I hear the fans in the back to some do there's some bad there's one guy who's here generally got a nice good mullet. He's always in the first row he's always real happy sees me Heyman would love the way you play and all that I've got that from Boston fans. A lot here you know lovely style you play he sucked though because your opponent but a lovely playing in vanished completely understand that last night. I'm sitting in my house. Hearings. You'll have to it I get that within just hear something that caught my attention and I'm like. I hope I didn't really hear what I thought tired you know and act he must keep to myself and a show like we'll like to know things like that put I only keep it to myself and just be just. Frustrated me. You know the rest again and like it's 2017 and we still have to. To be belittled. Because of what. That really don't know the reason why. Does someone want to belittle me because I'm honored plan of game that I love to do I'm just doing my job. Am like I said I started the show by saying I believe him he sounds more believable the more I hear. It sounds believable to me. I understand completely there folks out there previous caller then I thought the senate bill bleachers what it but he was basically saying is that I didn't hear it he's line. Yeah that's of these pages you just can't confirm that it happened but I don't know how you can sit line. If you were chartered quoting you lying about yes unfortunately. People lie about awful things people make up. You know all all kinds of different things you have to look crossed with we all this different things. Let ask yourself why would Adam Jones lives pompous but what does he stand to gain. I was giving event but I I donors a guy who's been in the league this long and players are you know fans are yellow madam. Which she says he happens all the time his is a relationship without one guy sounds like it he's in he's he hears good things from them but he knows he's there at the opponent Andy Andy's used to that. So why would he all of a sudden now say oh by the way I also heard this. Makes zero sense of this is the I gotta say this is a side of it that. It makes me sick. Because it it. That takes over that bet big that becomes the of this story. Well he's lying. Chemistry is more. To play along a play alone you. Let's say he's flying. Let's talk about David Price. Who pitches here. About Torii Hunter. What other guys who sent it over the years. Why it why is it hard for you to believe that it happened in your turn around if I told would happen in New York you believe it. It happened a ball that ordinarily in Cleveland Los Angeles Detroit. So it can't happen here it could've happened last I because you didn't hear it. George very you didn't hear it. What is that. What is that and because it happened does it mean you're racist. Having your family is racist to me the meager pay your friends are rated that mean you'll get it is that what remains could happen in your city. Nothing bad can happen in your city. Accidents can happen in your city racism can happen in your city. At your ballpark. Pour your team. Obama. Ridiculous. It's ridiculous. CC sabathia speaking this afternoon. Said in his big league career I've never been called the N word anywhere but in Boston. And I get others out house now you get players being asked in other cities and hear what happened in Boston last night happening you. CC sabathia said today. He's never been called the N word anywhere but in Boston. It is like we said it is big league career I was never gonna clutter and word on anywhere but in Boston. Eddie's on the cellphone hey Eddie. Hager or whatever that's a fair where our armored here at least I've got. You know. I I would rate than brought and spent a lot in years. In Florida and why I'm dating back races in the Balkans Hank Aaron war worse than it is now more like. I'll try that I didn't know the command of the early so early this morning and look at some of these people that are quality and yes Davis some of these people call and I'm not doing anything about the argument that spot and not a racist count. I mean you know what I'm like the lawyers you know corporate crew that what people if something that people have life or make up. This and I believe this is bought and not annualized. You know yes it's funny you look at the god talk about the guy who was unharmed well Ali was you know run the ball all night. You can hear back side that just like you could have gotten on the walk out I'll sit in the in the beautiful seek out there I don't know what they're up you know walk. And Guatemala I could you know on an out you can hear it imitates and and I. The Ericsson currently on the Bostonians. Are people. Chart even questioned whether or not this happened I think what people in question is live in what we do to make this better I get two great guys here. People goes into that and I because by hand and out. And expand that out go forward Adam don't get out of by captain's statement from boxing scene in that listen we want you know if we don't represent. Everybody else in other words we don't represent the bat he also includes forward but I'll say that state races and urgency and I can. It's everywhere by good I can talk all about this and anyways I'll leave you daddy. Registration call thanks 6177797937. We'll have more of what Adam Jones told MLB network's afternoon. Back on the other side Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. However three dale in Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEP I should have said this earlier didn't think of it. And I apologize I'll say it after the couple folks and asked this question on Twitter. I mention these guys a couple of days till the Bruce Cassidy was gonna join us today yes totally my bat he will be with us at 330 tomorrow. Alright so we'll have. Coach slash manager of two of the four teams in Boston tomorrow will be at Fenway. John Farrell will join us at 230 Bruce Cassidy will be with a set 330 tomorrow on the program so we'll talk to the 28. Head coach in history the Boston Bruins tomorrow coaches to coaches today John Ferrell and Bruce Cassidy and now ago. When did Bill Belichick slows this one. Yes it does in Brad and Andy thinks that way to unmarried. And that Brad Stevens that a conference finals the good news conference finals. Yet for mall and that sort of a given hasn't yet he well I better as a Bret Stephens. Did peek I met Brad Stevens look yeah. Questions were tied time right now where you guys and I it was a record when he wears a tyrant with the direct or spurred he's been gone that he struck on. So yeah I'm that's ensued given the go on the conference finals you've got to think those well well under some people. Would say I can do well didn't you tell me on that certain basketball pot and basketball. Podcasts are always blew all think I'm going to prediction I gave your prediction yes for dinner this series and I want to say. Without telling you what I said. It's not that game. Yeah non argument I have to separate but sixty. Anwar Ali got a little lower its image is or agree to an event entity or 3-D amendment or. Aggressive. Take them. Are higher and the Celtics. Yes you are now at and I you know like I said it's up top and had been I think you guys probably feel the same way for a for whatever your reasons are. My reasons. Are. Innumerable. For loving the city. Love the city. And I can say I love the city despite the flaws. I can love the city on great days on average days on bad days he allowed the city when I hear from people who are straight up crazy. And have people who tweet stuff that is. Insane. I still love it so you look at it. Outs give you advice and I think a lot of people just getting caught up in this they're getting caught up and if Adam Jones. If what Adam Jones says is true Boston as a racist city. Don't take that leap OPEC only that the leap that you should not pay up to even Adam jones' fans so you'll need him to be wrong. To make Boston perfect boss is not perfect and I love it now but it's not purple velocity is never going to be. So if Adam Jones. Is right. Adam Jones is telling the truth. It does it mean. That. You have a racist. Home and NN a racist family. But I guess soon Uga almost understand why a sort of reversal defensive. Is because how old Boston is viewed and Howard there's an example like this and I'm outs in the people who are denied I don't agree that that if you if you think I'm just making up I don't agree that. But my guess would be. Is they're trying to defend the best they can because there does seem like you know I'm Joan the thing that others are saying and others are that of course Boston undertow of course Boston's he's trying to defend it. And maybe the best way to defend it. Is all that happened I didn't hear it through that now. CC sabathia on a lot further then I don't Jones I don't know what he's. CC sabathia who has been asked about this today. Said dead in his entire big league career this is the only city where he's been called the importance of that earlier. Sabathia said it's talked about a guy that sees its talked about among black major leaguers quote we know. There's 62 all of us we all know when you go to Boston expected. Unquote. A stock as I can apply to Osaka. And so. Now appears Sam Kennedy and that they're people were or were writing about that well I have of course they're Kennedy apologize that's what he had to do we think in the political approach. Well it maybe it is a political approach I don't know what what why he decided to apology could apologize because you believe Adam Jones could apologize because. He finds. This sick thing being attached to his city repeater to and his team. But. If you're Sam Kennedy you've got to be aware of this. You've got to you you you we've got to understand. Or or call in CC sabathia and ask him okay what are what are black players thing. And what else they say about what have you found what your experience. Is it at the park. Is it throughout the sitting. At the hotel east and if there is is that the restaurants you go to just don't feel comfortable here you've got to know that. As an executive with the Red Sox because I just for business purposes. It could have even abuse say well I don't care about the theft auto care about. China I don't care about race and I whatever whatever happens happens to take that approach but just from a business standpoint. You've got annoyed. And I am wondering. What I do wonder what paper prices experiences. Right now. He's one of the 62. He has. He could talk. 62 again which is usually what 6% 8% was the of the league six point 7%. Chose the conversations happen. The black players talk to. Each other and say and listen commitment and offer you don't go there waters to not before David Price. It's box they were priced at or care they're priced at deputies that you don't care how much they offered their images to your computer literate. What are the market regulator. Our did you what does that look got to go to saint wasn't a lot of room I didn't feel one of the total price that they have been too good to know. I let's say let's play about a cut from Sam Kennedy earlier today he was on with or way Maloney and Fauria. And and he was asked about the allegations made by Adam Jones and whether or not the Red Sox believe. This is representative. Very very small. To. Ignorant. Two interest. People anyone who would do this. Not welcome at Fenway Park. But I guess it happened around. The country. And how to protect them use it again we take Adam Jones that is that is worded we apologize. We take we take Adam Jones at his word and we upon clearance. I mean he did it couldn't be more clear we take Adam Jones at his word. Now Johnson says you know you've got the apology that he thought those that he thinks the Red Sox are doing everything right and he's not blaming the city either when he's he's put in on them the one idiot which is what we also beat. This is not in my opinion it's not like we can advance congress'. And in this it's OK just take some honesty and you can make appear name that you make a name moderator note they rename you don't want to John swan. And it got just enough Alan ma you want those people. Who thinks that. CC sabathia is line and David Price. And Adam Jones and Torii Hunter and the late Kirby Puckett tell me watt. All. He's a you know I went to of people lie but well. Well what what what are they line X want you to tell me why you think that is because I think if we get under the hood of this conversation will get to. We'll get to the real answer the real answer is you don't really think that there is racism happening in the city. You don't believe it you think people are just being sensitive they're being hyper hyperbolic they just they just brought it out there you don't believe so let's get it. I just I just want to advance this. I want to see some progress in this conversation. Because I feel like. We run in place. We talk about this this will come up again three months four months. Five months would be another topic to more people calling in to be very defensive if it defenses and they rule. Blame the victim. And then we'll just kind of go back to our our normal positions. And nobody really learn anything. So I I think we've got I can't confront our fears confront our views challenge our views and and try to go somewhere else. I know this is a subject that touched some of you are off a last week so I hesitate to bring this up Tia blacked. Adam Jones told the media there few minutes ago. The both smoky bats and David Price reached out to him today. And that whole thing about Red Sox players reaching out to vault where is different on nine Odyssey and I don't you are to register anybody as a guy used Jones said both smoky bats and David Price reached out to him. He also met with John Henry today. In addition to Sam Kennedy. So. Jones sounds as though he thinks the Red Sox couldn't have have handled this any better than that doesn't sound like they could've spread of one or would you want the Red Sox. To do and they'll have so much control over who bailout in the park and they they get rid of these people what they get pointed out storm. So it seems like they're doing the the right thing. And again I don't know how you can hear what Adam Jones said today. Either still awfully glum or think that he's going about it in the wrong way at all. Well yes. Jackie Bradley junior is. In the clubhouse and he's talking about. Racism he's talking very emotionally. Very passionately about it when you get the sound soon and we will share that with. Back to the call one of the 62 I give it a 6760. Degrees cool. We'll let cookie debts is one. That's price probably that your. Red Sox have. You know as many African American players is may be any team in the league if you think about it for a numerical point of view pretty good thing they do or that you get ready Boston to get ripped for that if they didn't. Moments. But it and on this team Christiane. Gathers force for Chris Young. I don't know grown up in the rankings well enough Japanese in Connecticut hey Kathy I don't. I'm trying to marry him. Okay I'm not happy about the brilliant start as I haven't gotten to meet either add ons and I. I didn't mean Ireland England and Connecticut not sure you know we about it it's my great grandmother lived their military. Really ask Eric. To bury that by city art small city. My door there is a senior in high. And it's. It is. Owed Jack Black American electric and it checked. Sure that it can't I mean it very different sites and Sheila. One thing that gesture and I don't know it. Michael Eric dish interest or something he could discuss. I am all act the culture. As part is black Americans young man calling each other at the end part. Unaware of it yet believe me yeah among her very hard. Each other and work at my direct why they do that that they now scalpel or act it. And she said they just do it common set. Or are they each hit streak important they know how awful well weren't act inch. I and I'm thinking that are well okay their client himself that day care you know they called themselves ax. Why aren't they doing it and went didn't stop because I would growing and I am unique for the my parent wouldn't I mean. I order that very. Tragic picture and like and that wouldn't let us not to quality and it at work and I mean the culture in the country it's so it's I don't know if it happened the suburbs paying it. Yeah it does sure it happens. Happens all over I have you know you have you have and thanks captive for your perspective. You know black kids calling each other that they're like it's going to other. Yeah I mean did that shut its its pervasive. Several people seem to be confused by what we're talking about in terms of there are 62. I think it was 62. African American players up for instance Zander Bogart's is on that list because he's Aruba from a robot here and there Ramirez is not on that list because he's Dominican right. We're talking about African American players the Red Sox only have four. There are only 62 in the entire league. It's just nuts as far more Dominican players right. I would I don't exhaust more gifted players from the full a while ago. The Americans word I think at 10% Major League Baseball. Is that yeah other advocate that's what you are probably about an hour or five years ago that close to present mono. That's on the cell phone hey pat I do. Good afternoon guys yeah it was. First alliance that Ali appreciate you folks handle these conversations it's more civilized and some news. But I wanted to sort of get to Michael's question a little bit weekly I went to. And all male religious high school. In the nineties which as you can imagine was pretty harmful to the point where. I I knew people who came out the day classes and and I now work in the field where I have a lot of game has been colleague wedges in the world. And I struggled with that early in my career on the beach and looking back now in total with 1015 years perspective. It's because I was one column I'm on an uncomfortable than adults with the ways I would come. When I was hired on embarrassed by it on I don't want to admit that I was part of the problem even. Active. And and I think. Some of the colored by hurt earlier who Wear well it's not IP Langer is overstating generation kept while Shaq and Dean Jones. I won't get hard war. You know even if you are someone who is pretty open minded. It hearkens witness your complicit win especially when we had this overwhelming amount of data now that says yeah. Our African American and you are you know especially if you are not American male you're more likely to go to jail you're you know then go to college insider all statistics. I think where we're embarrassed by that complicity and you don't want to admit it and you know. That's that's my feeling on why you're hearing from the reactions which did. Let's mark call that thanks a lot thanks Sharon Adam Jones meeting with the greater portion of the media few moments ago and said bully tell me I sock. Just leave the racial stuff out of it he then mentioned that he's got two sons and he hated having to explain this. Sure which I understand completely why you hate having to explain this. And and it in the cuts that we played on MLB network he said the same thing you know booming at the all let's that that there that's part of the terrorist starter there. And and it's kind of what they expect out of this he did an anti if we can pull this one up real quick the last cut from Adam Jones that we had. He also was asked because as the game went on last night one of the big stories was smoky bats getting plunked down. And he was asked whether or not that's getting hit last night was intentional. I think doings on an institution is I mean movies on the dish gentlemen to suicide remote play go back away and answer. That that. What. It's acting gigs it's good for based on that's not the beggar for beaning of each other that's that's not good for the game are different personal health what. Had been some. Small school rivalries in the game you know obviously we can't take people as second I can use to be able to. The game is actually shifted and in terms of rule more safety booked. It's good we have a good or are we going on right now we're the blue jays every time we see each other and we just seems like we don't like each other. That is just what game he brings back that old school mentality that I grew up watching I'm sure a lot of people grow Washington and a lot of people miss. With a on the yeah in a month or I don't know I don't know crew got rough is really the thing everyone asked to do right yeah well it's just like Barnes used you know. William roll over or whoever he says that struggle inside Africa back from off the play yeah Brad and pressure that's accurate. I don't it's it's it's amazing you know just as an aside. It's it's amazing. How certain prefer to certain professional athletes just how good they aren't and you wouldn't he just one of a reminder of why they're professional athletes and why we're not about this one now hold Adam Jones was the first time he picked up but packed. Prophetic play baseball for real is twelve. While he. And I thought Major League I really couldn't really I had it's a solid team laws because executives at little or whatever is twelve years old than these it's gonna gain your watch and right now he skipped the headache dominated dominated its high school. Only have those armaments you videos to no I just thought it probably is that what was that a massacre on about I was at that. And and that's an idea Erik Bedard trade and authority goes Alter ego I Nixon taught them lessons they have the right but hey nick how you deal. Yes well thought it was that bad. Worse and worse worse than him being called VMware. Once there's nobody there wouldn't call Trent. With the mother wouldn't rather that this is. Oh and with our American ball below ballpark we'll sit fairly friendly ballpark nobody would bear that hurt and Adam Joker this. It's gonna happen to a handful of times. So how do you look who told the first idea that maybe it won't shock it's you know you hear that you describe that maybe you can turn at. But the second third fourth time nobody was there with a daughter today bodies lay there with what they would get thought it would just separates they're. I probably would have said anything to him because I'd be afraid of getting my lights punched out but I. I absolutely would have reported it. OK but I don't let perfect but it finds that a lot with my mother or my daughter and my daughter that that would not be especially ample time to play that much. Don't believe me. You know when half pound of more than bagels on and it's actually a live interview I do it. But that's the thing that's been nice but that's that's the reason why is that it's well if it is because I'm going on the assumption that it did not say it happened. It was well it's so assuming that it could happen there was not one single person to an annual field I thought earlier in the day they were talking will review is in the we're on the prominent from dugout or in the nose and out of them yeah. But it should know what he's an in built at earlier today he can. All the college kids who don't know this and that it was a call to hear so many big eighteen making children kid no we're not one single person without an apple that handful of times. Like. But I don't know seemed here's the problem nick and I'm not saying what you what I don't know is that what you just described didn't happen. Right and other where 'cause because they didn't call sports talk radio doesn't mean that somebody didn't Rex tech. The quick 23215. Minute it happened. It happened one town looks like and then there was little it was a public place of its children entry to come back on it. I'm so all of you that Edward again. And that so no more so they're all strong I don't think so I would say Edward Edward M over Oakland you know. I mean if you watched the game last night and thank you recall that is if you watch the game and as we did I mean he looked back over his shoulder several times nests and clearly showed him. There was something going on back there after that yeah that one great catch any Lovie Donovan quickly looks back so. The other stuff when some of going on now there was something happening is it possible that he misheard. What somebody's of course it's possible I'd I wasn't there. I just think something happened. And and the idea what that they were trying so hard to protect our city that we're gonna dead not here's here's the deal okay. Just because there are racists. In your city doesn't mean you're racist city. Not now but if that were red and all apply par and here are again you know this is the same conversation and I think. What I think a lot of people have a hard time when is it it's sort of a double whammy because you have the one or at least one and gotten it could be more reckless to say you vote you of the one. Races screening Adam Jones and then you also have. I don't know twenty people within ear shot 25 Arnold the exact number is and they all. Just kind of let it happen now they're not nearly as bad as the one person screaming but. How do you not stepped in and there's a variety of ways to do it yet you yourself confronted him you would a couple of other people all confront the person that you decided you know what security and or he would type that code that Sam Kennedy disarmament there's a lot of different ways. To do it and so that's why it's even. More frustrating because maybe it's not just you know one person involved. 6177797937. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W yeah. Not only is it disappointing. I think it's actually despicable. That you hear some. Someone make a statement a racist comment and insensitive going. A slower of ignorance to be honest with you. And to and to think that. In 2007 team that exists. Let's face it it does and it's unfortunate. We don't tolerate it there's zero tolerance towards it and Fenway Park. And furthermore. That this is so great city. A great fan base in to have one or two. Taint. With the perception of our fans might be is is really unfortunate but there's no place for him. John Farrell meeting with the media before the game today commenting. On what reportedly happened here last night. There are players and other players who are now commenting is to be said well we'll have Jackie Bradley junior talking about it. In just few minutes he spoke in front of its his locker in the clubhouse. A second cup for mu and AM sorry. Okay we've got another cut from John Ferrell also at the podium a few minutes ago. He's from John Henry to Sam Kennedy and others you know we talked to a a group of our players. To just let our guys know that we're taking every step possible. To. To eradicate this past weekend. We can't control what people do in the stands we can respond to whatever actions they take it. Inside a ball game. But from our notices of code of conduct so what's acceptable behavior ballpark. That's certainly is one. And that was clearly outlined by John. John Henry. Sam as well and just to know that there's every effort being made from. John ownership. Tore front office. To make this the best environment possible. So there have been there have been meetings over there today Sam told the mid day show earlier today he was going to meet without him Jones when he got to the ballpark today he had been. Texting back and forth with him. Over the course of the morning but Sam was report and John Henry as well. A met with Buck Showalter buck talked about that this afternoon that John Henry came to see him along with Sam Kennedy they talked with -- they talked to Adam Jones. Jones on the MLB network and we played a couple of those cuts for you earlier certainly made it very clear. He doesn't take the the actions or words of a couple of people as representative of the city of Boston. Made that very clear. Now there are those out there who don't believe him and there's nothing I'm gonna be able to say or do that's gonna change your mind son and a good reason for that but. Yeah of course there's not there's people that. That our our our. We're gonna think he's a liar or whatever is to me they don't want to believe it or I'd I don't know I don't I don't know what he stands to gain try to figure that are earlier. And that's totally useless thing to do. Backed the guys it you know some people were are are caught up on. Jones. Saying that they were the glass price of fifty or sixty objections and it was 34. So. You don't fitted if you don't get it just right. Well something else haven't last night after the game. They close the clubhouse the Orioles close the clubhouse after the game then. And it was believed that one of the things that was going on is that they were meeting with representatives of Red Sox security. And that you know that the payment may have been talking and and it may it may well be that you know somebody some guys is I don't know we have fifty people got the got to eject I don't know what it was. And and you know he threw it fifty to sixty. That part really bugs Sampson. But it was exaggerated to have fifty to sixty people Gotti got ejected. He had the exact number it was 34 which still OK go a lot normal right waves are twelve to fifteen are sentinel you know on a normal night. And and that's the and that's with a full ballpark by the way yeah last night was not even close to being fall I know what they announced. Tickets sold and all that was 88 point 9% of capacity that park was even close to eighty a game. And and night on Monday night against the Orioles when it's not great weather. Know what was set what was done on Monday night if you know you were you all with a couple of yeah you're coming off series went against the cubs Sosa mica now. You know the cubs want to cut the cubs lost the Celtics. One game one of the NBA they've got conference semi finals yet. Patriots won the Super Bowl they did few months ago fair Bruce Cassidy is a permanent coach of the Bruins Valeant made they made the playoffs is join us on the show tomorrow Saturday. Well as. He can't score runs what was it. Last night the current comedy of errors in the field I was wrote an apparel spiral all yeah man held sloppy embarrassing it was a bit. And by the way to the texture he says it's not just the ejection he said fifty to sixty injections for racial slurs no he didn't. That's what the big the big lead the big lead put out out of the big lead took him saying there were fifty to sixty Jackson's last night too they literally wrote. Fifty to sixty racists. Were ejected from Fenway Park last night that's what the big league did. And people take this stuff and they Ron whether it yet I was getting on on my Twitter feed today. All doubled its the same city that was throwing bananas at the case so bad on the ice no actually that never happened. Ever. But they they just they they they wants are badly our it to be true yeah. We still up by the way the guys stand by for Summers. Was there a problem on other part of the case are now in and out via tweet about sixty races are all on the big lead yet still up to the writer of peace. So as well to Adam Jones and that's not what he set out isn't so amerigas the you have extremes that are of people who. Wanted so desperately not to be true that they'll ignore. Any kind of information or any if it even at that somebody's. A testimonial could this is what happened to me. You want it not to be true so you ignore that. And then on the flip side you wanted to be true you wanted to be sixty racist. Ejected from Fenway Park. Let's just say I'll stand by the three. So it minutes but these are hard conversations to have. He's a hard conversations for all of us to have that hard for white people have. Not just hard for black people very hard for all of us the ball. Backgrounds all ethnicities. Had a because you feel while and at first they just have to go into the conversation. Depending on who you're talking to you know some people don't do it don't wanna have a conversation with some don't threaten you got to know. Our audience you have been in and who you're wit. In of people are just trying to trap you in a conversation then OK didn't it it's. Not really. A Smart things in a conversation but sometimes just trying to get to the bottom of an issue and somebody's trying to set you up nobody's trying to track view. You're just trying to you know beat and perspective. And figure out why things are the way they are why you might believe the way you do why you might think the way you do and it's tough it's tough to have a conversation. Our buddy Burton's career didn't wanna except when Adam Jones said either Bert break tweet it out earlier today quote. Is it horrible to want some proof. I don't know I've probably been to 200 games at Fenway in my life never heard wrestler yelled at a player. So so if they can't come up with a video on it if they can't if they can't come up with. Some audiotape. Then birch gonna believe it didn't happen either right. The I've been to this number of games thing joke like OK good good for good you have it good for you. Adam Jones is played in 14100. Games. And I don't know how many times does happen but this is the one time we're talking about right now so I don't think anybody. Things that happens every single night. It Hussein and that's so they're great you went to 200 games and the section that eSATA and that didn't happen so did happen so Adam Jones lying about it. And here's the funny thing about the big lead thing you know where they said fifty to sixty racists. Were rejected yeah from from from Fenway Park. In the piece written by Stephen. Stephen Douglas. They quote Adam Jones. A disrespectful fans throw bag of peanuts out and Jones said I was called the N word handful of times tonight thanks pretty awesome. It's different very unfortunate I heard there was 59 or sixty injections tonight the ball park. It is what it is right I just go out and play baseball. Did he anywhere in that now say there were 59 to sixty injections for for racist note. In the peace they weren't in the quote Randy he didn't say it saga had and has more on its gonna say nobly and it up because that's what he said he's in his. I wrote that he doesn't say that. I currently. Certainly now see it's it's not evenly it's a line there's a high it is not a leap in the lie Stephen Douglas is lying. Because this'll get more flex. Nearly sixty racist Red Sox fans were rejected from Fenway according to Adam Jones. Battled getting collects. So believe the lie up there. Because it helps me. Helps my career. Oh by the way in the story that I posted it ever sat back. I'm gonna leave it up there yep good form. Don't 6177797937. His telephone number Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Met with the media and from his side his locker in the clubhouse just a few minutes ago. Not sure about the the audio quality here but we've got a few cuts amend and let's hear what Jackie Bradley junior had to say. About what happened last night at Fenway Park it's hard. AJ. So. We'll make it any different. He was our eyes and and I want. That's just not there. Back to me. Where. One person. But I feel like that person. I feel. Today the law. He's gonna polluted. If he's because of strong. Share that. I like his coworkers enough. Stanley. They don't really know. A lot of things that Adam Jones said last night that to Bob nightingale now is that just rejecting these people from the park is an enough that. He wanted to find them 1020 about 30000 dollars whatever it is an anathema to do that now you can. But you know what I would do it if you could it and as Jackie just says if you could identify them. I publicize. I I heard I I would put it I would put it up on that big screen in center field I put her on the nest intellicast I have them show it. Put the name and at the face in the name up there I would publicly shame that person assuming that you could put a name and face to the to the person. Well why did you think you would you can do that where they are probably what when they're doing it when they're going to a ballpark. With 30000 people. And feeling no change saying that to. A player Galileo. Even Jack already junior's comment about you know his coworkers and today no you know him. I would think that would skew it even those folks there would have to be scared at that women claim my boss is gonna know that I did this the my my mom's gonna know that I did this. May I help you the sense that maybe the feeling I have an idea. You know there's a reason why the person is like begin with but I cannot put them on the on the. You know your your coworkers or your future co workers or whatever else the might be. Maine has what. You're what do what else can you really do I think that I think that would be one thing don't make sense pilots let's get another cut Jackie Bradley junior talking about what happened last night. You can't. Generalize. The whole city. Can't do that. That's unfair. And it's not truth. Everyone has there their own beliefs and opinions. And I got says very fortunate that. That person or persons. Have turned. Tainted. That fan base it. I'm glad that. Action retain actions we're taking it. The situation worse. Handled well. Amateur that was handled at all I mean the subpoena thrower absolutely was handled yeah I mean because. He missed Adam Jones hit a Boston policeman. Or security quickly identified the guy is here than it was pretty easy yeah that's the guy who threw it right there. I don't know if anything was handled about that the guys on the outfield. Based on about the how the Red Sox have handled could be ya right and you know sense then and media without him Jones getting it getting his story from it at a couple players reach out to Adam Jones and what their response has been sense that yeah in game. Are hard to make an argument that are doing what. One is as it showed that Jackie Bradley junior thinks that Adam Jones rated up. The delegate. No dole does not sound I don't think he believes Jones rated up and I think he probably at some price reach out to read and I made it out now and so. And does he have any stories. Bradley Jackie Bradley junior does he have any stories in his short Red Sox career here. You know I think I'm hurting share yeah and I think I think a lot of people let you know based on people think that. Adam jones' lying I think they'd be surprised by some of the stories. That they would hear. You know throughout the city oh my I'm an extended. Okay there's a black governor it was a black governor in and Massachusetts Deval Patrick. What do you think what happened Deval Patrick shared some emails. He got. This time as governor of Massachusetts the state a state that elected him twice. I think would happen. If they do I need to be pretty bombastic day I've I think he got some emails. You people would deny the emails all of these we're been violated up. Political purposes. Newton city of Newton as a black mayor. And said he warned. They think would happen if said he Warren. Shared some of his experiences. And Newton City Hall. I mean it is not just people coming in from other cities trying to hurt Boston. There are people who live here who love the city and have experienced things so we come and we just we've got to deal with it. We gotta to deal a deal with that cannot deny it. Let's give you one final cut from Jackie Bradley junior answering a question asked by yeah our own courts Butch Stearns it's. It's loser he's exported it's something that. It should be taken serious. She is not light. People have been through a lot so you never know. The things that they've been doing their life itself. Now for that to be and it's taken up far. And harder call someone out there and name. It was hopeful. Jackie Bradley junior speaking in the clubhouse just little while ago. And I you heard his thoughts on the on this whole thing. Let's get to Tom on the truck phone Tommy next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood keep. Baywatch again guys special levels they thank you most of and question what. Every turn the topic race you come Israel a coworker is that 100% of China and hall's accusers why years. What Shaq who is who who's a coworker but a more moniker I don't want I don't want to name names. One name names to that there will be there a couple of people there a couple of there. Jerry Kelly had 100% of the cabinet shop like this comes out. He labeled you cuter. A liar showed the world evident in his defense he didn't this time because he has done on the I agree but I'm just saying they history history. What. Ours. Not believe your all of your wired shall Michael had some experiences. Are. And it is and I'll show that there hash some general. Now my question and there might find it. Insulting or a personal and so whenever. Well. This are all in all the whiners. Do I've cited. To our planet personally insulting. And ought no I don't find it personally insulting. If if he Everest is as specific example. Of Jerry's saying that. Something didn't happen in that I believe did happen that I disagree with them. But. I gotta tell you most of the time I think what Kelly hands taking as what I heard. Is that he just says that we've made great strides. I've never heard him suggest that there isn't racism. He just thinks that we've come a long way over the course of the last 304050 years and that it's not what used to be well especially in this. Well we know we've come a long way but that's still you know that's due is that really you haven't come along way but yeah that there's still some some issues out there but. MI in my personally offended by someone else's take on this. No it's my life it's vital information. It it's something that have had to think about it. Throughout. My life since as long as I can remember. Sixers six or seven years old. Is is when I first became aware of it so and I'm not six or seven now so it's about forty years. Of thinking about a praying about it talking about it so. What Gerry Callahan or anybody else says about their interpretation. Of something that I'd. Disagree with and that's fine that's. That's fine with me that that that is not something that. Is on my radar. 6177797937. This telephone number texture says Mike don't let dale get away with Callahan excuses. If he wants to do that he can do on the other side Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media. Finally our sale of Hollywood he Sports Radio WEEI. We spent well all afternoon basically most of the afternoon talking about Adam Jones there's been a lot of stuff go about it then wife. Adam Jones has been talking to the media was on MLB network talking to Tom Perdue chief Buck Showalter it's been talking. We heard Jackie Bradley junior last hour. Sam Kennedy who was on the midday show today is out talking to the media even as we speak. And we don't a lot of folks. Some on the phone a lot of that on the text a lot on Twitter. Who just don't believe Adam Jones sorry don't believe it that he line now or whatever. This is interesting because Sam Kennedy. Told the media few moments ago that Red Sox owners met with Sox players. Who would knowledge tearing racial epithets at Fenway met with Sox players previous previous to this or today today. Today after written and I don't and in light of every Adam Jones that Red Sox owners met with the Sox players today. Who acknowledged hearing racial epithets at them I saw an all time at federal and out last night or visit the center no doubt that if there at fairway at at that way or another part and they said other parts on all but not be aware were talking about yeah what's going on here. So. Are we to believe they're not telling the truth either. If if Sox players say you know we parted at at our park. We doubly Demi right. I mean those people were saying that wanna be consistent than there have her throw those out as well but yet you're guarding a lot of evidence here I don't know why you wanna. Pick and choose who you wanna believe. And it's in a way. Adam Jones. In his comments and his speaking up did the Red Sox have favored because now. They can start digging into this situation and start to figure out. How what their policy issues regarding it and how they can support their players if they can't. Support their players now when their home. I Kennedy also said that though that it is it it is one incident has too many racial taunts will result in ejection from the park. Revocation of tickets for a year perhaps for life so that's assuming that it's the season ticket old Isaiah says because it's going to be tough. On the bleachers so I mean the idea now a carrier BOT mount vis it from off of that game while at the season ticket sick shore you can do that and and and probably the best in the on the planet at the stop the patriots. Yeah now yeah they don't take any up from about you mess around with them your tickets are gone see you later you know we got a big long waiting list we don't need you now. And and they got the of this state of the art video camera system making. You know so right now anybody I don't think they have quite quite as as elaborate a system at Fenway I'm sure they have security can't. Right well I might get one now they are right now that might be one of the changes. And other you know there's caller asked you know how I work with so many insensitive people everybody's suddenly you guys is like well well I saw all our money will go to parties and get on and an eight luckily he had he had something against we get a comment about Gerry Callahan. And you know I don't like it really is it the way I wanted to answer articulated L Dexter what did you call me out fer I guess excusing came out and out what to do that. I guess what I'm trying to say is. You know. For me. Anything that set on the radio. Weather is set on the show or on another show. I don't find myself. Spending a lot of lot of time being personally insulted by not think about all the things that I hear. In our member a lot of these things something something that I'll wanna remember but I do reverend. As so I'll I'll weigh the information out considerate and that number one but I think. Especially since. Becoming husband and becoming a father. And I promise of the Cam Ward lately. As kids now accuser and their potty train down there walking and talking and they're there independent little thinkers so. What I've found myself thinking about lately is. Helping them. Navigate the world helping them understand the world and understand some of these topics. Understanding. If somebody says anything to them even before somebody says something to them about race understand what it is in. In some challenges that they may have so that is really the bulk of my energy. Welcome back time so if somebody says something on the station one of the hosts this thing and station Reynolds a lot of time thinking about it. Of the other things to think about right there. In a just like my. Mission. It in my responsibility. As a husband and father is that it's discipline out. And the point I've made about Callahan before that the top the hours that I have heard him say that you know there have been vast improvements everybody would would we admit that. I didn't believe that he's denied that there is racism that seems to be a sweeping blanket statement that would be silly for anybody to make. Am I wrong as he made of sweeping blanket statement that there is no racism. I I just heard him I don't know. Because that would be a pretty stupid thing for anybody to say Gerry Callahan everybody else on the planet of course there's racism. So if if that's what people think that I was making excuses. I think what's interesting. As a lot of comments that we've heard whether it's Adam Jones or Jackie Bradley junior or John Ferrell or whoever else would you read through some of the tweets they're all very clear. To point out that the city they don't feel that the city or the entire fan base is racist which. I should go without saying but because so many others are quick to point out that there are better Boston again class yeah Austin. Now they have all each one album has specifically stated. Well that was an idiot or group of idiots. And they don't speak for the fan base. And so I think that's promising now people writing headlines for all these different stories that they're not gonna hear that part there are Allison of that and it's going to be. Just go back to the same old story that it's another example of Boston. Being a racist city and and being a more racist than any other and this is the one that associates the the most with it Pedro Gomez evil side kind of typical comment saying. I noticed the other seventeen but certain pockets it isn't. So okay so that's just has bad that that's lumping in Boston is saying well they can't get with the times. They can't do that wears those involved like Adam Jones specifically. It was very clear to point out about them. The case act like the incidents in Boston stick. It does it in the violently than national and I without question get into a national I am of course it's true international consciousness they stick on that the things that either did this the same that it did that. And you know that there have been. Lots of high profile issues over the years racial issues in the last two or 1520 years and sports and otherwise. Throughout the country. But and Boston has had some. But those this they're magnets. For the city of Boston it's almost like light up time a lawyer there's a there's a Boston one yeah we got something we're gonna beyond. Well that is that is they are individually they also seemed to get exaggerated. Andy but lake they don't they don't need to be exaggerating you're need to add things on definitely yeah point that the PK super epic is even happened to be put off rapidly up a lot lump that in on top everything else. And we can just we just based off of the facts you don't need to add all this other stuff like the other big lead today. Everybody goes throughout the park last night which they doubled the real number by the way but everybody who's sort out was because of racial slurs. No longer a throwback to peanuts and about reported strong sorted out all right let's enhance the entire at all right down right. There was one person who yelled profanity and a player I don't know that it was racist there it could probably just sad that exactly that somebody yelled profanity and a player it was like 24 people were thrown out for alcohol related to these two people were throwing up for pot related issues. Person with the peanuts and in the in the summer Peterson with the person from earth and the pianist. I saw one tiny sliver of real sports news for a moment here courses everything working here using sports news according to field gates. The patriots have claimed wide receiver DeVon street awful waivers from the Indianapolis Colts was with the team in September 2016. Wide receivers don't check down. Can't borrow. Yet body at a price of water somebody's got as a quick so many guys it happens every year bring in some guy hey this guy may have about the quick. It's too much yeah RE unity did issues Bryant him at that that make the team or whatever it is in Korea. There does need need to get bodies till it very small draft class for draft report draft picks anyone sites. Yes huge money undrafted free agent Harvey Lang. Received a 1151000. Dollars guaranteed. 151. Adding Guerin where he front. Undrafted free agent and I apologize I'd I don't have a school for enemy. To put that in perspective last year and jerk today Taliban last year sixth round pick linebacker Landon Roberts. Got a 100356. Dollars you are now Leonard Roberts is in the island about our. Our guard base and in the last air traffic don't pick me don't pick we don't pick me because then you can pick your team and you get just as much if not more my 115. Grand isle Florida under threat away creates undrafted free agent tight end Jacob Hollister one of the twins. Yeah once a wide receiver once tied and yes I Jacob Hollister received 90000 dollars guarantee from Wyoming who got to put that in perspective last year seventh round pick wide receiver Debian Lucci and received 85412. Dollars guarantee money's good and so these two guys is there got more money. Then the sixth and seventh round picks got a year ago you going to pick in the last round and order they're talking to Belichick of the negotiating as well. Not now approach note now up at another view. And it's another zero there we can talk. That's not weird all right anyway at some some. Sports news out there as well while Mike Hsu north Providence say Mike I don't. I our guys like Mike talk you talk and in just about the scarcity. At an American players in baseball and tactic that was the big problems there I mean you know Adam Jones saying. The section of being late and sport obviously part of the problem but it's also just oversupply. Into the MBA NFL and I think I how many all star pitchers have been spending their career immediately I mean just because. These guys are these guys aren't even going in complete peaceful and with BA AU culture and all logical mind now are these guys should basketball specially very early in just playing Europe. You can guys. Does that does that different than. I you know in 1981 the numbers were pretty high African American representation on the news that 20% 19%. So the NBA in in in 1980. Shorter a lot of black players in the league in a lot of black players in the league now is different. Yeah well the thing is that all the supplies won't talk over quite think about it it would kill chose baseball. Bob Gibson chose baseball would Rickey Henderson chose baseball I just reading up on at twelve football scholarship to all American. Running back and high school and teach today he's the greatest of all time all. Asked them actually you know will be made an immediate quarterback today these are the questions neat actually so yeah got a ticket or early and then the important issue. To play these sorts of sports. And the thing is I mean look chambers once it. Could have been a great picture at the college. Right but each obviously it was a Smart decision and choose what all the certainty of being of course starting quarterback in and a well right now as opposed to eighty being Richard down the Roca learning curve for pitcher. To become a Major League pitchers along and the uncertain at another problem. You have the object. You can go play one year of college basketball right and they get a car get wrapped it. And get big money right away you start you won't choose baseball you might be in the minors were 456 years and I'd just be in normal. Yeah I guess I guess equipment you know the athletes that you talking about. These great athletes and not really. Like Winfield went to have ever played the miners hitting. He only got bitten tongue telling what they'll play the latter and not all there aren't a lot of those guys yet they admittedly but you talk about that the elite athletes who could play any sport what Ken Griffey junior. Was in the majors in nineteen yet. Ricky was pretty young when you play him at I think the guys that you're talking about guys who were capable of playing both sports. At a high level most of the time those guys are. Stars in baseball. And the Americans to a lot of time in my early. I hope bite back pronounce this correctly uses Sewell in Newton. Yet that is I don't guys see you we've excesses and that to provide some context that they think it should mean. I'm Asian American and I grew up in mania around an Irish Catholic mostly light I was kept a suburb of Boston. And the seventies and eighties and it was absolutely brutal. A two younger Brothers who. No longer lived here they left. Right after high school because. That their primary reason why was because of our experience. And didn't. And I don't I don't avert the further validate FactSet had actually been in the end I'm podcasts you've got Jerry dot org is one of my you have best friend so. You can check with in as well let. I think what you guys mentioned that it is not. Did the idea that I've been to a lot of stocks gains that it and down it and of valid argument in this situation and I think it is in the region has because you understand the culture and then my pocket. What used to be growing up I podium where it all the time. It was pretty not in there. On an outside of the ball like even today you get mentioned that Deval Patrick is said he wanted to and there are some that he's got going out there are eight seats terrible. However within the confines about Fenway Park. And being there you know more than 90% of the people I can tell you that wind actually when when somebody drops in and bomb. But that the culture now with those people are called out those people called out immediately in their pointed to get paddled on its more people. That I good. Then and it that I am willing to call out people like that then that I've that now security was all over that ballpark last night because of the way that people would be hate. The Red Sox bullpen is right there when people like Adam Jones. Look like what happened last night he's he's he's upset that he get peanuts on out of and that people will really inviting him. But I doubt the fact that anybody drop that and bomb because nobody combat personnel there's no video what it's like you've got. So let me ask you got a question OK because your own kind of a role here but. How do you then square that with the fact that Red Sox players told Sox ownership today they heard racial epithets at Fenway don't believe any of them either. Right into my trap. Really I oh gosh you're the hero wiley traps that are mouse about it. Note that the deal yet but it in and now and then in one and one you've got followed that up with last night. No not that's not why not not I don't know I mean we're talking about this incident. No but see you wanna ignore the facts of the Red Sox players say they party. They haven't we haven't seen as big a little things yeah what videos everybody what do you think about that without explanation that the do you believe the Red Sox players and I. I believe that they credit. I believe they didn't get it last night. And so result updates to snow. Let's put political what does that mean that was a case only that is that a bad that's bad right. All right liberal liberal blogs so does that yeah. What it but yet a new racism is bad. Yeah that's it that they herded at the park whether it was less than or not why why why laughing which hospitals. Incident. All right so this is an it incident Adam don't lie or not. You think you are and why why why the operation why do you think what he's lying. Because OK okay so getting back to what you guys said with some with black and having the reputation that it. And I think that when bad things happen to sensitive to what you do to make make unpopular in until they do actually they. So he did it to hurt he didn't do you believe he did it to hurt Boston did is it okay artists who have won I make of his comments today that the that it does me any sense because. There might be a little bit more to that or at least the people that think he lied would have had a much. Better argument if Adam Jones today was saying typical Boston or every time I'm here you get this in Boston or of course I get in Boston. Now you're saying hey you'd be dumb to be stupid of me to think that everybody in Boston's are racist or that guy or a couple of guys. You know speak for everybody that was in the stands that's you saying today. So I don't know why. Anybody would think that he was lying about it last night Johnson when the page on I don't. They good guys I know you're going to be yet but as. I think it was said last night I believe Jones. And I think you're also being really hypocritical about it but people like for reasons. Donald Trump as the biggest example. And I accurately how hypocritical about it. Or don't if you look at this what was Celtics game and heard Kevin Garnett talked I don't ever remember this conversation about. No we actually we yeah we actually did happen here because I hated it. You don't go all day yeah we sure did. Andy and I didn't network from John come on you listen to every show we ever again stop me Jon and and that's how. Why Vienna don't just put out the fifteen penalty a couple of years ago because it. All time it is it's just so that makes it right than not that makes it right. So what if so what are your plans what went. 011. Guys let's. And I believe I'm believed I'd believe that it Joseph Louis once you think that using that word is the same mother black persons as are white person says that. Yeah I guess the same thing autocracy that the height of the policy aren't gods on the my game but what. Yet again and honest to god there are words you can't say again that Michael Kansas that he chooses not to but yes he can say you can't John. Look what that's that's outgrowth. And Kansas. But anyway let me get back to my original point of view is that just like that and Donald Trump everyone called Donald Trump voracious. And the next thing you know he gives 25 billion dollars the black colleges and I think he came in under that. You know I know it viewers I want I want. I have no joy brought a lot of connection there at all just the fact you have they'll remember doing this all about you making fun of me Curtis yes we're not only human language that current use in the courts in in that yes we talked about a lot back then. And back we are with Kevin Garnett about it remember. And I and I said to a unity I have to say off at any sort of laughed and that I know my wife tells me I gotta stop talking like that we talked about it. I'm. Tomorrow 6177797937. Its telephone number it's Dele Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. I would hope so wouldn't just be a centralized on ballparks. I would hope that would be in cities. People lived. So. While we talk about what took place last night in the index unfortunate situation I would hope that that's not what people view Boston. All the more old or new Yorker any other city these attacks that you would hope that there be progress made him in every walk. And it's unfortunate that it still exists. John Farrell speaking to the media before tonight's ball game all it is a ball game at Fenway Park I don't know if you've mentioned that all those are trending now. That's right. And there's. With president retired other than others and other events and I forget what it is two different so the only going on the other all the wanna look at the Mass Pike I believe they're two games going there on our way and I at the garden tonight game to. Celtics wizards. Celtics open book two games tonight. Back to call to you guys Rick is on the cell phone hey Rick I don't. They are you guys don't know I'd really talks on a little bit earlier but to have won it. Think he may have been lying and curious as they actually watched the game one that similarly Pierre Egypt's. Don't like ought to incidents it was so obvious you teach them. And on snapped around and look up there got more than one in the Japanese. And meet incredible catch in right field gap in Andy's book right away he pocketed. And I wanted to just like old army great catcher whose agitation. And Baghdad in the night Jackie Bradley you want in the last senate GAAP. Anyway and Goddard and and you started yelling and in this it and then you'd actually point and so like it also in the back of him. And it was just adds to take it out shock. Shut it actively. Evil we're not once. Any game you watch one little jarring between players or wrestles the end that's all that and nothing whatsoever. It was so obvious from like economic or maybe it's just from the shuttle stuff although that stopped at these despite a ball game. But some of I heard something it afterwards like often are. He has and so August if you're watching them away sites you just potential threats to our effort after the game and made up I mean. You have been ordered. At least from what I saw eighth inning off. Well and Anna and I go back to a simple and I and I agree that continue to Cedric back to a simple fact Red Sox ownership met with their players today. Red Sox players told ownership. But they've heard racial epithets at Fenway Park. Now that other caller seems to think that they didn't last night it's okay right. Now last night not last night this is it that the last night happened other nights when that does not last at if you look at the big part of the argument for it. Not happening is people believe that. There's enough good people that they would of stepped in and it would it that would put a stop to it again whether they go to security or whether they try to end it right there themselves. But can't can't both be true can't you have an eighty yen in the outfield yelling ridiculous things. And have a group of people the forward ever their reasoning is. They say I'm not gonna talk this guy got I don't want him to turn around I don't wanna start a fight I don't wanna do whatever maybe they don't know the security code and they don't wanna hotel security and they just sit there and kind of hope that the guy stops. McCain can't both be true. You know it is funny that the people say you know this doesn't represented Boston yet. You wanna hold on to. You you hold on to Adam Jones is lying in other words you're asking that person that person has represented new. You are you're you're connecting yourself to that person. More so than to Adam Jones who is calling them out. So if you say it's not it's not us it's not the city this is about who we are. But when you caught out of Jodi can both things can't be true he can't say that's not who we are but Adam jones' line. Now in if you think it if you think he's lying and everybody else's line it's just tough to explain to many flaw they're they're they're they're too many walls closing in around you. If you just wanna ignore Adam Jones do you think that caller said earlier he's arrogant he's you know he's cocky. He plays the race card case a run away from that. Run away from now. They run into or any other CC sabathia sabathia then you run and Jackie Bradley junior and we'll keep. Let's encourage young. Or old guys do wrong god hates. Wearing a ruptured Zetterberg and we're gonna run to. A minute if you run out of spent. It's quality it also speaks to you how things are now you know with the I either have to see here I need to hear a recording of it started to watch the video or didn't exist. You've dealt without you know with the with Ray Rice obviously with a with so many other things that you can hear brick out our I choose not to believe it. But that if somebody recorded weather is a video or just simply an audio recording then then you wouldn't be able to that tonight I I shouldn't. At this publicly but I well I was watching north woods long. You know bottle and what that's you know I don't watch what's law and and this this. Senior citizen had illegally shot and killed this Turkey. So he admitted to the importance I shot Turkey I killed Turkey to where did this delegates or they go back home. And the guy Sonny say shot up shot. Nobody shot Turkey they said he confessed he admitted he policy should. Shock and very shot. That's what people people in the video now. Normally Claude is these microcosm for society on the ticket that's with a guide her to become the showcase in general these are manhandled and Hermione and that. You get past that killing the Turkey but the sudden that I. Yeah usually the video of him killing the Turkey's top lawyer. I'd died Jay had Sunday. On around the horn today by Jason Day IA about the city of Boston in the manner. Exactly Franken so there's that type of drastic action where games are forced to be played an empty stadiums then you can't say that your time to address the problem because right now is allowed to continue unchecked that's why it rings hollow. When the mayor when he organizations says this is not we are there's not a we are as a city where yes that is. Well Boston is as C that is what America is that the country because we continuously allow these things that happen in this was the most. Benign incident honestly you know Adam jones' life will continue and who will be just fine despite what happened but you look and see what happens with the teenage kid killed by police officer as he was in a car driving away from a party being broken up what will. Beat the punishment for that we wait and see. But as long as we see acts like these continue to go unpunished here's what this is who we are and where we are as a. So where he's he's a little further than I thought don't get ago better days to hit the Q what month. But he some odd that the kid who is the the teenager. Who was killed. But not Boston right right and what it was embossed right. So and I'm not sell its located happen here but district is trying to follow. Why do why is that relevant what is his comments play by play of overtime I got to follow up to there's a follow up segment our cause let's follow it through the well problem. You still hear it you still feel it and you hear people complain that that it's unfair portrayed entire city yes that is not reflective of the entire city. But it is indicative of the atmosphere that is felt by players when they go there and incidents like this just reinforce. Okay now about that second part yet in the atmosphere and you feel it. Yeah yeah I mean I guess if you're feeling it. And that more than feeling it if you're hearing it and it's tough to argue with that but I think the first the first part. Was a little confusing to me because. I don't know what else the Red Sox could do. Well they could not allow anybody into the state but he's clearly a play and play in front of him to stay at you think you can't manga on the row because of like for freedom gulps. Yes that's I'll take away forever third of Al gable on the your rings hollow from the Red Sox don't. Number one they have done something that a lot of people in Boston don't agree to let. They've accepted the word about it Jones. With people we've. Heard from them on Twitter yeah and have call and have written that they don't believe Adam Jones. So the Red Sox bear that the first thing they've done is gonna get at least an element of the fan base. And Elena finish its work. And I Dixie Gerry Callahan tweet while that Dan roach what do we stand up in an inch here if we think he's lying. It. Don't we so he does think he's line you know he thinks he's lot of years ago so the Red Sox have gone counterculture. Now instead we've not one we believe you. Number no we apologize. Number 31 incident is one too many right before we talk their players and it confirmed to let that they've heard after that at Fenway Park and other parts. We won't put up with it anymore. So what are they supposed to do. Well the the other stuff also account in my head a pretzel because he says the Boston is a racist city the countries are racist country yet but the city's not racists if he had he was all over the place a Phillies are now if they shouldn't allow an if until they do that they're not doing everything they can do. Until they play a game in front of no crowd. So punished 38000 people for one idiot and punished himself this still doesn't really work. And onyx or not they do it all the time in Europe it doesn't work it's still continues to happen. Edit they punish. You know division one soccer teams in Europe by eight implant front of empty stadiums home cannot. And it's out of business and that that of just what it is no way is located they had if you're not in business. If you are shutting people down so you you no longer have. I know our parking no longer have concessions out of also all down yet just as down. United business. Our Brian since wants it hey Brian I don't. Hey guys Soria. It's pretty data 2017 we get out this conversation than it is our lead ashamed color blood man and it sure it's really. Thumb one thing I do wanna say and I'm not one of those people that I don't think this guy's making it up. No I went back coma from all and obviously it's not the greatest area so idealists. Probably the same type of people that was that something like this you know. And I walked into a 7-Eleven about a week ago. And one of my biggest pet need to hold the door for someone they don't say thank you. And you know I try to give it back socket polite guy probably in his early twenties. And I'd say yeah you welcome and he looked at me not an Irish guy or bright red area don't mean. And the guy at that meeting go yet at UN word. And I must. Power play you have a good day so. I think you know I've worked and bought into an eight year. Probably three or four times they have a walking toward south station what rob Edwards and it's not not directed at me that other people you know. And I think at this point the N word or become more posts you're either use an edit. A term of endearment or you called someone. It kind of you know like enable yeah at this point it's more about people being ignorant. And I thought you know I told to go on about it when I got out of color like I. Then at UN worded. To liking and I thought went well if I was African American. Should I have taken that personally if it didn't come off says. A racial thing. And that you know I talked a couple of my friends about it today and I could change. As Edward at what he got sick and they said. You know that let people that they don't let the field in the bleachers at at and nine bucks a ticket there like you think that those people. Well the most educated people they took my post of group out there sometimes and let let let it. It would say that's my N word as someone bid on my schedule are you don't know yet the home run and they say I don't play and work right there. Com you've got to think that maybe that could have then what happens Adam Jones where they. Our net and ward killer and not let something like that I make in the corner which got an ER NCAA early. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I don't know I don't know I I tend to doubt that's how was news last yeah I don't know the term of endearment and I don't think it's very good health path out of all of that theory doesn't exactly hold true in Boston. Yet though on duty and ultimate DRs. In the words here are also yeah how to you know as that accident out of it said that. And I also don't think it's fair it's their. The call people owns these days is a problem. It is for for those who can afford. That's in a field seats on all products and other broad brush yeah. Like that I don't like it at all and it I had to say about the word. Or any other word. You get to a point where you start. Referring to yourself as something. You keep calling yourself in a just keep inundating yeah inundating yourself with like a a term. Or thought. As a man think if he becomes. So. No it had. I have heard word is that it's got a complicated history. Don't call me that. Obama that. Don't don't. And it. And I would think you know if you if you call in yourself that universe to think about it. You know think about that the history of and I'm not gonna say what the word to be banned because. I'm a writer I don't believe in banning words and believe in banning phrases you say what you say. But I just figured to be more thoughtful about what you choose to call yourself what you allow someone call you our final drive is coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.