WEEI>On Demand>>K&C - Adam Jones heard racist slurs at Fenway Park last night after getting peanuts thrown at him; Should Marty Walsh make a statement about the Adam Jones claims? 5-2-17

K&C - Adam Jones heard racist slurs at Fenway Park last night after getting peanuts thrown at him; Should Marty Walsh make a statement about the Adam Jones claims? 5-2-17

May 2, 2017|

Hour 1. Reimer, Bradford and Mut are in for Kirk and Gerry this morning, and discuss the claims made by Adam Jones last night that he heard the N-word yelled at him at Fenway Park last night. Bradford wants Marty Walsh to address the people about this issue.

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Stern and Callahan when big thumbs thinking right now did you say Paraguay moves. This guy could very well be. His replacement I mean of course you should write paranoia mean without. Wars kid Eric Eric Eric remember when they you know what a pathetic Kansas City Brady was detached from the team could head of the headlines. Brady's great when everything's going wow what his positions threatening he feels it now paranoid if Al. Gerry Callahan brought back in here at some point it's also interesting in this is just possession. What was I wrong on the line at 4 o'clock. Bradford is ATP should not be in this one here we all of right here where. We're threatening now Bradford veterans like as you I don't look an easy good ones did. It's insulin and problems. Bob it dropped it's important is he's had occurred minutes are they're right they are we think there's any. We're trying to play baseball when. Feel like this ballpark out of a building Costello that'd come on mom apparently she's in Boston from defense is comments on the call. She's above that I did not want Sports Radio W. I'll sometimes things just worked out. We we knew would be baseball showed that we had our feeling in our. In our bones could be a big baseball show. He got Bradford here posted without curses while a few months we have the star of the without occurs podcast Alley Reamer here now holding the town now defunct an actor's pocket chassis supplier and night to you want some hot John Farrell takes at last count on my current podcast and students from my health podcast that he can fine. WET Al get around putting the two outs podcast on iTunes just got the memo from management. July of 2000 team on its line nineteen you have this there is a lot of weight behind that podcast police that it added Brad Vince is a national podcast it is it is national platform by Alex had to give up all his other five podcasted do congratulations thank you we welcome it's gaining a lot of steam it is it is and I don't know unit talked about three weeks from now but I'm sure we'll be we'll have interviews Brad it's going to be great oddly you know I think it's well. But look it appears just don't worry about it Brad well I don't worry about it all right great movie but I think what I think its commitment as a cold dive bars as tying mark where like you have to really tried to search it out and find it so I certainly want iTunes may be like us like an underground that what you're speaking is you password if I got to a certain and I've blitzing corner of the website to find out yeah outs with Bible. He's the most popular sports writer province now we. Yeah two week wait indeed the out that way which podcast was that on without much but I was on my house on two outs oh. Well I was congress but I want to talk never ever but battery Bill Simmons he did I'd now off bully me Dick bills have no idea that happen now not on the original. Bill Simmons AOL digital city you are definitely Iowa a couple years out too young and all of the all of this work has been expunged from the the interwebs from his digital seized from his did you see that just look at the FBI he wasn't a great writer I mean this is the thing. I you went through that thing. Because links you wouldn't know if you're out two years old and outraged at my I don't know what the Internet as mature Internet. You what you went through that for the links and he was ahead of the curb the legs. Congratulations Bill Simmons you knew how to link to stories. Then he got on non sports final Bobble bell it just took off from the page might Julian Wright against that sort of pretty their first remember reading Bill Simmons was impeached. That the Saudi Arabia I think similarly what did you before that in Boston there's also you. I don't remember did and that meant that ended. I use out of a job and unibody idiots he had good for him to take advantage of it went from there it's worked out for god round welcome tired of characters a huge success if you follow his Twitter account when he read tweets every story to really big deal that he'd steal yes you know but I I looked awesome and is like right now HBO's Payne a million to sit there you really though you it kind of feels like will Leach's life. Right well he makes I think peace is now Brad she's got the biggest job bigger waste of money in W I dot com history was what will leaking bench when he does bring him who would restarted. Autos and oh yeah it will lead woods right there were bill seventh 2008 I mean parallel right there right and started yet and if you wanna be you wanna be associated with us. If you're at the top so we got released the right forest. We paid him an unbelievable amount of money which numbers first one welcome. Welcome boss and I'm Willie Kolb is off what let's find that at that I'm like oh my goodness what what entity that will leads to right so it worked in that sense. He was the worst the worst he wrote every other week and you know what I did because and so stupid says it's not getting read to what should you do. And right every week well they don't double. Where that was your decision yes. Oh boy that's. Good business while sitting right here right now that he would bid against yourself negotiate seven make words you don't educates console they won't be easy arm slot of a pitcher before you condom. That's exactly unsure why that decision. I'm sure it totally distinct piece on Adam jones' comments on fans in Boston seems like the kind of kind of topic you'd right now days for sports on earth you know Hillary I had a total re none open a real thoughtful publication. Yes sports honour yes it's I don't have all gone home that you're more mlb.com is linked up with a mlb.com yeah yeah they bought it yet yes. Nor read. Sheer. I see them at some the other day light ivory tweets will leaks everywhere and was lives wasted their attic there on their back visit digest good for you. That that that writing thing pieces about the thing peace. Tell works now that's great if you don't approve what they like that you're not cost Al though is going to be so nauseating getting this thing pieces like you guys from one app it's it is going to be the topic across the country today if if Amani Toomer is talking about it with the and Schwartzman fool you know it's going to be I didn't realize how oh how awful the use and a great I hear he's in our mind now Monty I hear me I hear you guys talk about it when driving and I don't get a chance to drive in to Boston this time usually do just for fun. I now a well I like my fourth day after Christmas yeah. Hello after arriving back Curtis he's delivered across the off the July 4 show on how are the underdog I'm not I'm not I don't do demise those levels might minutes ago. Bite yak you're driving and now does this guy can't hold an argument a debate nothing and that he's after the break. We're going to be talking about the racism stuff at Fenway and you have to sit there you'd have to euros duplicate of unity. I guess that's the that that's the appeal alone right when you tease something stupid in your mind tumor you know our sportsmen. Doesn't help a money at some holes they think. Jobs being as co hosting that he's kind of humorless Amani that's really why you look great doesn't sell any jokes productivity and the investor over the world. Those it's been like it. Where he just think that predicted. Athletes who wore out and lasting this long I imagine seeing next in this hour after hour after hour. Mean Schwartzman tries disagree them once in but it really just goes away. I think it makes it look great theater in Florida make you get the future it's ideal America you don't want just not get him you gotta get it throughout T shirts. Right yeah a lot to get on. I'm getting may be rainbow colored and Abby woods well let's talk if the residents that are very. I you're just going all in on what already guessed that what the podcast is about based on the name. Probably be some of the other names that were or suggested. That that was my I don't believe me their wives other pitchers and catchers is going to be one Soledad hit out. Well you do yeah you do like that so there there there's a section of we can can get that podcast named right but the Celtics podcast is called evergreen. I think he's a great name and the green topics get a mutt in journalism you write something that's always taught enough in China allies and as I was just like to have a Little League so I totally responsible for the hyphen in the name. It needed to be hyphenated they they kept that neighbors that they've I don't know are we are you're charged other website up apparently slightly askew if you're paying company Oregon property that the podcast once sponsor an audit recycling company. Sure like if you're there you go green if you're part of that Saturday extravaganza now in the Boston Common where your fork climate justice. Ever ever angry right you what no more cal arts no more Kelberg you wanted to go begin your sponsoring that people are holding up signs and listening to that podcast he -- and parts well yeah. Jerky hand and a recurrence and so you're so excited he went through that rally did a good job so excited it was a blast a Sorgi darted through Robison all right components. We Jardine was there social Justice Department's decision here we are we fighting you fighting to push against the doorknob like currency and on Sunday morning. Felt that that was our query is that still an issue off the awkward. That was all I was the bigger man walked him as a good morning mark wiley. Bigger and he was sitting here getting ready for show what do you figured it was he spoke to broaden find you somewhere Solomon to protest. He walked the dog or like doing editing whenever. You kidding me like you're the braves' big guy you coming in right. I would like. Chris pleased that he and policy of autos and I just I want Alex heard since the idea Imus now snags. They should talk about armor supplied that's wanna watch it you lost I wanna challenge people who wanna challenge anyone at the station to oppose a contest missing at a couple weeks ago a reunion when you buddy thank kicked the timing day we will. Why do. Every guy. Pushed up contact everyone I dispose of Dustin Pedroia to push up contests and Brad for is that'll dispose of Alfred who lost the ball yet is get a much as jet way eight pounds nine highs. I get audio tools to him I'm shocked I felt like fire unit that it was pathetic it was the low point in my life. So bad glamour muscles right here and look better outlook is stronger than 104 christianity tethering now in Burma glamour muscles like they look better then I. Are you the beat Nadia your great guy area I know you're young and in Chez thanks when everything. But grammar where glamour muscles what he taught us don't you during a break don't go look at that point odd ball flies a do over under on when you consider that to me now UT's. You reference think pieces. They're gonna be all day today you gonna turn on your route equal Billick turn on your poster as my friend John Dennis today. Without seeing this story it'll be the national story today is my guess I know ESPN. Will be all in on this because they've been all this before and as Adam Jones poster stated story thank you Dino does not. I hit by pitch last night by Dylan Bundy it is not the Red Sox terrible defense base running in the eight inning. It is the headline in USA today 11:28 eastern time last night Adam Jones be rated by racist taunts at Fenway Park. Odyssey is it Bob nightingale who is history and Adam Jones and talking about the things of race. I Red Sox lose last night out of this will be the story quote from Jones after the game. A disrespectful fanned three bag of peanuts at me Jones said I was called the N word a handful of times tonight thanks pretty awesome. Nightingale mentions Ben Jones one of only 62 African Americans on opening day rosters this year. Said he's been subjected to racist heck ones in the past at Fenway Park. But said this is the worst experience of his twelve year career quote again from Jones it's different. Very unfortunate. I heard there were 59 or sixty injections tonight in the ballpark. It is what it is right I just lob play baseball it's unfortunate that people need to resort to those type of epithets to do degrade it. Another human being. I'm trying to make a living for myself and my family continued it's unfortunate the best thing about myself as I continue to move on and still play the game hard. Let people be who they are let them show their true colors that Jones to Bob nightingale. After the game last night. The Red Sox are recorded that far as an erection thirty people objective from the game. They said there was a fan rejected for throwing a bag of peanuts peanut throw our at Adam Jones I have not seen yet we have we reached out the Red Sox reaching up and today was a fan rejected for. On the racist comments Adam jones' claim. He heard last night. And because of a lot of reasons including ESP and pushing this agenda Boston being racist. This will be the story for the next what eight hours across. I thought nothing new ESPN portion yes it does actually getting after the fact that a player said he was taunted with with racism. That one U store it used to be and didn't say anything it would be a let it would DA wants to be an incident happened. The ball park. All the money Jones Angel Gutierrez and at no less on it well though. Get a son Allen Jamal bill tomorrow hill has already done right and Janelle hill is all right at the frontal I am I'll call that a bid. At the boss and being erased any event you'll take advantage of this after we did but if you are talking about this being a story much. It would be a story no matter if it's been done doesn't exist at all it doesn't matter. It does not matter this if this happens does not happen a player does not meet. He's claimed every single day right. Right no it it at that doesn't happen all the time and Adam Jones a couple years ago at Fenway said that they were taunting his mother which is obviously. I'd different than nests out this is what to Mel hope tweeted last night speaking I card tomorrow. I'm keeping my policies as its ML drops on androgynous she's a woman as a crowd yeah ot keep in mind this was someone who just represented the US in the WBZ. And now has peanuts in racial slurs or not him in his own country to Mel held at grace it not only are Red Sox fans racist guys that they are anti. Americans see that and by a U heck you did that is powerful ESPN has projected ride how many months truck people. Got on us for yelling over and over again about ESPN with no claim what's Webber no back up. Clinton in the city of Austin yeah prices vacuums are melted at liberty in the freedom now. To feel like you can say whatever she wants about what we think it may be one thing and they got out of the game for throwing peanuts and allegedly and said the N word at Fenway Park. Two Adam Jones over there and a guy who has a history with fans like I heard her talk with two different things you're talking about what's gonna happen now and ESPN and and hill and all these people. Are gonna take advantage of this two of the fourth along their narrative that's one thing though but say it. No but in terms of this being his story if ESPN did not exist if none of this was said before this would still be a story much. Eight baseball player in Major League Baseball player saying that he would had racism thrown at him. In the outfield when he was playing in Major League Baseball team that's what you story it would be the difference it would it but it is a bigger store because of the way. ESPN's projected bloated and less. 345 months while it just speeds after the narrative that they like to place yes on Johnston Mel hell you know which is which is fine I mean that it's now I have an in this you know what this is an awful look for Boston it is meant as rob said and you're the player. Doesn't happen all the time players say they were you know taunted with racial epithets Adam Jones and it happened last night we know Boston has a history we know people like to bring it up so upbeat into their now anti pirate them. How would use it to you know opera all my narrative to. Right right exactly I mean it is what we do. If we have any ammunition to help argument than we used it and that's exactly what ESPN all these people are talking about. Will do and by the way embarrassing night across the board up across the board and I absolutely believe this happened. I don't you doesn't. Of course I have ire I am skeptical I admit pocket I don't look and say is why I LB Scott I don't line. Why do you figure in 2017. I am shocked when something of this magnitude and this is a very strong claim that he was the N word was used at Fenway Park yeah. Not that it was not caught on some sort of social media or some sort of video or there wasn't some sort of story about it before. Jones said it was an empty ballpark last night there where is you were the were there for. Part of it last night rob I wasn't I talked of got someone who's there and he claimed there was Taylor editors necklace that of their ego one of the worst attending games he can remember in the muck let's may first but in the early part of the season and long long time so it was a quiet all like let's follow their last night whether it's like shocked Al game so there were a lot of people around because I hear everything what you been the ballpark when there's nobody. You can you are buddies saying. I'm surprised. That there is no social media claim we don't know what is happening late yeah films they like social media ought to get my camera ready chief of the app ever does console undeniably good. I think not every. Yeah so happens that is caught unsafe lonely anymore. There are friendly park yelling stop all the product and you are doing stupid thing rob are not big don't go viral you're there all the time you heard the N word and not. McCoy a sign that it has lots you're not gradient on the map where he said I don't let you sit in the bleachers a lot OK when I go to games occasionally yeah regularly and Red Sox we've Johnson and Carolina are racial epic that's that that's usage. See you are discounting a read more on guard units on the there in the first on this and let's bring out after the second rusty not totally. We think it's possible growing up around you heard racial weapon that's all the time high school and college it does this and you know what I'll even say. It's up some idiot is yelling the N word Adam Jones. It doesn't even necessarily mean that that person is racist it means that they're strong they're edited yet yes whatever. But I mean people aren't get drunk it sporting events they yell stupid stuff it happens year it happens also. A guy thing about the context of this this with. You heard the boos from anemic job every time he stepped up this what you can say the word nobody in the stands but there wasn't well hold on a second so but this team was in the prosecutors of the fans there with a narrative there was a theme to this game it was really hate your real we hate these guys. And then by the way he gets you can be and it becomes a complete disaster. Everything which I don't know all run pets getting your I hit by a pitch you have this the Red Sox holy party inside out. All of that and you guys know what happens with bands at Fenway Park when things go release as a candidate for all the and were Al Red Sox are playing well late because it becomes more stupid fans that's what app. Happens if you ever mingled with the common folk much you would know that that thing up there and pres Barkley and just having Doug lane sharper about you about technology. Obama so when they're not playing well there are more stupid thing you know yes and who who was still hanging around 1030 last night. Freezing weather games out of hand death drunk idiot ads with kids who won the one team is a year who who are still sticking around is the only day of school on an XYY two. School like this school it's what do hockey fans I'm throwing stuff on the ice when they are you lose in the playoff because they're idiots right exactly. Because it is a moment where they are the most frustrated about because they get all cramped up on this one game and that it goes the other way in LA I paid this ticket I have the right to be that. And that's where in the if you come out so that's exactly what I think happened last but it reading. Adam Jones to appease calling it the worst thing he's ever seen in twelve years you're telling me in a in a close game early rob that these crazy idiot and you're talking about this out of one fan or not we have wing talk we brag and we we don't know of any that was rejected last night when Adam jones' claim we know. He's objective throwing peanuts at them by the way but you're paying someone for life I know what we will get to the the beginning of life and 30000 dollar fines are fans I promise coming up. But the the idea if it was the worst he's ever seen rob OK that's his claim after the game got. That it's the worst he's ever seen that doesn't sound like he at the end of the game a couple of rowdy people afterwards on the he would he would tell you it was all game Wal-Mart. That is Soria made public when he makes that final catcher forget. But the final catch but he having kept diving grab yet and he you can see when I saw that and he did a quick turn of the fans raises glove up on that something happened. He re use reacting to the fans otherwise he just runs it. So something happened the leading up to that that very subtle moment. But this does not surprise me at all I think but you are overly discounting what the reality of the fans are in the situation. Particularly in the game like this where they don't like it has no errors on radio. People there that's what you think in state because they are list. They are picked up all the game was still it was a two or three run game late that's what he's stating the right side and come back all India with I guess I ought to operate a plug of all the angry fans yes all I ask you don't want be a lot of people didn't care about the Chicago game because they had their sights set on this game. That. Yet they were so locked into that game last night the ballpark with empty rob caught on how does he do it how many people don't talk about the people who were there an out. Also tell you that the Red Sox cubs games are actually good over the weekend they were marquee games adding that those other mineral cubs fans to watch all comes as they were expensive ticket I think a lot of people with families went to 4 o'clock game on Saturday for example. I think the crowd for a crappy Monday night game that's at the end of the game gets out of hand as they waited Mary's it's ranting. And there is necklace night on all of that got the people out. Hi Carol response drunk people are gonna be there and they're gonna yell stupid stuff here everywhere you know I. I don't think this is necessarily a larger comment on Boston I mean you're seeing natter on Twitter as a chat and last night like. It's a real shame the work that paid to an Ortiz and now. We have this I mean it's not a great comic book this is that on Red Sox fan as I mean it's just a couple of drunk idiots I don't doubt it happens but. I don't worry begins and ends there. I I had. I'm skeptical in this day and age you guys I think are being nave to think that not everything that eight we see out there even at the reds it was two nights ago rob is Sunday night. Where there was a botched we see this every night at Fenway. With someone from a Budweiser sign Alex. Asked another person a married and right pulls every note you know we moral meant sarcastically yeah I'll say no say no every snap time. And someone said now and that was caught on social media to sever my later in the video the scoreboard. But every. On the scoreboard you see you guys are not surprised at all well after the claim of the men. Ordeal I know there are no report outlook anywhere Alex I don't Adam Jones absolutely right if that that was not on the scoreboard we would never know nobody would ever know about that happening. Yeah maybe someone accidentally catches. Some think the fact that you Chris Sale a pitcher that the pitcher that the between you doubt about him teach the kid how to throw a slider someone caught that would we know about it is everybody ready. I gonna have my camera ready case Chris Hill comes out in October and someone lets on. Should play outside but there's but does that really does all of a million other things in the stands if you've ever sentenced and you know this. That art pot you don't have your phone ready for moments like that all the. Right sort of way out is only your second moment if I have read the Adam Jones up again here he's saying moments this happened consistently over the course of the deal or no one around looking played out I'm sitting on the duty he shot in the angry towards Adam Jones I'm not expecting him to shot and keeping some shots that might on that out then after that. Am I gonna take my phone not just be readying Casey says another race hustler. Runs yet if you don't know I think is yes you don't know what's coming how you're going to film. DT anybody got. I've got all the little. Why don't you innings like it was a one time thing already the regatta Jones he got he heard he claims he heard the N word of an appeal was multiple titles and I think about the game I just you have to be really quick with your video phone I begin video camera on your phone if you give it to somebody take. Screaming erasing back whether it's caught or not. It comes back to woody fan do this at Fenway Park and I say they would have because there are idiots and I'll come back to that team. You can say what you want about no fans being there but this game would have more emotion but they're fail there or not at more emotion because everything that led into it and it was a complete lap down for these people and when you're. Let down sometimes that brings up the worsened morons. I believe there are morons and if you threw a bag of peanuts you should be gone. I think Adam Jones exaggerated the number of people that were rejected in this game shorter guys are seeded where where they proved that again we're reaching out the Red Sox for further comment about the as and I think that Adam Jones. In the past that problems at Fenway fans there's no doubt gonna hear a sound coming out of him with Fenway fans last year talking about the fans here. Awesome he has a history and I have no doubt he was harassed last night. I'm skeptical that Fenway Park the end where restore morale last night thrown around any player consistently over the course of I don't know how many hours to gain took forever so why are these you know why would you lie about being polity and Wear it like what does Adam Jones have to gain from. Adam Jones gets the watch a sympathy another origin Mel hills sympathy unless Jerry jones' I don't think he's looking for sympathy but I think he's had it in the last couple times has been in Boston he has brought up race for Verizon and I'm not sure it's because he knows this is an area where he brings it up. We are sensitive to it based on the ESPN. Reaction last couple months worth the city out of this. Thank you Michael. He he has and that's the prod you combat the champion ESPN this is the story no matter if you spin exists or not but the problem is as you said. This forces along the merit that is Boston is not be racist city I will still say that. But there are morons like I believe there were at Fenway Park last night. That's the problem and if the Red Sox were Smart they would get out ahead of this even the mayor they were get out ahead of this they would say something they were. This is what's going out that the mayor what's the might Bachmann and so that's an I want parties at those and I don't commodities and skirts not yes and a front and I talked to him about his experience what he's experienced in Boston than others that might happen every it'll be Michael. All say it I mean so we had Torii Hunter a couple years ago also say he's heard racial taunts at Fenway Park we had that incidents in the minors right Carl Crawford in Pawtucket. Saying geared race race OK Jackie Bradley and have accumulated a pitcher that he might happen puck really well say Chester Manchester is my question and so we also and I say it T like OK so. It may have happened at Fenway Park but it happens everywhere but again I think wait a minute. How many stories have there been over the last few years about racial taunts being yelled and other ball parks. We have a couple of Fenway and you recall other stadiums. I'm on the top I had no I'm sure we'd if we dug we've by may be enough to Tom Adams saying. Also more prevalent here all right so we're also in I. LT sensible board tuned into the claims slot corner local. Of course I'm just saying I mean so we have Torii Hunter Adam Jones Jackie drought which he said Carl Crawford a Manchester a couple of years ago. Ot the Tom and I can't think of one other incident in another ballpark in that times. Now all of them have wrestled. Taxes when these players coming your news senses are heightened I think to a certain degree. And if there's anything at all they're gonna they gonna surfaces because once again there is a narrative here. And that narrative did nothing to be dispelled last night it in Anaheim if someone yells and in time that you know are they gonna run to the the press that this happened probably not as much as they would Boston. But the fact of the matter that it I think it did happen because there are morons everywhere right. And I Campbell in because mutt doesn't have a camera phone now he thinks it doesn't happen to death and I'm not save it back to much easy you just you take his word and you you Adam Jones Busch who will mention race or mentioned and that this race related things the last couple guys have been through Boston. Just take its board and say yes it definitely oh by the way in listen I don't know Adam Jones as well they know a lot of people but in terms of visiting players I've dealt with that don't you tell me fell off a lot of band just sit there and multiple times call Adam Jones the import and knock them out at an average couple Adam Jones I don't -- out of Jones of the guy who this offseason ripped his manager right either Gavin Jones is. And our audience to a ball a lot so when Adam Joseph says that I don't think that this is the guy who knew watching the situation and and tried to make something up. I think he's an honest guy for the most part he said what's on his mind and it pisses people off and sometimes he's wrong about it but in this case I don't I don't. Think it's Auburn all like I said adding if someone said that any fan that talked to any security person that can't be kicked out of it won't wait married thirty seconds well maybe people who were at the game last night they can favorites but he did like eight people they're not gonna call in today. You saw the crises he got there at the beginning that it demographic with all those people listened to show you note those they are I height and diehards not the drawing. Races diehards those are our pirates got a. I yeah. So let's not let's let's we will start to irrigate your odd calls this'll BA a big topic throughout the day 617779. 7937. Is the phone number Adam Jones and mentioned. A last night his claim is that he heard a racist thoughts at Fenway Park disrespect of fanned through peanuts I was called the N word. A handful of times tonight. Like to believe that the hit he was called the N word. People around this guy is spanned this girl whoever heard five it's a sample that's more than that's more than once or twice it's okay five. And no once and security this guy was like to stay in the game. I thought now hard to believe I was taken now that I'm sorry but how opting to people not really report others to security it also they meet for example I was sitting in the bleachers. I heard an eighty young and word and Adam Jones. I don't think security and to excuse me can you remove some think many people did. And I don't think what he says he doesn't mean I we already know he's at like sixty people keep that we found out there like thirty look at doubt are right if you sit him for policy to. If it happened two times in he heard it it's still gonna he's still gonna bring it up. We'll get your thoughts and the last time Adam Jones was in town he brought up race in fact he'd brought up on the broadcast for the Orioles are not getting harassed by Fenway fans of fact more. I actually you'll hear from Adam Jones we'll talk to you and for Kirk and Gerri it's much Roemer in Bradford Sports Radio WE yeah. The winds mostly listen to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. He's receiving corps is very different Julio and Mohamed for his Danny Chris and adult men in a void that you go in. And build it Buffett Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other pleasantly I really could never play in Boston let's do they hate. Right the gold standard operation if that's happened before reeling Boston. Late we can't. It's got the most racist city have a business. On that will be the story today the racism in Boston after Iraq Adam Jones last night telling Bob Knight guild USA today who's got a little history with. Ideally the race issues that he heard the N word a handful of times. I Fenway last night and a bag of peanuts at thrown at him the Red Sox confirm that there was a person injected four. The only peanuts at Adam Jones no confirmation of any racial slurs. Under his way the handful of times that he claims I do think I was I'm skeptical audience tired of them homers and it Simpson's hand more than anything right. Zeller was well how many fingers at home. And I'll write you write for Irene no idea I don't know I don't not a hurdle you I don't really yeah now blooming. A deal in reality on my priorities highbrow for the since it except South Park. Is a story. He does not have five figures so I do not think this happened five times to what's that I do not think at. Amusing he's averaged five to argue that might mean it's the camera phone he said a handful of times as what he said. All hyperbole yeah I it I I no doubt I'm sure he thinks he heard something I and I admit I'm skeptical this morning many people aren't. On this is latins last time was last time they are in town last September. It was on the massive broadcast. After the game Orioles beat the Red Sox and Jones made reference to the fans on here Fenway Park. Do like this ballpark out of offensively defense to play and. I don't mind as part of all our bills didn't coast down on that he's become a mom apparently she's in Boston from defense is if comments on the call. She's above that I didn't know I would love to have dinner rather good. I do enjoy playing him that it it's a great atmosphere of baseball and and the fans are into the game so you can't do anything but a love playing. Lie in the good life could have caused moms but that's how he was not it would it was not racist or offensive aged and after him and he sort of laughed it off ya. I'm you also talked to Bob nightingale back in September of last year. When it came to Colin cap verdict Alex's guy my man your Ifill jobless spotlight on tap into its amazing that skew find work around right now droplets they have not turned to Kaplan is such a good year last year he dead. QB rating in the final month but you forget it. Ninety. I DCB rating fourteen touchdowns and what four picks who is best receiver Jeremy parallel here every god activists. Cut so that cap critic and the his protest came out. And it was asked today Adam Jones talked to Bob Knight given Bob nightingale asked Adam Jones. About why there wasn't more of this in baseball. Quote we already had two strikes against us said Jones so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. In football you can't kick them out you need those players in baseball they don't need us. Baseball is a white man's sport. So he's been a he's been very open that they're these deals are our race issues in the sport we going as far as calling it he robberies Wendell white man's sport that in Evian. You know. Basketball for Plosser and their culture especially to kind of depresses flamboyant seemed right indeed bright light that they don't want you to admire home runs they don't want you to tie to Wear cleats you want to act like you've been there before. So I get those comments from mine and I am Jason sic the African Americans come as 60% football 74% the NBA 8% in based on territories right but I and what's it. I not the numbers robbed and may be as me if I fan's standpoint it is he's calling any white man's sport but there. There are plenty of people that are not why and it's of it's very. Yes they're right yes there are African American and Dominican people and Japanese people and other people other than Caucasian to play baseball you are correct. By in terms of your comparing to basketball and football it is it white man's sport. It live in a problem it is fair to the it is a problem in baseball we all notice we all what do you say 8% yet 8% Visio. And Nick Price the culture is very stade two it's a very light it's an varies stayed culture again on a lot of flamboyant C charisma is even. Not encouraged in some of these locker rooms units that at all culture of the game to not the demographic outs pitcher bought 6177797937. The phone number we are the message into the Red Sox we'll see if they have any sort of statement here this morning. I don't rob mentioned the TV stations out there are so I expect this to be and I sort got to stay on at some point we'll talk to them honest start in the next couple of hours Joe's and a car Joey Iran not perky Callahan would Mark Bradford and Reamer. What your response in this alleged incident is absolutely pathetic we need your. Your first response or sort of gravity and even taking into consideration whether it was true. What sort of sources close was all well you know yes yen heal their liberal agenda of global luck. You know your trust is sort should have been if this is true that actually discussed. Thought about whether getting. Took a jump jump used do you think that anyone would have hear that story and if it were true not they were disgusting. Water is wet and that's discuss that and just say it out a lot on the hook he's huge premium rate. Parker ought to work all year of course liberal agenda. My first response that ESPN is going to this is gonna be at all they story instead of east are stored because ESP as a pushing this agenda that Boston is racist now. Four months show with. Very little back up reclaim and it hurt situations like this for Adam Jones where this might have happened. And I immediately go. Eight hours antennas up because he sees all this about all this gives them and she's an outline of automobiles that use that correct me from Rancho. Old once I just there. Correct me from Ron you said this was the story a story because of what yes the end it is a bigger stories that because I four I and if you want me to and and and that will be a bigger story today you'll think that we would be at talking about there the merit will be in more more so that Boston as a whole is out mentioned on Twitter last that was already starting. Boston being racist and shame on Boston fans when it could be just one random guy we don't well. It'll be more a story that way because BA why not say that again I mean this is there any times in the past at Fenway engines even insult the cities are racist times in the past it found itself. It will be more a story is no doubt about that because it's gonna feed the merit of the people but when you come out and say. This is a bigger story because of the ESPN it is it well would we be talking about when we have a zillion phone lines lined up right now if you if we tendency word about this before he yes yes we want to thank you bet it would definitely think it via the show. I'm still saying that it's going to be a national story and it because ESP had guys liquid zero client and back up. All Boston New England racist uppity people dot org all doctors there's not zero backup them in there is a history here okay beer poured out. That we in the case of money Joseph all of second jail in the case of the guys that we talked about over and over again. We Jones with Michael Shea win on ESPN with Israel Gutierrez when they're asked to say what was the racist moment you've had in Boston. Thirds federal claim there Adam Jones Mandy claim. But it's eighties 88 is shrouded in two guys who just throw out there and just so well Austin's racist right. Right now why add to get I don't Joseph guard. All. Like to. Sit back yet that they are using Adam Jones talking about recently passed city. Boston which Oprah didn't. But. Oh well you talk about support tried peaches credibility like like that's gonna make him. Less credible in this situation typically talk recent past my rejected. Doesn't make it Joseph doesn't make it thank you for the call doesn't make him less credible that the credibility of this for me is in 2017. That you would hear the and boarding a handful of times at a ballpark. And security would not kick are trying to tell guys aren't able got to feel like my that you're using what Adam Jones said before. Disorder prop up the narrative that may be using telling the truth here. I I started by saying in 2017. To not see it on social media and all I know so you I don't know whether you brought up other incidents with Adam Jones he's been very outspoken about a lot of other things including race. And Joseph exactly right just because you said it's in the past. Doesn't discredit him at all in this case you shouldn't write any galactic is antennas have been up in Boston you look at his track in Boston especially when you article where he said he liked the fancy but they were yelling yelled that morning while his mother. But I still liked playing here is so totally hated on our last time event heads up does that mean that he heard he said he heard this word when it was another word. It's eight and it's up to you hear the word you'd know that a lot that's what I'm saying you back again maybe he heard he says he heard the warning him four times. You guys believe that a fan could say and a handful of times at Fenway Park cannot be jacked right. There and would not have any autos are up to be heard would have to beat. Hold about these racial time and I think they would in this day and I don't. How many people though it take it upon themselves and removed they get out of their seat block behind a security guard flagged at security guard point dot and it's a lot to do. Yeah I know people are lazy but it bobs and Walt and they are lazy Bob what's going on that. Guys Stewart about you know that this is. Whether you know I don't think Boston is any more operations significantly so this is disgusting and I do that a jolt of one point I don't know what the exact interest really come down on people what they do this stuff. You know I hope it's a fine I thought of at all technique that they used back and called little place called docks and I guess you probably couldn't do that but. I. Well I understood the people called Boston a racist city yeah it's lights and he can get out and it's appropriate to be yes yes and Turkey. Who have not had racial where it is what they get a what you guys that that you really didn't have that should be getting all of the stuff if I'm bound football weather right now I want right now. I've mayor could happen now please please please don't you don't enunciated as well as an idea that you thank you very much off it I'll be analyzed. What so there's go to the zone a smile if Mike Napoli sport and you mute feature in your my guy. The mayors get involved in this don't think you should come out and say something I think I think the mayor sit well. It's doing to sit down conversation with Michael Chaney isn't letting him off and he wants to actually ethics racism blossoming go to matter paying go to rocks yeah that's our neighborhood arms market of low. This what happened last night. What what what what would you suggest Marty while I don't know. They are that you you did you want to marry get involved won't you you think about that will come back I'm gonna hear replied as Marty large eyed boy what do you like about it errors yet it has fired up. Is it in the passes idea at the time to sit down and figure the I said some races say their growth talk to him about his thing it's what he's experienced some Boston. I'll Mott Bradford Roemer and you hear a WEEI. Kirk and Callahan. Oh I don't Sports Radio WEEI. You hear things across the line in Finland. It could be a tough place to play I mean I've experienced on the other side listed in the third base yeah. They they love this team. Like that I really do like that. People can have will be too much fun some whether it's. It's what's objector or whatever it is whatever the cases. I was a David Price at foxwoods back in January with try need to mossy always good stuff that I would he also said in the a question came from the the PC to a beauty you're racist things in Boston at target going and adding that there was no real final there right now need a second thing we stand gross fell. Don't think there was any Ollie and now automatic sneakers after that it was sneakers issue size out walking my share what you guys are you guys you're not just off course Saudi a prominent Red Sox player I've heard racist times. What's I sure you right there he got. The but it went from the Peter Abraham story in and the winner weekend which. Freddie to mafia asked about that sound you heard. But this growth feels Torre wasn't so I think that was the spring training training at Kmart I was the model you did last enterprise stock. Yes. Yes not seen you want the mayor to get involved I'd wanna give you some blind item in a U Wal-Mart five point I don't actually what what what is the mayor would you like him to do you want I want him a summit mountain hood of the other because there's now without that John is well the mayor David Price slightly -- I want to wake up this morning I want and to call a Town Car. They have first order of business come over the Kirk account and so. I want to address the people because this is the highest rated show you the biggest audience you reached the city usually. It right if you have something to say if you wanna do when I'm here it already is on when I'm here ladies and not as good to have enough guys on us now the word so I'm your number two ever now we are. We didn't updated casting couch rankings acting that's always on the way eligible yes three guys that by vaulted to the top spot you're unpalatable. Some. But if like Christmas show right. And think a lot arrogant and number one ranking every when we did the right here as an upgrade their live. They keep that the guy who want to make good on the website impress me now I have nothing to do with the being number one. I would say that's Marty Walsh. You know I'm speaking to you Marty come here get your car come here come to the show to reach the people. Everybody wants to hear from you today it is the city it is a big thing. Yeah reporters outside Fenway Park you probably have reporters outside Marty Walsh's house right right now. I don't know what you have report I don't know why I read that put the team reports anywhere but they're all over. The players Red Sox closer and I live shots live shots are gonna have a little things that NASA and immediately and white backdrop. A lot but why. Why Microsoft should do in front of Hitler dumpsters I am dubious that it still is that it's not. All you want the American on addressed the all I want out without no I wanna shore into your for the Red Sox have a plan that was ejected for using the N word a handful of times scored Adam Jones huge c'mon. Addressed it today yes and I don't want to Colin and I wanted to drive year I want him to mobile Letterman will prop the door open like we do for. Which Stearns and all these other people right. So what will wolf prop the door open. And he he'd come on in and talked to the people if it ever brought in my rock everybody I mean this is where you wanna address on people and this is the place right I don't. I don't care it is like when you're out idea for Marty always thought Alex ID field Java. Marty the mayor and why not. Kirk's not here should be comfortable coming in to tell you won't be you know verbally very I like Mike Napoli when you're Mike Napoli in your side wearing your T shirt right before the election. You know you have the right causes you have the right supported that who that is this teacher is not we went references are and why she was well you don't notice now my Mike Napoli got Marty Walsh the month. Mike Napoli got Marty Walsh election. Thorough and he's walking now Boyle through without a shirt I did yeah he first heard he puts on is the votes. But be quiet is a vote loss bull wall of adding that right in the heart you kitty it was a real squeaker that always. Don't pick up please don't always goes down at great story push the democratic candidate over I'm not there yet there ego. And Mike Napoli Napoli doesn't strike me as a real political supply. Now gonna hear hear news people if if the mayor people I believe the mayors on the banned list right now we've Kirk the host of the show. Has banned the mayor from the show until further notice I believe guys like Evan drought in reality yesterday were figure out its missions covenant and Alex and I drove the mayor is on next Wednesday it's a week from Wednesday. Next my next Wednesday I would like it if it was right now I would prefer it be tomorrow good. But week from Wednesday that's so he's not on the drill analyst at snuck it. There think about ability few people before we got security analyst rob was you know is that these guys suggested relic first remembered these bands we got it down the list of Leo right now I know you do and no worse DJ is in Indiana. Listening today DJ erupt with will mock working gallon and Roemer Bradford in ma what's going on. What does that open a dude you are just. I would I would. Do anything to have Curtis and can take over for the other two car. Certain. OC is a lot off a much good its. First law. Mark your number one public option though thank you very much DJ number three though the greens are riddled immediately or put it there and Bradford. He just back to work or cues just. But it but it is off from the kids. So we should send things got a rating on down and I actually writes yes Jack the Iowa you are right about a lot of things artists. In March along well let me check luggage arriving today and get that results number 24 you write a lot about a lot of things. Include a jury you're right pulled all things the right right you're right again but I just checked the ratings of the highest they've been in weeks. Which is no doubt in my eyes Jack and if I just Jack usually most of Adam jones'. No I just tonight and I don't disagree I think I would Alex would you do that we I would be happy to switch places with. Person can't right now. I can work the spartans or the sound I had no idea how to Wear the board I don't wanna Wear 2.0 dollars. Which one proud for incentive you'd left commuted to Chicago. That's there so there didn't add it. Who called you up for not known on board who was it that coach Jack the mud is one who instigated. The jet remarry fear that's why did I never had to do it now you have got to run the board month. Actually thought I was like I mean I want guys like Ken Smart guys who were eating I held dual back there. I am not a lot of people like you do that. I could occur if I could do your job right correct. I could do your job anybody to DiMaggio a thing but the verbal abuse that occurred just takes on a daily basis is and paralyzed FT thick enough skin to rob I do you what I do have thick enough skin but I just wouldn't take. I would block island go write a book Utley. We are we are out to the Red Sox record levels wanna be on record with this we are out to the Red Sox is it economic statement this morning about the Adam Jones we are hopeful they have a member of the Red Sox front office on between now and Tammy okay that is the we heard from them. I've reached on an Albert. If that's hopeful Adam Jones last night claimed he heard a handful at times the N word at Fenway Park says the worst it's ever been and it's unfortunate. 59 or sixty injections tonight the ball park found out there about thirty which I wanna find out who the Red Sox. So thirty Jackson's last night according to a Red Sox official. Is that a normal like you hear that number ego people thirty Jackson's. Is that normal Arnold it's normal and it's to. According either only 25 people that's been robbed at according to my eyesight if you were watching that game last night you were there for a little bit there was nobody at that ballpark. Very nobody get off all of us want to create any event came in Amir's neck this night because you know your gonna get a lot of people there but it doesn't matter if there's a lot of people that that makes it even worse the people there are probably to rake in their face off and obnoxious. If they're not paid attention of the game is particularly after the Red Sox are imploding that was really close game late though. Right not to create an eight inning it was an odd all those terrible everything was going bad. Was not a good night that's the other did it's awful awful life for the Red Sox act Colin I'll Pedroia we'll get the that's on at some point as well TJ and frankly I TJ. Failed don't mock up it. And then I got their group the last color you are the bat on the ethnic. Boy the accolades come out and how memorial about the almost street yesterday's how about that now is Alex would should let their ratings stick speak for themselves outside. What I want that. I had eaten that. And now you know. I have heard them borderline comment at Fenway. The people made the comments. Were content that had the student ignoring. And they are from it like that went into our dirt and even broke off her back which you. Odds at TJ you're at the game last night and you heard these comments in the bleachers. I don't know now I would not a game last night like I'd been at war were I have heard borderline vomit. My point was. They were forced to sit behind me and three of them were from New York in an article was from walked in there weren't even from law. I'm sure that ties into that when the Bruins. Had the claim through a generation three GAB he said borderline have you heard the and word is he seeing ticket holder Fenway Park ever. No I haven't I mean like one or lie and I mean I mean that link to the point where you go bears. So great there but not clearly. I heckled the hell out of mobile allows cute I can say that and the N word was ice still ever heard it even during that those bad bad days the Red Sox and TDs a ticket holder. I'm not a stand with him but he says he is not heard that Adam Jones or and here's what kinds ladies and taunting that's gotten close to the senate means so media coupled drunk college kids last night and went over the line I mean in fairness to Mathieu does go down in the fifth inning with his camera -- roam through this game I view looking looking for people part of my job it is absolutely and get your brewers and cubs animal pitch around a young ball mark. Bradford Roemer a lot in for Kirk and Jerry here on WE.