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Ever-Green with Holley and Keefe Ep 3: Celtics pull even with Bulls

Apr 24, 2017|

Keefe, Holley, and Ben talk about how the Celtics tied their series with the Bulls after a terrible start, why Gerald Green is starting and making an impact, and where is Jaylen Brown?

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Michael holly and Ritchie sees he's ever greens we ever going podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. And parish to pierce everything C. So let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie and the evergreen podcast. Indoor basketball much pathfinder for people on that Michael Holley and our producer thing kitchen the Celtics were down 02. Roger on Rondo gets hurt Gerald Green goes in the starting lineup. And now we have a series tied at two Michael does that you predictive. Unbelievable. That your typical one seed. Would not. Go down 022 Chicago Bulls. Your typical. Five or six seat which a lot of people are making the Celtics out after they were down to that seems low I know horror you know are not a typical three or four. Probably wouldn't go on a road and even the series up at 22 if they were really a fraudulent wine and they were lost one of those games on the road. Probably be down 31 orbital would've been swept out of the playoffs. Quoted at what the series B if Roz on Rondo played games during four you don't want. But at the cut. They go in the Hollywood one game under those playing that well I don't wanna overdo it but. Not only was he playing really well put the falloff from him to grant and Carter Williams. And came in is pretty significant. There. That there offense looks like something out of the 1960s. But without Rondo is very. They're station to station there's no creativity there no surprises whatsoever. Not you know Laverne it was a bit of a surprise I think that's Democrat a lot of these guys got what they said okay. You know the mayor made the adjustment. He put the ball in the hands Jimmy Butler. Butler won I would think nine assists yesterday. But even know who zooming okay Butler has the ball and everybody's trailing them and then. He just gets rid of it because there's an open guy he's got she's triple teamed and he just handed off to somebody refer a really creative. So Rondo actually made their often tough to defend. And it's not tough to defend now this is where I feel about how to link the bulls can win this series I think the Celtics can lose it. The bulls are not capable of just taking over the series now without Rondo. If if the Celtics lose this series it's their fault. It is completely on that deal like the new look starting lineup. Yes. I didn't think it would not like I like him because. You're actually getting something out of that other spot you're getting some offense at least the whatever you're losing. What the loss of Amir Johnson hasn't showed up yet it's nothing I don't know what it is but he does hit eight kidnapping that's probably are not there anymore that is going maybe but he's not here for the series. Does that Jalen brown is not here for this series who that's bad but I don't think that but only these guys are gone if if if the Celtics advance of their guard for the playoffs. Well if Amir Johnson can't play in this series with serious Kenny plan. Because you with the excellent the bulls are team though that have a rebounding about our rebounding edge they're better rebound even without Taj Gibson after the trade there's still a better rebounding team. Which are not even a good rebounding team they're not but I mean Robin Lopez is tough ends if Amir Johnson can't play against Robin Lopez. Who can't I don't I don't know who you who are you on to what I liked about. Gerald Green being in the starting lineup is the fact that. Unlike anyone else in the starting lineup that was seen throughout the season he can create his own offense. Where is everyone else is relying on guys they get into position and then the double team coming in and he finding me open guy. Gerald Green and craters on offense unlike anyone else on the entire team yet. With sometimes is enough out of residency outside of his idea how to play you really want to have time crazy place just days ago and sometimes it's like you know. It's not therefore yeah yeah they're they're they'll be some and he we have seen that yet in this series yeah yeah you know he has droughts where you just say okay. It's not a Gerald Green Day. Well now look at the beginning of the second half of that game Sunday night that your dream that they'll podcast that that agreement that I'm we might have problem without Jimmy thought. You look at the beginning of the second half he couldn't create for himself he was trying too hard to continue what he's doing in the first half when he went to a slump. Date as a team go to horrible slump lose their lead and then he has that monster dunk to trying calm everything down their finally losing in 196563. He shoots it way short its own rebound and amazing dunk over two people. And it kind of got them back into the game and that's what terribly in and do for. Had a Philip Brad Stevens right now because after the first two game especially watching game two hearsay and not do anything different and they're getting smoked by. The eight seed who now everybody is trying to defend themselves into a pretzel to say well let's just better than an aids the other Dwyane Wade's one championship Ron those are brought on primetime ballot as an. That was a rebel as elegant Stephens fall but it was very embarrassing how. All of a sudden the bulls are this great team that while the the record doesn't say all the first and I was pretty error. Deco with no czar that would infuriating. To hear however the starting lineup is definitely one that change that Brad Stevens is made. How much of it you think it's Steve is making adjustments or how much of it is just simply Ross on Rondo wasn't their filibuster. There's no I think I think Rondo is absence is a big part of it but I got was criticizing him for not doing anything in the first two games he didn't. Any made some Joyce's. One I agree we open up when there isn't as Lou Lou there's a little bit of head scratch her. In you are Joseph greens starting lineup and get results from it. It's hard to knock it. But Jalen brown disappearing you know that's my guy Jalen brown is like off the radar nice golf. Announced it entered a jail brown brought Mattingly with Steve has made the decision humidity is so Basayev and how is I don't know but I will give him. If if you're saying how much credit do I give to Stephen's got. Even though let and he coaches always is when you've you make me the channel lineup or not. I'll give Brad Stevens to credit for making that adjustment his work. And I would say. So Rondo I think Rondo was one Stevens to you I think for me. Glad I did like Jalen brown pick you did and at the time of the draft and could have yet my short in India should every it's it's still as his rookie year. But my only I got never put eight points and rebounds number on Jalen brown I did say by the end of the year. Or halfway through the year and into the playoffs he needs to be near eight man rotation that would be successful rookie year does it have a successful career because. You know got the Jimmy Butler didn't do much as a rookie and even the second year didn't do much he can still be good. But I think you can't say it's not frustrating. To see maybe their best playoff game of the season he doesn't take the floor. Yeah oh yeah it is it is frustrating but what do you well before we get there you think the Celtics are gonna win the series yes they should win this yes. So which I never wavered you have yet you were very yes I did waiver list I could have that would be the Eastern Conference team they're down 02 center a loose the bulls 02 it was in even with the Rondo news you still out there to lose the series. There runner emotion I think you're very knee jerk reaction now I think if when you lose. Two games at home to end the worst in the playoffs but still that's the thing there's still the worst team in the playoffs yet and I don't think they're going to be able to put together. Four great games particularly knowing Rondo was out there when you get past helpless. Get that two game advantage Ernie Ford greatly Leone for great ones out. If you don't even have to be to do to win war and you can get lucky and win one best and that's the advantage of discs. Going in there and then knock in a Celtics around. At home. Yeah I think if Rondo had been there. The way he displays. Man they would have had to make different adjustments launder Rondo and and how he was doing. I'm from you know that that was significant he was significant pro player in the series and are you convinced that he's out of it. Well doesn't sound like he's out playing game five on Wednesday. It doesn't think he's out of the series regardless plays as the nation's second every couple days was seven to ten days and they had to say last Friday. Or third right so. Our hope that he's also okay five for the Celtics take maybe he's very game six or seven but how how you wonder how. How much that injury would affect him right reflect all the shots off and today it's political look better I don't know. Yeah but I think in my report is there if you think the Celtics are gonna win this series. Go out and asked again I'm not convinced that Jalen brown that the that the chapter is done on him in the play out in the playoffs Boca. And so they're gonna get on Amir Johnson it just could be a matchup thing they could be a matchup well you know we don't like which are doing right now against the vols weren't. You know the second round you take on no Washington or Atlanta and. Don't you think like we liked the matchup they knew more size and those matchups who than you do start to see I think it's pretty telling though because it's not as though. You know Amir Johnson comes out the lineup and they've replaced him with Zeller oral Winnick or somebody they Theresa don't. Or even Europe other place in the Gerald Green which really could have been Jalen brown. If Taylor brown is playing well and he shot through the from he shot the three better than I thought it would this year you still moderate free throw shooter like overall I don't the he's a great shooter. But. He could've been that guy I mean earlier in the year you know Jae Crowder goes down as much earlier in your Jae Crowder goes on who's in the starting line up or Beirut brother goes down who sometimes in the starting lineup. And now now's he not in the starting line up a guy that basically plays his position is he doesn't see the floor. But statement and this is why. I I I can see. That both of those guys Karabakh is down is that we everybody is on Amir including me. They're the great thing about the playoffs coaching in the playoffs is you look at the roster in and you in you you'll find something that you didn't really think ahead. Yeah you know. Yeah what a text. This phone call cell phone call from I definitely come now she know or do on the job and let us have known better this. So you'll you'll go I you look at the roster and they are. This guy in the regular season. I ignored it you know forty games. But for this particular servers and get this not a pastor in the warriors they get through Bogut even if years are definitely guys that they fit one series all of us fare as always is always something like that so but you think the bulls thought they get something on a cannon. You'll notice. Point a finger at the plate but that's also different again may Rondo hurt and so they have to go to the next guy this is a scenario where. Everybody for the Celtics is healthy and you're trying to find another guy. And Gerald Green. Gets called upon and not Jalen brown got a huge deal it I don't think. It Jalen brown playing any better or worse chance in the next series are you worried about Jim Brown's progression moving forward not through the wrestle plants but through your 23 and four. I mean he could he could be fine I guess I never liked him so you're asking a I would say no I think he's not a very good Michael thinks he will be very good yet but after one year you can't tell you like Gordon Hayward. Yeah yes. OK Jim Brown had almost the same exact rookie season is Gordon Hayward. That's all around stats are slightly better slightly more points late in more renounce like Mora says it's so good half minute more so that's a good comparison and that you if you wanna wait seven years the got to become also are. That great to take a but he might be like for different team. Read it that's the thing was a guy that that are slow to develop the mean they'll never get there. But what your draft in nineteen year olds they're not necessarily going to be good on on your team like that mine a Jermaine O'Neal the great example were those just sitting lasers he basically played his college ball in Portland and that he went to the pacers and a current. Thanks so you're not you're sometimes. God that you can't write them off but over there's a lot of examples Jimmy Butler in this series probably three years where. Your Santa okay like barely play you know average signal that the points and now he's he's he's the real deal. When there's something else I want to talk to guys like this sort Jimmy Butler. You know grapes. And great game but really gain mr. weir yeah and now we're game lot of free throw attempts I'm not sure he earned all the free throw Tim said he got but he got a lot of cracks at the line or is he guy in the playoffs. You either gain respect warm lose respect for him. Or rim maybe it's not the same where's he at do you see him up close nods in for four games. Out of more like a more action like a more and knows he's by no means the perfect player. He's the guy I probably still wouldn't give up that nets pick for. But it's more load of a spot for me where is that the trade deadline the shares had no way Mike Butler certain no yeah Paul George yes. Butler no but I think that gap is cool but I. Don't like them saying a guy play like in the same did you or what he's a strong guy. Who doesn't make strong guy shops and likes to finish more. It is at it I feel like I'm an influx is not just got a lot of time attendance mark a lot of times and say wow. When you hit look at the body you should do you miss a lot of the miss a lot of close shop. Does still watching him every night C feels bigger but a bigger player. You think like he's he at least like taller and David just got all the guys the Celtics the product are really short of that may be vice president and I hope you take advantage of that more yet Iger that economy although a couple times when Thomas got switched on he scored immediately but he would Z he had no problem and I knew exactly what the fact that Thomas got recent amendment that video and sound off and that's yeah that's. Don't do that let's just entering is ending when Thomas was on weight. We'd just gotten down and do that little straightaway which Butler has learned how to do from wade which is how to keep your leg way out and get that cow. Yeah we do is in the master that learn from Reggie Miller the guy on AT&T dropped they did you waved it off kind of stupid I like the same. But I always like Butler more than you guys did even get straight line is like a more than George you know I still doing it on others about it and your brother better bitterness and yes they do right now. Polio but Georgia's supply and now. Well when Odom Calvert who ducked out there in the second round our destiny of me this RSS. Playtime that was at least the first child the couple weeks that's only played three and it just that I've ever. I've never said they were gonna lose in the first on I didn't. But he does second so that the older that I didn't feel like if you like the middle of the field. At the bulls. Yeah I think about it and I don't have a don't have judges on the show Michael how he doesn't believe he says unbelievable hours box city got there now. Ginger punch. It was all part. They lie the Celtics a tough out of the game in the east. That's her up I'm going more towards getting bolder as it goes. On the east. You think about it. Kevin Love had a combined nine points in the last two games they still want. Yeah LeBron LeBron just took over at Syracuse he's just to go over it it is he's been at Brickell a once in and they knew they knew they should mean. That don't you come don't come for game four after what happened in game three yeah. About we're about 26 to two point 626. Points. Game three in the senate he's got to get excited. And you lose. It lose a case and in Georgia was a monster that night to George like 359 and six ultimately it's the it's it's on his post game Carson just man. But he just couldn't we couldn't stop it let it let but I think I think that's why we have these conversations. About top players in the league. That's why I think the playoffs is so important to figure who look guys are you watched Jimmy Butler and have more context about. Curious who what you might come only the other night we play small overtime game. Is yet so Mike Conley. It in the post season. You know put my colleagues pretty good. I'm out there today is the worst contract in the league is as good as every player in the NBA but just knowing that the week. He's a good. Clearly he actually is he's good he's good that's probably nobody ever comes up he never quite does all the podcast we do what the top twenty players and everyone got to him and you know fighting throughout. The place for Memphis and he's hurt half the time. He plays a lot though I mean does and you look over his career. Can't be just because he plays for Memphis and let's get buzz for everybody we are but. The Greek freak plays in Milwaukee. Cousins played on a couple of different teams Levine and and cousins are. On that list and I'm glad you mentioned we should well no I'm not gonna look ominous this. Or another and are uncertain about. Complete. Cousins and complete pic because you know maybe maybe DeMarcus Cousins gets into the playoffs. And any girls Knutson and teams. It definitely got enough that it gets everywhere on this is I just figure out the net like that out of Israel response. Politic a call on that there did you guys that he's done is that is that I'm not a guard again. I'm taking suggestions. So maybe if they do you DeMarcus Cousins in the playoffs. Coaches attend an area where we beat their team but not a stopped again yeah I don't know he's seven foot Carmelo Anthony except for crazier. Who markets doesn't but I don't know that yet. And I'd like to see him in a playoff series just like problems in the other thing about the way you look at Kevin Love before the gun to the playoffs. And then woody got into the playoffs before it got to the playoffs he was solved then this guy is great and implement a good team and he'd be he'd be dominant. Like them to get team's first playoff series. First playoff run in the army yanked out of socket that button and even on that theme even on it and that was charging toward a playoff yeah. You look at amid a different life. But that was the issue of some of that Chris Bosh a fact of a response actually made the playoffs on a zone. But it is very similar you know Chris Bosh his first couple years in Miami get blamed for everything numbers weren't that. He's the one to two other guys. Have the all the time and take all the shots and on the force you to shoot threes in the corner but it's going to be. A little bit different but the idea of a playoff performer is also circle backed Isiah Thomas who. After its first two years you didn't really know I did you wanna. Cut him some slack because he had players hurt around them board or that you're there at the bit they put the tabs one year and you know how much. How much weight did you wanna put on those performances. Will this year. He's been great and and he even goes in where. It may finds out about the death of his sister the day before game one. He plays in that game he's the best player on the team and that team now he hasn't been you know 35 points each and every night. Last night and he was he was there when they needed numbers unstoppable he was at in this yeah hey this. For his height we sit all time put it is really remarkable. To see him go in there and I sure he gets his shot blocked every once in awhile but not nearly as much as the probably should be a foot short of the most of those guys. These are just that a lot he's learned a lot from his two playoff failures especially that first one against Cleveland now three watched that series again. He tries to go baseline so often and gets trapped at the base tiny tent doing things not cost us all over now and passed ball at LeBron can do. He learned a lot about what retaining can't do against playoff competition. Which he can't keep making those same mistakes in the same moves baseline against the team that can trap he's learned how to adjust his game. But a big difference too from last year's he actually has guys that can shoot that so you have to defend out at the three point line for number guys. And as much as you know people exit to crop on Al Horford yet another passer in the office of he gets the body of another some really good distributor there. That does open things up Fries as. I don't Horford had a great game yesterday didn't yet it was more of or for game I'm looking forward to only have a ton of points but. Didn't rebounds when necessary. Hit a couple really good at everything up to finish just like almost every exception to game two or nobody was good. But every game at the corporates have like a five or six minutes stretch work it Belichick all star but he's he's doing every number on both ends of the floor and I don't know for you if you could count on that before the playoffs started so that's a good is that he's been better than now. I still like to see him in just a little bit more because what he can do and he's seen into limit he can beat Lopez or porous off the dribble drive. Easing sort of damned good ball and luckily was doing yesterday I thought it was doing it a lot of ball handling yesterday he could do what he was doing where he's at the top and he's dribbling around trying to figure where is gone he starts to drive in any kicks it right away he can finish more of those and ticket even further today who. Doubt about it let's assume that the Celtics win this series. Do you feel differently about their matchup against Washington or even Atlanta do you feel differently now after watching them play or you are you just is confident you can appease. Are controversial. Yeah here's you're absolutely shocked I had. Because you say assuming they win this series columnist I figured I'd go on their self assuming they win yes well. I'm evocation when the series that they they reclaimed home home court very and its best of three series against the Chicago Bulls were injured and not tiger. So they cannot affect a lot of these you know best of three and two out of three. You got it you got him and home journal so usually lost yet yet at which it went over on that. Boston sports teams are bowl per home court right now Earl for the gardens. Yeah I think I think they should be okay. I wanna see them. Go and his game on Wednesday and and win by 25 point oh we all like I'm in the lives in. Because I think what what they did yesterday. No going when he on the road and then. Chicago came back and then they took control again. So when you go when you do that at home that's when it's dispute over. That's when you know everybody is supposed to leave in the third quarter they want you knowing that the game is is wrapped up. That's about that's we don't know that the Celtics really have figured it out. They just going to are wincing in just destroy the bulls and then and then and come back and you can beat them in game six today it is applied that this series is not go to game seven. As Kevin McHale said yesterday he's got seven games your normal dosage and Kevin and I hope now. It. But it it if they don't. Ticket to game seven in a strange way. I should give them tremendous confidence. Down zip to you too bad team yeah. Then came back won four straight playoff games winning your first playoff series under Brett Steven. And because their point guard got hurt and winning four straight it that fly though I so to answer my question I am nervous more nervous about the second round that I was before I thought. Getting number one seed who's great cement the bulls and then either Washington or Atlanta and you're in replying Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals. Now I don't feel nearly as good. So what Rondo could do to the Celtics look and John Wall due to the Celtics. In Bradley peeled eggs that terrifies me that any final thoughts. The good parent that we love her pretty well at the Celtics winning this series although. Michael feels like it's going to be. Hard fought cracked. It shouldn't be resent seven or send out a lot of when 7606. Basically across the Florida went when four straight in it's his team I do and I still like the bulls do not like them. At all that well. All right while we did this to play action. I've it's just it's just like one of those things to get past the past. Did I tell you departed. Has got to be a part of our that'll do it we'll talk to you hopefully with the Celtics in the second round specialist and.