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WEEI Fantasy Football Podcast - NFL Draft Edition 1, Runningbacks & Quarterbacks, 4-26-17

Apr 27, 2017|

It’s a 3-Day Fantasy Football Podcast extravagnza to sort out all of the skill position opportunity surrounding the NFL Draft, Thursday night. In today’s edition, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson evaluate and discuss Pete’s Top 10 Rated Runningbacks and his Top Rated Quarterbacks. It’s a Runningback rich class with some interested on-field stories as well as off-field drama. The landing spots for players like Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, LSU’s Leonard Fournette will be critical to understanding their fantasy value. The drama surrounding Joe Mixon is hanging out there as well and The 2017 class does feature some potential Round 1 & Round 2 action at Quarterback. Get the pre-draft analysis you need right here and come back Thursday & Friday for more.

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So this is the fantasy football poll. Football podcast with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson who grew. Presented. Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Welcome back sports fans this performance. Football interviews and it felt that we it is Wednesday the two point six and withdrew we Jim Hackett. He did to prepared and ready to serve warned of three podcasts this week hear them. And I am joined by as always my podcast. The venerable Pete Davidson our fantasy football expert who is knee deep in podcasts over rural Von duck on a lie about. I sure am knee deep yeah I've been my voice to start to go on me yeah had some really good podcast the last couple days I was gonna do an hour with Matt Waldman. And two and a half hour later and it's the opposite okay Matt I think we got to wrap it up because I don't go to bed with the post but it's important. Those of you going down the Appalachian trail that maybe the one day ahead which Citic. Actually sit in bloom and an analogy about Mount Everest. The equipment that but yeah I ended up breaking about woven into two parts just click it in the nick Whalen. If you get these guys or so inform yeah I think you know me I just loud talking about this stuff so. You know we say we're gonna do an hour and then you know after that we're we've covered the receivers. I you have to not do you think you can jump down a rabbit hole really quickly and talk about these guys and yeah he often does have four years of college history of off field stuff him on field stuff where they gonna land. Not to mention my eye off field stuff with her I had who's who's Linda McMahon has most of the governor's well PP. Good analyst with it and I don't know conservative do. You all yeah a bit but yet listen you know I. Distracted really getting hammered by a lot of people this draft class I don't think it's that bad I mean if it's not an epic are great class but. Stay with some talent that what you think. This where this is how I think about it. Think about how media has changed in the last couple years and think about that 2014. Draft class OK. And what's what's exploded in media and how we get information it's never gonna hit that high watermark. Like you did at that point you know we'd like and I am if you go back and read our 2014 got a report we are really clear about that this is not a normal track. You know and everybody talks but the receivers but the running backs were great now the last two and oh by the way excellent quarter could quarterbacks do you know it yet that was just a great skill position draft class and I think. It's funny dynasty football sort of exploded since then and I think you know the draft picks in dynasty in a little bit. You know overrated as an asset because everybody views them in the context of 2014. I think that's what it is an innate in in certain years you have. More depth at a position like you know last year is running backs a fourteen it was receivers in Italy everybody. This year it's a little light may be at the quarterback position but I did a stronger you know. In the ridiculous yeah it's you're in it he still it correctly toward the numbers that come out. Typical year this year is tight and class to me looks like it could historically stack up with that 2014 she. Yeah you know them. All right so today what we're gonna do so it's Wednesday it's a great about. It today yeah as is gonna say so we've got a three day epic podcast dock you drama happening here at WUPI dot com and hope we're gonna do is organize kind of yeah I was. That's an intersection I'm off okay. So today we're gonna start with a running backs is it's a really really strong running back class running backs and quarterbacks today. On draft day a day one of the draft tomorrow we're gonna hit receivers in tight ends and then Friday old dual recap for Rahm wants us what's coming your way. I will do recap and we'll talk about. Did the better value from the board yeah and in what will happen what will have had happened with your New England Patriots which. Right now I don't think we've talked in the spot but some guys for the traps even over yet so I think going to be cool so right now. We don't let it be one of the best first Olympics. The year Brandon Cox. Plastic Bertram that fruit trees. They're good mentally good they made a move this like I love the offer sheet and then the final that they signed Mike Gleason who I like them. Loyal owner and you know this thing that the patriots. I assume the doors now officially closed them blunt. But I think women know that's when I mean I don't know that's true. But you know what they've done now is that they've got backs that are sort of interchangeable. I mean yeah they're different flavors you know DO smaller and so on and so forth but all of these guys do everything. Yeah she you don't have any acts that we become law ever. Like all of all the forming back from the patriot roster can play in all situations. What I think the scuttlebutt around here when they signed by expert it was that he was like. India gadget guy and I see him as more than that but now and again I think I can I agree. Could be good gadget guy Q did it with them by. You know use were my only concern with Rex Burkhead is their ability we don't have. You know we don't know how durable is it that he never allowed such as well that's the thing and that's why I have four you've got Dion Lewis who permanently into the strike what the patriots because while we. We were a little bit of idea number two that we do not worry a whole lot about the EC. And and mr. white out and the other thing about police seats. It's it's it's it's it's actually excuse me yet if it's that he's so classic patriots free agent acquisition right like Welker late like game. Where they take it guys they go really well from inside the division right. And get amount of value and you know we can end up being good he also got fifteen touchdowns and no doubt noticed that they when he played for Miami plea for Buffalo's I mean. Belichick and the boys of this guy intimately and you know what's great about police week it's probably been mentioned in New England ready but he's exceedingly low mileage. He's going through Dubai which which they're getting a guy's quick one here in the and it felt like 170. Career touches something. Look for the for the pats fans out there on the football fans here in New England of a certain agency forty year old. Maybe 45 world. It's kind of like but they had in the late seventies with him in Cunningham and Don Calhoun Calhoun was a great tackle what the jets had. With Freeman McNeil and and Johnny actor like it yeah so I mean you've got. He's comply in the definitely didn't this signing with Michael Easley is is this is they've weakened buffalo because at some point McCoy is gonna. Lowdown you really don't matter. No it doesn't but I mean is division opponent Houston's as I think they enjoyed this in buffalo off more than. But that did that mean they're very real particular spoke you said Sunday the club will break over that some of that depressed city. But rest this division will wake up applicable Sunday. Probably not this year. But the thing is worth going is like with McCoy he. You know he's a slowdown in Gleason who gave him a nice little bomb a nice little rest and give buffalo some strong legs when he got a break and that's that for now is gone. Yeah I mean that's one of the things about gleefully who if you've you've been reading your wrote about over the years you know that ironically enough we had very strong grades on Birkhead and police fleets in the same draft class coming out. And you know go figure that it's low mileage both of them and eventually have a but the patriots to achieve this that this is how the patriots to business. Yeah it's good it does as well done because the record stands for itself so that I would semi etc. really fundamentally impacts. And you know if they have a weakness among them it would just be running the football but how often that they could really just run run run up not much. You know it's not an end to an end and when I say that I'm talking you know we're not talking about Adrian Peterson level guys I'm not saying he's got a couple they absolutely yeah. Which is that they may not be the most exciting writers you've ever seen. Although you know India and its base. He's pretty exciting to be excited everything's just use it to augment their offense in the way that they needed another good for Gaza can do it and in james' wife is only gonna get fatter. In the in the on the third down role because that is like basically. Is now they're these. If you thanks so I don't know if that's true or not I mean I these guys are police Kutcher good yeah need to give the people off balance actually think about that I and the thing that's been icing is that they can really just match up you know updated that they see team that you can't handle the quakes. Deion gonna get a lot you know they want it they wanna go more power you know Birkhead. And and at least we can do that they're not huge back with a big enough you and and and again the great thing is. If it's about goes down with two backs goes down it's not going. It's not gonna affect the way that it should playoff that's on this night. You much to the rare brain emboldened carrier release stillness and so brilliant guy who can come in and get to ten coaches so that we can and helps you you know. And this just you know there's there's a reason anyway. All right so all almost like we're real broadcasters or we can make a natural segue to the running back position as you've just gone to the pats running back acquisitions and their depth. Which is pretty darn good and this is a deep running back class here in 2017 so when we hit it. It's that's seeping into the top ten now right so I would say let's try to get to the top ten and we never they would do it let's do it with whom we're gonna go really fast so a guy who's really climb since. You and I did our first pre Columbine podcast this year's Christian McCaffery at Stanford in these. And not a crime everywhere I mean climbed aboard a us they not do your super. We were we were pretty pretty heavy economic effort from the Dickau. Yeah I mean he's he's at the Evian outlook I don't really have a cup back it's it's you know I think for net McCaffery. Cook you know they're all sort of there and I think landing spot will sort of dictate how I wanna value them coming out of the draft now like all three packs quite a bit. You know the thing about McCaffery. That I love is that he's just you and you and I've talked about this ad nausea on the podcast for years and years now. Is that he fits that forward paradigm of the NFL yeah. You know an implicit denial about McCaffery. You know you hear someone compare is receiving ability to Reggie Bush sure Theo Riddick yeah. You know our David Johnson CJ processors our trawl center who ever pretty big company absolutely. But the thing about McCaffery that a lot of these other backs that we mentioned can't do. Is that he can run inside he can run outside and I'm going to be starting spot perceive that you wanted to do good it's been and and when I say that I am not exaggerating. In the slate I mean. If this kid just wanted to be a slot receiver he can do it he could be starting so he'd originally settlement. That's impressive yeah I mean he really good. But that you know the beauty of it is he can also run between the tackles forty and fifty times a week if you want you know and so what an amazing asset for a team like the patriots or you know if a team like the saint Kitts and somebody you know teams that really like to switch yeah. He can be an amazing weapon because. You know when he's in the horrible how the teams match up because they don't know I think when when he's standing in the polls are not sure if you are running back slot or even an outside weapon. Gammons got that thing the pats love to that three cone is gonna nice retirement. And he's a master of disaster in the tree out any any real well he really did everything well except bench press. And dumb another thing do when you're not talking about this the years he's a football on his blood. I like Bloglines. And it's not an end you know bloodlines of the thing that's worth noting. But we talk about this before it even more than the boy appliances just growing up. And football and in McCaffery yeah we rightly or Tyler Lockett we talked with the same thing with him when when your dad. Knows exactly what it needs you know what you need to do to succeed me. That helps a lot sure. You know. So it's it's it's an underrated thing. It means that this kids never learn wrong ever you know he's a good learning institution and Gonzalez did you ever had to do you train or retrain Christian McCaffrey just. Building on the foundation that he already had so. I know the teams are just absolutely salivating over this kid when they think about which put the kids are off and torso the first. In the words to schools Stanford do you know means a bright kid mature group good. Young Chinese backed out you know McCaffrey and felt not that dissimilar from another Stanford back we like it was on the picture roster I doubt you know. The differences capital lot quicker and faster and a much better since he's employed. Well will be blitzes at best and the maybe as a boy now as a different podcast about the scandalous NCAA but that that's a whole different story or throwing it it's in public that. On you you know store market were the list goes on assists. Set for the industry news. It's story though I'm Emma you know that to me and after this podcast but it is if you have been entered never seen anybody. In a couple people there when mind you know understanding wanna lay off feels like connect above their radio personalities come to mind but what a lineup up with a have a desire to be polite and every name of mighty Jones lament you know. Bonds are right. So good stuff bunkers are McCaffrey had three cones mark. Andy McKenna and I think could be I mean if you play you know full PP our league he could be an absolute monster the landing spot is right the one thing about McCaffery it's unfortunate is I'm hearing like really strong rumblings. About Carolina. And although it you know he may help Carolina quite a bit Carolinas at all kinds of trouble using their running backs in the past yeah came in recent years so not you know I don't think. Fantasy wise not really a landing spot I want for and so you know that's one thing to look out for. Jacksonville him. But even that Jackson will be okay. I you know I I won't feel offense that's already shown at diversity can be you know Jacksonville with. Did you actually altered it Doug morrow which is still Paul Hackett Lafayette launcher that's. And. We'll read that Pakistan where you were announced at one Paul Hackett and and I used to really critical that we announced a pioneer in effect at at right it's get to the next guy is a real exciting one and you see a lot. On NFL network and if you're doing your homework in terms of the draft just looking for information you see 104 men out there a lot melt with you. Yes fort. It's I was talking with a segment bloom on the podcast I wrote about that went up earlier today checked out people. You know he would have been on believable peak about 2000. You know the winner for that one of those or ravens teams in the they would have missed could be from Jamal Lewis yeah. You know. With with today's NFL I I think he's landing spot. Specific I I really wanna see him go it would seem that wants to run a lot of power. That wants to use fullback you know it won't support him in that wants to QB under center. I don't know if I want him it would be wide open so. You know I'd I'd I'd definitely see where Ford that it's going to be before it decides what kind of value and I think the jets should be. Sort of the pot and sponsor. And people talking about that. And you know what right it would shock because the jets Saddam. You know rebuilding team pick a running back that makes. That puts those lips pulled back for the idiot supporters mean united in its. No doubt OK I I I stopped myself who adamantly and last year with Fitzpatrick. I mean I'm gonna be did not even go far enough about that guy was in a and he based spent the next Monday snacks is now anchoring the middle of the defense of one for the giants source of Patrick can you believe in announcing Buick. Yeah I mean that organization literally lost of of a battle of chicken to one Ryan Fitzpatrick it's just atrocious. Atrocious when you're talking about for now I'm wearing my go Kansas City kind of came to my mind a little bit as a potential. I don't think he's diverse enough for can you won't say loudly inning to put it in theory doesn't it probably has an idea what he wants to do. You know with you know the you know Spencer ware is there is pretty good power back I think he's a little bit. He played through some injuries last year if they don't replace Spencer ware I expect better you're adding in this year. And the other thing about Andy Reid is I think he's a guy who's an injury ever gone out and spent a premium and running back. Know is that he and I can't think or they drafted really well you don't court it was like the most savers and what was his second rounder I think. Now they've they've they know they've always had seemingly go like this endless line of good running backs and come up running back yet as saying not awake you know. Hi first round picks you know by Brian Westbrook comes no. So I don't know if you sees that his position he would spend on you know meanwhile. You know the definitely some things they can add to that can quarterback it's. The real. Yeah that would be that's yeah that's really what they need squirt announcement not in the yeah I think and important wanna chocolate great landing spot for these young quarterback school plea for Indy re yeah you have to do is it better than Alex Smith that's like the dream job. And they don't need to Russia win. You know you can sit for awhile and it's not the end of the world is you know as much as I'd dogs that you can't win regular season games. Then they found a couple receivers last year Maryland cut Tyreke hill and in and Connolly got all you know some action finally and in effect Kelsey there is tight and I mean that's. That's a great scenario market. And we'll get to secure Beasley Enron basket let's go down list of running backs delving cook from Florida State he's not top three. Yeah cook I still love everybody is sort of running away from him like rats. You know fleeing a sinking ships to come by and I I do appreciate that it's come by and was. You know not awe inspiring but. You know a couple things about that first of all running backs do not need to nailed the explosion categories to be good running back yeah we've seen apple forced seek Elliott did wow. At the come by okay. But you know what cook did run fairly fast. And you know it's still speaks for itself don't cook if you count right. Who is not you know some guy who bid up the little schools you know delving cook played against the big boys school and learn some you know. He's legit there's no doubt in my mind that this kid can run in the NFL that the reason he's not alone at the top my board. It's because if he does have some off field stuff that is not. Wonderful news additionally the fumbles concern me and put it in the pass protection concern me that maybe the biggest thing of the shoulders surgeries multiple. You know it's one there's a lot of things you would see with running back and one of his shoulder surgery yeah. You know and many good back since have been slowed down by shoulder stuff you know I'm here to you know recently them. You know we Herschel Walker his career was derailed by actual books. So look one bad tackle on the wrong spot in your shoulder that can. And my season you know once once your shoulders are damaged or you gonna wanna track pads would you know it's. That's a little bit of the concern but still it's cook goes to the right team and all signs point to heavy volume he's definitely a desirable guy two year. You're dynasties squad or. You see squad for 2017. Is a good one to recap on Friday that the like leader in the league west Berlin and cook is a guy who can absolutely play on third down I don't know his receivers skills are. To the level that some people are selling them but he definitely can make. Explosion plays in the passing game. If you watches film Nixon downfield plays the novel all running backs can makes so. He's an exciting player. But definitely a guy who won a few hours ago. No no doubt so now we get to the the most interesting part of the the impact rankings okay. What was happening and over out of Oklahoma. Oh yeah those those two local backs you know it's from a skills standpoint from a talent. Standpoint I I I love both of. Now from an off field it's not a symphony okay went live with Joseph makes himself. Yet Nixon thing obviously brutal yeah well I you know it you know I'm not writing committee recommendations like I can tell you that yet. You know look. I mean I'm not gonna tell people to take take their fantasy lumps speak because of my personal ethics think you know yeah. So is the bottom line is he may be a guy who can really help your fantasy team if the NFL ops to invest. You know I'm hearing second round on him yeah a lot of Smart people sense second round. But I'm still of the belief that he may not get trapped at a at all. I'm I'm with the I think he could be a free agent signing someone's got the Boston Dylan yeah. He may go in the second round it's all about you know it's a team is really sold. And look I'm I'm I'm I'm hook line and sinker on its talent. No doubt I think this guy can play them in and not leave if you agree rudder of the kids can. Immediate the demon in the past guys who pretty electric film on them yet I mean he's he's you don't need to watch a lot of film realize that talented Jerome actions so you know to me that talent in the first round talent easily. You know so did I I don't think there's any doubt that this kid was totally clean and he's going in the first round. So we can sort of you know see what that discount or whatever is going to be byte where he goes after that. You know. It wouldn't shock me in the background you wouldn't be surprised but it you know we'll have to say it's it's the thing about Nixon's. Wolf we mentioned the last potter. But the dynamic of bringing him in his. You know people who who we've been talking to offseason of hard course. Right yeah they know about mixing mixing in the bill but if you're keen in practice guys you need to understand that only 10% a year and they notes. The other 90% gonna find out after the draft. That's a great point and certain that video is going to be something in the past it's going to be the present it's going to be you know it's your your local paper's gonna happen on the back cover what we don't have the cover of the sports section. And it's gonna link to the video. In 90% a year in base is considered video between 48 hours when he drafted him a lot of those people were going to be you know female up. Motors they'll be eager to be Internet outrage Shia yeah and justifiably so of course. You know that's the thing that I think NFL owners and PR departments are well aware. And you know we'll find out you know who has the Dominique. To go through that so you know it becomes the question becomes. Mix and so good. At a value price you're willing to go through all. You're willing to take that kind of PR you know if you played receiver in effect could. I would say yes but running back is not a top position itself right on accountability nor will go with of people running back instead of the day we won't has. You know 50% of our fans but in a burning our owners you know. Body and the distraction in the distraction like look at look at what the pitcher assistant with expert kid might do we sleep. You know so they're doing it the other way. Yeah and patriots are off the Florida I would think in an inning pitchers are good example after you know and interest died. You really have been intermittent snow. It in in just that the that the distraction the media distraction what that brings to your team is really just in to see what team. Does take a jump on him whether it is during the draft or free agency because it will tell you a lot about how that team has operated or. Does operate index. It's buyer everywhere to me and in a Lotta Lotta ways. Shown him so I think I've heard this said by multiple Smart people the team that takes him most likely wouldn't be really dumb team. But it doesn't understand implications war. Smart team with strong leadership strong coaching strong GM. A stable organization. That can weather the storm and in and who in their mind can can get the chemistry there. Yeah I'm. So now his teammate now who comes in at 233 pounds on the biggest back out there and that's that's borne up but he's pretty big. You know what format it you for a I think projects stand up being under that weight it's if this. You believe what you hear you itself which he was heavy at the combine and he hopes to play in the twenties somewhere who. But yeah I mean the if you write his huge individual yeah. And enormous individual and he runs that way. Big fans they give me everything I knew nothing minutes I've not had the purity with when I mean would keep you know straight line speed is not his Forte. But you know be careful you know force excited about it slows a lot of people think. Especially when your big back and you know this this is this kid is a runner who share its linebackers. You know like you know most running back ship corners you. He can really really different contact it. He's got an NFL skill set. I I'd be really surprised that this kid wasn't going by the end of the program you. I just think he's just underrated in terms of what he could be in the right offense like tiller was popular before that Carolina I'm Carolyn I'm Michael and I that this key right guys in the sector there you know. Commodities and stock up where your rules that you need for sure writing you know there was talk about protecting him I don't way to protect camp inhuman to run good heck you can have an African governments of Aetna -- and get a good run Mexicans that the pressure yeah yeah but I'm saying like in the first round for the taking foreign. Eight or whatever Atlantic Gardner you didn't have a girl and tackle or whatever you think you need. You know too many teams we've outstanding quarterbacks make it there if it happens way too low and Carol is that it's in Newton for us career. Yeah easy it did tough year last year a lot of bumps and bruises on them and use vocal about it. You would think I would address that but. An annual I I just put this thing up on Twitter you know for all of the talk about him you know being banged up and running let the guys only missed four career games. For it or three career with three games for starts it's not for. Well whatever you know about about four games career and one of them was for because of the car accident right with that the thought you know. Yeah his resilience as a more yeah is it accuracy after he gets nailed it worries me that she got a good point you know he had he said accuracy he's he's never been a pinpoint guy right but when you accuracy became an actual issue he had back issues unit shall there tonight. He was really thrown off his back foot a couple of years ago they got it past that. It's not as pronounced now. So you know I I came to me could be of value this year doesn't say that's a guy with a lot of people around and wait for you know I'll laugh sit there and around 91011 and there have been making him. What exit thing he's a guy that good. Healthy offseason I think could be. Like a miracle tonic for him I really didn't like right people 32 yet he's beat you bounce back quickly to get young body. He's big strong guy and I think it just to good health the restful. Offseason with a good full camp you know brings him back to what could have been so. Yeah and I another thing that's sort of Twitter being you know I'd like to see that I'm all for them calling if you were designed runs for Newton yeah using a running back to take those those it's. There's law and if you can still be an opportunist. Yes you do not want to see Clinton down he can break your back right you know. Yeah. That's that's the skill that not. People of his size typically have so you wouldn't want to kind of has played. And if you need an edge of the goal line that was there yup yup Smart but you bring in a guy like. And he can be everything Stewart wasn't short yardage. You know they go they go so let me just in to watch landing spot pick for him as well the next guy on the list is James Connor from it. Which is an interesting one. Not a guy I looked. What just what while restore accurately and go. You know this incredibly fast it. That this thing I really love about this it is it is and so diverse there's not. You know all the skill that we look forward terms translation are there and you know this is the guy 233 counts very Smart fundamentally sound. You know you're looking for running backs who can sit there and hold their own up the middle and pass protection yeah. If you can do it and so you know he's he's he's a he's the back you don't need to pull this guy on third down. Well that's a big thing in the NFL now I get this deal to stay on the field if you can if you pass pro locked up we've talked about it. Right so immunity if if he's the best back on a team they can pick and choose when they feel like getting him out for you know to keep them fresh but on the big you know. There's nothing worse than doing you know on the big driving you see you're you're running back sitting there on the sidelines and there's some little third down back up there right. You know that's one of the things that I think is expected to change would seek Elliott this year I think when you know they're they might be in a patent situation. But you know that's definitely passing situation but it they're behind or even. You're gonna see Elliott and this year I think. Yeah but if the game he's got all the skill sets to do it you know right now absolutely yeah you know. You know it flatly that is its query did he do it was last year. He's got a piece that we're passing down but I think it will go forward and he was true bunch of times of the goal line yet if it's that's going back the other way. Kelly could he can he can put up a lot more points and made it much. Have you monsters so it is it's state felt that you gotta been dynasty unit or to keep believe Obama is you know the water. That's that would be good to them and also stay on that Riyadh that that's nomination army bin we've reviewed a good idea a lot like the movement you know that's me. Not have it looked like I I like players you have and a good time yeah. Personally I think you know it's don't cross the line I love Marshawn Lynch and I not a big fan of grabbing the crotch. Classical art yeah I don't think that sends a wonderful message to all the kids watching but no lead that's a little laundry league. Yeah the you know I'm I'm just saying I'm not going to go overboard on it but you know I I look Marshal on I think he brings a lot of into the sport. You know but that one particular thing I can do about it. Finally what do you think do you think he's gonna make a little impact Miller who would you do it but his son to Marshal into the can be great yeah you know professional you have last time we saw on the mile. C yeah I mean it's back to go either way it if if he works his tail off and it's fresh legs if if you you know is an intense as work out new puppet media negotiate an August tired legs you know it might you know it then maybe he's less than he was or he's susceptible to. You know hamstring pulls and leg injuries you know will just have to see. I think both the possibility she is you know he could come out looking real freshen him bye week and you can look a little bit yeah. But at the bottom line is this and pat Norman are good but throughout the tweets he's been thrown up actually. Follow pat pat Gorman by the way just part of great information on Twitter. Is pro football focus on those who don't know he's dead spectacular. Great guy and he he threw I think essentially Seattle's you know the bottom seven or eight offensive lines for most of which is career. And he goes for the raiders sit in at the top five offense. So that could easily make up for you know some of the Jews he may have lost. Yeah now the did pitchers in the city so. But it and it was an interesting is that a couple weeks you know when he when he signed the rumors. So world and then a Bennett app and it meant that partial regret not buying that capital to hit it at that that there you have it right. All right so what's up is a let's move over to the gap for mentioned James Connor from Pitt. So he's accurate he's a Reiser out. I don't garage or he's a riser or well he's high on my board that I dislike the way he plays. I think Q. You know for people who are looking at its 2016 film. Or maybe were disregarding the 2014. Films. Because I get you know he's cancer survivor nail him you know kind of missed the entire 2015 season. With you know recovering from cancer. And you know maybe some people like well post cancer is never going to be the same. My take is that I think he will get close. To where he was it just what's gonna happen in the first year you. You know you know what it's like you whose we you know you. You know you you you an iBook had major injuries were there down for a long period of time you don't just bounced back right away can it takes time to get all attached. It takes more than you look at Graf with the infection that he had. You know he he was he was his weight was down a couple of years ago I got the weight back strength came back. It is run. Right so my thing is I think. Even if you never gets all the way back I think he can take another step forward off of what last year looked like it used to look pretty good last year by the way yeah. And the thing I really like about Conor and no one of these 233. Pound running backs. Is. Another guy where if you your best back you're not gonna need to take him off the field this guy can do the little things yeah he's he could catch the football he's talking. As a blocker. You know I'm sure they'll have things to learn mentally in terms of your your protection schemes at the next level but for metallic simply he can absolutely do it. And you know he's the primary back you know you can give you twenty carries a week. You can be your goal line guy and you do not have a particular laughter and passing situations so for us as she footballers. We love those you know freedom of skill sets. Yeah and he's a guy to Bobby hill later that an NFL team regulator in the draft and pass. A team can do it and obviously where he's ranked in my boarded my personal ranking that's not necessarily where I would target in the draft night. You know he may be a guy you can weighed on its steel in the third round maybe even later in some traps because a lot of people have this guy ranked. As their 25 back. So yes he he could be a real target of opportunity that's what landing spots for all about it you know by the time we start talking about dynasty draft. We will have some dynasties. Rookie draft ADP to look at and we can start getting tactical about. Okay here's how much we like him but here's where we're gonna target. And we don't like that and snatch him at the value sure and it makes sense. Deep running back yet. I'm a good thing about this class is that if you you know if for some reasons some snags ammonia. You know there's there's there's some ways you can go to tight end you know it's tight censorship DP goes to switch positions. Yep Smart. I here's a question and I'll have my homework on this guy just won't know. Do you know another 233 pounder by the way out of texas' Donte' Foreman yeah is just is he related chuck Foreman. So we'll look at this curious oh George. That they employed joy joy joy joy joy joy joy. George related to Georgia affected explain it to thirty for a little bit is they would be George Foreman has the agreement makes a mistake yes you. Yeah informant one of those guys where I still have him a little bit up in my rankings I attempted to drop a little bit but. You know he can't speak to enter in 33 pounds and the thing about him. Is when I watch this film I mean I can count on one hand the times I've seen him use in the passing game they just don't let it simply either. Have a problem throw into the running backs or for some reason. Did not want to throw this kids. So that's potential flag. The other thing I don't really like the way he blocks drops its head too much is that seeing what he's hitting a lot of the time. And you know. For 230 if you count I was speed. He doesn't shall we power enough for the time then he gets taken down by an arm too often and you know he gets stopped in his tracks by smaller defenders too often. That concerns me so. You know it's sort of an interesting guy he sort of lottery ticket. When he's another guy we're landing spot to keep him where is on my board but you know people and spotted include Nick Faldo. Let me ask you this so is there at the distinct dividing line in terms of how you would tear them it dessert like you know and it Connor and it's a good different tier with Foreman kind of sounds like it is. Yeah I mean I'd like Borg congress sort of sneaks into that last year or maybe you should be the first guy in the second tier you the guy who's sort of in my first here. You know that might surprise people as few yeah. And that's going to be in spots specific to I mean for all I know he's going to be take he gets taken by its name or to make it into fullback or something you you know in any good humble you know I'd you know it's. So much has to go with the word not in control what these teams in vision these players that yeah. That's you know so you know what it will take a good close look at that and you know I'm hoping he goes through its team and those had to use a power back you know. We hope you Lilly's. There skill liner or or like you know how how Green Bay used ideally see how he intended spot down on the intended use it got you know or wide receiver converted to running back is not realistic. We really don't know what time Montgomery can do in terms of hole after the pounding McCain in its fees and it did pretty well yeah. But you know he was getting up in the mr. short time that he is the guy and I'd be sort of surprised if scream they went looking for a way to supplement. Yeah I would think in you know so that the upside one to knock it now you know but that you forgot like few Ryan you know or any of the big backs were tucked in the Conner formative. If they went to Wesley Green Bay who they showed you how you can get a guy like Eddie lacy and allowed our. Tries to forward to going back really what yeah. I don't see them looking at him and seeing something that they won in the backfield where extensive. No I gave it like as a guy like peer run and they if you give a guy like that allowed him right. But the downside would be I'm trying to think of who what they can about. With Tennessee years ago when they had kind of a thunder and lightning with Chris Johnson in the other guy from Ohio State intimately. LenDale White. A perfect example so that that could happen to a guy like that and the nominees that touchdown vaulter. In Tennessee and that's about it so. Yeah. Articles are good analysis on those guys you get through that to earn 33 founders. Now that account comes gap back for the next few guys are 214 to two and sixteen pounds the different backs. Is Korean hunted that Toledo. Kareem hunt is he's he's one of the kids that are really like in this class I love the way to sustain runs he runs. Well that's got to go see his heart beating in the outside of New Jersey just. He he he really really runs with a lot of guts and heart and he's got talent. Didn't. I really keep the guy I mean I'm prepared and looking down at the NFL doesn't agree with me but it wouldn't surprise me if even outperform wherever on the board now. I like a lot coach and I were a little bit split coach thinks he's OK he likes them. I sort like more. Yeah this talent there and you do you know what people worry about is and for those who don't. You know the pockets coach turner is the guy that I tend to evaluate players yeah he's just he's just got but it kinda wrote Obama on these basically are our four types. You with a college football at least he knows who's talking about northern pops up the here with a guy like remotely comes out of school like to lead those is coming out of Toledo. Competition. You know and ensure I was running backs you know small scoring extra me I don't have as much trouble evaluating them personally. We've done well with some of these guys in the past. David Johnson obviously right read recently it was too he's a great example yet Gerry McCann in with a guy you know you know came from the a small ish program. And the positions which really and so. You know it might make in the projection but. You know I I wanna see a good one offense that I think you know. They'll use him right there in the chance that like a likened it to a depth chart where you know there is in the stuck in front of them obviously. You know we'll have to see that he's exciting and he runs with so much passion and it's similar to one guy that I think you could compare to is Thomas faults. Yeah just in terms of really runs hard you know that just does not leave a lot of yards and. Well easy got alike loses its brawls you know it would again it comes opportunity elegant going packets is opportunity. You could see some habits again landings music and you know the next guy moving down similar not the same Alvin Camara the Tennessee. Come our big guys it really does slash NFL ability. But it's intermittent. You there are times when I see disconnect between the talent and what I've seen on the field. That the the reason to get excited about him is if you earned the job as an early down runner he's a pretty darn good back in the passing game and so. If he puts it together find the right situation he could have a lot of testing upside. And that's why he Israel the my board but it wouldn't shock me if the NFL ends up being honest I'm Camara. That the draft community that would not surprise yeah. You know with a full time back in college. But you know the thing is when when when he's got to go in. Pretty impressive back you know got a lot of shoes. You hold. You know he sustained well he runs through contact pretty well. Don't think it's taken down by our tackles two off and it's and so he's definitely a guy I'm interest it and but you know there's other guys in this class that I like just as much that are similar so you know that this is beginning and the part of my board where. You know in the next guy that we're gonna talk about. Fits the bill for that opinion good on the board and guys like you know Joseph Williams Jamal Williams air and shown that you kept you there's a lot of guys. Who could get into that same area and we'll have to see what you know belt sets and terms which ones we like post coincidence. Interest well the next guy tees does as an interest to me I just love watching Boise State play for number reasons the sort of a million points. Their fields cool uniforms and different you know but they that's a great players come out of there and journeyman Jeremy Mick Nichols is a guy. That. I think as a chance to make an impact. Sure and you know what you've got you've got he's got he's one of those kids a low center of gravity but he's 214 pounds. Attention Anthony catches the ball well he ran under 45. He was explosive in both abroad in the vertical. You know and any read a decent three counselor to the guy that you know. The miserables. Matched the film. You know if you guided is gonna be great right out of the gate I don't know but he definitely has that make up. Where he could be very you know productive guy catching the football if you can get enough touches in the ground game to go with that. You can be talking about a lot of fantasy god and so yeah it did definitely got for for for dynasty leaders particularly if it's full PP are nearly specific I need to know about. In any of these guys who talked about whose look do the top ten to do another ten running backs he's right time right but tomorrow morning I'll have my. It pre draft ranks up two you'll be able cruise those if you want some more and and obviously the actually within. Five to ten days of the draft to a proposed draft history except you can really get into the. School. Couple more running backs that you wanna site before we transition off to the top five quarterback Tom. Cottage as such deep class and so many. Jamal Williams got mentioned why you. Accord command out of Wisconsin in the past few days at NC state guy like you. The one kid that I really like is tiny little back but he's got really good and quick it's. Ought to get out I think too we call it an NCA AC. He's got to watch he'd be an external player. But yeah it is just a really. Really could. Who that's a little bit of a wrap on the running backs we've got some more time so it's it's in QBs and as we said. Receivers and tight ends will come tomorrow which is draft day in in the recap of the first round some projections moving forward on the Friday podcast. And that it was starting to go now to fulfill the goal as long as you can both socks off not a problem so. The the pre combined rankings and Mitch Robiskie from North Carolina as the number one infer. I would say February march you know I've got three. OK you can see it's it's a different flavor yet. He was kind of the consensus you know being in the early going but it's interesting he's not done limited so you clarify a little bit to get my god. Robiskie a lot you know number one of my borders Keyser yeah probably. Atypical. And like I you know. If you're looking for your production me because is that the answer I just think if you're looking at highest long term ceiling right that's my guy. So for dynasty panic he would be a good guy to get. Yeah eleven NFL team and I'm looking to draft my quarterback for the long term I think I as a guy I would look at Laurel and Hardy also looks like he's not a guy that you're gonna have to pay a premium or you know he seems to be at mid to late first rounder or even second rounder. I you know what I'm willing to roll the dice on him at those prices. You know he's he's got everything looks portrait decides to export to 33. He's got bigger and you know that that bodes well and affordable range. Obviously played at Notre Dame so it's early he's fit in in place why you don't major program late and and you know it's disguised played in the cold weather. You know I don't think his forties indicative of how fast is that it's a little. Little quicker than four point 83. You know he goes he's a little bit light Sheen it's in that. When the chips are down is more athletic than you think. If you can look a little heavy footed at times but you know I also see him do some pretty impressive things of disputed size but more than just the speed and the quickness. As I said typically have Matt Waldman and I love about Kaiser. In addition to the having an absolute howitzer arm who is if he's got good footwork he's got to kind of footwork that's supposed to be he accepts coaching. And that's a huge thing. You know guys who have got you know you know discussed that the kind of work that it did answer that you can tell he's been working that. And that's huge so he personally had some good coaching somewhere because of the full orchestra goods and not have had good coaching you'll have that kind of footwork. By accident right and again I think it's speaks to the fact that this kid. Is a coach bull and be keywords. And that's big when you're talking about a guy where you wanna bring him in and have since starting. You know it's supporting your water at some point here to. You wanna kid who in killer. The thing about footwork with a quarterback too is it's not intuitive. Okay so look at a guy like. Like to go visit and it's more intuitive for some and others particularly like the actual position which is something that you know oddly enough I learned from the junior Apple's position. You know but but the tigers got that good back for positioning which need to control lasers. Outside outside the numbers to a side of the field you know which is a real. Right well that's why a guy like Tebow always through those screw balls you know breaking the wrong direction because. Yet own students. Yeah but but at the footwork was a major issue we just thought Alan. Work you know is his arm slot was real great night and so muscular that he wasn't fluid. In me yet keep it. You know. I still wish somebody it's that you know we're just gonna which is complete people balls app and I think we've got a bit more fun if there's one out of 32 teams. Playing totally different you know it was fun for nine games you know the penitent comes as it's it's kind of want a big game now. I mean it is but here's the truth of the matter what I want my came billing and now I. Don't let them over there doing did you do Vegas at the fair. It's good for GM's for not doing it. I guess that that the the upsetting thing is. Dome mcdaniels obviously he was willing to and he got under cuts so quickly. You definitely. See that happening any player worth it to the ground shifts under their feet. You know no fault of their own you know Jay Cutler. You know he's sitting there sort of in this cradle with which and liked what. You know it should and rarely see in Chicago. Who are Brandon Marshall go. You know things change quickening. They do so adjusting on on Kaiser the footwork is there is gonna big arm as we've said big program. That's why tops your board. The next guys that can around their but again I don't I. He's sort of sitting at the top wit these next yeah I got together but the the other you can kind of like somebody had to be at the top of the one ABC right signature Robiskie in the homes with breaking down all of that. Trip if you I'd just like because I think he's a real natural thrower of the football and I think that's a real asset to an NFL quarterback I also think he exhibits some. You know he's pretty cool under pressure I think for the most part I like what I see and I think. What you know inch Robiskie case he has so you start. That I find it to be that much more impressive yeah. You know I think Robiskie if he is a guy who had for years of starting I think a lot of the stuff that I don't like about him. Would have been cleaned up and learn not to yeah yeah I mean what we can go for example doesn't have a lot of you know what you would call cry in new wants. He doesn't move defenders rise at all he tends to lock on the guy you that's in the that's dependent DOS doesn't kill him as much and colleges it will the next level. But at the same time. You know some things are quotable somethings are not comfortable that something's apps shall we cooked up. So you know he's the guy if he goes to the right place I think he's got some real see it's feeling the players of fancy options. You know it's like sounds like he's gonna be the first quarterback off the board I think silk and I don't think that's that's certainly that. This isn't something about to Robiskie have been dying to see you read about it. It's the media column Mitchell and not midnight yet committed to an a grade I mean that's yesterday mr. visitors it's just it's just like you know you don't want any hand so you know people thinking the next. You know chip Georgia Jay Cutler. You know any of these other quarterbacks the people of the hate you know. He I'm really sort of joking around that. Now he's through he threw home to a softball now about one thing I like about him which is. Bet you we often use the phrase. He fits the sue him it has kind of a negative connotation Blake portals comes to mind the physical specimen that fit as soon. A little bit on the smaller side. Of you know you know being state of the art yeah but but these quotes he's definitely got he's got enough tree you know hundred point yeah. What do you mean like that he looks like a quarter I mean they're good actually but I CME looks like a quarterback you know and yeah he just he's got the poison is. He's a guy if I revert team that is a quarterback I would not be hesitant to draft and usually. On this day. I'm hesitant on quarterbacks because they are more often than not they blow. It's really important if you if you're gonna play quarterback in the NFL it's really important that you'd think you well. That you know no doubt underline it Ike outside to play an exclamation point I mean if you're if you believe in yourself for candidate and if you look at my top five. You know they all have that cocky expense swagger look at it yeah I mean this is something you want you know not everybody made light kit. You know and I know a lot of people were telling Kaiser piped down last week but you know it's. If he says like you know if he wanted to be you know companies that I cam Newton's body whatever he said yeah you know way. Promote. And then and then this week Watson they know who's on the hill yesterday on mouth off like cinema going after Brady that's just confidence in no way they're immature they kids. I would probably have you know you run had to be with what what's so that'll be one of the best big because the you kind of and what about the basket but how does none of the actually felt you know mark it's if you're not looking out the complicated or dark board. I don't know respect why have a dart board exactly that and you gotta be you've got to have the patriots in your cross hairs or why do you plan yeah right so. You know that to me I'm fine with all that stuff. And Holmes. Perhaps really became of this week. Since its ex communicated where you have to go look we think you're good to real and ends with a that's a really within the yes you definitely. Look I don't think there's any doubt that more homes assuming he's playing sometimes. Is gonna have some very humbling. Girl the experience. There's no doubt in my mind but he's also the kind of kid I think it was talking about walls in the day. To me he's the communicated well I'm not that afraid of damaging him. Strike music dedicated where. You know gets it gets it looks stupid. Not a problem just enough members tenement like clones are. Yeah yeah exactly short memory and he's got you know he has no conscience in terms of the things she'll try to do with this but I you know India though. You know things tend to become humbling very quickly. So as long as he learns and you know doesn't keep doing these things stupid things over and over again and I think. You know he has the chance to be very good my big concern with him and his accuracy then. I'd go back to my conversation about what them out on the thinks he's going to be clean it up. You know I do you have. You know if there's one thing that makes me skeptical it's guys and accuracy you know beaten very few of them clean it up this approach look the portals what's it been three years the border is now is getting more inactive annual you know locker there's a lot of recent guys were related pretentious to Corretja you know doesn't happen yeah thanks. So you know that it you know if there's there's a problem with mobile I think that it needs and his but here's the good. His his lack of accuracy in many cases is directly directly related. Two technique for work back and stop it's the concept that can be cleaned. And I don't wanna take you know utilities to you know take the barking of the dog yeah. So if you can just get him to clean up and off he can be special. Rules a guy and clean natural. Romo is a guy who cleaned up as it is accuracy issues and think you know on the slide dark too yeah you know heating coming was ballyhooed. We found out about ourselves what he liked him you know net so it. Yeah I YouTube it's. I never saw Romo. Way when he wasn't pretty accurate name. You know but but that much of playing college now but he improved I think it's again it was something that you saw. And I consider him an attractive the argument about it. He improved in terms process then yeah I mean that's very good point yeah I think you know you as a kid wears the game was moving that slowdown problems slowed yeah. And and you know the edge thinking about is by the end of history sort of master. Right now think it's under this up you know. It's too late it's like a man who told. That would Mickey tell Rockies and you get the hi Kim originally got the tools now well our you know but that that turned out he was gonna. And I agree did of that to you that the the good that's good stuff on the homes though and it's good to cannon and rifle. You have got to lose such an easy all seen the Iraqi lots and lots more to try to do. That's my favorite one the monument that I don't yet. Let me give you mean a lot written bill well enough that's my only problem like looking back at it now after seeing its seven million times. One's my favorite but like that. But one is my favorite however. In real time just didn't want to create movie I now but just know Obama legitimately great movies you like 245678. And whose room are you know what's in the Italian that the two most recent a phenomenal. Tree in Rocky Balboa and creed were awesome. I. And is due props you exit of one. Thank you finally saw it brilliant brilliant. You know as you know I I mean no dissents I mean yeah I mean no disrespect empire in the first. Listen. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I don't wanna make this analogy. Disrespectfully to those who who served our country and fought the beaches of Normandy but then rove won that battle scene looked like like what saving private or. I mean it was unbelievable. You can go to the office. Phenomenal what a great movie. Yeah it really was really months it's it's funny I've brought this thing on iTunes. I don't know that occurred and Amazon I'd bought the movie. And haven't while the world for we commitment and do the kids were the grandparents and in the enters with and so just sort of what it was on the do macapagal Oakland. And so I did the movie that I downloaded and when I start the movie. If it looks like it's about three and a half hours long. And so they're like I'm public I actually have a collection that I'm gonna do much tomorrow and more time there. So it didn't realize that they tacked on like an hour and twenty minutes of extra. That's great and you know you know really with a little weak and that's about it you don't have to I'm sitting there watching the final scene but I'm thinking there's two hours left. A couple of apparently unlike. It really technically it's up to him I just seems like the end didn't die in public. It was going to be interest in this stoic and if there had credit Erica again elect. I don't. But you know that's it that's like up perfect scenario when you have played. When TV is like on the you have in your purview for a weekend you get some it's got the extras that's as great. But I'm not odd connections cut. About it and Kenneth Starr was X is a different and I mean you getting into like the foursome yak c'mon didn't you know I can go on day you are exactly this message it eats. As I do extort you I don't know any tattoos. That's a separate buy gas. Speaking that's just hours that is outside about the Tom Watson challenge and give it to peace signature box caught our. All they can only go on. The wrong. In my neighborhood thank you. Know rob Bradford doesn't without even trying and that's the thing to see him popping sounds like your raw room. Don't just mean he sounds more like chewy when he's laughing and empire and it is laughing and time and play a kennel like dumps on a little bit. Into it. The exact exactly. Two recent 271. I'd. Let's get the when your eyes. So I don't maybe dropped I mean I've I'm not the experience. No I do think he's an NFL quarterback until. I did you know you can that by all accounts that's standing to the quick learner very dedicated so I like his chances of of being successful you know if one of the toughest things in the NFL is quarterbacks that love the game enough political game you know. And he does seem to have that he's done that he's gonna win under his belt and yet he's obviously athletic yeah obviously moves well he can do things when he gets moved you know cluster in the pockets you can use them on designed runs there's a lot of good stuff with and I just don't like the arm enough. And again back for the accuracy yeah he's an area pro war. And it in less he can change that to me you're limited at the next level. You know he's you know. You know it's the chiefs could could could draft him and I think then eventually he can be be a little better than Alex Smith yeah. But that kind of player Samie. Media system guy who you know could could you know he's a Smart player so maybe he could run a system by. It doesn't make enough big time arm throws to me and more importantly not enough and that type windows. Well that's the thing men that that's it we've learned in the Brady era more than anything is that accuracy is king. That quick release in the and the good vision and process in the game and being accurate and chip yeah that's a that's a big strike in the accuracy thing is his book. If you're seeing it now. You know in the NFL. This these corners can if you're throwing to an area chances are a NFL I mean I don't care. Out of proportion I met him again never thrown a good ball but. And I don't put a lot of stock in the in the whole radar gun thing at the come by and it's not even an. Not even official part of the work yeah put an end you know the draw to me is stupid because while I care about just. You know route arms strength and there's not an accuracy component which it. But did he didn't do very well and that I think it's 249. The bar tends to be in the mid fifties you know he doesn't have a real strong. I'd I'd there's when he quarterbacks out there who don't have candidates were very good quarterback yeah. It's not about the arm strength as much as it is about the accuracy for me beautiful little bit robotic that we throws about a you know just sort of aesthetically I'm not a big fan of its. This motion EU. Nobody is a winner you got to give them that Donna and he plays a lot of art in and again you know all the stuff you hear from coaches you know is that he's just. You know one of those kids you. Puts in every about it effort you know in the film room and and with the playbook so this and like them yet so like you know maybe I affordable low ceiling kind of QB. You. Know that that's feels like a good analysis on them accurate based on what we've seen what we've heard over. Hopefully gonna projected him the seat tomorrow and when he gets drafted so. Personally I would say in it I could see him actually go and Casey you know you know. To be good that could work the app that can work well I don't wanna see isn't going to be green team it's expletive whatever most of sweated out through every year. It's still you know think Christian Achtenberg is gonna loan. That's another thing. You know I think it when it happened that was just what I think now listen to listen to jokes and those that. I hate when the jets fired offensive coaches they'd all just ripped pac member of the web store and the you know a little a little blank blank upstairs unifier main element to the truth about that court. What they remained they wouldn't they were out of it for several weeks. Months and they wouldn't give them a lot. Completely unwilling that the world what exactly right now we're not sure it knew it would not cut we're gonna put in a home schoolers did. We probably brace pretty well we understand what you're gonna think we're gonna politically yes it's as bad as it looks. Apparently we're gonna put petty and not our breakers except at at at the let's wrap it up but the last guy the number five QB on your rankings list is Chad Kelly. From old miss what do you see I don't know much about this guy. Well he's the nephew of Jim Kelly time like that a place to start. And you know there's been flowing out here and there between him and Jim because Jim thanks to kids arrogant I think that. That could be part June 2 duo you know be. You know. It's yet everybody likes Jim Kelly especially since he's gone through has gone and I don't know where we're going to be nice to Jim Kelly and I met Jim Kelly at the orchard in 2000 and unbelievably cool guy yeah. Audience fell by way. It's fair that the but the thing is Chad Kelly. What I like about him his first of all he's got everything look for an NFL quarterback from an on the field standpoint that he's got out. Standing agility and I mean outstanding as it moves really well and you're reports yardage move well pockets. And he's got some growth in terms of game experience yeah but what you see. You know given his lack experience and up and down off field career it's just impressive he makes. He's got a good arm a real good actually. And he's got that he's got testing we can't teach that anticipation. And you know the bottom line with and it's. Probably he might go undrafted because his off field stuff is so baton. Arrogant Barroom fights you know all kinds of problems you know it. Buddha Clinton left under bad circumstances it's definitely cute with a checkered past. But the thing it. But when we need draft quarterback has to have enough talent. To be able to do it right. You know I mean I'll take the guy who maybe I can never fixed. You know in terms of behavior. If he can it you know if he's got an upside to be a plus starter if this kid gets its registry if he can get healthy. He has the ability to be. Not just the guy in the league but plus starter. So that's why he's just gotten used high ceiling. You do before he's forward in their right to the basis. Of but it is you know so I would not surprise me it doesn't get drafted and let's keep it that might actually be good for him because if he can pick his spot humbled by it well I don't I don't think he's already has the horrible pod part. I think it's just for you know for him I think you can either the only grounder or media say if I'm him I'd rather be idiots that just. What can they get stuck right Hughes who owns more as most of what do you know Seattle drafted in the seventh. And I just as I might start nine years. You know but if he goes to a team with such strong against it you know the one where Kansas City took him. You know and and you got to coach we know to be in bloom and learn behind you know Alex that much but dog he has a pro he got to get that. Let's consistent look I'll give I'll get Alex Smith this mean he is what he is he knows what he is any doesn't really all there. Nom is pretty consistent is is there is differentials are pretty good terms TDs to interceptions stuff like that. You know he's got that score got arm as I like the same but you know he is what he has and he knows what he isn't pretty good at it though and it. If if if Kelly went to a team like cheats or the cardinals. Then. Or this thing. You know what but the chargers. A team where he can sit there for a year to get healthy learn. You know become a professional learn from a guy Cruz that could you know big time pro. I think he could really be so someday it because with him like the Japanese playing. To assume that you win in New York where it shouldn't beat you guys. And maybe not some news anchor it. But good stuff so that's a wrap. On the top ten running backs heading into the draft tomorrow night in the top five quarterbacks as our own Pete Davidson has ranked them. If you were looking for more Pete -- going to be back tomorrow on draft day. With receiver rankings and tied in rankings and analysis of them and then on Friday we'll do a recap of the first round in the and then kind of project what might happen in the second round who's out there and look at it if that's not enough. Hit roto Von duck come right this is ought to be available here WEEI dot com but it radavan dot com pizza conversations as we mentioned earlier with Sigmund bloom Evan Silva. Matt Waldman and nick Whelan and all guys that are really at the top of the teen in the fantasy world. Yes if you think I'm a Jack wagon with the draft go to little bond and listen to these guys are talking because. They know what to do and pick up. Now allows you think deeds the jetlag and the potential last month it's pretty good revive mr. Carty got blasted you know if we got we I really lucked out equivalent of the two guys current yeah college football guys in and Altman's. It's equivalents at top of the. I cool to a building it's a great stuff so enjoy LB enjoy the podcast come back tomorrow this entry draft and and come back Friday for some post draft another it's a wrap on the physical ball podcasts. You folks.