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Late Night with Christian Arcand - How good/bad should the Bruins be feeling 4-24-17

Apr 25, 2017|

The Bruins season ended this weekend, how should they feel about themselves right now? Buster Olney had a ridiculous take on the Machado/Pedroia dust up. And can you hate this current Yankees team? Late Night says no. At least not yet.

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These east late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. When that team winds down course and art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Howard ever serious Sports Radio WEEI it's late night arcane here way to go until spill in the morning so. Trying to get through now keep trying to 617779. 7937. He text me 37937. Because in the coming in fast and furious who have been ignoring attacks and I apologize via Twitter machine up as well. He treated at Christian art in. Lot of topics here today it's a Monday I know these your these are the days where. Lot of topics and the pop up. Bruins season just then we have to mention them yet the Celtics game five on Wednesday. Great win by them yesterday and the Red Sox of course all their drama with Dustin Pedroia and the patriots signing into running back. And I guess if you wanna get into the Tom Brady charity in any more lengthy feel freed your dime but I had said just about all I have to say about that I don't think it's that big of a story out of sit down 6177797937. Let's give back to your phone calls your pillows and aux bridge he has been waiting patiently hello Phil. They personally who went on sized area. Getting hockey question for you had argued to have him go to funny B ball story. I don't think I do remember and it was 20032004. Gluten that was when this auction rate actually have a house there there on times that to great. Tried to throw Kellen Moore are. And they actually had to use two pitchers. And they miss them like seven times they never had a million. I mean good or so I laughed so hard it was crazy. Who include relief for me I. Vaguely remember that I do remember once it was Trot Nixon and I think it was against the rays I don't know if it was the same gamers series or whatever you're talking about now felt it your own Trot Nixon through the back. Are not that they were thrown at it hammer they had thrown at somebody or whatever they were still doing it nation just at the held at Disney threw the bat. Which is some good name a shot I did something I think is a punk move by the way but I remember Nixon doing and I think it was against the race. Shamelessly. You tobacco right number I actually you know just thankfully I accident yeah yeah certain. My hockey question. Didn't I think an interesting one. Now the bruins' season is over McIlroy. Can they shut him down probably actually get more experience in the playoffs. And that they can do you think it's good here. I think they can and I don't I don't know I think they should probably just start Moffett the at the NHL level and if they need the center of Baghdad and is still two way deal I think it is as far as I Daria right they just brought him up so I mean I think it did it must be he was just a sophomore in college party proves my bringing them up now to party earned a year of his of his eligibility go back up and SES they can they can start him in the age all they want to they can do whatever they want they can send him down. Bring them up and I mean from them down into the playoffs this year we'll probably true freedom. Not only for the Bruins know then next year you can go through camp and I was abroad again Friday this debts over NHL seasons over the Augusta born pretty proud influences so client. The I think well maybe I'm sorry that I could Robbins is done I think. I don't know somebody had posted something on FaceBook and they were still playing inside suitable these. Let me see if they are I thought they'd Providence either didn't make injured I don't know when we see here. That the that that I know there are still playing yeah I guess they could technically the big can they sent him back down now. You know what's good question I haven't I'd have no idea I don't know if they can and. I'm hope I'm right down to thank you would be far. Yeah I suppose I mean I think it was pretty good form played in the NHL playoffs I'm not sure way. You know he looks like Graham who. I am not sure great you know. It was a drought is still six NHL games and he played very well and I think that you know if they wanna. If they wanna do that day I don't see any reason why not too if if he's up for it and he wants the keep playing but I also think you know played six games in the NHL playoffs. When your nineteen years old one years old than. Trying to you know do all that and play as well as he did. I'd be okay with him taken then take in the offseason here. Good question actually and even thought of that. The Providence Bruins are in the play out right now I thought that they missed the play after a clean Hershey. They're playing it. I see him playing Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Hershey's plan Las Vegas they're playing Scranton well expert. And series is tied up one game apiece. So. Or excuse on Thursday. I have no idea I have no idea if that's something that day at that they were planning on doing or what the what the deal was there. But yeah I did and they act. I haven't paid attention DHL census stuff too much on an entry for the NHL isn't paying attention to PH out is that website and a green off of as it was updated about a week and happen is that itself. Some current. Are you at the age old Erica. Yes I am there I am looking at that you a Bruins just made the left. In 96 points there that fourth in the Atlantic Division it was sort of like their regular birds are from prominent group. I just beating those pesky Bridgeport sound tigers. An even if geek hood why would you want him I mean if they told him to do that you would probably say yes. You know pretending that I I know that's how it's great artworks by. You very play with the varsity team why would you wanna go back to GB. Yeah I mean he's he did too well I mean Joseph Mauro in. You know I understand Joseph Morris not on this roster if Caribbean Wayne Carlin or healthy the right back to your Mac years back of land Sidney they did this sort of as a you know we don't know what else to do we need bodies. Ended ended up working out very well for them. But Joseph Mauro tomorrow it's not a year those guys are healthy and I'm glad it worked out for Mac or the other I'm very happy that things seem like it worked out for. Is shark Alley yeah he had a great showing died in his time plane and I think he's going to be guy. With a roster spot he's got to be a fresh grown absolutely have to be initiated the shooter German penalty that over time not even not even just ability but attitude. I mean yeah you're so worried about you know you think about. Likely to worry crew and and our house he debuted in. It to steal it from running in Chicago in the lockout year in those guys both performed very Los it would match Frazier in that lucked out some of these young guys performing. Other instances where you know I thought he handled in kind of shrunk in the spotlight. Didn't end up working out for them and I don't know if that's a product of his mental aptitude or if he'd just packet along Claude Julien com. They really nailed it. With with these two kids in particular me I definitely think there are some guys who had great showings he didn't expect to romp in an orgasm is Borough Bernstein even needed something out of in the disappeared outside of through Stafford act toxic slime was almost invisible for the tires years. Yeah. And it's true. You know a lot of their goals came from the grinding of Riley action Dominic Moore and Noelle it Sharif who. I think is another guy that you know gay used to seeing him around here for quite some time yeah I like Alex would have carried it through the year five foot nine guy hits like them. Am they don't build them. Like big hitter really found a scoring touch third the end of the year to. Posse not yet to be happy about the guy it's the only guys honestly. I'm worried that there's gonna be sort of an awkward transition with the Bruins here now. Where guys like per Graham marsh and not so much is martians sort of elevated himself this forty goals were here but crate she. Bergeron and. Backus who they've spent it. Decent target Jane I enjoyed David actors this year I find it I don't enjoy it we're going forward I understand that but again it's like the same thing with. Now at the last they brought in in. I think ideally to be sort of a middle line guy maybe you know. Either a low and second eyeing higher high and there line guy not you know. Scrape around it and people complain 78 minutes at 9 PM now I'm with you there I I don't know. I think that there's there's certainly things to be optimistic about here for the Bruins but not necessarily everything. They're still going to be some. Some tough decisions to be made in some decisions it you know don't really have a great solution no matter what you do with Sally they have a ton of money to go out there and spend on high praise free agents. They're not gonna have a high draft pick. They're gonna have to you know decide if they wanna let some guys stay or go lower re signed some players that may be allowed to overpay for because. They can't you know afford to go out and signing got three million dollars so I mean it's it's Woolsey will see how Sweeney sort of handles all of this so far but it in his first couple. Chances I think he's been fair I don't think he's been great he's certainly not some cat magician who can you know swing all these big deals he's done OK in some of them. Not been good but I overall light. I say he got about a 5050 chance this off season of either. Going continuing and progressing in the direction you're going in right now on the other 50% I think could be. There are real nosedive I just think there's potential for that. Well the big thing that really. Into his own steam towards and am. Whaling in the back in Edmonton it. In the playoffs in their I don't want Edwards to win another game. Which is there eastward is not easel back. Back AT and at the young talent that. Lock eyes and beanie eyes Gregory Campbell worker great soldiers great soldiers for this team. Not for the money that you're import not for the roles that they have on this team now it seems like they're starting define these guys in the guys that they did go out and spend a little bit of money on east of character guys like more Nash. Perform very well for them and buried stretches of the year when you're at work invisible yeah you're right. I'm not ready to pass judgment on Sweeney considering I was even convince the steam was gonna make the oh my god when three games. What is less than it needed to win three and actually performed the re using it to not the last three seasons. I don't know service area a year this year they do they edited did share 11 game and because of regulation Wayne's. It do that. The other side that is how atrocious the Atlantic Division was that your it was really a lot of our Ottawa's number teams now in the Atlantic they're not in material is rods there's every news. And I'm not even convinced that Ottawa is that talented of it or not but they're better than Roy yet they and Indies in the two entities. Senators are not thicker and also I'm sorry okay because of Richard you want to brewers got ball and they got blown by the referees. I mean really. Bibi Jones. Deep balls that are. It was brutal. I I'm sorry I mean that it to have two games and now I. I'm not count the game three which are put the puck over the top I mean you have to call hour now with the Riley Riley Nash panel gain for and we end here for me had no clue what was going on and then after the postured our one. After. Pro rally gets dragged that big right. Told him to his knees and then grabbed his stick after he slashed the rally sticks are that is big snap and I forget the player who did it. I forget who wise. I don't think it was McCarthy was marks down. Might have been the newest element that holds his own area that was egregious I absolutely he broke his stick in and dove into his knees and grabbed her rallies Dick wiley was out of what's good about our break away your apps and they don't call anything an NBC broadcast the ran out of your birdie. But whoever was talking I don't even know who was with was talking was like OK you gonna let that one go. You better let it go for the rest of the country that was your McGwire I think you might event and he was absolutely right I said they're not going to go watch they're gonna get some cheap penalty on the broad and listening. The Bruins needed a miracle in that overtime. To win it but they could happen you keeping the posture and penalty was heat. I had not Mary I thought it was I think if you if those two go down in he has had his hand. At the back of his shoulder yet that the plane on probably as a how it went. Yet they're gonna call that but you're absolutely right when it was not more egregious than would spell I think it was stone did did rally just moments before an outdoor play times where I you know I I was happy that they relied a lot of the stopped all the asset that they did decide to call my war that happened four times in his own right. But the fact is not gonna win a lot of games when you commit three delay of game panel call those bush O'Leary he would rule and all that too many men on the ice. I've it okay so you have probably. Mental iron at least five delay of game penalties at least re too many men penalty to wrap this year's combine them you may have seen. One happier talk year hires a parent one happier their third tier defense that that's not. Didn't play that she tutored not only a win this year I don't care if their plane the buffalo and sabres you're not gonna win plain and that's now otherwise. They'd lose is the defense the defense played fine. Almost all go wait for their guys were getting behind the defense of a break aways the that is that a direct. And ended up losing what 213220. Yeah because I was at that rewards forwards couldn't do anything Brad marsh is one of the worst playoff series his career Patrice Bergeron was nothing. David Krejci got hurt against the postured all those guys all the guys you count I'm really came up short there on the front six ended front nine really I mean. I didn't expect much from the third line is they were pretty bad all year but the fourth line even need got a little bit from them one until he got nothing I mean that's when a series of that happened yet you know winning a series of Drew Stafford is trying to get carried away for you guys I was in recalled yesterday how he performs well he went on to wager act by. At the same time yet you're sitting there you watched in the game in in you know Brad marsh and the I have to do everything. And you're sitting there going you don't have to do everything right you know. The little did she used in the flip Sammy he's great puck handler but the way auto plays their game where these completely. And I envelop Webber has the pocket in enforce these turnovers yet I'm sorry you have to get more people involved in just for whatever reason the style that. Was so successful for them when first asked he took over as the gaels got away from middle. Yeah I'd say that's that's a fair assessment and I don't know on off on going capacity for managed. It's it was a tough series against tough teams they've added tough matchup against them and had beaten them. Are we ever in the last two years not at home this year and he added when one home playoff game this year. So here and there you go I didn't expect in the win this series and they didn't and it was tough the way they lost they think if they'd gotten a fair shake from the rafter might go on seven but I still think they're probably a lot 61777979837. As your phone number 37937. That your number on tech's quick break we'll be back after this your only. Excuse Christian arch. On Sports Radio guy. Record portray a WE I heard Dan here right here back there. People call 6177797937. Tech's president 37937. And tweets anchored in our stand. Basra only as that thing up on ESPN. And the headline is a Red Sox deserve all the blame for the Machado incident. For me every a couple of excerpts from it. Dustin Pedroia rendered is a decision about his teammates actions in the Machado affair. And this is 24 hours before Major League Baseball issued the terms of discipline against Matt Barnes in the Red Sox today after Pedroia called the Red Sox retaliation attempt against the shadowy mishandled situation. And apologized to match out in the Orioles on Sunday afternoon all the holes left for baseball to do was identify the appropriate level of penalty burns was given a four gamer. In a fine for nearly hitting Machado in the head with a fastball. The penalty for Richard Otto injured Pedroia with a slide Friday night nothing. Penalty for any other member of the Orioles nothing this is all would only wrote that is exactly how it should have come down after a weekend in which the Red Sox seemed to wait in waffled. In their response to Machado slide before completely botching the whole thing on Sunday. The best part of the incident was a child I was able to walk at a Camden yards rather than being wheeled out on a stretcher the Orioles on the other hand were a model of comport it. Important in the aftermath of Machado slide starting with which out of himself who immediately reached out to betray emphatically. I'm sorry and pathetically both on the field and with the text message on terms and that. Just a couple of things here. Thank god main job was not wheeled off via Hurd did carried off on a stretcher. Like Dustin Pedroia. Who had to be helped off the field after yet spike in the back of a lag by meeting the job. The immediate reaction only rights. Among a lot of players and executives and other teams about Machado slide was that it wasn't really that out of line once outset it was kind of an awkward slide he started a little late game. Really started a little late so nice way of saying it was a bad slot OK when you start to slide late. That's sort of an indication that it's not a good slot that's a dirty slide if you start late Jack cash. Where this outage in the scout knows and it. He started a little late when he went down to speak popped up wasn't like he targeted Pedroia a major slip away with the speed deputy in target of just you know classic case of that happening. Pro player what's all the talk about his foot bounced company hit Pedroia accidentally anyone who reads intent on that play is imagining things. He wasn't trying to hurt him. Is what did bounce up. And he did immediately reached for Dustin Pedroia and trying to hold a mop and I don't think that he necessarily meant to hurt anybody. By if we're glad to say that about Manny Machado who actually did spite Pedroia. Even though he seemed to immediately regretted. Why is Matt Barnes. Guilty without a trial here. For throwing it Ed Machado head when he says that it means to throat had. You've been busted for speeding before right. Yet it only recently that's where it's not so with a cop pulled you over and says an obvious I don't know there the details but egos. While the speed limits sixty. In the purist say well officer. I notes below sixty up. Okay mr. our and that's that's why are you behind your way now. It doesn't work that way ignorance of the law doesn't mean that you're not getting in trouble so to sit there and say well maybe which I didn't. Think he did anything wrong and you know the today he didn't mean to do you mean you either writing mean of course I need to speed an immediate Cosby is really what it is. I didn't meet her of course you metered that doesn't take away from you're reports slide in the fact that yeah you did end up hurting some. Right. Only goes on. He says despite the China's intentions it wouldn't have been a surprise at the Red Sox had some kind of proportional response on Saturday. Even after Pedroia indicated to reporters he personally didn't have any trouble with the slide. He said he wasn't the slide police. If knuckleballer Steven Wright had bounced a fastball off much autos cap or thrown a pitch behind him Saturday it probably wouldn't of surprised anybody on the orioles' side. It probably wouldn't really hurt either or sent a message or done anything except look pretty stupid we Steven Wright out there. Well with that little delivery in wind up his dial it up to hear it 82 miles an hour in sending a message debating the job. Okay. Only says you do wonder if somebody in the Red Sox clubhouse was spurred into action by outside forces. In at least one case a reporter suggested the retaliation against which out of would be appropriate and there were other tweets and words. That went almost as far yap because the Red Sox. Base their decisions in game on the tweets and words of their fans. That's something they really really are big guy and we'll see and the ball was in the tank and check out. Scioscia easiest you know what I easing that's what they're c'mon I'm quite Muster only what Pelosi talking about. The red sergeant Matt Barnes. Was reading Twitter dot I got to go out there and throw it made in the China Dwight. That's ridiculous. The red side that only goes on whether the Red Sox sincerely believe that Machado across the line they allowed himself to be bullied by media expectations. Bullied by media expect Asians. While. Buster man spend the weekend and down that is not how it goes around here. Out whether they believe a shot across the line are allowed themselves to be bullied by media expectation Eduardo Rodriguez seemed to finally attempt retaliation against which out on Sunday. Image out of third plate appearance Rodriguez repeatedly in carefully through the ball down in weight inside the Machado. Who stepped around the pitches if all of the Red Sox have followed one of the unwritten rules of the situations that is this the attempt would have mattered. The team's effort said Sunday want to take a shot at somebody like that Ed did you miss the Mets I knew I was pretty. Easily but he's. Got. Fair. But there's still a matter of Dustin Pedroia is out for now two games 83 we'll see if he plays tomorrow not looking likely. Many mature Otto is. Limited life to its thank. Dodging and water Rodriguez's. Scary ninety mile an hour inside years. And so Barnes decides to come in. With this actual fastball. And welcome this you know what they've been trying to have been able though I wanna I wanna get diskette. You can try to hit somebody and I'd do it but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't try anymore. Many much out of deserve to get a it deserve the hit had. Outing anybody deserves to get drilled in the face. Or anywhere in your and I think that's something that teams should generally avoid doing. Unless it's Pedro Martinez throne and Hideki Matsui and and the medication guide. You've thrown out of ink Kareem Garcia. All the Yankees from the early 2000 lesson that's what all the and a poll sees and I think for those teams that would mean you do not hee-seop like that anymore I have one question for a year. Yes who was Korean Gerson with the he delivered the guys that got it all it's a rhetorical joked that put Pedro said afterwards. Because Kareem Garcia is not Pedro Martinez who whispering Garcia famous quotes that are meant that we read this stuff out there and and certainly picked up on I thought I'm a little there's a wide body would have known then I Kareem Garcia was tied hitting is Kareem Garcia he was in the. I know who was one of the guys that got into it armed and jumped into the ball and and wasn't it it was Korean Gerson knows Jeff Nelson. Was it those two screen Garcia's now. Was. A fan jumped into the bowl and inbox and yet when actors in the yankees' major into the guys the Yankees ran at their beats not. I'd be Garcia matter I Garcia was one of Jeff Nelson was one of the guys in the dugout armor that. And Garcia matter and in that he might have actually it's true. That was a forgot about it. Yet I was a great Yankee Red Sox fan interaction almost as good as the time the guy threw the beer and Gary Sheffield and this unbelievable dude. Who was a security guard for the Red Sox jumped in between them with the quickness of white. Of abode marvel superhero. I never I'll never forget that. Sheffield's runner over to the corner. And he's running he's running journey gets the ball any sort of collides in with these guys were standing right there and it's just you know waterfall the tsunami of beer comes splashing down on chip field. And obviously Gary Sheffield not the one you wanna do that. And Sheffield shelves again. And all the sudden it's like oh my god Gary Sheffield's got a murder somebody right here right now and then boom this guy just materializes. Out of nowhere. And he's in between him and there's that that was it. That was the best example of ballpark security I've ever seen. In my life I don't think I'll ever see anything Beckett ever again. And I can't even tell you when that was if you wanna go Willie Gary Shepard I couldn't even find Pedro throwing a match who you're probably not going to be able find Sheffield the guy with the beard but I'll never forget that that was the greatest and I mean the greatest example. Of Fenway Park security I've ever seen you'll ever see ever in my life here giving you media that Jeter Martinez in Jackson's Maria Reyes Kareem Garcia okay what I have a question is who is Kareem Garcia. Nice let's say a phone callers 6177797937. He's a phone number while he's in Fall River while it. Yeah I was so Christian we've been we had finished a three day by. Maybe match in the shadows and PDs Christmas less than the one that really got this gap and this is Matt the odds. I mean maybe expect him to be suspended about so beat two games that'll be appealed and hopefully win. He is appealing it any will be able to play tomorrow. They wanna put him in or not but I we'll see how the appeal goes. But it says in ourselves saying the latest visit and other plays plays out like you said it is so afraid that there is no law. Gibson or Don Drysdale and even Pete Martinez yeah I mean they're just afraid to pitch out and inside anymore. Sale pitches inside bomb garner pitches inside there's some guys are still do what you're right it's a lost art you're absolutely right law. But I Serbia just see what happens next week whether it is you know boils and Iraq sending law. You know we're gonna see you know as far as Buck Showalter I have no respect for him at all yeah maybe you've got some good marriages are on the lead idea. And in that respect lately you know Mike Scioscia would TO. Even so derided by this guy you know I can't swear London radio but I the two races say they have a clever man out. Yeah I show up there and thanks for the column. Showalter is really proven himself to be at giant whining crybaby biggest president. Ever reduce the food we have the flu blues. Not talking about a owner crying about a yeah you're gonna cry for 48 straight hours about a guy not getting hit by a PH. Guy if you're Matt Barnes what do you do when that's to each. You really think odd oddly I shot I take the initiative and and put this on myself beat guys don't worry all Bard's he's got well. Now I guarantee you at least one if not a multiple guys that eighteenth accident you know. Yeah. And honestly. I don't know Matt Barnes. And we went to UConn just like might let me ask you who knows what those people are capable of the get educated over there in store when he's a lovely singer great high eighteen. The. But I don't think he was trying to. I don't think he was trying to give Manny Machado brain damage or really don't. I you're trying to hit him. He would have been the first person to do that. In a program in the first person in the game actually a manager I don't know melted Donnie yet and he didn't do it either. It looked like he did I mean the pitch was inches away and it sounded certainly satellite he'd dated satellite that he had the bad in and European a foul ball. And I understand him getting ejected although at the time I currently an objective for foul ball you can reject somebody bet based on intent umpires have moved me way to do that. And OK. Let's say the intention was their fun. You can't say it the intention was definitely there for Barnes to throw that high and try and hit someone in that region. And then turn around and say but yet Manny Machado definitely didn't mean dude spite dostum to drive it law even though he slid late with his. What do they look like nurse it looked like a guy who was like oh man I remember this conversation and it. Again we don't know what kind of got Matt Barnes is he might have been reluctant to do this which is why the ball sailed on him but he's thinking. How the hell do I go back to that ball how I go back to that clubhouse. If I haven't done what is in. It instructed premiere today announced. There was Kareem Garcia by the way who attacked the the bullpen attended it was actually someone who worked her. Either fan way I heard it worked for the team or something like there was an employee IR and Jeff Nelson Garcia he just brought this. I don't know he was doing you like Redford waving a flag or clap under some bad annoyed but he ended up you know that. Corey dividing line it's like when I fell into the penalty box. Yeah laughter I tell me and like dude you can do whatever you want once you get into their realm. Right okay yeah I hope you know read on him and they often don't come outside they won't work off before the break here in North Hampton manager. A actually all went through this and explained my annual nephews know how this work because they need to know be. Unwritten rules of baseball. Bomb. August and Brad Penny it Miguel Cabrera in the fourth in the next inning Edwin Jackson get the growing anti American and built. And then he hit you inclusive exit space. In the eighth inning Ramon Martinez hit a guy with a guy on second. And they won one we know he's not trying to do it. And congress are not gonna take revenge. When they're trying to make up. The opportunity to settle first career start. He hits Miguel Cabrera on the is Ellis started. Yet he was his first start Guam is second game in the majors overall. You know he's not try this hit temporary input given up three runs and everything. So the bottom of the first record so look. I remember this I remember this. He hits Youkilis and then Youkilis charged the mound in the course allocate Youkilis is ass. Well yet again yet he went after being mart twice. And I believe I was watching him on achieved but I'm not continue its illegal but maybe not even legal. I think the statue of limitations is up in the I'm also but managed to do and it. He tried to do marketplace. And then he grounded out. And so woods. And then Cabrera to consult other regained. So bottom of the second equal this week off and get on by personal icing on a mistake. You believe him right back here. Yes she and he's been hit twice now in the tried to collectively mark twice yeah you could. Have to charge the mound and then he had yet. I ended the three game. And bet other rules of baseball yeah. Ten footer for the Puerto Pedroia got to put an end of that because it. Much trouble you gotta keep people on the other teams say what you keep your guys' face. Machado was hit in the eighties came in. And then on what an idiot and threatens. You know what guys career the only way to stop this is for a goalie to say. Leading to and even if he meant to this is not a way to split and so hopefully. Deal Orioles let it lie and it don't they get a glass human prop. And let it lie in wait made it much not so much not I'm not Pedroia had a big game at Barnes didn't even touch my China. Oh. It looked at its okay but he didn't so I mean if they get the Orioles want to retaliate for it the missed. When Barnes was retaliating for a guy get in spite. Then I think the Red Sox have the right to retaliate today I honestly had I don't think they I don't think the Orioles there are one up here in the aid they have a right they go back at the Red Sox and away. I've I respect your opinion but I believe that Pedroia is trying to put an end to all of this on. And the glory is a man he will take its peak for this fight musical he told us about it Valentine work. And it took it today and maintain a little people show. Well thanks in it I appreciate them. I get what he's saying but at the same time Dustin Pedroia did try to jump out in front in this and he still getting criticized by players on editorials yeah strewn are we way over for break your way over OK let's take their breaks 61777979837. As the phone numbers over for the break I didn't know we relate for breaker right to starter another segment. It's getting to be that tight time of night so well let's take a quick break 61777979837. It's later. Also sports talk talking with Christian I can hot Sports Radio WEEI. I beg your late nights portray a WEEI or can hear anger behind a glass taking your phone calls it 6177797937. With covered a lot of ground here in these first two hour. We'll continue to do so. Red Sox yankees tomorrow about that. About the Red Sox Yankee rivalry gash. Very excited. Not at all actually it's practically boiling. I mean is that dead is a completely dead is there a Yankee even don't like. I would say so because all the promotional stop in Aniston using. All the eighty bombers are coming in the stir the pot again with that. Dumb situation between she's Hadley and reports Powell last season yeah at partners at. Want they show those to chew on and now they that was shot down it was really outcome it was stumper personally had. Yeah you don't use your catcher closes lights that I mean exactly how I sat rate. By the way it's halftime in Portland. Warriors leading the trail blazers 72 to 48. 72 points that app and Charles Barkley just wants to Nadal right now yeah. I'm I think they're gonna sweep against. I just got a hunch she's saying there's it's it's on the Red Sox Yankee rivalry I I actually I can't rooms and it's kind of like the Yankees. But I kind of like yours pitch as. I like decade judge that moves they got there who's like seven feet tall hidden these ridiculous home runs he looks like Goldberg. And all the other players are the little global solutions to every call. Like he for real looks like he's a different species that have the other guys Wednesday. Yeah homer on the other dame Pittsburgh. I mean it please. If that if the if the is stands weren't there. I think my god the candidate I mean that was an absolute he's the plot six foot 7282. Pounds he's 24 years old yeah. Aaron judge only ponting game of life. It's you not only is he may I take every saying it looks like you pour hundreds of power lines or something and there's something. Not there but you know you academy I bet he can crash a baseball 500 feet. And he does and he does on a regular basis and I think he could stack smoky bad Zander Bogart's in danger Bennett Danielle standing on each other's shoulders and an honest thoughts of wearing a trench coat eight beard there are trying to get into an. And begat college judge in naked bird. In now the Yankees I don't mind being NBA he's there are eight. They're setting the stage for maybe the Red Sox Yankee rivalry to be something in a couple of years. Right now I mean the Yankees are pretty much a bunch of young upstart kids. And I guess. I don't know. CC sabathia 88 sabathia or eight sabathia. I kind of hate the ad closes there on. Chapman. Is he's an able. That's it I mean I don't really have any sort of feelings on wired other sports parlance after over Chase Headley year. In around the any arrest of the guide Jacoby Ellsbury are at eight Jacoby Ellsbury leaky oil or talking. Because they know what else this like old theme that's why. It is Ellsbury it was always kind of soft. I ended. That was a little overblown actually I yeah I hear some rumblings and rumors saying that you know that was there was more on him and I the team doctors break. And again. Not much. It was really not much to dislike. And for the Yankees would they really hate other suck Pedroia I guess. There are dead Red Sox either. Ortiz has gone. Lester is gone balk calls is gone apple volley all the all the guys that word. On the on the fringe and division intense part of the rivalry girl gone now to let alone any of the major players in and at Dayton moves seen and rock read as Derek Jeter you were talking about planning to sue we rate on. I sought out almost you know honestly is probably the most able person on the yankees' Joseph to yeah yeah it's as simple probably about eight because there's no. I don't feel like there's any middle ground with him yeah I feel like every like he's really light. The top of his anger level or he just doesn't care and I actually all metal form. Form yet and I actually think juries get manager it looks like good achieved baboon but he that he is that he is a good manager. He's got a lot at a team last year that team my share in the business yet competing at all you're neighbors and doesn't look like he pitched. It's not a witch doctor yeah point in his life he is an odd looking fellow but he's a good manager you know are answered pretty decent young team there. And I don't hate them I can't bring myself to hate them. I wanna like watch their games because I want to see judge did Sanchez. Sanchez doing anything this year. TF is the after which are ordered it was for him Lou Gehrig last year. Yeah. I mean. I'm excited to see the games. But not because I think there's going to be any surge is bad blood or even. You know high tension or anything like dad's probably get a real slap as best Sanchez's on the disabled list right now there you go with them. A team. That that that that looks like a biceps strain biceps strain he's a played in five games this year these guys know hit it on sorry go home on three hits there I mean 150 Eric Thatcher once it's LTL. Law change yeah unless she was just the one after your wondered. And my god he was at the best half year wonder anybody's ever banner really ever will be he was ridiculous left here. And I didn't hate him or anybody I just how do you hate the Yankees as the there's sort of there's the team in the division now if anything you can feel encouraged by the Yankees having this young talent to I guess if you don't hate him now. Chances are when they're starting to come into their own in getting towards there there crime and when these young guys on the Red Sox are getting towards their prime. They're gonna start meet again yes and that's gonna start bringing back these old feelings that you know you're having these teen years ago yes she capital Q I am watching all of baseball game after baseball game and that's fine we're a ways away from that. In our word good long way away from that I think in not bid until the Red Sox and the Yankees are both good and in the reds are triggered right now. But until late these guys you know judge in bird I mean these guys really young release are Iran and judges off to a good start here but he eat played last year to. And he struck out almost every like Pedro surround Perry couldn't hear anything. He was hit and struck out by. Anybody with a breaking ball pretty pitched him in a strikeout iron judge and so far this year he's got a 67 home runs so again we'll see we'll see how it all goes. Be glad for the Orioles thing. This little tip this little beautiful yet that they have to be happy for that. Because you know I'll probably I'll catch most of these Yankee games and all I'll probably watch the cubbies come out and all the nonsense that's gonna come with that knowledge you know these two teams I want our. With the Orioles. On paying attention to that series campaign attention to them for the rest of the season can I like they animosity EC teams seem to. Effort to raise interest in acting is good for baseball yet I'm enjoying their. Is he I don't know. You bring our Larry amended Brett Gardner now I hate Brett Gardner would wait brake harder for me looks like he could be he looks like he could be shared. But I mean I look like I could be. I probably am but I don't think it could be I look like that guy that that would you know and those afterschool specials that are trying to sell your kids marijuana. Yet in the high school yes and a on the corner legacy that we need. It it's either. Matt Holliday great acquisition by yankees in 217. The Yankees is that I don't IKEA I'm sorry is there that they don't. They don't move the needle free one way or the other. But I do wanna hear and judge. And I wanna see him in it'd moon shot them on the Red Sox to win obviously gonna wanna hear and judge you wanna. I'm of the match Blake 61777979370. Phone number 37937. And number on tax. Quick break we'll be back after the.