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Mut at Night - Mut questions Bradford's Ortiz charity trip, Rob gets defensive

Apr 26, 2017|

With Tom Brady's charitable background being questioned, what about David Ortiz's celebrity golf weekend in the Dominican? Rob Bradford explains the difference and why him going down there is not problematic.

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Goody goody I'll walk alone in opposition stop the morning. Accomplice shot voting. After the bank is that the patriots fans who believe rated and do it your guy did it. These deals from charity and it means they and that makes me an a hole at least I'm not a child you brought this on yourself morons. Here's my. Night on Sports Radio tell you we. Feeling he'd have a higher. Johnson lost the cable award acceptance speech in its. Oh in its entirety when that's redundant. I at some point here tonight for the courtesy of rob Bradford basket here so we'll play rocker here so I wanna hear again. But a lot of WEEI dot com. It's good right. Sure synergy Tip O'Neill he's out well because he tip of the shaft you might Brad is one of those trying to articulate is atop I said so I think that's a terrible lines yesterday I on the stage. 000 hand over the use surrogates you did handover feet. You at so dumb yes I said Agassi view was one great one from avenue in which it was so Avant Avant Ehrlich which was the we had the look of that website one of those two web sites that are not the gold star one the other one charity terror watch charity. Look this up while I am talking look this yes so he's looking up every you gotta I gotta get it right here okay and what that today. It's as the website fifteen years old like the the only thanks and thank you that's. Be a good number to seize the best number two you would know what you do in the business which shares is not allowed no not anymore I I'm gonna be here. I thank you for coming in tonight on short notice the Red Sox right now means mud at night means Bradford is here you my first choice in the first guy that answer its phones. And you are here tonight in July 10 o'clock with two important issues by I it which I talked to touch in the last hour we'll get to the Brady stuff and I want it to Ortiz stuff as well I'd say that I've more chemistry literature and anybody. I assure you shirt congratulations maturity yet thank you. Continued. If Atlantic you end up sending out your duty or asked her pornography shot a year and Brad vote wouldn't count what's the play going to be. Eagle and own up to it or you going to say. I was. I've been thinking a lot about this lately I don't know why but I have been thinking about that scenario I your prize imprisoned some certain web sites and your phone and I think today I think about he nailed it weighed when he said he's all you had to do with phase of when changed my password. Right you have to hold it back out of its own right is just think about it much. Day like okay well you between this though. I know 90% of the people in the media would be like who cares. All right well you got me yeah. Because majority of media members are probably looking at pictures on their phone to act okay. On what do you think happened by the I still don't know rich in any good answer I I thought maybe he was direct message yeah I that. I think he was taken that shot a key he has a good a as the president's Graham who they send pictures back and forth. Right some of his buddies on the B I would say the prime the first. And Indian writer to their friends and eight with it they come across a picture of a nice answer grandma my shop that. They both want it Myers brides are covered pork bride fight Al ansari tech red to amber at dot him this reporter. Acts going Ian Browne. Okay you faired so he ADM Browner sending pictures back and forth and I'll look at this girl look at this girl and so what that this and that message to. It went public in surprise what do you think I'd be used probably DM I don't know who was to only reporter they use to DM. I've heard other people do I actually I've actually acted. On the tax money tweedy accent I mean nothing bad. I've done that before that's the next level not paying attention. The Vietnamese a little bit more seamless so who is losing the ending it's not O. And out is another girl is it. Oh is it that spicy startup that the play at a that work now. I don't know it I am 37 years old. I'd miss the window I miss this window of tender I miss this window of on girls who feel comfortable videotape themselves doing anything and everything and putting it out there I've missed. That window and so I don't know how the world works anymore Tellme rob. Al hey as a reporter I was reintroduced to that window tonight or introduced that window and Clay Buchholz. Phone act. Number act and mrs. buckled this photos where. But I think if it Mike Napoli that it might we just owed it if that happened yes it like. Cattlemen view. Would settlement of that girl sent out a tweet Erden aren't as somebody the girl it's like and he didn't he never beaten belly. As they'd ever get a brush back from that Noory lightly he shouldn't have. Might now single guys out there living his life this is breaking news maybe. Buys that is about five times Mike Napoli when he this year. You know that the I told you this story about the backs. So he had the back yet is that he'd typically backs have you know Mike Napoli Louisville slugger on the bat on the barrel to back got you. He ordered a group of bats they had girls' names now he did and nobody nobody picked up on. Nobody picked up on it so. The first one what did you report that at the time because I didn't know at the time the first one hole OK the first one was ready no Ortiz paperless the first one was Rachel star original star. Richest ours is not remember her she still out about that that was that was she's an actress but that was huge performance for cash that was Rachel start that was the I'm guessing that. Does say this the first fabric of starts ever been on a baseball bat. By this to say rectal star's name was on that baseball. Comedy one of the women's names that you I don't know I don't this is a you wouldn't say April right she's more per she's. She's a yeah I don't personalities US and I remember that earlier I remember that one by it but don't put you. If Napoli was busted for that are caught that that was reporter whatever you would have been like. Sure okay it. Think I'm a single guy out about rush exactly you talked about the bar called pitchers will be he would which. Will. Day ago so is the added you wouldn't you would see would say the and you don't opt out yet and you just like whatever run. Whatever data I don't I know I don't think at this stage in my life it would be as easy to hold up to. But if I was single I would be like. Okay whatever I go to weed out the emote not IBM (WSJ) mode she guy. But the mode the mode G of the like the guy's hand doubling up against cell I think that might actually fit in that spot gas so and most people. Yes I was guessing tender is a bad bad place I would now have not been on tender but if I was single the time. And are seeing that would cut out a lot of work out as far as you did draw a line on a naive and frustrated relevant and last night. Aziz you'll have a prize now have a significant other now not shown on tender. Yeah traveling to CDs only to and I'm more babies Dolan Jews he's been on the S Sunday morning show two straight weeks the what now Sunday morning show. What the Sunday brand Asia yardage. That's a show he shortest what about Heatley or. That's gone pizza and Florida if you knew that. He is eating oysters and happy our laps on it I love that it's a drought jolly get on tender report yes please you were front and center at the debt Tom Brady start to get your phone calls here and second. You were front and senator. You were the for the first show I listened to via. That reacted in the Tom Brady's story was UN drought yet needing points out that I'm being sarcastic about not knowing that you and haven't. At a show together and you listen I'm happy tease the get to the Red Sox and Chris Sale if you did get I was like two cent. It was a lot of would be for rob a lot of first segment all I wanted was pray all I want it yet and relic. Burying Brady within one of you is a big fan. All Brady said the bank should have been out. Lock they are of actually no I don't know go and it would hesitate. It's into that segment two minutes into the first say I was old car segment righty yeah EU EU liar you touched on you do not to get into but not sixteen Bob that's a lie I was with I was at home lie. At home. Can't upstairs watching and I'm not meet downstairs along on demand I don't listen on the weekends got the you wouldn't it be big news anyway it's a fuel line sixteen to get to lie we S golf. Go ahead keep doc once you've got to it. You guys it's a very good points and you thought it was a unfair store out now would you stop on towards you. There are stored right. Should have been on a one because the Brady named. But in the end you thought there it was fair criticism of Brady's relationship with best bodies basin here but I heard to the very good short hurts I really don't think so. I mean I thought it might take on it wise the story should have been if you wanna do that story you look at the variety of athletes. And bridge to be part of it and then you do that story. I know I do not think he added I think I understand why they're going after Tom Brady was present at the way it was and everything else. It why is Tom Brady went after Tom Brady because he's Tom Brady. They put him on the front page of the globe which as I said I bought a globe for the first time in ten years that was back. I couldn't believe four dollars and fifty cents it's more expensive right yeah canceled nor our city you know it's for is by senate right there fired on four of but. It's it was totally in the more you know an endless and we were reacting right away right after we've been able to digest a couple days later. And it is a little. It is a little more unappetizing. The fact that. It was positioned as Tom Brady did something wrong in here is what he did wrong. It wasn't that us why wasn't what it wants. He's doing wrong. Yeah but it was interesting. To look at how charities work. And as I said they should of looked into Ortiz issued a look ended John Henry visual look into everybody. And fit well look isn't this. Isn't this interesting dynamic but instead it was Tom Brady. Look at how evil the eye and at what can say that by insinuating tested robbed again the line but one thing exactly okay you to continue. This ward insinuate Tom Brady's evil or cares less about his disabilities a line eating those with disabilities the focus of best buddies had been a lower priority. Bob Moore writes that but never backs it up at any point during the story. So to your 100% right rob when you guys talked about sunny still true today. It was left you were left wanting more you're gonna focus on Brady I wanna know Red Sox foundation alone and Ortiz on no Isiah Thomas give me some comparison. Give me some break down to our other. Athletes don't get me watchdogs say what might be bad for his image. Because there was no other athletes who were speculators who actually think that you are right about that but I also think you said there should have been. A look at Ortiz the Red Sox. Think the globe was ever going to know that story ideas at admission Ortiz not a could be like everybody can be sure inaccuracies because from the outside everyone started out Christie's. At and and to be fair you would agree that I've needle you about this. Long before the orange alert out this has been something off the Iran Iraq and apologetic for what I'm not but I'll watch you good at this should not be a misconstrued as I'm taking this opportunity during the sucks I bust your balls at all this. I've busting your balls about this for years. And you. You have beat you've never admitted it fully. I think Pete Abraham dated Joseph Sullivan did today while they're out to ask me question out to you the truth. What does WEEI dot com or as far as you know other this station and other outlets paid to cover the Ortiz golf tournament. What do they pay for out of polite. What else flight we get the hotel in the food for free and easy pay for your old flight to get down there the hotels paid for. Yeah boot hill on food paid for and drank. That's part of the and I do not eat with so once you get there are essentially on clues yes and holy crap and here's what I would say yeah. Is that I've narc would be 12 apologetic for that beat Y. Because this is this goes back to the story and all these charities. Beat the Viet vet the charities chooses to invest in something because they feel like if we spend this money is going to make money. Like they get the players they may get the celebrities there and the idea is they get the celebrities there people want ago paid money to go to the thing right. In terms of the media aspect of it. They argue they feel like this is the way we can get media to cover this. And by covering it we're gonna get a lot more publicity you're publicity for the charity which of the fact that means is that there's there is no doubt that you write about it yet right he'd ever writes about it is they get a ton of publicity and and this goes along to what the Britney thing is in what a lot of charities are which is yeah no kidding. Part of money that these places that these charities have they paid to other things. Including in this case in the Ortiz case they allocate money to do whether it's the players whether it's slow breeze with a and it's celebrities like myself whether it's the other meat. And so but but so this there looking at it adds. It is an a means to an end to get more people investing in more attention to the charity. And I mean I'm market argue that that's a fact that that happens. And also. Mark if asked you'd emceed the event down there and take him out bogus and you down I'll. But I'll also now be working at the event they asked me and see the event now I'm working at the event Oca. You were bought a guest with you to this I've mightn't I've paid for my wife OK you've paid for the flight than it at all I've paid. What is that rob what does that mean you based asset you pay this much money. Your wife can go and stay in the same group it's Ike yen. Which we are not gonna get separate rooms I think that's a bad job by its crazy if you know wait to you you pay them directly I or else that I should I don't know is doing charitable donation to meet. But you're but you're giving them a charitable donation for that room. Yes so check the other people for for the York he's event. It's not just celebrities and media. People pay whether it's corporations or just random people you can bay I think it's like a last year looked you know it. I think it for like our group Packers are are couples Packers at like five grand or something you go it's all include without so much and I think that's not you you're older get a New York my life is if I want to bring my wife it is. But is she getting here is she's getting the same rate or what else is back I don't think there's any way they said hey this about and your wife can go in state bureau. So any left just trying to figure out has worked just it's a week I don't wanna say some that's not true but I I get at some level. They're paying for the marketing of rob Bradford and their rob Bradford goes. And he writes about it WEEI dot com Peter Abraham goes big story in the global celebrities and how great it was it brings attention to win. Ortiz does radio interviews on stuff. Is there a chance somebody is paying money to the David Ortiz foundation and is essentially funding. Your wife to be there or somebody else guest of being there that's run well I would say I would mean that's a story for am not blaming you without stored on a little older. Real life you would well it's not really because once again. There's definite visit. She's like my wife isn't a good example but it's a the DB used to be levels celebrity's right. It's like a Honda people always that comedian you like rush wolf yes yet but never heard of IC I read all the time yeah he gets paid to be gets traveled to get in audio unseeded. Sure they're out here is that you have function accent right by the dancing with the other people like argument here here's a good one. The Polly from Jersey Shore got DJ Mike Napoli day Wright he serve no purpose right he's he did he wasn't involved in the golf anything else. But he along with his girlfriend whatever went to this thing. So they're paying for an ago so what ever they feel like. If we we say that he's there and that might help get people there I would I would argue because they weren't he's gonna tweet about it and our needs are grammar I follow the same thing so my money is it on a Pauly d.s it's to ramp and by the way I would be at his girlfriend right now though. But this happens all over the place this happens with all kinds of charity and what it comes back to. Wit and involving the Tom Brady stuff which is we get all upset and we can look at political star gold star right. That they'll will start charity one right so we can look at that and see how it's all divvied up. Well yes some of Vick goes to things that are involved and and the same thing wins the Ortiz thing. I talked to Craig Breslow today right. Craig Breslow has the strike three foundation that he statewide events if you've been the Ortiz thing to be like yeah this happens all the time all of it. If all of it it's if that's what percentage you can look this up what percentage. All of the money that people are donate we are going to the actual cars and that's all there for everybody deceit. Is right there. But almost all of these other places. You exactly what these other places including Ortiz does which is you are spending money because you're thinking that you are going to make my and they are. A story there I'm not this is not blaming David Ortiz but I think you're on to rob that David Ortiz does things the same way best buddies do. I would just sincerely question why that is not any where near. This storm at Brady but it comes back I sat that god that the global pop proceed on this the gonna pretend that bread or right you're gonna position is rob. That Brady is the only guy doing this would have a player in town hall of Famer Dave Ortiz who's got this big event. That guy he. The globe sports editor said today. On radio here in town. That we give a charitable donation to David Ortiz. In lieu of paying for our writers to be their hotel yeah okay that that is absolutely. A story it was about terms though is that coming from the global charity fund. In my donate to the Boston Globe and every associate at the skipper Pete Abraham that this is why I need to write the story like this only happening that Brady is why I have all these people. I am most annoyed at the globe best buddies Brady Poehler it's the global hole from yeah. Well exactly in and I don't think that you know we're focusing on Ortiz and he. Partly because Ortiz is a member or was a member of the Red Sox family. John Henry on the globe and we say well Whitey you integrate Ortiz in this spot I would say this. What you integrate all these charities Marty what the story this story should not have been Tom Brady or should have been all of these other place that it's gonna be Brady it's got to be Ortiz right recognized and I like who also should be should be John Henry's shared Red Sox foundation right yet he should be the Jimmy Fund should be everybody. It should be. Everybody in that OK if you wanna do that story but much do you know why they did Tom Brady and I don't buy the political aspect of it you are why they did it sort start I don't you do what I'm saying hottest star is probably the political aspect ground hot of this story star who came to. Bob Poehler who ordered the code red who said go right the store that's what I wanna know this one of the things I wanna know because I have great respect for Bob Poehler and do you agree or righty did the beard chicken thing very little reason he always does a few stores a year and usually very good. And very well researched my question is did Bob polar status of the good story v.s are thinking somebody's dead in the glow that we want the story done was guided though. So you know it's it obligates and I talked to Craig program razzle coming up Rocca played here this is a snippet. We're gonna it's called thesis of licensed charities that over the air we're gonna get people to stick around I remember when I sent it I'd I'd YouTube so at times or oil and it's too bad now now now at this like yesterday before a rich got a lot of good things itself the about the Asia there a lot of employees should he says it was the balls funny at all day that's. And on the air I believe that. This is why it's frustrating because you just laid out a scenario where at some point if you donate to David Ortiz. You're paying for rob Bradford engine Bradford hell out any well to beat out there right guys at some at some level the terrible money and are well that's. Right right exactly like every other charity which once again by. You spent all these cherries do the same thing which they take money is donated and they allocate to things I think they're gonna make more money and I mean it's and Jim Brown for my wife and it's a terrible existence they do I liked and I'll robbed no offense if you paid the same rate say I wanted to go I've won a goal and I want a hot public David Ortiz OK I am I paying a debt by 1990s. But adding that that's and that's not a fair question. You things that are crushing at all why I don't I don't well it and you look at what you are you're saying that about my wife paying all or any guest guest on radio hey I I'm just boyfriend a girl I'd write a finger at other white model parent the fifty people that they flew down there. That maybe slightly more than that broke whenever it's the other plus wants to pay my wife it okay. Yes okay so it's as you're being very offensive and wipe the and there are plenty of last life they're plenty of gas and did not get the Bradford rate is what I'm saying my guess is you've got a better rate for your wife to be there would view. Then some hand smoke gave us a lot of money even if my wife went for free again who cares if if I say well don't say that that absolutely matter well here's the thing line. If if you say hey we want rob Bradford down there again and you'll and he's gonna come down is if his wife comes to right. Okay the that's you'll ways gonna come down and because we misses out imaginary world. But we think that he is set to reach that he's gonna publicize its event so much yet. That it's important to get and other because otherwise he's not coming right this happens for a lot of people down there. This happened in charity's happens with a Ortiz happens with it all. One respect with the best bodies and it happens all over the place this is how charities work that's why this story with Brady was. Now it's done and it's it's a it's a hit piece that's why it's not a W Douglas it's a look charities it it's a think piece about it now. It's a big piece on Brady and his role that Andy do you think this star thing else that. Hey look at Brady and TV donates to try to Brady donate to trump he go to the White House but what is he gonna donate what he's going to drop in the past. That's where this thing started on it and seen as they set all this is best buddies think we can focus in on and it's not some big. Picture look at charities it's about all of this also a first ball the global open themselves up for and a lot of reasons the political stuff. The fact that they've done these stories keep doing these charities stories and the last one with terrible with the portraits one which docile when the retro wrote the letter to the editor of us this picked it apart. So why they keep doing these stories in this case it's you can put Tom Brady on the front of these Sunday. Paper good for you you got rob Bradford to pay for fifty to buy a page but there would never do that for. A Red Sox and they just they would not I don't believe that to be the case that's why we talk about opening yourself up. That's another reason. So we start there are properties here and house until ten with a guy 6177797937. Phone number appreciate the patience on the fall we'll get to on. At 617779. 793 several here from year we hear from Craig Breslow depending Tom Brady a do you push those ones will be doable straighter and the break your Sports Radio to be media. It's always a safe bet. With the month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. And remarkable. I also did kind of cute kittens. You know here's that you don't the wit which were kind of misguided celebrity charity gigs. But but mostly you know what I complex read something whether it's fifty minutes or few hours. Aren't yet. Like to finish up my office whether you know whether aren't something I didn't previously know. It doesn't really matter. Am I suppose maybe aren't something I already know. It's a much better hands on a bit. That's smartest person ever appear on the rabbo show's podcast credit well Schilling was asked him. I would say this press also I don't knock on Schilling has shown Smart Breslin just books mark. Gail they go to Yale because the L you don't want to dwell on what your rival Patrick went to Harvard you hear that and nova Kurt Russell went to Yale yes. He was on your podcast and he seemed. For the if you screwed up only get Brad poll on Twitter. Are people listening tire thing they should. I dumbed down for us given and given that quote I get the impression Greg resolute and think it was a big deal at all that. Go to Tom Brady has a range with the split now and to go back to add some context to it. Back in 2013. The who globe wrote the story reference before about the visual focus on Josh Beckett in his basketball critical as wordy which was daylight yes what was nearly 60% of sites like that went to the actual these six somewhere yes on the like that. So Breslow who has his own foundation the strike three foundation. Basically for the whole article part in a letter the end of the glow. So obviously Brussels very intelligent but he also is really immersed in the world of the charity stuff. So. When this happened I'd immediately thought of him in and we talked for about 25 minutes. And he said exactly what we've been saying which is. Yes everybody does this everybody you'd be there is no there's oral story here because. And he's he was much cute he NC Don because he's much more Arty it was an intelligence that 372 clip would please yes but he said you. Charities spend money that to make money. All the time. And this is just another example that. And at the heart of it it's the same stuff that we've been saying the last couple days which is by the way. This guy is just doing terrible acts all over the place so what's the big deal. All Mike in Springfield get your phone calls and near 61777979837. A Red Sox right now means mud at night until ten. Like Iran WER. All right guys tell you to and I liked. It I couldn't agree review any more than what is that this whole thing is political. No I agree Brad I have radical of almost one if you hadn't. I heard in the morning what was going on across someone running out and I read it and adapt to read I read the story the first thing I thought was how disingenuous is this story. Because if you read many newspaper articles on variety of subjects on controversial things like this there's always. Different explanations as. Side bars about what other people were done other people doing what precedent has done there was none of that but this was all targeted on Tom Brady. And you have to walk all at the Boston Globe has been out for Tom Brady had ordered the code red I mean. It off are without. Our cap the locker last spring whatever was. I would argue yes or might give me a better. Give me a better reason why. The globe would want to go after Brady and or best buddies that's essentially what they did here to your point that in dark money other charities. To die but any other celebrities it was only Brady only has our. I think that the body is of collateral damage here I think at all Tom Brady and what was the picker that I saw 46 point three million. In the years that he's been involved with them it was a 3.2 million that went to Tampa charities that he decided to. You know it tends to donate to let me come on your ticket hunting best buddies what if felt 67 years ago Tom Brady at power out how much of that 46. Point three million dollars since would be available. I don't lap and I say if I say half Mike would you think that was too much. Like that's what might not brazen thanks for the call my my number or this initially rob was three years was was okay to get all raise. Half as much money at their best. Without Tom Brady and some other athlete in town. Being social and we're Kevin Spacey who was the other guy who had a arrangement with them yes you based on the you have to remember it's a national organization by. Even being a national organization Brady to me is still sort of the guy that you rep for our our linkup with the charity. My and we win you've talked about when we first reacted to him Sunday we're trying to sort of talk through it and get our head around it. As those days went along the one thing that as I sit here are item I'm pissed about. Which is the glow should be embarrassed the globe should be absolutely embarrassed the hole than now globe should be embarrassed because. What you did is it you slap that thing on the front your paper with the under the guise. Of Tom Brady did something rock. Tom Brady look here's the pitcher Tom Brady and Tom Brady's at that person now. That we that you can get into the story inform your own opinion but this is. Ford once again the holy than thou globe which isn't a stupid self to the dead spends of the world or anything else this is as bad as anybody. This is is bad in as misleading as anything or because they feed the web sites like dad's been robbed here's the headline from dad's been yesterday 120. Why defend Tom Brady's shady charity dealings and you and I and all this work you maybe more than I do because you work on the Internet side of these you are. A centrally. You're in the business of collects unique like you need downloads to to do your business when it comes to the website. And so people see this why defend Tom Brady shady charity dealings and they don't click on it they see that line but that's that's what are your headlines a more important story and we've done that show a couple of times really since the beginning of 2017. And so. The global. They call this. And soul pop radio I'm read this and say why bother why bother to my time and effort to a place I'm gonna get buried here locally and around town it's only to a national columnist saying it. A wide defend Brady's shady charity dealings and rake him over the coals for. Giving his time and effort and probably not taking money from self. Donating money to charities in and around it yes his choice as anybody anybody over there who said they were trying to do anything else if either. Disingenuous or stupid because you have active front page of the paper with the headline. With the graphics and if you take all of that the photo the headline the sub head and the graphics. What you would take away is. We got Tom Brady. We got something on Tom Brady that is gonna make him look really really really dad and this at the heart of it after all this conversation and the one thing that we do know. Really really bad is not what this makes Tom Britt out and Alexei again. What makes this worse to the pile onto the will be here for a second. He's the writer of the story Bob Poehler that reporter. Said thanks but no thanks for coming on the station Joel selvin sports editor. Said thanks but no thanks ball wound up across the street on very globe from the spot with the and Shaughnessy was it IE eight guest of on the mid day show with there is no and Bertrand this afternoon and I listen because they were promoting Joseph sultans of course I wanna listen. And Joseph selvin is defending its in its not political and you know this is what we do a dull or thinning Yeltsin 95% of what was written before the patriots went. To the the the the White House oh you do that are on the White House for six weeks of could've started way back then and are always always we paid for PDA to go here in always it would because I guess we could have included. Other charities in town. If there was space for its award to a real capacity says he said of the basic verbatim I luckless sound weary but the wet that the sound as far as like Intel's not up on a I'm 95 website. But Joseph Sullivan essentially asking a very good question right there were markers so was asked why didn't you include other charities or. Other athletes here in town. And the quote was essentially the answer from Joseph Sullivan with the the this you have to be dumb to believe this. Well on the if there were space and if it was relevant then maybe we include that. Here's the thing this is one word answer to somebody called us on the call all this on the call the Internet yes and I'll forget that quite a piece was a million words were let's say you can stop you can't go over the old the end of the earth on the Internet in terms of word count. It's that's to me when when in question I'd just believing what you're saying you're the messenger for that. If that's true if that's exactly what he said. Then that is hiding some if irrelevant if there were space that that chose Al that's him he's sports at effort that the meat is hiding something in and once again. Doing what you did with the story you're opening yourself up. To all of this stuff including the political stuff. Space cannot be a an excuse this right even I work I still have that and I'll work at that globe kick him around here somewhere I could probably five in a spot in the Sunday paper and by the way. If you are gonna have one day of the week where space is going to be an issue and it is Sunday paper that how works yes or short US. Do this but why couldn't they do this which was. Are you wanna do the Brady story on Sunday. And do the other story on Monday easily could have done that as a follow me all do battle of the market McCain let's dig him of for the break in more your calls I'm mark. All right guys quote good good and I think I have an example and maybe our smaller scale a home. Like my brother ran a fund raiser for a few years and dol home. You don't like a lot of businesses would donate our hotels restaurants like a Red Sox those Celtics Bruins. Our home but you know he's so yeah people like the into combat. And perk at one yet it paid far right eight re court committed to the national. Like what they've ranked incumbent party. He had a he gets paid yet he does he has charity events he does weddings he does farm its sister Rea rancor you write a check they'll show up anywhere and it's in the National Anthem. Yeah that's just you know what delegates as an example like everybody had to do everything like yeah I was basically the Renee record of the team he's. And here white mark you spend money certainly I would argue. Spending money on lighters to cover your golf tournament is much much much works. That what Brady did here. That would David or what I gave the UVs in this example the other night or last night maybe. About oh. This is going back away USF now right. So in the breakers first on the bus and breaker first started they paid for all the writers to go down to Orlando to cover training camp. Why did they do that now backfired on them because of New Jersey generals were training in the next in place so they all went cover Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie I hurt by. Why did they do that because they're spreading money because they think it's going to pay off in the long run better coverage because they are going to do it because they are gonna get that coverage if they don't. Get the people to go there and I've been to events that other sports that are not mainstream sports weather's been boxing horse racing or USC. Where the media is treated differently and it does feel like that rob but it's not to the extent of hotel room as much travel much gentler you were part of the I don't know if you were part of the midday show. For many many years. I was at one point oh well the latest with this was offered an open door forget the Ortiz people offered to send the the mean I think with the mid day showdown they've done it for a few years now the reason why they didn't go to our I don't want to go the program director. Now wanted to go but that offer was always there Lou want to go. All these people who were involved one to go Kevin Graham who was program director before. For whatever reason they don't know patriots are going on. But everybody was on board for taking this thing in going down you know why it because it would have been potentially could. Content and we've gotten good content from it before and what that has done by giving Warren Sapp going off when somebody that has it all which you get that's out all the David Ortiz charity event all with David Ortiz charity event about it's about the game Gorky fund that's how war but you would argue if you were paid to gold. Obviously it's into the hole you were paid to go there and cover it. How can I take you covered here's Anna I'm not point do you specifically bit of a radio station is paid her show is paid to go down there and cover this event. Then what it in the story comes out Ortiz doing XY or Z and it's not good. How does that show a station or over TV reality covered active rookies that something down there. That you are just in general do you feel beholden to a guy because he paid for unit and your wife to come down to go right he's did not act like because it beat the charity paid. For the hotel room now. What's right what's again when when I'm giving whatever it got down there which with almost every time you get go down there you get something newsworthy which this station uses the dead Wednesday at all man you know what. Now we can't use it. No it and they and that's what they're thinking oh where we are saying that I would I not donate to David Ortiz asked those people. And did you know your money going to rob Bradford how and what I would say to them and I don't know how it exactly where we end records messiah with exactly that's that's for. I know it's everything's freed up there that's free that's free from me. But who want yes. But the reason why they do this once again the when you donate just like all these other charities that you can. It's fine if you wanna pick out the Ortiz and that is perfectly fine I don't know what you donate something you have to understand that they are gonna allocated to something else which they feel is going to help raise more money quick break away lay back to your calls mutt and Bradford QB here. Recapping that dig in sports much at night on Sports Radio telling you we. EI. Focusing in on Tom Brady is the story from Sunday's Boston Globe Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI Brock Bradford is here Red Sox. It rained out on this Tuesday they'll try to play tomorrow the weather looks better for tomorrow's game but not a slam dunk by any means Thursday they should be. OK if you're holding tickets for tonight's game. Sunday July 16 waddle five. Can't promise report cells gonna pitch of that game but you'll be there portal we would be at map that better weather who started that Brian Johnson of wake health. Always get out always gets stuck with Tim Wakefield can I say that because. Knuckleballer the knuckleballer and you get your tickets go to like with his quick. What are as a kid going in care quick why you hear this goes to the goal I don't get too much finesse and you'd do whatever you want the idea. Some sort I know I'm and I'm annoyed down so once arrive in a 103 point seven apparently their areas of the Red Sox rain delay. ESPN coverage really some time trying to work that out between breaks from rain delay when it's idle rain delay I thought you glittery and I propose we socks to I don't know this I'm annoyed by the way the Michael Holley podcast should let that don't did I look outlet neck on the air will figured out and the people are listening on one of 370 or they don't know hole and listening but I'd move on going. So we I was fighting withdrawal of about this for the last couple weeks about the late. You have secret sale ticket and and yes right now as we sit here you want to secret sale pitch but when you're case doesn't feel the same way. Where you said I get the ticket and who is pitching and I gotta get that ticket. Maybe it's the guy's way right broker for Chris Sale is as close we have read we've come to Pedro. And also the other parts about it I'd say it's very Beckett like Rebecca was very similar to C interview Tuesday to be I know you're a huge back again I once so did you say at the Beckett they wanna get a Josh Beckett game I'd still like that dynamic is and one yesterday. Because the I just feel like that is just it just isn't okay John acute and you're not a kid anymore and heart I feel like Saturday morning that's gonna feel like that that united a bull hook bull zero ice cold milk as a kid taste different than it does now rob. I screamed that's different as a kid when I was that a case that area last night at midnight it taste the exact same way that I did better there's soak this. Eating food and then. Until my way if it Brian's and a car on the Boston Globe by Brian. Our legal guys would double the pace so a personal accident and a culture onsite sort of wait and Rania of charity conversations. Haven't. In our Abdullah a charity work without an. And I I think for me the biggest things that corners about this whole thing I've ever actually done a little bit of research. But looking glamorous to me and in this and globe. Article age. How they how they talk about somber each. Affiliation with that you talk foundation and I think there's a lot of negative connotation about fat. And part of that is is standing back to in the years past within involved what you call. You know there's there's there's a lot of negative translational. Itself and you know could be political could be. What it was a negative press on TB twelve. There's a lot of other terrorist 00 but John is Mikhail Edward Aaron Catholics that's a lot about time until a week let's separate let's. I know you're saying let's separate a couple things. CB twelve the brand. And what he does from a sales standpoint which is clearly a for profit. Is different then the TV twelve foundation. Which is a aid some sort of charity that is tied into giving kids an opportunity to go to his clinic so there are two different things brine. Great night and I completely agree. And I guess the point I'm trying to make it's it. To tide reaching the judicial Asian and QB twelve that or proper organization. So sort arbor he had you know a little bit and aircraft which is unfortunate because and turn it that you can he get weather like them anyway you want still. And torture and it. Had waited so I completely agree. That the way that I think that the globe age it's you know weighing on news. They don't like. Whoever that guy is that. Sean and if you look. Oguchi twelfth clinic. And. That that it did the clinic verses and have an arts have associated the two of them I I think and O'Brien's getting to and and thanks for the call tonight Brian. I just can't believe that would be the impetus to go right rob it was find out what Brady is donated to trump let's write about that. And it ends up a best buddies I Eskew. Where did this story start high and get to front page Sunday. Brady best buddies law it is starts with looking into anything anything and everything that Tom Brady I don't know if it starts with trump the trump dynamic. You think it's more political and maybe I do and I know that mean I'm being nice night eve in this respect. But I this looking at more month as who is the biggest athlete in Boston who was the biggest athlete you can find who was the guy that we can put on the front page of the paper who was a tap line guy. And hey maybe this will be heard about this so this looked a little too. And that's that. I think that that was the case I I'd maybe I guess I think is conspiracy years you're good about your hole you. Think it's it's as if there give I think that you weren't alone. Probably the majority of people think it's politically driven. We'll get your thoughts here coming up 6177797937. The phone number we have buss spent the last hour two hours now talking about number able continue with that I also. I guess last rob that you see jumping off point to dust or Droid do anything wrong on Sunday at Baltimore in your month. You let me answer that now you answer on the other side of that with your bones of Mott and Bradford year Sports Radio to be media.