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Mustard & Johnson - Do You Consider Aaron Hernandez's Death A Tragedy? 4-22-17

Apr 22, 2017|

Mustard & Johnson are joined by Ron Borges to discuss his Aaron Hernandez piece in Rolling Stone.

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Why don't we hear yeah. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. You guys sports. Being socks packs season season. You guys Sports Radio. It is our. Burns through mustard and Johnson making way for ready and Tomas either TNT gang at eleven. Red Sox do bruised but two important wins for those rolled warriors last night Celtics. Certainly doing the job and then some in Chicago. Bruins playing out. Survive one more day at least they're coming home and certainly the home court the whole mice not exactly. Advantageous for either. Of the participants in either one of those post season play. A secret I'm more optimistic about dissolves it they've Broadway quickly congratulations to Boston cross they have a new athletic director. Martin Jim on he's 37. Very young out of out of all. Ohio State background and he's gonna be taken over the reigns there may be can Figaro. Why they can't get some top play is there a best of luck to Brad Bates he is very nice to us from England over the years so. That's a little bit of BC news for you. Bottom line last couple years in the ACC combination football and basketball how many games and went about three or four. Animators are left in the unbelievable the big east is not what the big these used to be but that was. Certainly a mistake essar I know there was finances involved. A lot of economic motivation to join the ACC but it hasn't been Hussein south African for exactly 617779. 7937. Talking some bees talk and some sees also. The Aaron Hernandez suicide from Wednesday. Your thoughts and comments and all of those subjects we begin this hour with our body from Cranston Ralph you're next on tyra. Eight gates they get it good and you know. This just arrogant in this thing you know first of all. Hoping it's tragic. But you know people talk about his family you know it's it's tragic to. Say dad. You know the way I look at it and he's a complete and look at. You know I I think it's a it's a blessing that I mean you have a little kit. Always going to be spending. The relation especially in the age is where it was exposed as having opened fire victims of murder. In a personal attack she will go should be okay. This year and he and you know when he beat someone with Leo you wrote it marry each. You know you're reflection. In ways to reach out or if he was horrible affliction that is grow at slow. Deal was this what was the reason but with emotion can go wandering normally find someone now she's young she's a tracker was gonna respect her more than this guy right there. I need to get some. She needs some counseling now she seriously. Needs some conflict when you use that word tragic what is tragic TO. Tragic if something that you look at history could've been. And it it will put a bet with him and tragedy. You know and I can't creek I can't say well why are people whose courage that's stepped indisputable. You know to be able to say why is it what you commit murder. This guy was into games at a young age. This guy really liked this this street life in an obviously actually killed well he went oh that's company. It was too dumb to understand that at this these films in the house. I thought you know it's tragic but explore creek will share he'll bat of this guy. I feel good now but I feel bad for anybody who feels is if there are no answers in life there is no hope. There is no sense that things can get better and certainly those circumstances. Are bleak to say released. But you know you everybody has. I don't know I I just think everybody has. The right to live every should. Try to find a way to get the best out of life in any shape way or form even in prison itself. It and I had this happen here's a guy reading the Bible right in each and he has that burst and it's as if you read think in regular. Well what discipline which can look at the commitment once again people another when he doesn't understand are committed another murder. Yourself. This guy we acknowledge god saying you know look I execute you for your sense especially the last one which Q so. Knowingly went to the Lloyd and so lord forgive me yeah I'm just a rotten stinking person what are the mistakes all of us make as we all think well. I'm not that bad. It got it only takes one sin to keep you wanna have and that's the pot people need to understand so it's not a question of measuring your life. Does somebody else's I find it a mystery however are with the John 316 fast fascination. And though that is that were left behind I just act Acker said he left a lot of questions. Yup but don't you think it's just me and came out that you know. This was how opal Jane light social hour Opel or baggage. There are awful lot of prisoners even in our RI is just a bit too that. You can treat children troubled children teenagers and especially in two maximum security in these guys well costs. In shackles and say you know what I committed to score and don't be like me I've regretted every ailment that couldn't. Eventually united unable to do that right now that it. Is our our way out. Right and I understand but I think what we do Ralph at times and we've been guilty of this we talked about it we inject rational thinking right into a highly irrational I acrid OJ do that yeah. How to get everything in the world we don't we we we will we put ourselves we can't help but doing this we do consciously or subconsciously. We put ourselves in that situation you have the resource is Ralph emotional. Physical psychological whatever to be able to handle that kind of situation. It's certainly obvious that Aaron Hernandez did not have those resources and I think that's the good. Psychic I can feel the track accused Syria I feel bad arrogant and used those words that emotion just don't know. Now he wasted his life I mean there's no way Iraq I'm not saying am I got to sit up there and and have a parade over him. Committing suicide a mum about it is when I am right now yeah it's a terrible waste of what quoted Ben. A tremendously productive life certainly he deserves to be imprisoned I think he was guilty for the old Lloyd murder I don't know enough about the double murder trial to save he's guilty or not. I'm not a person believes in capital punishment I think he could've found a way. Perhaps maybe that's my sadness thanks for the call Ralph. He could've found a way to make. A meaningful life even in what it appears to be the hopeless position. That is where you could had a bad ending right. I don't know how far we know the other I am fascinated as a Christian I'm fascinated about the Bible for us they said he had been reading the Bible of late. He had to have somebody explain to him when John 316 meant. And whether or not there was a thief on the prospect is that even the rotten dirty murdering thief. We went to Christ at the way is the last gasp prayer was lord remember me. In the lowest that you will be with me in paradise so it is ironic that a lot of people look down upon. This situation but we all have to get right with god and it's as simple thing of I'm uttering that prayer and saying little about my Imus and total Amherst where Kelly's standing by good morning Kelly thank Kelly. What I don't wanna both to foreign visit but I do want them then you guys for the way you're going about this. Fernandez saying I know what a lot harder take. Is that you have Rockford and help local bar committee. We're not there right alrighty. There and right all right eight yeah it is this right. I mean at the same time I understand you know people that angry and don't have a weight it would it process that's what you're doing it like it that I will say at the same time. I'm not act center and it still don't like who I didn't beautiful situation as you know lost track you let me. It is a shame and I do feel bad for anybody that is that messed up that they're gonna kill someone or kills self. But you know let you know you can't change that. But I think you put it right I think that how many of us. Would be handed an opportunity to make forty million dollars again your putting a rational I learned a lot is her rationales are slightly more but I don't personally can't do that we do that all the time person can't it's it's fruitless did you know it's not not like I think that it did you have an opportunity. To make Friday million dollars in change your whole situation around which are obviously he was not capable of doing certainly not. I think it was mine that says. I'm trying to get inside the mind of a sociopath. Which it just got so. No nobody itself I it's futile to do it and Larry said this is a mystery unsolved because we are now hot thankfully. Sociopath to psychopath cycle past. We're never gonna understand what went through Aaron Hernandez's mind at any stage of his life certainly. Not on Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock or over the last couple years so. That's that ultimately. Is very very difficult to do and I agree with the money entirely said he was at was a genius manipulate that I can manipulate. In fact the sheriff said that minute he would take his associates that many cars or buy your first name. I'm getting you out of in one of the assets I guess if you're a psychopath certainly one of the attributes is manipulation all psychopaths are highly manipulative otherwise they couldn't be successful quote unquote. Psycho passwords you have to say about the Rondo absence last night Kelly. I I think that in the same way it's ashamed that so many of the people want the higher talking all the teachers about innovative and everything else. Any not a machine in the way that they saw on the short. And it was only a few years ago when Ron Lewis summary report. The brunt of the talk about Rutgers being potentially the best point guard in the lead article was dressed actress. Although there's all this and all's well ever. I would personally that the brighter than I was at that game Mother's Day. Let me do that and I think. The reroute people though lately that points fifteen rebounds sister and that if this agreement backwards. They're part of that over the we play out in you know in the air strip there you know that the great all time. That think that. You know a couple years of just you know. And around is gonna make Rondo at personal reasons. I think it is so weird when we were told in the midst eerie it would halt same. Yes well talk about the second round and I think the first term target or that the Asian well well well meanwhile it Butler wanted to talk certainly MBA lately same logical pick up your equipment such as India every rather still another earthquake certainly apparently. Overlooked that team and justice that are so it's never won anything. I tell you why now is it. That they want to know if you go to espn.com. They have video replay. A crowd are trying to run up this. Trying to run her for just stretches or. Perry got the little stuff on the side lines seem right there are many people in life in sports that yes. There are a dilemma to you you cannot. Figure out what makes them tick you know good guy bad guy you don't and Rondo falls under that category and a guy that. A lot of people were happy to see leave they were glad to see him in the rear view mirror. Had he not been her last night they would probably have regretted that feeling because he was certainly. The reason why the bulls what went into last night's game up to nothing to winds at the garden. I'd now looks like the Celtics may have to take advantage of this the way they did. Last night tomorrow night they had to do the same thing force Chicago. Two do something they can't do without Rondo which is penetrate. I'll find players that were wide open in. Boston suddenly we're not so wide open in Chicago area they need to push the tempo got pushed the temple because what let's face when I graduate Stevens used or his bench too by the way I think different guys every piece and you gotta put him yes interest things we talked about in in post season usually a tight that rotation eight or perhaps seven. But we've Rondo out in you have an aging Dwyane Wade at age 35. Pushed the ball up the floor for once Tommy may be right. You know I I usually I come on Tommy of course you wanna run the of one run ball transition basketball's a heart and soul of the game. In this situation using ten players tiring the bulls team out who obviously have no answer at all to replace Rondo. That is the perfect strategy at this point 617779. 7937. Eddie's in the cards next us. We're pretty warning anti. It thanks guys I mean I agree with last caller or don't it. We do forget and you know to Honolulu at his peak how dominant was the Internet can clean up. Like it in so long. That I didn't think that it. At least to move you know predictable level it let. Those guys. Kind of like a raging monsoon or you put it where. They're so cool and I that you can't really predict whether it will deep into it mentally and not at all. It's really. All. It can't use it to the disaster and two doubles machine. Sort of were you act you you know kind of throwback. EE you know gone. Up I think so there's. Democratic or unable to leave that they when he used to drive to the lane and then Korolev all around his body and then report back around I mean he. You know. This and there's no comparison to Aaron Hernandez obviously are one thing is. People can be a mystery they can be complicated. And you can't always figure out what makes them tick. Believe me you and I mentioned Rondo is named last week we're previewing the series remember we around before game one and game two last Saturday. And we both fought side I think you agree with me. We didn't think it was gonna be the cakewalk. That a lot of Celtic fans believe it to be this is before he's a sister I didn't think he would be as good as he was in game nominated he was yeah sensation not know I I thought it really would come down Butler and the experience of Dwyane Wade if you remember that staff that I throughout there I think he's averaging. A weighed 23 points a game and a 166. Post season games. Without Rondo to find him on the floor. He's gonna be nowhere near that average. The rest away in this series and Celtics. I have a golden opportunity. And if they don't take advantage of it now. Then you can start to say. The Brad Stevens is not a great playoff coach. But right now they have the bulls exactly making adjustments that lineup and you got to give credit right and of course he must have been taking Europe. Your email suggestions that Gerald Green or listened to the roaring religious let me crazy because he stands on the weak side. And at the ball doesn't come over there than he just stands there he's got to you go to the weak side of nothing's happening. Moved to the middle when the ball's being released moved to the million Mike and it happened you might get Don you might get anything but. He still drives me crazy with that but what they did last night we green as they were able to open up a formal way they weren't able to it yet got a athletically they've brought a much more of a push it. Right in tee time and and they're gonna push it the rest of the way rubles. Who unless they come up with some major major adjustments. Right now look like a befuddled basketball team 617779. 7937. More your calls we talked and Ron Borges about Aaron Hernandez coming up as well we're here at 11 o'clock right here in Sports Radio WEEI. Retailer that's new American law dot com. So anxious. Now we're no room tyranny CO. You live distance when you whistle on him. Most of my leg out. Always do that throughout the game just. Gives you so deep into events on the Latin mass. As Rajon Rondo sitting obviously. Last night's game out on the side might just happen to be stretching his leg. As such a Crowder was. Trotted back on the sideline with but the strange injury you're watching it at them like it belongs to and does some. Anyway. Meanwhile we'll get back to the calls 61777979. 37 meanwhile. Let us talked oral buddy Ron Borges who course right from Boston Herald and what do very uninteresting piece for Rolling Stone it is out right now. And Ron you're right Aaron Hernandez twisted life ended with a twisted bed sheet wrapped around his neck like everything else about how we lived. Nobody saw his jail cell suicide. Comment I think overall pretty much. Shocked by what happened a couple days ago. Won't operate. It. What a sad ending to. Who bears sex life obviously. I think look there's new. However and it. And what that probably not get it world well. And won't aggregate usually the weak first app Harold. Quoted bio. Ought to turn custom model used to have them one of the big settings was born round. Don't die square. You view them in the light steady movement and I think it's gotten so hot and act kind of suits coarsely how. How did. When the story first broke. Our age you as a person. React to. He nearly a yes or yes. Why you know winners are of course violence. It would kind of complicated I can't honestly say. They had beaten. You can't make all the decisions he made. Long 11 after another option in it she wouldn't have a bit of what. The yeah a lot of choices. I bought an apartment on. And they're all bachelors so that at some photos some sort of sent and what a waste all the lies on the stand shortly but people. Quiet guy. Who has been by it won't touch I got keeping vehemently. Again. Well. Will lose the side. You couldn't changed little bit of life. But the light of a lot of other people inside and outside siblings in Indiana for outlaw. Would mark but it least. Useful against and another reminder that. Not everybody. Came. Change. Themselves their doctors about this well or well you know yeah you won't. Did you know him well. When he was on the team. Now I would say well you know articles on what to form all although it is what are really and look at the illusion that I know. If these guys obviously know if she's lucky she oral. Multiple. Problems and all of what it. Later players might. It won't actually get for what it but now the date I don't know if you did you know these guys are on the right. From the first got a lot of I'll consultant. Welcome walked since I thought I would still projecting is you can't eating well. What do you that he. Like. The yet. I know he's got a lot more on comedy gold. Some idiot. You need a locker room as they ought. All I incidents. No longer there are so alone and not. Mortal moment. I thought the Welker comment when. He as welcome to help them with the out on the cameras from the it for the film. And while animated joke when it says some of our finger at Argus south and he answered rocker in such a way that I don't think a normal person what I'm would have believed you Lochte said yes. Let. And put it gets a walk and well you come. Correctional people who have gotten no and others who won't will be. A lot of them will no doubt part of personality and people from Jerusalem. Not just a football field but it almost especially if he shall. And also we use words or that you can follow it. And he would conclude he did this in perspective. On might not necessarily need. To that conclusion. Or to react in the wake you want. But I'm not somebody else want it more optional on its home. Questionable behavior in the ball into says. That he would it kill them. Integral. Bubble bubble. On. In England and the ticket in staged a lack of emotional control and yeah. She got a lot in. And so people were one all something that might not bother you guys. Off. Here. Knock your honor our territory aperture where will tell you the truth I wouldn't you wouldn't stand up. Anybody. In just Howard is in the face of Pete Carroll refused to stand up to any of these coaches except when you came back from Vegas that time McGahee and wrapped up if you punch some reporter honorary member of that. I have a little skirmish in basketball camp years ago PGA Carla civil as well. I did. You know that most well you know. What. Apart disperse that you would associate. Almost situation. Because you. Well like like I. Got that he can't. Whatever Epoch. Durable much Tyson. Tyson and Larry can he did he Bennett Jack. Acting. Almost won't. Don't think he's he's come Jewish or not it's a very apart whatever it at all. Remember that scene in the mommy when they and the creature with come and they kept the guy and he had all these religious artifacts around his neck and he kept pulling out of the ones to see if he can relate to him. That's for some people don't you know it's funny you should mention that. Ron when you mention custom mono anybody knows boxing knows that Mike was pretty much brought up by custom mono. It his first trainer. Before he died when Mike was very young eighteen or nineteen years old. And I think of all the tragedy all the difficulty in all the adversity that Mike Tyson has. Faced in his life. Yet somehow or another who is the ultimate survivor. Eric Hernandez was unable to do that. And I think that up and hit her on the other the right there that all. I think Riddick all. You'll look in the same neighborhood there quite a somewhat or. Certain that it might be a little bit more a problem sure I'm black or not civil war you know he's got a well. Brought them epileptic and Hernandez's case key. And I've said all along. He gets out between. 1516. And an adult who never. Got out yet I. Don't ever talk to Bristol and shot which he changed. Equal equipment. Weakens. Any anger urged. Which will be next at Yankee I'd bet that. Don't know looking operation of that get. That actual point. And we'll equals. But he never for a ticket after what he's one of the actually. I'm still try and them and asking you to provide it 'cause I don't think you know either but I'm still trying to figure out the Bible. Perspective in all of this and how we started reading it Moran had John 316 a process for a head was at the last. Ditch appeal to god or just what was it. Yeah what they want that what I've come to go by and share some odd years ago at Bristol county jingle. Like it's double hung one. So it should heed his Bible look we didn't Cotchery down there for eighteen months. You know you didn't initially. Yeah. You know the Bible as old as well coached. And so hot and traditional media. Outlook but yet he. Archie told you that you saw him later in that you know what. Your doctor read that Bible the NCA. Yeah I just open it up randomly. And personally it was all about me. It. Don't want it you know what. But on the other hand. And the new world. Won't say. I played it safe but being moved at Goddard is an old it's. But some of these attitudes and seeing that John through the court why. Every at interpretations are Yugoslav while people like little. State that is not yet get ideals we know which looked at the end that told my friend asked about. You won't won't. Won't social lot of people. Who got to say that he loves. When you come up there are adept at. Aaron. You can't have it today. You know that the battle later in itself. Well we're all. It's conditional. It is it is conditional it's conditional that if you for a sentence so that the mistake that a lot of people make is they sit in the air. Video definition of normalcy and they think there were okay world centers so it is like additional appeal. That it like the thief from across who made an appeal to Jesus just before he died in Jesus and you'll be with me. Rob what was and he talked about Thomas Hodgson interest in peace he says that Hernandez was the master. Manipulator. It inside. Tell me about what it was like for Hernandez to be in prison what was his life like there. Well that's where they are on their interest income to be very huge kick them like our. Just twist any set for a spot in the medical unit. Sort of a normal cut. Suicide watch at that point. Almost primarily. He just permit yet there a couple of weeks what he told. People need to look at it from 7000 square I'll swear I'll let anybody. Little I am we need to. Keep. I depression all kind. Well at least I'll instead of that was it. Yet capital rules to allow them. In the mortgage got a lot of them more and I got killed on about the war I just think about football. We take he. He could block out the lip in whatever you want me than ever whatever it is the only ones. Even though it might be the opposite of what actually don't you let it acquired when he imparted some politics and that was pretty true to peers. Right up close likewise. In the courtroom at all on that point. Who do. Why do you think that he. Why do you think he became emotional. Why didn't want different they're the people buy is joy at that spot on all important. What you need it and it. Turkey and not a titles you'll get Saturday. We could see most awards what happened but it didn't. Care. What happened. Might well. Each one song which would perceive that global. Part of his side while Paraguay while. Yeah won't wait too old or bad fortunes around a split up and took his side and you know what to do. Did not want to do because doubt about it. We don't beat disrespect. We can expect. Into what it's sort of like taking a look at what. Issues. Like you know. He screwed up won't live groups and I'll respect it. He is not a victim imprisoned at all I think everything set light from prison as one and was series of violent incidents. He was not one of those people and it seemed as if he is as you just said he almost thrived in prison. Yeah what he eats well there you get sort of sweeping into a site etiquette you want it to gain. What you want people Q well. Dental. Bisexuality. Well. A problem. If you age so I mean the it it's. You don't get Anderson out. Age okay it'll. Sort of course well what about those particular marks its figure it out most of the time. How to protect themselves obviously eat well do you teach it how important. What would you want my little sluggish sloppy play to prove it's I thought about how he's gone for adults since it was like well you can't. It. You people to chat in a big agency saw a month but they did it also lets hope it. Can realm or the troops will. So was still is like yeah. A well certainly a double. Not a mutual locker room dish worried about this guy that guys should. So the theory okay may get misunderstood than I thought that he was doing OK. It but maybe that's just the reality of living imprisoned but how about that other component you said bisexuality was there. Any shame associated with that some people speculated that that ultimately led to his demise. While I don't machines here what I'm getting that yet so they. That I don't know that you brought all the what was going on. What you want that tee. Box. He'd be okay. When you couldn't. Load up the pot ability to. A final decision he made an appearance at 8 o'clock. Case. In which one. And it. Isn't true he gave giving away most. Eight. And things like that which she'll plots and only one other thing is you'd be kitchen actually watched. On TV guys and everything out. Everybody else. We got a problem. Mattered. To me and need to hear that means. Had eggnog while. I think that something happened that courtroom what what's most important source. Our outlook and most of the charges that yet no one else was found guilty of not. What the jets while you're. At it. After. You're. This old lords and it's got me and I'll won on appeal. Which is gonna pick up using oracle. Want. Are you won't get it took me. Led troops fired sacks. But the effect when you go to the trouble so put up or call that yes or put your motivated and alternate. And they quickly I know we got to let you go and I appreciate it is a rapper Logan of the year after the draft a we're really. Hard on how he's a Patriot Act to get a chance to draft is next week. An opinion which are at all. Yeah he would never go and open box and so far that's what it that we are on because there's no beat duke. Woman who don't check those sort of forty year old guy that laptop Ottawa. The report. And if you got a cheap it's all young against that. Which local issues. Where you. Hey listen thanks so much for your time I hope your breakfast for his courage. And out in a rookie will keep in touch Brett at brilliant piece in Rolling Stone dot com if you get a chance to Garland thanks Ron. Aboard his great piece as always Rolling Stone Aaron Hernandez. His final days must reading check in pretty much covers everything I'm Rolling Stone dot com 6177797. 937. Try to cover a few calls final seven coming problem Austin Johnson in meeker.