WEEI>On Demand>>Giardi and Bradford -- Red Sox desperately need a leader in the clubhouse and the Jimmy Garoppolo debate continues post draft -- 4-30-17

Giardi and Bradford -- Red Sox desperately need a leader in the clubhouse and the Jimmy Garoppolo debate continues post draft -- 4-30-17

Apr 30, 2017|

Mike Giardi and Rob Bradford kick things off discussing the Red Sox, their lack of offense and how they need some leaders to step up in the absence of David Ortiz. We hear from some sound with Bradford discussing playing in Boston with Jon Lester. Then the guys move on to the NFL Draft and why the Patriots are holding on to Jimmy G. Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery of Belichick holding on to the young phenom.

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Top of the hour brought you bide your town fair tire here's restraining and a BV IWEEI dot com Steven Wright the Red Sox. Boston John Lackey the cubs just say about final 74 Wright gave up two home runs including a glass from Andy Anthony Rizzo that in attendee and Ramirez both homered for Boston Zander Bogart's Mitch Moreland both committed errors on the same play. On Kyle's former escort during a three run seventh. The cubs the rubber match is tonight on Sunday night baseball Eddie Rodriguez will take the mound against cal Hendrix you can hear the game. Right here on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network pregame at 731 pitch scheduled for eagle five. Celtics and wizards who get their series underway at the garden today tip off scheduled for one. At 330 the jazz had to LA to take the clippers on for game seven in the winner's. At the right to face the warriors are in the filed any NFL draft patriots like it Arkansas defense then Dietrich lies in UCLA offensive tackle Conner McDermott. They also sign a group of undrafted free agent including twins while we tight end Jake Hollister and Arkansas wide receiver Cody Hollister. Reports from WCVB embossed in yesterday's and it tests show. There was no Trace of any illegal drugs and Aaron Hernandez's system at the time of his death. Whether fifty degrees sunny cloudy later on high of 52 and that's just running on WEI. And a B I dot com. Mike GR EM rob Bradford or on Sports Radio telling you we. We every facet of new England sports gets dissected with Mike Enron so let's continue the weekend right now it's tiara yeah. Bradford on Sports Radio WEEI. Good Morning America. Why not right through week two weeks that's what you two weeks. All right so I had the flu the first week yeah this is what Bradford. None robs the mind. I mean it as anything I was thing about coming in. Figure that. You would uplift me to get me out of the hole and I was then did you listen to and you via the Philly and every drug felons dose did. Did did you feel like running in. South America or everywhere and trying to save it yes. The thought that crossed my mind. But while last week was he last week with the way I see two weeks ago we he had the tragic news and Isiah thomas' sister dying. Which is always Dockery duel one of those shows last week has also awkward because I had to. Criticize Tom Brady's it is a little. So. It would have last week this who is this is the one week anniversary. Of me buying in Boston Globe. For the first time in ten years. This is the one week anniversary. Did you you framed. Yes I framed I framed it and I said look at key and you believe I spent four dollars and fifty cents honest. Four dollars and fifty cents four dollars and fifty cents a newspaper. What has happened last everybody newspaper might. It was like it was I honestly this Sunday paper was to box and bright and even now like to box. One of my buying and half on a baseball preview magazine. About buying Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Was going on. I probably and at least in the gas. But you had that but Mike here's a thing ambivalence we are gonna do the soul who is this week old. We've moved on to Tony rob that Tom Brady pretty excited about that by. You had to bought that newspaper that day to see how was presented that was an important part of the whole thing. Which beat because in the more I thought about angry yard guy. Because it was like you are representing this rule the ass backwards. You're representing this as Tom Brady is a bad guy look we got them and that's really what Bob Poehler did I don't think. But that was represented if you look at the paper that lie in the graphics that. Everything else. That. Feel like it's hard to Redick and headline. It's north nine it's easy just it's it's you know you wanna be sued. I don't know if you noticed Atlanta more important story and an. Yes and and I don't know if you notice also today. We are we are limited in terms of these stories that we can right. Because evidently space considerations are still. That's what we've heard from Joseph solemn might have been one of the worst low. Answers. Now. Mean is that even remotely truthful no no no this that they got the Internet you kick you can't fall off the into the earth right in word counts with the Internet. WW paper and out so this is you know I think that I think this would be a better story or even actually I eight he represented the story of what we should be writing about. But we just can't do it total all the focus on Brady the Brady pitcher it's like basically Mike. You know it's like when I write this tweeted out that ninety RD I get I get the Rocky Balboa in. And Apollo creed hugging in the water so that's good enough. I am lazy as well by if the global at the Brady pitcher they have the graphics made up. We ran a space. Justice runway Disco. Video anyway I don't wanna get its once again we're we're moved on and Tony Robbins and all kinds of other things and including by the way and congratulations on number one being back went. Number twos. Runyan a photograph. How born with that I don't know wasn't there was really born as a so early this Thursday Phil Perry and I are the only. Actually mark them Darrow was there okay there was three of us. He's our competition I think right now I'm not I'm not sure it works but go ahead that's those of the three people are in the building on Thursday for round one he's meaning app that's it just you guys it was a grimace. Why did you go. Just in case. We also have 900 hours of live program and so I know we did about. 805 I'll tell you how many times did the they flashed in my purity and Phil Perry quite a bit really aquavit like there's nothing to see this nothingness is often you see. Yeah we had Charlie Weis and studio that dug out that actually saw that it was good you X ray oh boy. Oh. And an awful and that if that's fair knows little concern Newsnight we will get out of our sets there. You know. Comcast has a history of bad chairs do it was on the on the set when I was there they have these metal chairs wrote those sort of like parcel chairs. And there was no back and so. There are people including myself you've got on there you thought that thing was gonna smack. You thought you falloff yes it is leads to bad posture because your hunch forward no no we have we the DCU club house yeah. We have these two chairs that. It's tight for me this event yeah it has arms and it's it's enclosed. And now I'm a 175. Power what they're trying to squeeze the boring out last. So just imagine when you put him say ax offensive lineman Dan open the F. Anybody would any size that man is so little it's. It's a comfortable. We have those. Are the seats that don't move on beer early edition set a bit you can like when you try to slide for the just don't plot for if you find yourself like. Tennis is from the desk but you gotta get closer and can't do it what's going on. I don't know chaos so what do you were down at Foxboro you weathered the storm that was. Nothing happening on Thursday and that and everyone else was was Thursday the Yankees game Red Sox yankees to those on Chris it. And then Friday you have the draft there was a chaotic day in Boston right where this Celtics in the you know draft in the cubs in and everything else. So Sox consult a cup. That didn't really sell out that game are our guy on the scene Avant relics of theirs concede that that doesn't mean it's accurate. Did you say that it did lead to the battle against Euro I think he's Estrada I don't know that stir the pot within three z.'s. I don't live that places ball they'll play capsule if I actually think there half here's the story of that. Then I think that I've never seen a friendly crowd would more visitors visiting people in my life that's like Red Sox going to Camden. I more relic. I asked. Well I mean the fact is that that on Acela you have like 20000 people and who 151000 an exact science bad news is a full house. And you are half and half. And it was crazy that night. Friday night it was loud it was yesterday to. It was out full of cubs fans. Good for them ya doing getting out the midwest and Mirai and I again brought him whether we inform the damn well there was. I don't I don't think becomes executive of the sale. And his balls and get active and other world champions I do you can't really do better than world champions last time I checked out I don't think that Beckett. I like Red Sox and yet. They acted in there who's good that. I yankees again I'd. The Yankees rodent bite you look at the Red Sox and Buick did. They're this or life and life in this goes back to when Zander Bogart said the other day and I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I I apologize to everybody. I've been I edit and it's been documented on the show which sweetest Bradford and she RD whatever the name of the show as. Has been document I said Edwin Encarnacion. Yes right yes that you repeatedly and and by the way there's nothing wrong with saying that they are missing David Ortiz and when I saw the Zander Bogart said that I saw your tweet though like. Finally I went to edit yes Wilson different. It is I had you know lives is don't normally use is far Ortiz. He has again. We don't you listen got to do a lot of we were trying to we are trying to prove they're fast and good guys on FaceBook. Have an attorney for the lineup as a sort of Opel division. As the movies there are some movies summonses finally someone said. Finally someone says that's LA fell. And everyone or that's the rock climbing the rockets returned that it has been to Boston that's what he's doing and that's what David Ortiz missing when he locks in the clubhouse but. Everyone is ripping Bogart's foreign mutton I were getting after on the pregame show rains you can say that like why are dishonest and not. Note this this probably doesn't qualify as a good radio because review where we're supposed to argue but I don't understand why that any anything he said. Was worth criticism. He admitted. That is different here and you add a bat who has arguably the best bat in the American League last year or one of a handful who influences. Ali got the front of them but the guys behind him and he is gone. And mr. Wallace and find a Mitch Moreland has not well what David artsy. Yeah we've soured he's seen we Rory is seeing N and when people say well what's the difference of the problem really is is that Bogart's in Pedroia in all these guys are hitting. Well yes no kidding. But here's here's the difference when those guys were hitting before court that they leaned on who was the guy in those games in the game like the Yankees game series. Couple days ago when you only have one or two runs for the other team is gonna hit in the two run homer to put you dad or at least tie you. That was David these. When you are going bad Dave Ortiz was the guy you leaned on and went bigger Bogart says that it's okay you know that's fine what. I don't get why people are criticizing him for that I honestly didn't I think partly someone set. That's what I was a big thing across the street and the two to six drive time. How dare he say anything like that and I have no problem of them say edit. I will say they need more from Zander put any more from a lot of people right now I mean this has been a stretch that is not exactly. You go through these at the over the course of the season right I mean that this is what happens. But this slide you feel like one hit one big hit maybe somewhere in their changes error. Their fortunes and haven't had that night you look at the Danner has just five RBIs this year. Won't with two home runs Hanley to fifty. In home runs. Get a little hotter right you know again against nice buy it. It only works. Any worked a lot better when you have another person read them moves at the crap by the ball you forget that. You hit the deck yes he finally got going you can draw parallels let him we did last year. In terms easing into the season in terms his power numbers and this unified but also UN Ortiz there you and we'll keep Betts who is that crap by the ball. You had other guys around you and right now you're sitting there like it. This is just going a bunch of runs in one inning and that's it. You're not getting guys in running scores scoring position that's it. There's nothing wrong with saying that you missed David Ortiz there's nothing wrong with a and the other part of about that Mike. Is that you are missing David Ortiz in the clubhouse you just are. You are for a and I was the stock though Lester about this yesterday about this playing in Boston dynamic and he said one of the things that you can't. That you have to factor in is that. These guys coming and don't have a lot of guys who've gone throughs before to say this is cowardice they're all and and that's no knock on. On ports sell low or sale or price or the guys who are there that is up backed. Chris Young kids Leo Chris Young with a like to play in Boston for five years. Yup Pedroia shore. But you don't have a lot of guys like you did before and that is a problem for a guy like independent then need to come up. And not half as many people lean on you remember you've been around this team you've been around back in the come back in the glory days of even for the glory days can even be like 2013 I could beat 20072008. Writers Eric Hinske is here with the cubs that we're going through the roster of those guys. There was a ton of guys to leave Iran they're just isn't that right now and and thought they they can't win. But that's something you got the factory and when you say well. Can you manage times like this is Dustin Pedroia good leader. I think he adds but I think it goes back to this Mike. You can't say in baseball club houses that there there is one lead I don't think it Ortiz was the one leader. I don't think Jason Varitek when you see on his chest was the one leader in baseball you have to have. This state or leaders all different parts of the clubhouse with a collar waving my you have to here's what it will well Alex Cora from it was a it was a private guy a guy a guy who could speak what this does sound stupid but it's true a guy could speak multiple languages is important. A guy who like Varitek lead by examples and Oren a guy like you know Pedroia Ortiz that dynamic they were different guys. Different types of leaders but they were leaders in for people say well Pedroia is a leader because he did what he did the other day will understand that's also is that after that game on Friday night movement shot though. This you don't get that reaction if they don't think this is the guy. Right you don't get the arms that standing at the top step of the dugout staring out at the Orioles after the game you know gives in a Bogut almost in tears because of it if is not you know if it's. Outscored them. If so to me that was eight they know he's a leader but that's not the be all end all you need more than one just one guy. And I don't know if the patriots in the same way. Right I'm Brady isn't alone Tom Brady is already nobody else when it was really roll in there it was all I guess now will be why hide power in Brady. You have different. And that that locker miso day. They're different guys that police that locker yes Matthew Slater police deadlock denim according polices them. Hightower the other hand I mean it's legitimately that air spaces and areas and it's like this guy's got this news got when bet when Martellus Bennett would hold court. Once or twice a week. You would see Slater. According couple other guys. Costs circle and and take a look and listen a little bit to make sure that he wasn't going someplace that he shouldn't go and that's how they that's how they handle it wasn't you know Mike if you just added that it would say I never had to have a conversation on bill bill never said don't do this don't do that. I believe yet has bill probably sold Slater recorded a couple other guys. Make sure this goes okay and. Isn't that why a guy like keeping a guy like high towers so important. I think so yeah I mean obviously he's a really good player but. But you can't do is keep people in these guys off and then have that that cap to those of no leadership. Because when they tried to remake their defense in toy on the eleventh hour to a thirteen fourteen that area 1213 fourteen. They had stripped away some of those guys and you needed. People like hightower to emerge in order for all become cohesive and become what you wanted it to be just. Not just about individual talent gap that people that are all yet to Zurich you all may you you have to do your plan for me and I'll hold you accountable if you don't do it well. Like goes back to just because your good doesn't make you leader right and Nomar Garciaparra yen and to read a perfect example. When I was covering a Celtics in the time with Paul Pierce. Paul peers they made him a captain along with Antoine Walker Paul Pierce was not ready to be captain he was a good player do is use the best player. But. After tough games with he had his locker after the game now Antawn was every single time. So that's important so goes back to what we're talking about with a Red Sox. OK you know Pedroia is he certain type of leader the user lead by example type a guy. But you hear his cock into. Smokey bets about pulling himself out of slumps who was the guy that he says who want to be talked to David Ortiz. This this is this is the thing this is why it's important is it too. Is it too much to expect. That's because you use your best all around player that's not the it's not him to me it's. Everyone wants it to be that way but I don't think it is that way. Because he's a good player shore. But is he a guy who's gonna I patently stay in front of the team mark or even take guys under is doing the what you hear about bookie bet now is how inquisitive v.s can't find you the guy asking the questions. And he should be asking the questions that he's still what do you forty years old. So it. In that you do you have leaders on the pitching staff you do up were so low and you have Chris Sale you have those guys but those are pitchers it is. It goes back to win baseball it is a in my easing my hands clubhouse and now it is four corners you have a multiple multiple parts of that room. And multiple people in that room or leave though. There ego IE so that you I hope I answered your question. Perfectly. I think that they it is so. The way I read it then is that there is a there is a void. Not not only. In terms of the number of leaders there's also did an age gap void your retirement you got your younger players your boat archer bats these are some of your better players. But they're still kids there's about an attendee obviously is a rookie. They're still. Kids in the system and the like you said they haven't been here they can't answer questions about what it's like to be here for five years. And deal with all the ups and downs to go through if I use my radio and task. You conducting a sympathy where's your with the ethics sympathy I meant to say sympathy. And where those. 272829. Year old guys that have been here for five years on this team. All that exists that's where we you know agree go back to Lester. You know Lester. Was a guy like that in and he'll plea for an up our cold loving guy like that there are guys who were around here a lot and and this is one of the things I talk to Leicester about yesterday. What's our. Basically the main thing a doctor Lester about yesterday is playing in Boston and don't give me that doesn't mean anything and he immediately he's like of course that means everything. You go he went to oak minutes ago case Oakland but he goes to Chicago which Chicago is bigger Chicago win is nothing like Boston is nothing like this. And you know. So if he went down on the down the list he offered the perfect blueprint of how you handle being in Boston. And is all the things such as HS is not going away the media is not going the way a going away you have to do is understand this is how it is. And I think that right now these guys because they don't have guys in there say this is Howard is just deal with that. Then they don't know that Sylvia and Chris Sale we can say all you want about Chris Sale. I don't know if you knew this but people like to go to games Chris Sale pitches and this is this is yes that that Chris Sale picked yet. But great Chris Sale is. On paper right now everything that you want and in case performance. No nonsense everything house. But will go back to what you do not know how a guy handles Boston until he faces adversity for the first. Right right. Now. And not getting run support is not adverse. Right it's it's the four and a third. Always kind of thought getting in man seven runs it's sucking in the getting criticized for sucking and then maybe two straight outings. Of the bottle again. Yeah two outings and you'll start to wonder well go back to price last year right Pryce Pryce had. Remember at the low point was probably start in New York movement in Indian April. But it was like this is what we signed up for and then he went on a Rodney went on a pretty good run but it was. That was still sticking with the it took a long time to dig yourself out. Of that narrative that David Price wasn't living up to his contract along to. And that's what I'm talking about when you hit that how do you handle it how do you handle it as David Price did the right thing for awhile for awhile then. He pitched well if you pitch well that helps but we don't know how Chris Sale is gonna act I would I would guess. That he would be okay you know why. Because I don't think he does read or listen or all these other things I don't think he does and that's important. Player you'll Lester said bluntly Lester said was. You have to be aware of what's going you have to so you're not blind sided by. Now lol I agree with that but with sale he's never available so we can't blind sided with anything. You know it's like. We are not talking to Chris tail in between starts this is how he's choosing to do things right now OK but how long before it gets her for that. What needs stops when he starts pitching well right it is the Belichick thing you can do what you want a few Bill Belichick. At these press conferences like he did leg when with that yet about it Friday you can do it why can you do that Mike. Because you just won another super wall Arrigo you do when you on an island like this show our ratings are so high and we can do anything or not we can do everything we want. As rob Bradford I might you are you listening to the Bradford and GRD show here on W the act. Because it's every day yeah. Oh it's it's a matter. Out to be on here. To be on here and you want you want to buy storage systems do tonight. I always remember put them out. I exclamation point on. He really hammers of. Home you guys saying that after doing that interview with Jon Lester. I miss guys who curse during interviews. And I'm not talking about this from rip once in awhile I could royal drop one every once in awhile. They don't backe was great back your way is advances but to slide out there just like with. How is there is press count I remember I remember saying gnome is you do these twenty minute interviews with them and he drop like. Like thirty F bombs. And say do you want needed but how do you want to handle this because you know some guys when you write these things the V one you expletive whatever. Obviously meant lately man. I want you leave like he wanted to believe it and there's a reason why they say they are dummies like Jon Lester this interview I did with the yesterday. Probably curse like ten times. It doesn't care he doesn't pick it that's part of it Mike that's part of it. That that is what I myth is that these guys who are so secure in themselves they get it at one point that interview he goes. You know at some boy you can feel comfortable. In Boston doing all this stuff until 2013 2013. A guy who is trapped in 2002. In feel comfortable through 2013 and then he then he said partly it is said. I don't whatever I'm discussing whatever. I'm gonna save be honest I think there's an element of that the people have to these guys have to realize it is very very mechanical right now with all of these guys. And you can't be like the patriots. Right. BQQ not as much in the Red Sox guys want their guys to be like the patriots you cannot do that there is too much access. Wasn't that part of what deal was trying to do know it if wasn't very stressed there when they were building those teams that they got away from me. From the idiots. You self proclaimed idiots and he took some of the personality out of the club out well who. But who was still there. Still out or tennis ball yes. Ortiz and a bunch of other guys compare any of those teams to what you have now in terms of media in terms of personalities compare. You talk of no. Deals Terrell. Oh my goodness. Compared compared goat go through a lot of and we do believe me as media members we go through this exercise all the time. But you have guys who were being brought up to speaking a certain way and that right they go through the media training. And they date and maybe they're young yet so they don't feel confident enough that they can curse ten times I don't know. I don't know but is adapt a very different and dynamic of maybe there are accomplishing what exactly what you said the U with trying to accomplish back. But so unintended is doing that and that is doing that. Bogart's is actually honest and he gets. Yeah Ford in various. Quarters for talking about the need for to you so then he's probably gonna sit back ago. And maybe that's maybe it should just delivered on. Yeah we met with screws you guys by the way. Yes that's all I care about us and they. All about me it's by the way speaking to the media. Three of the media Matt Loper. We have the three media stars of the week that it is is a wildly popular soon be out on 4511. I've figured that's the sweet spot right dad is heading into the noon hour. During the last hour 1145. Where this is. We are we are taking bids for this to be sponsored not it's not like we can't get its sponsored we're taking bids wiwa right sponsorship on it. The three media stars of the week you want it the first week. Did you like that you like that got a lot of assets I like that it is it is it is absolutely sweeping the nation. I. Let's say this right now looks I was not happy I don't like when other people have great moments of success I don't. When Gerry Callahan last week was named rob Bradford stumbled TV star that we can hurt me I could pick up you CR respond to. Now a great day yesterday I attacked two mill hill like a laughter Joseph Sullivan go after the globe I want that award this week. I have a motivated. Block on item eighty whom. Our Boston's version. Of Tony Robbins I'll. Say yes the view. All comes back to donor I mean I know. Him a little more subtle than Tony Robbins right a little more subtle I'm not charged in people think ran. The lock uncles I'm not doing that. I guess I'm this plant is seen their play in the C did a poll Sunday. 11:45. AM every one knows. Three media stars of the week and what happens leading up to that everyone needs jostling for position to get that one and hands probably are Texans. I have not Jack you probably want now. Jerry and I are so close there is turned on my you know really. I need you guys I fell I brought you together. You are bowl viewer poll from the ring of honor so far the 33 number ones. This phrase is no shame in being part of the three. Like last last week at being number three was gen McCaffrey. Four she thought it was four Ruddy good story no no no I thought that was not think it was it was for putting an ax will live in eight tweet which is good this is what we talked about. This is that a real arrived or the real brilliance. Right. You Cora Martellus Bennett turn of the possible and she got a thousand read tweets star of the week number three star of the week. Number two star other week I can't remember who or thought. But numbers once are going to Gerry Callahan speaking getting getting serenaded from Donald Trump right. He has a number once or the weekend where it was a number one star of the week the week before the week before was might seniority. All of view all of you have been motivated to be part of this I would have I would have contested the inland. Outcome. Situated near here are you kidding me catalyst grated. It was absolutely awesome in the in the Red Sox pregame show. I agree OK I told you walked in who'd you got. If not I got my three locked in right now but I can beat date I actually a little behind the scenes Mike Furrey. I was actually my list was actually altered driving in today. Our Jim McCaffrey Margaret shrivel up and parcel the cougars don't wanna hit it. Fate he does really is is that now he wants it that that is a legitimate he's not that's not a radio thing now he hates it. When anybody gets attention on an himself well there you go and he wants that. I motivating. I'm motivated would I but Gary I kind of I don't know spoiler are I don't think he's in the will this law. Old may be years maybe isn't. I mean I'd pick I'd like I've talked about my personal well. This is our show so I figure we after agree throughout driver and but I don't know maybe some negotiates and out on I know I I do I will say this incurred to finance I like people who lobby for. I like people who are are showing that they're passionate about the U ward. In and there are lobbying force though. That's a check mark in his favor now that the the problem is again you really pushed back from the other member of the show in my yard. Now he's gonna wanna nominee Tom Giles. I mean of course I am and I'm gonna give him a little push back a Mac so there's a lot of things go out generally given it ends its. I like eliminate. Great Twitter follower. Now why did 1980 yup he responded your tweet about the three media stars and said Dave for introducing the world to Victoria. Win a good one yes a good one yes Susan. That's it. I'm I'm writing that down right now he had a good week yet that's pretty good I think. That's. I'm sure that she is why not just on that by the office. I don't know right there we talked about it's I don't know I don't know why and to Bosnia to great line he kept playing over and over about repeated. Which is all it does do is say assortment change my password. It is as it is is this is alive visible light that we live right. EE three stupid stuff you. Whatever. I mean you sit there like like legitimately so if I'm if I'm. Come work them out and I'm working out and sign up Merck and all of that from from doing Carty on the I'm on my stationary bike yup. And here you ride the bike for an hour. OK I got a TV show on a computer or something like that I am I watched that. But then eventually pick up your phone star read tweets but I go to its grammys start scrolling through its program. Start like your pictures and many like I'm still Boris and another twenty minutes on thing I'm just gonna get the young search button. And I'm just going down the list of all these photos you know and there are plenty of random photos it's open now. Well. And he Jonas you know between you mean if it if you if you if you take it nice photo. I like I'm just acknowledging it as well there ago. There's nothing wrong with a that the minute that are now obvious that about her that person is to whoever whoever the name of the person. Victoria and I think it's the wind is uses and the use of my numbers. Like that spewed by the way do you speaking of the youth programs stuff do you believe it should be dropped when he tweeted out the apartment thing with the relief act this goes back to. I don't believe anyone was ever hacked pop. He. About it from a good sort. That was days. All our breaking news all the fun. We have we ought not obviously I've bar we've. What with the alliance of we've got is breaking news like sound Eddie guy for twenty years you know what and see. When Oprah didn't realize I was I was gonna push hard for him as the number one star in the media this week and there he's lost it he's he's out he's added I'm not a drop out of the top. Running for number one but you drop out the top now view the honorable mention you are not considered for the next four win over just notice that face. Sauce and prosecute by Julian Phillips auto. It's not a I'm glad I like that and what you guys on that it was a family member who may have. Take in his phone and done that. Really yes. And then I believe may be said family members were told to stay out social media for. So stay stay off his social media perhaps wryly. I mean. Uppity how does that feel remembered I was passwords. Or he just left that open argument of what open really eaten. So the theory of the Jimmy grapple canoe is like at 3 o'clock in the morning rights. Bid to be grapple with this out and out and about whose bodies in the and let's to a Blackhawks and is that code for something out of Blackhawks on and off that Chicago aren't. OK in the by at 3 o'clock in the morning don't play hockey at 3 o'clock in the morning noon and and I don't know if he knows that Chicago is open right exactly if that was the theory yes that he was out abiding. Am. You know maybe he might just pull Ronald it on auto catalyst. That leads me to my next question we have now that we're through the draft. Are a few news but there was a draft. Laws. Jimmy grapple -- still here he has and is this sort of merges with what we're talking about. Do you think that Jimmy drop will you handle this stuff scandalous stuff that we are pocketed that we have been talking about because. Tom. Thought I don't Tom Brady despite Tony Robbins. Wanting to him for and play forever. And Tom Brady saying he's gonna play forever there is a reason why Jimmy drop below is still a year after this draft. Because the patriots do not believe the time treaties can be point. It is. I've heard discussed is about the man on massive mismanagement of assets. Because his value will never be higher than it is right now drop below and you could have gotten. Multiple first round picks for him. And take your franchise up for the future. Win in what was a deep draughts. And that Cleveland took Iran at a mall again on Thursday with the patriots and patriots declined and that there was rumblings that they were gonna make another run at them on Friday because it acquired. More picks in the first round picks in the 2018 draft. To me. I think what they've they've hammered home now is that they legitimately believe. That where something happened to Tom Brady this season that Jimmy could go under scanner and make it still witness who won a Super Bowl yet. And that that is more valuable than two number ones and number two yes. In this current window where this current team. The way it's built. At that made more sense to keep him and to trade him for about the apex. That's it I think it's a no brainer but you can pay the guy twenty million dollars. So I would say this if you're gonna pay each player a player. Aid cooks a Eddie wide receiver high price hightower anybody any other position. You pay him the biggest of big money. It is not going to be as valuable. In the end as it is as having the guy that you say if Tom Brady gets hurt he can still win a Super Bowl. Because you can lose hightower you can lose a wide receivers you can lose a running back you can lose Malcolm Butler. And you still have a chance if you do DOS Rob Gronkowski north of a perfect example. If you do not have the guy the quarterback. That you think is capable of winning the Super Bowl and believe me there there is a there's not a lot of guys. Who are real Jacoby birth that is not that guy we can agree on that. Odd too early to rule amount right now I write my console and right so if that's the case then pay him whatever. He is a Almonte even though he may never played down he's among the most valuable guys so I only get that. Out. I don't think there's any question and I think. Thing that surprised me was not moving Butler and picking up a pick or two. In the early rounds of this draft but keeping drop below makes all the sense in the world to me. You have to. We know Bill Belichick is not. Overly emotional. Now maybe Brady is the is the is the huge task to that study. But if Bill Belichick wants to be around for another five to ten years. Running this football team coaching this football team. He has to prepare. As if he's got a forty Ural quarterback in August and you don't know how long enough forty or that can be. That Blair 617779793761777979237. Mourn drop below. After the break. Interest in him around the world in terms of free and burn you for. Yes I'm an. We're gonna go for the team we. People are worth more tomorrow so those. Book there. Will be the first thing you know. But look everybody its own opinions. Always insightful Bill Belichick brought a post draft when it too. Third round selection and all anybody wanted to ask him about really was. She may drop below. To me your offload Jimmy I thereof below well let me ask. Yes that's right here excellence. Times 79 days before. So I collars app to get this out. You look at the quarterbacks who were drafted. I you know Mitchell to bits of number 200. Art art have been booted this he regarded booed at the bulls game. Yes. But that space tall as Qatar. Number ten overall it looks the part the son of might one of my best fantasy picks while time Patrick Holmes. Second. Number twelve overall the Shawn Watson is stop right there Leo number two. Number attend mass of ovaries malveaux regret in number twelve. There you cannot say I so remember the conversation where these teams trade the whatever is of the thirteenth panic. Award should be Koppel are now you can never do that now. Of course I would give up epic I could never get epic for Jimmy grapple remember that conversation yeah you could never get that pick for Jimmy drop below. Well I got news for you number two OPEC. You do you think that Mitchell Robiskie is going to be as good as it should be drop Lowe has become you know yes write your practice. Double negative. You're correct it so so access bubbly this polar ball the sound of these people they all you'll never get that pick. Oh if if these teams do that they're stupid and our come back QB Sean Salisbury be wise as the wise men. Which when he said this I forget a show probably best cohost on the cast and I don't know why he does not have a full time job. I don't know why. That was the that was the power struggle ball power struggles which also Sean Salisbury did not land year on a full time basis by he did say something. That I do think with absolutely spot on. We're in terms the Texans. Why would you give up JJ watt and their pick which was at that time it was whatever 130 epic for Jimmy grapple you don't lie and he said this. You can go to a fourteen when it JJ watt. You probably if you have a good quarterback the quarterback you think is your guy you are going to when fourteen. Just look at the game the playoff game. And Foxboro when the Texans. Defense showed up and gave Brady all kinds of trouble in the first half especially. They got zero out of their quarterback and again he wants one good throws and a drop I will Fuller but otherwise he was garbage. I can attend a good quarterback the games coming down last drive out. Yes Jimmy grabbed clothes playing for the Texans. Yes yes and and right in JG what was a play that game right there you go Needham. So it's it's so this revisionists as well as our revisionist history by this it's worth a reminder of what the conversation was. All this time leading up to this draft about what they couldn't get for Jimmy grapple it's sort of like Rajon Rondo remember that conversation. What do you get for Rondo and then like that wasn't a yard you'd get a beauty of the number one pick of the draft for Rondo and then amid this is perverse. Well we'll look at. Brandon Cox. Okay now cooks you have been executed the fifth your options shall ask him for not only this year but next year rocks at the age of votes and one half million next year. But that's essentially they gave up 32 for two years of Brandon Cox. Two years of control via. If you are a team. In need of a quarterback. The argument I heard about not trading for Rob Lowe was well you only only Adam for the one year in the half and the money. Well in the one year enough for you to figure out whether or not this guy should be to go anywhere antibody yes so if you're gonna give up 32 for a wide receiver. What should you give up for how. And years of control do you want for these guys. The coaching is a good example mine and did two years this fine tipped every two years of them. And then maybe you know what you figure out what type guy is if you wanna spend the money autumn. It's like you know within baseball is sort of a reverse its your your jumping up in value three years of Chris Sale he gave up your two best. Prospects but at three years is like the eternity right. But that's her one I remember last year at the trade deadline when they were talking about sale. And and why would you trade a mean you got to monitor great contract blah blah blah blah blah. Yes that happens let's go to rubbed area and swamps could wants to win there what's up. They guys. In the premise that you brought up that Belcher they want to extend his time in retro art seniors. Wouldn't see smarts. Potential. It's gonna bring him the greatest all the kicks in talent going forward. After this year potentially to packaged. Radian mcdaniels to an urgent need rough from hunger. Oh well I'll pop up what you guessed jet acts. Well are you even allowed suggest that this market now I know that in my building if I suggest that my friend Tom Curran. I get laughed that. Well listen they would ever move on from Tom Brady. Plus the ultimate power turned on me if you guys could Abbe. If he does good to put Tom Brady in Jimmy drop below and a cock fight. And and he the cock fighting yet they have and you and and and you would actually say all my in my UB all my money and Jimmy he'd he'd be all my money on Tom Brady right. If you are picking you are getting in your corner of the clubhouse Imus. You're taking side. I just think. But but I think because beyond our personal affinity for each guy. I keep just your quarterbacks about to turn forty and yes he is poorly turn back the clock. Is totally turn back the clock and his performance the last two years you can argue he's as good as he's ever Betty tells Peter King I know the I'm the answers to the test. Clearly does I think there's any you do pretty much to confuse him what he's about to turn forty I'm. Carnes our realized. His body stuff forty. And for his body like it's for him is this different and and no way they treat quarterbacks in this league it's different. I your bones are your bones stronger treasury not McConnell ice cream. It all that the thing I don't know and I don't I don't I don't I snapped I know how to fall. Way and a 300 pound guy falls on me all right well to a certain extent maybe. But there are some things that you can control or you can not control you couldn't control he he would have been no different. When it was 2008. We via Libya blew up is me yeah. He could've had all the wisdom of Tony Robbins. Of the Dali Lama. Of Guerrero. Everybody Eric could be. All being siphoned. Whisker this Guerrero Mike via have them down on the question. I've been at a toy that he did did he get tickets to the Tony Robbins thing I'm sure that he's he's backstage is he's he's cocky into his mind he mocked. He's the dog he's the opening act is the whisper and I don't know maybe he's the guy talking to rob and I couldn't believe what I tactic Himalayan ice and win their argument on Robinson's and make sure you get that shallow I'll sound yes they had no no no awareness of how we got this is what buddy Robinson known war. That the shallow how old cameo anyway do you think it went they have all this all if you it was armed with all the information he has now. That that that Pollard hit on him would have ended up any differently now no and that's what could potentially happen this is football. This football Mike GRD. Well I loved in the aftermath of one drop below got hurt about the the merit all on me he should know better to extend a play like that and open himself up to risk. The guy knew he was getting four games he just wants to play like do you think do I think he learned a lesson I absolutely. But sometimes you have to Archie play. Figure out. And then. Yes on the line you know I taught you know big reason right Condrey was so good this year. And why he's still where aren't we are still talking about him as these. Healthy forty year old and let's organs because the Dante Scarnecchia told not to because it because they had a good offensive line because if he had to go threw me another year like he did the year before. We are talking about how healthy wealthy and wise Tom Brady is. Yet we just aren't the law the likelihood if you had to go through another year like that. He's not make it through that year and then you're talking about off forty year old he just got her that's the reality of it is an. That's the the underrated aspect of of the whole thing and then when you watch the beating that he took in the first half of that game against Texans. And how. Well they were doing something to him that no one had done pretty much all year it's. And the lower half gets low when you start getting hit. I'm not. That whole this whole the way really it's all offseason could change this. It is is that it's just so. It's such a false narrative with radio about. Like all the stuff he's doing eight and it seemed to gain steam. This year and Britain pro lining up outside the united that he be as well. I mean like I was walking through Fenway MC TB twelve stuff followed pleases and this isn't a highlight Tom Brady quarterback this is. I'm buying the wouldn't cookbook Kevin Youkilis was on the field yesterday wearing a TB twelve that if you're if you are my brother in law do not Wear my companies that. But it's but this is this is the false narrative that this has become last year Mike. Because it's because he managed to do all this image to stay healthy because of all this other stuff. No the bigger reason why he may have to stay healthy was because of Dante Scarnecchia. He is the Tony Robbins. Of the football world and take a lot of it's him when he did remember I performed and jets game. At met life. On one leg a very good 617779792376. On 777979837. Rob Bradford is Haiti on Tom Brady right now. We'll take your calls on our we come back.