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Giardi and Bradford -- Another week of Rob Bradford's Boston Media Awards -- 4-30-17

Apr 30, 2017|

Everyone is on the edge of their seat as we get to one of the best segments of the week - Rob Bradfords three top media performers of the last seven days.

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Radio network. I wanna say this right now exams on capitol liked. Other people have great moments of success I don't. Gerry Callahan last week was named rob Bradford number of media storm that we can hurt they've cut you see our response. Now a great day yesterday I actually know who just fell after the school I want the war. That was her Manningham on the Kurt and Callahan show this week. The master motivated behind all those command pulling the strings. On the marionette. That is minute hand. It would be robbed. Brad fly post I'd I'd miss you at all or do we give out well like you look at as a motivating everyone would be better. Right. But I mean you're. You you do yup single handedly responsible. For Kirk. Taking out his frustration over not winning. You need your award of the week on ESPN's are now help port to Mel hill. You did that her I'd eggs and gas yes. Yes sure but the connection it's easy yes sure this I've I've always made that connection yet everyone blames me for everything just did that. I I don't with I'm focusing on the positive yes you are the spotlight you and Tony Robbins this is why yes I may have more powerful but I did more compact couldn Tony Robbins I had so when you don't altar of speech. At Fenway Park. You're gonna cost the fragrance in the. To all you have to do is buy feature that's all yet to be Demetriou. I'd buy another one. Pat Brad vote he shared that's all I ask. It's for a good cause as for Erica for the human fund the human (%expletive) its that's it's it's it's it's marketed so yes so anyway it. You know I should I should a tremendous amount of credit should go to you might your party. Arm because number one. You are the impetus for this award. Yeah yeah and inspire you where the viewer that I said you're the meat you start that first week it with aren't you Tom Karen in Jerry Remy. And so you were the guy who made this award possible. So. That's number one number two you look I want my name on the trophy you're not on the list you were not on the list. Because you've already won you could be could be could be that might purity trophy Lombardi trophy going port. You know lawless you do have a great week UAW Jimmy drop low you deserve to be on this. And they drop lottery for those who haven't seen it yet then any dot com. Offs tweet it out it was was emotional the bylaws yes it once it was the best answer I've ever gotten. In. And in my life and you were probably one years and in this business bigger. You'll probably don't you were probably motivated by. What wanting to win you are right it's in it's constantly. It's in my head. Yeah I think about Malcolm X but that's they're on chase a story today. The standard they set up which you've created here you know. So anyway the live up to that every. Regulations and have a great week but were not part of the top three here we go Barry go Barry go out there you go see this week's. Top three stars of the Boston sports media. I know it's. I told you don't underestimate the horns and missing. Number three about the great. Our old friend. These guys who used to work at this very station did and now has moved on entrenched himself the most stable company you know America. Yes he had. In Ryder. And you take a different approach to the smoking you actually smoke in front of the dumpster area while I go behind it. What's your strategy to adapt. I don't know I have one I mean that's not exactly glamorous setting. That's that's so it's just an easy act. There's Theodore bag is there some guys find it hysterical when this is the closest place to the studio and actually don't have a singer. Yeah unfortunately it's of a product went. Great show today yeah. When you mean you write your sports and our updates what's the best. Cigarette I would imagine right after that first update would probably be the best cigarette of the day he had no beard and probably the last one before you know you're gonna take got for today. Pursuant. When you drive all the way from like the Boston area which is ridiculous. If you had to drive without having a cigarette to drive did you make you think. I'm not sure about dad. I think early he would just won just one where these guys as they sit down in the middle of the halfway. It's. Writers brand has never been hotter. I mean for stars revelation. Because I knew John writer for a lot of years when you're in this very. The studios along with and studio but in this building. And I know he spoke I don't know how I didn't always votes. Yeah it's you've seen maybe it's because you did this shows often with. Mike Adams. Moving always they relatives and they were all together but maybe I didn't detect the smoke on writer because. Mike what an image that is though Ryder by the dumpster and get the anthrax. The raccoon owns around and around a batters. That is slash. Our neighbors and she says John Ryder number three sports media star of the week he is. Like I basically they re upped the bats and they got idea like a massive rain that's what basically kept him there. I would say that probably permanent like ten people just because they realize that in the Ryder seventh I guess said writers brand has never been hotter. All right graduation John. Number it. True sports media. Says the low part scramble. I can crash. Are very good friends. So big Donald. Joseph MacDonald Joseph was unfortunately part of the urge a yes the end but I didn't want to have someone -- percent. The people who were laid off there and there is nobody who represents better than Joseph McDonald did not deserve. Like many many people at ESPN did not deserve. To be cut loose from that organization. Joseph is one of the best reporters you can find and cement this award. Being singled out by changing his Twitter handle the summit in right now tell me what it is it is at mr. mom. Jodi Mack and that my friend you can do when you by Ted McCaffrey. Did last week. She cemented her candidacy by AXA cutie something we'd be on Twitter. She had expletive Joseph McDonald. The ego. Mr. mom mr. Bon Jovi doll play is not to be missed a month along you know why because he's too damn good is too damn Garrett. And it was a horror show what happened and ESPN and that was just another example. We're on anybody who are celebrated what happened. Just. Beyond me beyond me because there are a lot of good people out of town to people that are without jobs and and this is the very difficult market. Are currently the market is steer negative. And we can get into them and what were they doing over there and everything else and obviously I think that the biggest thing they're doing is there paying the price for. Getting in bed with the with the league's. And paying them money and now a lot of good people are suffering because it. Most particularly hockey joke covered hockey that basically distressed that our hockey isn't a sport anymore. But Joseph the Golf Channel and on its feet and this should actually help this is arrest made builder being the number two. He has his right now join Mac and run around right now. It's gone to the computer audio updating is present and at the top of the list Weldon is our despite all his Stoops. And his tenure he has again. He is putting at the top here is number two. On the Bradford GO RDU stars the. Well deserved Joey Joey Mac. And number one spoiler alert it is not. Turkmen and four parent if it happened keep trying keep working harder to do it what he does he was bored. I'm suspend able this week based on his behavior broadening and in view he went down he recovered crazy road that this that this that they in the pushes him. Right over the cliff no I think it just helps the brand he discussed. And as they did a great reconsider oath tax code we could shows you cracked the number one yeah he doesn't want. Sports media. Person of the week. Our own. Students weigh them. I doesn't want to be yet dot com and because she blog for the UC is there carry the ball. At all this game now. There there is somebody had asked the question of might drop at our man Joe's way did exactly that that way in case you couldn't understand what was going on there that was Fred Kornberg. Bulls coach who was inexplicably talking before that game about Isiah Thomas is dribbling. And only one person in that media group have the guts to say right. Now that you sought again is their problem that we play one more time to replace that or more time. That was well executed our. There's going to be a dot com and because she blogs for the UC as it carry the ball. At all this game. Now. You want to do well here down tail between legs. Next to you know you're on vacation and coincidentally. We have the winner of this week's sports media stars of the week number one guy Joes wait the waters over the guard right now just way congratulations on your honor. Thank you thank you rock I appreciate you are mainly. I made him out number one lot. Tell me you have to be honest just weigh you in in your back your mind when you're asking that question it was because you wanted to be in this position. Number one star of the week. Are deluded and also knew that you'll gonna be so happy but. Don't be up to date I can't predict that been the back on the. Look at I was out that would went into that game. I was driving in the city I sought to sway just walking around the garden taking laps sit and I can see that the brain was working how can I. I self. To be the number one you used to operate at Bradford and yardage to acknowledge. My ability. As a reporter. Pizzas sweat on his forehead but then you've locked in focused and that performance in the post game. The slump PW dessert you deserve to be the number one car. The American economy it's. You did you did you it did you feel like someone was gonna ask that question before you asked it. I guess you. Mention that because I would convince someone to Matt it. And I think the way they lined it up there like Google bird number I'll automatic by then of course not already been fired up on that. The question I thought oh impetus for the good question. And a bigot told them at you know and allow personnel reported when they're questioned how well that it would mind I got one extra weight and it can wait that I want. Well you as well executed not only did you have the guts to ask it as well executed it you guys. A viral response from Fred boy burned and today you're back at the garden covering it for us we appreciate it everything you anything going on there. I don't know much it was just sort of we cannot do that's why isn't level and star of the week. He's won the award is this for his report is people are still waking up there ago. Just wait your job bad for your god judge relations. Eight. Problem. We will. And their friends. Of the top three. John right Bradford in the garden and the through its media Joseph McDonald. Adjustment Ryder MacDonald Joseph sweep of new jobs another well executed. Top three. Sports media stars of the week. This is going to be the most downloadable. Listened to collect our was last week. You're kidding me on the eye doc it's crazy it's the book is people are positive you're it was like this for your dollar draft. Or people buzzing about it dating me. You know view I mean you had. Jeff how do on the spoiler alert the picks before they actually were announced he is clearly trying to do in the top area. Might breeze. Doing what he does call the shots that are gonna pick the up. Mock them weeks ago he restarted it would help carry my colleague at CS then also mocked the couple that he was trying to it and yet. Borman and my FaceBook lot if he's really trying to like I'm just present via. Eight the interactions so I think across the board. And Boland. In all these people. I want them on Darrow Julio the got a shot at the very well there's. It's a fresh new week it's a fresh new month those so start right now. The the competition starts right now that is why we are making. A better sports media. In the New England market. Okay.