WEEI>On Demand>>K&C - Tomase is the winner of the A-Hole bracket; ESPN’s Red Sox broadcast wasn’t exactly up to par; Al Horford is looking like a max player in the playoffs 5-1-17

K&C - Tomase is the winner of the A-Hole bracket; ESPN’s Red Sox broadcast wasn’t exactly up to par; Al Horford is looking like a max player in the playoffs 5-1-17

May 1, 2017|

Hour 1. Mut is wondering why he wasn’t in Tomase’s A-Hole Bracket victory speech. Pokemon and Red Sox baseball are basically a match made in heaven. Al Horford is looking like a max-money player in the playoffs, but is he really worth his contract?

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Skirt and Callahan and I got to thank you guys first of all this guy you move can suck it as you. Because you've both been vanquished I. It's. Ronald Reagan. They've been trying to go lane comes right over the heart of the plate into the cookies don't. Maybe next year and out of us next. We Gerry Callahan who were not I gotta thank the racist idiots who voted for Donald Trump right. Surely you put your all racists thank you for that sign blacks would drop I love that guy. I hope every mill worker in Pennsylvania it's jobless and penniless and toothless. I'm not with us tonight and celebrate it however they are not as I trying to win Pennsylvania and Kirk made ahead. Have to thank the sucker patriots fans who believe Brady didn't do it this is not one of these I have the answer shows your guy did it he steals from charity in it means they and that makes me an a hole the least amount of chum. And also possible it's time to. Accidents here due god bless America and god bless me the biggest day at all when he said well. Few judge's verdict on Sports Radio telling you. While sitting across in the biggest eighth hole. Bracket winner here in the presence of greatness I know I am. Well and you aren't a whole because you're getting all of this credit. For this great. Presentation you made your rate holes speech you're asleep for three and a half hours that show according to my sources that you woke up. At what 955. Or so when he made that speech and 952. OK so you wait all that time. And you think all these people. You don't think the most important person we yet so maybe explain me explain though. You know like Julia Roberts or whatever gets out she wins best actress or something she gets up and and loses their mind and you you think your agent but you forget to thank your family back kind of thing. That was me with you because. I had I had a speech prepared yet to repair some that was an awful it's not a prepared totals callers its ports of call and it was letters and that it was better than gas at three things ought to get to now it's Reynolds wasn't reading general I added in front of me if I needed but that once I check on that is fine but. Part of it was supposed to be to thank my. Who you tend to bring out the most of polish things that I said all year players this slate on thing when all all the stupidest leak that I say. Is on your show there's no I had you to that nobody in this building to get you to defend jump among adapt to Pete Abraham yes strongly defended a regular shading it's replayed the next day on the show and you are seen as the field that's. That's because of me I. I just because the I'm John Stockton. You are horrible and you never would have been that kind of a whole winner without coming on the league the tremendous lot at night shootout at how those able to my defending the money Jones and yet followed. All of this stuff really traces back to your show it was a huge oversight in my apartment here's the good news because emanating ought can be elected bad. Too bad my sorry and I can be and say that sucked you got way too much credit for that speech wasn't that good vision imaginary rock and that I'd be right new. You'd be probably be on a little slaves who felt that all of my favorite bad guys work the hardest well. Words and I'm like that that a guy as Matty and has supported your Mike on the background there that's terror. That well one thing I will say is it's totally true like Ken in the Booth was our great great job after that show. And dollars and I was now bout was. You're you're old enough for this I think maybe not Sugar Ray Hagler. Your would have been did not mean I know on Equity One year old socialite and a Y two now and nose is like eighties at 86 days after Aaron wash closed circuit TV with I mean Borges asked Gary that. So regardless your Boston sports let's get linemen and give you some credit. You didn't have to be sent Ian remember it by you know love it so the way that. Sugary won that fight was just a flurry of work was punches at the end of every round that did no damage. But they look good and it was the last thing the judges side and dot sugar it was great that rounds that you've really wasn't just. And a flurry of meaningless mr. he had that was me that was me on that show I was. I was worthless. For three hours and 48. Inch. 48 minutes compared to now it was a list Friday that was a tremendous performance gap. It's a case of course of treatment immediately not McNally. Pretty good and out. Came Pete I was just that's as big as it. Yeah I thought I watched that that was excellent he gave which one we fought twice that rate. That was paper view I think it was paper yeah eyes of those. Tournaments yes I anyway that was edited Floridians. Well now do you think that we can move on it as a result there there's a lot of ground to cover today. And it's good that you are here because Kirk and Jerry are not here Jerry's on is yet another vacation some sort of balcony somewhere who's on ya okay. Not many hands on your select talk about his son's birthday party which I tendered on Saturday. Which I hope Jerry which I saw his wife Carrie Tempur-Pedic hundreds as you know only he does nothing and these things which doesn't wanna hear about he's not here. With a baseball expert John to multi colored baseball how long become repairs. My first game was in 1990 sic you rate credential BB WAA member hall of fame voter. So you can help me out how blindness because I've been a baseball fan to up forever my entire life. Like I grew up I got out of the womb and I was ready to start looking at baseball reference yet you're ready to started and score updates. Every act and I was about Joseph Tim we have twins or brewers will get to that the seventh that he out I'm here in the four all get to. Brewers and twins so I've watched thousands of baseball games violent listened to more than I watch now obviously Mitchell 200. Let's go back in my I I heard for the first time last night as a bad job by me. Eight term by Jess Mendoza. That I've ever heard in baseball before now this is I I should know what because chances if she said it to at least twice on a broadcast to you what. You explain to me. How line nest this from just Mendoza last I can we have a breaking this ground and I've never heard before baseball this term because the I'm Donald Dell I don't wanna say in case people have not heard it yet because they're gonna won here for the first time the more watching ESP unless they actually they probably hurt. Just a dummy like me just missed this for 36 years in the cookies down. A pitch into the cookies the cookies are you explain to me hall of fame ball over what is the cookies though. Well it's the cookies zone yes is. It's the domain of the cookie monster Renault that. And the cookie monster if you go to baseball reference is apparently a nickname for David Ortiz which numbered column four and never heard that that's listed on other gotten as I've not heard it because I mean you know what colleges you hear only threat as a cookie so I guess the cookie zone is where you place. But cookies so you know. That's on them ever heard that term formula not cookies I've heard cookie effort cookie referred to but it currently cookies of that is that a bad bad bad picture I see yeah. So there Cokie you know fastball them since. Trying to go lane comes right over the heart of the plane into the cookies don't. Maybe that's a soft out there. The coach it could that's are doing now the cookies on. Because at weekends ago and how we got the cookies. Was not a great night for ESPN last. On the broadcast. And I and and fight she gets a lot of credit nationally. I admit admitted on the year before that I don't get the appeal of adjustment goes in the bush the rights like the cubs were in town this weekend but there they were here now. So I heard some Red Sox cubs they major focus last night I was a focus all weekend was the marquis a series in baseball and having been there Friday. There was a buzz in the ballpark. Put the baseball can can stand and itself beacon you can do Red Sox cubs and focus in on the baseball and not make it about other things like the cookies don't or. Pokemon cards which was part of the broadcast last night. This was at 909 eastern time by the time correct on this can wizard I had that wrote down one of watching the game not on line he's just got the worst were sent correct. 9 on 9 eastern. They go in to. A breakdown of Addison Russell's. Pokemon card collection. During Red Sox cubs. Third third inning that third bottom three top three somewhere and they are human interest not necessarily connect with whatever comes after millennial shut and I hate even more than a millennium now and will not do that you would you do it it's not possible and think. The this what's on your TV last night ray if you weren't listen like I was to Joseph into him. Odd that the folks on Twitter were alerting people to the Pokemon breakdown we got last sentence and an epic. Thought we get an left alone you get you right your left here bit. As a reminder we hear awesome. And dust gets little gadget and other basics the hasn't thank you and that makes it pretty crazy collection could look at Mitt likes what it's a young Blake did think that he's he did to his credit say that he did it feel to relate. His niece and nephew. That's why is that the Pokemon collection and went and mentioned him being the second youngest to hit a Grand Slam at the World Series behind Mickey penalty it. Some of the kids but what's the that's worth a hundred and. And scowling while I am scowling what what surcharge points I've. Are we talking about I don't normally. And again so like I read that my favorite thing about this. Was it even Dennis Becker's. Was annoyed desk accurately re tweeted somebody last night who said what do we do and folks got Pokemon it's going to be re tweet a black. Alec even act is not into this thing. It's a maybe I just missed it yet missed it but. At 9 o'clock at night. The people watching this younger baseball audience the baseball's died again. Are they watching. At 9 o'clock midnight eastern time on a Sunday night for a Pokemon breakdown that appealed to do if you review of Sunday night ESPN baseball. I tell you it doesn't appeal to does not appeal tales. Like yes I. Thank you act gas that that was era. That's like me giggling makes it even worse and listen you know I'm fine with taking the unpopular viewpoint here and I would love to sit here and stadium. Just Mendoza Watson you guys just they're stumping for the big show but it's like you can't. You can't tell me I don't care what Schilling is what means he's poster that you can't tell me that she's won and the broadcasters and I wouldn't tell you that I would tell you that we went missing Curt Schilling last night you had. I'd more Rodriguez whose head is great turnaround he had Kyle Hendricks get things to talk about in backing you have. It's a fake rivalry understand that ESPN we shoving that down our throats that the Red Sox cubs the Bible or not. It's interleague play but they're two marquee teams it was good baseball we get three games that felt like playoff games in April which it. Possible to get what the sport that rags in the month of April. And instead of that. It's a show in breaking it down or the analyst like is not bad but pretty good opens fire on his all booted shall Chris Singleton with John Shelby. I'm getting a lot binder and getting pictures apart and she points you're looking at it and we can't it's. Any date I can almost understand it John it does is the fox Saturday game. And it was it may be part of a pregame show. Or part of a segment they did on sports center or park they again prepackaged thing that you did it yes maybe not during the game. But at 9 o'clock at night. You are telling you or with your fans of baseball that Red Sox cubs is so Delaware spice it up with pokey. MI am I missing the window is there is there a twentysomething audience that is. Watching for Pokemon is that trend younger is that some guy too big a display my dime from zero to nine. My nephew. Is at least seven or six. His birthday party that Pokemon I don't see. How that is going to relate to people watching at 9 o'clock at night other than that cookies Allen is gonna find something for Jack and uterus ironic but he zone is a Pokemon. I think that's almost a pulpit that's diet there zone I collect that the Pokemon TI aged how many charged last year. I have no idea that's why but I can't while watching that was no clue what the hell they are talking about. I can at least say with a bookie that's bawling segment that Jerry hammers over and over again. It's mildly interesting that batch is all this great baseball player he's also a really good bowler that's sort of ties in I've been bowling. Oh pokey. Great kids and I think about you being unique and evil Nazis and it will and the people who World Series six straight strikes it's unusual what do you. What do you take from that when did you start buying Bible. That is painful even hearing that now back I just defended them at a strike on the record I'm not defending that after hearing that back again but isn't this a case of yes and not serving its audience yes itself there that they it's a case Chris it's. It's a great point because they are still looking for anyway. To make just part of the broadcast is different than just sitting there is the third person. With food emotional. Because they realize we really don't need her there the initial look at easily do this and by the way she's not as it is chilling in the eighth I'm sure other people on that brought cats and that they feel like it's Chris is saying. We got to find something for her to do you. But that's not it I mean she's not agree she's not an interviewer she's not a personalities though if you're giving her these segments if she were like. You know when you had Dennis Miller which is a disaster revenue at Dennis Miller in the Monday Night Football Booth. At least you could say well he's a comedian he's gonna bring humor isn't that like what. What is her great personality that you want her. Doing these pieces these human interest directing a play. I don't know what. Still no rules it's like arcana on Friday show I'm not sure exactly why he was there not sure why she was there. Outlast them in the broadcast. Schilling and he had no laughing it's really bad is it sounds like amateur and shall and it did showman I do games on radio seem to east good he would last night he would appease on into it I'm not sure if it was just the dynamic in that boot last night but. He felt sort of out of place and just trying to. They're trying to find something for her to do this fits the entire this case stepped back not just on that that the game broadcast. This is ESPN and a nutshell right now they don't know what they are self serving or serving what their needs are. Right is that it is in this its week long progression of of firings at ESPN and and include a lot of people right. The people that are staying there are the ones that fit that sort of ESPN a brand right now where they're able to. I guess speak more local personalities and just Mendoza I guess John. Fits into that mold they've done this was sports center this on their broadcast they don't care about you the viewer or they don't care about you the listener. They care about what's gonna get them the applause from Richard done die each what's gonna get them the Twitter reaction. And they get that adjustment deals and they add that with SE six and the other shows that kept the gas and the thing I don't get it she's not. She doesn't emigrate personality at least not yet on the radio you know it that it does not come across you don't. Some guys you can listen and talk about anything like Kirk has this even though you paid him you can listen to him talk about anything. I can't calculus in her talk about baseball Mets that's what that's their job that is what it could be anything. Though the cookies own and Pokemon last night that's what ESP is giving you they're telling you as a viewer. Your soaps we you're so stupid we care about so little than middle this game we're eighty something that would say what's the percent of the audience last night on ESPN. That no is in fact what in God's name. A Pokemon toys parents what's the percent yeah but it had a parent knows enough that she's when she's breaking down now which are hard to watch. Just asking asked him Russell why did you get that specific card autograph by this player. And he's giving it I thought I'd party I don't I don't even understand that so he had players signing Pokemon cards that. Day that they are random of the. I airline out of human sounds. Like it's really liked it thing but he's he did you know what that's the giveaway right there it. That's right there it's a young kid paying its ESPN saying we are das. It for young cute things to listen to us we need the young kids being demographic. It was 9 o'clock eastern time. Was very young kid the place Pokemon is still up at 9 o'clock eastern time on a school night. Still watching that that is interest in a locked into that. My answer would be no my answer is that you would be better served if you ESPN in your skipper Alec group down there. To have somebody on there that has a knowledge based acted to mossy point whether gonna go. I Schilling should still be. I don't you hate Curt Schilling and I don't ever gonna pull out all the fans don't exactly hear he donated you live in space in the pen that is our senior ballad take epics are my ballot marries it UD you don't like him. He shoots it's it's. Criminal that he is not still on the broadcast and you were given instead someone who's facilitating a Pokemon conversation. And an L Friday night and I think pace here's here's the experience from two guests audience BN. It's watch a baseball. Another two that's there you know we are doing their listening to based on the race if we do a segment on Pokemon John we get jets here's organ it. The kids are flocking away from baseball they're doing this newfangled thing called the Internet. They got these ipads were gonna bring him back we're gonna bring a bat where it's it's it's gonna here's we're gonna do. Or do pokey months at 9 o'clock east. And the ratings for that quarter hour with a blend Eagles and the youngsters through the roof. Through their and they are going to be back because they saw Addison Russell talk about charge points and hit points in Zander all guards smoking pets in this car that are. And they're going to be an act next Sunday night. When it's cardinals Dodgers. The Sunday after that when it's blue jays or maybe they saw they added that and a segment Daniel kind of watch user you know enough for that. I want I watch is like a Pokemon rip off but the kids like that. If it's decay is just something to do during the broadcast that build two of them that are taught there and adds that they will and to win back the on the audience. Wrong on Mendoza she's pretty good. Yeah I mean tonight the overnight I I that's fair the seven a nine year old last night did in 96 share Ben Austin why Eddie got nailed it. They got it right. And artwork on my little pony. That's what you got to raise that's what you got an in the baseball it's all over the weekend. As initial we will go get to the celtics' big game one when coming up. The baseball is worth talking about without poking the awesome easily and an and we can you can mock cubs Red Sox all you want. It is tough to get excited about April baseball somebody who sat through all these night games in April and been over there at the ballpark and you've been there I'd been there. April baseball for the most part. Sox after opening and so when you get eighteen in town when there's actual buzz there I was there Friday you were there Curtis is there Saturday. Cubs fans were everywhere and it and they made it a good and baseball's good. But those cubs fans made it a good atmosphere that you could have done. Did your three and a half hours on the baseball and not for speed. This ridiculous. Side bar side he's human interest Pokemon story down our throats. Because the the that that the games felt like playoff games and they're not rivals. But it was enough baseball to talk about in a slow baseball month. He could have got by just what happened yet and passing you can say they're not rivals but he via audio lest you got Lackey got all these Red Sox and you can't jokes that rivals and interleague play. Now and her team but at the policy and 98 there was no means is there a team that the Red Sox and their fans are more connected to because of all these connections and the cubs now. When he connected I mean I. Because of all of this because of you know because of BO because the jet because Jon Lester because of Joseph Maddon he went up against for years and Tampa you have all of these connections with that franchise. Not to mention your both you were the two most star crossed. Teams in baseball until you ended your respective curses in the last fifteen years and I wouldn't call that a rivalry though. I didn't get a resort rivalry multiple times last night in talking about the game I think they're not aggressive Internet there's a connection between mr. France that is that's fine and it and you could see it there at the ball but there are data shot on ESPN. Got a great shot this guy's generic cubs' big cup shirt. Red Sox hat. Eagle really that's that's it we're doing now that guys what is it big lakers spent the past. The cowboys fan too he's big guy cowboys they have from the that did championship days and that. You can get by on that stuff in it caught a connection like you said instead of rivalry. There's enough there without going to the Addison Russell Pokemon well which ESPN is so quick to do. Too I guess trying to win back those. But he's young fans of Major League Baseball I would even say there's a bribery because you have two teams that are kind of competing ads who has America's team you know. A Red Sox have I mean it's true though visa's to these are the two franchises in baseball along with the Yankees. That. Even casual fans will know about the minimal care about the moral care enough to hate them or whatever but that would that. That's that's that's different than a rivalry padding your bag hung up on but because it they they are not they're gonna play three or six times a year and if you're lucky they played a World Series the team in town tonight. They don't like you you'll like them like that that is a rivalry Celtics wizards are to be that these two people that two teams that do not like each other that is a rivalry. Red Sox cubs is a an it say it's a novelty yes it is well there it's worth talking about but it there's no bad the other than anyone guy. Joseph Maddon makes this you wanna double rivalry and Matt in the then the Red Sox he's got some connection to Tampa Bay but even that seems forever ago give what the cubs did lashed. Yes but he got -- means BO is big is the great connector there between those two of them both out of the darkness into the light into the cookies. Oh. How many coming down pretty charged with you yet. For being into the cookies listen if you lead the Red Sox and the cubs two World Series that is mega. That and I'll be in charge on a date I think are charged point I would not now but I may I'd do again Neil writes in 96 rating ninety some percent of the seven year old watching TV last night. In an apple two months with. With just of those though jokes I knew that was your ESPN night and we'll continue with that we'll get your thoughts on a lot of different things here today Kirk and Jerry able bouncy you are treated. To be adults at tones a lot into a mosque it 617779. 7937. The phone number you can text and as well 37. 937. As the Red Sox and cubs are playing this weekend the Celtics got off to wait. Awful start on Sunday awful start. And because the NBA. The game wasn't over yet at sixty nothing with six minutes ago and they come back and win game one pretty improbably based in the way they started. We'll get to Celtics and wizards want and to mossy in for Kirk Jerry. Wins most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Al over here to start to do just got done assists you know hole then had you guys do that of that as you unlock that. We came out really aggressive no hitter is first in that they had good rhythm and I feel like. Coach made some changes and Isiah got us going a little bit and then Kelly. Came in and was huge for us a feel like he made some some big plays and just the way that he played in the first half. I really helped us when we knew we were hurting to score the walls were struggling and I. We re really weather the storm a little bit and got it going clothes fit. Quality Al Horford coming out party. Been awesome he's been very good during what is now a five game winning streak for the Celtics here in the post he's in the couple's first in Chicago now they have a one nothing lead. On the wizards with the comeback win yesterday home in game one and of that series I would call an improbable but it does seem like. These big leads in the NBA the other team is going to make a Iran and marquis more us went down the Celtics went to their bench. On the Celtics pretty quickly found himself in the second quarter to be down sixteen nothing you sleep walking the first six minutes. Back in a scheme of the second quarter yesterday job and you could see a common you know you could see it come that's kind of the Celtics are there. They love being the underdog dishonest when they're down 20 against the bulls suddenly it felt like okay now we're where we. This number one seed thing that's not a us. Down too low after dropping two at home that's where we like to be ended this is like that same thing and just the microcosm of ours and down sixteen nothing OK now we can start playing well and it was good Thomas went out there in the second quarter. And it was it in Horford is mention it was guys that Celtics fans have been streaming in all year your cat Kelly Olympic oval people who. People and this outs in love hate with him but it's a hate heat with the absorb his game. He comes in and that bench with Thomas get the tooth knocked out going to the locker room and getting it all fixed or worked on whenever. That bench is that that part that made the run and that's sort of what the Celtics. Are going to be going for they have very good plays and starting lineup but he unlike Washington. They go to the bench on and it was their bench pick up the back in that game yesterday and second quarter have you ever had a tooth knocked down. Not why I lost my last two. I for the two theory yes that does not. I had a front tooth knocked out and it's the workers we've been feeling how did you get our laws to knock down excellence we've put it I embarrassing story. Basically. I was. Repairing a deck. And stepped on a tool and your right. Just like sideshow Bob. And I had no one to blame you want to let us though the only people listening wanted to hit you in the face of my god when a girl that point at me now it's time yet as the rate you rate in the face every day you'd be statements due to fix the deck eating go to the hospital you know like Isaiah you know way back to back tonight and that my wife was nine months pregnant and I start screaming outside not in pain and anger like use stupid son and just. Like we saw again had to get the dentist on a Sunday. To come menus like seven years old but god bless him he came in and he stepped my tooth back in town like Isaiah. And stayed like that for awhile I assume it's a matter of factly the way they went about what that we think late it flies out of his mouth announced late was that since is that a trick tooth is that always loose I don't get it he's. He's going over pick and outplayed us on Fella again. Dollars in net. He jogs it back over the bench and the two doesn't do. And proceeds sit back to back threes I was anyone was awesome laying down on the bench begging for that just wants seven Advil I want the trainer I want out here. He calmly Barry's two threes placed off four more minutes and goes out letting Google get this more debt debt for a little while. Like in my ugly how bad does it look here's a guy that got in at. 4 o'clock yesterday morning went to Washington Friday night. Spoke at his sister's. Eulogize services they say it's more services last week they had that the the funeral and AA final the body of sister who passed away in a car accident as everybody knows by now. He speaks there or gets back at 4 o'clock. 339. Tooth knocked out he was everything that. You want him to be in a big game wall with the team struggling. He was phenomenal in that game yesterday awesome. Awesome and and and your field you are actually feeling the Celtics build real momentum here. I don't think anyone thinks they're going to be Cleveland but suddenly reaching the Eastern Conference finals seems. Well within their grasp and things are finally break in their way a little bit you have you know last year in the play out. You had Avery Bradley get hurt in game one and that was it for him yet Jae Crowder start to play out to the messed up ankle and he wasn't the player he was supposed to be. Now this year you have Rondo go down in the first on your marquee Morris. That is not a deep team we saw that from the suggested Mary top heavy Ross Kelly a rue bay and now the race are in India it was the other guy brought the bench that the all. Blog got a blood Donovan the guess who had a bunch of threes he was a can't offend anybody now and it went at him. They have no bench and the Celtics do have a bench and at the other part of the game yesterday besides Thomas being good you expected to begin. You mention this moment in their building. This is on the other guys we talked about going into the post season it's about Horford. This about prouder of this is about Avery Bradley beat I think you know what you're going to get from Thomas he's gonna escort. 25 authority 630 points and he's gonna get the free throw line. And if he doesn't you sort of screwed anyway. But when he does blow like that can the other guys around him. Up their level Jae Crowder has not been a good playoff player. Any that was part understand that but he's been a terrific shooter. In the post season historically six of eight yesterday from three's part of what that nineteen threes that the Celtics it. Avery Bradley started slowly yesterday got mocked on us social media I'll probably get out of the he found it in the second half yet. And Al Horford who is being written about everywhere today because of this you know run that he's been on. He looked like in Max player last night he had to played up now didn't play like wonder in the regular season this year I'm sorry I don't I know there's. New wants that we all miss out with some of these basketball players. But he looked the next player last night and if he and Crowder and Brad they're gonna play like that. Edition Thomas being Thomas. Then you can envision a game six against Cleveland he can envision a competitive series that against the cavaliers absolutely. I mean correct me if Iran I think Isaiah had two points in the fourth quarter so mr. king of the forest when. When they're wizards are making their comeback. You didn't need him says you'd you know you need to carry as we need sixteen points and you know your Jalen brown my second for the first time. Halfway through the fourth quarter and make a three and then sort of be everywhere on defense and picking up loose balls and all that. You. UN Horford really. Controlling play on both ends of the floor and blow me we hear all the time he said it. How he doesn't little things its nuances stuff they had you don't understand my searcher NBA fan but I about. But you watch him these last four games five games. He's been all that you can see it he switches on defense he's handling the ball on the offense is run and threw him basically. Easy there handling the ball or screening for the guy who has the ball on virtually every touch pennies everywhere. And he's been he's been him. But he's also been more aggressive I think you'll last night yet idea of gore tot owned them it was it was every night here you have about the Celtics in the first would have 67 minutes were gore tots grabbed an offensive rebounds and put backs and he's. A machine inside. In the second half Horford became much more aggressive offensive rebound putback fighting for the ball inside and scoring. It's I think the criticism that he's gotten this year. Has to do with that lack of aggressive basketball and you saw that last night he'd seen it more in these five playoff games he's been more aggressive this funny this is part of you know on of the ramp up for and that's the post season. He's been a much more aggressive player in around the basket and it's with Celtic that's what I wanna see more pretty say he's a very good player. Get a very good year you never great year he's not a great player and so people bring up the Max contract and say just the basketball part of it John I think they're right. From just a purely basketball standpoint he is not a Max player but the Celtics were in a position where. They need to the player and I get to overpay. When the last big free and she got here was. At the end of his run Shaquille O'Neal or Dominique Wilkins or Xavier McDaniel does have a guide the Celtics were getting so get over pay for guy. All that and you know I say I mean our backs or I think Horford is the Max where are your policy on knocked trees and just look what he's doing in the playoffs. And in this exact a very good right doesn't match player player well you have to you have to take it in the context of the leak and what the salary cap doing what it's doing in the NBA. There are a caliber of guys now we're gonna Max out and if you if I don't know what do you mean by Max player. As a as it and it's as a player on the court. He is not. May salary sort of battling cancer he is worth he's worth it to the organization John just on the court he said you know what we're just paying for basketball which I know so I understand why they paid Max and I had zero problem with the and the pilot good job the Celtics to get in here. I agree with them paying and that money. But it might take that's about say just on the basketball court the fourteen point 63 dollars whereas yearly average is what the sixty games that he played and he's sick as a player. He's worth a Max contract in the NBA you would say the play this year was not worth that and they overpaid for the player because they had to winnable case that. Yeah I brought Grammy were split hairs I he's a winning player he's an all star player those guys get paid I had no problem with him getting paid when he's making an ad and understand the distinction of making between. Not just basketball I mean what what Utah public charity work on the talk about as an organization when you are when you're factoring in. The inability to get players to play here and get a free when you were factory where they are their progression there we'll get how to we go from the good team to Eastern Conference general we have you find. Not very good players big guys we drafty when brown might be buried and I'd be very good right now we have this money at a salary slots we have to get the best players available. In the free agent market. And so they went out they paid him the Max he could they could pay him. Paid more than Atlanta and Atlanta could have paid more to keep an entertainer with a bird rights and they convinced the player to come here. The more things that he does he was it was the first of what they hope is. Least two or three these guys Reitman police to yet with the second Mac slot they have. If it's again eerie axes are recruiting piece guys like playing with Al Horford that is a fact made Kevin Durant I believe. Was on record as saying he's won his favorite guys in the week insult that was part of Max contract navy's recruiting tool down the road to rant teams lightly. And I understand that as the first guy but just on the court juries play. The up and down nature of Al Horford where there were games where you said. Do you do you call is named in a first half reset the first half of the bulls game the other night in game six and eliminate Chicago that first half of the game. It was game five games six he was a non factor and it was excellent in the second half as likely Soledad. Far too much from a he's the air quotes here Max contract player in in the this season for now yes I mean bottom line right now he's worth it. You know he's playing like he's worth it and frankly if you can do that in the post season. I'd bust the peninsula you know will put up with a 146. And seven whatever. In the regular season that your gonna step in game it's it's the David Price thing and we'll get to Dick part of peace and David Price and but he speculate why people don't like David Price because in the being paid for that. The biggest part of this playoff run. Are for the Red Sox last year priced at the bit that was demo coming in right we're not I'm not a good play up as a good success in the post up and and then joked about a month social media and sort of mocked himself and mock people ripping him. If Horford is able to get them to game six against Cleveland plays well you're right not what's gonna care but I'm not of the revision histories he's been worth. The money on the court this year I don't I don't think he has been you certainly do and all a lot of people though Chris cast for about it today and the basketball heads who. Oh followed offer all year are now taking their victory this is forget Celtics game one. This is Al Horford victory lap today for people who defended or for all year I was one of conference play but even I can't say he's been worth. The thirty some odd million he got paid she at least on the court 617779. 7937. The phone every key text and as well 37937. Celtics down big. They come back to win a we're talking about that we have a huge weekend. Offered Donald. And a whole lot more mud into mossy in four Kirk and Jerry York WE yeah. It's 43 WEEI. I'm on six nights a week here. By myself and I'm used to that I'm comfortable with an island and this isn't you know that I don't like working with other people to find doing that tube it. This is sort of what I'm used to. If I am without a people and use the driver and show them. If you look at making excuses are not trained to saying that if they. If he is your fan in the morning show. I'm a fan in the morning show then you can enjoy it further is different ways they go about but I have no hard feelings towards anybody except that bald headed freak show record. Maybe candy man can. All there is trump syndrome and various. Perking Callahan syndrome and I heard driving home last night. A triggered it triggered Christian arcane rattled off his Friday performance here with Kirk and Jerry six it to item you media. It's not easy. But he's still he could hear it in his voice last night a couple callers part of up a crushing your great. You're great soul guy you not great in the morning show and so callers are bringing it up and I I think. What you heard there was. A trigger Christian our camp about the experience and it's not as you can you can speak to John not easy were these two Jack calls. In the morning Kirk Gerri I will say this too and defense of the canyon men so. You when you're doing Sox stuff you work late. He works late what's the shift and to mean it's you know what whatever it ends up being. I'm used to working late go to better water to every night when you have to turn around and do go to Bennett too and and coming here at six. That message Kate's personal nobody does that do not make excuses for him not a I don't know I don't know I don't I don't mean doing that turnaround at 1 night but I am saying with what five nights a week. You're used to working until 2 AM. And suddenly one day you're working at 6 AM. It's an adjustment side OK you don't want to hear that you could make a lot of excuses that 81 of them on you for a gay wasn't in the night before a full beta committee get pumped up and just before it he said he's he wasn't as the third guy didn't fit with those guys for prize is. You move that happens you get it absolutely does their days I've been in Nazis went like two months about coming in here is I think there's still has all the hate hate you so unlike opium the election the only time to get your Tomas you on the show was replaying stuff he said dumb stuff you set a martian that would images Brittany. Yeah Allen and it has abided by its eye and you can you. You fall in and out of favor. With Kirk and Jerry they go through highs and lows with people. And they are really excited about somebody in any command and have a bad show or bad to shows and they hate you FE dots and and textile producers has not come in anymore. Don't have men and then you had to mossy two month ban. And in your back it's an acerca I would say there's Bradford like Bradford should be wise and Bradford. In when he would do it he does it mean. In rats he mixes it up now on the radio law yet I am rob has not been on the rays are clues that I think. Do a lot of podcast isn't a lot of radio. But he is if I don't think Bradford would come in your fight with them for four straight hours Hollywood so buy it I I've. I heard rob column last week to offend again what he sat on the night before I was almost a stereo they got to Ortiz and defended the fact that their hearts out was definitely the story about Tom and Tom Brady's. Best buddy stuff came out the first thing I thought was you know what. We got a crack this David hurt small charity started what I. Open have you been part of the David Ortiz. Open bar festivities down there no ticket Ortiz Ortiz or rob has been an idiot the the idea that with the globe is gonna dig in on best bodies and not focus on hope maybe people that are paying for the money that they've Ortiz foundation are paying for. Robin Jan Bradford has had enough. A working. Asset. That it's like a working vacation there and not because we went through their attacks toward your listening on the air and you can see there's been 4500. Dollars on travel so that's stuff is all donated it's all donated about what he wants. It's publicity this all the drinks all the massages the rappers can get all of donated by courtesy of David currently it's public so riled up back in here it's a point and that sort of say what plus Tyrod on July. Or until. Damian Bradford. Probably birthday America so at that outset art can offer for his brand Miley. It's great promotion for him to be on this show it's excellent for the they can aim from solve the audience here from six to ten. Is probably will. Twenty times the audience from 10 PM the QA and that just that sort of that that just the way not. Passing show is twenty times worse than this show but that's how radio works morning drive both listen to anarchy in eagle from the air yet it's great for. Brand candy man to be in here battling with those guys seem like two in the solo show more and Sally yesterday definitely enjoys doing the soul show more. But he's not gonna get any where are needed exposure. If he's not on that show better that be why he's got many are Fahd was shilling too so I mean he's I think he's made the most of his but it operatives I was but listening to the polls show podcast and not on. Unlocking is critical Ilie or couple segments on Friday listening to I can and Curtis yes. They. Read our can't count right now I had a very I have hurt him didn't they do this they default especially Curtis who agree especially Curtis Curtis definitely defaults to he's. He's not all his actual record off who freaks. And it was there off the air it's at that let him to say that Curtis on Friday. There was nothing lawyer at 930 he'd written me for not speaking properly and very rarely. And I said way to wake up Kenyan men and 930 I think that was a real he took that one person. CC I take that as accurate as a compliment when your into the cookies down. It's a I suppose shall podcasts on Friday these guys they do this thing sometimes where they are not I don't think donor percent on us now when I suck. And I was not good last Monday. They fired about and the ice and and they say there are other times right here. Well. The Fed did is he trendy or Alex show that's not great. It was it was okay NH got to move past it yet when it was art can on Friday whether these guys you sickened be in their the weaker been a while I don't know what ones. They when apple perils in an arcane and they spent the for the first ten minutes in the polls show podcast which I'm a huge fan of ripping him we've got our our view. You dead in a left no. No spec all much. And Arizona's if you ask people coming in and you say Curtis what do like Libya and what am I going to be I wanna do. And then you show up in you don't have anything prepared you're kind of tired tell Ken that you're up late the night before say OK that's a bad look. That's not a good look in the news comment and you know we had a great so it would not Tony Robbins have been screwed was got a nothing to the show. I'd say our canned. A week is getting another shot is that the end Kurtz we hear the last of our camper while I'll look at tomorrow's July 5 at two months ago I spent nights tonight four whip or will we know our anthem we are canceled one and Bradford is not Bradford is a Q you should not be in this one chair we all agree right Bradford battery life is being. I don't candy is he good one. Or is he a good one. Okay thank at its best odd at has got real we love rob he's and to our camp Bradford. That's the vacation showed July 4 or get ready to barbecue you know on any arcane and Bradford. That's the show right there so you think we're too easy on Roemer entering your saying earlier. I think it's pretty clear I've heard different things in the post show production that I've heard actually liken it like a day Red Sox game whether I should hop speak ratings. How is the battle the brain was segment of ratings come back we get those from the Curtis was the stars all police what how how good those ratings. Those are things were massive. Are you see a lot. Which is why I keep begging for the battle of Britain was part to music edition due to combat on movies. I am war some music on suggesting on Thursday that nugget and hoop or we'd lost had dug this week it we now. A at every gate amassing a barrel on. So we'd be saying that Ted Nugent passed away is that was Eddie file false like that it was a spoof that are okay houses flag someone tweeted me say I have thought we'd see more about that yet it was a hoax he had that was supposedly killed on a fake news with yet how he will go at you shoot himself he probably questioned but I actually as you heard from that clip the Ted nugget clip. I am works on music and it cost. Mattel. Curtis what were some music to month it's been a month now we know how well played with the curtain gallon audience. One about Thursday. Battled a brain was too. Music edition all right by the powers that it sounds to me why can't we make why did they get to make the decision. I'm in what's been a day ago were to announce Thursday Unser and battled a brain was too. News condition they got one out or maybe catch Campbell played a couple later to see a bad idea to give people an idea. Williams and kind of look at that 6177797937. Fold over to mossy is here he's waking up he said as the show goes on he gets war a wake. He gets more awake we talk Celtics he gets more quickly talk trump it's more quickly talk Tony rob. I it's not a hero of all things he's got. The stakes he arcane cubs what aches to mossy chasm with Kirk again so.