WEEI>On Demand>>Giardi and Bradford talk about the Celtics eliminating the Bulls and moving on to the Wizards -- 4-30-17

Giardi and Bradford talk about the Celtics eliminating the Bulls and moving on to the Wizards -- 4-30-17

Apr 30, 2017|

The boys get into the Celtics who kick off a new series against the Wizards today. They also get into what happened in the previous series against Chicago and how Rondo was probably the MVP of the series despite only playing in two games.

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That says that has zero to do that it's a really good team building process it's very fluid. How well it's gonna go I mean there's no employee there's no book here's how it's gonna go look there's a lot of really good players there were in this draft. That have been drafted that are gonna help their respective teams. We understand that we you know we felt the same way they were not players of their that we felt good about so. We take the resources that we have and we try to make the best decision for our team. Whose capital Velika. The scenario well why was Bill Belichick update yesterday as given the chance or creases profile you know why could be winds through the afternoon. They have to do anything you want Bradford GR here on a Sunday morning WEEI 6177797937. Against 617. 77979337. Coming. You can yell anyway you want what's going to know that it's a cool 6% of those events of 937 cal bear and later carnival. It started and it. As we've got a picture of your money maker here and there I mean Europe and as as the photo shows. You have some product in the air as a lot of them opened skull added Bradford. Of the death of ago. Now of the league might once every facet. Every effort every facet there everything. Will hit on will I guarantee you will talk more about the air. It then we will talk the world once. We'll talk about Celtics but we are talking Bruins today does not happen although white house correspondents' dinner I would be happy to talk about that. You wanna talk about that night at Edmonton you're a real live to deceive the image via Baltimore series. I don't know America West Coast trip by the way. Because of that and that kind of take my chances. But they it is it's it's been your final days at home of the family our success. It's the this eBay's policies have bad baseball on and on time. Potentially get Newt's. Now I'm gonna pass and pass. By the way you did have a great week I I'd say that your disqualified from the top three mis starts the week if you Carty one. You can't whip right now of the bylaws state that you cannot win twice. You cannot win the top spot twice ridiculous would it every week as a semi have every right in May be global or literature exit into the might you RD. Media yet. Definitely like the Lombardi trophy exactly yes okay so. You had did have a great week we should not discount your week because you interviewed Jimmy drop below what the Celtics game right at it. How is that. Physical media stars in your eyes like Davey it's going to Marcia and he veto. Assists you know who's had a decision mean I was happy to see him it's just did you vote but he when you went up through all this is the true test the give them like the broke hard. He used to be handshake I know editors abroad are. All low overhead that's next level. Mike GO RD you do the bro hug so you you grab them and abroad Amanda and a hug the real thing now. Really like a shoulder to shoulder at the house that interacting goes today you know on. In comedic or grab a guy today both and I don't you know it is not me it's not me I I personally just wanna rapid you off the record. By now the people the boss man hours and they evaded you I don't be quick we wanna help you get your word out there would be quick and campaign was it an us along with five questions lasted like five questions. Of course where did you do it to decide it was at insults and I know I was on the floor really that. These do they want you locked in like probably the ten minutes before tip did you glean any information. Heading in the draft. Just Oreo reduced council buys smiles no I mean we've yet now. Now there was that mean you felt like all you felt like I I had no James you said you felt all along to Jimmy drop lowest Tuesday. Our okay. Because I go back liked him a report card navigate conversation and on these airwaves like may be right after the season's over. And that was our right after show after first came out with a strong and as like. I just think it's hard to rule that out as a possibility. I remember having that conversation like because look at some offered you 41 round picks. It's after insisted that not enough for first topics I actually think maybe there was Jeffords right. Army show after you're right short I'm marketed discount you bureau I wish after what is in the target on us in and I I believe that Cleveland probably. I'm an effort our first round pick they offered big so big because they have to pick next year right correct for probably off from a couple tune on a couple ones and a two and we'll go back to it if why wouldn't you. Why would you read. If you had a prom. If Chicago who seems in NAFTA right now how Chicago pegs. Him at number two what's his name. Terminated Mitchell for Mitchell. You have Mitchell being paid patent number two. If you do not make the call the patriots in May they did but if they do not make the call the patriots to say we are willing to give the number two pick. For Jimmy drop below then you are insane Chicago. And edit in forget about the contract I don't buy that can view you are absolutely right fine. If if you feel like he's the guy get them for a year see what he's all about and then give on the money who cares. Cheap is it you money should not matter when it comes to. Now and it's a matter in this NFL with a salary cap just keep going up and up and out and if you're Cleveland. You have a hard time getting people in the door so your best chance to get them in the door is too are any of them. Ala Jimmy Collins and then make sure you hammer out a deal before Jimmy counts of free agents so if Chicago. Did offer that is the patriots you do it. That's the number two pick in the draft member to. Is this format and that's up about receipt here's where the conversation. That. Radio said publicly. I wanna play 34567. More years he sure does it depends on who you talk to yet. Now mind you in the last I would say a while they in this off season. For the first time I can recall him. A minimum memory is not that good but the first all right or call him saying. I do realize that there is that I'd love to finish here but I do realize there's a chance. At that doesn't happen. That doesn't know Montana got traded it it just. This is how the NFL works together dozens were so while the fan then the good ports in the fan base never want to see Tom lately your finger Brady can be traded. I think but I just think the fact that Tom is willing to admit that. That possibility exists the possibility that no one wants to talk about. When it comes to Tom Brady loves Tom Brady for a good reason five super balls yes but that. Even he understands. I'm hit an age in a time where TSA and to come back to my question you're saying date you don't think that they would do that deal for the number two pick ball because the here's my thing. He may say what he says publicly. What conversations have they had private. Because. OK let's take. The guys across the straits gonzo lack brought this up about how he went asked of operating on number he said three years. But if Brady wins another Super Bowl I could see him walking away. Is that guessing. Or is that. What someone is before this or bubble lapses after a look at or is this someone close to TV twelve like maybe TB twelve. Also. And I also say why I I rip Kevin Youkilis and rip them but I mention that Kevin Youkilis who was way TB twelve admitted. Ian Browne mlb.com points out that a man a Democrat and he's absolutely right. That I aid trying to put my ad Brad but he sure it's on every family member I can possibly. Gather. And so I am a hypocrite yes so. TB twelve Tom Brady you were right to give Kevin Youkilis that patent every you clueless you should Wear that TB twelve at with pride probably. I guess I'd sort. This is a weird than he is now. Better known as Tom Brady's brother and lava is Kevin Youkilis baseball player. Ice. The that. Now a bit being. You wouldn't say if he wasn't a baseball player you wouldn't say what post game no there's Tom breeze brother posts post Super Bowl game those are you talked about this to be twelve out of Baghdad area that you are shying away from being part of the Serena gramley. That's out so you can bring rights. Rather than. It's good but I was in his front opened the Burry out in California it's good for business. Right and you era begins to attack Israel the owner of the bar on the field the Super Bowl. And he might may or may not have played in them visually baseball I don't know. If he he may or may not have before you practice because I will say this it was bizarre it was a bizarre scene. At Fenway you're in the draft through bizarre with the cubs commitment. It all these hug him in pleasant season. If it was nuts it was sort of what I've never wanted to deemed to start more mile life. There's just too much of humor to the smiles. Even Lester hug Handley. Drop as well for our own feeling that's. That was it was just it was just weird I get a you know a lot of people coming back I enjoyed seeing people I enjoyed team Darnell McDonald. Memory and mental skills coordinator for the cubs from and I enjoyed listening Gary kinki tremendous high school football oh yeah Ricky. He's Ricky. You recruit the same time the texas' Ricky Williams is some good stories about that. Yes so. I enjoyed all Matthew these people by the this is Simon's play baseball can we get to the Baltimore officers were people thrown at each other just to play baseball. They John in Maine who wants to change the subject on so we are gonna get there Johnson you can help us. Moving that direction. It's a job. Not accept the click on the what they are John I was already I do it that John was going on. Yes well I wouldn't be surprised the Celtics I ended up winning this series like four game collider are all right sweeping the leather bound. I think you know out there that doubt about China and everything it can't get a fact and the currency game. And the Mac app that way different ethnic areas then the ball Ares I mean. Like I did aiding and I think that Isiah Thomas and let law. And Bradley can handle it Bradley billion I think the MacBook emulate different I think they've got a lot of confidence now that they've actually gotten past the the Bert. Why are out period the year. Routine you know. It is where I give my prediction John show you my prediction now. Or so anyway he ain't you your consumer of the show John John normally you want the answers you want them now you look at. You sure you want an hour until he get time to give it. I feel like I should wait while we wait till the top of the hour. Our yes I'm so get after the 11 o'clock but we can talk about salt it was this fine absolutely. Tip off of 1 o'clock today game one. Yes at the garden Jeff Goodman for under the program. Is pin and strategist rated on photo by Thomas who's here concerned well all he is already know he's playing today after ten assists from yesterday OK he's there is there's ago. By the way could mean was on with a Steward you're on that's one of the many show February non. Out of an offer to I was on too often often that's that's that's horrible like that ties into my blood could cut a deal that is my work schedule. The cut work Comcast for two weeks. And be offered to shore. Yeah but he kid to a position we need some momentum via reunion we did especially after drought is there is BA DD shows are again. This is where an idea though but we but we had Jeff Toobin on and Goodman said that we ask that the Yemeni youth great market about the Isiah Thomas sister story. He's all over that. And he I at the end of it we asked who you would draft him because obviously he's born tune in and anybody and he said mark Dell Foltz. He Sid Mark Dell Fultz. You know and if I'm a Celtics loses what I would do because I know everyone wants to know what I would do for the NBA draft as the Celtics get ready for the playoff game. You have the lakers sitting there you have that lunatic. Well Lavar ball boy right levoir ball who's blowing up his kid's shoe contracts and everything else. You have him desperately trying to steer into lakers lakers need some good PR. Once the balls are really good player obviously player they'd be probably will wind you trade via the Celtics you get that number one pick no doubt. You do a deal with the lakers get the number three pick overall get something else of tremendous value there you're on your way. You're really Arcadia faults with the third pick but still a fine when you do that is the amiga GM. I like that yeah okay because Earl is now and get a good player you get a player good player and somebody else. Rebounder. Right you get you get your regular rebar get a guard. Why are underway here is a very insisting to me and insisting. Oh during the past we watched in the series it is. Did they stage. With a smaller lineup that they used against Chicago. They reinsert Amir Johnson. Back and no no no but how did they struggle. They struggled on the boards. Especially against this team. Given their trust is gonna help you. It took me to me this is what you do this could be when you saw that series Gerald Green in the line debt that it is ball. Honestly it's not like Joseph Greene can't rebound. You know he can't rebound somewhat. And I would make the argument that as active busy years. I would take the ability to score and some ability to rebound over the building need to do something I have no idea what he can do in Amir Johnson. Right take a new artists are you know art you know you get a fired up Kelly a clinic whose. Who's evidently you know he's really understanding that you can make some money if you play well the post season. Put it this UA indigo you know was he knew they were gonna just destroy Chicago in game six when Carolina was talking trash. Like they were Fallon. I'll have a cup off. You should I drove me nuts that drove me but that's about it because he was talking not that that doesn't it down the hole wouldn't get into it I forget. Who was it it was the guard there are all men and undrawn line anyway. It's blocked from behind. Same boat that he he blows out Olympic turns and blows up on the guy like you want to fight them. The guys they are you wanna go. Here's realized that basketball you know annul the guy got to move report he was walking down he was more walking I learned that Kelly an acute Lamar yes. That yes in his basketball that's what drives me nuts but it was great to see Cali let it show any emotion at all. God bless his Canadian heart. You know he did this is an and how much of this is it all of a sudden you have a different Kelly limit. Which we haven't seen ever. I've never seen this version of Kelly gauntlet now we've seen him go on good runs and everything but we averaged he would show any emotion eight profits and anything else. Is this because if all of sudden now you're an effect on the playoffs or is it because he's a freeagent correct. Is becoming a free agent they opted not to pick up the before you have. Yeah it is you know what if if I was him. You're Smart you know how much money you can make if you're good in the playoffs. He this is out perfect eight epic example. Well that dynamic with Kelly a clinic if he has a good series this is James Posey all over again. On tents poses such a good player who Pryor's Al Horford side here was the best free agent Simon is sovereign if I maybe ever. What do you agree with me so yeah James Posey made money he's gonna make. Honestly he has the potential to be a ten million dollar player Kelli Atlantic yeah it is because everyone makes I know understand but he gimme more money. All month he's cute athletic big bodies six or 77797937. Bradford a yard here on the god talking about to meet rob Lowe's situation with the patriots. Then hanging on him with that the right decision also now talking a little bit about the Boston Celtics is they gear up for game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series. With the Washington Wizards it's awful 1 o'clock today. Certainly it's meaningful because I want everybody in there and coaches players. To experience the greatest allies of this but I think we've been through a long enough that. You know we're not gonna ride emotional roller coaster of the lows. And we have perspective on the highs this. They're hard to accomplish another team's morale their claim their butts off to. So. We got to prepare for Sunday afternoon against Washington on a quick turn around so our focus is on that. Brad Stevens Celtics coach. He's on the hot seat. Raj on Rondo MVP of that series. Yes. Dude does Chicago win that series of Rondo remains healthy. I'm asking you to cut your crystal bowl dad now side of this is a fact and in this case facts. Is a yes yes I like I just like the way Iran to have plan eyes of this before. I love watching Rajon Rondo when he's in the playoffs in the in is the really did resign Rhonda and I think that he would have made. Dwyane Wade a lot batter. Because we saw the first two games that those guys were as good as they're going to be AD were like that regular season. And then you make everybody better as though at least he goes to a game seven and use some games at least in front. Of an out of four. Finally yeah act. Yeah its it's and we would have against that I would love I so desperately like he's the Oprah definitely is on the that might timeless tale but I know that. For the sake of the show I will not do it until after the next break. But if there's there there we couldn't reach him. This way we can wait I I have a lawn I have a prediction is Dennis that your hair on that your your wife here. Content or don't it's not you go to your hair is magnets. Glad conscience our country and I should should we go to throughout. At. Should go to Russ. Yes you know we started to transition there are a little bit of let you know what we can do everything except for Barone Ross Ross talk about Brady injured EG morning. Morning guys are you guys talk about this earlier in just one small way on that are. Like I agree I don't understand why itself food locker operate each future I don't get that. I mean might saga photography outlook are great. But to excess of forty you'll. Quarterback during the season and honestly. It gets even your department news in orbit wrapped. You have to consider all options and that does look pretty are ready and ought to be prepared for that he watched their hero. Joba to advocate and gets life. It sums that the cult there could be an important sorted out their. A lot Creighton talk about. Russ can ask you some questions here because I have to be given the fact that you you deem your son after Tom Brady you're not the only one men and this admirable for. Doing what you wanna do ninjas. Because my charity he did not and his wife won one on all over rated as he could name his son when he wanted to so it's good that you got that choice. How far do you does your love go for Tom Brady. Is do you do you and other rescue by the pajamas due by the wouldn't cook book to you do you are you going for the Tony Robbins a vast how far does ago. But I don't doubt our market is tell you all what are quite tired it's it's there. We are we're gonna have a job outlook but it all right and we have all walked by here before we actually outside. Our. You need your son for four or five years. I thought that he was apparently named later. I had a daughter first what. I hope. Well no ma and that that's next level if you need Madonna Tom Brady. Yeah market you know. Russ Russ can I ask your question are on this great thank you find this braced up a little weird. The Tony Robbins stuff cookbooks stuff. Don't drop it. Like they want. Tidbits that. It's. A plot to report a partner perspective. I don't find it weird. It is it then dad. Is saying to our politicians fanatical they're upset and he'll outline. It's its commitment plot with respect to comply with my wife and are there I don't think it's strange. But I also compliance with people liked or thought these motivational speaker. I don't pick it out level so. Well what it's all public and it popped up our YLR. Sprint it would let the ought. You know what's weird is that to mean that the of this car rescission Bob Brady and Brady really hasn't gone on this Rota. It was the Guerrero in her view the media really that that was sort of a thing that all right now we're going down this path which we hadn't. No doubt much into a non Brady right now the Guerrero and that is usually guarded it was as well suddenly forty minutes of Coke is poison and everything else. It is a great interview and how it started for copy could be for Tom Brady will release was aligning himself with much of anything. Bugs. That fit right now where where Tony Robbins events in and this in baton late artist and a lot is. And just think about this is that. I think you see this happen. We is. Or you release read about I'm and I don't see you in person because I'm not friends of these people but and just in terms of going to break up Jimmy's won here when you become this ridiculously successful. On a different levels superstar. Slapped and in his marriage to. The biggest Brandon in the biggest model in that business and she's. A tremendous businesswoman. That they have so much money now and they're in such a different. It's like there and like the one person owners yet of it has its is Deborah trying to get that everything guy's head that again you're now in this place where. You're almost in a bubble that you don't yes you don't then you don't even know how the other half lives anymore. And it's your whole life and everything your lifestyles and like they don't. Do you go fly at a West Coast road trip. Use schlepped Logan's apartment card Logan economy are in the central parking Andy do you go through security and did. You get on the plane with the other 300 people and your record as saying well look if there they're buying that they have their own jets and they they fly when I wanna fly and like in their kids have no. Cops. Up debt if anyone else's running around chasing around Rob Gronkowski and skinny jeans. You know like he was at Fenway be like there was with the doing. It is Tom Brady you know isn't the Q live in that world and and when he puts on the skinny teams is that I can put on these dvds because I'm Tom Brady right so people can see maximum draw on my first invited by the that topic and if that is the word you're absolutely right I always say. When these guys talked. About oh whatever from the clubhouse proceed don't you sense from Pedro. Don't try to get in there had they they live in a different world than us. It's where just we just had this conversation on trotted the draft we're talking about Malcolm Butler situation that's that's situations got to be watched and monitored over the course of the air. And you say oh we ought to it was areas make a three point nine million like street happy that that's more money than any third year player in the league makes. Because of a situation our fourth four year for an hour. Point being I said but it isn't. Because first of all let's not pretend that three point nine million dollars is a lot of money in that business because it's not especially when there you know how it is my they're keeping score card debt and he's out he's going to be in the locker room and is gonna turn two was right or left wherever Stephon Gilmore locker isn't gonna go. And 31 thing guarantees on a five or 65 million on him as much money you know and he also went to New Orleans. The north of this is where we're gonna pay you he knows how much money table that's the ticket McGraw I know our make a three point nine million but it could have won. Guarantee. Against. I get it Furman normal person's perspective three point nine and a lot of money from these players that is not a lot of money. And it's a slap in the face and it's something you have to pay it that's Donetsk these guys they get it it's a different world. I know you can't look at it like we look at our world cause it's just. Ain't the same. I know we we we get a sniff to go to break but I do want though. Along with talking about the south is in my prediction I do you wanna get your take on the thing that we talked about last week of this sort of alliance a lower title when Brady. When that story that has come out in the globe Oka and added that 61777979. The 37 Bradford yard here and to the.