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K&C - The Candyman returns; A busy night at the Draft and Curtis is spoiled 4-28-17

Apr 28, 2017|

Christian Arcand made his triumphant return to K&C and the guys talked about the future of Jimmy Garoppolo.

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And Callahan. Is it possible that they are mounting and enough ammunition for the all for that Belichick came. Morocco they're not gonna trip to Chicago Bears select. They're fifty I'll say it right now. Try to break the Kansas City Chiefs select Patrik oh Jimmie you dropped below Houston Texans to Sean brought that they should also be talking to build Velika Jimmy people out there really everything that pump. We'll with Gerry Callahan. You have your list to he has been people who were summarily dismissed yes it Mohawk goes out of my colleagues out there who lost their jobs here at the company's I don't care that they have a wife and kids they've been a good police Kirk. We'll have some it has yeah. Where I always play it wherever you are made there'd be nothing but fairways and greens and Kurt Mann who isn't tomorrow your favorite pick him man. Now it was a good week and you do Kirk's plotting how to get our cannot hear I don't know how AM nine who knows what on the way to appearance we'll get back to sports folks. It's because going to be she's don't quite get ahead of guys that at least 26 to 35. This resolution are from I was of one and done for the morning ship I got one shot and then we're each on Sports Radio telling you. That that's still really. I. Served at a Christian arkan who actually thought the mark and and I should mention this when Philip was doing his rant about how hard he works. Whose two jabs. He rushed twenty minutes and as an additional four hours art can actually worked in shifts state into eight hours are written right there at true seven. It's definitely out after three hours of back to seven hours or would you be by yourself on that and it literally. Well. I mean there's posters yes there's other people do you have I mean it just said. That was until it was do you have a text machine on that channel nut it they're going to get elected she usually sit over here because I've won. Kirk has won you don't have one over there right now the text machine in that seat. And so I mean I mean I call it up as I've admired my pulses up on his computer how how are you going to respond to angry. Techsters who don't like Q when you are I've heard that you don't take that line down not well. I don't know I like to argue you guys now Ellie Ellie PLO people in the past I have you just call answer calls it binds well late at night I don't have a co host Syrians are howling at the mall in Omaha when I honestly and is what's the problem with I thought the station encourage interaction atlas that's true I think is different ways to do it. Although I attacks that we have to be fair I mean I I held you know callers and honestly put their wives room and brought him down -- fight them I don't get suspend and others into another that fight with the month of the united used to fight with a one -- -- lose the response to a guy and does what art I got you either like janitorial seek seek what does this mean for I didn't suspend myself while they must explain modernization. You sat right here right in you've got on the text she and an immunity could do that you could respond yes even in the just gonna get to her bottomless you don't have cents and I didn't wants me to have friendly though we thank. The senate we do you think of at this point. Without. Saying without you know we were not confident you are so walk us through this. But what makes you think you're walking through. When you guys remember when he talked about you got told not to talk about it I got a hole that's an ocean is different every keep talking about it told that anyone tell uniform problem in this nobody told me did anyone tell you guys the producers yes coastal. I know we're not allowances of up he'd never told me that he's not missiles just not correct that's true they might and that's a tigress. You vote you were if who's in town hall have you moved over right away from this so what happened. I was having a bad day. And I was just having a bad day. I texted and denied that I overreacted is what happens again that's as far into it is actually all right I'm located you what do you think you're wrong I mean just to fight the text her. Yeah I do like I'm real dead I don't Tommy told me it felt if I don't I don't I didn't say that you felon now I said it wasn't my decision gets a Spanish obviously it really is. It wasn't my decision to make I'd. Cross the line and I got on what's good carriers good career move reichert he's. I think so were they are your little rich kid you can afford it we'd like hey I'm things suddenly. For months and doesn't get itchy it's trig whether getting better yes yes today could be the day I can tell I've got to shape while doing 1969%. There. It's in your fund shaving their kind of rumpled look on today is I've more let's call we will today's mail in Friday from. In guys in the carried although I've carried us the station this week I have a big well are burned it. Ultimately we have a lot to get to we do and I thought would get that the way a product it would be more honest with estrogen are once again parents I feel like one month. Feel like every other Friday a ref far. It's that stuff you'd so what did you tight when you rope what got you in trouble did you swear did you have borne rumpled and that's well. Now rumpled look at Chrysler and I've. Is that Russell Long as a group we'll box when I was awful that this call what is. What you just off what does that mean we will give you a little while Apple's iPad you don't hear from UST answer ask him. She served as new hush puppies on his dad Greg her book publishers are outsiders I tried on British. Ride right with dad yesterday Crist actually got out orbital camera. And that type issues where he really a solar God's children. Actually refused to stop by your shoes you botch your shoes she supposed to buy your shoes and you're sixteen but he shook the noise how's that. Yeah. I tried how sad watching Johnson Murphy the best selection boat shoes is that no no just I tried them on we were there and put one minute it was with just fell except adored it. I guess issues that shoe shopping yes yes we did everything together we got all the same -- of mills and the White House trip we've built out to GC courtesy we outfitted him or mill zone for him look like a million bucks his father being paid for yet and are active again but that was white boat shoes now right and a light blue kinda hard and I put my Latin America's second on public but we know that I'm not that stylus or a person as dad's car has to get some stuff he's at the same power I do but shoes like shoe to this father's shoes actually something gifted child. Hughes shoes and like haircuts that you pay for those yourself what is your dad buy you shoes do you think it all at this is is probably going too far. They arrived at Obama's was determined that they'll put my shoes. Nights and you're in mind that the religion news daily the new skating Curtis can pull enough identity was there an occasion Angela you're birther now. Now it was a story at Portland college or anything searched all all persons aged arrive the he asked he said yes I want to just say you know dad I'm a grown man because data every five years old. A column. It is is really embarrassing his parents were on a trip to Europe and they call them from like eight. Hi him at T store in Italy it's in which he likened her handbag. Should sure some percent to more than 800 dollar love and this is embarrassing I know your little rich kid too dark and so as the men and and guess that doesn't. View now. Got my father on the bar when I was happy I was arm bar Morgan Stanley and it was a high and an Italian restaurant a high end Italian restaurant and told you about a bar in the basement in annual hall as well it was closed last and it was not the human growth in north and did I grew up there yet. But this is grew up in the north and no one was an idol in the eighties people grew up in the north than when residents were growing up organize course varies. Which I school I went through BBN. Would you go to college or at the university Colorado apple we're done rich rich rich children actually to ski let me go to you. Doesn't like anyone edit your radio station that's it really dispute it is it is fine college radio it is it is one of the best in the country you throw if you were to you missed the weeds to the right idea moved right before they legalized bad timing on my eye you really 35 years old I'm really 35 while real or just set a miniature alarming that that you live at I was that's who I had not missed a second part of that do you look good theory each item shrine yeah I know that trial that's what I said he's got a ambition. He gets suspended he's kind of ink oil. Erica time and why don't you like I like parking that's okay shed our air. That's natural when they Stanley Arkin yesterday all the time I don't know I don't quite an earlier own I don't like you. Yes why you why did Richard what's does paste coming in today and Isabel the teachers that I still want to be a highlight you individually as a person. Now we have to get anybody here if you paid attention of the eight I know you like about. You like on the radio I'm like mud on it's not a personnel only person in the world I'm listening is not their personnel sometimes you you do the entire podcast. Trying to convince us that month would just because I shores because right permanent thirty minutes more comfortable when he's around. That's hurt the show shore but it's more couple months and I don't care what shone like Kyle Kennedys in the in the jail so yes a little more color or perhaps. Your little better or as always I have the answer show let's go to the area you have to every agreement confirmed that Condoleezza much worse than actually having sex if you trying does it work for room is it worth it for a home not yes as the worst in making out. Yes making out to me maybe that's a good pace may use the word gay here but making up to me is more intimate in the actual deaths could work act itself would you say yet another some hookers. Making up yet yes that and I think that there aren't particularly well there there's the work issues. Never management and everything containment if they are right you kissed a guy if you stumble. On them wrath the only other. Yeah I guess I think anything mile police and since we're council he transition that if I don't listen I'm about it I listened to the podcast with Roemer I was good I like Barkley two outs or about. Oral single to a floor. Look out to a two outs it was excellent out of the original name which actually was pitchers and catchers the ones now. You know like that's a baseball and today that we'd like little nuance into us is really really it was excellent and buck. Didn't know what he's doing the time did that they eat he did provide healthy test promotion. That any new podcast in the stations overhead when he said Bill Simmons outed him almost tried forced. In two albums to promote himself. Russell Simmons was writing from his Boston sports guy column for digital city park hills and has yet. And other Roy talked about this before but that the bill during that period made several references to my sexual orientation and what do you mean by that. All the counties as with all bottled up O'Donnell got remiss voices on knowing when he's on student and another podcast academy he dreamers voice. If he was goodness that were in revelry is a bad rap is so comfortable in his own skin out of the other day auriemma tried like host the show it was just that didn't seem genuine. It's really still be sorry for hours as people wanna know what Simmons did the buckle tumbled to is that you don't build the media stars movie and you Simmons and Buckley. Okay he. Made several references my sexual orientation and what do you mean by that polish woman who popular sports writer in Provincetown weak link. Who wasn't like I did Vegas which I wrote a column in the way people can turn around and say. What do you during a column saying gay because this well I wanted to control story I wanted to be OK look I'm gay. And I don't wanna move on and just that that's part of why am and I wanted to prevent the next Bill Simmons from trying to help me so this way I dealt with that. And I moved on other sports guys forced buck out of the claws on the news or should read a match outright and that USA today again. Yeah that was a weird out of the guy and here's a day. Notice about this might fear this podcast is going to be ups and downs to retirement but now extreme discount on I read Hartnell read about deflation story you mean he's not an hour Roemer is you'll see protege Woolsey we will cycle I look forward to it though I was in every week and this whole thing was good. And and and again the ball very. The reason works is that both very content. They're both comfortable around scan the ball think dean is a lot more on the green and did you get that right to planets are closed transition I don't know. Or instinct really well Aaron Hernandez in jail thank you on the show Q are there. Sausage things show killer fraud. You don't think you'd be better they had only a third man it was confused about his sexuality wasn't quite sure exactly how it was would you you volunteer and I was saying inadequate and he said he wanted to and as if every candidate came out of nowhere else would you say they're 35 year old single confirmed that an honorary bachelor angry. Angry textures and tweeters and -- just really about you because those bad career move market and probably about it save you would never got a B and it shall be the ridiculously what's the ace and candy duo debut against gay duo you know. You know like Roemer. Like yeah that's why I do extreme right or Hillary were in New Hampshire and meticulous disease because we elect them and Kirk Watson and -- the time you wanna you wanna and shop how we need to remember I'm going what I want and all the time. We talked about it a week in my I want Watson I am looking for us we hear like I had a gross. I wanna meet pro and you won't Jew or eight feet right what do you want us you know like you know one trying to because chick. One month I want my little hairy and that. Was beat rip in yesterday's bomb killing real life why I've known that it was important don't have a personal two was uncomfortable with what you want me. That you can tell him throw at this thing and however they say I gotta stop texting every. He was encouraging guys not this government today but don't break music Christian arcade tomorrow really. Why hasn't really were both like sure why beat you on six nights away first of all he only has no desire. Opposite Al. Our kids say what you want like around like I always get as it finish he's right and works Mort rightly considered as a you know he's their thereof it's actually true right gets on the hours are you week if you if they're the Red Sox are playing if there are race axis point EU three here and if these airline ownership by forty hours forty hours of the week his work since New Year's Day that's more radio than me you'll do with 2007 and he doesn't care he's solid now contentious. He said he probably inherited some though he's happy yes he's human arena league football games. That by play whatever else what else is doing well sponsors something. PC in the spring and does that thing where it goes to that. Placement of the Japanese Baseball games. I was on the Stanford out of Africa that I'd take it back he's the go getter is where he could care but I love them party. Everybody can you do this you do especially art and art show are you due to what he wanted to make one up iTunes is their way out no bush were crushed but you did more involved here with Christian market. Even one minute and I want anything to stabilize its that no there supposed to supposed to do what donut guy. Draft talk not a brash talk and shutter the draft usually have to correct everybody Chris starts are must watch TV than just the opposite these. Watch Chris Sale in the flip over the top was much better woes Israel's stock while strike threats such it was the lifeless and and boring and it felt like over like to brief edit all of it was good to get it over with the market for sale I all the years you know like these you'd think that's when I yam and maybe that's a good theories any. You know why then hit for this one in the have a small sample size would you say what you want you are seeing before. Teams all with a heart it races really. Yes they prefer that yes Pedro sort of Roger that it stretches where you don't it what it is is you exhausts are usually don't have for the fourth start now it's worse for aces of any proof that yes I do Wear which is fine I found a lot of people say it's like the old golf ball focus baseball adjudicate on all due respect and I don't quite a job soon a baseball respond piece of it hit for the east and don't elect delegates estimate if the east and they don't get toward. Subliminal thing. Some attention here as he proved that statistic at the other a suspicion for the other team that's why it's not White House as a Christian god don't say it's probably pocket after opening they don't hit as always the other race is pay by the usual yes the five wise I don't gorgeous and I wonder how wet one rain out one day off and that's all right it changes everything you don't. Match up your ace against theories we think it's the right a couple of the captains sit down and match up guys on what works is headed down to save that for a Fargo street. We'll do I. Basis that's that the reason happens is that subconsciously. Disobeying the be better explanation I don't think I've I've I've written about this of talk to players aren't written about it. Yes I don't want to play protective baseball. All play a lot earlier this I heard the Maloney played in the major leagues I know you. He played the big leagues talk about this yesterday subconsciously. You don't think you have to score how did as well as subconsciously. And this to kind of helps me know that subconscious. We mean no question that caught deceiving no. How do you know which subconsciously. Or who found out it's also can't understate what a doctor and what my doctor I discovered they nose on the mound doctor Marty Barrett yet who over the years doctor doctor Trot Nixon. Because I don't shoot. I did it I don't think it's done all they were just a little bit off. It's small sample size it's not a small sample size just like Freddie how I start and would Pedro and play and Roger lambs it happened with applauded it was a third starter and he called facts or start it happens with Felix Hernandez all the time that can all get paid attention it is not quite that what do you what do that with Roger Cohen in open in nineteen sets and 91 that's you know like it just all samples I've. And we get all the dumb old baseball best look at all the good clemens' numbers it was 4439. Didian Gutierrez I didn't produce form. And the but but Malone spears probably better is that they press. That they said we've got to score from as we didn't last time it just snowballs and they continue. To feel the pressure to produce for him and they tried to guard to produce that might have been what happened last night. It could be next restarts the score twenty runs for maybe one event that's corporate office. Department had eleven home runs the page and number one I want him but he did not he's hurt is it tied they tied the names and Red Sox. With eleven yes the Milwaukee Brewers have forty. The Red Sox have eleven. That's weird are co workers are too small sample is yes this time a year too small sample there have to wait them want. Valero a missing K let's get to the draft and some regardless of where it was the last year's figure reform which pictures of the most on support baseball it's not accurate to say rip ourselves out of curiosity I would say Austria. Refiner Chris we're gonna guess who is we have to get to. You'd think that the patriots are not trading I'm not ever. I think that trading them I was gonna say the exact same thing I'm more convinced than ever. Belichick once pointed straight at their goal to trade him Belichick once again has played brilliantly placed. When we talked about this two months ago hurt when we talk we talked about. By the way I went to offer. He is is probably glad they laid him off he couldn't have been more wrong members and they were gonna get a first round pick which put buffalo right now as we sit here. The price starts at two who. First round picks Jimmy grapple. And it just so happens that the Cleveland Browns have 21 round picks next year and three seconds leaving Gruntal and this year the patriots now he's got to the gonna portray history picks before the draft or trade him nick for next is 21 round is where and none of them. One of next few stupid intentional saying they Q Dmitry when it when it equally to trade betrayed him a June June -- Asian injury tonight or perhaps going on moving picks in the as grappled with a plate you're going to trade now they're gonna trade him this year after the draft. Why is that legal against the rules to legal way to address over and and trade him for patient actually answer because the oil and he's largest Cuban team next year. Because that you'd. If you wanted to basically hear when you don't have any revert to check around six what sort of explain what's stupid. Because he's gonna play for Cleveland in 2007 table while the page present rather have this guy for this year and trade. Talk about the Cleveland Papa. I asked I would draft but did you watch the draft legislative do you agree with me that was good in the Ritz Hotel also say this people and those of the the anti Twitter take. Our Chris Berman sucks a lot of things but he's good in the -- I missed sperm and usually when the subject I'm travelling dog track when it was wet blanket that got re hydrated opponent like the rest I hate is a bore hate to agree. That was one of the things that Berman did well he brought a sense the only proud impacts. Now there were things that he did you said that shall matters because fuhrman's on a home run derby or not that's not thanks empathetic as a matter and all that it won't highlights he's good at this is good football highlight shows. And you're right I'm actually mr. Berman you looked. Do you watch I don't have any interest in watching them on Sanders no none zero as in no time I saw some of them on June. Aidid now none. I was strictly because it was posted an ESPN and trembling like a great tees were at the beginning in the first it was after the first Texas we gonna have no commercials for the next our revenue that was a great team which you do want to the national council on all comers just I don't and I also don't like when it. This thing now they we we all know they know who get paid that he and a smarts and a what do you think here whatever whoever gruden he's like that Michael wide receiver a year in the medical examiner when we get we and it was a very exciting first round even at the home town team wasn't wall. The Cleveland Browns. Senate all ops of today. Or maybe today maybe tomorrow maybe a month from. But the fix that in the trade forum are next year is absolutely not and I trading why would they want it this year Jerry when they don't have any in the first two rounds while when they traded for picks this year on the top U. Can you imagine you get Cleveland's first round pick. This year. Now next year why touchdowns Viagra has been made I know it's all wireless entry in the same class and I what did you trade Centre right side because the price of quarterbacking went up Cleveland stockpiled so they could meet you guys yeah look at this way to value is so obvious now for quarterbacks that Belichick says I've won whose great. Who's younger. And I don't wanna get rid of them I think Russell is great yes I think at this point the script as it does do you think he's such ratings are out there for the set while he supports. For 41 round picks and obviously Belichick thinks this guy is great I'm always going oh you don't you think. Belichick would say no of Cleveland from war first complex now because that's about three. Noted prodigy a K two and LT and helped through first rattled if you do it by the way. One of them could be Sam Arnold I think you'd think apple is the quarterback of the future you know with the club drop lowers he's already got three years under his belt which she didn't play. He's a year away from getting franchised or becoming free so Belichick might Sam Donald they draft them and. For five years just might think that grapples better for this team and he might he might actually probably don't you just admission that he knows how you end this year if Brady gets hurt the possibility or misses time which is a possibility. You have a guy you can go to the Super Bowl with if Jimmy grapples quarterback of the patriots right now Brady retires or moves on to life with huge Robinson he'd know. Well I should that tell it we will which is another which is another troubling thing if you're part of a team Brady. You know our. When you are shore. Jimmy grapple right now would be the favorite in the pages to win the AFC you just had direct would you David disagree without problems. You just admitted that there is a price that is a price of politics and it's not like a price for everybody's praise for Brady is right right of the surprise for and everybody will there is a price for Tom Brady is their price for a Clayton Kershaw yes of course I was there is certain areas that they call and that they have a posting an offer. Another is surprised LeBron James. Enough probably an unclear who knows there's no conversation for couple guys but that's beside the point there is a prize for Barack below that. For once and it wouldn't trade at and TCU don't believe that. No but I don't believe any bit of rough from four number ones who doesn't hey they just acquired another number one they're number one of Texans and their own action I don't think I think it was a great trade for Houston and in touch on what's the best quarterback in the draft I can't imagine him enough that you watch on film clip. I watched him play in the biggest games might be much and he has great watching these other us he went 32 and three I understand which major procedure is key player ever know conceived play play thirteen games. But of sanctions that the bears from trading for Patrick yet my homes went five and send them last year and as mom died Arab. I've shuffled into that to Pakistan were allowed to get tonight but first I thought it was a great. But the second pick happened became great fascinating agency Gerri tell them bears such idiots honest ago you know for op I mean some of these guys it depends on where they go. If the Shawn Watson with things going to be great when the Cleveland. I'd say he's gonna fail right. It was a puppy was this close to go to Cleveland no doubt he got lucky that's what it looked so happy because he went to Houston. That's a perfect spot that's where one of the goat that's wearing when he just saved the O'Brien's job when he's from and second ticked about that fourteenth or fifteenth pick when he went nine or eight and nine guys had twelve were either running backs quarterbacks wide receiver that was good note that was awesome want to watch lots of skill position guys white running back this guy a guy who who was accused of rape in a local woman a couple weeks ago in Ashland to guess where the Oakland Raiders I mean that Vegas rate paid to traders yes peppers with the drug test detector or security always Cleveland. Athletic great. Raft if they can flip that for Gruntal analyst Gazprom and kids on stage and Miguel guy at the crazy guy and his grandmother's picture who was that. I missed that who who's he with now. Two. We got to play his sound. Now little note that was an odd moment I would say it is grandmother's picture and he promised to earnings and play in the NFL and now we ease. But writes obviously doing his own music the thing did. The price to fix the price of quarterbacking went up in a remote there I don't question the price from homes and in Indy reasons no fool. Is cable pay first and third correct yes and each have a group of the first and second to move up one spot. Right yes. Which means the price of corn Beckham went up which means the price grapple away. Is that that number mean you think there's a number that that at which point Belichick pulled the trigger what is the bears think was going to go to the second spot to take him. Well I think what you don't think that Fazio designer take that that I have the could use a quarterback may take one. Amount but they fooled them a wrist is a great day for Atlanta for time lynch. There really atlas or maybe Rodman's another team must be stricken concussion Jews to grows at work. It was a great day for the niners are absolutely they're I think against Stanford as it wants as you know it's necessary for us three that's true it's because the whole thing. But well that's funny or more commits an effort to grapple not be treated essentially one valued Chrysler back are you having a valuable one and that shows that the most important position and you supported by far. Prejudice today tomorrow month from now. We hear that they've finally pull the trigger and again two firsts. And two seconds to voters he could take coach offered to reverse this point for Guatemala which of course he has one of which could be. The first tactically right yeah he Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns team that the first pick last night. Next year you think the browns who have a lot of talk of course Apple's lead tuck and top five pick. And another picked the Houston panic and then a second or third coaching thing talking like four picks. I'm talent and they're waiting until now to make this offer that inmate on guys get on Friday they only did they offer to check wisely sent it out from knowing this would happen to for ship for grapple. One of which is Cleveland's yes I do we'll do that the first pick in the draft no but I gap of twelve K well next year he might be able to get the first. Pick as a grass act and they're not. Across advocate and how much like Brady cry apple is staying here Belichick is made that's stupid that's clear passage crap Natalie with the picture watched right now little footnote. What's that falcons falcons he's made his loser Belichick is made up his mind when Brady is dominant this year and did you just say one journalist. And don't Democrat he's the one realist he knows how old Brady is he knows and ends it's going to and fast. If he has the guys in line what's a good idea. No no no that's to be doing great so we'll address it did you that you get a quarterback and they don't like as opposed to describe we always agreed the Belichick as thinks long term and he doesn't panic exactly why is grapple yes and you tell -- he could trip straight a backup quarterback who won't play as that they wanted to back I really he doesn't think of as a backup quarterback what's he gonna start at wide -- nobody knows a year or two weeks how would you start and he's a really good vote yea I here in a year to I turbulent right now I don't know checkered grapple brothel alt crop is going to be either freeagent the end you don't branch franchise guy and paid twenty million to get a kick out purchased 42 minutes and got two number ones this guy that's a conventional vehicle until a special they -- they haven't turned out to know more is Mike Garrett to their attitude I guarantee you there. I don't understand who's he talked so Clinton processor Cleveland Erica time for the twelve of the future number one Mary Kate habits and so that's right there. You know what. The price went up yesterday. So next year's who's gonna happen you're gonna get the the first round we know we've heard this year it's like in China could be the Olympic runner assuming an idiot Houston's first round pick probably 151820. In the a couple of seconds in the third and he's using now are gonna be able to read load. To the point where this team won't go away from it decade and one of them. My pick I'm include an out of my first pick in the draft this year. The opportunity here maybe they did you go after the patriots the first pick I don't know maybe they did my point 8% they offered to first why would they offer the first pick so setting off the first picnics in the pages anyway they did not do it this year is doing differently why did you turn it down this year because it economists say one more time bella tries to just the way it is aware that the price just went there to fix the price from the first overall pick to lead us over the price just went embrace. Which is a quiet Houston's first round pick Kristin did you did you notice that they did been averted a good first overall pick the first overall vision like a lot of talented tenor of some of the was wrong Jerry's been saying all along it's that we gonna happen explaining how things holdings last night we can we that we understand fully Jimmy probably won't watch the mills burger that that well we're contracted last night at 8 o'clock on you watching the sabres caps. I know that but in the weight at one moment and I think they played their alleged that yes right Alex social or try to do have some good number we had eight we do have some good news is that pertains to the and it's a place else we have to get that to not good news. Re really rates. Great news friends. I would mind going to some random funerals they don't have some grieving family members that the greatness to look yes we're gonna do right 617779. 7937. The question is simple it's key to to grapple portrait. I think they're gonna keep them Jerry basically trademark and keeper tree keep again that he's just suck and I'm not so I know Sarah Palin as some might show he knows you hate him. And he wants to be different Turkey anonymous is reduced traffic police say he had gotten asked that coach you said that the that. A DA testing at as about forty minutes I was 320. Minutes of predates. As it shed. Well yes. Sure do good I don't I find that there's nothing a nothing wrong with the first of all fourteen months. EE make an accidental way it's it's a brave new world here and some people we things out by accident was his issue was saying he's it was a password issue it's a bit of tact and of course when I was hesitant to kind of changed my passport and there was no big deal acts as a single to right. Has a girlfriend and now. I needed earlier I think is really sure what this says yeah. Poses Eisner hotel in Minneapolis at our at 617779. 790 threesome will take your calls election papers keep crop low or trade him if a lot of stuff to get on the draft up some Red Sox stuff as well. Some Celtics stuff involving Isiah Thomas. And Tom Brady is getting new friend Anthony Robbins Paul when he Robbins. About this eagle is a venture. I might feel I don't know we'll give you details of that owns sounds uplift your breakthrough awaits currently. Kirk Allen it's all dark I was spared you know 2580. Goats available we'll be right back. We're almost four decades the man sitting in this seat was named Chris Berman he made the draft. Live event he made it interesting and entertaining. And boom in your honor we're gonna keep that tradition going tonight and his longest we've continued. Could do this draft. That's touching. Gonna say sure permanent home unit particularly when he big names are completely whacked Chris Berman that saves and some money they did five million bucks us. And brick McHenry yeah. On. View the broom you know Jim Capel and Capel. Jayson stark James it was the other big name is for improvement Henry in Somalia and the owner Andy Katz easy perhaps werder was posted a two feet. Brackets with Obama now it is one. Oh well it's being an ode to a little. SP and wax strip Dilbert Vinnie can I know Jason stargate that order but the apparently you Liz Lemon tart blow lap I had rain still. Stealing. ESPN money and the sense of still and stealing our dollar signs that you and I am yeah. Am. An X games you know he's always on top of multi what does this before we get the other stuff. I don't know install of legs and I know he tweets about these officers are yet if you want to fight she wants to fight you which you wish I encourage that wholeheartedly and or see that if he had ever watched their show I've never watched that showed her last I checked in and cardinal fan yeah I was so bad it's it's just all should watch it you can have an opinion about him once since it's apparently in my life terrible I watch it last night just chicken it's worse than ever and only got worse. When they talk and hip hop with a speaking recycler in which Google gets passed as Smith he's. Awful he's leaflets and it's sounds so forcefully. Embarrassing. I wanna go on there and I go on there. I want to be on the sixth against him in the Wear sneakers the have been aware ironic T shirt in this and it Covert yeah it's right good move them and talking dance around like that it. And you gonna. Well prey or attempt to appease draftees here is welcome can knock a hole but I'm enough to keep me occupied we keep talking like this eventually and we'll play some of that now on ethics and Ken has been awesome and it's Friday. If you're mailing and trailing. This bureau mails and emails and welfare system is fair or is they've got re tweet that tweet that you wrote about how bad that chose to retreated to my house in 2000 times the figure deal and she wants to confront you cannot she went on the earth and she keeps tweeting of people is now all the peoples in the show. Are tweeting her she's still respond. Am a big issue and knows the thermonuclear. Don't click despite an opportunity to say that I'm not about the Ryder Cup reports that I'm happy to take I'll have my mom mom mom and my wife from them yet. Elements that sells off so forced to sell me can you imagine being one of these Jerome on as laid off from the east to four odds of making three million a year that are trying to miles a variety. Off would be painful you would be like. Steve Buscemi in that that there. Adam Sandler holder announced. You can. Lot of the computer and plus plus years I wonder how much you don't train window makes he's so he can replace him with anybody. Yet let me ask you can do that last Wall Street went. Well general we've reported that was the cause for Puerto Chris Fowler a society four million or something it's thirty million dollar contract for ten years I mean thirty million everybody television set under the watch it is crisp dollars to the event actually in the acres our lineup relationship typical guy and I I can. I least none of the difference between Fowler and windows were part of a so they could put final word Nazi sure differ which put an. Nancy they also didn't layoff anybody's making very big money I mean. You know you look down the list through called hockey writers it's all the other birds are fun guys don't write us front again million bucks he's probably the highest paid out of yeah I got tired and I mean God's heart doesn't make I Cheney can knows who okay. On the radio or radio that I had from a couple underground. But your notes okay now for me saint forgot I am not. And but apparently they're not done do you think Britain McKinley who's hot. Blonde you think she would again laid off she didn't scream at the park now and the now that was a that was it for that LLC she's. She. I don't know I mean. Yes but if she didn't operate the parking lot of them were easy tonight that I visited suggest you perhaps behind the scene should it be a handful yes so there's not. It is well he's been given their land of people or handful why did you if you had to see you just down to two people one is a one isn't right amount as older ones a pain in the ass she's probably hotter than a lot of chips that were on the she's she's. Does he know to eat. Had no idea as PS don't you let I've. Hash tag at the hands. Who was Serena and around that is that is between a man with no job and I happened to do that its local. He tit McConnell I know she's from Boston has been this mean I guess she's cute she's whatever doesn't move the needle. I don't know of another person how to he'd describe her go with the as a sort of over caffeinated white with Serena who tries way to hard to reporters that two or do we know which one that this. They try to. Sing well and so. So freedom around as I imagine that's when you have ever heard the name and nothing going on who. I mean he watches against. See you a minute a minute short shorts and overcast and Thomas. That ice. That's her I don't you know this year and watch them on the he is a matter rephrase the question could you keep sand. That they're not commensurate drop maybe not maybe not I don't imagine these are not trading him OK not trading OK if I agree with that kind of change the question. Should day yet again. 6177797937. Should be priced one out. I can tell you Cleveland is ready to deal. We have the source for all things Cleveland Mary Kate kaput right pointing out that they're collecting epics in one final attempt. Two pride corruption all right should not report to do that you but she's actually up just let me do the show his apartment that's how much of that show you credible argument. Did you report they're getting those picks in what gets us Richard. That's eluded re the whole staff Eric Olsen worry the subtext is it you know a meter but that's not that's true. That's not true shot. I want shot that defined word marriage has just add up correctly issued him. She points soiled by you in trading down the browns picked up an extra 20181. Round ignoring them. 21 round is the next season to go along with 32. Round as it than anything we know about Belichick you like second round was right particularly high second he's a good picks. I'm and it's thrown out there it would pay off for the 21 round picks. One which one of which might be number one by giving the offered for Diana's lockyer to. The problem in every time with him. Also keep an advocate franchise because I suppose and he's gonna make a ton of money but you're right you don't pay you back up quarterback 23 mile you're also digest your own right does value. He's not to be as much as the ones you're right the everybody whether you value goes down Krajicek get the first pick in draft form October. Yes you aren't it's over Japanese is very. You lost the war it's OK I united eventually it was an article keep up. Over the actually win this argument this one robotic keeping crop OK I just said I agree with you the key and oracle can we move along. He wants to my question while I should say keep the route yes he's he's the right move cities I see no. And I'm laying the deal out here for. 21 round picks and two seconds. Cleveland's first round pick Houston's first round pick to stick around picks and with the help a fourth as a it's gonna be it alcohol. Will go black and look at the hall they got for rob Weiner I don't have done I think that's a real epic that's what you pay for quarterbacks and what we saw last night. Is that guys like Andy Reid I think. Indeed we can read. Will panic will overpay. They understand. It is not worth playing the game you don't look I've never been more Cleveland's I've never took advantage of every story filibuster Gerry a now more convinced than ever. The page to keep grapple Belichick realize the value of the position. Knows what he thinks is a great but don't you guys have since October and why it was anybody else. They are keeping Jimmy grapple he's going nowhere will be Mondays or Jimmy G as. 2000 in nineteen. Milk hyper points and Cleveland needs a quarterback he says but Cody Kessler was decent and his rookie as a rookie. He's likely gonna take the most snaps in 2007 team to be in the market next you were quarterback. They love garrote below he's ready and I know the regular girl I advocates have kept guardian no they held arrival right now how Mary Kate cap and that's how I know have no idea 617779. 7937. They're going to keep core upload that's we have our came in today and much of what we have men and women trying to. We show here should they keep ground has what to ask the questions. Especially since people laid up trade yes I think that's reasonable right I think it may be a little you know that's possible. Yeah I would say probably not about to have two players who seconds I'd be surprised I would be stunned. If you're Cleveland fan you'd be thrilled with that. I guess is there going OK we got Gibril peppers and miles Garrett who's the quarterback Cody Kessler right broke ass while. They're not you ever want these deal yes and they should do it that's the trade is up there I would say no vision to a jury says yes I think Arkin says no to two person decent I know I would say yes that I about the page issue treated grappled two months ago they are all about what happened the price went doctorate six what 77797937. Perkins telling Christian market. Here till now. Bush did dealt this point she's tired and not funny to me that's what you do on draft thing was that they just filling. For a Philly now and another very good friends. Just like Saint Louis with the open. In the lower so that was Fleming's thinks she is right or she left of the plans on hysterically. Because this thing who could doubt she stocks got a future that. Everybody boos could dale. Right yeah. That's what you kind of a thing I mean everyone does no matter what CDs in the matter what market it is my analysts even if it's a placement protein crystal bowl don't you put the commissioner anyway to do it and all the time. It's a good place for the draft that they don't post over and I'm sure of course peace and love so when chosen he sees he's special yes Hanford and you're I don't know why those are yeah. That there won't thanks Selig the commissioner bill is right it's bill you were business. I'll take it doubly offensive goat goes on those hugs me and not to not he is only available on like god punish holed it for awhile defense kids there. Do you how this packer risked McKinley and the two of the year ago moment that he. He never let go of the picture was grandmother and I was asked in your right is he was he on the stage struck the heart of what's necessary and he's good at the natural question what is in as got a little picture you know what's the big you know. Like a poster sized Franklin Hillary and those years you get your pictures and a big one the big it was played this lunatic. Luckily. Yeah. The emotions build up. It means everything man. Means everything. I made a promise to ourselves we'll go do you want and we'll go to Richmond was just over. Margins slid NFL. And I'm your man. Payment. Like this. Did you promise you going to be the good people I mean it's great contrast to the page sent him I like him. That Joseph mix and still on the board Turkey hello for discretionary usually vs Tulsa or a week. Patriots are and one of the 33 and other I don't I saw or breakdowns that he's better. And for Ned McAfee Abby you know beat you one of those guys sacrament Shea says he's better than those two. Oakland raider coach trafficker is accused of rape a couple weeks well he denied to be fair. Enough wasn't on camera right they do their homework to do decide that Mark Davis he dug up at a I think someone and draft Nixon. And a dozen for the patriots get the real force on clicks on links odd couple weeks that that wasn't in the draft I think they're loosely that's at the loosening up pleasant. Someone else take pages are often does matter if he's available. Like in the running backs I know. They did their craft that's when the Dutch woman I think in some crazy now I think it'll do something weird one last night again if you're just getting in the car now they did nothing last night so people thought they might jump in or move grapple over some embassies they did Jerry butler's I saints took a corner first vick's image changed things for Bolivar it might be have to be here from the about a dollar Gillmor will be this year. But then Butler walks free because you have to save your franchise tag according to you for grapple yes so Butler plays one more year or science or resigned Butler to a to a deal like a do you think he's going to be in the mindset of many it's free agencies can say probably you know I'll give throttling down disk probably the day the day places last came years and he cleans his locker vigna. The unity for his last game here's a peek into his locker to do that Alaska embassies of this tendencies. Correct simple. I think so with grumble with for a while while growth will play very bright in Britain and hurt must put Cleveland now see his. Is what you're missing is Belichick was a true pragmatist at heart right yes he doesn't get emotional your emotion you love grow huge yard you'll grow up I know love her or hate for so then why would you trend for two firsts are deprived mr. Belichick recognizes the value of the position but that's again. And an architect to explain this to you. You have to franchise and corrected what you get that back up quarterback at 23 million to. Brady's and women you're spending 45 mile in total one year put out checked in the blue dogs are under. Remember the title is two years left disappointed that's my outline to your left what happens up to two years ready to retire figurative I can retire we'll get an older British. He told I saw Charlie Weis on TV with the penguins yet sexually to the make up as a super performances face today and it probably was struggling to stay away. It is here to throw Charlie said Brady to all the means playing till 45 regional Weis had surgery to for its stomach stapled surgery correct yeah I didn't look at that only lasts for a couple years as a violent heard as soon enough that last question a lot less than five years and then a percentage of the success. We all know killed. As accurately he's bigger never. It happens he got so a lot of guys it's gonna happen Rex crime can have occurred this is stomach isn't it that is bands at some point you can eat. Turkey you speak some experience that you've been near murderer never witnessed hackers well I have. Look at Curtis Curtis factory. Hulu and we saw courtesy trip views seem easy no way he used to junk food it was a nervous he is a bag of chips with the way jokers. To wonder it was a when he got back 190. While I'm open for those potions of work and they say that trimming. Or else the dead by. That was all lately last week that article one person is he his car to bring your dog and owner now he is knows is the same kind Crist when he does it's worth twice what he makes the year. File. Yet at least. That'll laud him he everything. But yes that is particularly. Do you ever feel guilty drive my car Chris guilty for what. The fact that you know you're 38 is old foggy Buick car. I'd important. No issues and he's which is obviously an audience a given credit he doesn't pretend he's not sport alleged tragic Alley cat works much part of Curtis in my strive to increase. Like cars sorted it hurts now. His would you do with your old college together can. We traded at any. You traded for what finally gave to a car right he used that card to get a new car. My typical use your card to get in new car as the death like he traded to trade money did you father and get a card does he about a car than you do I hope yes. Or Carty left and you know. Hobson. Jesus than Thomas he's. Thirteen yes the answers yet tosses cars combined for its. It's it looks like a card seventeen year old high school hip -- if it does it easily diffused color but you've never Attica that loves I you know life I've never knew I'd I would Sam Mike Curtis I've you know now purchase the several automobiles what happened when you're sixteen that gave you car knowledge of the car high school and I did not Java driver. I hit it. He's a car with its many handles. Out to us more money at us but toys you know the biggest fraud all pretty growth. Well in new in southern New Hampshire but he went to saint Paul's them to hold out hope acts. He just act like Jesus hardscrabble. And I'm an old people go to Saint Paul on scholarship all the LeBron Jordan. Jordan a six what do you have considered moderate Hansen yeah 61777979. Except our team coming up. Jerry's not understand patriots are not treating Jimmy girl upload stuff can happen. He had to deal with that he's going to be gone in two years I just said last night said they should trade and there's all those you know shoot under the clock prospect from depiction of in between picks news the countdown. Account on the Brady is now two years we have he has two years left with known patriots here and then you -- reportedly want to retire he knew why in the at the robins that we're gonna tell people what brings that plan and what I gonna happen to him. With Tom Brady yet deleted it drummer Hillary tar get rid of us trade him Steward at 42 separate oil Cottam. What annoys trade for an economy that total don't I don't think droplets could yet it it's either you know. Daugherty Lucinda I think Belichick to one guy sports who would do but also mean franchising problem too straight offseason correct that's true that's a lot of money forgotten backing up summary troop that was true I have a million dollars I have the list of top next year's quarterback craft is better than this one. You get Cleveland's pitchers and pick is better so books and in Cleveland just when you first pick among those quarterbacks he's on grapple with a new life because they need to. Put a good quarterback under center and now. In September Cody now's the time finished writing a meal program that's what's always opposed it avenue guided related search your car accident that you get and you you ride with Cody Kessler you get fired I.