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Saturday Skate - Bruins Playoff Outlook

Apr 8, 2017|

Guys talk Bruins playoffs after they lose to the Capitals. They go over how the Maple Leafs last two games effect the Bruins. Ty also joins from the Garden later.

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All right the Bruins are men they are and thanks to that six game winning streak late in the season. 188. And one under Bruce Cassidy and 47 games after the coaching change. Barry in the regular season as the day how are you feel about it they'll. Say backing in but sort of tumbling in with a couple of major injuries to discuss rear admirals to join us here about ten minutes or so he's make his way over the facility. Tai Anderson RB report WEEI dot comes at TD garden data card old reliable is here stick in for civility and a the any you've got the Intel the recruit is indeed out from first round at least likely out I guess that wanna put words in your mouth yeah. I know I'm climate now it's not good at all and I think whenever you dealing with these cypress knee injuries. Obviously at some point it comes down a pain threshold that's not to knock anybody that that. Looks at it and says hey I can't play its usage is not working for me but it all went when you get a diagnosis and they put a timetable on it you know at some point. Yeah you can't just rush back wit and I don't care what would be pain threshold this cell. I went on the arron is that this is worse than data de annaly said data they right away. I Cassidy said that putt on here this is worse than day to day and expectations at least that he's gonna miss a first round series. Possible first second round series if they get fair but if they're planning capitals in the first drop out and expected in the second round. Well we don't ultimately capital yet if you lay out the and your show them and Toronto's got two games left against teams that really have not much to play for Pittsburgh tonight. Columbus tomorrow both of those teams are locked in with their currency things like if police get three out of four points. Able pass Boston and play Ottawa in round one. If they get two out of points or less the Bruins will stick it they'll play the senators Wednesday or Thursday. We saw the capitals at least it'll form of that today they were a total full strength now that they're obviously in good pressure trophy team for a reason. Is it possible new look back wellness and we're gonna blame that Brad marshy and growing tapped for cost liberal is an easier first round matchup but also happy I tested tap the am trying to be nice under the pile on at this point. They've looked shell last two games offensively they're a mess without marsh in a lineup they don't bring much. Com telling into the got reporting it's laudable but that's that was an Ottawa team right for the beating Thursday night without Erik Karlsson in the lineup so it's a it's a bit disappointed back in. This way and if indeed Toronto passes yeah I think you look back at marsh and situation and say. What are your leaders terrible time I don't want to gain the clinch that titan but it cost you may be in Ottawa series steady going appear as the number one. Yes and I know because this game it is going to be fresh in everybody's minds go into the playoffs and if you play Washington in the first round it'll be yet even more fresh in everyone's minds. But when it comes at a much chance suspension which by the way I started said multiple times like I think the league got it right. As it was more than a tap he knew he was joined and he's a repeat offender but that said I don't want Dan I would get with his two game suspension is Thursday night against Ottawa. I mean it's a one goal game. And when you on this in yard top goal scorer and a winnable gamut almost. Not only did you mission in regulation you miss moshing and all the time and animist and again in the shootout. And on top of that if you want to point the finger and put some glam on the Bruins in that loss to Ottawa the other night is if they. And again. This kid days may once they clinched the rate dipped plan the senate is again. Who cares what happens today against Washington right you'll should've won that game the other night and even without washing and we in this console much. I had an opportunity and assured Arnold can you tell me. It IU is upset about that shoot out order against the senators the other side is I am Drew Stafford and Ryan's opponent to begin. That's a did when you leave Bergeron Krejci on the bench for that. And they're looking back at the coach don't you got. We got awareness that this is what's going on. I don't understand how you you go through that game and don't give at least one of those two guys a shot to win it especially it seemed like the strategy was gulf rival. Everyone try to go 50 just what you know would want five all Patrice Bergeron we sit on the benching him a shot. It's we can say we can complain all we want about this game against the capitals thing. It's that game against Ottawa Thursday night that to maybe. Really gets me fired up when we look at these Bruins team and perhaps look at them now haven't played the capitals in the first trying to we don't know for sure. Toronto does handle their own a in a bid they control their own destiny now. Blind you know you kind of want one of these last two landing to gain a more fired up dated when was that Indians on. Its interest imposter not with third rate yes he was it was stabbed a bit more impostor knocked. Yeah and today they didn't start Rask which was ahead throughout your if you if this was a game. You absolutely felt like he needed to win to avoid the capitals the wise to delve into and out they're not that he's been bad lately is obviously and it was six and oh. Since the recall committed to escape today. Bought Rask it's in the third period only because of flu symptoms so yes it's a little bit of on that. Yeah Jeremy amendment to cover the Red Sox had a bad bad bad block you know once causeway and they went the new practice facility next though does somebody. That's spread the floor of the Red Sox and the Bruins into the media are we saw employment immediately I don't. They just yeah just keep it go away from the T 30 I know that I hope. And and I mean if they would spot you would do this. They took adult and out he did not come back open at third but I hope that they disinfected the entire room while the team result plane third period. Because the last thing you should wanna get a Bruins is to have to deal with the Red Sox don't right now that's the last thing you want. Because it's already going to be an uphill battle you know what even if they play Ottawa. I know we would prefer Ottawa over the capitals at least I do and it probably due to. But let's not make it sound like that series is going to be a lock in the pocket esteem it's not going to be. Now 03 wanna get subtle this year they play that's a sale what from entertainment point of view idols rather see Boston Washington. Just from the just the pure entertainment value because he negotiates style hockey meant just. 0131 market up in the neutral zone and those are gonna be 21 games refer the whole series. Yeah and I guess. Just to get back to what happened today with Adobe and obviously being sick I don't I don't have. Intel on the decision. It says Scott Dohmann over asked what I what I can't say though is I came to arrest defense. I won a couple weeks ago after at Tampa Bay game you know not happen again media let a couple to our bottles and at Tampa Bay again but any missed the next one Brooklyn. And people looked crushing sameness is a must win you know they gold backed an auto game last year. I came to his defense because. He has been the only sound and it's been an injury that he softening game one that. On the regular season and wrestling did and it they're odd times in which you know lot. He can't call. I don't know what happened today. What given affected couple weeks ago against Brooklyn there was something bothering him still to a point where you know he needed that extra day. I guess I just wonder if the Bruins a look at this staying on we don't have moshing and we're playing the best team only been on a much and we don't have proved we don't have a Jahri and you can roll your eyes that comment I want. But if you watch the Bruins are in his win streak a chart was buzzing around he was when battles he was Bruins hockey. Yeah and and when noticing him on top of those things. Yeah well I guess I wonder if they look at it and said what's more beneficial to us roll in to get in this game or is certain. And and and still it's going to be tough for us to win this one given all the other bodies when this and. Or maybe. We jazz see how good I don't I don't even plan put it. And that hope to get to get some rest and and also hope that maybe Toronto loses one of the next two. I wonder if that's what if I don't put money on a strategy that they took that would be it. But I do know that duke has been dealing with something and people roll their eyes at that but you know when you get injured the first game of the season and it forces you to play. I think it's only four of the eight games in the first month. You know it's it's not. It is not anything that is. Eye rolling worthy in my opinion. While if that's the case and you could be right now he's obviously he says he's you know going back earlier he's deal was something I am I mean I have. Yeah I mean I I have been told that he's been dale it's still is nothing serious that he can't play if he really pushed it. But it's obviously serious enough to cause the missile was a critical game there in Brooklyn as you pointed out at today's game. Actuary for the playoffs just in and of itself as he gonna be able hold up over seven game series play every other tighten it's it's something snagging them to that extreme. It's it's there it's gonna be here throughout the series will be played there not sell throw battle solvency to recruit and losing Brenda Carlton if we don't know along true. But I think that today's decision and again on CNN it's only. Wit with the knowledge that I Knoll. Tuukka has been Dylan something. Not I think today's strategy. Was more of a group decision. I I feel that way she you know all the bodies that they were mentioned. Nolan that they're playing the best team in the league I understand it's easy to get worked up about all playoff implications and you want it yet they wanna play Ottawa to end and they put their best foot forward to be able to play Ottawa in the first round. But that said. They knew they were thrown into this game they warn not gonna put their best foot forward because you missed in net leading goal scorer and in this and another couple key pieces in a char. So I mean. I have to. Us in the game yet to catch you off I'm not surprised Washington put. Their best foot forward today other than well they have ruled out they have hope they get my whole beat them but let's get in the full they were out there you read it and it art they were trying to send a message I think early. Well we'll while we take W guys out. For the series possibly starts Wednesday authors what's the message there no I mean I'm looking back on they wanna play the Bruins in the first round like apple. I don't know they were caught a plane again and I know it and they want it and and you wanna watch more than I did because I had a shell go on I was watching the masters we were doing some red sock your view. But from what I saw. You know outshot hoping I'll play in the capitals who play in this game in the finished in jacks you now mocking. Like a team that wanted to play this Bruins team in the first round of the plant. Was beaten and online zero. Nine times Euro yen close the last series they played which is it's a long time you know what when he eleven or whatever was that the seven gamer rear admiral sits in now. Russia Boston for a nicely done lets anybody that. That is the game actually tap ramadi has gone so the only kick me face out exit Jane let the city comes in real at a guy you know like any hey this isn't the first time we've gone. Nine and not at all Indiana you know little little reunion little exactly little little catch a reunion and we all or psyched about the proms are. Issues the Bruins I should prompt is you called this a couple weeks ago when the chips are down admiral you still had faith he thought they were gonna get in the have a me to have their dollar economies. Should. I don't give you may props audit and much credit but this in this case I do they they want six and wrote again in our you feel like they're a dangerous team as they head into the play out when they get martian accompanied back. I would help a lot better of them butterball open had to know last two with a defensemen I mean hundreds anything anomaly in the groove probably not be in the first round. Palo probably got a concussion that it lets face of these Magnus out of the boards and come back maybe precautionary but it did look like a good hit. I mean that's often means with a BC and act of what we thought we weren't gonna see him because a regular season ended but. I don't know him I got a couple of games of Providence they might get desperate and all we hear is how did that it is on the big stage what was the big stage of the NHL playoffs they might from doubles I think to be great. Pretty good story I wonder if they'll direct you to do that is still a grizzly in no Garrett I would guys that adapter I would analysts yeah I mean. It's yes one person they see he's ready and other presidencies and close I don't know I haven't seen him I'm not gonna pretend you know but. If if not you know it's going to be tough that's you know Cowell had been struggling quite a bit lately I think he hit the rookie wall and was competitive climate over. Crucially huge loss its he's he really had a great season agree it's a lose him it's it's a huge blow man I mean. You know you can see on the power play it is they miss him big time sooner than last couple games they've been. In the struggle and it is an Indy defense was the big issue going through the area and it in and you know they you should tip it's yet to be captain because they really did a pretty good job considering. You know the talent level and how you know how good they did he just played agree DT defense not of spectacular bulk of but guilty do the job they play solid hockey. But you know you lose like a guy that cal what two guys of that caliber and you know obviously breaks it makes everything now levels so. Now man not a good way to be going to be about a whole Toronto. Keeps his keeps the dramatics comfortably generously with Toronto they may well go to. Guys they've while they play Pittsburg. Tonight right right and and a point Columbus tomorrow correct. It's looking like Columbus is probably not gonna. It didn't Columbus. Isn't gonna bring. Except for the fact they've lost six in a role in need this sort of pat you know. Get that bad taste out of their mouth and and just try to right the ship the Padilla but I Crosby's play tonight but there are a lot of other penguins that are not so beaten half their lineup is in. I think Toronto wins tonight I think it's an economic gain tomorrow it'll be it'll be Toronto needing a point tomorrow against Columbus at least in overtime appearance. The past Boston play out round one which it's hard to predict. Release are young team they're way ahead of schedule anyway so. Exactly and you know they had a couple opportunities earlier this week to steal things and could do it in you know and only apparently caught popular refrain is not in a playful but. A tie yeah I sailed ten teams that there have corn corn up and play funny love nothing more than a spoil another team's season. You know we got guys like they always say trying to offer rolls next year trying to hit centers outside the bank eyes are gonna play you know that you know did you know behind the HL I mean. You know teams errors it seems the playoff shall look kind of like lolly gag through the motions but the team do you think I'm on the plate for the ones that go off the likely sport. Jump on Alicea on Saturday skates excellent 77797937. What got the Bruins back in and what do you make of the chances here as they do handy and without looks like. According to a gate guard to recruit likely for the first round we'll see about Carlo. The rest of the team. You know if they get our ship back. Which they will they are expected to in game one lines will fill out a little bit nicer sell the team that you saw the last the if you seen last couple games is it's obvious again be dramatically different from. When they get out there on the ice and rom one but it is the capitals. They are loaded and that includes the use Kevin Chad Kirk Lippold what it today we talked a lot about him at the trade deadline guys and to the Bruins obviously were interest and a pain in the high price. First round pick. Conditional second round pick in two players. But he's hoping to see the difference maker and he's. What it grows the love to have him now know Whitman but the mention any. Healthy defense that at this point with Krugman Carlo out that the any any bitter regret the dating to laughter. Chat anchored in Washington paid the price on him a couple Arctic. Now because they're a much better position to kind of golfer at all and they clearly did that if he has every single had let retains a part in jockey said they traded form. And abroad is on quite a it's all for the Burleson to kind of mortgage dot much of the future full a guy who's gonna bring you from middle of pacts on. Closer to a contender but not quite not it's not worth it I mean you know Washington gave up a lot Foreman the pro always have some great prospects and and I don't know that bring in Jack Corcoran got an obvious he would make the more dangerous but is gonna make them one of the top even three contenders in the east I don't banks also. You know it's it's one of those let's just you know role we got in and until we have. Yeah I think that leads to the other question we discard Bruins team when they didn't do something like that a deadline and it's like I even went some of the stuff they deal with let's say. Crew was LP let's say Colin Garrett today. And let's say blushing and didn't get suspended he finds a way to put in a goal insomnia night nailed a three seat plane senators in the first round. What would be a successful season for the Bruins. And I guess I look at it and I go all you know what just the fact that they got it from made us successful what I look at is next year. Which you can't bring Mac blowing up you know JFK. You know who knows who else is part of this team next year but what I wanna see this year is possibly knock Spooner. Fallen Milla follow the young kids much are you get them some playoff experience even averaged just one round. And to me that's a successful season for the Bruins and then next year you roll into it. Maybe you have a back up that can win more than one game of the first four months of the season. Don't look at a division winner and you look at a team this time around next year that has more experience on the Blue Line that might want the favorites to win at all I mean you have to go. I don't people have crush me for going back the first four months and using that to defend to grass but. This that is amazing to me win your first. 186. Wins to add 25 of those winds to the first four months you any production audio backup goalie. The division this year that's deploy and and the I would feel about the team that I mean I think next year at this time they can win the division. And it they might be a team that that is one of the favorites to to win the Stanley Cup with some of the depth they have up the middle. And with the goaltender who I still think is one of the best in the league into grass so to maybe expectations this year a little bit different right now based on how they finished. Based on the young kids that they have any organization. But get them the playoff experience and it's it's a success may. Just to get in. If they win a series a joke I say what joke mean I. But if they won one it's a it's a bonus from. You know what I agree with you sitting here now but they get swept by the capitals in Ottawa gets past Toronto around one you're gonna be it's going to be hard to say that it's two weeks right you're gonna be sand. I Ottawa team is not that good the Bruins. Could should have played Ottawa from one could have beat them then they're on a route to play in the Canadian hustle the like Danny this out of a great series. I guess Claude Julien and his new team so I think you're right though it is the success but it's going to be tough to say that they get swept in four games like capitals. Yeah I mean anything out if they Wear pebble so when the first round editing app that is gravy means of the first from playoff. When would be huge here I I expect them to become a third to division that's premature predicted and obviously in the playoffs the review gonna be dad all of them. The second while god shall I mean as a full point as basic no difference between the two of them. You know I I don't hold that adult again elephant with a gonna play Ottawa. They should be don't I mean did I don't hinted that he did have much success in the regular season but they're Derek. But at that not a great team they've you know at the plate applauds violent rely on radios and a lot but. You know if they were to get swept by Washington I mean. It up they lose. Four games by a collective five goals is that you know Hussein is out of its unsuccessful things sometimes I mean. You know I've seen some fighting series over the years being that some bad some of the more entertaining series and you know three or four games go to all the time and they can go either way so unique he can just log they lose in five games it's it's a bust because you know a lot of those games go shall. And Ohio is a lot to be determined I think I didn't Iran does not only when one of the next two games they still think the bronze in Plano or. We get out your Dana let me ask you this if indeed date. The organization views it that way too is this is a great it's a success for an even though the owner said he expects a deep playoff run and I probably deep down he's thrilled they got into the playoffs are a couple of gates saw. Do they make any dramatic changes with the core now that they're in now they they showed under castigated wants six in a row. Char still got a little bit in him you know it's not. Recorders or tanks still great defensively the PK whatever or my embarks next jets are yet as his price goes down creaky compliant. I mean all Rask greats he's the same corkum struck back out again next year no matter of one. I mean everybody's got a price. I mean. What does somebody offered for preaching what somebody offered for Zdeno Chara and he knows things need to be considered idled that you look at it and say. The entire teams untouchable. But I think if you are gonna. You know take a step to Lloyd's we needed to rebuild our line we didn't do it the way that maybe we should of I mean I shall go back to the way they lost boy chuck and Hamilton for draft picks and he dated retool the Blue Line. It the way they each the way they should of and now you've committed to the kids it seems and with the injuries all of mellow they like in an odd is going to be playing in the playoffs I'd love to see that. Ran and follow we mention Mac Voight. It's a nice little ritual with the Blue Line I would think that you want to keep you know if there's a way to get a talk for veteran defenseman. In the off season. Right then then I'll have to me you have to have that discussion with another team but if that's not available to yet. I think the acquisition you look at our McIlroy. You know the acquisition you look at may be used as she what you have with adult and I know he was pretty good down the stretch. And now people are doctors say they wanted to see in the number lie GNU is he's not number one and in fact the most of the season he was a brutal on the two. Posted a smoke and dust so I am just a brutal plummets so. If you can get a goalie a backup goalie that can win Wimbledon one game in the first months of the season you win the division. You win the division and soul when it comes to offseason moves to keep the keep the band together keep the boys together. Every man's gotta gotta priced you have to listen. But for the most part of the the acquisitions they make. Get McIlroy up and and get yelled gold it's like she's insane and I. We got the young kids playoff experience and I think already to attempt battle Montreal. And maybe even auto and actually a for the division title. DP thanks for second overtime half of admirals paycheck is coming your way at the end of the shelves are you ready for that we appreciate it this Saturday schedules sports rated a B I present about wise snacks AT&T also bring you to TO. And admiral you and I stick around Tai Anderson to check in from the guard industry gets out of the end of the I'm losing. It's not demoralized. Rumor there also could effect that. You could have a negative guys now are not at all I mean I think Kate I agree it is this is the successor India's playoff hockey come Wednesday or Thursday to let us know what you think what got a chance they have. What got to back your what got the Bruins it'll take your phone bills next six or 77797937. Saturday skate. It's hi Anderson in the mix here shortly from TD garden Kaliningrad Reuters studio at the Sports Radio to be I complex time admiral for our cheese doodles extreme player that we brought to my wise snacks were forced to be. Forced to be optimistic. With the pros and possibly which course there's the playoffs the Al record sure we're part usher who they will face in round one to be Washington could be Ottawa that will be determined by Toronto and how they perform here in the final two games of the regular season. Throws the Pittsburgh tonight. And Columbus tomorrow the three out of a possible four points to pass the Bruins. Otherwise the bees will play Ottawa but. This week as we last spoke admiral the when we were on last Saturday right after the Florida win the fight to win. Eight. Unexpectedly to be went to Chicago picked up a 32 win and it dates night game at 1230 game forty once say it's on delta and I picked it opened. Eight weeks at a tense on says the dog and with this week that was an unbelievable performance I did not expect to points for that back to back they got at that. Really when you look back on it was big win as any in the stretch. Obviously Tuesday's win over Tampa was huge as well special Marcia Angell out of the game they kill off the five minute major penalty and that they get four goals and Allen and you know Drew Stafford Kimmel live this week he scored a goal in Tampa when he scored the only goal in the Ottawa overtime loss which got them point. So I guess I'll go staffers went player of the week. Front you buy cheese doodles who we got. Odd look on with wood to audio boyhood build a night I think they'll win a lot of people didn't expect him to get that spot against Chicago. I stood in his head he was unbelievable at that game like he went six narrowed down the stretch so. He's a guy who eat like any dimension caddie come up bigger earlier in the to perhaps the Bruins will be about a position right now alas he didn't but. He he did come up big when a compass on an audience on Google this week. They get your t.'s total extreme players will be brought to my wife stacks hotter than 100 mile per hour slap shot to reach the show's 67779793. Said it's a weird season. Rask. On available in the win over the islanders. We lose big hubbub about it of course nobody comes in they get the win 21 marshy and goes out of the game with that growing spear. When it seemed like the worst possible time we need a win over Tampa clinch he Saudi missed two periods of the game five minute penalty they killed off so this team. Has its to its stars lay naked critical times of the season but the team rallies around one another they get the job done. I may be the end marshy and will be will be blamed for cost them a series against Ottawa and forcing them to have to play Washington around one. But he had a tremendous year otherwise Selby guys run pick them up a little bit and that's where you look at this Bruins teams say all right that they've got something they are little danger said the play out. Yeah absolutely I mean you know offensive blue note when their firearm or else also known as you know what they can do great she's up a proven playoff proforma. Shop cost and actually he seems like a tape if you don't give it to really have a raises leveled in the playoffs. Score is not the issue the goaltender is really not the issue I think. You know I think people wait like I mentioned go for the goaltender kind of break down all year and in Italy it they did it by committee well it certainly any should the stock. I don't erected Eminem a true number one on that defense anymore I mean jarrah is maybe he's a top tier guy but he's not the number one guy of fide musical for sure up. No they did it by committee but that's going to be did the real problem now again with the deal did he say and crew probably not going to be there for the first round. Frankly which some of our callers may. It jointly a lot of crew bashing the show throughout the year Daryn you know you don't agree with. Yeah he's out there it is by you know what I mean if you listen says it's enough of what we do and what checked Twitter or not you'll see. I mean everybody gets bashed its you know some rest and others but. Yeah I I don't know I don't know what people pick and a crew fought meaning that the guy plays well what what cotton balls like like you want he's obviously on the size he's going to be limited to what he can do physically his own and of course Shia. But he brings so much else to the table that you know in. And even that he he is undersized he still wasn't you know he still has worked on his game plan angles Morant play in the bawdy and a little bit born. You know he's he's he's he's dimmed the defenseman ma'am but you know people just gonna complain and people's comes to complain or ask in this town hall. Including our next scholar Fred New Hampshire I'm sure has got some a complaint said the policies of what's going on Freddie. It is nice guy knows what no icicle basketball today it we get to preempt at 730 is late. I've been. Jones in this. We are. The floor is yours very we run earlier last week. Yup. 3 o'clock they moves around yeah yes yeah bombs went to Simpson's. And anyway. These past they've gained you all night about it secondary school. I mean you can Nash. More walked Kevin Miller. Mean they stepped up and actually think this team deep into big time make it played like that. And but you know Tampa Bay that kill off a five minute major. In the crowd. Doesn't stand altogether. I'm wrong. Was dead there today Freddie looks like lifeless today. And you know why. We had not won eight okay. But you'd get to the shell you want to send this man is is the crowd. In this team wants to do it anyway. Crowded acted. They have. If any in this team that apple want I think I would like I don't stop and keep them don't want to beat people. Think you'll five minute penalty and no heavy stock split but the whole crowd should at the end. Why are you with the rank Freddie was less than you were down. It's been awhile. But is this situation is that this way and not do it but anyway. You know what he says. Content did not column that. Group now now now out oh how yes Carla said he. Matt is ten. Might you didn't smack at it from texting smacked it. If anything been done about every now and tripped and smack talking he went down markets but nothing could be done but that is the. Well it's the death penalty of the game it's I was interest and thanks the call for him to get some it's the wanna get in their Cassie against the a little shot at the rats after the game. Would you think of it it was he hooked it a little bit enough that knocked him off balance going into the wall that's gonna sneaky like the ice is its most plays way it could have been it probably should have been a penalty and. An F five hopeful for example of poker brat hush didn't it most certainly would have been a penalty I think. All bets in the heat it's it's you know it's a it's not a superstar league the NBA has but. You know you see Crosby gets away or allied. Real I don't bats and he's got to win a lot of over the years he's not I don't think he's dirty use credit cards Canada's notable behind the scenes stuff but. Well that's as a track record he's had some pretty dirty it's all so he does it hits and he still stick indicate he is big right armed. It one of those slip acclaim and it's is you know eighties one -- I got a hockey play in a raffle would've would've blown the whistle but yeah I was part of a little bit of a spot treatment yet. You don't marshy and got a little star treatment early in the year we thought he was getting some respect you remember he had coupled the width of borderline DeWitt to review he got away without it. It was impossible that that was soul. Visual but just. But that's the Tampa situation he had a black a couple of games services don't get around that. All of us via the speed yet and in Mike and I did people caught Kupchak like that that's not a Kupchak like first I mean I was SSP airmen were wherever. He landed him and I don't think eat. Necessary neck he meant to get an entity got their pretty square in the colonies but. He was scored a spare me the way I mean whether he Cohen solely Pollock Claude and they are not as a relevant he he spit the guy pretty bad weather in the belly button below. So that's just a bad day he either way and such an undisciplined penalty minutes. I think I did have I think his defiance of the passcodes is because he's just keep it in my shine you know like. You know I don't gay you don't like gets its TSE economy like Dan and I mean you know I get it is yet. You know you gonna take that mentality and beat out of five army but you know it was it was done I mean he. Does apple like a scholar at dom but you know it was a dumb penalty dot dump time that yet. May hypothetically of cost about a. Playoff position while if he is the capitals they got a couple guys including Tom Wilson whose son in action today Colin Miller put a good hit on him. It was at eagle came over and and boredom and got. Apparently fortune got five get through. And that Wilson went back at it if it's capitals and Bruins you'll you'll see some physical stuff that'll be a good series from that story like pointed at I wonder what martians like coming off the suspension. Capital saw the brewers today without margin in a way that could sort of law all the asleep going into game one of that series and that's what didn't have the I thought I would imagine marshy it is just that shot out of a cannon he is ready to go in game one. And it's going to be you know I was hair on fire and it in that game. Yeah I want that are gonna forget about these are you know an MVP candidate who. May have finished in the top three escorted via if you didn't you know have that spirit incident but right gusts of before Eagles season and today that show. But nobody watches are gonna anywhere awhile lives when he did today and they certainly didn't look while the ability available wild and it was liberal ones and I think that. He'll the last couple games they'd didn't have that the Spotify with particular Zdeno a lot of fight about I big advantages that a little bit of an exhale left them you know kind of almost play in must win games for. Although we will six and they were they 61 in and yell through before that there look essentially all must win games are lost or pretty close shall. I did was they they clinched a playoff spot they let they got down a little bit. Haven't said that you know. Yeah Marcia and he should come all fired up I mean after up against spent enough to put his team in a bad spot yeah I mean put that seemly faculty yeah and I think he's gonna do it anyways I mean he's been dynamic he's been such good play on here I mean he was unique kind of picked up back up apple a little bit of a dip. Are so he's simply admiral playing great before the suspension it's alive I yeah I would expect them just picked right picked out right up and he shoot enemies he was did the best offensive player on this on the team this year by fox. And I eighties that he do that to give my a chance regardless who they play too. Other points by for a New Hampshire one secondary scoring. Does this seem have or not. That final stats for the Bruins this year they had 910 goal scores okay. Martian 39 goals postured actress with 34. Crate she 23 Bergeron point wants it both at one Eagles seasons. That is a big drop off you'd doubts as Spooner and Dominic Moore both had eleven Chara in Frankfurt Toronto had ten. But Fred's right this week it was Stafford some big goals yet. The game winning goal Chicago was Kevin Miller the slight stumble for whoever else on that Kevin was unbelievable the great shot. Spiller had a goal in which got the game was a tip but yes and had a great season but he it was a big one but Sharia the breakaway goal last week to start the win over Florida. So they have had a bit or secondary scoring although the last two games they world noble one goal. You know each cell. I guess that would marching it was back and get the lines the way they want them they can spin it back to a couple of games and don't say we that's a better balanced scoring over the last two weeks. Immediately you're sitting at nine guys a double digit goals my ass and close to 4230. Goal scorers to twenty goal scorers back as you know is gonna end but seventeen that's only almost caught tunnels rocket about its when he. Yet Bryant's borrowed Dominic Moore those those guys are sport probation and a few locals out of the ship meal eleven goals. Think he should probably get between fifteen and twenty but you know who thought more was gonna get eleven this year. To Ciara chip they'll attend I think they got pretty pretty decent depth that it's not the best but. Basically you know the general to a solid front you know to shell lines and that's fourth line's been great lately you know that asks the Nash and at cherry. I'm dog mauled to talk more line that's that's been rolled pretty well lately shall basis that there are lines that almost that weakness right now and you know sometimes detective and a playoff content just kind of turn over to leave the old. Yeah team they play is gonna focus so much on the top two lines that of their environment you know what his salary and god knows what they're gonna do was Pulaski Stein isn't that reveals the show up to play it exactly ya you don't wanna be like you know what that the top two lines sadly it counted in this. I mean it's fun to allow open about it that it big twelve gauge being off at Sony faux. The third mind whoever. Cassie decides to use on it could step up and you know actually make of that I mean somewhat of a difference. You know it's a lot of time to see it would. Playoffs come around it and a guy like you only see blessed you've got and had a rough year did delighted it's a lot of times they they wipe out they do with the AJD drew. Like a Grand Slam lately kind of wipe out a bad deal once one. I will talk about some of the young guys suffer before back to Carlson got a lineup made his NHL debut. Broad persona his totals today will we see him again in the post season one about Mac avoid 617 sevenths and 97937. Its hi Anderson joins TD garden. Can't Lederer admirals Saturday skate Sports Radio that he. Ten Boston Bruins played their first NHL game this season and then the tenth was Jacob forced back a Carlson. With Boston University a couple weeks ago as twenty years old. Data out there any played a whopping eight minutes and 45 seconds they rear admiral wasn't they signature shelling and a sense he had a couple face us that sit in relief. Stand out to be much. But just back that he got in their pretty cool CM. Noble political local guy has successfully stay it local college guy as success in it you wonder. Whether Charlie Mack was going to be called up here in the post season now a couple of injuries not much clarity on Brandi Carlisle who left the game with the upper body injury looked like concussion. With a hit on from a desk in a period number one. And our date card says forget about to recruit in round one he's likely outlook the right knee injury for the whole series solar thin back there. Would you got a Mac voice in how about forced back to Carlson widget would each seat today do you think you'll see more of going forward here. I fought back a Collison from what I've you know read on prospect reports stuff he's not particularly flashy guy east you know woman that comparison. Will be total troop. To bigger and maybe use in this cup or trees spurs were on the style he plays or whatever but yet he needed really stand out today and our coaches you know he only played eight minutes I. I think today was just kind of frolicking out there and give get me to get some nerves out a way form now that first game and it's our league game but that was a while must win for the Bruins it was you know it was a boring game wasn't really a particularly exciting game. So you know to expecting kids are really do much of anything when the rest of his team really wasn't. Did too excited to watch I I don't I kind of puts a little bit of apart little bit of pressure on I figure you know we'll see more more of him and has as we do will seal a little bit more of what he can do. But yeah I would make anybody snap judgments on the kid and eight in eight minutes and 25 seconds of the game wears. Teammates look like it would've been rapist was some way have been rather idea that rather have been somewhere else the most began. As pro am sorry god smacked a boy Yani and that's the million dollar question right now like I said at. When we had an active role last week and he seemed to think you know McIlroy who's ready I know some other people who watch amount of Providence. Don't seem to think he isn't I don't you know I who knows what the draws attention. You know I don't yet know some people don't wanna bring that game right now for the energy level but it's like costs. You re gonna worry about potentially the half a million ball is a main involves privacy she is now wide right. Yeah of the three years and Alex gets paid quick ball the ball but he's the idea so that every year it gets paid more Jack Soviet tie him and he still you know what he's won it close and unrestricted which. You know what Mike. But don't act but actually he's not even see they still have his rights in Italy's police set right is currently forty years to correct or indeed the restricted free agent a year ago but it'll just be held at he'll get quicker to restrict the free agency in and make it more cash write it directly at a cost them some money down alignment its like. I don't think that's reason enough not you don't put the cattle there I understand you know the financial ramifications but. Him is that that if you need immediate exactly I mean if you're that age desperate and B think the kids ready. Roll hall yeah I mean and he's ready then you'll look great you look like oh you look like OK you made the right call if he's not so well lit up the only guy you know did little stake if he picked it turns out to be a sudden. You know he he makes great money restricted by the you know he's gonna make it anyways and I don't I just I just take a like worry five years now whine about potential. You don't muddy package might make you beat him at the cost of possibly the team now mean there's only while way to see if the kid is NHL ready and that's that's from all the. What here's the quote from last night where. Puts Cassie went down to Providence to watch the baby grows play last night Kevin dean the coach down their. Was asked how Mac of what looked after the game he said. Got him to present a couple times but didn't see him leaking oil in terms of closing in separating defending down low he held his own when he gets the puck on the stick it generally gets out of zone. I'd love to be a sediment he's on the ice he gave you the pocket full stride. So there's a guy. In the mold at least have to recruit that could spark some offense and Alaska Wii games without crew that was the game and a half they've missed. Yes and I mean I I wouldn't surprise me if they plug the kid radiant and it'll no one in the NHL seen him play in the NHL yet so that his element the surprised at. I mean he if he's as talented as well as we Arendt and like I said yell all we hear is that when that when the games on line this kid raises his level the you know he answers the call in the when the you know everything's on the lateral marbles on the line and he's like he did them to be you didn't win but screw that big goal he's. He shows up in big games and you know like I said has done does not a bigger than the NHL playoffs saw. If this kid is is that type of player now although he should private that vibe and he should you know he should want the park. And you know sometimes ignorance is Palestinian you know. Let's say who's been disappointing as a young guy any into the post season Frankfurt Toronto yes to date. Five minutes of final fight ice time. I forced back a couple sitting at 845 was like next lowest so you're you look at somebody barely played today. He's he's obviously in Cassie cdy council will but he hasn't scan me he was injured for four games he missed a little time there but before. He hasn't scored since February 26. This is a guy you are count on for some depth scoring it just has not been there is dried up he was hot for awhile and then. Bob it's often. Yeah he hasn't done anything he's he's kind of look like a one trick pony right now on this roster doesn't need any one trick ponies because. You know you got to do more than that yummy if he just going up and down of the wing and just snapping off I mean he does again only this is shot is NHL caliber but. You have to do more than that you have to you know you have to engage physically ought covered defensively and he's he's still are he's still learn his game we still young but. I don't know I don't know if they may be better of Iraq phone you know caught up out of brass from Providence and got back has been on fire. See what he has a mean if he's if he can bring a little more get to the game of the trial and throw in a market because they're trying to auto all these brave you know and and I don't even Ovie and his seven minutes that NATO with what we've seen of him lately right David he started with Krejci impostor night but also like a played with with that players he's just in Seattle one assists and swath from march 6 though now he's got one assistant a ball I think it was able fifteen games a so so. That's really it's not gonna be you're not doing federal for the team all they don't. I tie Anderson's out liberals locker Liggett his thoughts. See what he who we talked to a Stephen discounts he was in there yuk it up one million. Patriots Tom Brady was at the game yeah I already getting it right all he's you know I mean it's funny how assaults such likes look at vehement assault scheme event in Boston. And the draw is maybe they were all spot to be a little while the playoffs but the other don't have that right if you look at me I'm at this in fact but it bugged out of it's it was going to be a game three with the boroughs like the playoff return to TD garden they down 20 what's the applause what's it was to be near Tuesday night. DC flip a switch like yeah pretty New Hampshire was say no no atmosphere today in the other night. The building will be ready to thinks it out of Georgia even whether they opt to load balanced who all won one whenever I mean him you know may be alone services have been down regardless who they play but not have. 13 of all Bruins fans playoff time and they answered the bell this savages stated they spotted you know the penalty box the greatest Bob the north stock. All those places there are there early they get tired Taiwan on whether it's a Monday night or Saturday they'll be loud they'll be ready and they'll be rock and roll and. Tai Anderson joins us Ken their rear admiral Saturday skate Sports Radio WV. It's either the capitals of the senators around one for the Bruins. First time back here after a two year absence for stunt its 4014 to get a little playoff action will be Wednesday or Thursday night on the road. Senators have had eight straight road series in the playoffs for somebody to be hosting. For a long time since 2007 I think they hosted a series against the penguins make a case for Reno admiral. That you would rather play top seeded Washington in round one in Ottawa is there any discussion any debate here whatsoever which rather play auto or washing. I mean Ottawa and Washington is so stacked look you only pay rent for the league this year and it obviously the best team on paper on what they've done this year. I'm haven't said that you know a team like that it's just saying you know Bruins went brass stands in his head they steal two games in DC. All of a sudden all those ghosts from DC passers they creeped out and on these worries comes as an old Barry tried to try to put a put that story to bed. Would just press conference sustain you although that team has nothing to do it as you know that's not us Bob Bob Bob but it's like well. You have connective tissue with it to those teams and it's not just like a third a third line are all like us. The third period the units of it just dies you know yes stocks have been on these teams and of joked I mean no match can has a history. I'm not going far in the playoffs and and it's the capitals but he's there he's been the face of the capitals for a a ten years now have a cell. You know that that's that's a pile of their persona that's the capitals they they don't do we get a Donna playoffs and it's only do that's going to be it is so. The Bruins yet it would need to get an early jump I got to play the capitals. I and then they they like it and it adds a little bit but yeah man Tuukka Rask can steal a series it's. It's these 20 probably if there are the two best goalies in the league every Carey Price obvious he is in the head do nick and broad brush yet it would gold could. Seasons but. Talking like the last say five years I mean. Real raskin Braden hoping it probably two of the best three goalies in the also Craig Anderson presents much of a more appealing challenge because he is true is just the records that show like let's go back short time growing as well Craig can go to little trivia how short. I he didn't even play game he dressed he dressed he actually was a backup on couple game I think two with three games he backed up but I mean he was on a roster was like. One of these emergency backups but we had on Spitzer was this week that Zia capitalists and noses. As you build what Whitney building nodal Whitney was on no we had this kid is Ericsson assemble askew is named as you'll know what does it. Well you don't open up in the NHL SI say our. Goalie gets sick or an appendectomy or his wife that goes into labor and they have the you know bring them back up up for more of a lawsuit to file they can't of their backup image grab a local college kid or something and he becomes emergency back up ball. They use you don't get in the game it did happen earlier in Carolina. What their equipment guy he get in just leave for the bench and it pulled goalie. Well this kid's a boy as he voted for Chicago he aren't gonna which he was emergency back for the Blackhawks back in the samba. Didn't get in the game but the Blackhawks and that a plane and his wife a four game begin mile Blackhawks equipment mapped goalie mask everything. Sold the same thing happened reason he was in Philly so what happened when the black Marshall plan of Philly will be out the other days some have with the flyers back up. And then what's his face annoyed worth it took entity during the game they had a take on the Eiffel this kid in that up haven't addressed. Become the emergency back up with 24 seconds left packs all put Jamal yeah. Just to get a minister that you know but dubbed the row eskimo mennesses no you can't do it as he was the second emergency back up and I guess she he couldn't eat. Wasn't supposed to come in the game a less the goalie was actually hurt. The coaches you know just try to give the kid a memory which is cool but the rest like put the kibosh on it. But he had a really great story don't mean this ecology he didn't play division when he played clubs hockey. And he says he's in the Roman and they are they are orchard adamant. And it so the second game but he played for the flyers he had all Chicago Blackhawks weapons of it would get all over that they have the equipment it was it was pretty funny was a real really good kids WD interview some different similar. A story out scientist got the job DG been at WB I dot company was spent sort of similar long story that we tied joins us now from TD garden is going on Tyrus. What's the mood in the room two losses in a row going into the post season but it's a very anomalous. Shake our right that's certain not to do that. And it did not trickle down there at Torrey situations where. You don't you like economic power output and they log in give it called let you know that they're shortly Don. There's the whole affects things of that nature and I think it's parliament that any means you mentally ready to the playoffs. Odds are that it seems Catholic they want to avoid any further damage or injury or any of that nonsense that they had the game and so I I did. They're ready to go big on the captives and not gonna is gonna lose that he should do it in the filed an area. Any update at all and Brandon Carr lower at Indian tell you could do it could glean. You know from from your own sources. I'm not in the upper body see you know supper but it is glorified it is today and Iraq and finding out and ask anybody and I didn't it looked like you in the head injury battle on our current concussion and let nature but. It would be surprising that is what it turned out to sea but you knock your upper body. It like that you know like ally I was it was worthy of at least you need get a kick her fired as well. Wasn't a fan of of a badge and colliding. At his head in to be little bored there. Odd then that intentional I eat airport pain believe that it was intentional. Doping that it is a penalty worthy as a very elite. So idea Dick that we we see Mac O Boyle why that's seems to be the million dollar question right now with allusion to defense in the last couple games. Not I somewhat ridiculous because. You're not you're not occurred and Carla figures expert Asians should change and quicker way. So it my opinions outward and because you know I like losing it you're fighting and looting here. And are importing capital might well I don't think it worked that I don't think that that he want act goes into red wrap. So I still wouldn't you at the same time I don't really ought to play Joseph moral and help its scratch. Now because you're simply too much rust on it weighed. Those poor decision but still I I would make I don't think you want I'm unleashed its and hackable or just yet. It didn't seem like Hewitt who engaged today announced he is taken they just got I don't complacent the correct word but after they got the playoff bid. They kind of just relax a little bit they they kind of way able exhale are the kind of plane must win games and so on that that I feel like you seem to you today it's I. I think I think that apple comes out are expected it like at you like about here now or so hard he won our next week. That. A little bit or from the apple are academic and Bobby are about her off early. At some what I want to pop a cap back that he wrecked Arlo went eagle wreck Colin Miller when he argued each week and speaking aboard. At a when I wanted to give the Bruins get emotionally involved especially. Ordered play in the first round and an eclectic apple really took advantage of them are eager. Apparently there are pop but never looked back up. What's so what are the lines look like when the it's for game one time and I obviously marsh is back you'd expect he would Bergeron together creature impostor like have been together what like I guess the third line to be the money line Newt. Who's in who's out the Toronto point five minutes of final five today. Yeah that's sort of at the big questioner. The third line and a weight become what I'd go with it or edit out. Greg Anderson it was a minus three eat eat quite quite a bit it. That trial out is that we get it a few minutes or pocket call and we played a little bit as well you don't think you're getting in the air release so. I do think that that third line is we're going to be cup become a fourth line and I think you can expect for Toronto lunar and Lackey. And then your fourth on an idiot Sharia or our running back Dominic Moore and those guys will end up like more minutes. That's been the airline well but it is an issue because it's equity capped the secondary scoring and that rely on the guys that are. It beauty response on the net and enters the player I'll call out it's like you can't do so they're there and figure it occurred at the trauma that. And upper what they are. Banking on the Euro at some point is that lunar orbit charmer and nickel temperature here cold you're gonna become that go to our line we haven't seen. We're running out partner. I'm one what to incite any whispers about. The birthday boy and his New York comment. So any time soon. There are going to be signing artists I don't know he curled right in America. You would be more ready and what are also. It's just a lock certain job right and such clout on the that have been generated ago. I would cry entered what was I don't know if it's something pat. Is it realistic to expect but given what we did sparkle that third line or it could be a picture that may keep an eight player trade secrets that. Voter trot out. You have a bit more about and that's sort of what they need it if they're gonna be capitals are there and I need to compete with auto by those in the auto immediate goal. It was not good you fork and it's not clear that defensive shell they play so well. So your score and it's not coming from your current library now Nagy expect I think a lot app. If you're open as the Bruins say it's either it's a ten was our help tonight in the beat Toronto if you wanna if you want the Bruins and Ottawa. You're the scratches for the penguins' Matt Murray is getting Malkin Patrick court was Karl hagel of Bryan rust Chris kudos to the needle Brian doable and still others that they look like they're ready to play tonight. Looks like Toronto win tonight I mean. What what kind of odds you give them the Bruins right now for forgetting a series of Ottawa. You know watching him get dot big of an assortment tagged in general in this game I mean elite they're gonna leave for it really say. I think the pressure on this scheme so in the inherent pressure well and a damper. So. There's a chance there Pradesh is if he if they went tonight. I think that good night and you're your take on the app for rob and Blue Jackets are produced and dismal lately. I know that parliament. I don't particularly when he ran into is so. I think you're you're the biggest pregnant camera world and I. That he would vote track it may be negative or architecture member Q you know doormat Ernie Boch market where a couple of the world so so maybe it still on their. Birds that look good actor birds and no doubt. How about so big biggest storyline if it's. Boston Ottawa biggest storyline of this Boston Washington what it would you be right about this week. Oh big storyline that the captain prequel. Sort of here sort I've talked or before and you've been airtight Eric for his entire career. The only thing those that constantly score goals on the here and we are also under one. Thirteen where he got that bird for so long but not quite thirteenth last year I was gonna. And they want it Menem winning that series so he ate it got finally start eating habits aren't are great for. So technical watch. It's tender figure out how to beat the speakerphone trap without Torre group. He has served at the Antarctic are strong first half our own. He greeted with a with a look at the offense which is a deliberate effort that's when they are practiced and turn their back and so. If they don't have group pert near Ottawa at felt major trouble something here you got like I'll not step up and play remote. Hockey career what you got a lot or haven't you. It's not nice to join as a federal psyche next Sunday Sunday's 8:8 AM sharp though. Barbaric Erica your arm absolutely CNN's. Margaret. Tonight I thought he would've said Doug. Butch Cassidy get revenge against Washington I thought that would have been his or nine. That's all I don't 120 has not yet to about that a hundred years ago public enemy intensity gap to Tampa Bay regardless of whether it they get the playoffs not what they pulled off at the trading. You know true middle six forwards in the base it and number one goalie is. Not the short of impressive for its ultimate stamp goes on for a that's exactly and it got kind of volume that the idea is to play a distillation demands that he had no stamp post notes island Johnson. And then big trade three guys and they go on on on a run like this'll become so whether they get an an audit side yet ticket caps are daily are they in the islanders don't around yes yeah slight chance yeah and you know what he said don't. Rod though young team has a lot of pressure and yell Pittsburgh's not gonna lean on I mean all those guys are lineup but. Ilya replace what kids who gonna try to impress Marc-Andre flurries not Iraq but the school you know. The B interest and. A zero quickly Dickerson Chelsea in the phones are able to. One ties points about playing against the neutral zone trapping missing to recruit. They're more likely to dress Mac oval if they play Ottawa. That if they played capitals now if your client if you play the capitals he wants EU wants to veterans season defenseman back there. It's Ottawa needs somebody to the boss threw a zone trap I I would give back a voice shot. I think departing every guy opposites who did it again I'm you know if they don't bring him up they gonna bring about jobs to begin any Iraq against big enemies defenseman. Chris sells its Saturday's games the lakers. Boy calorie egg great show as always thank the move your around the attic at it every. That it and whoever that where they got a lot of great thank you dot what the scene of the Bruin defense. That would surely got fired. They had he would support drafted northeastern Matt Bennett. Well and struck a fired. Betting. Upstairs guy. One across to admit it literally and then let spending go with him. On the player now that Benning played no games and it count went 3 for north eastern. Street Edmonton now is their top four in the top Ford. Like happens I go for nothing. Is respectable I understand that is beyond the debit in the organization though surely be Agile decree that. But the weight the draft pick another team that betting without clip plus ten and eat it up or shut down the stats in Edmonton. It has gotten to know one of the brewers. What a terrible job scouting Linda gaggle for nothing and now not to bite them in the rear and as players got to say about that. And so talkers it's interesting and the citizen interest in team not just from the surely. Angle but that just paint sort of like Toronto first time in a long time they're back in they could not on C economy David. Ali said the young talent all over the place now but yet again a local guy betting it's been playing and you wonder how they're gonna handle first round pretty tight. Conference over their two adult and I'm with a division. And I can unseat the significant and again it is complete San Jose in round one. Yeah I think just a little better jockey left to be done down the wild guides which will be determined in what what does he goes to what division but. Eyes are betting I mean you know I don't think he was of the biggest prospects in the business as but he was dropped a bit you know back in 2012. And yet sounds like denied of I don't maybe died of a favor because we was or whatever and yeah they're obviously. It should be piano a lot better than it looks like the Bruins thought so it looks you know immediately came back to haunt them. I don't maybe he just fitted with what the Edmonton was the one he just wanted to and that of their. I dizzy certainly wasn't ya I got you we heard about as much as other prospects around here I don't think the brought to particularly Iowa and yeah I mean maybe they just actually was Jim is uncle Jim Benning not satisfy the tentacles it was probably. There's I'm pleased to please the Bruins yeah I mean they've added drafted because of who we was so maybe. When the batting left to be made a little bit easy elect like all of them I mean he played a northeast which is hockey school it's you know it's not PUBC and yet we get some town about this so. The other part BD's part one of those guys that they they let go any of it up Caribbean I thought. While in the broad sense somebody defenseman in the system quote unquote prospect defense including a Garrett grizzly coop who could be the guys that are called up. Here to Philly and if indeed calls out for awhile will seats funny crosses another sort of veteran guys that played pretty well down their province solely they have some options but. For the matter who it is and it's going to be a bit of a gamble here into the postseason you wrote that he I dike on about the awards season my first thought when martian. Had via the not break there the good I think the buzz there goes the Hart trophy and it's gone. Not only from the sample and listened to was the two most critical games of the year but also just perception wise what's you're right they're probably gonna be left out of all the awards across the. Or less. I guess you could give Cassie some law but penalty and now all of a sample not to get Jack Adams consideration to a few games for us and I mean he may get voted to but he's not there when it. And it erode its its we usually think there's one or two like almost went away what is with the jacket as the this year it's kind of a lot of guys gonna do we expect them to there was no real like young up Stotts as you know any any coaches that. What with dad teams really. Did do what they spectacular don't dim Viles Molly's hobby be awful lot of taken a lead this year they didn't. But Mike Babcock he's I think he's gonna when the coach of the year I mean it's hard but it's in the playoffs nobody had them yet in this soon. And I think I think you'll see him get it he's obviously Toronto media in the broadcast his vote on Astro I I think it's on his to lose right now against Toronto doesn't play offs. Randall a little real quick here. Saturday's game was on renal. All of them want that argument that I knew that. Also get my question then is up the good and obviously not feeling well to be in what it's like. Why why it's brought sitting on the bench it. Quite easily the biggest industries that works in fact if you win you'll owe it all together. And and I don't know what marsh and you know today by. You know they destroyed we learn. And people pointed gave her a cult and it was going to be. Yet it's a fair point we touched on earlier in the show Randall thanks for the Colin. I agree it's perplexing cancel it. Danny brought up the shoot out order the other night was something he was scratching his head over to relating to crate she shot on in the shoot out. But what do we make harassed not obviously IBC's fighting something and they wanted to gimbal arrests have been depose. I take issue with caught the biggest game of the year and yet I that's that's it wasn't the big scheme India yachts they when they would avoid Washington but. I mean. To Adobe had won six in a row he'd been playing great Rask it's like OK let's get out number one some rest before the playoffs and aid. You know when do we know he's was wrong that cup which he was still have some irritation with whatever the lower body injuries this is what dot. I'm so yeah I had no issue and given the day off and look how they played I don't think it will win no matter who these are only those goals were to build its fault docile and Carla charter blown past. The ticked active their third goals a thing of beauty no no stop that's exactly it would end and that a look out of you liberals let him play well so it did it would need to matters rests out of today's sell. Because he ended it became anyways vetoes it and you know I don't what did the columns and what he was wasn't feel well but now we don't know what it's so weird message I would imagine a team like and this game doesn't matter all that much work. No sir because they had these based out of Chicago last week in that game went out that was at the time the biggest gave the governor bill would stop that so I don't think it sends a message to the team at all. I mean they had to the next game because it was a back to back situation this was different it's like there's no reason Rask if he's healthy wouldn't of played this game right. Now he's I'm sure it was all the again it was you know it's probably I would scandal a one game off we know it's not a must when we don't actually have to win this game. You don't brass may be his whatever his father and maybe it's not a just like OK I want an Ohio I don't wanna tax my goal he won one game. Especially you don't know what though the odds fluke injuries but what's happening you know would have approved maybe it's like you don't want an order wrist put in a multi. Some fluke he averages put Google didn't like in the lower on what afresh to pace of the game one where everyone while that's true to deal is play acted and Scarlett apoplectic. And I does that look to got hurt you missed the playoffs you'd need a game wide angle was bingo that we ask your city that I personally. And if all right we will socked his Sunday morning. After probably he's gained throughout an ominous is gonna be a Thursday Saturday and the security as you age twenty years ago for me to show off the stove and cook them instead of creating 88 right decision boys suck it up I know our beef to get tough that. Playoffs got a second out by now. I NBA NE SP a radius coming up clippers that spurs we thank our fine sponsors why snacks eighteenth tee and star market Tai Anderson will be back in the saddle with this as well. So Sunday morning playoff action for substance what are fourteen it's excited about it what noted they play. Good to see him back in the mix for some can't wait that's the best idea who have obviously the salts that not at the masters baseball for the people who love baseball is the best army in what was diabetic eleventh this ingredient are best passed out of country to be in the Stanley. This is sports traded Libya.