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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 05-02-17

May 3, 2017|

We close out the show with some levity and the best soundbites of the day.

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Final drive co sponsored by ARS restoration specialists regardless of the season a disaster can enter commercial. Residential or medical facility at any time get an IRS disaster plan in place. And make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more at hey are served dot com now we'll start with eight. Great tribute for the recently retired Paul Pierce that was put together by the players Tribune. That we promised we're gonna play yesterday. I think it goes over to talk to two loss on. I was thought OK so this is what these students. He was executed game themselves. She'll let us yet again and I was the only one that picked. Blown. How can this guy. It's like who's finally. These wonderful player coach. I heard the ball bounce in about a little told Fox News every now and then looked at the window was Paul Pierce to Americans came who watches. And wants is peace it's just move on to teach and he's he's dimpled. He's complete player and I think that competitiveness. Made him become. The man the name Paul Pierce. He didn't do a lot of complaints about six with the adapted to the situation. Brings swagger. Tuchman. Tell us. It's just not call moments that I met in my life you think about it. It's a pretty good legacy to have right there. He should look back on this bleaker that it wasn't so this the Gloria. I was between not my young career watching I can work every day in practice the other end of course wasn't the truth and don't government's demand much spent. Will be different from Paulson it is unbelievable. More. Truth be true alternatives. To loan to choose. I created. Kevin Garnett Kobe Bryant Doc Rivers Roy Williams Danny Ainge Donnie Wahlberg Oscar Robinson Jamal Crawford Rajon Rondo. Tony Allen David Ortiz Leon Hall Isiah Thomas Baron Davis. And Shaq. Pretty out of view on the first like ray Shaq name Jack a great nickname and given duel by a great players does brilliantly the real big name game was not yet a result of blatant truth that's close and completely true. Elsewhere in the NBA Charles Barkley may finally be coming around for years Barkley has made comments. About a certain aspect of the city of San Antonio. What kind of women who earns an a hole. Created a whole lot of other. That cyclical bump when I want to. Why does every congress. I don't know I usually come around move. Fedex's and it's also know and Victoria doubt we'll secret club yeah I wanted to Victoria's Secret. It is Wilson did there's a Motorola were presented its web. Boomers all he does well big Goldblum unaudited I wanted to know the hidden in your bets that senate majority erosion and skip down to San Antonio says. Palmer a even when given the chance to backtrack on those comments sparkling never back down Barroso. Or should look in the camera apology. That he listed. The big goal that. That sort of assumed Roh. And all. Presto the great city ever bit organization's. Board. Hello Greg probably isn't everything to have agreed to. What would be one solution. Health group that did we gentlemen I we will have a look at alternative they are is got to work full well full. But last night last night. Sir Charles finally decided it's time for a bit of a man cult pretty have to apologize to. I want to apology us to win with a silence on the wild. What happened what happened to probe this this is we're going on for a good Ari twelve years. I have two year old left by. What do although I don't. I had zero glad that our troops. I don't know we'll rely on what to. They've learned that the General. Electric car they I don't want a better yeah. I don't want her inappropriate does that. And okay so back to Obama's yeah yeah that you all have to have some Weisberg who's trying to develop as we move again involvement. OK forget about the man that oh yeah art David guys. The rise of the off cavs won game one last night against the raptors but Dahntay Jones was ejected from the game will face a stiff fines from the NBA for it but you're not Dante. Your Boyle LeBron has you covered. Last year you very graciously offered to pay down tastes fine when he was suspended against the raptors which I think was eighty dollars. He can't find two thirds of the salary tonight on those texts and did she know you make the same offer. Actually is. Told him. First of all it's a little bit of fun Ford who was so. That it mattered and it didn't matter. And also noticed that was about it and I know of his notebooks still be kicked out just Reynolds. That's the opinion there we'll. Yeah you know we're. Is there. And he can probably afford the current guy hockey is about all you need scrutiny point deceptive first law. So for the fun for the new look so damn Raman live for every point of the matter. It and everything but I doubt I guess I don't know if I had to grow by one horse they'll LeBron himself by the avoided disaster last night when he almost collided with a beer centered near the sideline. Talked about his near miss after the game of the early eighties she. Has happened did you. He's like she was. Now obviously I was upset at myself for the and one opportunity and I didn't finish with a short. And you know my momentum just to reduce our line. Modano or merely you know and and she one. You know international Taylor and it was the most severe. She surreal while I would definitely true. Buddha. And insurance line and I'm myself any confidence that it's important and a beard I read one guy wouldn't exist the fans yes. Figures that they're completely really go to Cleveland he had an oral cavity Beers that's down red line rent though he had that. The Mets lost our our red it Apollo. The Mets lost star pitcher and Ellison regards to a lack injury this past weekend and let's just a manager Terry Collins. Now exactly thrilled about it. Could you see anything from him in the physically or so under his 100. That's something. It's. You think you. Here. What do you think. Barack. You think about Terry Terry we put it out there did yell at us. Adam Jones story one of the biggest stories in the country so let's set down a New York to hear the opinion of the city's biggest talking had argument that was a. Like. People might think typical Michael it was out of. I had a quick point about Boston I'm a species left 99 and now. You know what happened yesterday afternoon ballpark in the country look there's definitely a little bit operational on the phone and put it all and I don't lowest. Obviously when we talk about golf for another a lot of what. To show starts at one night but I. I don't know I have been you have a producer from Heussler what happened there nor have we wouldn't want your lead in the mix is what we're talking about right now. They go Jack they're gonna get a draft but it does Patrick Carmelo Jarrett Terry Conlon at. It's too bad I jets jets at safety and a first round. And we can't have one Vicks without another so thanks to act sports on an ounce on Twitter it's time once again for Mike Brandon senses. I'm with Paula gym this story was a agent. Trade it was a Sunday I think turns to her 95 mile an hour changeup and hundred mile an hour fast ball ninety times that game. They're Americans are loot. Got laxity in your ligaments you wouldn't be able to do that you didn't your elbow and back toward they have tendons torn left all the time. He he only took up baseball age fourteen because he has no. And you those who really driving me crazy with this and some answers. I apologize but I really cannibalism to. Also want to go have been meant to do anyway thank. Give the guy had the they're going. Sorry things. Once that thing got going and acted mad and I. Mac James haven my whole foods and historians. At Virginia that yes. My. Sponsored by cars for kids don't each car help child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com or your doctor if doctor sorry he's in here for our first pitch that's right. The next twenty minutes or so they're about to go nowhere and yet to Red Sox baseball could be a big night at the ballpark a big night at the garden tomorrow 230 will be at Fenway we'll talk manager John Ferrell. 330 we'll talk to the new head coach of the Boston Bruins Bruce Cassidy goodnight. There's definitely a little bit of racial undertones in this but it also I don't always have to just say look we took most. Whenever I look at his.