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Bruins back in the playoffs and a ton of people are picking them to beat the Senators in round one

Apr 13, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the Bruins return to post-season hockey, and how the B's are the surprising favorites in this series.

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A lot of reasons all of which you rejected. Course this is the same guy I might add across the table from me now you would him who said. Group pom rants with the last four and two thirds innings last I looked at that vote yes we will north last night that Iron Man. The bomber. Rejected. Your reasons yeah I think every check that yes you do it instead. Ottawa and why did you fat just because I think at Ottawa in five does that mean are rejecting your thought process rejected your read and yet all you can make up yet fairy. Good at it for me yet solid. Statistical evidence cheap in Austin to try to not taught that. That outlook with a regular. It they don't market. IPad and but I considered. It all on his way to making the Ottawa in five pretty I came in hot but that it comes that you Ottawa five you know couple a couple of days and I've made it. I get that. Maybe I'll you know I pulled it. We know that you will that's it I've done without a it's not the app is not binding statements aren't the ones went tonight you know not legally. The bros now lives in the Bruins. And missing prior run I do wanna. Say this you did have some support. Last night talking with talking with him on. Who first what was raving about. Charlie back. You guy yet Charlie Mack what do you guys and maybe those terriers stick to Obi who love at all or he was just going on and on about hostility is tough kid in the east in east. But he took the regular season does not matter. Between the senators and early it not matter. What I was trying to say yesterday now Tony Monty says that your bio it says it. Quietly. If you haven't acted like a lot I don't either I consider what. Yeah Ottawa yeah. Yeah of I I underside. It's all other teams were they in November or that there were all with clone but it is the cap to them twice within less than a month ago. So I feel like it's it's not a very good matchup high earners in Dale's. Napster yesterday about now on the senators are the only the only negative goal differential. Scored fewer goals in the Bruins they've given up more goals look at all that Tuesday. The broader the better team but the match up. There's an app so awkward about it is the seven game series and they want all four games. And at that point yesterday take a Torre was very successful. In those four games at four points at six goals by the way. Against the senators. This year and four game practice period one even strength goal in five power play goals. And again to recruit a big part of that he's out maybe Mac what you pick up that slack we Carolina at ease these are two wild card. Tom McKnight I bill which you know dale in him Monday night the opening via the newspaper and on today did there the playoff preview story. And it picked bruins' six. The newspaper Ottawa today that we provide our republic senators and errors at the Bruins are senator. But the only one whose home does know what is asked from his noble all of our. Gotham for. Feelings right now you know what was going on and I. Do. Virtually every one but the most recent is cartman and of course I would worry all of the home or work for NASA and what else disease in that he may. Be news sports. On. You make it. A great record here I'll be a homer a patent. Oak yours ago well Mike Gorman rate. While there while. Ago with the earth. And went way. I. Topless or great great what it is that the home opener IA. Got it you don't have. I got it under and keep it up so that that a more reasonable law or they were already at liberty to. Pick it. Your own orbit. Anything as I said yesterday it's talk more child Joakim and not had reasons to job I don't that reason I wanted to throw it out there but. Now what message does not make you do not not this pick a missing hope NASA doesn't get the point. Where you start on the team week I have never you know god emperor ever said yeah I mean in my life does that. We are locked out of order. Reject. Him when he ultimately. Wayne you're on its. Numbers European. We're. You're in. And we. Went there. I don't pepper or about 2000. Although I don't think Gary Peterson is that we year. In Iowa and nickel our org forty authorities able to go out to. And that there if you don't you you know the right to do they bury what this game well we are different. Are prepared to go to great job I. It. It's when these guys that are either don't let you know what that looked as if they don't mind. Broadcast all project home court. I want you know I want I want it now as a fan. That you want in the I like that I'm totally OK with it. Or I don't like that we that we. One every every probably every edit six I got a heck of a game we got a quick witness we're doing what else we got ahead on. I don't find myself watching sporting events rooting against Michael hot. It. Doesn't get do you ration out the door is an odd at. All. And a. And had a fifty point. Because now we need to tap out here we need to come on drew out replica. This admittedly acknowledge that on Twitter last night the fact. That Michael and Twitter verse the law acted with tweeting about you sit there protecting your Christian pastors to particular drinkers out of one couple and I. Got to the island at cycle again a coincides. Doctor drew primary where that came from last night it was. An eight. 04 arms and light throwing 86 but the form the form he miraculously. Healed. The oath Aries your verdict it was ten with the idea that attend the impression that date back. I was listening to bloomer Loney earlier today help protect your little is that they say we by the patent. Yeah but he could buddy Collette and I was close until today and he was talking about Palmer and last year. And he said you know people who look at Palmer and since September. I just wanna ignore what he was in August you know that and you look at the innings jump for him. You're expected he was gonna he was gonna burn out and he did in September he went from like you know seventy innings to a 150 innings. And and you're shocked that all of a sudden in September there's no gas left in the tank. Lou loves this guy and and he I think he's with me. I'm like Michael and knew who didn't want them browse to give them back to the. He went on what I liked our blog about it parade I'm go operate at that beat you will be. And you'll be your third best are this year. Because I don't think David prices really be our third and Garnett out there. There Michael in hourly I would go forth first of our. Stars in our hourly. Droop armor I think you're I think he's got that ability the question is. If it's going to be the first year yet to order is going to be guys got. There in the bullpen in years past he's Altima on you know injuries in the past it's going to be able to grow. Two and a great start but that you know. There's a long way to go but I think he yet yet it's dollar meet with her all colon and eat it strike guys out so I'd like emirate that he can be pretty good this year. They got to get maybe the best core. Not just here but in the minors to get the best catching courting Major League Baseball other Russian I made it EU debt amount you've got to AAA and lakes why hearts ripped the ball up and and the guy they drafted in 2015. Is it like 333. In the fire to categorize I don't know I had cancer and guardians now I mean how old I don't know if we're gonna keep him there back. At Vasquez Velasquez is giving them last night wore it for her hand I was what five for five on the season and I've really had given up on him it and they give up on him as a hitter that ever really expected him to be much better. Always thought he was supposed to be the defensive guy and defensively last year not so great. And so he lost his job. To use a sandy Leo so what got him as just a guy who is. Every now and then ten mailed them needed day off and the the baskets in the area operatives screw things up too much but. He's a pretty good at the plate greatly last night. May look many job they look good meaning they ought to get up on top line and their Clinton there written. And by the way in addition the fact that there there and everything that's thrown to them. They're also throwing at every base under the tries to run against them on this Red Sox team date they throw everybody. Your kids and he's got to that two. I mean Sandy's. And their four or four and it caught stealing their four for four this year and Red Sox catchers. Roger apparel might try to block and IQQ you mentioned. That the manager of the of the opposing team. Be Buck Showalter got he hates the red sock he does not I mean it is not I thought hatred and eight. It's an opportunity. Lowery the only team in the flu they just announce it to everybody what would happen to Red Sox. The Red Sox today you know debated in the available alive and keep Brett available. What's going on upper body injury and I'm not to say you know we just I would Willard different look or. Other ill. Leave it that the fact is that the Boston Red Sox have. Probably the biggest press corps. In the country I think that's fair in the between the Red Sox and the Yankees yeah yeah it's pretty massive press court. Traveling with the Red Sox and home with the Red Sox now many years ago. I think act. On the road maybe as the home of homes that. The John played average ugly if your partner Andrea Texas now angry Texas Rangers are still angry at me as yet no time it is just miserable. Donna had a ball and I idolize them and I thought I'd hear the shining. Eight bullets hit game it's my island yacht IPO Red Sox and I can build up on all of us were there to screw up his dad a he's in the job that I states. Or so. Our job like it was that years ago that. I think the home press corps for the Red Sox. Outnumbered the white house press. I didn't make it bigger deal that argument that except. That may have in the previous administrative and after Iowa numbers put. Lot of people manage to do so he just can't. It's not like they're going out of there when it comes to the patriots thing out real well we'll talk about injuries and now we'll update you when there's an affirmation to what went. Next Wednesday. But it doesn't work like that baseball access. Is a little different and in baseball it is an NFL guys around all the time. So he's also do it in my view. Then you'll you'll get an annual developer and Elijah I thought I'd get it people get the blow like this. About the vote. But really comes down to is Buck Showalter. And cool he he'd take that little guy approach with little guy. Red Sox and a bunch of money they can name that the game they did and I like the well. That happened one year as they start by not did you ever to McKee that's terrible like your high. Nick Harper it's called out. It gets called out he did last year did. Oh well I could not go check it out okay but the best pitcher baseball got him caught a lecture the stupid move so bad really really them now yet people. With the best managers in baseball too old along with dignity as a wise yeah. He's up there seem just kick the ball around ethnic like out there in the field sloppy. Usually if your team plays like that port fundamental baseball what do we do in all sports look at the manager slash echoed. These guys or what you don't. The Red Sox got all cut the crap that are about a few years ago they they forgot how many outs there or whether to drop all the there's a whole relative lack of evoke. And you ready coming out of spring training but now best manager based but I do like the hatred I'd like part of it there's little bit of load trying to get a rivalry going in and there's not enough of that in any of the four major sports thought I like natural Walter brings that now Baltimore need to get rid of him. Hired other guy McEnroe in the World Series based off of jolt of previous track record that's the other treatment. Now they take it up to the next level once he leaves a little bit of a micro manager. And wears people down that Arizona when a World Series the Yankees well in order. But the Yankees they would or the fact. That if you become the team of the decade let Kelly yeah yeah out at the first when he says that means a lot. And it what it. Yes there's there's been a winning there. The Dow backs fronts the rate is the original thing that a group. So we're here at Fenway Park as we are when the Red Sox are home on Wednesday and John Ferrell will join us just a few minutes. And I will tell you that outside our window right now with helical out of the house of blues it's raining. Supposed to rain a fair chunk in the afternoon and then erratic year hopefully around 6 o'clock. Let's hope so yes because remember the issues your pitcher has. But it's a little moist outside now Steven Wright is your scheduled starting pitcher tonight. Overcome panties off Wednesday June you don't believe that now and last it was a learning experience for him. That's I think we'll. You know what John Kerry was pretty adamant last year about past and a lot. It's going to be humid sometimes it's gonna rain sometimes okay that's that's one thing that's a legitimate question for John Ferro I heard across over here for the dale was ready for re not trying to and I technical technical difficulties. A live sports review WB yeah ideal is already ago and he was ready to defend. His position that the favorite in this series where the series I know it it's critical way on the limb but I think the favorite theory is gonna win this series and I'm going for the underdog contrary and that delicate art shows keep. Her during the crops we couldn't talk but we can hear. They like you go and want you'd ask John Farrell. Why. Craig Kimbrel was available in five to one. Yeah I aftermath. That's about Kimbrel I'm curious go back go back to Friday. On some comments that it needed each Kimberly yeah are they bring comment that that's often about that but yeah 51 usually need to protect that lead them. With the situation. And these guys there. That's I think that's mr. Yeah but he I don't ask them ball yeah. And then for them back you know. Here yet goals are big issue here and all I know that you have been there forever a lot of us dispatch now you just a factor is what. Say why guy. Guys today. Strap. You know I don't I I'm not gonna and I and I and I didn't end in two. What the human body. I've argument and I mean I don't normally have to strap and don't have to. You don't come equipped don't have. But right now there's no velcro involved and it is as if it. Did it. They're a part of it but wait how outlawed it athletic department of odd couple. Or is it part luckily that might it work I hit occupy. Just a rear its they wonder why that's the phrase yeah. What more would you say things got the got to admit it Tony I think I think what they're doing theirs they're implying. That you don't. And that you're their Fort Meade to acquire them instantly. If that they'll edit what this whole conversation yes I don't know that alternate ultimately hoping it's yeah it can be nearly as good as the entire interview with which grossed back which with one question after the other and not gonna talk about that. I appreciate the question but I'm not gonna talk about it. And accurate account but I'm probably similar to grow appear and you have to have impairment. Got to go well I don't know about obviously but I'd like to think it you know it's a very. It's a very ark I trust me and what it means but I just if you if you think about it it's a very archaic way of looking at. Man well the outlook RK a Greek myth about it there you go back to Italy early on its opening. The Greek god domestically yeah. Exactly. Related topic please. This relative yet. Odd John Ferrell will join us in just few minutes and guys you guys know part of our John Ferrell conversation every week is the Cumberland farms question of the week. So you get an opportunity to go to WEEI dot com slash clubhouse. If we choose your question. Well not today because the party chose in today's question that we each mister question going forward. You'll be ended when a big prize Cumberland farms poppy in the clubhouse with gusts and the manager. Courtesy of Cumberland farms so we will have lake Cumberland farms question area of the week for John Ferrell but. Have our own to. Because we're gonna strap on a pair he's gonna join us in just a couple of minutes. We're live at Fenway Park on Wednesday as we normally are when their home it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB yeah. Howard number two Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI this hour of the program brought to you by. AT and team we are down here at Fenway Park as we always are when the Red Sox are home on Wednesday. But obviously there are other sports that we can talk about. As we go along today as well as we mentioned last hour Celtics can clinch the first overall seed in the Eastern Conference. With a win tonight Torre Cleveland lost the two under with a rightly want one when the game they're at home at at the garden. Bruins have their first playoff game and 1085. Days a who's that may fourteenth 2014. Was when they lost game seven against the Montreal Canadians. And that was the last time they stepped on playoff ice. It's been a long haul they get an opportunity to step back on playoff byes tonight. In law. Against the the Ottawa Senators. It will be Tuukka Rask against Greg Anderson in the goaltending matchup and by the way I'm David great she did practice today expected to play. Dominic Moore did practice today. Charlie Mack of boy according to coach Bruce Cassidy will start the game paired alongside Kevin Miller. But he said but that could change very quickly like that next time like this second checked it. So what what's the tradeoff the European Union in terms of percentages. And dispute that way our number that is something. Hollywood and Hollywood it you who and what is suiting my argument what is going against me that's that. Let's get that number does it feel it. The numbers are pretty good point yeah. Do you really do honor Arturo but let's say. To recruit in Carlo together to make a 100% what. Does it. So no no group no Carlo. And you replace. Those guys that day act of quarry and Colin Miller is back in the column Colin Miller as the guy who didn't play the last game and has been. We go from 100 tool. I I can't even in our government got a question got a wild got a piano in the audience. I mean unbelievable. This is the first time you can't tell I don't I don't in nineteen UA percent if John you're projecting where talk like a ridiculous yeah I project for which it's being called your numbers do you think about 44. That they are accurate that that report for. And we all sorts of exercise but it's sometimes Wednesday. Before that players throughout the history the port that's playoff games okay good yeah any time. We are. Because general manager you have to come he hated and you're like yeah hello I hate the projection like. Making up for the sake of of saying something on the radio all of this they'll be 78% of what to what Brooke how what I know pat I still says that. As a steak Charlie and hackable I would ask about it right now Charlie out Aegean anyway when the president of team operations. Strategy and what's like your copy my thanks to the president to operate yes with GM responsibility a responsibility I wanted just a damn but nothing like candidly. On the GM what is well we're not going well. Pay a drug dog I doubt that done. Vision Charlie Mack of boy is the first player in the National Hockey League to make his NHL debut in the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1988. He will be the eighth row when in history to make is NHL debut in the play. But he's the first player since 88. To make is NHL debut in the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs how can a project but that's gonna look like how the other guys the press cover up this. Yeah I think that. -- it brought back the start of during the day of the plan providers howdy DO what matters of those guys how many minutes. I outlet. That I'll I'll I'll play your game like I've no idea what you take you guys one guy who was great rule let the team in power play assess the toward group yes he did he did he it is that's not maybe he added that he believes that is best offensive sees as a EO. And the take him out. You'll take a Carlo rule like any young guy like that the ups and downs and what night you watched him with the best at times that all over the guy. So let's say. 80% is sort of best yet right out of the 80%. Get it probably your best it probably has a best case scenario because you've you've lost Tori crew and maybe what you lose from him offensively. And I don't know what. I don't know back a ways can be defensively that maybe you make it up defensively and act which got more stuff. It's we know that a boy does I think is very similar to crew in terms of offensive skill set. He is an offensive defense except he's just a little bigger these bigger and they're well in the bigger and and you know heavier stronger yeah. But but he is an offensive defenseman I mean he is it a guy who. At Boston university and when he was playing for the US in the world juniors like going to the net. Scored that double overtime goal in the NCAA playoffs when he was two feet away from the net when he came barreling in from the point and tipped on the winner. Well in so if they had if there hadn't been an injury he wouldn't be here. Yes that's that's I think that's fascinating and security of our Whitney Houston can't really said that didn't want to whether his last interview. Prior to work group getting hurt so this guy that it wasn't their plan run up or in the first. Europe his entry level but if he's really good that we all ought to believe that he is. You know the expectations are pretty high for him. Why why wouldn't you you're here in the playoffs now in these on your second pairing. Find EU EU could definitely use added depth there. With defense I don't know why you wouldn't do that and now all of our guys' hearts and how he's immediately upon our first first Paris. That's that's quite a weakness and I'll I'll say this from the bruins' perspective if you are going to burn the first year of Charlie Mack voice entry level deal. And they are yeah. Don't stick them on the third defense pair playmate minutes a game if you're gonna do that just bring Joseph moral as a figure machine idea treatment it's nine minutes. Don't do that and and and it doesn't appear that's what the don't go to plan the first power play out. He's gonna start the game with Kevin Millar I think he's gonna play a fair chunk of the night alongside Zdeno Chara. If you're gonna do what. The idea yeah I'm William now. I can't wait to see now Amezaga to rate and an art I've gone like a duke can can you guys are accurate I. The kid did to wrap it all of those so I have. Already. Got him on some level got him and it's a great player. And I got a great prospect of a gray area and a month last I did that help me now in hell. Because he was like well I am having about. Is it. It. Well. Right now yeah right now. Ought to wait in Italy in okay Eric. The last question yet at this guy's a great. Why why reroute them to aides go before and all it makes total sense to do. Yeah I'll be well there ought not to Tuesday he wishes that the relative played him. Won at least one regular season game before making his debut before he made history be the first. This article Al game constantly update that. First debated wanna have to use them dated wanna have to burn in the first year. Right now clearly because if if the plan was you know regardless of injury were to have this guy play at our team you would relate on Saturday. What he would abortive play. The other guy they drafted. And it was defensemen to when they when they traded ducky in monetary ducky. They got those picks they wanted to move up at three picks and it was a 14151613. Dead and thirteen 14% of the land and if it's amazing that Charlie back where it was number fourteen last year. Number fourteen pick last year is already. Had started ready to go and a couple of years ago are any of those guys full. The the problem is. Those kids would have to be to go from junior right to the NHL in in Charlie's case they could send him to the American League. Out of college with. The other clubs and couldn't bring him right I I didn't let it unless they thought on how close it out like him outlaws acts a nation is probably got a pretty good chance of making this team next year. I mean from from Mecca pretend I've seen him play this year haven't I just know what I've read about Michael money tonight erectile departed jobs in the got like 45. And now and what everybody is told me is that you know there's the chance the other guy is to rusk who's in Providence right now. Has had a great second half of the season and back some folks thought that he would get a call appear late in the season. He may be here next year's future's bright. Like everybody except apple when I told Michael that he automatically. Viewed it and now what I like Erik is as young guys you don't like I don't. I like the young guys like electric trains running here like two trains running yeah like the the big club to be doing well competing for championships and when when when guys start Q start to fade. I'd like to go to go to the other miners and bring somebody who's ready to go so it looks like it's perfect. And so the Bruins right now the fact they made the playoffs yet everybody's happy and using young guys that you can't another audio pop making his debut to opt your popcorn vacation it's. This is this is great. But I I am I am interested to see how the Bruins just back aboard the number one for me. How Mac pointless number two. Is. I keep hearing about. This 13 wine and Ottawa and keep on what we want you see a lot of it at a Tampa two yeah I wanna see how the Bruins countered because everybody as you pointed out tail all you know hockey media. People work for NASA people who don't work Burnett and all or most of saying that the senator's own theories Ottawa newspaper's editors theory it's. Okay they are fed those bad credit to motivate everybody else everybody's picked the Bruins. But it still have been hurt that bills that magic phrase of how to deal with this. 131. If that's the problem maybe the problem maybe he's the Ottawa Edmonton and that sometimes people at number. In hockey and life and accurate. Deep as yet been sometimes they just have yard number there's some regular now yet. Welcome breath I. An incredible there are. I'm not know when I'm let's let's get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. The text line if you like is 37937. Johns in East Boston John Europe first here on Sports Radio Daylon Hollywood keep. Guys are right up are you all venture to guess that at the world. Junior hockey championships and all the dramatics that now that we probably wouldn't be looking at back or ethnic gap pretty much demand on everybody's radar screen. Yeah but I disagree with the and most people thought he was a one and done a deal. OK so that that's fine to disagree with that but now the big stage that was in Montreal I was in in Canada. He didn't shrink do you handle that so. Again I don't think this is that the debate forum. I think it try to put an over under on playing time and I. I don't doubt the second question and that's how many partly as a group and yet because I think that's the only time against him quiet on the Arafat. Only gonna buy power play. I disagree with the yeah I I I I disagree with the I just don't think it if you're gonna do that condone and put him in uniform yet because why why make the rest of your defensemen gold you know five deep on on the defense corps so that you can you know put Charlie out there in the two or three power plays he might out. If it. Yes absolutely I would. Bert for a couple of reasons 11. Of all he's the right shot and they desperately need right shot defenseman jars the last secondly. If I'm the Ottawa Senators I'm probably gonna test and tonight where you know he's he's a he's a kid just out of college making his NHL debut in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rough him up just a little bit you know maybe I'll push around a little bit see how it responds. He's he's a pretty solid kid with a big hitter in college but you know you played against the men now yeah playing against boys. Well who better to protect Charlie Mack avoid the nets six foot nine inch behemoth. Who'll make sure that liberties are taken with them I I would absolutely stick him with with Zdeno Chara and I'm not saying play in 25 minutes a night like chart is probably gonna do. You'd its bottom and you know you let other guys take shifts with charm but most of the night that's where I'd have Charlie Mack the point tonight. About a idea before it is they wouldn't say. Do you think that listening to you in in considering your opinion means that I have to agree with everything you say. I can't really work I don't think what you thought on earlier thought you'd use him not listening to use. Reject most of what I projected pretty necklace I'm listening in on him. I'm letting it all thinking about us and that detailed knowledge at Ole. Yes yes yes I Jeff Gordon jumped all over again. So with that being said. It is unlikely that somebody would wrap up Shirley Mac board because the player. They're not gonna do dumb and I think might penalty but there yeah but they're gonna they're gonna hit on the other things that tells all you think that over the I don't know they'll generally speaking you don't see a lot of fights in the plan are you don't see a lot of it's it your dumb if you do it and by the way. It's to the bruins' advantage of if Ottawa does that the Bruins have a decidedly better power play than them and a very good power play against Ottawa this year so going to dole it. But that doesn't mean your not gonna push around like it budgets beard but I probably might get after. Now speaking at the airport things on the important wow what's the personal lord and goes and one I'm not gonna ask of literature department is because our party did it it's going to leaving it to accompany my L got up and I'll do about it when I don't go out over this that's one. How how Charlie back to what you tonight so we don't know that that's number one guy that's an ability. To play he's gonna play mine Charlie I'm not gonna pretend that it which one of two goals and an assist them occupy that that our number number two thing but for no other not the number. Our but it's okay. I don't wanna forget it again and have a pen right now as though I can't write got to get sick of holding up I figured I literally didn't shy of one art. Number Q. Coaching match. Coaching matchup. Negotiate vs Bruce Cassidy because sided advantage experience wise for pollution and Andy gets any at last change home ice he gets did he gets to decide the match ups we've got one we know what he's known for. What he's known for stand on the ice wore an existing what is Cassidy known for we don't know that yet dog don't we deal up temple gap up tempo which is gonna be hard to do against this team and and the other thing is we don't know how he will counter with deep which for the hot account of the wondering. That's okay that's something out for number three you mentioned spare key. Brad marsh and yet this is it is a huge point Brad marsh in other Brad marsh and respond to his two game suspension. As he bounced back if he himself is he doing his thing what is what's on our martian in my guest. And only gas it is that he's got to be rested and in full of (%expletive) and vinegar in and end reverend ago. And probably trying to make up a little bit twist teammates I would think so the two games that he missed. And in and number four just as if I was up four fingers back and forth even hardly speak yeah just like I would be a dummy not to listen to Dale Arnold. Talking about hopping hockey. I would be a dummy not to consider. If isolate that patently comic and I'll be honest regardless of it is a totally fine and up. Outlook this. Former former globe columnist. Well thank god and brilliant. Lima. Lima used to say okay. You're going to use right about now. Optical. Right back. All at the right and she is always gonna. Don't lock in the sport I'd step right yeah optical and result in my job and I think the Bruins had the advantage Natal that went out what is the because Tuukka grass. Is first of all he's my brother. But he isn't under appreciated brother here and Boston especially when it comes to the playoffs. You know he's got a way to go never lead this team to victory he's had some great playoff series. In his career but. He's got his name on the cup after yup Tim Thomas not all by himself leading his own team so to speak. So let's see what Tuukka Rask that's against great games. 6177797937. Is telephone number would get a check Arctic air Czech goaltender were Rask coaching coaching. Probably Boucher. I I give him the advantage as I said two things one he's more experienced and been Cassidy and two he's got home ice advantage. He's got the opportunity to kind of set that the line that match ups. For the most part I mean you can shuffle away from those as best you can but he has the advantage on home ice I give Boucher that the check. Are there oh month go to today. That they'd have to get through the good today just get a little bit don't go the Charlie Murphy. All right that yeah yeah I'll take an old fan day. And it hasn't aisles and aisles and cinemanow and you know there are other one actor yeah. But that's bought the ring whenever Jimmer out into. A letter wrap. And legends. Back to be called stint in Chicopee alienate. They are actually on an amount which do what you said likely came up in the thirteenth brought this sort of distraction. Mark mark but Matt Bart cow ski also yeah. And I don't remember the others Burke costs improve you know they with a two goes through I don't remember a third one. I didn't I. But it'll get old unfortunate kids. Yup he get. Now he had played in the American Hockey League now of the difference you know he would he'd he had some professional experience at the HL level. McIlroy just had what four games I think. It is number one want to remember a ball I'm Alex or all hang up that's that was enjoys JD came up to secure much in the regular season and that is that I'm. Look at. I know what's unusual and as we said this is the first time in the NHL player is making his NHL debut in the first game of the game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1988. But it has happened he's the eight bro went to make his NHL debut in the playoffs so what's happened yeah. Doesn't happen a lot. I mean I I do think in that regard the Bruins are better off but they are on the road. Yeah he might I get the match up that that Bruce Cassidy I would prefer. But it takes some of the spotlight and you know some of the pressure get out of town get up there they're gonna stay obviously in Ottawa between now and Saturday. More time depth to practice with this team be released teammates get to know guys they get to know him. In that regard I think the Bruins kept a bit of a break than their that their opening a series on the road. About going back to your question about who's better or or what's the gap between. Recruiting Carlo and McIlroy but let's say column know what's what's the gap there out to say even the Bruins team. Right now to recruit the better player that Charlie Mac Voight and if you disagree with that you disagree with the Bruins because that they thought it was better they would have him up there and you can bump crude down eager kept him on the on the top power play you're pumped him down there at the second pairing. And it could have been Chara and. I'm actually I'm not sure it's true they can't do it it odd or but if you thought that they thought he was better yet. That's one reason we dropped more basic and that he thought Krueger's better one reason you. Hold back VoIP packets today somebody's better and York the other one on the date they get that what is what is its Mac avoid using your young. And we think yeah you are asking a lot of it explicitly say why are we think you're the most talented defense and we we think you're even more talented bench are now which had no experience. And we don't want it just throw you into that situation. You know it's wanna bring along a little slowly even though your mortality than anybody we have and it can't it be possible. And. Every few days back argued did plant because that we need anything we get we get on the winnable first round match up and let everybody out on payroll at what a lot of hockey consensus is about Charlie Mack boy. This is how good and a lot of people yes he has. They think. Many people think he's the heir apparent to Zdeno Chara is the top defenseman on this team play the camera remark yesterday they put that regardless. David is so this is. It could be fortunate that I just got hurt. And where we're Fenway Park right now sort of give him that way example last year. The Red Sox did not break camp. With their bad one of their best three outfielders right then recant them because he's an experience. But at the end of the year and happened and didn't and so it's because they had him in double play does that mean they didn't think he was good notes. You need a little more than where they were try. I'd give him I have a chance here yeah and I think the Bruins had a mind for this kid let's get a chance it SP let you know get acclimated to the prog. And it's only tournament two weeks ago for crying out lot. But. That's the you know things change they don't have a choice. It seemed tonight 6177797937. Is telethon ever and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB yeah. 6177797937. Is still on number dale Polley and keep down here at Fenway Park raining now supposed to be nice later. Internal note Rick you haven't had a chance to meter yet but operative of dale and Holley will be throwing out the first pitch at tonight's game. Our print tar Daniels has been on the Jimmy Fund radio telephone with a in the past. Has just. Beaten cancer part time. And her bone marrow transplant back in November is doing great. It's still you know I have to be careful about crowds and stuff but she won't be staying for the game which should be out there throwing out the first pitch tonight and she's gonna do. Soviet era patent to the first pitch giver standing ovation. She deserves a good example of strength and resilience and productivity. Great attitude. She brings it all last year. So she'll be out there editor for an as she said to me earlier I'm about to make a fool myself in front of a regional television on you all know she won't. Should get that spinning now he'll do great out there so she's gonna throw up first pitch for tonight's game is going to be fine the cast your question. About. Bruce Cassidy. Has already earned a job for next year yet or does he need to. Do something the policies are not your don't know arts or would they swept. No no I just I've I would tell you Thelma skipper while what the 1881. Since the since he got that the job. That's that's of about pretty lengthy period of time to see how they did you know see how they responded to him. Now I don't think that there's some rush heal some emotional before that became on Monday in a let's announce that we've given Bruce Cassidy contract. Now for next you don't have to do that but when the season's over I think Don Sweeney will do and I think he's got the job for next year and now it was a long enough. You know. Track record there at Indy they were hot right away and that made their that'll that'll losing streak and they overcame that so it's not like he just waited for the last ten games they wait to into the playoffs. And know what what you see this guy. There's the point where there was a week were saying. Are old and that's worn off maybe this is the guy maybe out of it and you know struck lightning here with with this team. Bought that is they'll turn things around and most importantly of all. They could've had a third straight collapse at the end of the year and missed the playoffs that could've happened and it didn't. So yeah I'd be happy making him the realized I hadn't earned the job getting the playoffs I do too. You know guiding the team toward the playoffs that that's it nailed it down now that's I don't think they're playing with house money. Now ending and you said what they get swept I don't think they're playing with house money first vault they're favored to win this series yeah I think they're gonna win this series. I'll be very disappointed if they don't win this series will greatly what happened to knack Columbus Toronto game because out of Toronto wins or at least get the point now there your play an active. We're also proud about the money and out now it's not Nolan hired a licking and would in theory no god no there is what ultimately did win a game yet that the so. So Cassidy. He's he's got the job they got blocked. I I I believe an outlook. What year your daughter not hesitating I don't know automatic don't know I don't know I'm not that him on the and about it at all. I was looking ahead to next series. Ups I'm looking at that I've got to tell you about Africa that I'd. Now. A house divided against document Stan I know that it's 00. Yeah you would say. Because I think the early years. And for which I'm not. I'm rooting against. I'm rooting for the Bruins to win although I don't think they'll like I don't think in. Sports guy. But I'm rooting for the Bruins won yours. And what are brutal batteries are running or Montreal. The other. All wanna feed that. Are absolutely out. It's plain ruined. Canadians late April early may it wouldn't get there than entered into you can work under former coach. Senators Rangers and wrong and tune out today. You know not gonna say. That that kind of blows up in which each other on the way out. So. Ryan Spooner and others plan happy about the former copes when you name mr. Juliet view mr. Joseph it. Former coach didn't like me very much and coat it easier for. Carey Price that gold and well. Just like me out that you all that the so that all of this drama here I don't get adamant though because picked the Bruins to lose that area imaginary view they are confused and I are keep up. I am hopeful. That the Bruins can do tracker track record architect. Yeah its. So my track record it's been planning for the second round at the point to dismiss. And Atlanta at the OK I usually do I doubt I'd gone there I've noticed it. Back to the call 6177797937. Mark to Medford remark. Hey guys article in the dark. I'd dealt for a spot on the matter agree what you rotate definitely brought in six I mean this team looks like it's solely depends. On the 131. And it because obviously they lacking mentally and other area of about one being goals scored. OK my question and I'm Charlie back. I'm normally don't use your card with a girl locked. In Scotland and I'll political football all it's a coral Coca creature at the point oh is correct. Not it not as much under Bruce capacities regime but but go ahead tonight and I took a. Well they look completely camcorder out and I'll eat. No I'll help out they'll both be back. Yes that he's been practicing with a first power play yes that is that the plan he's the guy with the with the most offensive skill. On this defense corps right now. I mean that that's. Why they picked him in the first round that's why you only played one year College Hockey and turn pro because people thought this was what he was gonna bring to the table. Yes it if they don't go with four forwards Lotta times the use crate G at that other point. And and if that's the case yes it will be Charlie Mack boys alone defenseman on the ice. You do have five guys on the ice they have for you should be OK with that we magic treaty yet today I practiced today yes. Will play tonight I I have no idea. You know and that somebody breaking news to Buck Showalter teams don't normally you know share this stuff. If you give a wave of it but the I'm we have no idea what's wrong with them it's either upper body lower while they are even saying that hey I know that's very opposite of you don't know what's wrong with them but based on the track record as David crate G when he's out there you should feel pretty good. He is a great playoff performer play effort in his in his career he's averaged almost point nine points a game in the playoffs. And and that puts it in pretty exclusive company it's like you know. That the big shots of NHL Stanley Cup playoff history of a couple of average of point game right or just below yeah. It was tremendous for the over pointing game when that when they won a cup or he will he was tremendous on the flip side of that Brad marsh and it you know his rookie year they would the company was. He was big part of that bought. You gotta go back now they missed the playoffs the last two years. The year prior he didn't score a goal is in the post season zero back now for years. For Brad marsh and gold I didn't better player now that he was that much better player but he is fascinating you brought your four point 84 point he was in there is an air and I I think that's fascinating details prop before about how he's come back from suspension or fines or wherever else. And we went over all the different times that there has lots of examples are you don't go too far for those heat. Maybe some of the little tentative where you can't afford that but he's he's gonna have Olympic park they beat Ottawa. I'd be shocked if he was you know held off the board like he was a few years ago. Now after notes that deals give me a hard time for for not listening to him and he and you just are ration everything I said I. You just throw it in the trust your oath you accidentally ignore it native I'll I don't I've learned my lesson I can argue with dale. I say yeah probably act upon it do its job in this case that your lets you. Bottle up your alternate your your wild occupation as a while idiotic and reckless walked the I. How do you he's at I support my it's crazy but you know the guys sitting here. And another guy picked Ottawa law over that the early have you changed your mind you're listening to the outlook is milking his no I was not with the that the law is Nazi Greek team how ever. The 40 against the Bruins combined wins its work injury that now I came to. On Roland five. The now they lose tonight I still habits. And that it. But no I think I think today. The number of them with that Dominican best moment that you're irritating. But don't get to that I don't audible. It never did that I would never had a advertisement. If that's not really upset. The reason with you and had to raise them so. Aggressive and angry. When it comes you talk you'd never I'd be on view. Investors. And the idiot conflict of interest and I would not allowing that guy I could've highlighted I I don't know desire to iCloud now. I invited by opening so I got. I did al-Qaeda. Important art. Yeah our network okay I'm. Enjoyed it gave it my burgers so yeah. Wouldn't idea wouldn't OK I didn't got to come out. How would you give him a word in edgewise with every black. It's 177797937. Its telephone number Dylan Hollywood keep live at Fenway Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Is telephone number or got here at Fenway Park it has stopped raining for the moment I just went out. Was watching some of the guys are working a little bit on the oracle has thrown a bullpen session and for the moment. Not raining John Carroll Pulitzer earlier every weather forecast they have is that this is all gonna blow out here by game time. So lock your head in the ball game tonight should be very comfortable it's nice out. But twenty degrees cooler than it was yesterday but it's still nice. Now he said he was worried about Steven Wright did argue. Can out of sixty right fan last year but then there were a number of games in a row were it was whether it's similar to this. And it was he was not used much worse auto body can't the at least a little concerned if he gives up few runs early on this game march could be and look at the author and cute is that a problem gold or. Now Orton and yeah I know an hour about the well being. Sounds like your armory yeah. If good last year at the end of last year particular when you go up there in in days likeness and I think eight where you are aware of it as well. Not much you can really dual seeking it the kids give poem. Especially active price or out but. Yeah global security dual CPU get regain some of the from the stuff the last viewer's query. In all sort of it's in this it is kind of off the grid and I'm not a secret but it's not hockey topic or baseball topic but it's an entrance it up put it in the mix it's not like it's. Ball all and that is. I believe about pulp rose writing this one it's that nomination time for the patriots hall of fame. And show. They have three candidates on the table on what could have. Several candidates on the table award worthy. Being on their rules so far have been put one guy in every year yeah. It's one you don't water down one a year but it I don't well I don't iron either because Bill Parcells is not gonna get in. Over these guys as the year candidates that. Here they are going to be voting. On three. Final. Starting on April 20. What's it twelve was a week from tomorrow. At least I will be voting on patriot dot com that voting will go from April 20 until May fifteenth. Then to find out. The next member of the patriot all of payments via. Candidates discussed today Matt Light. Protected Tom Brady's blind side during. Three championships for Brady. Mike Vrabel. Rodney Harrison. Richard Seymour. I think. Do you pick Eddie do you pick one man died there. It's not AC Moore yeah you have to image yes Seymour area. But Harrison great case partners like it's a real champion made a great case eat some etiquette I had to pick one of those four and I don't have one pick in to be like. Over the I don't know I don't know. It would be like I would if I can only pick up our one dollar patent that's not accurate putts which state ethics hot sports with the Z on this few more hours alliance politics real golf yet. And so I don't know where teachers are yet the accurately I mean it in order to practice in terms in terms of talent. I'd go see more errors in Vrabel like. It count but I talked at. Patriots service you know that yeah that the amount of time in the amount and and the service for the patriots does obviously Seymour and Harrison you know played elsewhere Vrabel played elsewhere. Matt Light played his whole career here as you pointed out. Protecting Tom Brady's blind side. Was was in my opinion the most valuable member of that offensive line for a ten year stretch. All well. I don't know what I'd probably use a driver and a best. One of best opted out against the bank I thought he was the most and again that that blind side tackle is is is the guy. And and you know other than the one play against the Kansas City Chiefs that you know wasn't anybody's fault. Unless somebody's. I thought I cannot tell I want to yeah get away with our lives as well he did but he wasn't on the field to blah OK anymore. But I'm not put him and all of the lower right it was revised its ultimate all. And with the refinement but seem or you look at the war and what he was able to do as a rookie in 2001. Defensively Greg yeah and against the rams and 20032004. Both years I have all three were number one defense. 04 they were tied for second. In the league in defense. That's three championship prepared you know. You don't win those championships if it's about it would ship ship operating went without all of so you have to go to the next level what this guy do you. What was his level of play that Richard Seymour with the with the patriots was an all Euro was a pro bowler. It dominant force. That the front line area so I would say it was him. I like only one a year now for those guys deserve it but if you put all four in the year eventually gonna run out to be compared guys like the anymore it's like that are all pretty quick note that spread it out. And you're eventually gonna have a really helping a lot of guys in it. But one a year and it makes him special as a helpful navigated. A good job is out of for an it and and then he would he was the guy who turned this whole the camera is not on any put up but I don't call it opportunity that we always talk about Kraft. Parcells and Bledsoe. While two album one in one can be in my every once the BN. It hottest Parcells not how how does not join them in the eye on the user Hillary's. Because for so long I at least you have is aging it about that I haven't completely legal as long phone call about this one time space the united. And I was passionately pleading my case that you you have to make exceptions. And he was saying just dispassionately no note they want it is to have access to go. Prompter for you know I thought I art art knock I didn't meet him individual I don't let the note of veterans committee years. Well it's funny Richard the senior committee yet. It talked about a couple of guys who would then. Nominated. Total. Five times. Railing Claiborne in the Andrei and show those guys. From a different error really have a hard time cracking no chance cracking the group yeah yeah can you think of I don't know what the average. What the average age is of people wonder patriots dot com and voting for this thing. It saves more recent fans sure yeah it showed younger fans and the fact that you're saying dot com indicates that. Only younger base anyway but that they'd be Super Bowl winning knives probably should be honored. And they are always an established upon ultimate team but the vast reverend Claiborne was terrific player right. But also they morning Harrison yeah right everywhere over him and he he played for teams that just weren't successful so what do you do. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line 37937. There is a remarkable first person piece written by Patrice Bergeron in the players Tribune that came out today I just gotta give you peace and when we come back and just a couple of minutes. Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Number three Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI this hour the programme brought to you by northeast men's clinic. We talked a lot today as the afternoon is gone along about the Bruins. Starting the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight in Ottawa against the senators. Kind of one of those interesting aspects for players as the players Tribune an opportunity for players to talk in their own voice. To announce their retirements at times we've seen that happened at. To say you know this is what happened and David Ortiz has written. For the players Tribune Kevin Durant picked the warriors gas via are you in America and Europe today Patrice Bergeron has a piece on the players Tribune that came out today. It is to the best of my knowledge the first time Bergeron has ever spoken. About game six of the Stanley Cup final that they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks. Here a few years ago. We know much of this. We've never heard it from him and it's a lengthy piece in the players' tribute about a lot of different things about. It playing with Mark Recchi about what Boston fans expect blue collar hockey fans about being back in the playoffs. But I just wanted to just very briefly I just want to give you this this is Bergeron talking about. Game six. Bruins in Chicago Blackhawks quote it hurt to move it hurt to break. It hurt to sleep. It hurt to do just about anything. Leading up to game six of the Stanley Cup final against Chicago in 2013. I was walking around everywhere like an old man. I had to be really careful whenever I tried to get around so I wouldn't shift my torso too much I had a cracked rib and torn cartilage. If I felt my ribs move at all while I was walking the pain would just about knocked the wind out of me. If I'm being honest the thought of sitting out never really crossed my mind we're about to play in a must win game we had everything to lose. But when the game started I began to feel worse and worse still I tried to ignore it we were two months into the playoffs of course I was feeling tired. Shift by shift I made it through the game which we ended up losing and heartbreaker. Not that anybody reading this needs to be reminded. When it was all over Russia camp with the guys on the other team then sort of stumbled back to the locker room. The trainers evaluated me and then I ended up at the hospital where they determined I had suffered a punctured lung. But I do it all again the cracked ribs the cartilage even the punctured lung I do it all again in the second and now in one of those ironic turn of fate twists of fate. I was walking out of the building would build champion on hand you know you're quoting now popular and make you sign up with but you know you can always rip on but you're quoting a guy that I I was walking out of the building late that night with Billy Jaffe and Claude -- Walking out the back of the building where the players' parking lot wise and cloud is talking about how heartbreaking it was and now how he thought they you know they had a chance to beat the Blackhawks. And his phone rings any sizzled into second answers his phone. In its Don don't make grow the trainer of the Bruins. And what he's basically telling cloud Julie he has. But three says. You know they knew about the broken ribs in the torn cartilage he said he's got a punctured lung to we gotta get this got to the hospital and in Clovis telling the trainer of the bronze OK let's get him the hospital it's gone now. I was there when he was being told that. He knew that Bergeron was was in bad shape he would know how bad does Bergeron wouldn't tellem. That's what the Stanley Cup Playoffs mean to some of these. Some of these guys look what is Bergeron thing go to grass. When he's back now with the flu or what can he possibly here's the guy goes into great detail like those enter it sounds like no player go to work went over Rosalie to job is you wouldn't go to work appear those injures you wouldn't do it barely be able to get out of bed if you add what what it should be in the hospital which went after after that game. And then a few other guys and a team that don't have that seem kind of you don't play at all costs mentality. That's gonna become a greeting on if that's gonna be really frustrating. Tell you said that the that's the first time that he really talked about this the last time we knew archer Patrice Bergeron well. Patrice Bergeron book that is. That. Like it was in Ellen Quebec city and it would sell in Boston I don't know about elsewhere don't tell in the white world Volvo require violent act. I thought that this the right area that book read that book reading area that's one you can get up Patrice Bergeron to go and greater. About it you get hospital room yeah and get that kind of movement was brought to them. That's one but the other things that in the top of Bergeron with clear and I'm not surprised at all. I am surprised to hear him today. That. Quote. We are what makes that this is what makes this team. You don't wanna see in the playoffs. Where a roster full of guys you'd much rather play wit. Then again. I mean we have data which are. He expects to have a long play opera. Age fifty. Has the same qualities of the team that won. Well now that confident nobody nobody nobody said that so far I like it I noticed at that so far. This the first time you've heard that you have any say that you pick and over Ottawa but I think it is chamber in my early in one series. Time here. Exhibit an opponent that. Be afraid of people don't like Derek dale come up in a lot wanted to stay like. Ultimately all ought not I'm not I'm not criticizing all time this is it likely that he's only got. I've heard this heard Roland say. They are. I'm pretty excited about posting as a player but I dared to sweep Ottawa was acquitted by day he did not ask him that it at all. There. It's something you hear partnered item that what happened lose. Guy or hard at it nobody's. Pepper Patrice Bergeron. A sign up and. Well when he talked about you know we haven't a team full of guys you'd rather play win and play against one of those he talks about a marcher Marcia any says now don't let yours out circle exactly where I get the stick here's my best piece of advice for you if you're thinking of chirping Brad marsh there don't. Just don't. You won't win nobody ever wins and he goes through some of the things marsh and says the guys out on the ice. Ten rated very jazzed about it and after her doubt this is not the real stuff he says he says if there's a young kid on the other team he'll skate up to them between whistles and say. A body pledge could make it just try to soak it all and enjoy it this is the last game before you're sent now on I'm bigfoot. Harsh now but I logic went to the opposite against Ottawa which has beaten nonstop. In March in space is hoping that he retaliates the wrong way it probably write every story or I mean look him out of and if he does have been stupid it would cost them games again at exactly without a leopard frog says that and maybe he needs more you know trash stock conference outlet yeah yeah that's fine they weren't of one liners but as far as get utters yet that's exactly what the current. It. You have made it today it's a good piece worth definitely worth reading tells all kinds of good stories one story about. When he first got to Boston didn't know how to speak English you go to a restaurant and blues. So typical for him to pronounce certain words he would listen to the person next to him whatever they ordered that's what he would order so. By the bad meal positive I got the real favorite of yours. What is. What do you then he also talks pretty glowingly about Marty point. And now article points talks glowingly about Claude Giuliani talks about low point who's got a wife and kids. You know invites. Patrice Bergeron to live with it he said he never made fun of the fact that I couldn't speak English he taught me how to apply for Social Security card he taught me how to. I get a car and how to buy a car at a car dealership and you know it it it it's a fascinating piece in on the eaten well at the eve they're playing tonight. But as they get ready to open the Stanley Cup last week it. A little indication of why this guy is held in such reference not just on the Bruins rightly around the national highway this guy is revered. Of being you know one of the most respect the respected players in the national hockey. Had to answer your question of earlier we know what is he or anyone else think of you got like to go Rask who's not available with a stomach bug I think they they answer it this way noticed it this. Goaltenders have been going up the good probably and a they're there part of us but not really like apps. On their own program. But kicker kinda. Through that far more important mall much more important. The thing but through the that certain do their own thing 6177797937. Is telephone number a look who's on the line. Guess who's gonna throw out the first pitch at tonight's game Michael is your arm warmed up Tara. Our net. Our our friend Tara Daniels has been on the dale and Holley program in the past as part of the Jimmy Fund radio telethon is throwing out the first pitch tonight. And we just wanna know if you're ready. I am you know what I say about my am my driveway it's the afternoon my dad trying to pitch it. And or we're getting there I mean. Can only so much self. Don't practice too much. Does that happen does not happen this kind of lie. It's. Just great. Now if that's good exhibit art art or do you plan to probe from the pitching rubber sixty feet six inches away I'm gonna do right yeah. The last summer. I got I get up given the opportunity at a minor league game up in Portland to to throw the first pitch out you know the home throw out the first pitch out and give a you know Tara. I bounced it well point. So you you dizzy or you just get there in the air you're going to be fine. By the way even if you don't you'll be fine so I wouldn't worry about it all think yeah you'll do great kid. Think you know I was already are doing your thing tonight this is an air base and elevates she showed that when you when you kick cancer test three to. Speaking of top would just I have a Patrice Bergeron and how tough he has. That's tough to yeah 6177797937. Eddie's in Connecticut pay any NATO. They get paid ones I think. So speaking at a Jimmy Fund at the perfect Segway mr. hall to make a wager with you about the conference senators. Here. Oh it's a little out of bounds where you know guys you know and he I've tried Q luckily my life up a little bit outline Donald Campbell is not that instability were chipset it. The target. I know it's an. And I. So of the Bruins went you can donate. Fifty dollars sit in the sun and I don't book my leg. Belichick and Brady. And then if the senators went out donate semi dollars urgently on either way it went. Okay and williams' spot it's now under outside book that appears before the sharply critical of you. You benefit for any dad held it up and that's where he's not on the not a problem well we'll do it. Good idea and I like the fact that you I would certainly not certainly not a knock at your outlook 76. Didn't mention it. 761 dollar boarded you over and ago right. Adding let's don't go anywhere in the which on hold their every other information that's that's the plan that's good. That now that that doesn't bother me too much you know that's good that if it was one of these phony baloney that's that you just not make. Happen and it got a note sir nobody's ever gonna see a dime of that money. Now let's get. What is it that Jimmy on this year. No it's August I. At any place cardinals so whenever they play the cardinals was it tunes in a Wednesday. Is that the 29 and thirtieth it's just off tuchman ultimately won the middle of the middle yet I I honestly don't know fifteen to sixteen. A relatively card of the checking out that's from aka Jimmy Fund radio telethon is going on this year and is going to be great. Bigger and better than pepper. You're ignited an are you now back to rooting for the senators I'm very confused he that your root for the Bruins also Jimmy Clinton winning either way the Jimmy Fund will read it anyway. So were some where I've and that now this is what my head yes my head yes with the Ottawa Senators a heart is with the black gold. That's I wanna put it to go off the I have bush. Earlier today march it march ahead. Make it happen yeah. About all the way and I'm not. Don't like to gloat there's just not my thing it is an no but it's funny we've talked about playoff. Hockey and playoff basketball is right around the corner playoff hockey and playoff basketball this weekend. And so the Celtics will be involved and they will be hosting. An opponent we don't know that opponent yet but the Celtics. Well most likely be the number one seed and remember a couple of guys in his room and Pakistani names dale rich couple guys Romo he's done. When. The Celtics lost of the cavaliers and the number one seeds over Cleveland's unbeatable they're unstoppable. Dale actually making a day on the number one seed Gael had them waiting about which team was gonna commodity ECL had been planning the NBA championship. You know he did. The ass tired at bat I had got out. Wideout battle over where they are the electorate and that on the island that they haven't let up and yet I don't do just fine. I don't need to win what regular season opportunities. It's the cab let's go up or what is your competence honorable in the city that's how does level the team without the Cleveland Cavaliers. For the Eastern Conference yes it is high 10100 present out of 10100 out of 100 yet. I don't think it would have been having dialogue or I'm not at a hundred young might be at ninety's it. Pretty good name mine is right that the amount. I have never seen in NBA history. I've never seen a team in possession of the number one seed. And that that seems there's no. They don't care. Who doesn't have at it but you're right that it it's been it's actually mystifying why they don't care office. And it just because you've done it before at different circles you've done it before. The team is leading you decide I'm not trying to chase them not gonna waste my energy chasing them team. That's five games ahead of us with twelve to play so you would think they allow you that you think you need home court. The cavaliers ya know I was surprised that they just. We heard that they don't well I think actually money it's free money right there after a twenty dollar bill to go out. The dollar fell out it right here on a dollar bill outside that would yeah. He would have white ball I would you know I that the cars there. I would try to distract that I had. And not run out the window when I don't know if it's mark. It is stupid and it is but he's doing. As stupid as not stupid of them because they think will on games. It won't see if it's proved to be right but it think resting up on rusting carrier arresting Kevin Love is more important. The home court in the Eastern Conference files which by the way they could still have. If the Celtics lose ground. Big if the two seed in so please don't make it in the congress. On court if they make its conference finals himself that's right. Of which I think they all nighter in the market at about four. Although I said that before and senator I don't I don't McLaren aren't you picked the field yet again accurately idea but now now now want you to pick a team. Only addicted T. Politically you you got seven teams that didn't seem quite fair in this would have thought I'd umpire got that out that because you also I had a chance you have to take the field or or went to went. But however you have said that the Celtics are the best team within the field. So I don't think that your ticket so I said oh well now you changed your political life might have eaten away I think I I happened I got a I got up. Kevin chances so why should I play favorites like when I ever picked like wheat pit what you do you pick you had a choice and I'll give you the appeal yet yes or Cleveland Allen Matt do you do pick coming out go east I picked up aren't you coming out you got a 101 of the things that. Are you at the field side question that my question who's the best team in the field. Right now yeah yeah. Wars aren't so I don't expect that not only to wrap wrap an imminent. Right now but I've got I've got lots of lots of choices. That dale dale and I that it going to be on TV the movement debonair as usual. You know. And maybe blue Paisley and I don't know. I macro man matching pocket where you how happy Paisley. What you Wear your Paisley tie every night when you've got. To pay like the girl with that. Got options huge your options I don't mean to declare it on to Toronto. Couple weeks and Angela the Celtics. I know what well I know that you Eliot and end up I don't think that the one that restaurant was that you've got it probably. And take in the I don't want to deal guys don't want to I I think you guys. Don't insecure. About these but it is LeBron though he still on the epic war Eric. In used to more air LeBron or eat meat yeah. Well I kind of Robbins. Don't want to be a regular season they finally got it for everybody and after that if document. But but he's the guy who wins the guys for the sixth straight finals and it's going to be seven. And and lose the warriors and that's going to be a weird series cavs warriors. Liable to lose on. They ought to worry anymore now I like him before it now they had Durant and another called villains and that's supposed to feel about the rant like it did about ray Bork what he got a Stanley Cup I thought counteract my. How they have a pretty admirable parade I don't think so yet not a now taken the Larry O'Brien trophy back to oak city I think they're both good from the weak dollar and gets good teams to root against that when they play each other for the third straight time it now it's not just this great drafted team by the warriors they went out and signed Kevin Durant. I wanted to want to but I do think this is what we're going to right now is great for the city of Boston you have both the winners sports teams. In the playoffs and for the first time in four years yet because two years ago or three years ago and approved for in the south toward the end of about four years of their bullpen and the Bruins. Even though that the Celtics have been in the playoffs a more recently in the Bruins the Bruins are the last what are sports team to actually whenever. And what we're hot and the plan yeah right just around and I think and I think both teams have. High expectations this year but the Celtics may be a bit higher. Yeah Alia belt conference finals I think a lot of people are looking at a for them the Bruins. He'll beat beat a team that you haven't been able to defeat this disease. When this when this playoff round it would happen and it found money. I would think so. And it's bigger voucher although it's not all Amy do its number one seed. None the other once he'd admit it a division not yet every aspect you don't expect the Bruins to knock off march wrote I mean you'd like to see everybody acts on it. It out of there you know off the dawn of the Montreal but I would still put that one little bit tougher because great view of the Washington ultimately Belmont draw it out like another playoff loss the monster all that that is tough to stomach. 6177797937. Is telephone number where adding Celtics into the mix as well as they can clinch not the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference with a win tonight. 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media.