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Night one of the NFL Draft holds little interest for Patriots fans

Apr 28, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the NFL Draft... seems like interest around these parts is down without a first round pick for the Pats.

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See what happens when Bill Belichick trades away his first round pick and a second round pick if you think it's seriously. You can't who do you like in the draft while he's sorry he's gonna be there at 72 and it won't take it anyway. The one thing I at first I was disappointed in the first round pick for the second Euro. But they take the guy want and take anyway it was a really matter and whoever they took wouldn't be better than Brendan cook says which I'll get especially their first round yes I would is Brandon Cox yeah. Would anybody that they could get a thirty to be more productive than Cooke's yes of course. Of course absolutely every year this year every every year every underwriting for the upcoming season that your that person will be more so Laura talks or there's always have a hard time believe. And there's always somebody in the draft that is is taken too low and they come man in their great player. And we always ask how it was one nickel higher of course. As is or somebody. Who can be who's going to be drafted in the top fifty was gonna be really really good it's actually from 32. To 52. There's somebody going to be who's going to be drafted who's going to be a starter next year and a very productive player yes. You know better than Cox more than are productive then then he would be this year well I mean if it's going to be tough review. If you I say it's a linebacker. A linebacker vs a wide receiver how do you measure well and and I'm just gone back through you know recent patriots draft history. I didn't have one last human 2015 they picked 32 they got Malcolm brown may be a terrific player eventually. His first year. I mean played some of the present and is out let's go further back I mean let's. DeVon accordion 2010 was picked 27 overall neighborhood gun I was very usually they were hit his rookie year was better than. Cooks is your last year I 2005. I might give you about one. Logan Mankins picked 32 overall I don't know I'm taking DeVon recorded his rookie year even though you don't wanna give it to me I'll take I had a 32 bit but I guess he west picked ahead of them but also tegra the court he's rookie year vs what cooks gave you. Last year. They did it last year's draft you know and it's actually got by at 47 overall Michael Thomas who is spreading coax his teammate who is really good cooks better I think. But Thomas was there that he was drafted in that window. They don't have anybody make the Pro Bowl up from 32 to fifty and I would think that's. That's not a realistic expectation out pitchers don't always have receivers make approval but. Possible that a British cook's got a thousand yard season this year. I think they look at it at this year's draft. And they're very comfortable. With cooks and with Healy and with in Dwayne Allen. And with the jealously. So if if you can. A hole I would just stop with coaxed you can look at your draft. And turn your draft into those kinds of players. You're happy with it yeah especially coming off a Super Bowl when. Ed you have a relatively. Young roster. So there's your Super Bowl team and added these veteran players at the expense of draft picks great. John is in East Hampton Tayshaun howry. Good guys have taken off what's going on as strong. Word opinion yet occurred. I'll Warren asked comments I'm mile area. B and all of. Rip the crap out of him shorted yeah. Yeah I can't Ken Warren Sapp and that makes me. Pointing out its exact totals all came from pretty much one game and you've got to explode the parent. And I've come so. And that's as Arnie got take on that a minute he should take an honor. I I'll ask you question first before we answer. Do you really give a damn what Warren Sapp says about any. I hate I hate this is out of this but you can't deny the man and the great climate. RC do you think he's ever seen miles Garrett played this year is that he has is that I know we said he had watched the tape and he's looking at a guy who is. He caught no. Kid who. Makes four plays that game they lazy player who makes for big plays a game and everybody gets excited about it or did play defense like Warren Sapp back. Now warns that come on a war such a great player he won anywhere player great. All of Famer yet sure what but I don't care about anything he says about anything ever yeah. I mean I think it'll be comical if the browns don't take miles Garrett with the first pick tonight while they probably won't. How now it probably won't take them and maybe it's the. Brown's them. Right yeah Coretta one you have the Baltic and that if you're really -- that sums into your quarterback you can always take the twelve to move up move it upload it yeah if you need supposedly you've just got to get ahead of the jets at six right. Everybody thinks the jets at six are gonna take him. Oh yeah yeah I guess. The bigger they definitely could use a quarterback. Every year that Markel every single year. Teams are you doctor Millen quarterbacks and then they have young guys and and they trade form. And it just it never seems like there's enough good loans in the league or even what close to enough problems in the week. It is the top tier. Out front very small and as that next group of twelve they like an okay fine. But there's always like five to eight teams that decision that's a quarter crack it every category year. And this is the year where it's a terrible quarterback draft class. And it you got guys fight over Roma in the top ten Mitchell for biscuit. The top ten. That's what every year feels like Andrews in Springfield Sandra how you don't. Burton law everything that everybody said about the dream is wrong everybody on the well called it called that night terror. At no time corporate. At no time. Is there any paralysis at all that that's definitely wants everything you're. You're never away. It's a dream you're dreaming you are weak. You're dreaming Q&A bowl. That's what is it is called and I hear the argument to doesn't. Care if you're unable to movies and I Campbell. Somebody's block him by you're way out I wanna get up and can't move you're still sleep you dream being natural way. You you you can move it turns out about the I'm just telling you to he's in now I also won't want to talk about the guy called about Pedro consider Rio. Now that this miss them he highlighted spot on yeah this is not just some guy beating some guy paperwork again. The differences are darker than me Pedro was more than a great pass along great change Pedro with one too optimistic. And he's given that. Reno and it's clear. That get the effect of Pedro Martinez they talk all the time talk after restart date. There you know it's been in this New York papers from the began these. And Pedro is I'm not I didn't know you would. Would be. A coach but it's clear what he's done it is I mean it is. Does it bother you that he does this Sandra good seat Pedro in Andrew does it bother you. I'm a yankees fan Aussie loves their own island and notices. Are. Pedro. Is Cingular and he's one of the best their personal. And it was more in the south it was gonna change. Pedro. He brought it to. What he downward Marino in night. Date it is you can actually see it last night watching the game I'm thinking and Pedro he doesn't throw like Pedro. He does he's out while lighter he doesn't eat learn and attained upbeat note saying stop that Pedro. Which you can see her age girls are back in I don't know how to better explain that I. I think your all your your over reaching to be harvested the whole thing. Ed and the fact that he works with a in the offseason doesn't even phase now if you GoDaddy Yankee Stadium every three days yeah you know working with a kid in the Yankee bullpen. I might get a little more upset about it but. The rivalries alive then that's the line for Tom Knoll yeah not some guys have sent. He's upset about it now Audi a eight Yankee and he loves anybody's you know it is that. I shouldn't say they got back to me it's a big deal the answer is it's a big. And for some papers that that a lot worse than that if people Matta yeah I asked if there's almost nothing Peja can do to get people mattered and in these parts. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WE yeah. 6177797937. As telephone number. We talked some Celtics today big win last night at the garden they take a three games to two advantage in the best of seven series hoped to wrap things up tomorrow night. At the United Center in Chicago. Always talked some about Red Sox and and mainly Red Sox yankees and the lack of heat to use a rest on average. The lack of heat around our Red Sox yankees series at any point even though it's April. Red Sox yankees it it would no matter if you played it in April or August or September it was a big deal around here. But not so much anymore at least doesn't feel that weight loss and of course the NFL draft tonight. Speaking of lack of heat and it and if you look around here it's like someone. I mean were were football fans I'll have it on a little back and forth you know to see who's going way area. But it's like it the anticipation that you have a as the patriots fan OK three more picks to the patriots finally picked someone they traded a minute rant and yeah. They're watching the training game do you think you'll have a first or second round pick in the draft. Birth or sack yes that doesn't feel that right now to say yes or how they how they do it Malcolm Butler. I'd I think now. I think men and they get into the second round I think they'd they'd figure out maybe not a first router because it seems that the only two avenues for that and I mean Jimmy drop low I guess now you're kind of crazy present and trade him because. Nothing has happened chapter of the way Adam shirt or write again immediately that nonstop about it because that was I thought he was. It lets people the most likely he would Peter King ball both had been gobbling down on this so I don't think you can get in the first round. Oh. If you keep both those guys so. Their third round pick is a pretty high third topic so maybe if they feel like a player maybe they can move up and shot back and now without having to give up too much stuff but. During the third rounds also on iTunes so solid they're going Thursday and Friday would not. I mean they guaranteed something important to stay right where there were where they are and they're happy about it. Don't pick 72 and they see a lot of players in the draft that. Maybe people are talking about that they yeah you just get in the third round in. Nice cost controlled thick. Feel pretty good about their roster to anger where they are tonight it feels too quiet so yeah listen their draft event that I don't know a's already. What they duel and I got it right now wonder what they're doing excellent right now preparing got to the propellant but in saying barely out on a draft day you'd have a certain. You know set protocol of things you be doing time. You do everything just as if you're gonna pick out today even though you know it got their big board of shots they do yoga are you sitting there in the office you know our. Are all the football ops guys all sit around a room right now how we got right now ball all right they got to be willing to take calls and sure there are calls the vote still. Beta drop or even Butler or whoever else so they're probably solo player on this just how you know how active on the being. Maybe they did late you know they were so active right after the super bull. Here's a neat stuff in the big sightings in big trade everybody all the water there are busy and now this is the next time that to your team these next three days. Yeah I told you earlier how Avery Bradley is going to be a basketball analyst when his career is over you know he's going to be great pass by analyst. Bill Belichick decides okay no more football and I just wanna. Spend my time talking about the draft. It would be the greatest draft analyst in the history of television. If he decided to share what he knows and us the biggest yeah I don't think he's going to be probably wouldn't let. If if he's got nothing else loses not coaching the patriots anymore is just around he's just a guy loves football and win shares football smarts. Unbelievable. I can tell you with at at picks 72 he knows the draft better than anybody right now. The National Football League up and down. Those top fifteen l.'s top 25. Note the bottom fifty bottom 75 but why does it take guys but such reaches sells off. Went over the world are taking him on Wilson words a Taylor Wilson yeah I think part of it is just getting. Really being convinced. That guy's something. It might not taking any chances like I don't care I'm taken now dad and you know sometimes it is worked out that way we've seen the seventh round pick cattlemen. Any sort of don't much different though if you take if you take Avon Wilson word Jordan Richards. Or Ras I doubt it and if it's time to dissect it all they asked. Second early third round that's much different if you wanna take. A back up quarterback in the seventh round or wildcat quarterback in the seventh round rugby player in the sixth fine before so it was underground that that's way different and you know such. It's just reaching for guys as he's explains before. If not secure reaching for a guy you get you've gotten some information that somebody else wants. So if you really want them. You don't wanna take chance that next time you come around the guys can be gone and so on some time to draft him. Earlier than you want to but really what the player that's exactly what happened with of Ballmer. That you know like there's a lot of action on Sebastian Vollmer and based on what he saw he she it was a for profit. He said he should detract Vollmer and a fourth round but there's a lot of action on and so we needed to take from the sec around here want. So that that kind of stuff if he just. Sits back and gives you the Bill Belichick paying on draft day. Yeah like everybody else to be out of you forget it as other senators GAAP. Let's for the sale of our argument let's say that the that the Cleveland Browns to atomic chain and other cities they're gonna do and they take Mitchell tribute ski with the first overall pick in the draft through. Art let's let's say. Now if you're if you're the Cleveland Browns. Why wouldn't you offer that pick to the patriots. For Jimmy Iraq below who with Rob Lowe was in this draft would be the first quarterback picked. Why would you whopper that pick some fairness notes are stubborn as you probably half of the patriots turned down the patriots say they don't want. What the papers say. Milwaukee do it and we leave it to the ground we are not going to trade Jimmy drop. In inoculated you found out later on at the Cleveland Browns later on after the draft six. We offered the first overall attitudes in England for problem that he outcast wouldn't you be upset hobby past I would. I'd lose my mind. Number one on the number I would say. For your back up a bigger check Mitchell Drabinsky first overall that archers in your life that I guess you just offered after the Patriot Act rob hello yes I didn't would be of those. Mean to pick still win the Super Bowl next year narrated proved wrong. But man. Like that is again we talked about this all offseason long about the timetable for Brady and drop wall and how does ever really make sense whatever lineup for brothels even your quarterback. So even if you think he's great which still unknown but Sorrell got thirty get drafted tonight. I would much rather build the answer would be number one overall pick. Either one you return that it only want the player he would take in the expectation turnout and ready for each trade out of that pick would anybody be Herschel Walker already occurred on a four years of fix. Another four years the pics then that a packer quarterback. But it all the browns wouldn't you do that. If it's a death yet if you're not taking Garrett elect if you're taking Garrett it's it's a totally different discussion right if they infect end up taking from its key first overall. Why wouldn't they have offered a pick to the patriots for grapple. And and and if they did. But he they'll note that Belichick say no the first overall pick it says that by the way that the right on the head in the NFL would explode if hit a prefer if if he gets across the overall pick in the draft in the aftermath of winning the Super Bowl and winning the offseason so far. In the the past is trying to do was best for the team just tried to what a 6177797937. Right back to the call to review coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Is telephone number. I backed calls that you guys out Kevin isn't playing you'll pay Kevin I don't. They got they don't break. Good. Request and let our report today that Richard Sherman might be instant player in the patriot. Probably is. Yeah and the possibility. And do you got the belt where would it be too much stark are much ego but are offering up with your part but let. Kevin I think it would work he's a terrific player do I think it's possible no. Makes what eleven million I think makes a lot of money. And I don't know what the Seahawks would ask for it probably will be willing they probably would ask for more than the patron to willingly give. Would Richard chairman of talking to Tommy turnabout this a couple of days ago civil or not this this a straight up swap. You give them. Give them Malcolm Butler they give you Richard charm. And he said about the money for Sharma and it's the cat that patrons are pretty good cap shape and they are all the spending Craig had shape yeah and and pay it they would be capable of taking on a guy like Sherman and I just in the contract to their purposes I know that. It. Who was talking about. Terrified at an offense that's a surplus. Actually. As the best. I'd I would have no problem at the caller also asked about. Yeah the personality bill trauma that idea the you'd but it just fine yep it would. So you have you have sermon on one side we have Gilmore on the other. Am a man Cyrus Jones inside you can be your man I was you know he's your guy who. Yeah outside of jobs and about their own special tonight on and on announcements. That I've honest. You give I don't wanna I don't want to put too much and play. And it you don't believe and am I got up again and Eric rope for error grow. The all they can't call pastor at every time Eric the six feet and over club new quarterbacks. Long regret it's the rose at 6162. Germans 64 in your worst it's one. You picture that and I'm just trying to picture you know Seattle trading guy like Sherman to a team that's already considered the favorite to win the Super Bowl. I mean sending Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders is one thing. Shipping Richard Sherman of the patriots seem like that be a whole whole other but they put it out there already. All the they'd that they trade Kenya that they would trade on and there are guessing they'd rather not do we hear they're general manner. Your John Schneider. Shared his logic can we be looking to get younger and free up some cap space he's a good for a fresh start if we were to do something. It was the most. Seattle. It disappeared it was them that hassles the most anti patriots. But now but tonight in the Seattle Seahawks Seattle. Region of the country type of conversation. You know where it's its hostile but will. Number of a conflict or hostile. Come off like for helpful but really hostile. It was it editing ice at all are stamped out. M and I guess he got somewhere else. I guess he says and what do we don't necessarily want a movement but we didn't want to move them. When you're younger. OK OOK okay aren't. So I think you'd be a precinct and wouldn't have problem with the the talent of the man here. No I'd and might the league the patriots haven't had any problem with the talents of the man here. Be a lot of fun but this program that. Mics in Framingham they might I don't. I don't too quick that it warrants it straight and they call to do with what everybody else sick or you can go into Baltimore itself. I didn't know Caylee. Asha I don't know either I don't know what channel is on either identity of the crowd amid the air I don't know what channel he's but I know what channel he's god. Could have a happier right now maybe he's trying to maybe try to get another gig with this side this hot sports take the admitting. And they'll figure of about Herschel Walker trade. Go to the basket but the rule because the argue to reach well liked to keep the cold connected to a picnic and probably Ricky Williams straight up and mobile. The reds in the ninth. They're doing whether we can't nothing. I mean but but if you're into the majors you give Nobel's at all those next win July Matsui yeah do some greater chance that the Redskins are with the rams like okay they screwed up fine. They don't viable recovered but not they don't they don't get like eight draft expert this year they've got some. Future picks I was asked those exit use them to use them to your advantage and you see here you know use some. In 2017. And then. And use one for 2018. And it's a pretty appointment as the other those other trades that yoga compared to the Herschel Walker trade. Those teams didn't cash in those that might holiday they give up their old draft the safety of the whole draft. Every two lives is better than all the guys that they know all the pics of the straightaway and same live although. Ago Robert Griffin with it for all year and then he kind of fell part but a solid. It was the rams and that deal with a Soledad perhaps you know they went out there and me a Brazilian great text based don't have a quarterback and they had to make a trade up. To get a quarterback. After all that they did jerk off who knows the he can player now. Mike's a north Providence hey Mike I don't. Hey guys I and is wondered Michael. You know just trying to assert model that it's in the teachers actually turn dominant one. But I mean I don't think there's any possible she turned out that is unless Brady. We are after the the curtain got it exactly where. At a discount in the look at look at the money accidentally Jones bet it is. As a free agent you know pat structure and not create what you preach you know he industries on them. It is it's just insane the amount of money that's out there and be get a guy like that war years you combine that made with the Sherman street where now. O'clock. O'clock at second quarter of axle factory at no time of sorrow. And the like oh yeah I got a bunch of great to back out there regular technical for pat. But they'll make right. That sounds good Mike I'll say this. At a chapter has been saying pretty consistently. That the patriots are not trading Jimmy drop below ECB said things like they can offer to first round yes and they wouldn't trade show. If you take his reporting seriously. The patriots. What turner would turn down the number one overall pick for Jimmy drop. If you take Adam sharp accurate what are yes so yeah I mean it's it sounds crazy and I think it's crazy. But that's their position. But wasn't there and no I mean you can probably get a different report from Mary Kay Cabot every single day as a related to grow up load and the browns but. I one point. It was they did off for the twelve it was rejected and then there was double play is equal the patriots would want the number one. Right and that's sort of went away in Solder they went back to that and without out of chapter every time he's brought it up he gets angry about it yet if I had to let other outrage them but I don't. Well it's still because at 2:30 this morning Adam chapters tweet. And the entire tweet was the MO GIs. Now this was the real thought this was the real blue check Mark Adams chapter not you know lab Scheffler he had no wasn't that was the real and it and it almost like like all look what's happening now. He's been saying you know the titans may be willing to move out of five overall maybe he was talking about that made it gets percolating on five well let me sit and go holy crap. They might make. The first overall pick in the draft available. And that you would have a different reaction just big eyeballs if if after. Months. Months he's been saying they're not gonna train them that if they trade him tonight he's in have to do something. Always in this it all started with a the patriots are using. That hatred they're using. He's that the Smart out use out of that way. Man as started dead yet. That was a little while ago. Those loss of takedown of a difference takedown of Jacksonville to yeah Jacksonville Schechter and portals all on this tentative and a 61 look what happened to him via now he's in China are still out on the figure out a way that the to use Trent Dilfer. The delicate job it was great for us Jesus for any laws isn't good either good football man and I don't know where he's gonna wind up. He lives out nicely lives and Jefferson is correct yes he does so. You're doing it via our sister station out there. There's an eye on station up there may be going to work for them to do something with CS and Bay Area shore to see them now. Be but rather at Sanford the Bay Area sports tonight there that Russia while Barack Obama it's a possibility. And enthusiasm big. Those guys and the weird names. Of those oh yeah. We're the on the on the baseball the baseball very without Jose Canseco hit both get that. Yeah they don't expect Fred to turn and Jose Canseco does that I hope not 6177797937. Is telephone number with the patriots really turned down the first overall pick for Jimmy rock below. If it were ever offered 6177797. ID 37 dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.