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Danny Picard - Celtics beat the Wizards, and NFL draft. 4-30-17

Apr 30, 2017|

Danny talks about a big win for the Celtics to take a 1-0 series lead against the Washington Wizards. Danny also wants to know why people go to the NFL draft as fans.

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It's not a Bruins patriots Celtics. Talk about them all now. 24/7. Sports continues. Network. Or the show me until 4 o'clock. Taking a phone call 61777979837. 61777979837. Special thanks to Phil Perry from Comcast. What's that doing on a joined me last dollar we talked. NFL draft I'll take NFL draft calls if you have reaction to any thing that happened now all. I watched Thursday night I was also watching Red Sox yankees. Odd patriots as you know did not have a first round pick or second round pick. And if there was anything that kept my interest in the first round Thursday night in prime time it was the possibility that Jimmy grapple is still gonna get traded to Cleveland. In I had Adam chef to continue to pound is just about to report that he came up with a one time a balance at the patriots not won't. He continue with that thought with that report. Through Thursday night and looked you looked to be right. However urged them not eight. You know Mary Kay habit who'd been covering the Cleveland Browns. She's been obviously she has sources in the browns organization at a given her stuff. The browns organization is leak and to Mary Kay Cabot had the Mary Kay Cabot that. They would interesting to rubble they wanted to trade for Jimmy grew up right. And drama. When the browns made another trade during the first round Thursday all right. It was Mary Kay Cabot who came up with a tweet and report that a lot the browns have even mix even in a mall now. The triangle after Jimmy drop and that some people picket. I don't myself that maybe I can't speak for everybody else I only speak for myself as somebody who looks at. The annoying on patriots and what you Tom Brady has been a guy who is not done after next season. And go rob a law not want and to continue to be a backup quarterback for the next 34 years. And going to last year of his deal common sense in my opinion would be if you get right deal from the Cleveland Browns. You should make that triggered. So would that common sense in my mind. IC these tweets from Mary Kay Cabot Daryn Thursday night around one Ana FL draft and I'm thinking to myself why it is a possibility or at least. If the browns got to keep going after this which is obviously. The browns of bigness of the that reporter Mary Kay Cabot. They got to keep going after Barack or you wonder if there's an extra second round pick in the future that will make the patriots pulled the trigger on the steel cell. I was paying attention for that. What I decided Thursday night I'm not one of these guys it's gonna sit there and watched FL draft. You know for a couple reasons one I don't have the interest. And all these play is now after the top play is I don't really know about. You know it's a bloodshed projections. Of guys that nobody truly really knows I mean especially if we've learned anything in this town it's that you can take a guy in the fourth fifth sixth seventh round and tournament to a Pro Bowl player and act. Gentlemen did the greatest quarterback of all time so I mean. In is that the patriots. Picks in recent history that have been their best picks. Had been fourth round is for crying a lot when it comes to Malcolm Mitchell when it comes to trade flowers Bolten make an impact in the recent Super Bowl. So I mean. Somebody that really gets too worked up. About not have an early round picks but I also not gonna sit there and watched the third to seventh round. And tell you that I'm on this guy and an act I don't. Arnold Benny UN NFL draft junkie. I am not right Sione. Certain campaign that Hillary has yet there's the question has come up you see the crowds in Philly. It only moved the draft to fill. I was actually I was I know a lot of people do what I have friends who do the mock drafts. And you know they don't they won't get much right but. You know loaded and no one pick right there might get the fourth and a fifth overall pick right. Other than that it's crapshoot. I don't charge you. I know people do get into it analog to I was shocked to see how many people at the draft. Would you ever goal. To NFL draft or if it was around him. As a fan now I don't think so I the Alec you see those guys that was a 70000 people it was insane. It was insane you know. But many other on person asked him I mean you're there on it as big as wind got into the NFL draft. Obviously let it did you pay attention Thursday night around one did you have any interest in that. Yeah I felt I paid attention I wasn't. Watching it stricter or socialist on bun a telltale my phone checking our where this guy go as. I would interest to see where like quarterbacks went in these guys that they were talking about you were first announced that they would get into the first round yeah. Yeah and don't even have the Red Sox stunned. Even if the Celtics wore in the playoffs. Among. I still wouldn't be in to date Chiu and debris which is now Friday Saturday of the NFL draft and third tonight prime time. Amend the summit image of story lines I was surprised that. Robiskie got taken when he got got drafted by them three Chicago moved up a surprise but that. Not vied. I mean it's just it's not it's not made data they'll draft does not Mae and certainly if they had the NFL draft are going on I would not be dull I what are you don't. You stand around and they've gone on art maybe I can see the first round and there's not. Well what do you do when on Friday and Saturday it is standard around all day. Like what else is or not. What year you wanna listen and I actually won the mall and detaining pots of the draft I did see but now on Twitter. You can see this stuff untoward. The guy from the jets stolen jets are. JE TEE. Jets jets jets. That's. What he said we have the audio this. Mon JE TE. Jets jets jets. Man that was one of the ball and detaining. Things of the draft that I sought knighted him wide eyes are on two and obviously I actually edit and retreated video last night. But that's unbelievable I get a kick out of that every single time I see it here. Thought non yeah like it's I don't consider myself an NFL draft guru or an NFL draft junkie. Sell that said I mean I like Mubarak like and that's why I think that the major store at odds with the patriots. It's that are uploading a move. And now what letting him. And you know to me goes those added the top two things to talk to take aways which when I would inoperable. Unloved and eating at move because Null he's got to play the three point 91 male anybody who has this idea that he's not gonna show up. And not gonna try. Or he's gonna you know just know it's just gonna happen. You understand what he was Macon before three point 91 bill. I get when you look at the landscape of professional sports. And even NFL. When it comes to guarantee money for a guy to a top colon is not just a replay is a deposition. Three point 91 bill. Is laughable I get. If you don't know about those mega before. And you look what he's going to be making and one year of the three point 91 male that's a lot of money that's money he's not gonna pass up money he's gonna turn down. Especially where he's someone we talk about the draft guys get taken right. Getting it taken all everybody a bulletin. Pictured picked up Malcolm both up the street. Hey you're bagging groceries and how we make it three point 91 milk. And so pretty hefty pay increases and not. If not they edited based on what he does on the field and how he plays and pol goodies Ben objectionable 49 not Ernie you remind you that. What is registers rocked solid since he deserves the monster contract. As a stock opponent and eight top quarterback and it's legal call. It deserves more than three point 91 Miller sees. But I restricted free agent rule. That's been on the patriots got a play by that on the patriots are all well value that's a great value for a great plan. And that to me is the best thing second half of the patriots. When it comes to what happened. During this draft this past weekend. They did not give up now the ball and he is gonna play for three point 91 mil. Next season that is the biggest Boggan and all the NFL and it's. Sell on those two things that's the top story with patriots and the draft. Don't you got thoughts on that and what the patriots did it didn't do maybe you shot somebody that you want the patriots take and they didn't say they overlooked. Are they made and made another move I don't. If you have that dot I'll take it on the hit a 4 o'clock 61777979837. Outside of that. And some regular season Major League Baseball cubs and Red Sox and their rubber match of Fenway tonight we are playoff basketball league playoff hockey Celtics currently. Playing game one against the wizards at the TD got end of the Eastern Conference semifinal series and the Celtics currently lead it. Right now one O three and 98. And Isiah Thomas had a big day 33 points for Isiah Thomas. You got. Let's see a 12345. Celtics players in double figures. You have crowd would seventeenth lines fought for Edwards sixteen what it's gonna finish with a triple double what that would sixteen points. Nine rebounds and nine assists right now. You get. Avery Bradley to thirteen point two Dick Kelley alike. With twelve points off the bench played eighteen minutes market's modest played 31 minutes in this game. Smock essentially needs above Gerald Green real quick Gerald brain. Was in the stop line out but they brought snot and after only two minutes and it was clear it's been evident in the Celtics wizards game one that the wizards back court. Deal. And wall they want no pot of the all right ya face right yellow mug physical defense. That guys like smog and Bradley playing the Celtics noticed that right away they stuck with that cell I think one thing you got to see him moving forward. In this series is a spot lineup and this is my opinion. Based on watching today but I think moving forward yet to see stock lineup of Isiah Thomas. Avery Bradley. Markets not. Jake brown at an Al Horford and I think green Gerald green was only played seven minutes in this game. And has zero points in fact he has even taken a shot. That in seven minutes you are gonna Siemens hotline economy and I'd it's not going to be out there. They got to rely on his physical presence defensively to try and give this wizards team some fits the united. You that you got some bad blood with these these two teams the wizards and Celtics got some bad blood yeah that's a push and shove it in ads on you know finger point. Yeah it had some are doing it adds some Bob. You know this is going to be a physical series and where. It booked flights from the tickle the wizards with court pot big body underneath the basket. Is a physical player Celtics. You know art. They can't get pushed around by go to pot but I don't really think they can match that physical presence underneath with what time. So here's what you do you put all the physicality. In the backcourt and you say you know odd. We're going to be just a physical with god God's. With you all stock gods with Walt would peel we're gonna get their face would give them fits and what I've seen so far in this game one. As the Celtics lead at 1069 on the fourth quarter with five and a half minutes left. I have seen. The Liz aides want no pot the wizards' backcourt they want no plot of that physical play. That Bradley and smock a providing defensively they want no part of that. Sell all the Celtics need to continue to ride with that. It's not played 31 minutes. You've got some good production off the bench trouble and it rosy as four points and Brazil are now he's a rebound and got his eight rebounds in fourteen minutes. The Celtics right now I think what you're gonna see a move forward in this series is greens going to be out of the rotation Gerald Green yes she should not stop lineup. Which honest Bradley's not Crowder for over five. And you're gonna she'll lick the number one guy have the bench Rosie are also coming off the bench and I guess Amir Johnson in some situations may be. Donna stretch. I shot him with a couple attempts underneath the basket and he got rejected he got stock now. If you'll look at that. Anything that happened in this game that is gonna help sell itself from an injury perspective. My Keith Morris got injured in the second quarter. And he has not returned. I'm not marquee Morris. Move in this game not only played eleven minutes. I don't know we don't know all the extent of this injury we know he did not return and his game after a second quarter injury it didn't look good. He was down in some Cheney had a little collision with Al Horford Al Horford went over and sort of apologized to Morris. But that's going to be a big loss for the wizards. Move. If you artist series now we try to match up with physicality. A lot I think that morris' absence here is going to be big and take the Celtics. Salon that's that's the way this game on large walls got eighteen points deals get nineteen points. Isaiah Thomas would 33. And the Celtics are five players in double figures and markets not stepping into a role here. Where's plan vary on mats he plans got to manage and he being physical defensively and you combine that with what Avery Bradley is doing at the same time defensively. To this wizards' backcourt. The Celtics a benefited from that may lead 1092102. Late in the fourth quarter saw the Celtics can hold on take game one when. And this will be a you know the story really of this game itself can hold on win is going to be. How they began to. I mean look there's one player on either side that wanted to see him 1 o'clock Stockton there's one player on that this is a big game. It's it's a playoff game you know stop at 1 o'clock idol what Andy is doing. I mean negative seven. Between the clip is and the jazz afternoons it's the only other game of the day. And it's game seven of the first round and it's. In LA and tip off at 330. And stroke 31 o'clock. On the let's go as to why you do and like good. Is something going on I bet I don't know vote. The NBA is saying hey we can't compete with this night's going afternoon. All day Sunday afternoon game seven dis Obama's. Not that I know because this show up his game should've started at 334. And then it should stop the clippers game at at 730. I I just got that would be logical. Self appearance at my my point is that there's one player on the Celtics and wizards that. Once the tip off at 1 o'clock and that's the thought process before again. When they actually tipped off at 1 o'clock and it looked like there was only one team and it did wanna play at 1 o'clock announces Celtics they want harm. They trailed by as much as I think seventeen. Pushed it they would come close to twenty points early on. It was true honest and eleven not an idol to stop. Stoppage was sloppy they were turning it over ice our cup I shore up all these whatever I saw a couple bricks. Much Dave would not be allowed to go tot was owner and I'm underneath the basket. You know did Isiah Thomas goes to knocked out. Yeah this was a sloppy spot as sloppy ravaged body as you can add for the Celtics a huge game. What they turned around there were down as much as seventeen early. And hit now late in the fourth quarter and it's what I Uga and Jalen brown in his game one in 5050 balls. When and rattles written balls on a guy's name yeah Jalen Bre in their win and panels salt. If this is gonna hold on the store's going to be how they spotted this game. And it's rich Gerald Green and stop lineup he played two minutes court the end on the court to get slot in the stock lineup and added that's we gonna see. Moving forward. I think I told to go on into the series and it the Celtics. Can win I think you know there's no reason why they can't win this series I picked the Celtics won in seven. Come on down some home court advantage in that game seven. And I did that kind of set the Celtics up for an Eastern Conference final series. Against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers that was my. That was my prediction before the playoffs and stick it where that even see in his match up with the wizards and you know ultimately I do games that we're going to be looking at Isiah Thomas speed and someone that's gonna put up thirty points again in this series. That hopefully you would think. Is gonna get the credit he deserves when you match him up against some of the top point dogs and dogs in this league. Sell. I think it's going to be Celtics cavaliers and Eastern Conference finals. And if that's the case let. I don't I don't expect. I don't expect the Celtics who. Beat Cleveland. But. If you do. Want to name the un. If you do wanna. But some money there on a team and we're all right now at this point the Celtics. What what's what are front runner right now. Best Dodd's bill and its average. But don't they gonna do it does none at best bang for your buck. You wanna get knots. I'd like to judge you can you're doubt you can make your decisions on just talent but the odds are. But the Celtics I think this is set up for Celtics. Cavaliers Eastern Conference finals that's going to be exciting. And if Isiah Thomas continues to play the way his client. And the routes maybe you really get some national guys to get on blood. With the Celtics and that potential Eastern Conference finals series with the cavaliers right now the Celtics lead the wizards 116105. Two and a half minutes left in the fourth. And the story is how the Celtics began which was horrible at 1 o'clock tipoff and how they finished this game. Which what are looks to be a big game on when if they can hold on for next two and a half minutes which it and they should. Be able to do given away they've been playing this game defensively 617. 77979837. Have you got phone calls I'll take on it till 4 o'clock Sports Radio WEEI. Her card talks about Paul's new England sports on Sports Radio. I'd this Celtics. Will win the game on them in the final minute timer on and down season later at 1183 go on eleven. The Celtics will take game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. And if you look at what transpired in the last couple minutes. During the commercial break I mentioned that they threw Jalen brown in the game. And he won a 5050 ball regulated rip and out of someone's hands. And also buried a three Aegon Jalen brown submitted sorts like the reason for that was mark is not right as I was really praise and saying he was going to be in Scott lineup the next game. Playing spot minutes in the plane 31 minutes in his game. Not a lost his mind a little bit towards the end and that's the one thing you can't have with markets ma. Is that. You know it's one thing for him to get into the heads of guys like below wall arrested wizards it's another thing. For him to let other people did is had a let him get his own hand and many times the ball over and Annie gets upset and frustrated at himself. And he storms off the optic chord to the bench they shut them out obviously but there was a moment Palin. You know look like Marcus not was not to lose it and sell they had they monitor game but I still think. A credit to Jalen brown to step men and six minutes five points he had a 32 victory from the field. Can weaponized play when a 5050 battle. But I still think you know what that the Celtics gonna need markets not gonna need him and Avery Bradley for the rest of the series to play some ferocious defense. Against this wizards' backcourt. And the Celtics though they went at 123. To 111. I'm Morris Markey Moore as got hurt for the wizards in the second quarter he didn't proper times and answered at the big loss for the wizards. But Isaiah Thomas a 33 points. Jae Crowder with 24 points. Al Horford. Anyone points ten assists and one rebound shy of a triple double he had nine rebounds. They gentle elephant in 35 minutes. Avery Bradley and 39 minutes eighteen points. And off the bench Kelly elect had a nice first half he finished with. Twelve points in eighteen minutes I mention markets not 31 man it's coming off the bench came in right away. As Gerald Green it was in the Scott lineup but he only played two managed and he was yanked. Gerald Green only played seven minutes in the game had no points to Neiman drop shot. Sol so Mott played. 31 man it's got to minutes off the bench I would guess that he's going to be in the Scott lineup moving forward but there was a situation a late in the game which mock tunnel lost his mind. And that you need to become down on the bench by his own teammates bill. I think this team needs much defense here moving forward very huge land for the Celtics in game one. Against the Washington Wizards and now as you look at the schedule for the rest of his series. You gotta get game two on Tuesday night. Apple got an 8 o'clock tipoff. Then you gotta get game three on Thursday. In Washington and in DC and 8 o'clock tip off. Game four. Is not going to be until. Next Sunday. A week from today so you gotta get two games this week I noted game for a week from today at Washington. In DC at 630 next Sunday. I only there's going to be any sweep for the Celtics I do expect the wizards to win the one you know one or maybe even two games before that I think the Celtics aren't predictable as the Celtics when this 17. I could see danced Clinton at the god and I could see them split them. In DC. And then game five if necessary in a will be necessary is going to be a week from Wednesday she gets some good some times spread out in between game three. And game five. Saul yeah about a week and a. So they gotta stretch this thing all a game two is going to be Tuesday night the Celtics are a big win today. All that the wizards on taking your phone calls if you have any thoughts on his game 61777979837617. 77979837. I told about the other game coming up next. It's about to tip off it's a game seven of the first round between the clip is and the jazz. But around the rest of the NBA playoffs. You got the rap is and the cavaliers did play game one. Neck and going to be in Cleveland tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. Then Western Conference you got the spurs and rockets to recede spurs post in the Houston Rockets the three C a rockets. Big and won in San Antonio has to Barton tomorrow night at 930. Golden State is sort of sit back wait to see you that a play it LA or Utah. And so Golden State still does not know they swept Portland it just sort of sit back and much like. Cleveland has been sit back in the Eastern Conference. I mean if you project that it out right now all I was saying this before the Celtics when game one over the wizards. I've read this I had the Celtics against the cavaliers. In the east finals. And there. The Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. In the west finals I mean does. NBA and the NBA playoffs this has to be the most predictable lead. When it comes to playoff matchups mean to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and an NHL. And it's not so predictable like you got auto and now up two games than non over the New York ranges. In this second round series then last night Pittsburgh took a two dams on the over the Washington Capitals that upon my capitals of Paula hopefully. Sidney Crosby is playing out of his mind he's blocking shots lead to goals he put in parts there was legs in the neutral zone. And just dish and I Phil Kessel sniper in any. The penguins look like that team right now don't think they look like that team. But. In a daily the capitals two games than on in the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You have the threat it is in the blues. That's series tied at one Vick played this game three today. And then you have the ducks and the oil as the Oilers lead that series two games on. And the ducks just wrecked Calgary deal is. Delicate team of why put my money on somebody. Don't have a cup finals. From the Western Conference out of a full Western Conference teams left the threaded as the blues the ducks and the oil is. Right all the Oilers look like that team that could be get not a west and that would be exciting finals if it was. Pittsburg. And Edmonton. But I think the story right now in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Is. Going to be the capitals once again look like. In all they're going to be his regular season residents got. If presidents trophy team that's looking for Stanley Cup and the favorite to win the cup Bonin. And yet they are now ridiculous gift from Toronto in the first round don't forget. What you had to skip from Toronto in the first round and are now down to Dan's done to Pittsburgh. I mean. Is anybody put money on on Pittsburgh lose in a series right now the way this one has gone and I wouldn't. So I mean as just another era marked with the Bruins out of it. If I had to pick some some reform. I actually might conceal badge can make that serious cup run and voice acting all over his head. But I mean it's just not look like that's gonna be the case right now. And perhaps it's just know once again they run into Sid the kid may run and the penguins and and Sidney Crosby is gonna write his own legacy and write his own Stanley Cup history. That's unfortunate for Ovechkin and the capitals because I'd like that I'd like to see the capitals went at all. But right now down two games and onto a Pittsburgh team that looks like they are the best team in hockey I don't see how you can pick Washington to come back and and come back and win this series. And sell. And on the other hand in the Eastern Conference in Ottawa team that beat the Bruins day or two games out of New York like I didn't expect New York in the series. I expected this to be Bruins Kennedy adds second round. Are at least if there's one over the other in the second round I could see put Montreal up of any. 'cause they have Carey Price and I just looked at Montreal and not going to be the Rangers. But they didn't and it's not ranges senators and senators added two games to none lead so. This Stanley Cup Playoffs and not as predictable as the NBA playoffs and bring him back to the NBA playoffs and bring a packet locally. What the Boston Celtics just did. They beat the wizards in game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals 123. To 111 at Petit got an. The Celtics distorted this one. They got off to waits terrible spot. They fell behind right off the bat eleven and not him. And that they trailed by seventeen. Early in this game. You know there was some drama. Yeah had early on markets not put his elbow wanted. Gore tots wrote. Hansen made the exchange where all of a good though small was talking to go talk to the official. And then you have Isiah Thomas getting elbowed in the face. And he lost the truth egos have managed he came back. Mikki Moore is goes down with the injury sort collide and leg to leg with Al located. And more steady comeback. And on top of it all I thought in the first half. No he'll live presidents was something that was beneficial to the salvage he had twelve points. I hope there are all the first natural points and eighteen minutes. And of course we but the Celtics stopped lineup coming into the scanned. It had Gerald Green and it once again why would you get away from that stick out what's work and stick with what worked. In that pulls series image that adjust the adjustment in the first round. But green got yanked real quick. You put Marcus slaughter and got physical with debt wizards' backcourt and I think he's saying hey we might not win the physicality battled down wall in the paint against what Todd. But how we got to come to that is which some ferocious up in your face defense which. You know I'm I'm doing a show where while trying to watch the game but from what I saw. That wizards' backcourt doesn't want any part of that physical in your face defense. From what I saw. And if you are gonna give markets not those bottom and it's 31. I think what you'll see moving forward is just my opinion but I think you'll see animals stopped a lot of did you guys used online opinion too. Of Isiah Thomas Avery Bradley markets not Jae Crowder Al Horford. And Obama. With political not to bench help Rosie air at eight rebounds in the scam four points and eight rebounds. Right and did they get. And and they put on the bench and add teammates calm him down he traveled all over a couple times. So you got iso Pringle on whit Celtics right now with the game one went all the wizards. Going and I did feel like it's his series the Celtics went at the scene in the stand today seeing Ali fell about behind early. I think with a 1 o'clock tipoff you fall behind early you know that watched that early. I think this would've been an easy game to may be. You know just. Collapse folded up in and bring it to game two down one and up and in the series but they didn't they battled back. And overall for the most thought 531 team the number one seed what's the what's the number one thing we know about the Celtics team. It's that they didn't hit it to battle big and it continued the fight. And also Alia Isiah Thomas. Another 33 point game in 38 minutes he was five for eleven from behind the three point line. Eleven of 23. From the field so Isiah Thomas 33 points nine assists. And Celtics with a big game one went on to take your phone call 61777979837. One segment left that I Christian hockey and we'll take over so get the calls Rolen and yup thoughts on the Celtics game one went. At this time out patriots talk. Exxon see it's all fair game. For card. On Sports Radio WEEI. 617779. 979837. 61777979837. Watching game seven. Put this in the jazz right now I have no idea what the NBA chose to. Go 1 o'clock o'clock 330. Tip off. I just figured it would be 337. But the tonight dot com. And the lack like to. Pop it seemed affected the Celtics more than it did the wizards Celtics fell behind big early that didn't matter. Celtics went 1183111. And win game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. I've taken your calls on this game it Fiat and 6177797937. If you don't have infamy Christian icann is coming up next. Leading into Red Sox clubs Sunday night baseball and Juana Rodriguez. Version ready Kyle Hendrix. I'm seeing in the cubs' lineup. Came all about 51 minutes ago it says Iran to what I've not seen any Red Sox lineup. I'm sure Christa we'll get bacteria. But I don't see right now. But what I'm in Arizona watching tonight in this game with the water Rodriguez. Is. You know I would I would get this season with a lot of Rodriguez I think to myself OK it's time to put it all to get right. Yeah yea you spent now a couple seasons in the majors. And net it wasn't too long at all that you're a top prospect of one of the top prospects in this league. Yeah polished off. You know your big lefty that can throw 9596. Mile per hour fastball a nice change an 8889. You know it's time to put it all together we've seen flashes of it. You know you saw last Sunday in Baltimore. And water every guzzling did walk five guys. You know he had. And nice performance against the very good Orioles team what six scoreless innings. A lot only one hit and we've entered a no hitter into the fifth that it was Chris Davis broke out. And that you know you might see him string a couple of these dots. Together in a role but tonight is against the cubs lineup that can break I mean we've seen that we know all what is cubs' lineup can do. You look at shall although Bryant result. Zobrist I mean. Yeah they got it all there and it's right away so I mean they can break they can hit the long ball. What should water Rodriguez is gonna look like against an offense like this night. At Fenway now there is a little bit of extra layoff for Rodriguez because of money off because and ran out on Tuesday against the Yankees pushed them back a couple days. But. Look. I mean Rodriguez has the type of stuff. We there are a lot of guys are normally get look at that. At that look at what he has in the toolbox and say well if I had that idea number one or number two and asleep so it's time for Rodriguez hit it consistently. Get. That mom and prove that and I think right now the Red Sox are really asking for him to what. One price gets back you're asking Rodriguez to be in a before. But if Rodriguez can pitch like he showed against Baltimore last week and it did give you 67 innings consistently. All of you know smallest. One run ball then not talking about a pretty dangerous rotation. Of still. What cello when price gets back and then Rodriguez Vietnam before. And did you read all the friends that I I don't bomber rams is not somebody did you ever wanna put your money on putt. He was an all star last year and I think you take right out of the rotation per if you're Tony price has come back tomorrow. Which are not telling years but he is closer today than it was two days ago but he did pitch a bullpen. A skinny pitch day. Simulated game joining simulated game yesterday before the game if you told me he was coming back tomorrow. Then I would say rights to guy out right as an eight point 25 ERA he got lit up again yesterday I'd but up may be a strong. But you allowed two more home runs and it just doesn't seem to be working out the Steven Wright the knuckleball like it was last year it's all. That would be the guy that I take on the rotation and if you did put in priced. What will would Wear what I wanna Rodriguez beat he Beano before and if you you know before I started to pitch like he did last week against Baltimore in Baltimore. That's that that's as dangerous as it comes in this league which irritation shall it be good to see Rodriguez up against this lineup. Now lights on and I baseball against the Chicago Cubs at Fenway. I can't wait to the cubs are out of town this love fest. Idol I'll light the cubs. I'm stuck it becomes. I think a lot of that has to do with. People the last couple days trying to force me to like the cubs I don't I don't like to god and. I didn't grow from before I was just you know what it's not my team ever for a didn't dislike it didn't hit them. Now it's like they come to Fenway and everybody's trying to tell me I should love this team. I'd like Theo Epstein likely give that a Red Sox Michael Lackey did for Red Sox. Mike what was that for the Red Sox like what Koji did for the Red Sox. But they're not on the Red Sox in there on the cubs edge because they come to Fenway edge because they. You know reversed the curse like a Red Sox did an old Ford does it mean I have to like it just seems like a circus. And I can't wait till the circus is over medical it's leads and that. The Orioles coming to town tomorrow for a series against the Red Sox will the bad blood these two teams. I continue that glad. It'll have the and then when it comes to retaliation I mean if there is retaliation who's gonna retaliate. I cradle I'd seen someone thrown at at the ahead. Shot hasn't hit yet I don't know if you wanna read that every would you go what. I think that I think that's all we'll show that in this series I don't know but I still think these two teams the Orioles in the Red Sox as long as. This whole battle on for that top spot. And that AL east I don't think either side's gonna forget. What happened. In the last series so it'll be interesting to see the Orioles come to town after his cubs series is over tonight. But you can hear the cubs Red Sox game right here on WEEI Christian I can is next. Make sure you get my podcast Danny to Todd showed dated Todd dot com iTunes Google play anywhere podcasts are available also on the podcast one. Network. Have a great rest of your Sunday it again Christian I can't is nice to get the phone calls in from. Tell you get a stoppage win in game one all the way is it 617779. 79837. About Syria.