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Bruins don't have enough to advance... post-season post-mortems

Apr 25, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss how the Bruins failed in this series, and where they should head now and for the future of this franchise.

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Yeah office earlier today. When Michael today if everybody in the office and as long enough stuff out there and I have avoided the fist bump you know lately has we have. All applaud this month for you today you started down that AI I accepted the best bump yeah but I still with some trepidation. The guys don't know the targets that. You know these completely healthy yet if you had sympathizer right after there is the bureau when you needed to round whenever that was completely healthy street it is so what did it tell you that. I asked them this morning I feel and long applause out real. Without you follow up though is that either full of people got a better go to the next nice. The site. It they cut us. Season is done they are there out of the playoffs they get beat in overtime. Well early evening yesterday afternoon a by the Ottawa Senators they lose the best of seven series four games to two which means. I was a moron when I picked the Bruins in the series and in cities are literally not five guys that Richard L because at the time I made the pick. Little did I know they were going to be missing three of their defense not in it and you and David what seen did. Yeah no album I hate that phrase I hate. I hit you actually set it because now I have to take you to I have heard of art here as anathema I hate cigarette. I I got the classic I wrote I close friends I think that there are times when you can also point to things that happened in and say you know this was a factor. I talked to an agent after the game yesterday. We were sitting around having an adult beverage you know kind of going through things and brick was there in Beers the Billy and myself and there was an agent there. And the agent said. What Bruce Cassidy in the Bruins did was they bleeping miracle. And this was his point you know any team in the National Hockey League missing three defenseman would lose the series. The fact that the Bruins took this to 61 goal games four of them in overtime. It was miraculous that they got as far as they did I don't know I wanna go quite as far as the agent was going but. They had no chance. I didn't know that the beginning is here is consumer audio though. I didn't think they are going to be on the whole time aren't wide I kind of looked like crew was going to be out idol to root at all ironic that Carlo back I didn't know McQuay was gonna get hurt. I think that note you just said they went 61 goal games for overtime games. Budgets and if it apparently all house money they got hurt if you're missing three of your defenseman I'd I'm saying you got no chance to win a series. I think against this upon this that at this an unusual opponent has I was trying to say keep. On Friday. And I said those being 21 game 21 game it was overtime game to us Bruins out poll it was a great game and the great game on Friday night right to block out. But also watching Ottawa and it's you know for a team that's in control of the series for game 21 at the time. Don't look at them and say. It is diploma anyway. And they they'd never blew me away at any point during the series but they're moving on the Bruins are. So I think if they may be of maybe the Bruins would've just been swept away against another opponent against this one. I think that's the kind of team where you could you could have some type of adversity and still be okay. That's so that's how things is dale picked the Bruins and he said because Ottawa is really not that and you went through some of the numbers and say I know what their goal differential wasn't things like that. The Bruins have a better all the way to the Olympic and cut in the annoying over the better than the group that's my point is you picked him to win and like five games very positive sticks if not by a guy's teeth but every we have tape of him saying it's gonna be this or even shorter breath pretty confident go to the Bruins. I just think. What because animal Quaid goes down. Now all of a sudden it's a big that it's a big difference like that shouldn't be that Tony marsh air or grass or Bergeron. Now cradle a bigger issue great original lead and I didn't even get to crate Janet so that's great events three of your defensemen or at David crate she played what a game and a half are in the series desperate defenseman thing is a terrible excuse I think. You know to a home or out at least for the first game and it didn't look like Cruz are play at all. In other weigh only one I I would have been surprised and it turns out a user has it gotten to game seven. He might have been they are thinking that he was gonna play I expected Carla to be back I didn't expect equate to get hurt. Mac boy it was a revelation so that's that point as applicable it was great thought three idol are playing with. With Joseph moral and Tommy cross and I mean good on the list the other game atomic cross. And I just think. Charlie not what solid unit three defensemen go down and then yet that you're next three backups go and try not what Michael Orr said is their best defenseman if he's not their best he's their second best or wasn't this year is right yeah you wouldn't have had him if crude in Carlo have been playing. So solid you're down three defenseman throw at you were down two defenseman Andy you're gonna say oh Adam Quaid was the difference in the series. No business winning this series if it was up to out of McQuay I think switcher which are neglecting to look at is is the the impact that it had on the rest of your defense. Zdeno Chara was having to play you know 28 to thirty minutes a game which they never wanted him to deal yet what all the networks Kevin Millar was gonna have to play. Many many more minutes than that you know wanted to eat play great I'm not taking any way from Kevin Miller. But it altered your entire. Defense and in minute rotation. You don't have any choice I mean think the defense is bad answers no note and I know that when I got I don't think it was as good as it would have bet you've had everybody right yes but. That I I'm surprised that you think that that's the difference if you don't think Ottawa's academic team that he should stay out of we lose the next series in five what are. How that how can they are then how can the Bruins have lost because of their of their lack of defenseman and the deepest well. So why why couldn't they have been Ottawa. I think that could be not having that could of I think. If you look at you look at the series. It really will come down to you. You need it and yet you didn't get enough. From the stars consistently. Now the posture on an answer yeah I feel that that's. That's one guide ya that's one guy right there. You you're you're looking for a little bit more and little front from a guy who martian Allen monster on the ticket and largely at marsh and true. I expect no I saw Marciano. Ease stepped up in in in game five. It in gave mud but critical system very good. Each showed up in that game a little bit but you hit underscored that your number one score. He did in game one. He assisted in game five. But throughout this series where you just felt like if they get a little something I thought they had more. I still feel they have more offensive skill. In Ottawa Senators. You wanted to see it you never soccer. He looked lost at times it today and what he what he was doing does not the guy that weird. Accustomed to seeing I was appointed game plus now hit four points in the series that almost feels high doesn't it doesn't feel like you even had that much of an impact. In it in that thousand let them because that what I grew bill that was one of their advantages going into the series you look at the the forwards the high end talent. And nobody Ryan had a really good series and Hoffman looks good. Terrorists had that great goal but I would still take our Bergeron martian posture knock over those guys. But the Ottawa top three or such as those guys that play in their power play they outplay the wrong. And Carlson. Dollars and who has to hairline fractures in his heel by the way that when baffled me. Op I don't know very different note I don't know I don't know if Eric knows this is a game to play Thursday as to why a match. Why why mention that not to let users I know we can bring it up. And I I actually spoke with Joseph McDonald last night who was the reporters who broke the story mightily. I'd joke is this the reporter who broke yes and a and and Carlson actually said it Khmer I'm gonna tell you something. And and told look. And Matt and I said to Joseph the same thing insanity does he know he's got another game yeah play another series like the Rangers are saying okay. Let's look at let's guys heals his general manager today because they were 21 of these ended series things the general manager today said. I was a little surprised he brought that up. I would appeal I'm not sure that southern it's. It's like a a tradition every year on the Bruins whenever they ultimately lose in the playoffs over yet when you have that conversation were eight guys were playing with the you know broken this is strange that I ever having your batteries next said the next day that's afterwards you don't do that when you're on your way to the next round and he quit he was otherworldly. Width two hairline fractures in his. An area of the government keep on this. Day in terms of all of the overall effort the Bruins got from Bruce Cassidy. Bruce Cassidy got the drones Tuesday. I think that's good and I think he should get the job he he earned the job as a whole afternoon. Establish a style of play. He's pretty consistent. Pretty straightforward. Guys. Seem to understand. What he was doing the changes that he made. Any any type of adjustments we made it turn out pretty well. Getting young kid Charlie Black boy got him ready for the game and got ready for the playoffs they look like you belonged immediately I'm gonna give. The coach credit for some of that stuff that that's that's not easy to do have a kid who was playing in the NCAA tournament. Then start out playing an NHL playoffs. It looked like he belongs. Yet coaching is something to do with that along with the kids count. I don't think. The the Bruce Cassidy story is wow look how far he got the Bruins in the playoffs in the play. That that's not what jumps out at me it's it's what he did taking over from close. And getting the team to the playoffs but. India also add that bit where they they got off to a great start on there Cassidy. In an ad that law all in the maybe it's Wear a Harvard and then they snapped out of that and because of that. I think he obsolete deserves the job because there wasn't one of the we see other coaches. How that immediate impact where it's mortars you know a new voice in the role moral whatever whatever might be. But then for them to go on you know another one streaker on another good stretching go into the playoffs and not collapse for the third straight year but he without a doubt you'll be the guy that does that. Annoyed if if you have. All of these overtime games in a series. I don't think that it's an advantage anybody. Sunlight while at lucky got these these teams to if he his team played all these play games and of course he had no chance of winning. Why not. For all others that overtime. So everybody's got a chance to write it. And one of them I still really think they got absolutely screwed the league that was the one where they had the terrible penalty call on logos on the power play. And they went right after that they bet that one. Man it is I want to close I'm in Nash yes retaliate moderate Ryan's the face yet after ride and elbowed him in the head and I don't want penalties on the play and don't call either one of those and that he scores the power play goal and you win. That's as close as any game I know people have problems with the officiating yesterday too I didn't I didn't have a problem with the overtime call I didn't think imposter not capitals penalty not. Three of them were self inflicted source to read aloud email only solves all I mean I I really can't married about the officiating in yesterday's game yeah I don't I don't get the odds are not penalty in overtime was a penalty. If if if the situations were reversed and pasta rocket and hauled down. By MacArthur on that play Bruins fans will be screaming for a ball right. In the Mac avoid trip by a thousand real penalty to you I don't have as big a problem yesterday. Broad standards and rightfully so. Sensitive to and in a one literally changed the outcome of the game in my opinion when you when you put a team on fairly short handed in overtime ethnicity score on the ensuing power play that's. That's harder nor. And I thought there than there is a a polarizing. Personality on this team. And US hockey fans what they think of Tuukka Rask can we get 50% eleven and 50% who hate him there. But it was great in this series -- throughout those are the reason I lost no biting and he might and the reason I got to six games yet throw. He certainly was the reason they won Friday night's game and a when he stopped nineteen shots in the two overtimes and some of them were like like point blank missiles. It took place greatness whole series yet. I didn't give up a bowler to that he'd like to have back courts every goaltender does I think but overall I thought it was great series. Unfortunately the Bruins weren't good enough. They lose they move on. I sincerely hope that Don Sweeney takes about. Three more hours to get this Cassidy thing done. Because there is no reason to to delay this stuff look at other candidates to consider our options. You know we're gonna take a study of this thing the whole thing they did with low wind when Don typical US general in our attitude coach for an hour now. Just make an announcement today or tomorrow for prime. They're kind of stuck though not knock at the announcement of cash being go ahead named Bruce castor Bradley got an already you know. A close from press conference. They when they do their wrap up I'll say oh yeah about a way cast he's our next coach. The news back home on the way in the press conference at that are out there I'd I just although I did all right now I've. Think they're stuck in terms of changes that they're gonna make their roster or anything about it I mean this is at this is going to be your team for awhile. So let's say Charlie Mack who is going to be here next year. Yeah I need a little gripe that I don't go to Charlotte like where's premier in 201718. That's good news yeah. David back it's going to be here in 2017 engineer driver and a is that going where no he's not five your country and that's our. Are so these are going where they were charged going to be here. Yes yes I don't know louder and not to grasp going to be here. Patrice Bergeron has yup. Brad marsh ends up on David posture Americans them. Each day roster it comes to present David I. We talk about well just to say David crate she end and I noted in the first one or I said I would have said I don't know except I don't know he was hurt in game six. Who knows what is what his value is right now last year nobody heard a hole he was hurt the whole series so late he played parts of three games a wooded and Delaware race where some creditor. Yeah so what do you do I could you look at the Bruins and how they're gonna make changes and you know they need this many that. Tony we're gonna get it where's that coming from. Why did there's a lot which of roster changes absolutely. I don't we Jimmy Hayes will be on the Steenland next year we have a nicer and I'm just giving you the Derrick they're gonna be about five or six open spots on this roster from this year to next year but I think those are CE slots lines and I don't know a lot of it depends on what to replace him. I think the Bruins are in the market foray forward and defenseman. I think the you'll see a couple of young guys get an opportunity here at led by Mac way obviously. I think you're gonna see of the guys who who were on the the roster here at the end. I think you're gonna see six or seven of them gone and replaced by 86 or seven new faces yet but. And it's it is the salary correctly. And all the guys are mention. Are represented. Huge salary caps locks. So which is why the young faces are so important in the National Hockey League today or what it's like I like Barack Boykins and it cheap dollars. A guy like Jacob fourth pocket Carlson will committed cheap dollars. If Jake of rust comes up from Providence of the American Hockey League like I expect he'll be cheap dollars. You're gonna replace some of these guys with cheap contracts valued at a real deal winning I need a Winger who is first or second line quality that's what they. I just like there they are kind of in and that space where there they're very young. And there's there's there's there's nothing you can really do about that and just wait and kids. Or they're so veteran that you would be foolish to trade him and we already mentioned those guys' or they're so veteran that they can't be treated. It showed I think there are just. Yeah yeah pretty much gonna see this same kind of team I think it's got to wait. You know it just is waiting for some point 526 year old. Terrific. Forward I just something that's gonna happen I don't think you have that it's either going to be somebody really young. Or. Somebody who has been a bus that's with retired over and just try to take. Flyer they're already really done. They had eight guys make their Stanley Cup playoff debuts this year they're already really young in the end they're gonna get younger they're gonna be younger next year than they were this year. They're going to be more guys. Part of the Providence pipeline a guy like ponders Bjork from Notre Dame I think's gonna make a real a real run of making this team. As I said you're gonna see 67 new faces on this roster next year and almost all of them are gonna be real yeah. Almost all of them. Could could they use a right wing yes they have solidly cut and if they were gonna want to get a free agent right wing maybe that's what they'll they'll get TJ ocean. I mean these aren't as they are well on the right now the other when I've heard out there from a defense perspective is Kevin chat and Kirk sure which is big money I mean it's going to be big money. Defensively though if say if you have Mac and what for full season at all obviously their injuries we just saw holes symbol here but if you have it some combination of Chara map of what Carl Kruger in the Miller's. Against an occupy. I think there's six pretty good names to start I think that's fine and then you know that doesn't include a Quaid because it runs and you probably don't lose an aquarium or Miller writes of a rest. That's fine but that's even steal seven guys that I think you'd feel okay. And again I think I just upfront it's. If you could somehow trade treaty because he's eaten up a lot of money and maybe knock you need the production consistently and unfortunate lot of that's due to injuries I don't know what you can get overturned forum. But if you can get his money off the books and bring somebody else and their weather's TJ oh she or somebody else the play on a wing. Our top two lines into legitimate scoring lines. Maybe they're maybe they're not quite as far away plus again the young guys that details Benjamin forty seen a couple of home. On an eighty C a few more next year. And then maybe that it doesn't feels that Michael you're making at the feel like it's going to be is borne out he says it's another thing David he's trying to now they are there. No it and I'm just saying I think. The area they're at a stage where if it's tough to you. Two and a roster overhaul for looking for roster overhaul or looking for. No big changes. Is tough to make big bank big changes OK let's go to my shot and Turks are ridiculous pick at six or seven. Out of a DOD form and roster that big Jay aren't so how young how much much money. That's how much but aren't that nice letter like Michael the point I'm making is that guys you're gonna bring in our oral small dot small salary guys. Now they're young and and with Charlie Mack what you get an idea of how good a young player and cap space will you have in you can you afford sure it does it well. Where does it matter on saying it in terms of adding the six or seven young guys it doesn't matter if you're gonna add chat and Kirk. I you're gonna have to get some some money out here that's. I look I I does that I don't understand our best shot and Kirk is not it is not likely yeah I'm. Anybody if they if your money that helped the money out of the significant money is going out these are my Jimmy Hayes you know going out that's not enough. Crises somehow I don't know how but somehow I think that that's my answer and here we are drug records she like it might be. Great she was probably three years ago trying to move them. Well good news as they got map bless you for three corners. Another. After another terrible side excessive and at the time don't eat that that was a pull or free agent class and. And I know he gave everything he could in this series Backus was that battling you left before we can really get that dale on Friday the bad side. It's terrible sorry I I didn't realize there is a five year deal. So. Already. You put the nobleman if everybody party got a bit if you've already got the most out of a David doctors. It may have been his best year with a bronze. There's a chance of that at 3233. Yeah. Does he really I've I just just off the top of my head I'd just freed up seven and a half million dollars off your salary cap for next year at three with three players. Politically. An and again this is just you know spit balling here in looking at the numbers. In fact it may be more than that but for instance com. As I look at this thing I think Judy he's going to be gone that's 2.3 million dollars. 2.3 million John-Michael Lyles is going to be gone he was a two million dollar player this year. I don't know if you can free up dead in Zdeno Chara is case you're gonna say two point nine million dollars just on his contract. He goes from six point nine this year to four million next year. So just with with a three players I've I've freed up about seven million dollars just off the top of my head coaching and there are others here as well but Peter Reese on posture knock yes and you well so though did I mean that's gonna obviously significant on among them thank. And and use you freed up those three players I can say hey you just lock Bobby lock up these. These contracts and then go spend big on one guy. Well he had to replace some of the guys that you have just eliminate your gonna what you gonna replace them with the young guys at the entry level contracts and which which comes with some risk to join you hope they can all play and can all be Charlie not void but you're bringing in all those young guys. Yeah you might have to live with some mistakes that. A contending team is not really ready to let it. So it's it's gonna be challenging are going forward I would like to see what your plans going to be. I'm gonna Le lien on you guys here in a minute because I was working and did not get to see the Celtics game last night at watch the highlights of red all the stories you guys were able to see it. Is Rajon Rondo that big a deal. I mean is it is he really. That big a deal because we sort of monster ball idea that the best Rajon Rondo was gonna challenge everything he's the difference and yet it sort of feels like maybe did. 6177797937. Still gonna talk about Dustin Pedroia. And his own pitcher his own teammate and how Dustin Pedroia handled things with Matt Barnes and Manny Machado. A we'll talk about Tom Brady and his charitable endeavors we got a whole bunch of stuff on the list here. We'll get to it with the Celtics on just a couple of minutes Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. Our two gallon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI talking Bruins and Celtics to start. Just one quick note as we get back to the call. You know we always say that and he says senate last hour you know we always find out after team gets eliminated will the players need surgery and that player had this net player had that. We met at the new the new leader in the clubhouse San Jose Sharks coach Pete to board just announced a little while ago. That jolt important. Played the entire first round for the sharks. With a toward MCL and torn ACL he's having surgery today she's I've ever heard of playing with both that is not I mean we always thought that Logan Mankins when they make you crazy proved for what he managed to gut through. Which you're playing a first round series were both a torn and seal and ACL. And charted this. If it was not even I can't imagine the boy said it was as courageous as anything he's ever seen or still Mitt. Yeah now do you think it's just because he's that late in his career that is if they're not worried about 'cause is that Lleyton is grids even crazier is if your wife or she will be more worried at all really turn that thing up. But if your or is he 54 in Ecuador and you're out forever wouldn't you as you say sorry this this may be my last crack at the playoffs anyway. I don't know he's focused look at the crowd wasn't this his twentieth season they have an event yet and there's a lot of talk out in San Jose before they even knew about this it you know it's time to break that crew up and fortunate for our call it well they haven't had never won anything with that event and it is kind of you know kind of start afresh. Well Joseph may not have a choice here but. And with both of tort and Seattle and Portland and see how they were the C office just a couple years ago outfit did not dare I never got more than this idea I guess probably the holy cow than any other one other quick note and I promised were getting right back the calls. This is just one of those funny little things that happened. We sat here in the studios and looked out this window and watched the Bruins practice arena rise in front of our eyes and and watch people day by day. Today's the first day I've seen the putting steel out on the celtics' new practice facility. Literally. Twenty feet outside our window now opened a Thon and then got cranes and giant pieces of steel going up this thing will go to hopeful it'll it'll be rising in front of our eyes right next door available off on the ball practice for the next. Five years or somebody. Who were somebody and we got in the argun on a Baltimore. I'm among bombs and got four guys who only need a four yeah in in a worst case scenario gonna find out I was coming up next month left in a spotlight right let. Are they my whole way. You'll know. Yeah Phillips you're more excited for this that yeah our game five coming this way. Live in the now that's a fair bobbled in the future game I've got to win a that you know are used for prospects yeah organize it got to lower their report that. Ball falls Jackson and then the accurate from duke it out yet. Let me start out with the kid the wrong. I'd like all how much does all the advocate there from how many times a lot of voters here that want to. You know I want to let the I'd go we're supposed to because I assume that you know all I'm six 686 on what's been good players and that's it department arbiter yeah. Both particular I'll take your word yeah thank Garrett and that's good I remember hockey coach who could never remember first names and every guy would be young. A young Ki yup hopefully if it was nick it was named young I doubt that's the young man I want a column Jason Taylor but that's is that correct yes it is. Yes robs. Well played a reasonable. Yeah yeah I mean at least in this Tatum review focused on him if you are you one of these guys guys guys doubts at all Tom about about right yeah I watched employee was going he and that you love them Terry Giles. Who canard grace about it a lot of of the prospects if I didn't love moment but I don't I don't awesome time. You if the best outing gave it back and I was probably got a question out forum owners its shortlist. I work out and you start to restore some parts key step up a deer and fox only him after you know of pants on the ball. He adds about national television. I was just I was or all of our bullets they have a what happened next day. I'm Brian Arnold. Is advanced Pastor Wright Ayers and being applying. I'd have to back to call 6177797937. We started the shell talking about the bruins' season being over in the celtics' season moving on. So there's still some playoff action going on at TD garden continuing on a let's go to market Medford marquee next on Sports Radio stale Hollywood keep. Yeah guys are. OK when the call been made against Ottawa should tackle it opens don't clippers are a lot of Iraq. A couple okay calm. Pierre McGuire had made made a comment. And didn't get a feeling. That the next wouldn't going to be the Bruins and some old score I'll wait. You're not out what I was at the building's lighting European said he said that. Well obviously now he says it was okay that you're not gonna call the then it got to grow up well. I don't want to see another technique tackle all of not mean I you know and they'd send out bulk up. You're gonna caller I only got the ball away. I I don't disagree with the which are saying mark but the call imposter not was not a sticky tack call. We know as a whole but yeah. Yeah a couple of but I was also apparently are model. But I thought the ticket to roll on it yeah yeah I mean ultimately okay and also 1 thing I am not blaming. There are separate ink so it's improbable under him that but we have one week on that one goal. To see what are Kamal. Can act that's why aren't the goodness I opened. Yeah he didn't I heard it come out to to take away the shot from the wing. And yeah he even said he got outside of his post a little bit. He was he was scrambling trying to make a say at eight he did make it safe unfortunately he kicked it directly. And it went off his pads directly on the stick of Clarke MacArthur who attended bang it into the empty net. I divert hearsay and that's of that you know you just wanna see consistency is an art that's not a panel thing then going forward he's like I'm finally back standard as long lines that Chrysler and what does this standards and second standard throughout the course and Jack talks about a lot jacked up on our telecast talks on OK that's the threshold. I hate the threshold cause there is no there is no consistent thresholds are this is a penalty this isn't a penalty because the threshold changes played apply. I didn't have a problem with call against posture and could there have been a call earlier in the overtime that would benefit of the Bruins yes that could have better. I didn't think it was is egregious is the postured our penalty. Look I've pitched about the officiating Friday night I saw you've gone off to a minute and tell us how they really hot and hot Dell guy I was at it it was ridiculous. The two calls in the overtime. Both hurt the Bruins an act that brook became the first team in NHL history to score two overtime goals in the same game. At and missed an opportunity and a third 'cause it should have been a penalty shot and other National Hockey League say about that they cult that's Dick. Let's army combined don't have the guts to come out just to the National Football League they at least come out and say you know what we missed this call on this play. This was it was incorrectly called. The NHL has become like me like Major League Baseball author and we don't ever make. Sunday charges in you know you watch you watch it live. You watch a replay and you say okay it was a problem. And then Monday after that watch did you hear the explanation. Is okay but that's not true. I didn't happen what what what you said happened did not happen. You have to clean this up tomorrow. No. They do great job not that the videos where they explain why players being suspended. They're very transparent they do a great job with. But they never come out and say hey look we miss that when that should have been a penalty shot the overtime how are officially just round up. Games have been over at Friday how do you use to say no. That was interfere it it wasn't it was a ridiculous call and you know it was it was Chris Lee. Chopped Presley was the rep re behind the net. He choked he didn't make any call to compete and he didn't call the goal he didn't call it not a goal here he didn't he can point to the net. He didn't do one of these wave off things because he choked it is something that it was like ball. I got a call something here doughnut. He he he never even pointed an end indicated it was goaltender interference. Horry came up that was when he got over to the penalty box and he's on the headphones with Toronto and somebody in Toronto I'm sure saint Christie got a call something year. Is it in the net as it not in the net is it a goal is it not at all. Or parents and a lot of review got a chance and you say its goal. The goal it in about by the way John had called the goal Toronto would have upheld. Yet what he finally got right finally tried Toronto no I I I said noble for goaltender interference they could negate. How they lost that game I thought about two games in overtime that series that over it on the officiating. I think that they come on win that game but against its own golf fans are gonna problems with the with a posture not penalty. But even the color but acknowledged it was a penalty don't want I don't everybody by the way de Bakker yeah that's how upset at themselves as what do you say girls Cassidy said yeah after the game he's looking at front it was the right call. He he hauled him down. Let's catch up to ignore I did notice in I don't know if you guys dale and your crew. He's watching the game if you saw. A decided lack of energy before before that the the winning goal. It's start of overtime it's almost like the Bruins were we're moving in slow Mo yesterday. Yeah yeah yeah they get all those minutes caught up Tillman and immediately all at the same time and it was almost like come on let's go let's go what was what was happening here they come out in the action I. There are. They they out should Ottawa 123 in the third period yesterday they get the illegal Bergeron by the late. Brad marsh and for all the crap he's taken in the series did directly set up both goals yesterday. Yeah he made the pass to Stafford on the power play goal the first team in the past two Bergeron on the goal in the third they outshooting Ottawa 123 in the third they get the only goal. And Cassidy mentioned this after the game and he was right he said you know we really had to score another goal there they had a power play late in the third couldn't convert. He said he thought that the intermission help Ottawa. OK re gather themselves here. It helped auto it hurt the Bruins and you're right they didn't come out with the same energy level the same drive the same and I like about what was basically saying in a lot. We got nothing to lose now in a worst case scenario would play game seven. But if we allotment this thing now this is fun and the Bruins there are on what we have to score here our season's over and and they just looked like. They choked I mean he still looks at me look it's not the same marsh and then and only had two assists in the game now the the birth rumble was not moral. Is it deep shot from marsh and had a big rebound and in Bergeron was able to. To put it back for for the goal. But there's two times where. Either he had the park or you can skate with the Indy seemed really slow just out is not the same guy again that he would look at a forty goal scorer in this series and out of out of the well. They're not a explosive Brad marsh and he's got for now but watch out what you gonna do with Bobby Ryan was much more vote affect it much more weapons than the martian once which is a surprise Patrick in Quincy hey Patrick I don't. A guy you know what I thought yeah I just wanted to say that I have to look at the scene and has six. Except because. You know on the coaching change happened in the trial looked at as just the news that. You could kind of be up to triumph per capita to see it he won the right guy for the future they were really no hope at all. Claude Julien had a month they'd like 82 points or satellite that soderling now hope I think at it in and and yes you know brought all the young guys and and just made a playoff what was creeping in of itself. Now when you look at it. The officiating was awful any injuries came all of once you take out the horrible officiating in the injury the broad probably when that series and you look at. That pretty image of god and declare an effort if you look at that very promising future but all the young guys that and to have to look at the six there's this the united except. Well right I might stop short of success. It it it is not the abysmal failure summer portraying it in my mind. Because I suppose and it's a fair ball isn't there there there are some fans out there who were saying that the of the loss in the playoffs to the Ottawa Senators was an abysmal failure. You know you could beat you want a 13 at home for crying out. Oh and three on your home ice and that's why I'm against Ottawa and a and you know that goes back to the issues that you had under clone of not being able to win out on home ice something that Bruce Cassidy had turned around. Since he took over February 7 medic came back to bite him in the backside the playoff. They have missed the playoffs last couple years they had collapsed the last couple years I got themselves into the playoffs with a coaching change. Ed and didn't win that personal answers I got it but I wouldn't say it was a failure. Closer to a success based the last two years after going in the direction while Carlos let's start your stated that does not look the future is not a bright the the odds at you have to give the right thing but it's not it's. Not gonna have a dramatically different roster I don't I don't believe that. I was just looking at and and there's a a website that does all of these salary cap things in the NHL. Sport task sport track it's called my contract. And they say that the Bruins right now have nineteen million dollars less allocated next year than they had this year. Odd they were a little over eighty million this year there at 61 million for next year's cap. I can't remember the number. I. Effort. But but anyway at the at according to sport a spot track and at 61 million allocated for next year. Now that takes them from 35 signed players downton nineteenth seed got signed some guys here obviously. The biggest change here it's probably in the area of defense 'cause the goaltending number it's identical basically they got same two guys took and Anton who build and forwards they've got about six million dollars less allocated. Defense they've got like seven million last allocated somewhere in that in that vicinity. So it it it is less. They've got some money you know available to them and then they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna elect to have some guys. Vaughn from a year ago clear my peace every five and a half 76 million dollars next year because one article one found. So I mean they're under every and you can go over right obviously with the with whatever the rules are there. But he added you know Dale's point about your a lot of guys playing on. Really cheap contracts entry level deal entry level deal Syria and to spend the rest of it. Wisely and I think they can definitely add another guy but also to Michael's point you can't. Out of these ended with an overhaul. Again I think they'll look pretty similar. SE texture here dale it's a failure. You guys said the Bruins were better even with all the injuries I don't I didn't say all the injured I think that'd I'd pick the senators and five I I I thought that the Bruins were going to be the senators but that was before I knew that there were going to be missing as much as famous Letterman now none of the other -- -- that got her in our -- I don't know all I -- say it didn't matter I don't know -- you -- you all I know a great -- at least I don't I didn't know -- she was going out of her -- you next time -- I'm just not I think -- and you did that you know you are very confident the Bruins were gonna win yes absolutely I don't -- -- go down and -- -- -- especially -- just -- waiting for -- -- I want and they were down four defenseman. Yeah but they also right Charlie rightly point out. Absolutely but they were down four defenseman. They were able remember we were joking about the Bruins fan all I thought Colin millers gonna down dale I'll or he was the one I was least interest in getting back not know. You came and sit sit down students and they lose that election if I did everything. It was you know I know closed well yeah I had it all is that the game it was senator's word you know mine is this the worst improbable differential that I'll bet that on and on and on and on. So you knew that they weren't gonna have Carlo he knew they were gonna have group crew. I'm not there we're gonna have Carla I I didn't think crew was gonna play at all I thought Carlo was gonna come back. At some point during the see that the series I thought there was zero chance for crew and as it turned out crooks the guy who probably votes or late Wednesday and Carlo I was wrong. And let's say all the things that about the senators can't be true that both things can be true. That the senators are overall our art our very good team is that it fired. But sometimes. That very good team just knows how to play against you literally ate into it and against against the Bruins and Ottawa Senators didn't know restock. But it. We picked up early like that match up I. Now I don't board of directors and all a matter now. You know our it indeed whose days wondering. You know hey why did. Like Erik Karlsson say what is fair and think about that yeah it is I'll play injured out notes in it to win against. So that's why he's bailing. Them. I thought Bruins were better than Ottawa I was wrong it work better than it won the series. They played 61 goal games four of them in overtime great series it was a great loss color as gray as you know what it was not all this when I heard from. A hockey intelligence he had to before the series. And play out of it's boring no I was not born and it was I was not board a single moment of that series it was not a blog. Here is chastity some of the credit for that and he did talk about it finally yesterday now that the series was over. They had found some things to do to help on assault that 131 that debt auto was so good that. Audible wants that to played a game at a crawl and it got that set up just to do that. And the Bruins kind of solved that during the course of this series. They were able to take get some speed into the offensive zone chipped it behind the defense and then and then retrieve. And I give Cassidy and his staff credit because they did come up with some coaching things that are this is killed us all season long what do we do try to beat this thing and it did speed up the game a lot from what we saw a regular season. Those were snooze fest was and those are games. I thought I was gonna favor the Bruins and once we saw the first couple games where it was in Ottawa's go up and down the ice much more civil code when did they don't have. They don't have the skill that the Bruins do. But that you found out I did it they don't they'll turn turns out they do especially they want on the power play so much of and a lot of early success. Widget and then obviously candidate give me this series winner. On our power play goal but he looked about personality or counts and well why were they so bad in the regular season because that they had enough. To put out their their their best five was pretty impressive. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line 37937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI 6177797937. Chris is in Munson hey Chris I don't. Hey guys too quick thank them you know Wichita a lot of first thing I looked at the stats I think you're on the all star break he. Only two teams yeah NHL had a worst on record in Boston out Colorado Avalanche. And the coyotes up and thought that was interesting and clearly in the playoffs Altria home and acceptance and what are you guys know or even think about our country works. No Notre Dame back guy from notre mainly air we have other species situation. Where he noted at the time between now and Alexa go to create easier out. It's possible. No it it is absolutely possible I and I may be off by a day or two but I believe the deadline is August 18. And the Bruins don't have under his Bjork signed to a contract by August 18. He can become a free agent like you saw with Jimmy BZ I don't know it is it is entirely possible that that could happen. I hope that's not the case for obvious reasons you'd like to think that he wants to play here but then. They were trying hard to get him signed to an entry level contract at the end of this season with Notre Dame. He didn't sign he elected to go play for the US in the world championships. The contracts with all the same there why wouldn't there at every level deals so I mean it's everything sort of slotted here. Why wouldn't a player won't play for the browns. Want to play somewhere else especially an American player was what's what's the hang up of Boston what do you. And it's not and clone he was unfairly criticized for this but the big knock on him was young young players developing which again is not true but maybe you heard that death everything security more bigger market. Gates who also played for New York, New York. LA Chicago. Good day or or that policy were you wanted to or wants to be in Canada. As the American player Adam what's it like as the Canadian dollar now no because there's that's the Davis for the game was invented. When you wanna be funny I can't figure gay and Arab plan Toronto almost hockey Ambien and unsure laid out several California they get so many young kids on that team already younger drinking age reflects that alleged that to there that's. Figured out a gas Canadian bacon. Odds are now disappointing. We're used to it yet as to make him make it's not just that morning the south from doctor to owning called bacon now. Well it's ham that that is it's routed and I mean it's it's not if I may get taken stop it stop. Canadians do something really quite right bacon isn't wanted to now and an American can count of the isn't there a few non existent there and we just called Canadian bacon. It in a way of mocking them blame them for that's enough. There I think danger regulatory. Onslaught sure everybody does somebody somebody start this thing in Texas let's just blame and Russia said the north. I dot hoops I hit the wrong button it's I apologize let's go to low mark in Springfield. Mark how are you. Our good guy how are you the Margaret. You know. This is your okay dramatic all right assortment. I forgot it. Okay that's a guess that happens that's not the best is he's got what he's not saying every day.