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K&C- Radio personalities with fake names, Sean Spicer’s holocaust comments; David Dao’s past is ugly; Showalter rips the Red Sox for the flu 4-12-17

Apr 12, 2017|

Hour 1. Trenni joins Kirk and Gerry. The hosts discuss Spicer’s comments, Bill O’Reilly’s vacation, and David Dao’s past. Buck Showalter ripped the Red Sox for using the flu as an excuse.

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Skirt and Callahan has become the new sort of headline guy or woman comes forth every day that's gonna happen with the Reilly the next couple days alleys and around them one. And grab some vacation because it's spring Hastert time got a lot did not I don't believe I believe your little sock puppet and basically go 3113. Team with the Steelers and and right. FedEx sorry excuse for a man can layered with Gerry Callahan now it's time productivity excellent scoreboard update here's cavaliers collapsed taking it easy everything will be just fine when never allowed to say relax pump the brakes you know. Off the edge can have the open the month your break first shut you out and we putt breaks a little shut up fool Tim thanks campaign Kirk man. Sean Spicer we use chemical weapons in World War II are all so when used as favorable as Hitler that didn't even seem to using chemical weapons. It's good to be Smart okay love that I would know Franklin. For which frankly there's no no no comparison I made a terrible mistake don't use chemical weapons we didn't isn't World War II Hitler did you Sports Radio W. Okay here. All right it is Kurt Callahan I'm here I'm back probably for us today about I'd get that I'm feeling in my the last four hours. I remember that feeling to some so Markkanen would hurt him as a little I beat him easily passes out that's right this photo ID and it didn't work on to open the door come ideas ruined it doesn't work five years old and he doesn't take care of its old raggedy. We takes it just throws it down the hall. And leads him to go back and get it. I did you went back to I don't want this and please don't pass to get in any of the paradise guys that we do need to play right now I think what is the relevance of this. Station well of course it's stupid. It is a good point can I got clearly your I've been you may gradually chip something else you care more of those things and show that's great we're happy for you. But if you're gonna be here that the three hours' sleep at least you do nothing produce on the productive okay. Jerry OK Starker OK I'm not multiply and some jig that wasn't the right time when that. Room talk about it later now now we talk project I'll guide you see now we've somewhere else I didn't want to bill. The overall plan I was on a show I was guessing with Dick in my hand. And the thing it would do well lousy radio show them to six ought that's for six to ten while. I do you blame Kenny gives it to expand his horizons here he if you miss that oh would I would but he was on the pre game -- whatever what was the job you did last explain it to you much last night out but he was Motley bunch of games post game he's OK that is my. Thanks Rick I heard a little bit MacArthur you're pretty good energy throw it to the to the skipper and to Joseph for the sit down interview where you know. Are really does not grow in the pregame post game brigade so you were there early and did the probe pre game I stayed here and yet did you sit in the Booth at Fenway now and so market easily to sit here and capsules easily but he wants to just be part of team would with the being in the presence of greatness. Of that hall of fame. All feel you know more as an acronym that that's true. These you sat right there would you sit on it meters said that moved from how many hours and hours earlier 330. You know yesterday morning this and then you work seven hours last night and I your practice morning. Utley to the gate aisles. What time did you get a idealist. 1115. To get home to bed and I knew who insist that they have podcasting to what time did you get enough. Three slipping into this ideas since. For news biz would want to do I understand curt no sympathy form but I have respect to sell all of me you're gonna get nowhere in this business you have to learn to be sloth like if you want to advance in this in this company if you want to advance as a producer. I'm looking at the cube program directors with his no ambition right now. I want to mossy 66 mark Jesus is counted. More tips we have to get into that I saw automatic. I thought there who are chapo let me let me sorry James filled in for a month two nights ago. And I guess he's so open beyond the station the presence of station on ticket yesterday yesterday I told these guys he's so lucky Kirk has today off. Because every he violated every rule in the Kirk many in book radio rule book radio. I mean it was just ticket right I was keep witness and after the show like eap style crisis is the curtain and at style book this kind of violated everything in the end and on top of that we checked his Twitter feed every tweet is a picture of him with a famous guy. You know like a player culture wrestler wrestler and asked and and I know we're always said or we looked this up and syndicate trouble for asking for autographs in the locker room no exit Kirk is gonna just shred this guy I've ever heard dale. That's fraud sir. Takes pictures and its please guys noticed an analyst could not wanna see what I have to OPM Avery and plus I think it's a fake MA RC. Well that's threw me out to vote for I think it's a fake name too was an important of that mine they play freeze frame can do we have any marching around. Take it easy and well be just fine. I think is team once everybody gets healthy everybody gets old the flow. They fumigate the club thousand awfully part fake voice through losses for Stewart don't worry. About the Sox. I'd point of the Soviet than if I were in charge and in I obviously am not clearly if I were in charge of it to the hiring around here and obviously I don't. This would be rule number one for every host a morning noon night you'd never ever allowed to say relax don't panic. Pump the brakes get a managed them to tell me and slow right at all uneasy now on we tell his lawyer all let's posse so ease up the accelerator the I gave him credit for at least have a term and coming up with a different way to word it. But do we know I know what side while I was out yesterday. And I got the text you guys we have any idea why -- was yesterday but he says he was he should play ultimately to about 8 o'clock original. Draft and but attract a sort of segment I didn't hear him once. I'm I'm serious about this turn into as we crazy because what we deal in what we prayed in our our. Ease passion right is hysteria. Is emotion ease panic of course and that's what we take calls that people called to say don't panic of course not. An and the idea that the first well that's stupid you'd never ever ever say should never say then kept the hoping that these. So that's not a need from here ready Sox nation hey we're from not from is not premieres at the time in the Springfield area. And and calm in the on top of this was two nights ago the Brad talks were three and three. Three and prevent the sale game. Yes there were three wins and three losses they work one week into the season. And he and talk about having no feel freer market for your listeners he thinks people were. Indicated that we did they'll put through some of the ledge. I was in my case this is nice tank at the specimens from the president's decades Kim on scene I. WE. IA. And the game cats are Kennedy's seat James Dillon and remarks tonight in the stops and he can he had Bob Ryan on his against the BCE brag like Hughes won only people allowed to call ball. Bobby. Why I've known Ryan forever you guys gnome and I don't know why it matters on. No column body size and I'd imagine yourself Brian on this cruise calls them blog and also Jesus why Rosie. It's workable beast mode. An anchor angry at his insert your profile. Sure again Mark James professional auction is graduate of U Miami Arkansas and you GA entertaining and polarizing personality. Is Meyer graduate of three universities. The gutter graduate degree maybe he's like you know days ago led to the Joey one of us these shows what Hughes from Atlanta so maybe it is the same yeah. Anyone among the coach yes he did he should be I think we should have moan. He should you know. Explain himself which they want us on each with nearly a month and beast mode. I mean. I'll be visiting the Holocaust and that can the guys who's who's shaking it every answer Shaq. Let's erase some missed some of these washed up steroid. Fueled. Wrestlers that he's like fawning over. Loose and I think he's gonna be easy on again we nosy on time has martz. Yeah our facility Haitians. Call your videos your column vacations we are we were stopped in the middle of art and discussion yet what I guess I went all happened I don't want told me it was off limits and let us that the last Trevino Lee told me I was here yesterday arkansas' on the suspended for a week. I was trying to explain to John I think the mossy morning's. What he did. He he he texted back that he texted back to the text machine you can read reply and he replied. And I think that's closer but we're not I don't. And I never would I do you know you could but it is the other day are bigger you can reply and say thanks was into the show writer pointed enemy combatant commanders think they get an automatic. Like I didn't make it and wants what's these peoples that repent for any which will happen and don't talk for the I'd like it replied to them and say you know fall within a team that is my girl trying to alone agree the other day. And I didn't know repercussions he can reply you're temperature unpleasant you want them you want us into the show on the fly as. Just Jewish. A some said. Now it's our chance iTunes eight it's not exactly an enormous so we don't go to the White House next week. Quite nice guys aren't going to my own analysts there we are adding no there a sense some 1000 mark on his relatives that she's he's just get a picture themselves. Sure. That's the secretary of the carrier out of what's. This aids. And I WD. IE and I am. March games that's mark Whitney EC teams still in Vermont tonight and thank you for cross new wing in it. A Tennessee and put the rules that's what I call with the CQ. Do we know his real name because I mean. Nothing gets people change in names might we know that that's not a difficult first names. Yeah that's seems like its music green economy. I attack that was my name when I listen I I heard yesterday Edward yeah marketshare and James right and James Terry and and hours unit arms like mom that's we say and that's his real neat yes but aren't actually so it's probably Arnold aren't yes. Hobbies middle name I don't blame them as a puppet or the Kato's room offers. There's still has a sinker that's difficult to go through with a name like is there I mean does not whoever it is trying to survive pretty you must have considered I do you consider changing it but I respect the fact he do we have nobody on the stage with a fake names no right. Anyone who blow to me now changed it was real pills really knows who first name's rich because all too real. Martin sheen's my appointment at usery and well. For they would know how to change and move reload the England normally not a liberal real everybody's real. That Christopher's first name it's true and open shepherd and write off shepherd is real but it's a different. He he changed the use his real name's Al. The in. English it's Shepard wouldn't it's something else. I mean yes whose middle name is blaze which but he business as well as recently. He's been limbs blaze Heatley shepherd who finished like a pretty great that's an Oregon. Yeah difficult so people they supported it becomes a Pete plays we would mark him endlessly through me down Florida but he doesn't how to spell the actual middle name it's an Irish name blaze beat. As he. But he knows and eaten it and zone namely. That the Europe actually cool radio I'll speak priced at every year yes. He's talking away and nothing but the fees we who's going to be on one month is without you then go on nights but something happened with that little. Device so authorities are not yet still while working on mr. the cab straight he's moved to mark and Dennis Wright has got to close a show from what you write our office to. But just that the studio John indeed those Condo yeah and so you know the council. Beats au lac. I pictured pieces of painful alligator Alley you know. Pretending he's in the studio and do in the duke out of power of big box is now wherever your true they're sound proof it was right now you're on an aggregate of one absolute joke it's the ultimate XP the you know it's how how would deny and a David out. Bill Riley shot Spicer and leave Nancy you don't you think that's more columns if we could do this for us to talk to him he would tie in all three these idiots together by the way all three it's. Sean Spicer coming around you know party would be free. Would be who will survive this attempted I thought I would doubt survive he's mr. yeah sales because he's meant the end of today. We past transgressions. Although when I. When Nash's injuries where he's had everything so every well it is like church he wanted to hi Curtis this is a big complacency. And I just wanted to die or kill me to check coming in today who's producing the shows that everybody don't. Was too busy. Credit these kind of move ahead in the world I got one regular updates emirates palace will do what he could do you talk to reports that sucks and Paul Coffey. When nothing. Yeah to go into actually present he knows. Who really it's not your fault they should shouldn't you. The sins of posts on your fault. And I mean it's great to hide a great job. Clear. Yes excellent anyway I'll start with spies because this was humbled watching expressed its vice. Invited Jerry Knight the White House next week ago. And I don't spice will be there for this a good question the over under on. Days left and his tenure. It's close he's gonna last six more days for a seven more days. Will be their Bono Tuesday allegedly in the will be at the white house on Wednesday through the Holocaust center over there yes no the Holocaust center is in in Poland collapse would right damage death threats or. Burke. Burned child Bloomberg ran wall. Oh good walled got out he said Felix by sir baca who can honestly Kamal boob involved yes those are holocaust center. So it is that you're like I hear IDF pools and playgrounds. Very nice and quiet dissent in a statement. The homeowner associations or steep I'm a individually. IEA you know like yeah a lot of prep like sheds her offense or is it I mean. I I I think I could defend him in this regard is he made a mistake and apologized. That's not the big story of the day in the Mac if you shouldn't be going to see another great example glaring example media bias in the networks led the news. Which on sports cap. I'm not sure Scott always aware of this but were on the brink of war children it's a great headline where on the break then look at the New York Daily News front page they have pictures of four in concentration to congress how the White House forgot about the Holocaust. Sean Spicer is a dope he knows that he apologized he stepped in it what he's depressed we are Terry for the president on speaks for the presidency should voted no yesterday job you'll get to Saturday yesterday you weren't here yesterday you weren't here. Donald Trump and if you were here you'd gone off the front tweeted out that we're gonna do something about USA North Korea and they wrote US aid. Like he's talking about African hockey games to rest we are we on the brink of war on two fronts both of which are. Complicated you know there's no simple solution Syria or North Korea. And all the networks ABC NBC CBS thought the gaffe. By a spokesman who misspoke was the biggest news of the day that to me it's frightening. What it both speak to whether incompetence we have this White House right now I don't think it would take at a tropical more time and then you know on April his first Mostar for. First hundred Dan first hundred days is a war we promise we'll have done in the first hundred days when Republicans. Won them a a a neo con that's what kind and he was post beat just you know what you you you told me he's going to be exactly the opposite what he told you I didn't say he told you believed to have these are adjacent as many users status are urged say it yes yes and that's you goalie you're wrong. Him and I believed the people around him. I'm not Ron yet these idiots he's he sees his middle America series audiences to their chant USA back at this fool. If you get a war with North Korea I think we pretty willing to go all the way. Right and when I know that went up in the line of fire yet but Japan is and so price isn't. 30000 troop are also on your West Coast of the United States since I'm not sure he can do that I'm I'm you picking besides that who cares in Hawaii now I don't know them on the west co anchor. California. If Stanley analysts today so I can't say that I tied and so with so in the West Coast yes yeah yes I think it fits it I think guided missile right I mean if he's ever since he only really gonna get that upset about yes with an uncle live there we'll tell thanks wanna. Tom animal you know it's time get out of that it's like you know we want the Russians. They've the one you're on Michael's a lot of emphasis I think he would be more inclined to hit I don't know Seoul or Tokyo. To start to stop right while nominee baby steps for at what price want to know that I got to end game calmed that down at the facts. You know the fact that crazy that easy fat kid pays it back and via any is we'll know that he is in stable he has nukes there's no simple solution. But isn't it you know China's problem isn't. Alter course problems it wasn't how things not everything our problem he. Campaign on just the opposite he was not gonna get us involved in foreign wars. I actually like to wreck tiller Rex Tillerson is response to him what was it now we get a half ago that some people. Criticize or just be one page when they fired a test missile again. And he just said that they were not gonna talk anymore that they said would be needed to San North Korean like don't give the idiot police attention. On the same day Rex toasts and Suggs Dunn who is proud to be gone of course he doesn't settle similar didn't say he fills you glad kings and across the board and articulating. So tell us and says Syria is done. And trump says North Korea has done on this day. Everyone decides its consequences idiotic comment but it is bigger always do rays used by you know bigger now I don't know that until now he already you know that is a great news byte it's a great I got. I don't put it this way here's it's a Press Secretary Joseph thick it's quite explicitly biggest news of the day now. Okay good that's outside that's always the case well it sure you don't like news is news has become headline grabbing tablet what do you think it's more clicks on the website right now slicer and Spicer or North Korea sites are no clicks on what website anyway and anyway I didn't. I think spice trumps -- tweets always gets a lot of clicks lot of re Spicer was all over to Porter yesterday a much bigger source stupid is a dangerous amount but so what. Trump going in North Korea. Makes people nervous he is out of what does speak for the president this idiot when the we do go to war North Korea ought to be the one explain to America that's to meet interest at that that is that mark I'm not reliant Sean was played a lot of tools as Tennessee yesterday. At this point he's hopeful that support. Four straight. I think a couple things you you look and we used chemical weapons in World War II. You know you have an eight. It's always despicable Hitler who didn't even seem to love to them to using chemical weapons. So you have to if you Russia. Ask yourself is this country that you in a regime you wanna align yourself with you have previously sign on international agreements. Right fully acknowledging that the use of chemical weapons should be out of bounds by every country. And beautiful. To not stand up did not only sadly your own words should be traveling to visit Russia put their name on the line. So it's not a question of how long that alliances lasted. But at what point do they recognize your girls are now betting on the wrong side of history really bad way do it is cynical and look at the countries that are standing with them. Iran Syria North Korea. This is not the fall on a single question about the Holocaust a woman with him. It's Alan Jackson how much I somebody else I would liberal as the believe the US the question woman the broad. We don't we don't have to do it forget it. Forget it -- -- where it was so if you were the news that there at ABC NBC CNN you'd say that was bigger news that it aggregate or on your reality you look at the day suit it's more clicks on stuff and say this may be a bigger story they want to read it more we do this all the time I mean I would say that looking at the doctors fat belly and bloody face would get more clicks and estimates a bigger story in times of Pete is what okay like blodget you shows Bush's gaffe over doctor Dow orcas today old spiked original oh not own country and my friend is a day old that he was swap and drugs for sex I know that's new and it's nothing to do with what happened on the play. And the next just literally look Sachs story a while ago I had. This all day yesterday and Twitter okay here's. Just I love this you re right I saw a show so I saw ensure I'm would you I saw some shows including the five month they were and they just shot off discussion in other staffs. Or the six that part of that on the six you mean if Fox News toxic item one the people watch an and may. Stop the discussion in its tracks about his past note when I can talk about that who's like listening to someone actually asked what. They'll be about the world war three and not know them to back the 131 trap who who have a good story. He didn't get all we're gonna go all the doubt we have a thought many thought an excellent. But but the why is it off limits to discuss his past I mean hell. Because you're eating right now that there's a much bigger story. With North Korea rate like that that is I agree with the exciting news director. And I have truly good news judgment. Our president tweeting. About North Korea is more important than shots. But I'm talking about they went and they did so for example the five game series in North Korea's Spicer bow and then they start talking about doctor Dow and United Airlines and it it'd get a shot silence. Comment why don't I says you know this guy's gonna pass well well as a mascot doesn't matter without a convicted of rape. You know years ago would we do care. Do you feel more or less sympathy for him. Or Mariah or recipe for this guy and I did to Davis and witness. I think I think it's a fight that he's a professional poker player I don't know but I do but he I think veggie component that get a picture of the man. Who refused to go back to know. It's they. It's a portrait of the artist noise and I doubt that doesn't change if you need that means it well how does how. And didn't change about how you feel the fact he's so you got me to know swapping sex for prescription suggesting Butler is that guys. You know on this study hall and you think so but Q I I think he cut a break with the Boston Globe New York Times when it was revealed that. It was welcome sex with a guy. That's. A a a lucky break productive that's true amid all obviously if it was curled yucky girl. But. What was his wife too with some of my. Mean is she just think. Buys us a chance tipping them twice uses one now we know wise what got off the plane and appeals that perhaps I did go out and I just don't. He's I mean I do agree I I should I mean I feel like it is and trying to tell her reaction would you agree there's a big problem of the opiate addiction. Yes and particularly in uh oh I don't know rural Kentucky. Absolutely biggest problem I have down there. Would you say a doctor who's selling. OxyContin. Illegally. Is a bad guy. But did and that that that I would like to know United Airlines know that when that guy got on the plane don't know about you but conversely if we're gonna but you know voters character. And he's so if when he is a body hurts I wonder is he knows I've zero sympathy for the guy that's what changes for me as changing knighted so disgraceful. It's and I hope you know you have nobody would ever want to go and again that's fine but it shut down I don't care. But I don't feel is bad for disguise it did not edit that for hours that's a that's a fair way to fee you charged 2005 what will will do we get back 61777. Night 790% mandatory. No but and I wanna wish me happy vacations off on vacation yes wouldn't say we're in Ireland Mike anything when effects it. One little limp and I hanging from an accent. That happens. Happens usually through. And all the guys in true whenever right put a Riley signed off last night and it says he's going way inside effort good as my prediction. Real yes yes he's done two things going away to a place where they take care thing this I think that's what it is he's been placed tiger Mississippi yeah it was a were Tiger Woods was supposed to be. Nicholas a surprise that had a pre planned vacation kind of presidency NBC CBS did lead would act as your world war Hattiesburg Mississippi's were. Mr. graves of yours right. Does he uses same place pavlik and replicate tiger. For all his transgressions you know it was doing with women who willing to play ball arch exposed to slow down a little one to 67. Score right. I'm sure is Raj and he's not been sues not yet arrested. There's no hate them videotape audiotape. Yet no internal investigations on dole would theories and obviously that's and of him would that not the most salacious audio video in the history of I'd cable news America a mean it would just be. Forget silence by Serbia re so would be inducted down L who would care about north Korean War I don't care while doctor Alexander crocodile spank and if yes than a pretty good. I'd say it's what 7779793. Said this per gallon with different. The little ball. I have new global. Just give me. I was being stuck in traffic was the Mark James a couple. 19030. And delegate Patricia Arquette Leslie was suspended for. It is doctor Callahan with trainee here on me Wednesday. I would say that right Lou you'll mentally unstable I think he was speaking a little overly dramatic. Yeah I have no sympathy for this guy hill man I wish they'd beat him more I hate people like this I really do. He was charged 2005 with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. Prosecutors claim to be fraudulent pop prescriptions for oxy code in Perkins set. There's also convicted on six felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud deceit in 2005 confide his probation. It's also convicted for writing prescriptions and checks three patient in exchange for sex. Medical board documents he denied paying for sex indicated he accepted sexual favors from associate exchange reducing debt. The associate owed him he surrendered his license to practice medicine and you're talking 2005 he too doesn't it meet with the suspension. A lot of practice with one day a week which means. You know that must've been the day Monday because that was his outfit excuse yeah I get on the station's internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week for so why this guy averages like spectacle of us ever amid I guess this process and I'm sure allowed. You know of people who get off the map back on their feet right after ten years after ten years of basically is about to be rehabilitation. Or else while he was suspended views. Play in poker is that there'll there are low things to be deterred doctors didn't manage some of drug addiction sex with them is about as Lois again it's. See it your lowest point when you have. I can't manipulation and now we know what he was trying to get back on the plane he left his carry on in there and it's an end of the day today. Mean we can see video of that. I think in this obviously he's gonna cash out the end he's made news by all indications they're gonna pay him. He's in that the money I'll tell you what my eyes and I confide that I will win in the end I'd buy with this guy would dissent I mean I think that probably are the Arctic it might be helping. There you know people and are on shore and I would say he tale that's that's just that's the basic Google searches and that means scandalous license the way Whaley really started right right and again as we age is a movie you know the patient groups who servers came out last John Ashcroft denied I'm finally complain agreement disguise decree. If there was some agreement is do you think it's really an X how is it gonna change that that's my point how does his past his guests passed changes that sympathy you have Foreman I fully understand that this isn't like it was like. And none. You know who was just sitting her seat and got dragged off the plane he feels far worse for her than you do for doctor towel. But the simple fact of the matter is what he did in the early ops has nothing to do with him getting dragged off of the plane. Now what if you found all of that he would do this all for show that he knew that it would they have home was videotaping it. Any new in them that's listen to him just kill me kill me way to get dragged off the plane I mean you don't try to go back on the plan. And right well it's bad there witness it what other witnesses on a plane said that he smacked his head pretty hard enough when he tried to come back on the plane he seems key scenes can cost in days now maybe you assists. Hot as well and her. I mean we be we know he's an history of that I just think when the lawyers talk to each other. On the united lawyers say will go to the mat. And will play an all about his past will meet his head again how does this past have anything to do when he goes to court. Right about how does that have to do is Carrick what's a civil lawsuit. The civil suit. So they can ask him in that they can plays ugly they want now you're right it won't matter means enemy can probably get whenever he's gonna get. Maybe it's near his name but I crack addict and an ease of dock and a continent on his name smeared for finally we got awarded as we get yanked that we enemies whose whose young lover who. Gave Iguodala gave it up exchange for a burgers that question when he's married still this one. Some might just be some tradition Jimmy you do with the for the when you first heard this video something wrong with this guy who's not your normal we have received material don't try to storm back on the plane that's not gonna help his case. Mean there's a lot we haven't seen we have seen the initial fight with the car. Right or what that's what I did you did you see him and nobody videotape initial confrontation if wages don't seem wise nobody was on social media they did lineups because you see the plan how many people have their phones. So you're telling me I'm so they went airline first the line deterrent again believing he said no and they called the cops and then the cops. He yelled apparently he was at the com. No one has that on video or audio. And then the cops you know reached in and buckle the belt drag them off always see is essentially I'll go on the I'll all of silence which is bad. It. So what do you think he's with his video doing they're gonna know I think they they might have with you know frequency more video while they put out on a couple of days I don't know. They all got together collectively supermarket show's other pretty well now again you that's something if you got it at first thought was where's the video punish a confrontational he's out that I don't know though it's out that you'll see it you'll hear it maybe you won't see you'll hear it over to the people yelling hitting everything I wanted to everybody released the other video while that everybody did not we receive you people easily go to twenty different angles we see that I saw a lot of people with the phones out I haven't seen everybody's video yet so we've idiocy. I think you can see him yelling at the cops when somebody said that it was around this to be part of a security do you think you're gonna see milk the cubs because I do. I don't I don't. I don't know if you guys are what do you think Kansas sleep I always ask them and it we're going to be I'm just curious there's actually more towards the rollers is there it is Monday Chris girls not a national cable away promising you hear the perks of the we will see more you watch Turks right course. But why wouldn't bucket but these people mean I don't know on the replay in my we have somebody say I didn't take all 25 people videotape that have all released all the reveal what they see them saying zealot who's been interviews of people on the plane you've seen it somebody would have said I think he's combative no cops that it's something they said they sit in jail but the cops and get belligerent. He said he was yelling you know refusing get a few element kick and scream. That's not gonna help his case soccer and I economic as the maker go away is gonna take he has a lawyer now and the lawyers is already talking to united in its eventually as an aviation attorney Patrick action particularly when a job and he says he's not doing well. In the hospital everything hurts and I like to Gregg got fills theories that he liked some lot of players pop pills when we get on the pleasure. And they wait for it to kick in yet and it was kick and it just the wrong time and doctor Dow. And he was losing his mind because he was on whatever and obviously he's got a lot of access to drugs. Maybe it's Ambien may be good thing I love is annex or maybe it's Burke sets he popped some young I heard you guys talked about yes or listening news. Is the idea that somehow been mob I guess there's was espousing the strongest who's gonna sound changed the Haitian history not think Cheney he won't chase you want to thank you I tell you one thing it changed has changed is everybody now knows. How much. They are allowed to day. To catch you off the right I mean I've heard many times and says it's over book to one free flight 200 dollar voucher 400 dollar voucher. For some reason there's a law should be doing that but what was right there's a lot they can always a third newspapers here why that number why can't they just here's the thing wiser limit but three months from now not much for them to be offered to ordered all coaches again we'll just go anyway but when somebody Saudi twenty year old kid is look on the fly to wherever DC from here. And he goes to some web sites have different options come up in united the cheapest one right now ticket but that's the problem that. Everybody says in a powerfully united are and know what you're going to find it just gets on in time for the you know this flight and the in the airlines have taken advantage right. They know works oh. People are all online they do their own travel agent in its eye on their own travelers and then look for whatever united we flew united Meguid criticizing. It's my fault the reform and it is yes we flew united to Houston right. Our strongest shape I would say it's half a step above honest it's like I would for us and it's an essentially a must pledge of flat. We're kind of it's true and this with. I mean it's it's you know I'm I'm I'm I'm not exaggerating of course they gave us I think that it was you know yeah. Just like I was being in the Holocaust. It was exactly that it's huge and he's up against you it was 200 degrees we had a picture of my knees and I am not that tall now you can fit in normal size the Internet the Internet is seventy dollars for the flight to give you one little bag of pretzels for four hours ago that of your pretzels and that's why they haven't. And you know what the place was packed it sucks that it's a matter I told you why some luck flights that's what I don't assume Max out my hand if they can do. The one thing they have an aversion to an airline that's you know he's empty seats they don't want any empty seats I said this before used to fly. Allot twenty years ago and or half filled flights all the time point 15 years ago. And you open them you know you're an anti grow to say that picture there are no empty seats anymore 'cause they over book. And then the process is to offer money your votes is to get you off. And people you know usually it's called students of people who don't have nowhere to go. In this case they would have to stay in Chicago for 24 hour almost the whole day if you have a job you can't do that no matter what they're offering. They offered 800 dollars. They could've offered thirteen and fifteen which shows you what kind of weasels down United Airlines going through this. They probably take at someone get off the flight for thirteen feet of blame focused normally keep somebody would take differently in the corner quiet normally they didn't write you know the circumstances the next flight was in the free in the afternoon if that next hour. But I think two things are gonna happen and change that law which of them described as a law Chicago who I was just hitting it and get paid out assurance for hours for a voucher they came on arrived they couldn't guard and over. No Michigan who were for their crew the four crew members the bump the people through Baikonur driven they could get avail and they could have gotten over that kind of another flight held. They could it's United Airlines should step hub they couldn't put him in small plane and flown in Louisville. They choose not to because airlines don't give a crap but the customers anymore that's the whole industry is one of the side effects. For the way they do business is angry people. And I guarantee would you work for united with yours flight attendant her eighties it. He teacher gave one unit of people yellen is human because we treat them like dirt. Deal with the idea of the of the truth is they have you by the balls are just do that they always keeping unit used to treat people with respect they don't do that anymore of these to give you. Whole bunch of putts as you know split right. But again in a perfect world it's a camel unified jetBlue from now on the what's gonna happen next bush you know like I don't whatever you gonna wind up at some fear may be balls is he cool in elective like Egypt pair of you right. I don't understand they had the best lobbyist clearly because I don't know him applause. A lot this cap on what they can pay people to get off the plane why. I how many times when that oftentimes you book a flight for worker unknown or whatever and you know be two days free with a five you forget what airline it is right there with what I want and I don't Poland to Logan national and every. You know and clearly jet who's the best we like it love at the he got more room negative TV you can you know better service but it it's you know you saw what happened. When we food at least in our boss. Trying to save forty dollars and put us at this plan at 7 am I'm would be doomed well and that's a problem people look to save whatever they can. Do you look for convenience like I'll look at a flight I don't look necessarily if I can pay forty don't try to pay forty bucks more but I can leave in the middle of the afternoon instead of the butt crack of dawn. If I need to be some more than a Maleeva and how they average price is. Most important thing to most track yet what's the name autograph at a price. And they don't care about the airline that took care of its way to see if they don't care how bad the services but it's amaze me that the united. If it of united. And an American some of the big the giants have decided. We are gonna hurt the mom like cattle we gonna tell him. Sit down shut up Nachman give them anything when I could serve them when we used to. And they will still show up and fails to pay in the morning bargain deals brought all of your play round here playing profits right now record. Revenue for airlines because this is the business model and its work and and people like you said Kirk just picket it they they they do not. They do not fight unless more are actor nobody really thinks of that dislike. Is because trumpet right I mean nobody thinks that if you don't against president. The Boston Globe like I Cohen in the glow like sort Cohen experience it's painful. And I try to read that you have to read to the end John Cho is at his name that that it. Part of C connection between the environment trump is created what happened on that united flight that six months ago you moron that the guy was always. Ultimately it's via a globe digital crawl out. Law and order so if Hillary won in you know these four people in the flying this plane you look at get people off. They would just ocean off calmly pillars present. Yes miles there was treated with respect. I'm many irons now. Understand is and I go ahead and what effect does the globe I mean it's it is someone at the globe had to do if you're under article poses I don't know I don't. Trump's fault. To the opportunity here is Michael Cohen in the pursuit of profit something seems to have increasingly vanished in American society. Common sense and basic decency. Perhaps this is all a result of the national coarseness. That seems to have followed the election of Donald Trump. Probably that's that that its its arched his heart's not even though right he knows that's an excellent if right if trump of Hillary won. We wouldn't be going more milk as we know Hillary doesn't like war at all so that's that's Moammar Qaddafi should I. I I'm I'm just gonna last year before any moments elected town I newly elected president. I'd say it's at fit I was in Turkey and my flight was changed and they just wanted to take it and I'm I. Complain and complain and blame tonight. Turkey that this and I got to play a be afraid of humans you have a child is get out I 600 heroes if you ever sung min and express. I have not that you shouldn't see if you wanna go to Turkey don't seem an expert stories we shall I explain why I think I clout like being out there matters premise that footnote if you get through on a flight. Yeah the gunners are by just like they did they just sit their inning on and actually make you some and don't really care that I don't they have the roughing up call the cops announce what they selves writes it's what 7779. 7937. War worth threes on the brink bill right out he's not coming back the department and guarantee an Hattiesburg for little therapy now that's gonna work for him and he instantly no way we'll do you think then that TMZ chastened to wherever saint Bart's job or for yours. We'll get him his grapes he autism could be by this Turkic ally withdrew. Me and it I got out of the. Guys it's rich people live and why why are playing now when you're rich you were kind of what was to repeat my date was strewn about. Smartest thing this petition. Won't know until the season I was organizer of the kennel show off shop which is. Obviously happened did you have. We can't putt and it looked all morning. And comfortable and Letterman writers. Said this team has the flu also but that'll make a big deal greeted them enough I'm not fond of saying this but you know I think it's Farrell's Paul or I'll just talk about its Bellwether how. You don't talk a little different because ballot check only if their guys were sick they had a mystery game he's missed and is having the flute these guys are missing games late into Tuesday night and then never any as bell stressed out after the game Wednesday. Recipients that you negating our longer say well fine. It's of course it's always baseball that the language it helps the social out of themselves but it because in that may have to top six times today right because so saying nothing can we get Showalter is exact quote cause yeah he said. We didn't make national news of their their flew their flu bug. In fumigate their clubhouse that is you're good moment globe your front. Of the folds his one through one defensive trap who we're gonna get to that danger follows female runners Hampshire springer. Was about the girl from a Princeton. Yes and I'm gonna guy that is out. It was agreed because she's a female jogger what you should larger fassel that he can out run guys who. Bill O'Reilly in the car you'll intentions probably. Visit here's the quote run the I don't worry our food and racial descent ever won the league. Guys had that issue I've had two different train them were the god. Again this quote in that it Julie members of the actual area. I've got and I've done in the global. I got it on our I CSN website of adrenaline to go once it. 12 there it's it is the schedule remember I was writing the story in the globe and is no thing as short to sick of the I think in his of the actual quote. Busy doing guide that the guy by early fumble the super. Management believe we have the added a big altercation. I miss them to us born Juli Mandel which what number you're talking about a curse yet they had an argument that a dinner in Houston this shot a Super Bowl game the whole story. Comcast won before we run I didn't know that there aren't going to get at that dirt from Shaughnessy like yeah the new. Woman who's doing the inside track while kitchen right. What she's busy because you know whoever David Kass attorneys has yeah Connor is this mean Texas insurance is giving away furniture and I heard I'd start Sar and an interest. I know he's got a lot of guys that are a 100% with that pits under a lot of clubs so nobody really wants here's somebody else complain about it our guys have done a good job not broadcasting it to the world is that's pretty good. It is. It is so true that there's some problem themselves. But I in turns right six times a day for a house to talk about the play and but I don't hos and Allison Buick ME reveres is gone for three games in Robbie Ross has he put on the disabled list that's different and light. Okay David Manning to Dallas that injured painting and eighteen in the middle game and say you like he's the real American. You say whatever they want him making it seem like they're going through this hell yes as of the flu. And not so long you do us all Showalter does have a lot of Belichick in him he knows any threat to its roots as we also knows. How to say nothing and how to not make excuses. Mean Red Sox clearly are making excuses except for the should adapt it of course Belichick. Kirk's I would never ever thought to have met with immediate 37 times today. You would never brings up ever the question how many times has he also wouldn't Carol wants to be like some extent the yellow light weight and answer questions is on rambling sentences. To me like I Farrell right I mean that's what Ferraro Ferraro can help themselves fell on today this afternoon. I'm sure yeah it's definitely as far as I'm usually on Wednesday if he if he feels OK he ever get it to get to a. Ice at the coaches and management how to touching it but not as that is not tarnish who we were there are feeling ever Roma stealing and in the latter right Jeff had just had to Wear a mask around the house. I maybe she's got to detect human haven't yet sought help. Certainly hope the guys thoughts and prayers yes big win for the number one off the ledge to say one big that they're division rival alliances for there are there over 500 bomb the Pomeranian came up big Khamenei was big a lot of guys. If you'd take it easy mediated examined. Send a text that march and tell everyone took his advice that he can be easy to any updates taxing your ten during the game doing the give us give yourself a grade. Pretty well post game was a little while. Pretty mean I am excited tactic it's like they there's those that post game interviews Vasquez did like wasn't working on. There was a post given your past just. He's asks first plug catchers since 193 bragging to start with seven straight. It's for walks tech married by the start seventh straight hits or walks exactly that's right as an estimate and yeah right. Don't try to hear from him after the game do you bet a thousand is that about what Zurich and they're updated date him with Joseph replaced you replay the sound of ten years without even do that don't know you know what's what's been rescue its little chip. Now it's time for an expert at PS one scoreboard update your scandal there. OK Tim thanks just one game featuring an daily supposed to keep an idol tonight lengthy pregame ceremony just under way at Rogers Centre the blue jays in the brewers' team apple announced the jays taking ugly brawl that. Alford played Buchholz and enough for the Phillies tonight he was greeted with a three run homer from UN assess goodness that's up three nothing. On the Phillies infielder. Whoa hold on the Buchholz left. With a knee injury. They ate out before he had left yet he's an attorney general went in these leaks that are. If I were on Italy good job can I would say this and it's a tough spot. Just slow down it'll just and I know you why he's the front and why was there a long pregame term we didn't send home all day. Well. I mean you should statewide was certainly gets that kind of restriction for him I think he's gonna try this at home opener Tuesday night. And a weird night and we all night for a moment it's written have a home opener nightly at like cubs nighttime did you what did you think of the chemistry between you and the two hall of famers in the boat that was much it's it was much even though you able to leave you a Pittsburgh us. Yen may be on the road and you are never in the Booth it would never have relationship. I trust you but that was that was classic I told you by your name. I'd be at what they've got some terrific question heard some driving home would you rather do that would you rather do not want your life and that that Mark James did rule much as it. So you'd prefer to feel I must show its Mark James says your energy behind Mark James to have like an animal whereas Mark James to Renault. I think he's in studio is he. So what today's final pair. I think I think he's been for in western mass right now. The news radio there that's my understanding and that's how he knows Ryan from the basketball shot because again I cramps. I don't know the television show orders grass the only cards that I am but I mean what you where you've had I don't know if he's lost the job than just or well. Let's just seat which he can put someone's name and find out their past just a friend get to work out of so you can't talk about his past history trying to go and allowed certain what date and we don't I bet is. All bad deal and this is is just how alive my bag it up here. How do you think eight loans that followed in Kentucky who's. And children are in the throes of this open on epidemic feel about David they may not have certain drug dealer I went and called the deport him. Seems reasonable when where. The non Russian backed up. Yes tumors from what you've gone back tonight where he could be this much. 617. 7797937. Hour Q Kirk in calendar trainee is next.