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K&C- Kirk predicted Garcia would win The Masters; Jim Nantz is ruining golf 4-10-17

Apr 10, 2017|

Hour 1. R.A. Minihane correctly picked The Masters winner, while Gerry was incorrect once again. Kirk thinks Jim Nantz is ruining The Masters.

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Skirt and cal. The bottom of the sixth inning in Detroit at Comerica Park in New York Tom Karen stepping in here for Dave O'Brien. Seven out of sixty. Dave O'Brien feeling a little bit under the weather right now it's sort of been where people. Where the conflict that. We'll have clashed with Gerry Callahan you look at what's happening last night in Sweden the suspect. Is that it's a nine year old that was put this ball that kid. We didn't Lenin is gonna become terrorists and so he certainly could become a terrorist there's your solution is to let him man before he becomes the terror before he. What differences if you go to vote missiles commitment. Yeah. African minute Hamlin who will be wrapping up the masters curtain yes we will congratulations to Sergio Garcia on the spurs made it to her and him guarantee. Worse it gets a chance today in the patient gets closer for you know I have gone wrong man Jon runs right. I guess what. Right back to a joint that's probably right that Rachel a different school grad Eli from Stalin always put it on the ground you can hit Johnson was back. We want Sports Radio telling you. There are making history sees a hello friends first there are people histories editor Richard the Sunnis and it was. The people history and I think of courage certain names come to mind he can move when he used war heroes that you. Worship so what was it Dalton Dalton Ross often boss boss hostile certainly. You that is hampering me I guess who's inquiry I guess I would ask you this bloody murder for sure a great actor. When does it free rein in the Olympics in ninety thirds it's not well known. Get the flu and he missed that that that race and was basically hospitalized five months. Yet the fluid he did not he did not quite have the colors to know our throats now I have so goddamn sick. Of Reading a renewal of flu for the Red Sox. And be beat writers try to top each other how sick these guys are. And I mean you know we've all had the flu it sucks I understand. Imus had lately you know life. My I've got the push to have that doesn't work all the time I get that I've. I've tiger bullet now you know why I don't know I don't I don't get the flu if your kids a world that's why didn't get it when the younger only your boss I have moral man again I have my share of afflictions but it's not the flow. And I'd just contribute to get the solution as just somebody writes I knew this wasn't somebody rotor tweeted. It make you forget that you know thousand people died from this same disease right now to put in the Red Sox. I give it you what you could rip on the the because all you wanna give nick a lot of credit he asked the question why didn't they get flu shots. And say that they didn't get some different. Flew he imports though that there are young and they're great athletes and they feel invincible they don't seem them knee feel like they need it and I think the flu shows when the great inventions. A modern does not it's like that fried twinkies I mean it's just like an innovation Alley or you have to take advantage of now it works OK explain to me why I mean I I. Duncan I've I'm glad we got I have every. That had years ahead of crucial and before I don't remember those you've been here you quote I don't know I've read that advocate you've Seattle finally unlike our. Plus our colleague Dave O'Brien who don't use it for all of these team mine I loved it secondly I've been defending give O'Brien the firms since you have an on air right at as the best ever sounded center for years I've been reporter. Sorry him his load and why I disagree on that creating a breaking sports and why not. As we eat. Point out you and I agree on you're doing is telling people what to watch it. Why is that so important let remedy that would. Why Remy even need Tom care all firstly you know they're beat writers were lining up. Like at the door wants O'Brien left the call games it was dollars and Bradford there that what's his face him hoosiers because we mean assistant coach at the suit on George yes they're all their Bradford is coming due in the circle proper manner which. All these other guys -- drew or drugs out there right now we're on the (%expletive) PDA eggs he's ISI AA and seize on the team his teammates feed Abrams he could have done and these guys and they had to Tom Karen do it from the studio. Okay I wish my work here today as we explain him oh unimportant that is that Tom cared sit in the studio. Watching TV I disagree do the same job that you and I were denied a chance at daily Arnold major props to act Tom Karen doing a great job of filling in for Dave O'Brien from in this and studios from Watertown. Proud of my teammates. That's dale yet for coming of a calls us as teammates he's never probably never proud of me are you. Always a pills you know its its products that Jimmy funders. Of the bill tweet that maybe you're right but but he's not duties actually feels. Pride in his body for comfort Tom Karen denounces the game in Watertown. If he's described his body. Pride now on the market price and mocking it we wanted to get shots that I mean it's embarrassing. We'll let them know what. And I didn't I didn't want I have to I'm proud of Todd Kara because he sat there as I ahead and talk to a guy throwing the ball. I was gripped in a masters it was great entertainment I spent the last two days. Watching. Golf one of those weird soda like you like about what forty of them forty million other people whose country about what 2030. For millions it is the best sporting event of the year. Maybe the Super Bowl. It's a good one map be good Ryder Cup Padilla every year it's going to be a problem erratic year terms sometimes that's not. That close. And this was against Danny will have been matches tonight Greek theatre is was not this was what they would like three shots that was good whose group collect them he was in the clintons have drunk. A sniper scared I thought it was great okay we disagree I appreciate good golf a good golf tournament you don't know what caused a good one of those people that they had. You wanna know why the answers to whisper. The masters while say this or maybe you're getting through this election finish your puppet masters is seen as you know my favorite event of the year. I'm watching it in hospital all we economic phone you have the flu which has had a flu. And it is now almost very nearly ruined from the masters almost. Bludgeon it. Doing the best he Casey gets ruined it gets in the way and the thing that I mean he doesn't bother me as much as the people who think he's special. Again I think you might expect her again. I give Tom current credit I'm sure he did a wonderful all he did fine. I'm sure Dave O'Brien is suffering I'm sure. All of that mr. beautifully. I'm sure it was suffering. But its chest and outs and just watching a game. Why is that any more special and again writing about a game Tom Karen stepping in here for Dave O'Brien and Jerry Remy which may. Appeal brought compete games or aura Michelman were sick. When and we give and am now someone else would pump up the sport currently yes and what's the difference Dave O'Brien Tom parent what is the difference when you show brides really good you why I like and so it's there's a difference I think Tom carriage really good at play by play. Yes I know you've ever heard I heard on Saturday to me emotionally and what you did I I I did listen I didn't listen to every game Kirk. Oh listen shirtless of course baseball is best on the radio it's a baseball town right now right at once and I listens to our guys. You know on the two goes into the games on the radio for us yes it is spectacular which I agree but. Based on the radio that's how it was meant to be you're Jewish right. It was great it was awesome. But again it the these guys. Should have gotten flu shots including vehicle and by the way I gotcha and then it would have been OK the problem was swept maybe an on weekend maybe. I kept looking at. As Colin bereavement re bereavement leave and wondering did one of the other one's team as I've afloat clue what we know it's historically it's happened quite a bit right. I if I honestly thought rob text Emmys Saturday said the parties refuse to weed out the chronicle died from the flu right passage for a second source. And it bit I guess was close I mean it was in one point auction go to Pacman ice. Wrote that that buckled the snicker followed him brought Cole feels he felt awful. Nick. But you know Brooke hopeful for maybe accidentally. Said Rocco came back the DH but he feels awful. It happens the law office. You know fields of Libya us and say buckled said he felt awful its confrontational. You don't know who beat her neck. Nobody knows nobody knows how sick a guy is. Heading into the Red Sox clubhouse is perilous these days it's. Reporters were even seen interviewing Bennett and he from a distance Saturday from left fielder bombing in the sixth inning game paralyzed and felt well. The coaches of all gone through some fees to the sickness of a war course on. And you know for the rest just suck. Where the conflict go at last. And me. At what point you know they did to the Red Sox thought you brag about sit there are two times a while they. Well to make it yesterday with us I think I think he did it if you look at the forum that he sees he didn't come back until November I would bet particularly bad strain of the flow to the missed the seas and you'll I think he definitely was throwing up. Here was floored by. As they sometimes have to sweat it out brought out there to feel better yes Gatorade right but at least they salvaged a game they've been swept at least juice we so we police themselves and they've been swept well. Welcome on the review public players that beg off that game out of the game off of sickness hall of Famer battles through it that's it that's right ultimately that's that's right O'Brien if he ever wants to be in a hole I must learn to play hurt too we don't. Jokester you know my friend would never ever ever missed a game now. I don't know. You know people must all day would miss one for bereavement leave he. Which is to use it that's no doubt it's like you wouldn't be where we get tiger bullet here we power off. But that there. One blog and he's done talking Red Sox. Talk and everybody goes back to it because it is a Red Sox Jerry Kelly Wilson and so I will say this revving Brett faxed amounts of fifteen. Correct just fine I don't think he picked surge of our human masters in the right usually have an expert I don't we have did either. It now. You do not I don't believe I believe your little sock puppet in the tape he did not who he always does. We talked a huge blast that wants it's not like this is how pathetic can land it is you hate you so angry that you mean the jeweler was about play great you are you're occupied pathetic sorry excuse for a man can only because of July. And I get a prediction right or mutt you rob look at that jacket baba who Obama Rodney Leisle but I'm only on me or someone like me gets the prediction right what. Kirk tells god can lead to edit the cat that ever happened which are does she does and that's fine. And laughed and laughed that Medicare when you when you get right Kangas. How much like Turkey picture show so you don't we all right and and would have been funny here if you changed I don't care about that Caribbean right that would have fought here. You wrapping up the mess I'm used to guess who else to have a vacancy Sergio Garcia might resonate that I was pardon who was in which it was very important to him but the Egyptian rights and the first thing he said decay and was kicked it in the open. And I thought we mocked that. I did and I got a point about the rights how often can we keep stripped last time I called the Super Bowl. US tend to change it did not he did in half and we all have a good laugh at every younger boys had a prediction right. And this too which is pathetic I think that's sock puppet to this deal. I don't know buddies it would it would would you agree yes I'm ready Isabella Edwards. It would have been funny here is that it had he had that's trump backed instinct he's just afraid if you. He's it's your little servant in little may answer your little hand made it's kind of sad if that girl man is sort of the host of Sunday skate and new father with the broadening my stuff and it's taller and bigger younger. And so afraid. It's like. The elephant for advocates I think it's just a matter of respect personal Kurt thanks direct you know he loses way. This job and to be honest I think at the station to be honest with a lot of people around Ehrlich. Phenom on the rare exceptions not afraid you most people are free. Well I know for a fact personal major props to Ken Leonard who's in Saturday's ski flew I was proud of these and I I I between this problem told us told someone listen I've met again the streets and check out kennel is rare animal there talking hockey I understand rear admirals late percent of the honestly what Japanese political pros overflowing at the school working overtime at the school really. There have said teachers stayed over equal get out of the wars on Saturday and teachers. He works just sad event that the best thing about being janitor in the school. Hours. He meant that ignites. Actually I have more respect for her Atmel significantly. Liza because we're rumbles of Manny he will stand and stood up to me attacked me. On Twitter a instant thank you to think that as we already have rear admiral and Erekat look forward to during this playoff spot and Freddie is absolutely I don't think Colin Curtis is a fan who stream of those runs school and sort of makes the point with fu master artist and I don't think he does not out of not Arnold that is most feared for the TV coverage as I applied all the kids give solution but unlike all the Red Sox or is it a personal. It's that he's done is pathetic is that occurs is that this just isn't just an advantage of sex it was a mistake the mistake though no you very happy with him. Fact. He would he would if he ever edited to make you actually he's he would be in such fears that you would come after you would tack him. That you would be literal practices that gift cards. Centric and that or so I would hate. I would hate it Belushi and Jerry I would hate to be thirty holding 37 you're. Thirty older than Sergio Garcia join us and and you arts afraid of this little. This little pencil necked geek over here and he Frazer is now it's fear second here to divorce afraid of it looks to me is somebody who you know he would like it to me that's correct and that's this problem that put. I'm I'm I'm actually kind of glad because the only reason we get anything he wants a free trip that's the only reason we get. Any respect and while building up I was afraid you a tea right now YouTube again many power and your whole retirement to in the radio show from next week Tibet's. Too bad personal sort of stuff on one day and so I'm sitting a money we get I'm not even gonna wake up until like five of six Tosca who says that's. I I don't think you looked at the time I checked certain Pachulia then the grandparents and Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and if you. And Chris should just stay in bed. All of embed this past the marker that's a good idea and Republica. The Dick smothers and Yoko Ono and John that's next week yeah week from Wednesday and we have it's a ticket confirmation on flights when I was real and so far nothing nothing. That's all right Chris. You have nothing and updates credential requests are due today and I haven't heard anything about those being sentence so much or not. And he's good on the for days to hang out. I'm McNabb or who have of these sealant sightseeing when nineteen I liked museums response yet. Yeah we go to new museum so credentials I wanna go there credentials supposed to be sent today tempest dribbling nothing yet. I am offered were about to hit it pretty well. It's issue number it's not and I'm glad that you'll be the one handle the and of the official Dennis and that's the official Kirk and violent tantrum that's your job that you know what else now I need that. From Baghdad to all the time don't do it while I do it once. The bill that would haven't hounded direct hit me the authority African vote phantom had Joey when he screws us and on this trip here segmentation watch. That's fun release on somebody goes that's fine I mean do you there is nothing hate in light more than a boss who thinks he's doing you favor. By sending on the road for a trip and that's you know if line you know not a stranger enemy wants and it was that was the quote from our. Former boss to talk to Cox ports for a hate talk sports talk about sports. And sending us the Super Bowl them chesterfield is that we close out all right just a heavily there was that early Sylvester just 4569%. Of us and we were like why can't we went in and an you know toys all the time in Boston Herald Boston Globe mean. Other publications send them they'll all be sending someone DC website sensibly there well when clarkin in the gold standard right. I mean we heard these guys talk much true the Bruins put the capitals in the playoffs were lucky they didn't want the tiebreak otherwise I'll talk correct correct. If that if the capitals in the Bruins played he'd be in Washington next week. WEI dot com and send somebody to DC to cover the game all week but we'll DC of course. Mean there are limits. To the budget mean we think this place is made a month now know Selena Tai Anderson go to Ottawa for game one. That's the question you don't go to should go that's important ties there covering this is absolutely who who else I am annoyed he's the other cancers are. The guy throws speech he beat me up for these guys that are asking me these jobs are radio station when asked me I will never hear Patrick why can't go he's nice I like it always says it. Desperately to Kenya yes that's true I talk about the players because he's less honest you have to go you would go at somebody he's like Mikey he's TC such an ice. But it happens a lot and ads. Think the hook as an audacious. Move to vicious triggered by teaming up. Right good chip to chip came out there were run Tom Carroll with this car and hypocrites jobs do you mean that anybody who gets not the case. And that's why deals could you gotta be competitive. Does that mean beach. Golf game from from from the studio from watered the NC dale know something Jack it was. Would miss a game with the flu now now. Jack and he's already in enough. Now he would be there he'd be eaten from bar and talked we're doing of course right hockey baseball players who hosts yes their. They're different and to do this but if you imagine you know Logan Mankins is something missing the game he's throwing up. Now he would do what's hot to a on the field would do wouldn't. On the sideline he would play. Mean they're different it's opposite of sick of significant price it's what's up until Saturday night. 790% I don't know is that 13135. On the Red Sox flagship station W televised I think it's only available on the ruling on the radio bulletins for its. What you want a third Q watching baseball. On TV we can sit around the snow never ever ever ever seen a baseball do you want to. Think I have once once in awhile apartment vampire like grandparents that he and watched it once that's it I'm gonna Carlos is radius of one hand what time's the broadcast will fly 1225. That's Mike and ask you print music group run and three in good line so another day off for Dale Hall in the affidavit for or wait for you Maloney. Cases. Hell. We gonna get what went well when we get these bonus days off from there it's actually go to Japan next time that we have won games I used to get Kelly. Throwing up yet except for. It. It could come down to do that I did not eat I have never seen can do something that you weren't you know that's what you're you're flying missiles it's that's good and I'm glad to step and a little bit out of Turkey shadow that's good football or miss a couple breaks here and there Bubba Watson went to match you're right rob is right in this situation on Sunday was for Acura. Victor who do you have any who give women. Any. What Danny Willett the annual you know had to stick around did Jack mister here's an arrangement Saturday missed the cut he said there's watch him on language in the contract and you play if you win you have to stick around they'll never leaves only reliefs he was on the range and you know it's few and he always been a steady buzz to look at this and I'll smile. And he looks like any cars and it looks pretty. Known British. I Rasheed does it to anybody on a Bardner you just like you know with the bad teacher in the cigarette boots and find dirt on his face yes. And I'd like it was good champ whose brother was crazy members believed targeting everyone on Twitter. I like them this is a good man ever remember when gas and ash is not a great masters which was great he said every year and now. And I think it's great every year I don't think you know people can surge of credits Sergio. It was handed this masters by Justin Rose you and missed the putt on sixteen was off four feet. Missed the putt on eighteen it was we were like five feet autos and why vomit just voice like I can just miss apart was that to be Putin and his foot joys that I didn't want audiences. But you implied it no I think you know would you say that Rosa helped Sergio win this. Rosie OU seven I would say the middle of fairway puts a second shot in the bunker I would say Justin Rose shortly 67 on Sunday at the masters that had a six fell shy of 696160. It's. 69 on Sunday at the masters yes that's a choker. Sure he knows the Tonight Show kind of zero show posted huge city and the to a citizen more story of guy I significantly claim this Fella you know. I'd call a surge is part of an eighteen the first time. I mean but I think 165 feet. The masters in this be utilized this outcome of the masters I mean he always feels like a day. Showdown over eight foot ballots in a way African doubles eight foot putts I mean if you. They'll hit the three fours you know all of the four fours just what they do and no one it's twenty footers consistently. Put that's why that Ricky might win this he have two strokes those and it floated and it and maybe it's because he's. Does so quickly and he just stepped up and hits some but he's he's a quick he was never gonna miss possibly six yesterday. Seven was officially answered yeah that's 8000 close calls I think they did they give the benefit of that make it longer and what was roses and twelve maybe ten rows looks like I thought roses and hit his surgeon who was gonna miss football miss and then rose missed the same pot. Again which was awed us apart at that point. So it was a lot it was it was not that I mean I overreach the parts like I don't miss it though you're right. In India detonates over the walking up to eighteen you watch is it. Wall while rose is walking up eighteen Nantz said you know he's waiting for insurgents walk up to agree about doing it in his caddy club. Pete Rose you're right letting them have a moment when a pot grows our rose who was whose hit that putt a thousand times in his life who already had once who's putting on the truce greens in the world we heard it say about it. Yes I heard Nancy want things. It did. And admits he didn't rewarded for me like opponents. Sox but he is what I can't and again I can't handle soma says he's so good he's so great you know he made that Malta opens an. Why why why is that tournament. Was handled by Dan hicks show on the public Domingo. What would be the difference I mean I know George H. W. Bush thinks the gym at the more G enhances we'd all enjoy sports more to tell. Back to win this eagle many Connecticut you know doesn't you know there's a masters dot com coverages Roger idled as being different he didn't know cut no it be better next my opinion when Sergio as the winning putt right there the the birdie and making them we give that good that did that annoy you to yes. So annoyed by the C I was waiting because I knew he had. It'll line obviously Garcia had a one. Rose missed a scene as two putts to win in. So he's already. Right and he's ready to blurt out that line and Jim Nance has crossed that threshold he now thinks that those idea how many patrons were pressing yesterday. 50000 app problem. Those 50000 people those twenty million viewers are there for him. This is about him Sergio is just to small bit player. In his grand drama that is a vote that is about him what I love is you know sixty years yesterday in nine months ago Allen forget Louise by stairs had sex. And you know because of that surge just putt went in I'd love that stupid masters how many times at the time Olympian said his birthday. If you. You idolize. Larry for sport Bruce Springsteen September 123 and he's at that point third if you did so on that date will will we do is show that it's a good show. It's special because it's Bruce Springsteen December of that in the seventh every year and I give Sergio created even play along he's had you know it's my title all but isn't there ago. And I'm so happy I won this es he's he's been said before masters and majors by nineteen masters he finally wins once he wins it overtime extra holes. It's dramatic as hell. And they think it the drama is enhanced because. Seve Ballesteros if you didn't die sixty wouldn't turn sixteen and programs that big of being really maybe it's bigger conference whatever is Israel Richards. But Sergey gross Garcia. Had more important things to think about like like his own legacy like its own accomplishment. Like all athletes it's about him you spend all right here who's covering the masters in Augusta which Awad. Now cars you'll never have to wonder about that began Garcia joins us to childhood heroes Serbian or publishing we Spain is to win the masters and Garcia one day. It would have been advisors to sixtieth birthday. And just over an Arab gymnast loves those things by the way. You know out call. The fans fans hate basins and which is amazing that these amounts is never slip up or you know why they cannot. Why understand what's still when you look at the crowd is sporting event. You never call them fans it's an incredibly is up for herself and I figured they have a delay that if they say fans it's like saying F. You you know likes wearing bright and neglect and yes I mean they never call the back nine the back 92 it's remarkable the discipline of these and announces. But you can't call the fans fans but you can call. The goal was gladiators and tell me which is silly. What is so it's tough to this eighty Jim Nantz calls to golfers on these two great or heavy eaters. By the way. Just like in the movie. The Spaniard on its troops manually. 61777979%. Who played a key theory to me it's Sergio colors while Brad Faxon said fifteen. We'll talk about the respect I do week we touched on this a little bit maybe Althea remember. Between now and now a week from today that's right we could and yes that's or. Just how and I am this year one of these guys not ride I I don't have to stick around we if you finish true. His body would Elvis this Patrick down stuff. Yes. Does it feels like there's more of the sport I know I've read personal. Question did to Gilbert did we get. Yes we did we touched on a little good and eyesight tweet about the chips out of a problem at all when he fourteen year old business that allowed puberty blocking. I think it's wonderful as someone else to be an issue of sensor in would you elect. You're fourteen year old. Get a tattoo. It's a note would most. It was decent players and now 99.9 or later the New York Times appliances when a doctor blocks puberty. Rate child right and her eleven year old they give them pills so they never when they don't reach puberty a topic and restrain them. He she get a big bottle that are the blog it is per gallon on Monday. And Nance cultured soy really crazy we get back Nance is ruining the masters. And back. Wants to give Sergio the stage. This is a little this is love match point two bedroom window. We'll just say match point that's the pressure about Justin Rose has still holed up just. He has seen this just minutes ago and now. Person gets a chance to do its. Location it was. I challenge anyone to come up with a bigger heart of America. We ever see you can never say that football game there's talk different even for Nancy the masters and felt that it did in the gulf without loosening for immediate. Rose has a twelve feet for par he makes it surge about a week three putt in rows when the masters. And I don't think it republic assert your life certainly would to pot sure. Allegedly did your roster was ball you know out of bounds and order ever taken a playable was getting very in his seventh shot right and they didn't let him made enumeration of patient but I'm born and I want insurgent went through he gets for did you see with a post of that herald most of the bogey. Placement nuts he's not supposed to root against people like that of ash and that's what the patrons are doing careful if a bank bank can. Offense that takes its ruling. Did you implement a sandwich history and yet it's only Dahlan and cheaper. Pump up public Torres who tweeted out that masters thing that he the differences in essence is racist just with two. The name of the matches right. So it's racist it's it is a huge by any watches him include Jim Nantz and that's a good example he thinks his words are more important and Sergio and Justin Rose shots right. His words matter more in the gulf on the course. He's reached that point he's gone around the ban were so self absorbed that nothing matters quite so much as the words he chooses. For the final putt I and and he got to par or stepped on he stepped. The pot meet the whole thing published seven or people white. I mean you're not talking I didn't think he was pretty puppet shows a chance to blow well before personally very can be easily roll can be easily but don't let them or go right click on four feet and then that which is longer than that but Dustin Johnson missed pollute the US open yeah of course Tom it would have been fascinating to use a favorite phrase but. Com the putt rattled in and and as just can't help yourself if you spit out like his guide to golf syrupy golf just. A melodrama. It's a caboose of a bad hands and the movie at the play by play Guy Stewart and rip that. Says the winning putt by surge others say this is what. 1213 foot putt made them less I think than the one when India Penn State and putting them funny checked them. At. Out of the play awful fun. The missed bullets were twelve feet and seventy right rose and Sergio okay. And cut that there were shorter but whatever whatever here's that seven fears not said here's the weird the winning but. Yes the little lead a little short short cut. This isn't the chickens have now. These story lines groups and they happen. Time and time again in your case but it is a one. That's not a sucker for Pakistan free agent played golf for four days. And I left scores and their really goods sold and if a hundred guys playing their all really great generally three or four guys to play better in most guys you know we can be really close you know where units is sitting where he involve the or sitting. In the tower correct. Of the power than Republicans have an update call from the how. Well if they don't whine hell's he was excellent golf lets you think financial listen to all the fans are still talking about normal people you call it decency thick inches so close that he needs. So that's my point. Wherever he is he's not gonna distract anyone if you just talks like this looks like you and I talk right now if Nance advancers topped views are talking like that. And you're in the room within hours user key patents used describe address sex about when to be able to be aroused and it's a good question I can be heroes with those surges to answer to me like there. He should be used to describe it hurts in America was talking bushy she's occurs check this she somebody's cousin. And I was shocked that it's to hammer that's appropriate against a good question could see half it to have perhaps. That's a good question hue than anybody told star purple and a you know put some clothes on the lady certificate certificate to prepare. It could become. In DC home and I believe that's. Campbell's. Just put down a path. To it. Let's get let's get via its escape I guess I am return Terri to. Repeated. This one. Holes. Time is too. The golfing heroes thing. The specialty. Stuff out. Do remember when it tones about the beginning of the movie out of the furnace. Yeah into the sauce I mean I'm from sleep without it this weekend when Woody Harrelson. He's such people yeah and it in the chick last says group for the last weekend's mad. And he makes her open remotely shows that makes a guy our quote. That's what I want you name that's right there are some gym open tomorrow. Yeah maintenance beat that he might be causing multiple person on earth right now it's he has. It's the personal ties. Since insult left sixty years hospital and treated. Re about Paris. Talk of contraction pushed out. It it matters that he's birthday was October 11. Yes it would've wanted to nearly spit without having Els right in implement it would have been like since he's waiting that it is the anniversary of well O fumble you know. As for my dream. I mean does which ironically was about Chevy. This moment of a lifetime thing happened on studies sixtieth birthday. I does that mean you it's it's amazing. Pitch of whatever here we go. I mail my girlfriend I Gibson answered your crew was not that into. The researchers decorated companies that rapped W can mean two great mad to glad you wore black in the war violence and I think is a good guy I try to judge well the player when he missed the putt he spit into the cup. Yes he's done some goofy things and like as these two away angle things wrapped climactic gazans would get the special call. The golfing heroes to. On this special day. Many years. At first Sergio. I was talking before the ball went in all three if I would say if you watch on TV I would say. Three feet into the pot east. Stock to a I just hung up I was gonna point of for an Lundqvist is better than you are all purple Enqvist is accidental sense of humor. He knows he's he doesn't he's not doesn't sell these aussies eighty. He's a typical politically it does appeal McEntee he's fine he could do what he can absolutely do it. And it could do Emmitt Smith he could do put a trip was elected Michael Irvin could triple to the most cerebral game in retrospect it was talked to Maria in Watertown and Maria. Morning guys are more than Maria what's up. Hey listen any woman who crawled into bed next to Sunni Arabs need to have her head examined he is creepy as all creek. Serial killer seriously I mean I don't at this assume Mosul bill Riley thinks she worked for him right. Well what the hell like really that desperate you got to lay down next to that. He called local radical. Call one through color iPhone has when he's traveling yes in the paint the picture for you right now I've answered no Michael's and I'm. Out of our pocket I wanna recruit educate ourselves you he said yeah it says here I need to give Sergio some cred. Yes yes because Corky he couldn't he couldn't crumbled on that thirteenth hole that's absolutely true. Our rights and he gave part even with something happened to take I think it was not label and then that eagle on sixteen. Fifteen great you can't this ain't gonna Eagles on fifteen the first champion Eagles until fumble before he got ties to guess he knew it. He knew a guy. Hey great birdie or talked. Right you're right the guy who eagles' fifteen and then. Arms. Those 72 hole which to me the hard for the hole in the whole world pardon should revert. And then birdies it in the extra hole you can't say that I choked it is I agree I don't get seeded duke in the foot eagle on fifteen was from missed a great. I think that's Maria. No no no that's sit outside I have to say thanks at a time of we've got to have a great day. I heard you regard union in a tribe and eighteen books. Possible I could never ever for an entry page never agree no problem at all that that is the hardest tee shot the hugs look and thing. When they just hit the fairway I am amazed. That they don't wish of advocacy for carry it to me it's delayed the hill on the trees a lot of it has to go in the trees. It looks so hard when you. Make it perfect tribes still publisher of total you know Ballmer you got one me one designers don't through the uphill final score trying to find John Ron here. Don't somewhere. A theory that a decent week OK for 22 year old was first time. I guess that right and went larger reason I've always picked up his cause when he won it looks so easy form there is a mess right now he's too skinny to ease its skinny. So I got mad at the writer caskets and issues but he was right. Golf wasn't right he. It's debatable he's had writing is easier than golf I think the ball really hard about I would say right you're good on the easier and shooting 66 and August the envelope but Russian 66 in Augusta is like being the best players in the world among the best writer in the world okay analogous cut from the South Carolina I don't journal's best writer in the world could be wrong that Iraq could be ground. But yes it I think the ball really. I'd public can be counted in the mystic he's pissed him I ticket you get that worked out now on like these are deeply apologize for us with the guys. Bubba Watson here in the play I was trying to say the truth is making joke. What I was trying to say is making it would you agree with what a lot of varsity and I think that that's why he's so good the Dustin Johnson if you were as Smart as say. You right Smart is who's the smartest person you meet. Wells who's second Smart which it's not in his daily Smart Michael McHale Dale's wicked Smart Michael Marty might Michael she. Might go Mike McCann. I think it was Smart as they are that or is we are home. That he would be as good I think some of us at Johnson is guys are pretty Smart do you think Sergio it's. Second language club is now I think Sergio is Martin Bob do you do you think Dustin Johnson of any film that's let's affiliate uses him in one China say. Nick joked that's one of the best players in the world right there right now. It helped generate lots and Rickie Fowler's strike means is that well is they don't I'd like them and likewise towards a response because. Jordan speed it's not that I'm more of a majority you know what and I'm officially we think he will be. You know you can win fourteen news. Is eventually going to be head case might RW. He's a great play any theories to nerve. I think you guys who hyper yes yes but I think it helps doesn't. Mean you can't play if you're Smart you can't compete with the Dustin Johnson when yours films Dustin Johnson should sit down that's mean what did Dustin Johnson is ready book is an adult a little over at Selena. He's one of those guys who sits on the planet or just maybe watches the office and as stupid. No men's room may be men's fitness when he's in it right. It packs that you have soups you know a couple of drinks though he's never read a book he read it now at one maybe golf digest. And lots and try to write article. Doubt be very hard I ordered. I would agree I want. I like him a week's quirky but I he's he's sign. I and I think that course has made him that's the horses for courses yes when you agree he wins. Those holes but this 530 yard par five or change that probably Mickelson to will be one of these guys like couples like them and fifties though the plane. For couples would send it right Fred it is the first pitcher to pick them. Like I should have picked Freddie to win intimately remind you know he's not concerned about stuff for I've heard him though I was supposed to. Told suspended due to storage room and and and I Eckert canceled the last minute as closely watched football games with a bit. So I've read a lot of us and he is not the he doesn't over think he seems well. Six what 7779. 793 sentence Kirk and Callahan on a Monday Bret actually join us I'm sure we'll do this marathon sort they made we will and won't want to do it. As the week goes on on the use hormone story. And as high school culture right it's it's a it's an odd story. One of Braintree yes like the best team in the state right best matches every couple coaches and an amazing job she quit. She quit because she couldn't handle the parents well we certainly did but he storybook. Coaching in Paris that then wells and he stormed government and cents. That was the Genesis of it that's correct yes oh that's right that's right I don't think animals that I'm confident and I think you'll like him actual discussion of Hoffman who like him can happen if you want our. That is per gallon on Monday we'll be right back. Imus a 2810. Patriots. Lego 3113. Team what team Steelers. Lamar Hunt drove me the American football conference champion. You know I'm I'm at right now we just working out for good hitting good job attempted. He's plays out analysts had so there's resolve business. Do you talking to me it's one thing to be you know like a fan boy you know Olympics like Springsteen Larry Bird there or Sergio Garcia. Imagine being afraid of Kirk my name being being in all of curtain and that's sure Blair's life Urich is almost your age he's bigger than you. Is that why it is a child and that he when you walk behind he's like. And off. It's it's. We're good friends is set them but if I'm on my dollar and we've bond to be good friends. Sergio is odds were it was a rather go look at it hasn't quite put it can't hurt them. What kind of part of Detroit. It's four wheels. You know and went to divert that to Honda Civic isn't announced on his Bert than. At this early December 1 correct yes December 1. It's see plays along in the English only how. How is that is that your birthday. What I wanted to do that those parents and Ashley Sergio was eleventh I ask Kirk I'm my brother was getting in the pool for the I'm giving you credit. It to pick two players outside the top ten. And of course bolted. Kirk McCain beat the eleventh ranked player in the world you pick the twelfth. In which one that I dropped mr. Ramos well I told to that rob was apocalyptic and I've but I'd been watching golf like that watch or golf yes he's hot roms off unlike Dustin Johnson. The DJ was the hottest guy in the world almost second homes in my opinion. It's been his first time playing so it's kind of a launch on that regard and again I watch public it looks easy for him has that looks. Really I think Sergio because it was a little different is guess who wanted to put a gun in my head Thursday morning at approximately XP and I would watch rose. You definitely these tucked and the all right here's top ten world. But watching speak on Sunday that was that it's ought watching him he's happy he's but he's good for the game yeah as a person how compelling figure. It looks like somewhat of a head case yet cost himself all day yes he's a little too hyper right. Or is on good you like people around here who have some issues or had cases and yes and it's about meal under the caller I do I do. Which would lead as quickly here to Christian Arctic to right we mentioned having trustees of their personal call for Carey shot it down. Right I can so I went. Yeah that's what parents are paying attention to the now just for the record I like our Canon one of them in here he argues me about your prime miner can't deal with four hours and you don't like on nightly didn't like him like a mouse now I realize that Ross is too late to get him away. We can't get him and so our understanding is the Christian ark and his men as we it's are we allowed to talk about this. Survey numbers but not a good enough we'll ask for forgiveness Slater says that yes it's yeah famous line yes. Arc and we think it's been a suspended or ice for a week. A weeklong. Non error situation our personal Christian Arkin we believe has been suspended for a week from WB yeah we get back and tell you exactly ones like it's. We don't understand exactly what he did but that's but it could think is that we knew how to do what he did however the deal water.