WEEI>On Demand>>Christian Arcand is joined by John Sarianides of xnojoe.com to break down the Patriots draft. 4-30-17

Christian Arcand is joined by John Sarianides of xnojoe.com to break down the Patriots draft. 4-30-17

Apr 30, 2017|

John Sarianides of xnojoe.com joins Christian to break down the Patriots draft and what we can expect from the newly drafted players.

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Joining me here right now on the show is our good friend John's journey it is you know home is actually know Joseph and his website X and O Joseph dot com. That is also his Twitter handle any joins me right now John I don't we got. Story then are we don't. Doing just fine now John I did not much watched many Youngstown State games this year. I was not really that involved with the did that. Division one double lay but hopefully you can help us break this down and I don't know if you saw the long list of undrafted rookie free agent did you take a gander at that one yet. I do that but there are noticeably tired that they sidebar all search word yet on why don't. Right the the well known Hollister twins who if they walked in here and set down right now on started. Hosting the show with me I'd probably think they were Tyler Cody Zeller but I'd tell me about these twins first of all. Because I don't know anything about the money away what's the deal here they just try and it is he trying to light a fire under the gronkowski is here with some new Brothers in town or what. Now now and I look at the Clinton camp water neither one of them. You. Quite likely to turn around and retreated for James or. John Allen out he. Earlier carrot retirement or are accused of a battle on or announced all so. Realistically speaking he Wyoming. All star in order advantages really great there's law sir. I don't are sparked it and you're. The receiver also on the market. Is not really have a legitimate glossary to get the picture. Speak so I think a lot of guys a lot of your major or or create an important event. More so you could spark a diamond in the lot but also create opposite. They're trying to get all these dark or actually a lot more actually Medicare audit and they get pat straight into that you've become pregnant audit than ever shot. And then maybe practice squad members and that Bjorn you know for the most part aired their ceiling for a lot of these guys I I get that non. I'm with ya on that we don't have to go overall twelve of the undrafted rookie free agents although. The patriots more than probably any team have found those diamonds in the rough I'd say more than. Really anyone I mean I'm trying to think like other teams that are really gotten a lot of these undrafted rookies it seems like the patriots are. Always right there be it through injuries or whatever they get guys. From the scrap heap from like a rookie scrappy and they're able that plug him in in and get something at least you know usually more than these other teams that. Absolutely. Look a lot of our our group of art that there are. Yeah they want art in different than another apparent order they apparently only he. That approach is building block toward our other properties all thirty afloat early Norwalk like dark. What a secret really hard to walk street art. And are the way to get on the but now where they're terrible they're all these because. The paper or multiple balls aren't altered gay friends but separate. And we used different dart and wait or walk a lot of these are Turkey or auto Jerry. So this start that are system locate on the thirty year later he beat Ole. All right before we go through these next year John from where you surprised that the patriots didn't trade up piece of right now and I know they did later I'm pretty surprising in trying trade and the first and check around. No I'm not an and I don't a lot of people are you're the leader so ultra or the distract you to make the arc. Our league this Albert the next year that's where all of the walks are works through free agency and trade Bedard now fingered it would distract it is distinct or. Art history he welcomes the opportunity to get in part suck for wired in your and that's exactly what he did. Why are not to participate in trade are. And certainly not the part that they moved around in the middle romp that Jew. Acquired our suppliers that they wanted to with a very spell check your round out our back the failed or worse. Right Aaron let's start these four players here. With the 83 pick round three. Derek rivers linebacker Youngstown State now before you give me the break down on this guy will say this. I wasn't surprised to see him pick linebacker for that out of all the different groupings on the team. You know from wide receivers two running backs to the offensive line in defense of lions secondary and all that. And you and I talked about this John I thought linebacker was probably their most. Easily improve its grouping and I think that that's probably they're going for here. You know shame McLellan Kyle man knowing land Roberts. All those guys played well at times last year but I think all of them all three of them could probably be upgraded and this seems like. Perhaps. Dead attempt at doing that. What do they were dark or they don't know. Their parents were you cannot be cost you the reality is they used to do so they're out and I think you you're battered route back. Margaret and Derek rivers and why aren't meant it to what you already got your or Indian nauert got eight hours. You you've got lawmaker Richard got that are already lost or what you're cute couple these young guys in there now. Are you have a chance to get a rotation or record I don't hear they are out. Our law circuit. Our article are currently third. Our our recent Arctic report here and there are. He went to port if he can draw a lot different than that not a target lock and get out quite so much armor. Treatment on last year but it triggered your call on oracle Brooke are open or at the guard. But a organ like art in that respect dramatic river now same Ol so. I think it's great value to orbit in this regard as department right away all we'd be situation pass rusher played sub package quite a special beat. And. So you think you see him Mars plan behind flowers and Ninkovich and colonial in and sort of the defense events. Yeah I think right now he's. Probably going to be before Dario got deeper the better out our our our outlook they are. OK so all that stuff I said about him you know all the McClellan her granddaughter whatever it's not even he's not even really going to be claim that sort of position these are the things I don't know John this is why we have here. I don't think you played that position this year our card reader or. Or at the level linebacker and blocked and recovered to those that are that in the short term urban young guard. Where were are and are we well know it and we don't people aren't we have lost all washed out all. You don't want a player and I've ever coach you need to seek out or anniversary I got well right now you got to remember. Outlaw. See article mark yet could be you're gonna yell putrid embargo these are saying keep your LT treatment lot of points are part of martial arts. Was rivers a senior. You want a cut. And it didn't Youngstown State obviously is one double layer not it's not call one double anymore that's CS are clear and they they were great great. Then they'd make Jimmy in the share. Eric Eric Berger report from Opel he was old coach. Sulzer conforming or are we were Borg are manifold. OK so they go that that okay that's that's a good break down there two of the other three picks that they made were offensive tackles. Does that sort of tell you that needs older probably won't be resigned after this year. Aren't afforded good indication. McDermott is not what I'd like to. 600 real little while the former basketball where some are ordered not the right. On the other hand I think it would not quite formed here at six pitched real two or proto typical story that you are a lot of we're walker you get to the sort of rubble and he'll be could do all things that start accurate weren't a lot of articles so Arctic long term. Speaking at supporting anything Arctic air picked up the regular reality here or there will get their full. They paid it wants a remarkable and our contract. Are you probably gonna protect the American you're prepared. And the Arabic Herbert or work or aren't away winning the files that order starter yet. He could be a pretty good swing tackle what can play it right or left side. Okay and and Garcia is little smaller obviously he's not one of those big. All free you tackles that Belichick generally light fuel smaller but he does. He does strike me in confirm the announce and it's hard just tell what these offensive line highlights John I'm sure you know I mean you watch him nearly allowed the great block but it's not a -- includes colleague guy catching a ball going eighty yards and making guys miss. You know you see you got to block and it's like look as good black this guy though Garcia seems like he seemed like one of those nasty Logan Mankins kind of punch you in the face type of offense and one. Years in him and ought to character because it for art to. When you look at this incursion into I didn't get inside the arc to hatred while. Or shall we got up on all along not but aren't you like multiple. Should source is certain that Atmel dot occurred potentially are ever imagined McDermott in the dark in that well. All right how about the kidding on the fourth round their teacher why is defensive end of from Arkansas wants to scatter report here. 65 games or opium that he sort of rotation all. That. He got off on the now. Compared to Chandler on unfair comparison people. Are not now. Jim jolt in the march but last week but watt bubble why do these workers regardless. In another dark electric light now while we need to get in the front line outside linebacker situation. Or slow patient. Certainly in the dark when you add a little bit of an injury history you'll ever typically. Guard but I figured that or you eighteenth or nineteenth are targeting him and an external tree while report. You have a good relations or flowers Larry what are also all credit markets are so that helped him under development but I've been here and a mix Arctic like now. My guess is they're talk or you are about slash files are linebacker we're probably being very comforts flowers you and the rivers with them. Ought to mixes well. Biggest surprises from the draft. Did that things maybe they didn't do the thought they don't. Are well. Again I thought that the possibility they could identify a player that really wanted to fly the ball up in front of police. It available to the first trumpet but what secret while they didn't have the pieces. To do that I thought they might on the circuit around but they do it that you're not an indictment on the ground or just sit. So I'll take you never ago. You never know what you're gonna do with them. And the draft and so I think what people hear reports he looked at the carpet this as possible regulatory certainty he felt Eckert are built urged sir. Through free agency and trade and that will be there. A card. I think he had at that sounds about right I mean aside charts at age I don't know if you saw this slaughter on Twitter but it said I'd patriots draft picks. And it's at first round brain and coach second round coney you eat third round Derek rivers foreground. You know. Is Dijjer wise and also Dwayne Allen yeah I mean he went when you look at it that way it's certainly. It certainly seems like they they made all the right moves here with coach especially guys that they'll have cost control. I was really surprised it did Carolina moved on from really considering there there are other pass rusher injured much older than him I mean there in. Guys and aired. Late thirties really an ache they Searle Eddie leaves 26 walk in and they held on the old guys say you never see teams do that. No you don't ever detonate paper perky Charles saw. An acrobat. I think you deported good. Yet for what they pay to get and you give up the spectrum but here's the thing you get guys that our campus career. Rusher. What it was. Pretty good watchers in recent years just our child our sport but often that extra salt. I think he could be a potential steal and again he thought the patriots do so watched. What their record player and I'll use that. It hasn't been talked about a lot but forgot crucial bit and also act out this year and speak to our decision on the next RC. Yeah definitely Johnson Ernie is joining me here on a Sports Radio WEEI. John before we go any other teams really jump out to you is is having a great draft than other cowboys the browns everybody's talking about anybody that you sort of looked dead and looked at there. At their players in their roster and thou while later a great job this weekend. Are the only art that manner and be insignificant they're here because but all of our fans that soccer stadium but the fact. I thought there were great record here on the last told US soldiers certainly are and where. They are data on what they wanted to dump Mike Williams the first shot I that he did not want people are not yet. So where were somehow but I thought that the strongest partnered wrap it on the circuit and hurt. When or land and didn't you to correct arc in the aren't adequate but anyway. It hurts and it CR rate compared to the chargers go virtually sleeper team in the AFC. So all water flooding the box because we have a point of orchestrated and there are certain you know. And they won more games last year Terrell and it's not just that down and they won four games last year and what keyboards Lima. Aren't I understand one thing is that from my box you connect to that market might or and or. Arctic it will be better they're going to be no Marshal on. Because you very well now Larry oh really Democrat in the auditoriums are sold. They can fly under the radar and be OK let's hear it. Update you aren't wearing which creates you know are you a lot. All right John Serran it is thank you so much for joining me today you have since called X and oh Joseph you're on Twitter at X and O Joseph. Who will talkies on. Art or well appreciated that you got it.