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K&C - Gerry would never have a gay lover in prison; Kirk's Twitter war with Jemele Hill 4-27-17

Apr 27, 2017|

Hour 4. Kirk questions the show about whether or not anyone would have relations with another man while in prison. Jemele Hill threatened Kirk on Twitter, but did she delete her tweet?

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Skirt and Callahan. Hurt me and him we'll be here on the U walls are legally just over the break it ten or 1520 years of the basketball thousand dollars and story I. I work harder than you do soaring graduate this year. Yeah I try to get him back to why this. Nothing goes right up I mean keep on right up there is yeah. The points have been stuck his finger because you have a tough time boom boom boom with Kurt committee and I think you know brokers and let them go right. What was her his nice paper drive out there and what's so public do about the relationship that you can't just it was a little bit about how much Robert what would you feel them to address the separately for you to say that there wasn't committed relationship you have. Special I don't really get what's going on here but I really like touching speaking of that microphone and Gerry Callahan. It was a dark day for the worldwide leader in sports or from our Twitter social media mentions that many party. People we see that we won't talk block they don't care about what bills deficit. Did you cup level I have my driving and I got. We've already reviewing the most of them that they needed it but more than anything less that want Sports Radio WEEI. I would support while our fifth and final day curtain when I was alone with the. Mud pound on the grow also known as pure who's in tomorrow purity your favorite the Kenyan man. It was a good idea and I think he's gonna break twelve I L I mailed out front I think he does it yes the I think he's gonna break and the human pleasantly surprised I it's gonna suck having to Marshall. There is the only team to AM. Melody is off that's just unfair power its breath stay off. I believe so. It's a Dane who's gonna our show and his family he's got a full day off now -- do two shows tomorrow and that'll work he'll do our show in the near Charlotte tomorrow means you we always criticized these young guys who have no individual heritage right during the day yesterday three of those guys going to be issues I don't quite get ahead if that's correct at least six to 35 right and plus she likens it like it castle loser should like usual rich and a tablespoon. Yeah but so was I that worked my way. He's trying god knows I did (%expletive) happy to occur to anybody who works who didn't have everything handed to them as a child might lose anyone in this who grew up on the mean streets different and that's right Lou tomorrow. Mean surrounded by these little silver spoon lightly volume more money and even now. It's a dozen yes and that the other what you're the second highest paid guy in the in this nation and so it's now among sport Olazabal. I just. I'm just I've got a yeah yeah I understand and that's a variety pianist. Can't understand that he has billions lost touch with the common Mick yeah put hostage by the way that that. OK Jesus looking. Merry Christmas and a happy to. He has an art course the conference are cut from the opens that you Google I'm not seem to to milk it's infuriating. Cast did a couple of able. I well. What is that's that's the prime that's the biggest RT SP and who isn't hostile Lambeau. I don't know I've Elway who that's not the Alamo and I don't know. He's still there are you whose job alternate only elderly imported good idea got promoted. But the woman who can couple Lambeau but bottom as a Roddy is still there and she's upset at the grief she's taken from a the Twitter people before Denver including one mile a minute including one Kirk manei. Who she threatened and I am I considering legal action might actually orally when he's not he is Jordan now Larry are married aren't you could call Buehrle Buehrle was yeah it is a lawyer also readers are busy these eight hour meetings and Larry army guys just such a second homes in. What Lebanon carriage house in Weston. Before we get to do the calls back east opinion. We're talking what's on the during the break with comforted some form or fashion before it finished question no future yes give what's going on you as well mean yes public you're the producer as well as a couple wide open six point 7779. 79%. Of teachers are the pills have the same as Italy's made. To Jerry's to catch of course he's all man to homophobic. Is that he's in jail for the rest of his wife you would never and three romantic relation but bottom you'll personal eight game you have no idea that's short. Of course you don't know I can't melodies that's additionally he said okay unconditionally. That not have sex with a man you wouldn't use. Oiler yes. I don't okay. I think it figured out and values that guide them once I don't want to meet I would say within nine months basics as. Six months abnormalities. That song and you go in and out of jail at that point was so you can still get to grab a ball. And now no way I was all right I'd say within a year and yeah I have a boyfriend we'd be out not going. If I said the July and so I don't mind. I don't have to go to prison you sound like you're willing to explore the five that you might poison your no other options and say I'm in for the rest of my life is snare you. A bucket yes you do what are uploaded you're not doable if you do twenty years upon years essentially you get and that's life when it got my name or you won't deal you can definitely get action is to. On live for us and be healthy and there eaten healthy. Well our kind of non prices yes smoke locate tomb audio Libyan business plot Amanda. I would be. If you're there. Are you might hit 100% convinced that Kennedy and Hernandez were lovers Alba I would say are human asset more problem and more from Luna that's a good term yes. I mean I think. And as I could imagine coach Kennedy being starstruck. He looks like them are named as one can be. All the pets in the bad as slow it could have been allowed to anger thing where he looks up like. To Hernandez is in god and I it'll. What is Hernandez and hanging out with this loser. He. Love it he's physically tracked if that's the questions. That enjoys beat the U just said Howard sure out of saying if that's what his choice act of making. Face to face that adds I think I speak. That's how I would do with Sony buys social. We refer G loads to case would stay in the that is where they don't have a hole and every Sunday at they wrestle for a half hours using hand yes they don't write that do. Oreo that it would fall in Vince's question. What you're JOK forty years old right now 38 in the third. 32. Sergio for forty years no chance. I'd be self football say definitely that's model at some point one don't think that we need a better you need is sandwiched wrote a little human touch. Let me a little bet upon those four. Now now column now. Yes yes I couldn't bring myself to. Have another idol I honestly don't think I could amount to is selling you so much on not being why not I'll be much rather play on this one it's about being made these so much of that he never tries to be much that never gives up very obvious that I'm okay. Meter says he's never won a fight to beat themselves by as you mean and mean give the group handles the case and that she didn't kiss you find these in the him. And Hurtado smaller hand smooth hands and you close your eyes and think of votes each dealer he packets at whatever it had. And bag then that's cheating and no thinking about a woman. When we knew we gotta hide them with a 300 pounder out of not to Canada and they ran the it checked that the person that that's not the provost reciprocal action you then have to you know perform maximum typical colliding well I'll let you know that JK Simmons into laws about to get beat back again I think I'd be I'd be elect Chris Maloney is snapping necks in the news on somebody's friend. I'm a pretty fair now you issued a if you. Have that. Hurt because I couldn't I'm with Terry and was shocked to hear. As Curtis definitely would know how some bad unit in prison I'm Italian I do that you Weezer vaulted ceiling that'd be about it. Along with laughter and fifth guy you that your other liberal fifteen minutes she would be the way he would that fresh meat. He they wouldn't do anything to him he would just haven't done to brag yes correctional and they weren't doing it for him now I thought my second question. It's a legitimate questions I mean worth examining but I don't odds that made him dress up as women yeah I wouldn't that I would guess a dress up time for you talked about how lucky if they show in laws that show open the front and I think I'm going cafeteria food for lunch and some guys will be dressed as women Astaro does a departure. Well just put on lipstick ethics there was literally on our partners address. I don't think that's Larry would you say would rule heard him say well Larry Tutsis make it. Heart only had a million credibly did you sense that they get this fairway papers mark. That's what I believe like a public and I'm a little bit yeah and hospital when you get to check up and opens in the backseat and get the prostate exam are legitimate opponent. There alone in this current six months I got a deal on his honest and decent response you want to check online I think I'd find a guy who. You know was clean shaven. There's not there's all sorts of feminine tendencies do him. You and I those guys are readily available those guys collect tax cut a celebrity jail. You would be one he'll be out I'm conniving here seemingly sweet scheming not we evil and conniving and probably get my way to the top I don't yeah you don't like Abby got him elected talk as in the Killen just I would is that what makes. It's stuck there was no way in Maine and know what's going on. So much guys aria what's going. Kurt I agree with you on it completely. I feel like you're going to jail for life you got it in the aggregate your life. What you have to. Let's say it's ideal though it's not perfect I wouldn't want to do it but it solid dot if it's that or my hand for forty years. I use my hand for forty years that I want anymore gun what is this the other hand then I have a picture up. I think your listeners and just. He said after awhile you just need somebody to hold on to. I'm talk I could I would rather. How does this sex with a man in the McConnell. And our guys aren't coddle just coming billions of skin clear about that discretionary and says before recent. You would rather have sex would have come with him for sure this the coddling have to have to love them the little sweet and acquisition which is having your on your chest and all. Economists I could do men would. But it's Cutler won't notably you know could you Connell. If I lived in prison for life and I have not Saleh I mean. It would be ideal but it that the aggregate and no work no what do you look. You attractive enough. Yeah let's make a packed union for both those same jail together after six months we will be together OPEC but at the sounds good but I'm looking forward to it. When you get the fight which milk Bill Mueller puncher knock her out a woman. Very. She started famous woman right. I think you gonna go to prison that that be the epidemic at a prison just for criticizing a show that's true marvelous device feels close to that you do it shall mix it until it could be ugly for rice founded career will be over by get a two year sentence in jail. Although she'll have to paper trail she wants to confront you face to face yes you invited all I'll show you said to be different for her to gonna show that as. Ratings at least so gracious no pressure and like none zero pressure. The lunar what it's like when you know Buchanan keeping Mazzarelli. Clean. In the spring winter not enough. Don't care about all the bills have to pay no regardless yesterday when they honestly tell us about the commonality is in my first thought was. She hoped Chanel who can pay her bills but hopes he can afford that next oil change for the mas are rowdy and north thirsty for to be on the show. Through in to lose in the car he drew it's going. They get paid on them Kirk Ager now. I'm ordered judgment when you're. Out of you know threat that would defend India. But he Egypt checked out her her Twitter page lose you can change the world view check that your. Check out there you are shorter guard to she's jacked up it's up to sun and I say man you know you're pretty valuable entity. In 88 yards secured about a locker and he wouldn't do that. She can. I don't look at shorter motion that you have cars here you said you've never won a fight your life that's sure what do you mean to say the same thing would be too far. I was bigger than you know is that Shanahan haven't I don't know if I was at I'd go well in your crazier meters aren't crazy and accused of I would not I could never hit I would as a problem for details that are at. Like it that I could never hit a tribute to literature like love meter that. Now do the best sectors of your life just kissing him and working your way down and now now I could still go so. Style. He's very clean and give that all afternoon there's cleavage Welsh isn't it nice hair to failure can you would mean jail meter course if he has neither would be singers sweet times I'll have to god and these nick that is good cartilage and it would be sweet and it's just snow full canteen units stockpile time he was Swedish British you do well. Yeah slamming conjugal visits to jail is not a lot of sometimes. You're a lot of that anymore. It's yes. And yes but I think first degree murderers don't get them it depends who's young governor you think. He Dukakis was governor and that the errant and is wouldn't be like a video of an out at you or that we can now forget furlough early for the patriots. Apple left anything else true. I did in India clothing I don't know what she's so sad about an undivided underneath it actually goes there. Yeah well she's thrilled about what all the firing a hundred people should note I don't know but it just may maybe you should back. Well I look at all the people that got fired yesterday and I noticed a very disturbing trend. Yeah and let's just say people Kurt didn't get fired ish. He said he thought the white people who got fired should. Talk person blackouts that help more there're there're there were ridiculous. It was we don't know almost sure that's the other big stars of the fire would definitely wait like Jayson stark and Trent till game canal and Jim bowed and Danny kanell and mineral rollers cause that Dottie pepper. Big stars Doug pepper Ryder Cup as well that people some people that people know and then you have your beavers are usually Carcillo enhance the war and Ravitch who Ravitch would speed and the G-8 Crawford a genie signers sire she's out and I don't know if you saw our you know or Jay McCarthy's gone. It would work now and whenever he was assessed a match or his eyes. Yes set success doesn't look good Jessica violates Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh enough about why why is why does the Pope wanted to University of Michigan helmet too because annoyed the Pope doesn't even know what football is probably I think it is a really cool thing kissing DeVon from friends and and it was awesome blossom them. Child is sick so old and her about that I'm would you both against them kind of my humble enough for now. I think he's a great coach these and to well. But I glaze over Manila towers you kind of look collectibles football coach with the glasses and like it's enough enough enough not your vehicles Sarkozy is a heart he's a big time mark let's go to Mike McCarthy Mike. Morning guys take a lot of hope that freight trapped. Last night after that putter machines yeah yeah it's great that. You could play while we need a life threatened on on on a Twitter Adobe issued back put it this way if I said the Gmail hill I want I want to confront turn that can be a big story. That's announcing golf course lead yet. You'd be overall. It's epic it's hurtful at some I'd least like everybody else. The problem at the end they want to make every hour Detroit yesterday. 88 fired very low art. They are all all information. All writers now hockey I agree about that but when you look at it fired fired their actual people. Or interest and you see. They Turkey meat product it all model actors green in the net. It's not modeled after and habits aren't the only opinions held at any what. Was PG and now all want our low art. Who lead lap I don't care you know we just don't cram every social. Caught like Omani down everyone's throat and expect people in the middle of America cockpit that. It's it's it's were. Our electorate are right country and all it is doing is it is easily connect wanna beat them. Number they want to look like America. Got it or want to get a pat on the back from the Richard I what do you. When he does mean you say it's a 5050 counted do you think 50% of the country applauded when they gave the courage award. Caitlin Jan Ernst that'll be Fraser horror or Lauren hill. There but it ought I don't want to watch. Aren't the most pathetic people and you couldn't let's meet area and do what I what. This kid's doing right now is like they're doing a story about Jim Harbaugh Michigan in home now let's say 99%. Of the people who to watch sports or don't care about that they have no idea what people care he cares about that. Now it's call the disconnect pretty draft didn't show across the country. Today I think definitely it just to review you said that if you were one of the people who got laid off than you so. The dog crap this on at 6 o'clock show. Janelle Michaels that you'd be pissed yes I'd lose my mind now let me say this and I got an email from drew was Obama I don't want to do this I don't normally do this. Ought frustration to open a duke came up I do wanna apologize for you apologized to god excrement that's not this instrument as some used to life doesn't it yes well now doesn't it doesn't. It used to be like Michael Smith to step on. That matters uses fertilizer picked as sort of us furloughs so why should she responded that's what he does how does not important sports center at such she she said some day it was a words somebody's who's gonna see you were crossed paths solid cross past but it is suitable you're invited her on our show up with a threat to meet and we saw that perhaps it was ironic I really hope we crossed out. One day in and out Kirk responds by its on the show. You're free to call the show any time and it would be strange to be on the show with you know ratings were devilish whisper and then I finally responds. But you're invited on the nice of you she didn't turn it down she said she won the seat in person. Images that yeah I'm so bad that you thirsting for me to be on your show any true we'll have a face to face combo one days that's how I handle. Jesus. She writes any who any Hulu which does. In this issue once they've faced this con though. With you unleash upon respondents say I'll meet you at the like right in America. The Waffle House right now there's a wood into an. You've been laid off announcer keep his job yesterday Cuba and out east. Sauce critical they don't they should do for naturalization do we did issue a rotating interest in person everyday amateur differ personal fight was even yet but I think I like the fact that Steve they've beaten about the head and face terrible television as US does have been watching it parachutes on at the gym across the street watching that. Global between that Dan Patrick that actually show that is like worse radio show of almost a mile to show with fourteen guests who know no 1% to forty produces an even understand NN it's as a recruitment that's right he let it can why can't the president. It never. I mean I salute. I didn't wanna be one knows he could do diners he could do real show them completely utterly stupid and you were rocks Patrick without objection was awful. He's got four producers just. It's at shady that's not what's what's is the Washington is up for what Tuesday when we have breaking news. You know he'll deleted that we just now literally just right. Yes on hole and bringing the office. And I saw Phillips auto glass I. Say this right now out I was happy I don't like when other people have great moments of success and I don't. We Gerry Callahan last week was named Robert I've personable beat you start of the week to hurt me I need to cut him he CR respond. Now a great day yesterday. I attacked him how he'll like after just felt like after the globe. I want that award this week I exert you're the favorite goodness and Jim McCaffrey regrets for about the pink palace coup but I still want to hit it that it could be you or Joseph sway from just like his daughters who are extra two or can have his final senator's case. That was last I want previous week for the last signals yet Writely adds that rear admiral not out yes that's. And Jarrett to the point yeah we can show me to the weekend now you've. It for Larry army that we can you donated. It's at Georgia they turned who could fully focus on arena football great this'll do well will be the first guests got it to the photos showed that permits and I should we show that he's got. Really believe it. Good and try to retreated to this and I believe it's you know laws got you win those who got let's wrap this countless well. My lost just breathe again and that's men in the goats as you think and make 3.5 million. I'm not even matter I'm impressed with what we are in your head on you are you're playing in the heat listing you know keep listeners that saying. We have an open invitation for you to be on our program and I'd be happy to go on the sixth and actually give you guys so entertaining television action of a fight. People might actually watch it. I'd be happy go back to Bristol and are you guys for a program if you like I do that your yes tradition elevator doesn't look good without. You can talk like that yes it's great character accuses. The record scratching their walking on the what do you bet she pucks Mazzarelli sideways not god what do you but it does not Nixon numbers based apps will. He does that label she really going to be next week. We reduce a legal thought I was on debts and yes. At some formula makes it three. Two point eight going to be important we always say river at least as much money they make it is overblown. Especially you'll always 600 different to what I became dark horse here. We got in trouble that limited Lieber talked of a salary yet. Yes who carried out as much and I don't remember what. You'll laugh yeah I've I've pleasures shouts of traitor and a brilliant as well thank you say they don't have checks all eyes and saw a lot of all right god is no checks go out and checks aside you know once and checked remember that. I don't use the shirt you. Just close just what you said. Many in the produce this. Particular edge him out. Too bad message about limited one point 31 point formally its members to a million white until I interview him on one. The shoe problem he got enough for to go somewhere or one point. As one and one time yet this one I like some. Via PC plays nick leeson's gorgeous on NBC news Portsmouth is right there were 61777979. You said Trammell hill backed down and hand wins the war against getting boring after one. But we get used to. Did you furnished room to. I was just to try to retrieve a little early to stated you know it's a couch and the having her name is watch GAO sportsmanship the factory. I was wrong about it goes well we will be right east. Earth can tell. Can smell what you just said back in the opposite of for him fathers of the Ottawa and understand what you're mad I'm at all. Could sabotage show while I saw and what doesn't like shut up your skirt can Callahan. Nancy fox Sports Radio W. If you don't get into here but alas I mean to be biased because he was amazing yesterday unfortunately glory and you like about it like historian who was a little repetitive now he's playing people here. Yeah operative random drug says. When they talk. And when it's that could help work. Why it played that compilation all the hip hop terms they use is on solid down one gets Turco I don't want to deny it I've done well this week. Once again the less than we've learned in life Chris Curtis is a more going to be saying just just just a second to get this thing. Trammell hit my friend did not only between rikers I'm 100% wrong ball to actually go for them and I guarantee she didn't we tweak. I clicked on it is threatening. And deleted. I don't know what happens it's been deleted but its report says she wants to meet you face to face. To face to face and it's like that she will not come on I shall be the best things you can do is c'mon shall take you want a great motor show. Not as you book people Boston hate action hideous pain maybe she came on. Simpson for what's he can never came on and few laughs at us maybe we changed the perception. Was at Thornton who wrote about what should New England think when he hates he has PM yeah. I the problem is that very few big name. Don't. Trent Dilfer. Edward Edwards come werder right there was some there's no real patriot haters now Morton's and survived well yeah eastern time just cut. Com. So pal Bonnie L Powell. Has all that hard the guys who make. A lot of money too much money they'll survive. I guess can't storm that she didn't she gets up and she. She was demoted she sees it the better for filming practices as an analyst Donald shot that was who she was spotless intelligent questions. Last. Lately. And laid off a few of them according Colin coward and others. It's just the first way I believe that and a review I was looking for big names there's a few. But for the most part people who don't really make a difference correct little niche you know. Some hockey writer Denver baseball guy pitches the start of this stuff stocks of short an audio server side as you can build the rebuke his. You know quirky column some morals and your observations are dark dot blog which Thomas pleased to report. I would say you know I correct his perspective I can understand why they got rid of people like most Isaacson engine powered. Robin Weinberg Jane McManus and Robin Lundberg funny because most people don't know what he does he was a co host we heard all the time with with Michael junior and he Harry Michael that is that Robin Lundberg was not that. He's young he's known kind of in New York when you have a career he's fine Michael junior I can't even imagine what he's on the weird. You had an related to Michael. Noble so please complete. Oh and he's on there and he survives again adamant on the partner an anger problem perk if you add up the salaries of Greenberg goal Smith. Hill mine the lead guitar just that right there would be probably as much these other fifty people we have at least write one hill to what do that. How much is the limit her father music but it art's father and the sixers. I'm sure he has. I think about that think about that you know again these people do don't have a lot from this perspective I instantly fired. But if you're whoever Dana O'Neil college basketball reporter and you know. In a deterrence father's making more than you wars she just wrote a book engine right pace she shoots the notion of a funny when Republicans father has set aside some dimension. Of the holes upon that yes this week and don't forget things in the aircraft fabric that we're understands that he is we rushed today look he forgot to put his underwear on. Mean Kerry it's more. That's offensive that the mocked this world that's opponents tonight are very. Speak the plural guys last time he was here. Almost forgot the last time he was not a chart lets them supposed to be here. And once again you feel better flat your stomach. Was notoriety is leadership and twice he ordered to a wide stand out more in the last six months and you do in twelve years for an edge and when you used to retire and it's hard to combat systems like dean Elena retirement underrated. Yes it is that iron and yes you pulled the you'll burn relax relax fat and happy yes yes fat yes go to federal and we don't know we receive them after we've had sources he's got some weight. But you you know I want did you hear that tape is the night before. A couple of hours before invested 595. In dirty grandpa which was one of the 304 worst movies of. Soul who paused or off all the all the touch. I'll tell you all very funny movie was extremely funny Gerri I watched it had everything so I watched as Asia are so. Like this every expert that's my boy this it's you know why don't you know once I caused an arrow can't pull it off I was great it was terrible at it sounds like the narrow just trying to be something he's not disagree a slap poses I thought it was off sacked Jeff from a very great wing guy he was terrible to the movies he's great us. Doctor minute I was. The last time I was just mad you was when you told me knocked up was the funniest movement that's my body was spotted in the lineup and I don't know if I would I usually double elect you know it was an industry journals and pharmaceuticals is the critics didn't like it never good solid runs dry those. I like movies like that Jerry it's like because of Europe hangs that it did bad review right now I incinerated I didn't I didn't I didn't review request line I'll read you guys tied bird didn't look you know he's my owing Lieberman did if the bad reviews you'll laugh because he's a recklessly and like he put in recent times it was so bad this is. I was just about the war it's that good on what I was Barrett rifle and didn't want it shoes off at an hour and a half of the really want to you know it was not. Here to advance. And protect sensitive. Without he's funny movie only six dollars and throws while Georgia. Now watch the 21 year old I want you can we go from all the point where we should watch at some point when I want my twelve year old puck. What are twelve enlisted. He kicked me I would and his accuser who then there are more protected than your children. These kids living on bubble. Well Imus I watch a PG thirteen parents I think it's pretty dangerous and current owners of that data and earnings for. Strange Jerry there were a lot of and there are a lot of world right angles lowered. I would say it's different let's get to protect yourself casual guy you know and we could teach him. You want someone in the nuts Russell Kareem Wilson ministry you've never won a fight. Neither is fuselage and everybody did a fine public comeback he confides in its Thursday and gone overseas who started out. It's a great dirty grip on is a great loss applause I'm a thumbs up like great Tom Connolly another recommendation at bats at the two. That said that once the greatest Christmas what did you see and I'm using another sequel the pats are two teams I admire my rules comedy sequels never work ever this one Deborah it's a great plan movie you'd among donors who worked. It was just a polished right now. It sucked ass off mr. if you know fairly agency that Santa was so good and that the advance them to chance a chance this whole thing at the little dwarf won't look a little bit the kid is forty years old sort of winners that it of the fat kid he's accurate at this. The movie's slow funding needed to was awful terrible bombings equaled its. He talked me out of I was gonna walk off don't know it's not over it this morning. With her committee and Jerry Kelly. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah yeah. But after. Yeah. Cloning. Our I don't know how am I doing goes a long awaited appearance Peter what did you say about you some broad market you're there I what did you say. Lesson is that it just enough. What did the set and a fitness. And wants to speak out of turn every night and was like a huge problem. Right he's an iPod and you do which is not the case meet you must and we cancel a can have Dutch actor who said who said here's mark and it has editor Gerri. I think it was not that yeah. Nice and I like that I can't you said I said Saddam Hussein and I said gullah and they said that's what I with many times agreed it would obviously said let's it was too that we could die each couple days ago you'd guess she laughs came off the tomorrow show. So the bloodletting coming. It yesterday I wanted to touch today and you so we can do that either. I'm rather. This. It's slipped my charts are now. Three four hours a telephone. Which. Said. I just in New York I know that they trying out I know I also love I think we liked him he was could exist spunky new Yorker such a probe. Right there pretty humorous they're very prone to and we we have tote quote we have. Not that you'll want to and if you ask us all booked a ticket question about it or read. Are originating at metres amazing he's got. Million book recommendations TV movie that's what happens in the job sounds great doesn't execute the game was on stick and like everything that channel job but it's a war two G-8. Follow. Oh all right WEEI golf term this Monday may 22 the K club of sharing. Force a means of force and you'll be playing the WB personality. Excellent will be it's a mobile for Keefe a Boston Ian and your local celebrity would you all money raised goes Jimmy Fund clinic Ingle teen patient. Trip to Red Sox retreating to register visit WB I dot com slash golf will be broadcast from there. All day on May 22 breakfast dinner cruise along with silent auction prizes. WEEI dot com slash golf to register the work force and and you could play with. Kirk when he couldn't get to detain you for five I was laughing but to play with you first tell stories this place much yet again as a lot of ya so happy and I'll I'll take this in all honesty Kirk is really really good you could win it. It was like rob richer so the guys a little rich history as its original it was a win but eleven and its rich itself can all political success because meter and a friend and Curtis that's true your beater meter much an analyst Gerry yes good. Good enough amid big guys up next thanks to a Larry army junior and his name like that that's an army is divorce attorney also represents Kyle Kennedy oval find out who's on tomorrow Arkansas means I lost the fight which is rare that you can do you know dutchess. We'll see this morning can have a different guy in your 6 o'clock if not. Christian arcane midday guys up next. It is a day to remember that and have a good offer and one of them and with the respect to them that but I'm going to be doing and I think they would appreciate it. If you did this I think of them. Thanks so much.