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Has the shine come off of the Sox-Yankees rivalry?

Apr 28, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the Sox and how a typically raucous Yankees series seems much more subdued this year.

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77979. Sevenths telephone number text line was 37937. I said it only half jokingly yesterday we're at Fenway Park as we are on Wednesday it's on the Red Sox are at home. I'm John Farrell came to visit with us and and I think for the first time in the history of this radio station. Conducted a face to face or phone interview for that matter with the manager of the Red Sox on a date when the Sox were playing the New York Yankees. And never said the word yankees. About one time there was a lot of stuff funeral of that of Pedroia and Matt Barnes and Orioles and all that stuff. Which you had the Yankees in town opening up the series is it turned out because of the rain out but but you had the Yankees and the Red Sox playing at Fenway Park. And I can't remember less interest in a Red Sox yankees game than what I what I saw in Boston last night. I think you're right and the question is why how to read it to this point where Red Sox yankees is kind of like. A Red Sox part of that quite Red Sox pirates. But it's more like. Red Sox jays. It's not even reflects Orioles are ready guys are now that robbery it adds an act I I do realize before we were crazy. Yes where were real little crazy when he came to the Yankees in before the before the Red Sox ended the 86 year drought always every single move. This guy go to another thing that's I would never went around here. It's like both the article goes to the Yankees and that's why we'll never win again he's always it always been at the Red Sox. With a little. I was a little much. Than they wanted to forming one and 07 than everybody else start winning two and I think it took him from the edge. There's a lot of different factors with some robberies you look at you know Celtics lakers for example a sort of ping pong back and forth but who's winning records of that and nowadays it's dead weight now that's but I'll bet right now but it but for awhile that was great and and Bruins Canadians is not dead it's not that still alive and even outlawed and you know there there's some back where there's not one team really chasing the other all the time that's was for so long with a Red Sox is constantly chasing the Yankees patriots and any AFC east team is dead right in and but what might happen is those other teams might think it's a bigger rivalry and the patriots won. But to the Red Sox it was there's nothing bigger than the Yankees for the longest time. And then after the events of both Israel for there's no. Chance if you ever got hotter than that back after I think it ever get there. It was still pretty good well good it would almost seven when when Joba Chamberlain was stolen at it was Kevin Youkilis has had I don't it was. Good I think what happened was valid you beat them head to head but now since then you've won more than them. A nice start to take away a lot of the personalities our balls what is really good to. Like one of the reasons why we're not all hot and bothered by Red Sox yankees on a look at the yankees' lineup. You know Chase Headley Matt Holliday. These new guys that burden child I loved judge yes so the so those are going to be the guys that gets you a all fired up and so. No Jeter no A-Rod don't Rivera no Pettitte no Clemens out of those guys and simply. A minute Joseph Torre I mean not just hated Joseph Torre but yeah the right kind of either Apollo you'll like it's I don't think there's. Really global guys on either anxious yet but there's not guys that chuck Knoblauch's we just not those guys not be. Not be I think that's a big part of it and you know maybe if the Yankees. Spend 500 million dollars on Bryce Harper in a couple of years and maybe is yet to find a way to to build up some of that hatred again by there'd been a bidding war in the off season. Yeah yankees had been fighting the Red Sox to to acquire Chris Sale. As it was they just sort of thing. Had you as you can you get on top like this significant difference between the Johnny Damon being signed and Jacoby Ellsbury was always different yes vote that it was like react I think it'd go there who cares. Where is David is back as active days positive energy that it and that that kind of sums up. At a record that if it is a generational thing wares. Not if you're you're in a generation. That that hasn't won a World Series is part of the evil hate art you that it lets me finish high school and the Red Sox have won a World Series. And so now you know that that's part of your your formative years was yes anger yes hates yes. And now you know it so Johnny Damon up 206. And then seven years later eight years later. Jacoby Ellsbury leads. A little different thing and say mine is it in a couple of championships since then he went through yankees the guys play football team is that it about it it now. You'll I'll talk to come into well. That's pretty good counter upper hand but records that we can expect it. Yeah they did it let's money to a guy like Johnny Damon he's adamant about it to go beyond I've their best player. And not in not. Just as angry anymore I think that's really what it comes down to. The original were burned out because it's you guys said it was all white hot heat of the sun burn avert a number of years there and you you couldn't sustain it. But just the opposite did it just part of south. And it's like yeah I just yeah just can't exclude we used to sit here to a sports talk radio literally going pitch by pitch of what they get guys tonight. And I think they did every move while you can't do that against the Yankees. And managers of retired after the series. And the games were long long haul AM RL to dvds or half our game you're looking at every pitch and got the same philosophy. We're just like get to the bullpen to. Got the pulpit from Errol mid. It straight this. If it's. In a way it's good to see them. Always good because it's still back soon a little normalcy. You'll never loved New York. I don't think there's a New York but reverend great rivalries I think people still say Red Sox yankees is because that you've always been pulled back you to say it isn't it's the automatically respond does he mean it. All the Rio and it now of course not when you say Celtics lakers the really mean now that's done. Also out for too long but I have a lot easier to go longer be arrival because they play each other twice a year unless they meet the finals the Red Sox yankees play to eighteen times a year and they might play each other in the what ALCS and now in the playing game or ever a big play each other in the playoffs words not the World Series so there's going to be so much more interaction men sultan. Lakers you know I watch my game has Celtics lakers game this year from Staples Center. And and the Celtics won it easily and just watch the game and there's nothing. Yeah it was a mad and anybody. As you Luke Walton coats and the lakers okay are right on the actual Russell make some shots so what and a it is so much you dismiss it out but still I can get can get fired up about that. Well why would you use it on you and I saw that the Red Sox today and Twitter had you know Chris Sale and I forget who who's pitching for the Yankees tonight and our tickets available. Yes they'll Tanaka red thugs and it Chris Sale on the mound Red Sox yankees tonight. And their tickets available yet do not see that ten years ago a future. Yeah justified Red Sox yankees Perry I don't recognize Chris Sale alone should've done it yeah. The fights in the stands. And things happen all the time a lawyer Laurie gear down there now. Or your freeagent blitzer which are default move. If you're not listen to you guess that I've if I have to go to the Yankees I hate to do it but I'll go to the Yankees. Obviously okay go ahead as Smart as our bit has moved yeah should I don't think that I've got an extra player there there so I'm that's fine. I had the Yankees begun the the slow rebuild. You know they they they got themselves of some high priced contracts. This is stuff that they've been talking about for a number of years now you see some of these good young players that are percolating through the system. Is this the sort of thing where this could be back at fever pitch again within a year two or three. Unintentional again. These are here at the other battery of a big I can hold them all also regret I'll knock some movies. And the Red Sox books. Yeah. Red Sox shows. Never message to put out a Red Sox are all the time most of the Sox appeal Knoxville. Hundredth they're what you don't know actually what if you hit it actually with a head of it back. The red flag it was tender it was match dot com before it was enacted laws. There are battered stocks repeal it sets you up. I think yeah I mean the Yankees though are. Improving and I think it's not as immediate usually dated a quick fixes and little violence again it is going and so again you look to their lineup presents through their rotation. It's not all household names not bad calls but maybe they got some young guys that are that are on the way 6177797937. Is telephone number market New Hampshire Europe first on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood keep. Did you know that mark. Hey I. It hit that right there are a bit winning. It won't be here and you know we talked. High pitched. I'm on pollution. Doubt we. Will territories pretty blunt certainly can't get any help or when it when it was him or. We had been the victim and yeah. But it addict or call eight Italy stay beyond the game. Eight. Yankee team that there. Developing so that other topic that built up a little bit but I think that there is great. Yeah at I think it needs to be a guy to release could be Ike somebody hate somebody controversial. You know. Bright guys are netting much Ottawa's on the Yankees get maybe eight at and I Brian Cashman now when. Went when Chris Sale so I would be Red Sox Draper Chris sales data the golds at quarters of baseball. It's not worth your fight and he he well. Don't I don't imagine to be a blogger and how much. CC's Nightline in the general manager who's mad about it but to get mad at Cashman. Or who you man on the roster Iran's not there anymore. I can the manager okay fine he talked about what what about the children once when he was complaining about it that way treatment but. If he hadn't happened up reading it kicked off hand Ellsberg is angles and held it very well enough and actually not cares. They don't really have a guy. Who does or says anything controversial. 6177797937. This telephone number it sure seemed to pass without any. Report from us after last night's game that was a big playoff game in Boston. But keep it you know it started way he later. Way late I mean we have a very late tip of the 35 its policy thirty guy does a four or five. We'll see if you guys have and sales are models are very solid growth. 6177797. ID 37 it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. One quick baseball note. We're sort of talking Sox yankees here I Carson Smith has been transferred to the sixty day DL. To make room on the forty man roster for chase Darnell who was claimed off waivers from the braves'. Infield slash outfielder. Sounds like a death kind of guy. But that that the bigger part of that more than chase Darnell being claimed off waivers is. Carson Smith goes to the sixth. The day DL Matta make room on the forty man. Then the Carson Smith there is not on very well I sort of missed the Carson Smith era it everybody does it start that you ever. It's not a date but Arafat's. Sixty video it's a pretty. Big deal yes serious thing and so that they know. Yeah I'd add and M when they signed him I thought god there's your eighth inning guy there is here there's your setup guy for the closure this is perfect. We in almost number gutsy. Back to call 6177797937. Is telephone number on Larry's in Newport hey Larry I don't. You're doing you know I've had company one of the papers a couple of weeks ago that Pedro had worked in order church. To limit his countrymen. Over the summer over the winter and I realized it was a glad to speak or talk closely. Now what are now. That's sort of thing happens all the time both the deal with that yet and that that that. Part and I. So little thing. I guess I gotta tell you that sort of thing happens all the time where guys get together in the off season. Guys who were who were literally pitching for the Red Sox and yankees now. Will be teaching each other stuff in the in of their work out together somewhere they'll be in Arizona together some then I mean. I understand bite bite you get upset because it's Pedro. Pardon me. Letters I get the hours that's a fine guy like that it. Yeah what's the what's going except nobody thinks of them that way any manager had a hand in that loss last night that's to be the real story there are Major League regular. Oh. It also at the latter well probably not be able of our committee through the night and thought my mechanics there who's to say my. But he that's the the destruction. Of those that are those who knows it happens all the time and mean I don't think I don't know how many knuckleballer is there are. But but I wouldn't be surprised if if at some point some knuckleballer Santa Tim Wakefield pay. I'm have an issue is that this pitch you know how did you get through and I mean they they talked about the stuff all the time. Jim down or an island hey Jim I don't. A cart are. One. Baby at every day. I would pay all all rolled into one day. Want. Everybody finds Cuomo are underpaid nobody like each other care it was a Yankee red carpet are. In any. Number. Question remnant of the I didn't pay it back in the day outlook on life or reward oracle really talk about. I mean actually been tried reported flat out the back. Okay and then as well. He on the job now and it doesn't even come and get walking. Around. Yeah I think we are and were glittery lights are getting harder read. What does that have to do with all of it lets you know I totally had me up until lap fun and I'm not a measure alright and even brought up. I'll yeah brought up are around somebody's head and not hitting them is always gonna get a suspension and that's not a good thing that's maybe it's 21 century thing but that's what happens now. Throw around her head and you're going to be suspended and should but are other rivalries anymore in baseball. There are tougher to come by doesn't feel like Reston Red Sox in counties. Is is it doesn't Dodgers giants is still pretty big rivalry Dodgers giants about cubs cardinals. Just too nice and there are too high cardinals Astros. Those that cheat NASCAR fan apnea but that they feel and our stock down at key card to cardinal Bernard Allison battered the cardinals got away with that but that David you know justice was served in Red Sox Orioles while at the top analysts. But not really Monica Red Sox are 800 cafeteria. And the fact of captains and that's it that sort of says that there really aren't. There's the natural rival Red Sox and braves they definitely he definitely facilities and other interleague game of the brain that's Emery. Get evicted in all seriousness though maybe that's why the Red Sox we try to get John Kerry yesterday and tried. You know drive from the left side drive from the right side north south try to get that done happened. And maybe what part of it was. Decided to give up information. Yet part could be. We just only kind of like that anymore and Eric I was I was the united saying wow I would want my teammate to say. I don't don't worry about our team or I gotcha back and then if you got a problem with me we talk about it. Private privately not out there. Not making your case in front of the cameras and then after the game going there in making your case against him on that anybody but maybe today's players. Don't look at that weighs almost a big deal. Opie and doing it wrong. Maybe they just don't have that sensibility. Kill what what the problem it in and I'm not saying Iran you're probably right why what might not sit bottom line malign meals. They just don't care they are generally don't get it there kids are at the same. Accounting. Went out and they're not there and I'm not even I'm not even stand it from me. From the complaint department. And is. It's interesting to me. Ads like the inside of an at an all with it you mentioned colonials that interesting to me to. That is something that what is Gilani also let the whole like. How some workplaces like well we've we believe we should have a game room here or seven area where you know. Our our our employees can take a nap or they don't come and work every day. You know owners can be. Friends are not the best quote about the break does soft on Abbas well coached. I'm paraphrasing but you hear reset to determine current army ever that our kids are so different it's sniffer is a terrible the adults who have raised these kids so maybe we should stop. Saying all that again they're doing things wrong and look in the mirror it's analyst raised them. Don't think it's wrong I think it's interesting it's kind of forgot where it yet that is it in this situation that some stuff. That my meals have come to expect I think is kind of cool and I wish. But it had that way. When I was starting off working a game are really united yeah take that as camera organized better nicer. 6177797937. Is telephone number final drive about 545. A Specter calls coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.