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Red Sox Review- Villani

Apr 16, 2017|

Chris goes over Chris Sale's 12K game with callers. He talks about the issues the Red Sox are currently facing. He also talks about missing Big Papi.

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Final hour Red Sox review Gilani would give until 10 o'clock taking your phone calls 6177797937. Text line they're 4837937. On Twitter at crystal ball Lonnie 44. Is that it's a verified as always like our can does turn. As big day for him he gets them we have verified as like to have segments on one of his late night shows. Why get to couple text masters here prop thing about Sherman in the tie games will jump back to your phone calls its steel lining up their 617779. 7937. I'm do you text is defending the idea of ties in reference think that pot sought to Rochester red wings game. 1981. It actually was Easter. Easter Saturday into Sunday can the at my understanding was they couldn't reach. The commissioner of the International League didn't. For awhile. Because he was outed nannies at church in its Easter and you just wasn't available through you know heading into the early morning hours there is they're playing inning after inning after inning after reading. It finally got hold of them. After 4 AM. And ended up finishing the game. A couple weeks later I think it was in the 33 inning and dated subpoena 32 pot Sox victory Wade Boggs tied the game in the 21. Unclear whether people were all excited about it but. The texture says that's an argument for word just any game and a tide is calling game at some point I think it's an argument the other way. Still talking about that if their pots I've played a red wings and they end up attitude to retire 11 tie after twelve. Against forgotten about a week forgotten about in three days. Now it's something that you still say remember way and it's probably the most memorable thing that's happened in. In pot Sox history that doesn't involve you know somebody that then went on to be a great Red Sox player having a great moment. It's the thing I think people outside the Red Sox the NBA's can most readily identify about the pots not only got to play Nat thirty some knitting game that time. Which is more than you get a piano 11 tie that's an argument the other way. And another thing is that the walk off home run is like one of the most excited plays in all of baseball and if you're just ended it then you might not get that. Like when I David Ortiz and Mike Napoli back to back home runs I was crazy. Right. Wacko Paul runs fantastic. Get a walk off I'll walk balk. Wild pitch ever it's still it's the most exciting part and I understand that yup every now and then. You'd gay image is bad they just drag but sometimes gets in classics. Some seventeen inning ET gaining. I've classics and once even if you're part of it even at your belly aching about it at the time they're the ones you remember I did one season. Short season play by play and men think about baseball they play every day. We Q realized aperture really rich simply here actually working in baseball and a lot of people lot written in killed to do it just wasn't for me and had a game it was Vermont lake monsters playing at the Connecticut tigers. And the next day of court at the way it always works it's a night game ball by an 11 AM day game because that's when you're gonna have the eighteen inning game. When you get the night game followed by the 11 AM day game. We get eighteen innings. College game by myself. And after about the sixteenth I was on essentially play by play guy tilt I just wanted this thing I wanted to break the pot stocks record. I want this thing to go 34 innings I want that he knew what longest professional baseball game in history let's do this. In for a dime in for a dollar. And it wasn't long after I had a pro he had that thought in the seventeenth inning or so and then Connecticut and a walk off home run and won it in the eighteenth. The free can tigers man. We're back though tell her about three hours of of a nap. And then came back to the ballpark the next day short season they've all I'll never forget that game I'll probably never remember another game that they did that summer. I'll never forget that one. Actually won the game went about fourteen innings. And that one really pissed me off because those medium bodied downtown. That'll lead downtown Burlington church street those folks have been up in that area fund on area good place to go hang out. I eighth inning don't Horry body LB down quick post game half hour. Gap and we go to the bottom of the fourteenth. The games you remember those moments you remember. Alice Williams Rochester he said man. It sank in the next day we played 32 innings of baseball we have smiles on our faces I was thankful I was a baseball player on the field that night. As time went by appreciated more. And states as they refine that quote very quickly and am helping doc I'm not one I remembered. But that's a stop your remember I just any of the tie there's something inherently un American about it. Tyree. It is not in in in the DNA of the sport and yes I know that comes back to the argument of its just the way it's always ban which the argument shall Sherman didn't wanna hear when he penned his column for the New York Post saying that. Game she ended a tie after twelve innings but that's what I got. Along with the fact that it happened so infrequently. That it seems like a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist. When you look at a sports like wrecked my diet a certain sports that do have ties to look at their rec team record BC a ties is so gross. Agreed to why didn't show up that night c'mon somebody is gonna win. And it's I ridiculous. I dimensional one day be the only memorable tie. In Major League Baseball history is in the all star game that was a disaster. Everett is real happy that night Bud Selig shrug your shoulders and what to do. At this brand new MVP award to ready give named after Ted Williams who we get details now. We had a pitchers left I don't know what the deal. Anti worked out well that night. All right 6177797. To 937. Freddie Merrill and once talked about the Red Sox pitching staff which. Allowed that to waited not tire earlier today Fred. Hi how are you. Look I'm an 85 year old Red Sox ran the lives in Maryland you're complaining about their pitching staff they have one of the best starting fives in the league. Also I hope for the best. Low. And ending American League yes and I've been so I love. You. You'd talk about port sell yourself about more wins in a net and anybody in the league next picture. He's got under sixteen wins an easy one. He's guy and in the church about one more win than he does so yeah an outpour seldom that Richie is gonna come around. Rodriguez did pick up from Baltimore. Is amazing he's gonna he's really developing. And not at all right is that as a element that the book knuckleball they're treated at a bad habit to do he's got a bit well. And you know but I am concerned about it but dot pitch in the Marita National League pitcher who rarely is not geared for the American League. It that you can be ago. You know what what are the app feature over there that with a much McCain. So you know again you talk about it catchy tepid sales is great. I agree with yet but they're even they're starting hitting is excellent. Ramirez is gonna be a good battery battery place sort taint what he's about as home runs. And you know and and that Scott played first base. Almost developed that to a pretty good moral and he's about pitcher player on the team right now Andy even and that is a pretty spring season via a lot. A lot of that he batted well they chase that we can't hurt it good the pats while we're at about 89 doubles and one home run not walk anybody on the red shots. I he's been the best of the bad lot so far but I just I don't share your confidence in this lineup long term. Marlon Marlon has been the best guy going so far there's no question about that. Out are you relying on Mitch Moreland heavily the entire season if you are. I don't know that this Red Sox lineup is gonna be what people had hoped or or thought it would be at the beginning of the season. Yeah I'm not relying on moral and that got him out I got the a great shortstop. That's starting bit. Dustin but drawers have a decency that Ramirez is gonna hit and emote you'd Betts is gonna hit and that and erupt he's going to be a good rookie and you know and that catches but I may say that to level. But not great arms and and it got a lot of runs batted an already toward game cuddle up to pretty ports start because of the flu because of injuries you've got app. Bradley back very shortly had to go to double their one expert what he meant to please don't under rate them columns say. I let lug your optimism Fred absolutely love it. Reshape the phone call love the optimism. I just I don't share when it comes to the Red Sox and this this lineup I think that's going to be talk growing all season long about they are unable to. You know really put this put this thing together consistently I think you'll be stretches where they'll be hot stretches where. They can. Win games where they're starting pitching doesn't keep a minute with quality starts. Sell. That that that will happen at points but overall. I think you're all gonna have to deal with the dry spells and you hope that one doesn't happen last year the bats went dead at the end of the season. Last few games of the year where you need one more win. To try to put yourself a spot where you're playing games one and two of the division series at home as opposed to going on the road and then they continued. To struggle in the post season I think this is in house with David Ortiz in the lineup. I think this team can be prone to those types of stretches throughout the course of the year. Now as far as sports LOI. Generally agreed I think he will be better then obviously what he showed last night. When you look at what ports LO is banned even last season when he pitched well. Though we is that he has that the product that he's with a good very good starting pitchers Cy Young award winner of the colts got a ton of run support he relied on the the Red Sox being able to help him out. And put a bunch of runs on the board. And he got from time to time this year he's back to shut everybody down as sales got that ability. Reports LO. It doesn't have that same kind of ability gaming team out and I'd say the same thing about Eduardo Rodriguez it to the same thing. About Stephen Wright and his team they mature Palmer it's not their market pitchers or can't be good pitchers. But they're gonna need more from this Red Sox lineup and they'll be stretches where eighty to keep that can carry them to be stretches where. You know they're able to. Able to do just get hot as a team and string hits together. But so far that has not been the case and I think going forward they're going to be have these stretches gonna have these situations pop up from time to time. And how well can he play through them how low can they pitched the root of I put a lot of pressure and a guy like sailed to be an ace that puts a lot of pressure on the back end of the rotation. To be able to deliver quality starts in the bullpen. To be able to. Hold on to leads when they've got. And so far it's been inconsistent it's been spotty in some of those areas but a lot of the the issue is go back to the lack of offense in the the inability to put runs on the board in. Make other teams sweat now regarded puts it puts your bullpen put starting pitchers and a spot he got to be close to perfect with just not a lot of room for error. Text like 37937. Once note there's AI Tai and Marathon Monday is tied go to the runner creative. Very creative site and see we are going with that. A couple of the techsters just delegate at the Red Sox this season. One from 774 area code this going to be a last season for David Price he's gonna try to come back and pitch and get hurt. They'll miss almost two years by the time it Diaz Tom by the time is Tommy John surgery there's no way he's an opt out of his contract. In the Red Sox are going to be stuck with him. And right next to that is a Texas has priced in a pitch on Memorial Day. If price is pitching a Memorial Day that's fine. As long as he's still pitching on the fourth of July as long as he still pitching past the all star break it's like still pitching on Labor Day. And Von. My worry is that he comes back Memorial Day and by June 5. We're reading about a surgery. And a season ending operation. I'm more in line with the with the first textured hair deceit looks added as a lot sees that the the very least the year when it comes to David Price. Stephen Boston up next on the Red Sox lineup and Jackie Bradley is currently out of said lineup he's Steve. I'm kind of responded to a lot the last call those soccer ball lineup annual lake club at all not so great that you obviously. I think what exactly marriage or your bat. You know he's got to go water that's a sensible deals in the in all of baseball. And plus they're still look good order CommVault that's. Then the ball that looked really good so offensively he's gonna win games 3121. Of those type games in. You know. As the water that's solid ink looks in a lurid console law he is. I'm with the other Red Sox defense and break the defense bailed them out a couple of points today. Yet that that five port or double play was huge in the eighth inning my question nobody's Steve is other thing Chris Sale what's starting pitchers to the Red Sox have. That you think you can consistently count on to win 322 or three of one Kenny games. You know. It's ultimately then later on at the a move Rodriguez. Long you know. We give up and who bella. Sam. They're always got this kitten he look like you know unleashed Liang currently he's still got talent there's no doubt. But yeah he's a question mark we aren't quite so you know. I don't know he might be one of those guys it's a little sit here. You know one of those crazy things like outcrop with slightly you know it'll. And make a lot of money in an I don't know that the Al Los Angeles Dodgers somebody like that is gonna become an alliance it's a daily out of that. Rodriguez 24 years old. Lotta time for this guy to continue to grow and mature. Well with with Rodriguez fell about approach there were times to receive like he checked out last season and that's obviously an issue. And that's that's the concern there. I defensively come on I'm with the with Jackie Bradley it without Jackie Bradley still get depends popular with Jackie Bradley to outstanding. Defense about the only bad intending to keep bats and Jackie Bradley junior. But which Bradley shows up offensively. Back guys Betty Jacqueline Heidi anybody in the Red Sox lineup is one of the best hitters in baseball for about five week stretch last year and then. Didn't just tapering crate. So easy when he showed you when Bradley showed you that ability. To be among the best hitters one of the better hitters the American league for a good extended stretch from more than a month. When you've seen that sort of flash from rabbit when you've seen the power from Bradley. You know that he can do what you noted that it's in the air you shouldn't necessarily except jest. The fact Bradley is going to be it'll be defensive outfielder and a liability or the very least got a huge plus offensively he should accept that. I wouldn't. We'll see what he can do we get back in this lineup when he comes back up opt disabled list but. If you feel like while they're gonna win games a different way and that's essentially what the last caller saying we're a lot of people are saying a win games a different way. Okay how. I assume you mean the manufacturer a couple of runs in and push one across what they did today win games to 2131 like the last caller said okay. Who consistently gives you the opportunity to win two or 31 games outside Chris Sale. Who in the bullpen. Outside a map Barnes who can't pitch the eighth inning every single time. Gives you comfort in the fact that the can hold onto a two to 131 lead Barnes struggled a bit today put a couple of runners on one out. So these are the kinds of things that I think will be look now at this Red Sox team. Over the course of the next several weeks I just I don't fall into the old they'll be fine when they all come back healthy camp I think they'll be better. When they get a lineup consistently together. Obviously Bradley backed they'll be better they'll be stretch of they'll be hot but. I don't know that this team is built to just wean games a different way. When you look at that and the picture in the starting rotation and also their line up 6177797937. More your phone calls coming up gets in Texas well 37937. On Twitter you'd chime in a Chris baloney 44. Red Sox are viewed till 10 o'clock Sports Radio W media. Sports hernia WEEI Gilani would you up until 10 o'clock 6177797937. I'll bet all Red Sox baseball like heavy throughout the course this one obviously but. 21 for a quick mention the Boston Bruins was watching that game sort of one eye and now one I and the Red Sox obviously is. It. You know involved with the broadcast this afternoon with that Joseph in day and Tim but. I top lots kind of a gut punch laws for the Bruins is they blow a two goal lead end up losing on Dion enough slap shot. In overtime in the senator's tie it up and auto gives the Bruins yet tease her own medicine right back. And I had all the confidence in the world based on largely nothing can they don't really know a lot about the mental make up of the Ottawa Senators plan. I had all the confidence in the world despite that. Edit they only came out today. With the type of performance they just sort of knocked Otto was. Psyche out of whack knocked them out of these series mentally put them and to all hole coming back to TD garden on Monday night. And for awhile looked like I was gonna happen you to 31 lead going into the third period. And that are Chris Weidman goal on what looked like. A mistake by Charlie Mack a boy it seemed like he was screening to grass skirt the very least which is cotton a position where I didn't wanna be. And today get a gold there and then a tie. A little bit later on on a great play by Eric Carlson. Goes from the right point. Is kind a dangling a pock bring needed into the zone in finds Broussard for for a back door goal. And the way they lasted two was unfortunate early on in overtime it was tactically. And our power play goal isn't even straight gold technically but the Bruins never got out of a penalty kill mode and it was a Deo Charl once again. Played a ton of minutes just eat in game one. Trying to huge as. Wind out the last few wind down the last few seconds of regulation. And ends up sending the puck out of you know out over the glass on the ice so we get a penalty there and a power play to start overtime and literally right after that power play and is. The senators get back goal and realistically the bees are still on their penalty kill it'll go down as an even strength goal but it really was. So I tough loss for the Bruins and how. It's more about the mental resolve the Boston the good thing for the bees is you're coming back home he got team three back at the garden on Monday night but. Folks who watched that game fired up about it one China and is willing to do that. It's 617779793. Several keep the Red Sox calls going though as well Jay in Florida. Up next on Red Sox review a jag. 08 crest. And yet John Qaeda treated five years old LeMay and what I call on everybody in order of merit. Yeah I mean and greatly trauma Aaron Hernandez trial on blogs like it's a god thank you. I. Doubt you. Are now. All the big buyer should want to get off. I anyhow armed. Don't charged man dead and I'm troubled I'm thrilled being. Right and gonna come back everybody it's great I hit a two. I did that against our current art all right how come we are. I want tribal. He. He's going to be all right governor we get them that night you were and what he did last year but we have a black out Jordan on the got a we're going to be climate let the calm and not you know. Out in the that deal would not well. Really no concern and larvae. Lawrence production and learn. He you elect a bunch of guys try to venture. You know. I and I understand I understand guys have been sick but. You still looking at a lineup that is essentially the same as it was last year with a big exception. That the big difference is being your adding Mitch Moreland into the mix you're adding up published in a while back into the mix obviously you don't have David Ortiz I just don't see any. Young Chinese or as many runs. I now I know I don't geology and law can produce anything we don't loose on the air bridge that we have big problems I really yet their actual. On. Out of while they're doing trade Auburn but it will be thank them via captured leg I mean believe that. We got. Well tantrums can't blow it. When it comes when it comes to third base senator Allen Craig's guy a reference to their when it comes at third base and there really are no other options beyond Pablo Sandoval. Santa balls the guy. Head and they they are well equipped for the idea leases and every day third baseman right now. And the concept of bubbles in a ball not working out and I got a little bit. I've got to cautious optimistic feel towards probably Santa ball against a bit more so than. What he did in spring training what he's done so far has been kind of an extension in spring training. And even sand at all the very high end he's not a dynamic force in the lineup he's got a game changing kind here area it's a big years early on so far it's Ben. I struggle for him to really get going but he did have a good spraying. I feel like he's had better swings. In in spots than his numbers have indicated. But even stand a ball is what he was with the giants towards the tail and right before he gets the contract with the Red Sox he's got. Really changing kind of force in the lineup he's at best a middle of the U ordered number six type hitter. Jack getting a ton understandable. And I'm not saying that this lineup you know people are mad Meehan for not getting on ever getting on Jackie Bradley a little better understand that but. The fact is this I don't I don't think is going to be bad. But I don't think you're going to be anywhere near where they were last season where this was the best line of the American League where they put a ton of runs on the board of the bat still went cold. At the end of the year. And that's the big fear is the bats going cold is running into that cold spell. I write at the end of the season. When that you're looking at aid. I short series elimination situation and maybe you don't have David Price and you see what the bullpen looks like there. If you had price and if he was pitching like he did the second apple last year there's no concern at all with Chris Sale that's that's clear. And you felt good about the bullpen depth. Then I might buy into this notion of okay you're gonna have stretches where you wind because the lineups Heidi yeah stretches where you win games 313 tip. I'm just I'll buy into with that make up this team the way that it is right now we have. Matt Barnes be the only guy that John barrel really seems to trust in the eighth inning. With cake I Craig Kimbrel. Unable unwilling or whatever. To get big outs in. Spot in the eighth inning in any situation where it's not bases clean in the ninth up I want up by two up by three. A regular save situation. And a lineup that just doesn't doesn't include Ortiz I think we're short tripping Ortiz to. Just kind of gloss over and say they'll be fine. They'll hit it's not blue it's you know just an issue where it. Eighty bereavement leave for a couple of guys on the DL were. Is it cold weather early in the season that kind of thing other teams are hitting in the cold weather or other teams is still producing. Now rob Bradford a good stat this morning and it changed a bit today. Because Mitch Moreland hit a home run the coming into the day there were ten players in Major League Baseball that as many home runs or more home runs in the Red Sox his team for. The the five now. And I just don't see. That dynamic changing we will hit more home runs movie that can be a power bat in the lineup. We've seen some flashes of power from Bradley by. There is real real great power back here I just don't think Hanley Ramirez to get even at his best. 35 home run kinda guy. Don't necessarily need him to beat but you're projecting in order to get to the point where the Red Sox offense is good enough to carry a team that. Does it have David Price may be at all. And has some inconsistency behind Chris Sale and has some lack of depth issues at the back into the bullpen. You're projecting. Several different players. At a high end of what they can accomplish maybe that happens if it does you've probably got a 93 win team to get an elite champion get to the post season and a tear up man let's golf. But there's a lot of babies there there's a lot of projection is a lot of guys they. I have to you either live up to what they did last season exceed what they did last year that are have mounted a massive bounce backs and the obvious one there's Pablo Sandoval. One giving a little bit more. Rope to be still hitting less of 150 early on and sees it in good swings only get so far eventually getting it's hits. And do his credit he did well spring training and it seemed like he might carry that into the regular season but. So far and are great from Sandoval nice double play that an act. Pablo is massive ounce bag isn't that agrees there have been a great regular season batters that's a set yet even with the giants. Is bring the post season. Do you a couple of years early on laureate yet to big years by. They hit the high and percent of all is. And fifteen home runs somewhere there. An 800 OPS guys at best maybe probably more likely in the seven hundreds in. On 270 to eighty hitter indeed sign for that at this point got nothing from him last year and yet no one else. That that's the big thing yet. No one else behind Pablo Sandoval. Steve also is like no personality. Like who's like to my big poppy was the big personality and the big bad. Who's the big personality and and Taylor. And Taylor Ben Taylor's beard get that guy back up at the majors. That is the answer I'm not sure what question in the when you just got to about personality I don't think I've ever heard him speak. But I think this guy could be a personality. The beard like bad has got to be enemies without a Pataki beard no offense or friends in Rhode Island without applause Sox beard. I do it had to happen up here I can't think of a bad player and has amazing beer it's. Right and it's its side has why would you want to blend in as much as possible at gonna suck it up. You don't wanna have us and got it is easy to public going in and hit 125 or have a like a seven ERA coming out of the bullpen that's that's that's a great luck. If you want to BA personality kinda guy. You gotta have some kind of game to back it up otherwise just look like an eighty. Sell. I think that's fair. If there's not a Ben Taylor's appeared Twitter account I expect her to be won by the end of the night needed Gilford of follow me on Twitter. And Chris aligning 44 Riley a one more segment ago we can squeeze in a few more calls and text if you like. 6177797937. I'm with you till tenets red sock your view Sports Radio WEEI. Couple minutes left you are Red Sox review. Brooke the microphone. Good that we. When high priced equipment in this new us studio. The microphone can't stay opera. This year it happens sometimes. Happens sometimes at the best of us is microphones get older you know. Can't perform like they used to but he added there. Of aligning with you for a couple more minutes here 6177797937. Text line is 37937. Wanna give you those sand. Let's see one near I agree I began agree more with with you the may. I do like the teams are missing something I don't know its personality. But something is missing. I can deal the lack of personality if they win 2017 not remember to grab a lot of personality though they did have many Ramirez in the lineup so. There's some personality there but at team is just a machine and they want tight and deal with that I. I do understand what you're getting after having David Ortiz for so many years it was also in the 2007 team obviously may be a little personality there. Not prepared 2004. And not appear to 2013 either. By. And at the same time just is produced just when you'd be a boring winning machine I'm fine with that. Another text here the op and scares me in the gore teases absence would be this noticeable when I did. At aids just. And believe in Tikrit Ortiz that's holiday is it's not as much getting on the guys that are. Still making up that Red Sox lineup as it is just a credit to David Ortiz. This guy is going to Cooperstown he should be going to Cooperstown. Per reason. Use the most important here in the best hitter in the Red Sox lineup year after year as he got up into his thirties including at age forty. To the point where you really started wondering is he and it actually retire. I come back after the season he had last year to putting together at an MVP caliber campaign where his game's getting kicked around for that awarded forty years old. You can't just replace a guy like that. You can't just say well you win a different way year yields scrape it together with some other guys it's not that they can't win it's not that they can't. IBM (WSJ) playoff team be successful team compete for a pennant the American League. They challenged the degree of difficulty is increased dramatically. Without Ortiz. And an I don't think the texture is in the minority. In the sense that a lot of people that are our t.'s is gone but it's okay. You just figure it out. Maybe they will alarm rumble when I'm saying is it's just not that easy. Yes it's just not that easy in Texas that that they were just chug right along now. One of the reasons they chug Phil well the past is because they had Ortiz and ally. And they don't it's now it's on the get a deal with going for as far as tomorrow Easter Sunday edition Red Sox baseball. Her pom rants is gonna get the ball TV can follow up what he did it against Baltimore. And I was a very encouraging for starting preponderance. That's one outing but if we're overreacting to some of the negatives that we're seeing. Your callers that weren't mad at myself I've bald that while worry a little bit about reports cell with a rough night last night even ran on Wednesday. That he take got to go the other way Richard Palmer in six innings one earned runs four hits. Operate strings a couple of those together he got something here. Any doesn't have to be and we know this is not been yearly that effective going forward. But as it into the rotation guy is adept option. You least want consistency out again you want innings in quality innings in idea at least Gaby dapper one start. So Bob Grant gets the ball tomorrow. Alex Cobb is gonna get the ball for temple of the coverage at 1250. The pregame show and then Tim and Jill of the call are around 135 Easter Sunday. To get your east. Or brunch in the ran 11 o'clock or so you wrap that operate before pregame of fission effective brunch less than an hour and a half that's how I would do it. And then you rate for Red Sox baseball and I'll place this Sunday go to Easter meal. I'm gonna stick out to Marcel bright at stake. Do you think Bradford is gonna have ham accused of Aaron Henry and I don't know Bradford is could have ham on. I think you might have some him I think the big difference though between the Brad owe him tomorrow and Brad told him from the other night is. With these BMW bear he probably will be forced to use utensils. He probably will have to actually get a fork and a knife and cut it. And not just be an animal gnawing on him. Like he was crawling through a desert somewhere starving in just happened upon this waste him from whole foods and said are you re go. I have no utensils that to do it like he manages not it. Brad fell one and what an animal we appreciate him joining us the last hour. He'll be on tomorrow morning. With Evan to relics the B a lot of shouting their be sure to tune in 9 o'clock you'd find me on Twitter act Chris Maloney 44 appreciate the ball calls in the text tonight. Have a fantastic Saturday in a great Easter Sunday as well enjoy some time. With friends and family hopefully end older Red Sox baseball tomorrow afternoon I'll talk to you than have a good night.