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Bruins vs Senators playoff preview and predictions

Apr 12, 2017|

Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss the upcoming playoff series between the B's and Senators and give their predictions on how it's going to go.

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Ricky plus Sports Radio got to do we. Yeah. I give credit to the Chicago Cubs men. First of all not enough AC DC is used in pregame ceremonies across Major League sports. Second of all not enough. Bagpipe is being played by rock and roll bands anymore. But your point and this is how they brought the at the trophy onto the field. I don't like it good for them. I've withdrawn his. We'll let. AC DC from Chicago. Played here. In. And on that maybe now. Who deletes. Brian Johnson and it was. Excellence. Through them but it. Well I'll pound identity identity I recommend you find if. A confidant and again it comes to magnitudes of difference. I watched it was hard it was OK at least with the flags and they they were putting up the the old world championship like. Really old old posits that general replied one of them didn't wanna unfurled but it's technical the whole thing was nicely done it for them good for them we we got to go through it what it was like your after they finally broke that yeah 86 year drought and what we all felt like so good for them. Baseball season I don't have time to travel to the White House countries like now the next best thing but that take it to for the that's it or don't think he's averaged a underneath a meetings beverage never hurts to replace the aren't that tomorrow night out that these babies don't play Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs tomorrow. In Ottawa game one and two Wednesday and Saturday Wednesday night Saturday afternoon the first two games of the series in our. Other Boston Bruins this year against the Ottawa Senators that you guys will note did not winning game. On it played four times. They were well technically O three and one because there was a shoot out loss in their November 24 they lost 31. Bruins had a one nothing lead Ottawa scored three unanswered goals to get the win. Monday march 6 they won 42 Alex burrows within empty net goal kind of sealed that thing. A Tuesday march 21 they won three YouTube Craig Anderson made 34 saves. And Thursday April 6 they won 21 against the Bruins in a shoot out here at the TD garden. The Bruins are gonna win the series in six if they don't win it and. Five or. While a lotteries it's a blow. A lot of I don't. Go. Wow man ever get personal. And you know Andy did get a unity and open direct. Let me write this down the go to okay demo before they're art there or you're out there are there or else. There are sixteen teams in the playoffs and the National Hockey League as there will be in the NBA got sixteen teams in the state of west aren't. Of those sixteen teams in the playoffs you know how many of them had a negative goal differential for the regular season. 11. That beat the Ottawa Senators who actually finished at minus two. The only playoff team that finished with a negative goal differential. The Bruins scored more goals than Nate it. Believe it or not they gave up fewer goals this neutral zone trap nobody can score against them problems gave up fewer goals than they get by the way prepare. They gold differential for the Bruins was plus 22 for the Ottawa Senators it was minus two. Power play Bruins were seventh in the national hockey Lee the Ottawa Senators were 23. Penalty kill the Bruins were first in the National Hockey League. The Ottawa Senators were 22. And Holm the Bruins had a record of 2317. And one. The Ottawa Senators 2211 and eight Bruins actually had more points on home ice. But the senators did not think about that for a minute because we are bitching all season long about how to couldn't win at home. On the road. The Bruins had a record of 2114. And six Ottawa was twenty to seventeen in two. Shots per game Bruins were second in the league this year the Ottawa Senators were seventeenth. Sent Bruce Cassidy took over as they head coach here for the Boston Bruins I'm that was south February 9. The Bruins have gone 1881. Since Cassidy took over auto when that same period with 1711. And four. If you wanna talk about you know how they've done here of late. On last ten auto 44 into the Bruins 63 and one. Since March 1 audible 117 and for the Bruins 147. And one. The Bruins are a better team in the Ottawa Senators. They are better in a lot of different areas. The Ottawa Senators had a grand total other interests so this. Other unfinished OK other on a bigger guard under the Ottawa Senators had three players with twenty or more goals this year. Kyle tar us with 27 Mike Coffman with 26. A marched on with 22. The Bruins had to. Thirty plus goal scorers martian with 39 posture not with 34 they had two other guys who had twenty or more goals David crate she with 23 Patrice Bergeron with 21. The Bruins are better offensively. They're better defensively. They're special teams around a different level than the Ottawa Senators the Ottawa senators' special teams are very pedestrian in fact although some parts to Singapore. Special teams will be the difference in this series Bruins winning six if they don't win it in five. You know the first hour. You are here at a dollar. A orchard okay yeah for a nice MySpace is a lot of things and others lot of nice stats in there and yes. Auto somehow still went 40 against the Bruins in the season and 3 of those if they played all those games in November. Right through most wanted an MRI got a three run march march march later a two and in April and they have more points they're gonna have home ice in the series so despite being. Negative goal differential despite the home record despite the recent record they had a better record than the ruling and they smoked they had an exact same number of wins is the Bruins they had three more loser points through unbelievable winds blow real loser points they had the exact same number of wins is the bro but they they were the better team based off of the if you look at the standings they were the better young the broad why they're the second seed and grow into the third head to head to. They beat them all four times and you talk about the power play how good the Bruins power play is. I think to recruit is day. Important part of all bit they got some other great players there for a crew had an incredible season. Including on the power play at the Bruins scored six goals this season against Ottawa. Torre Kruger. Had a goal and three assists he's not gonna be a part of this series it doesn't look like we know for a fact he's got game one it does values going to be playing at all. He actually be pleasantly surprised that he did right here I think he's out and again he had a power play goal. He had a couple assists on the power play at three told you lose a big part of our office which. Five of their six bulls came on the power play and I don't think it's going to be as good without him. And they've lost in even with that it lost all those games that you remove that I think the gap is as widened even more so that's why I'm gonna take on over to win in five or six. Yeah I think it's a point but. Ottawa looks at the Bruins. The same way the capitals look at the Bruins. We got exactly the Canadians look at the Bruins. We got there are numbered now the difference is the Canadians are much better than Ottawa the capitals are much better than on. Ottawa is Heidi as you play and I'm OK you know they're not a great team but for whatever reason. The Bruins haven't figured out how to beat them so they can't figure out how to beat them throughout the 201617. Season. I'm supposed to believe without a home IDs. They're going to figure out four times. How to beat a team that is a little bit in their heads here's the other thing I've seen with the Bruins and I don't know what it is it takes a while. I don't know with the Bruins themselves. If it Bruins management Bruins media it takes awhile for people to admit. When somebody's got their number for the Canadians. The year that the the Bruins won the presidents' trophy and and the Canadians beat them in the playoffs. Talked about while they don't match up well Montreal Montreal got more speed liberal until it. And which speed that's where we are who we are a we don't need to adjust to beat the Canadians and then after awhile. The confession came from Maine and my dog. Tuukka Rask said they're minor. The Montrose and for Washington. Maybe the first year Washington got the Bruins close to the bad matchup second year. And Anna now we say no not a good matchup for the Bruins. Not only has Ottawa beaten the Bruins every game this year Ottawa has won eight of the last nine against. The Bruins so this trend here I'm seeing it happen. Maybe the Bruins are original don't acknowledge it yet but I think I have to acknowledge it. When Ottawa wins this series. How many you've got it and Fox News at five you got five or six yes. I'm at the Bruins in six. If they don't when it happened why it's so if you go back in I want you to edit help us out here by the way and it just doesn't matter to me is you guys now. I and that I really don't care about the stuff but interestingly enough Las Vegas as the Bruins favored in this series as well what well it's about things when they go yeah OK now and and by the way they'll they'll they'll preponderance of the hockey media and I was cooled wall on last night here all you know that that ESPN crew wall pick in the series all the different series. Most of the people picking this series of the Bruins went. Okay now why why couldn't the Bruins just get a if you look at the gains. All of those games four of them. There's got to be a theme that jumps out do you see something that was happening in those games at the Bruins will be able to turn around and turning close loss and to a close when what is it. Why can't they do in the regular season what do we think they're they'll be able to do it now what. What were they doing. I in the regular season that they will be able to do well postage. And because the last two times they played our march 21 and April 6 pro has lost three to two in in the first one of those two. And Craig Anderson had to make 34 saves for them to win. Bruins outshot Ottawa pretty dramatically Craig Anderson played great not taking him away from him he's great net is very good goaltender they went three to two. And then April 6 they went to wanted to shoot out. The Bruins. Have kind of started to figure out how to play against this team and it's frustrating. It it's a pain in the ass. But the fact of the matter is the Ottawa Senators are not very good offensively. And they're. A little bit worse than the Bruins defensively for all the stuff we we set about the Bruins and goaltending and Tuukka Rask and and this and that. I like to arrest in the goaltending matchup in this one too by the way. And I didn't go through that but I took a Rask 2.2 three goals against average Craig Anderson 2.2 weight. Tuukka Rask 3720. You know Craig Anderson 2511 and out now. In Anderson's case and that's gonna point out this guy been in and out a lot by his wife's going he's in for treatment now. And you know he would have played dramatically more than the forty games he played in if he'd been able to. But yes I I think the Bruins win this thing. And you asked me give you all my reasons I gave multi you don't like them that's. I thought I gave no I like the stats I don't like the reasons I think I heard a lot of I got a satellite early a lot of reasons why they are a better team. But everything I know what they did and I were editing the regulars to a better team and a regular at times at times they weren't. And end I'm headed I don't here's a better to have they weren't all the Bruins were the better team in the regular season than I than Ottawa right. Like said that they had the exact same number of wins I don't add three more loser point I'd say they're better team. Ottawa had a better record date they like there's a great note to answer your reasons I brought our data the last. Yes and that I think the Bruins are gonna be a better team in this series the auto. By the way mark my thought probably won't play. Eric Carlson's gonna try to play but he tried to play at the end of the regular season and end up re injuring himself and wasn't able to go. Other Bruins will have what I would expect in say yeah rejuvenated and pissed off Brad marsh and and they're gonna have Charlie Mack a boy who's not going to be buried on the third defense pair sitting alongside John-Michael Lyles. Today practiced on the number one defense pair would Zdeno Chara and practiced with a number one power play. He's gonna be the guy who's gonna take Torre crude supplies is they don't. He's the wild card how. Had to write like he could be great he could be as good as crow or what he's much much worse those first in its first NHL games in the play are I'm excited to see our off I think. I am really fired up but that but. Do you think I mean how quickly I'll ask you this. If they don't win the series has that does that put a disappointing but obviously when when a play out but. Is this season a failure is it just not only is it a shocking upset if Ottawa. No and I didn't like I I I know that in Vegas the Bruins are favored. Just in this room alone two with a three people in this room think that the Bruins shouldn't be able to win this thing anyway itself. 6177797937. Is telephone number text like 37937. It's dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. This telephone number. Text line it's 37937. Look at the end of this whole thing 567 games whatever it is. You guys really the look like geniuses are right well one way or the other and I understand completely why you'd say. They didn't beat them in any of the four games this year why would you think they're going to be arguing look like that you. Always have our. Well one where I really don't look like juniors and I'll just we will we will not okay are there aren't. You're a genius is never wrong today. All look like geniuses because I think we're going to on the same path. The team plays four times during the regular season one team wins all of those games the other team. Loses all of those games. So those teams meet the costly to pick the team that went on yeah it's what's more credible Wear you out you're going against all that information forget that. There's still a better team I know they don't have the number I don't have the possibility I guess that what I'm saying is that there are other things that play into this that give me recently the sort of total failures if you're saying I'm not denying that they that they went 03 and one against Ottawa I got a bit but you're saying things that aren't obvious. I all of bruises on the obvious until you could be you could be 100% right and it's like saying. Evidence that the dramatic example of this if like the the warriors. You know taking on the eighth seed in the NBA it's not because of worries about how does not close overnight it would be like. You know an eight team that is clearly that that's not about against. Picking at the team that's a slightly above the other. Picking them to lose I don't think that broke the Bruins and capitals in the skewed to the Bruins and senators in a vacuum are equal. The Bruins and senators against each other or not for whatever I don't know why it is cap. Is that it's not even like when the jets beat the patriots the playoffs even though we know we saw that coming at least the jets beat him earlier in the season at least you saw that it could actually happen. This we haven't seen yet and we've seen recent games and it just I also go to. Oracle was one of their best players in the four games this regular season and if you're move him yet such a wildcard now. Also Carlos not their remorse more significantly is to recruit. Edge enact a boy he said Michael. Very entry I can't wait to see what he brings to the table but. If it's too big of a spot forum I don't think anybody would be shocked by that and it's. It's the what do you hear all the time I was up like playoff hockey there are the intensity kicks up against guys like all the stuff. Now you had thrown into that immediately see them playing college games into the Stanley Cup playoff like that man and you come protection and what are we ought to happen here. We sought no minority group but if we saw happening with a guy was signed as an undrafted free as a lot of college or. Got an opportunity in the playoffs and explode looked great. Look great no Emma forever vandalize toward the camera was an atlas or part that's sparked a penalty barked out but. And that's a lot that's a lot to put on the guy and and maybe he lives up to it maybe he's great but it doesn't mean that. You can go in assuming that he's gonna be able to pick up the slack. I'll I'll listen I want to be wrong for a few reasons that that number one and it's you Charlie back before and acted like it to be a seven game series so I predicted. You know senators in five opens Bruins in seven and hope we get to see Mac Voight was things I want to be wrong on that will also be wrong because and nominees from new shoes and yeah. Oh yeah that now. Elevated view I've gone to the second round the gig continued. During the pregame stuff continued what if NBC when those. Big bad police from NBC come in as the pollsters is committed to take. Take food off your table well actually they don't but. I love being let go. It's going to be doing full pre and post game for every Bruins game in the playoffs as long as they go. Whether we have the gamer and so they're not taken pulled off my yeah. Caller I like it they'll help LeBron. But adds just looking at that big zero. At the Bruins put up an eight and I think of those games. They had a couple of must win games they need this one for the playoffs they lost those. I can't remember them being job and the senators game on the Bruins should've won that one but the stupid officials screwed it up or. Saying you know some controversial play now they just. In the same game went over. There or hear the matter since the same game. Look I I understand completely why eagle what you're Colin I'm just telling yeah I think they're gonna win this thing and ironically. Can chalk. If you go to Vegas. Biggest says yeah the Bruins are favored they're supposed to win as things on pick and shock if you go with them. Some people like to go against chock 6177797. ID 37 Matt tonight one came out I don't. Yeah I'd like I heard that you saw. I'll watch the show I gotta say tarmac wait debut and the guy looks amazing he looks ready to go. I think you've got to ride lot of people and really help the chances. I hope you're right let K he he comes with a with a very. Glittering hockey pedigree. I he did a much has been expected of this guy it's been a question not if he was gonna leave B you were early power early was he gonna leave. Everybody knew he was coming out early everybody knew that you know he. What really did it for most people is when they solid play in the in the world junior championship this year. And all of a sudden this guy looked like not only did did he belong he was one of the most dominant players on the ice at the world juniors and that people started say okay. You know what maybe this guy can do. My question is if let's say he is our great and he and he's able to just step in right away. This wasn't the plan we pay they weren't gonna have implies there was camps and the last week before the crude injury that. I don't rocket burn the labor here yet they want out of or in the first year of the entry level contract rack and delay at two guys go down right but if you so good wouldn't you've when she wanted to mop. But so what you're saying like if you're put him out there it he's already good enough to be under top there on your power play but if proving Carlo or help it take. You can use more than three defenseman right but wouldn't he be if he automatically the full roster so the idea he slots and where is your third or fourth best defenseman. But you are gonna do. These emergency guy. That's right that's won by the way I think it kind of contradicts Derek are surprising number of Bruins fans who don't want him to play. Don't in the entry level here right there's only to win this year are pivotal inning by ideology not gonna win most people vote those who were saying it did not get. By the Ottawa Senators and I are part of why you even burning but let's let's just be clear Bernie may still have control him for seven yeah I was just at subverting the entry level year doesn't affect you as a fan. It affects them as an employer who's gotta pay more. Rice and I don't what don't have to pay more. And if you're O and what you are fine. And all different they might lose them. Right well Doug Hamilton and are you afraid that I got going to be sooner or no doubt be without due to concerns but it won't be sooner. Well it's one year sooner. Maybe the idea of what it would next year note of in his first announced this year even though it's you know however many plant. But it but it's up to use it to retain the player as you've just got to you just gotta pony up right at it and I'm missing this all depends upon if the money right. Yeah yes and you have the money and and all the other lot of other factors to it I just you want the player. Only don't the way the Bruins lose them they're not gonna lose him earlier than than they would think that the user right now it's like okay right gonna leave. Yet they still have control of his contract for seven years so there are not exactly a huge concern who knows what the CBI's tunnel like in seven years burning. Well I'll say this though if you are gonna burn it don't stick them on the third defense pair. It it right if you're gonna burn that the year. Use of the way apparently they're gonna use them today practiced alongside Zdeno Chara on the top defense there today practiced on the number one power play if you're gonna play him. So would you have wanted to no matter what. I wanted him no matter it writes I don't read my oldest one read about it I disagreed with him the elites of you know we're not gonna burn I don't think opponent. Well. I'm surprising lasted until fourteenth. In the draft with all of his with his pedigree as you said and I his reputation as a player why why was he still available there. Number fourteen you drafting. Eighteen year old kids you know and and you know who who thinks the eighteen year old kid is gonna develop and how soon is it gonna happen. And it just happened that way 6177797937. Its telephone number it's dale and Holley. Which keep Sports Radio Dudley you know during that period yeah yeah. Okay. Fourth and final hours dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. We were beginning today by talking about Stanley Cup Playoffs that you just heard Richard mention a moment ago. And I party gone on record full these last earlier in the program I think the Bruins win this series in six laid out all my reasons why thoughts though grandma again. I mean that there's a bunch of reasons why I think the Bruins are better and you guys encounter. Appropriately for the fact that the Bruins went 03 and one against. The Ottawa Senators this year in Europe and you'd be exactly right in saying. But you said the senators are better team in the Bruins I said that the Bruins I think are better team than the senators despite the season record amounts aren't ya gotta make the Bruins are get a team in the senators I. I'm thinking my comic and I had an opening to me senator F are better in the broad but I think the Bruins are better off senator there are six. A negative goal differential that's the Ottawa Senators. The Bruins. Come into that it end the regular season as the seventh best power play and the best penalty kill. Ottawa and the regular season as the 23 best power play 22 best penalty kill special teams are hugely important when you get to Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Bruins scored more goals and gave up fewer goals than the Ottawa Senators dead now the goals against with a huge difference there's only two goals difference but. Erase talking about the stingy neutral zone trap but nobody can score against the senators don't give up fewer goals in the Ottawa Senators that this is. What this is how would you help me help me. Educate me. Dale Arnold doesn't help because you always say you'll listen to me which you don't I have got to let you know and I don't I drama willing to listen. I ordered only hero I go ahead and we'll hear Coca. I go in with healthy amount of skepticism. But I am willing to listen yeah so you have to convince me. This all it all they think these things you say about the Ottawa Senators don't work to lost along the worst team in the post season in terms of gold differential. Let the only negative goal differential yeah. Why are they able to do this to the Bruins and what will change and what the stats are but why has this fourteen. In terms of numbers why is this fourteen and able to shut down the broad support when the Bruins haven't been able to beat them. Since early. In the doubt in early two thousands are seen in other words the 201516. Seasons left and it item so. The last two times these two teams played one to march once in April. The Bruins lost three to two when Craig Anderson made 34 saves Bruins greatly outshot the senators then they lost two to one and a shoot out. On Thursday April 6. Basically those all those games were picked him games as far as I'm concerned. You know you lose three to two you lose two to wanted to shoot out those are pick them game that you gotta overcome that ready better than that. I I did throw up a quick Twitter Paul. And it question what. Why haven't the Bruins as to why why is this team. That doesn't have great statistical numbers why has this team been able to you a controlled Owens and what's gonna change. What's gonna changes that I I in my opinion Bruce Cassidy has gone back to the drawing board. What he said was the Bruins beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. When he Boucher was the head coach of the lightning in writing this exact same system. What are the Bruins do then when they beat Tampa Bay and beat he Boucher and his system. That we are doing now and that's what the Bruins are trying to implement beginning tomorrow night not odd. Others guessing you didn't so they. Played four times they lost all four times. And if you wanna say other different team owner Bruce Cassidy in front of a play that game but three of those games Pringles losses. World with Bruce Cassidy as the head coach and auto and they worry they were 42 with an empty net you know three to two. And who won an issue so again if it's one game they were made to Florida and games what they lost all I understand lost all out and they won't have Torre crew who was very good at all those games that how. Power play was terrific. The beverage great now they only had a couple of chances. That there were five of eight summit like out on the power play in the four games against Ottawa. And they only scored six goals against them so that they scored one even strength goal. In four games against the senators. And one of the best players in those four games was toward crew got a goal. In three assists tonight remove him you replace it with a guy who could be great but votes HR Mac what could be great. He also never played an NHL game and here to throw him right in there. With Chara and we're on the you know on the of the top power with practicing with the top power so let's just assume that that he's there anyway I just have a I have a difficult time saying that. Yeah just because they lost all four teams doesn't mean that. The Ottawa stuff like their stats against other teams it doesn't matter where you only matters against the Bruins for this upcoming I didn't ask you guys the question earlier and and dead series designer and a symbol gambling thing at all. Why does Vegas have the bruins' favor. Don't know if I have no idea what actually. This biggest factor in home ice if you factor in home ice you go to Ottawa but a lot of people. I don't factor that and at all and hockey compared to the other sports. I would say a baseball hockey. Home field home life is not as big as it is in basketball where it's huge because the officials are terrible and they can be influenced by the crowd and by coaches. And the NFL it's a big deal in the NFL especially if you have a dome team going to a cold weather team. You know you're coming in new England and you're a southern team. And it's January and it's snowing in New England yet that can affect what you play they're used to it you're not. And hockey not necessarily. Head to head Vegas is not factoring in head to head because you do. You give Ottawa they aren't there still page I don't know if they Errol they figure in everything don't they don't we always assume you they know something they factor everything I think the only road to. Favorite. The first round injuries. The Bruins have. I could tell things both teams have injuries but unless they know more about Carlson and we deal. Don't. Minute I had a huge factor if he plays freezer shelves Albany's outlet that is that is a big advantage for the bronze and I do. Like the way Bruce Cassidy is thinking if he is if he's saying. Thank you Boucher is the same guy in Tampa we beat them you know he was party organization then at the casting was maybe not on the coaching staff is part of the organization. And totally out and prop and when I would have been here so give O'Shea we saw what they did that was a great series seven game series. When game 71 zip awesome. So he was doing that then I know what he's doing now will do the same thing here's the difference. Zdeno Chara with a lot better than six years ago absolutely without he had he mows my god. To grasp. At the time and have to rest had. Use a back up yet Tim Thomas yep I had to sign birch are combination. They were better they had had better team in 2011. Than they do right now so maybe you can know what they're doing and not be not have a personal. I I put a pay a quick Twitter poll at daily Arnold simply asked who wins the first round series between the Bruins and senators. Your four choices are Bruins in four or five. Bruins in six or seven. Senators in four or five or senators in sixers set or they'll what are the 705 votes so far that's a good return on your poll there 56%. Bad news on Saturday advertised itself. Bad deal that's a good returns did you guys ever talk about doctored documents back they. So birdie Ireland 56%. Of the respondents so far say Bruins in six or seven. 23%. Say senators in six or seven. 16%. Say senators in four or five. 5% say Bruins in 45 so what you got to 61%. Of the respondents say the Bruins are gonna win the series 39% of the respondents say the senators are what. You guys and tell me what you think Tommy would you say a party has dale is give me an okay answer and okay answer but I'm willing to listen. Tell me why a 56% of you. Think that the Bruins can win four games. Against the team that they cannot win. A game against. During four regular season. How about their due now that. So probably not a good and I'm gonna eliminate one of the answers were. No one answer will not accept. Is laundry. A lot of the beings just because authorities. About it that that that that doesn't apply again noted that that's my big. So of course from. All of that maybe what half of my respondents are the support out of course Nebraska and we want to win but be wrecked unanimous we know we want to win and I I will tell you that throughout the course of the year. The the big hockey analytic types. Said this Bruins team is much better than people think they are. And that as the season goes on you're gonna see this now it's a lot of that people attribute the coaching change Bruce Cassidy content and you know they take off like a rocket they go 1881 when Cassidy takes over. The hockey analytics types the puck possession types accorsi and all that stuff have been saying all along this is a much better team than the. And we saw we we saw evidence of that. During the regular season under Cassidy I thought he did phenomenal job he was able to do something that I think was possibly turn this team. Into a playoff team and I didn't think they're going that direction and he turned them around now so he he deserves a lot of credit for that but he also. Under on his watch they face the senators three times on his watch and he was only three years older so he had played the senators EB eighteen fine. A point earlier in the week that he wanted to live on 1185. Mitt. Not only looking at the the Vegas summer that that they'll brought up how liberal are favored in the in the series. Don't they favored they are the second biggest favorite in the first round only the capitals over the Maple Leafs is that bigger fish. Which to me it's pretty surprised that is. Now I mean not only are they the only road favorite by. Maybe they made Vegas just thinks Ottawa because they're so there's a hard to watch I am not alienating I don't know and Billy Jaffe has said this on a number of occasions as as we've watched. Most of the hockey world has watched Ottawa and set another doughnuts and they're not good at their game you know and and given key Boucher a lot of credit I'm gonna play this way because that's what I got I I got no options this is my team. Most people but watching the senators all season it's that. How to do this by the way and it ended. You have of the call you again there all jamarcus our whole man have offended me how to do I just wanna say this right now. Stanley what about yeah be honest I. You'll work but Billy Jaffe every night and you say I don't let's. I. Look at a black. Like you he listens he just keep I don't does that include a cheap shot at Jaffe TPW. What. I have watched Billy happy after after the Lavar ball interview. Michael is no longer rely on Saturday it takes up an I don't take all its. Really Jaffe takes people in the audience yeah. If you want to leave it out picking up that are out of your living room with a two minute and he will ya wanna. And we're gonna get to do it throughout the plan so 6177797937. Is telephone numbers show on the Watertown pace John I don't. Hey guys I don't have it's. Earlier pretzel logic though I have a glass Lewis thank you show great creature. You I want to match in the boat the bruins' mind. Biggest. If you remember we had a similar. Our conversation about how small speaker Martin were in the Super Bowl and basically what their suggestions that. People putting money on the girl. So are so one day it's their art. Are rearranged a lie so that your biggest air chaos and Eric extra. That except. Our deserts are so I know if it's not that necessarily we always say this is not as it is correct her from runners on his unnecessarily that Vegas. As an entity loves the Bruins just that a lot of people see that line and they're putting money on the Bruins their four. They cover themselves. Okay. I look at at and I I do understand that you know they're trying to even up the betting money and and under a lot of limb and suggest that people of Boston are more willing to bet on their teams that people in Ottawa just guessing yet. Yeah you see every year but the futures looked teams to win the World Series. Leggett slightly skewed like Boston New York Chicago over regardless of the year. They're gonna be a lot higher they're positive the bad Red Sox team they're gonna have odds that are sort of in the top five or six is because another got a lot of money and yet. By the same token you were looking at them there is a Montreal favored at home against the Rangers Montreal is out. So that's sort of flies in the face of that doesn't have a little buzz like closer without shell of even closer than the Bruins senate. Nurses. Have you what with the resurgence of the Bruins and they've really they've done they've done a great job. Of getting themselves in the playoffs and playing pretty good hockey and I had the the four game losing streak therefore allow those whose Booth concerning than they flip that around and turn into. Six game losing streak. So they were all over the place yes but has the resurgence of the Bruins take in your eyes off of clothing in Montreal. He's a great job up there comes imminent or you pay taxes have you out for her first yeah I was like I'll be dug deep and I'm there I don't know ray yeah it's a close. The Bruins start to play well. And he's the coach the Canadians so we can have too much. Sympathy for him you can't believe I mean now he can't we have folks around like there is like him are not worth happiness right but. At root for a team beat his record and I just so desperately want the Bruins to beat the senators obviously. And the Canadians to beat the Rangers and the Bruins in the Canadians and Bruce Cassidy include Julian going head to head in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs now regard can you imagine. What it would be like around here for a day it looked like back. On the first round ever occurred in the first round matchup but then mark a Montreal kept winning Ottawa got involved in there and then it kind of felt part but it looked like maybe. I don't know but so are you picking Montreal over the Rangers yes so you think you will be that the yes. Hope so I hope you're Andre up a degrade it Gail that's what it's Carey Price is the goaltender Michael Driscoll and Hartford and that's got to be noticed yours and it's clear he's a lunacy. When I play hockey you pick against Tuukka Rask. I'm not veteran goaltender on the planet cannot you're thinking while senator it's I think what's happening here is could be a lot of the ones that 21 games. Also the Bruins are going to be able score is that the site to crystal despite the fact that the Brodie lane or more goals than than the Ottawa Senators did it to how many game the system camera they Hellman and make this I'm and I tell you how able to live what he's like that died at the airport supervisor Conning you out into the walkway to report it and have. Brooke are things written an article after we are located at an antibiotic correct. I'm gonna make this this I'll be able to sleep at night. So if the Bruins lose will be ones that 21 in won't be too good at the Bruins went to good thing. I'm perfectly for you anyway it's great you are a genius either Ottawa but I wanna they lose like 439. And probably won't happen more than I thought what a big injuries. Injury to crew. Carlo. Not to voice. I am I to argue that get a lot of mistakes also at that he worked in this up for a while now has all day you know irregulars and jargon produced and possessed the puck well like that backwards it you know now he doesn't do you know it's it's young he's just hung up let's examine right now too much pressure here for a 61 of our our staff forget that I wrote that down 6177797. ID 37 George some cell phone hate George. Guys really don't George. Thank you all over the map or a couple of sugarcoat. You're you're. I got the bruins' success. I don't quite special you can't. Sit up special. Tricked yet I know the root it out by. You know sports. A lot of the battle. Islam the the birds are you that the speaker at. The note showed the he's capable. Of so though the ivory. I was doing in my not Georgia like that I know that though those are specifics it's. Even at the lock. A lot Ottawa are going to come down. Now I and I I hesitated to a production on the series so. Scarred me too yeah wounded wounded that we were tired law he had acted on prominently in this is an NCAA basketball. You care about this from me and he can hit I. I'm not on camera. Rick god you know play along. Now it here's the question we brought this up yet. The guy who missed two games at the end of the year due to a suspension like talked about it how is going to be fired op well that's the questions he fired up. Or is he can get because you give broader deal that's usually when he's coming off of these a suspensions or overview a couple of mild rebuke. It takes them awhile to get back to being Brad marsh and again. And so is he going to be ready for the post season or is he going there saying there ought to get me. And I got to be very careful if you play my game. He has been tentative in the past I I completely agree. But I think he there's so much at stake. I I honestly do believe he is embarrassed by what happened for one thing he cost himself a forty goal season. The erratically. Maybe would have scored forty Robert he underwent an Obama went on you know he closed with 39 and missed the last two games of the season probably would probably kicking himself all over the place for that yet. He feels like he let the team down not. They sort of they did enough on their own plus they got some help that last night from Columbus yet it didn't hurt them as it could have might cost them home ice maybe. In this series but I'm not sure home ice is huge deals I think he's gonna cannot charge in this year's. Lee doesn't happen less than a mid am for getting out of the huge and today and if I am helped me out here but in the playoffs. They usually don't. Beat guys up the officials there officials usually let a lot ago there are many fights in the playoffs correct Ralph writes so. Do you think Brad marsh and would do anything he it would really have to be above and beyond to do something in the playoffs that would cost him another game. The works or if it were yeah yeah if B Diddy gets what he deserves and I and I truly don't think that that would happen. I can articulate. The situation recently where somebody. And cost their team. To the point where they're not available for a playoff game because of something they did in the playoffs now I can think of examples. Late in the season it's so bad that your penalty starts. Right regular every little bit yeah I am. But he is going into the post seasons at army you know that it's gonna tactic. I can't think of one off topped my head and I don't think he'll do anything you know dom here in the playoffs and he got Alex burrows on the other side. So they sort of cancel each other out our are between him and Alex are you out right finger and articles appearing happens line will call us here it sure does know and hockey. If he spears in the playoffs. He'd be gone there to be out ilk got suspended all right I had FAA says that it. Did you and then on now I don't yet know what it did see it then I'd be back on your OK it's time to trademark chin wag. I'm not on it but he's not there but if he did that the playoffs yeah and got suspended from the glass ceiling there there I and I don't think that I'll give you one negative from the bruins' perspective. I mean you've got enough injuries as it is David crate she didn't practice today he didn't practice yesterday. Bruce Cassidy said he expects will be able to go tomorrow but there's that concern David Craig cheek and I know people don't believe this. As a remarkable playoff record I grew you know it he gets to the playoffs and and he just becomes a different guy. He's got 29 goals 48 assists 77 points in 93 Stanley Cup playoff games in his career can't wait to see here he is a guy who who generally gives you like. Point 81 points per game in the playoffs. Could be huge difference maker Danny's help. Ever had a microchip just like the playoff atmosphere. That is well that's exactly yeah just to have it and I and I hope it does last longer then. Five or six games dale you've batted sixth the Bruins when I'm out gotta go beyond six right. And key. 555. Or six but if arsenic but fund saying. You guys just killing me now Obama can and it was looking we've been wrong before Dell killing my money. I was just brought a couple of weeks ago hole. 6177797937. Its telephone number we've got to keep her madness coming up during final drive about 545 thereabouts can't wait to hear what that's about. Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WB yeah.