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Late Night with Christian Arcand- The Sox Debacle- 4-7-17

Apr 8, 2017|

The Red Sox storm back in the 8th with 5 runs only to blow it in the bottom have of the inning. Christian and the fans give their thoughts on the game and Craig Kimbrel's usage...or lack there of.

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These this these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that team winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market we're gonna get weird here. As of late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm euros Christian art can live and our Brighton studios overlooking the Mass Turnpike a lot of people going into the city tonight. Glad to have you this here this evening thanks for stand up or go until twelve midnight here as we are want to do on Friday night's. Yet DJ jazzy Jeff back there and the ones and twos taking your phone calls for the next two hours at 617779. 7937. Text messages of 37937. And your tweets as always verified. And Christian are camp where to begin today well we'll start with the Red Sox. Who suffered their first loss of the season today. And it was an ugly one not gonna lie. Seemed like things were going pretty good here certainly in the eight inning at the beginning of the eight inning and I ordered isn't the Red Sox this season. But they score all their runs in one inning in every game so far. Thus far this season they have scored a total of thirteen runs in three innings. Antic. And all five against Pittsburgh and that one big inning with an attendee. They're all three runs scored when does senior Leon had that walk off into at Fenway the other night. And they scored all five of their runs in this game today in the eight inning against a couple of different relievers for Detroit. Chris Young with a big RBI double Jackie Bradley with an RBI single and how about our big boy Pablo sand the ball. With a long home run. About 430 feet I think. Three run blast to give the Red Sox the lead. And it lasted for about well two outs with the sick. And the thing is the bottom of the eighth inning to starter job so great. It really did. Even every coming in throw and gassed. Out every threw that hard. Throwing hard last year Jeff my crazy act like I covered all these games I should remember he Emery and I'll bet the broke. But I don't remember him going 97. Regularly. Right he's in lefties with that fastball he was blowing guys away. Nicholas cast a lot of struck him out Miguel Cabrera struck him out. And then things got a little hairy. Every then walked Victor Martinez. Any walked Justin Upton. Rodney Scott comes in. And might human tucked take some pretty deep to left field RBI double scoring role mine who I came in the pinch run. Joseph Kelly came into the game. I was a little surprising Kelly didn't start the inning. But now I guess we know why. Joseph Kelly came in to face through better. Those two batters. Were hurt catcher. He catcher James McCann Allison Brian McCann is why pause there and center fielder Jacoby Jones. The 78 batters in that lineup. And as bloomer Loney very instantly just waited. He pitched to James McCann and Jacoby Jones like he was pitching to Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa circa 1999. Any walked them both. Forcing in Iran. And giving the tigers the lead. Six the five. In any here's the crazy part. This almost bothered me even more. K rod comes back out for the ninth. He gets well as a 123 inning. There's a couple of there's a couple of they threatened actually. Adroit at an infield single. Mitch Moreland with a double to deep right field which. Because of a great play by my team it's out there in right field. Not bobbled the ball all making a clean play clean transfer and get that ball back in the infield quickly Dustin Pedroia had a hold up the third. And then with runners on second and third tier I got Chris Young the pop out and that's all she wrote Red Sox suffered their first loss of the year. And it was an ugly one folks it it really lodge. My gonna freak out about it here tonight no I'm not but I will say fish. What's the one thing we all thought going into this season. The one thing at the top of the list of concerns and by the way I hate those segments were re just go down our list of concerns. I'm not saying I'm above doing that once in awhile but I do hated. The beginning of the season spring training Red Sox you know they got these new players in here. We should be concerned about the most right now is this freaking flu that's going around. Everybody's out either with the flu or with an injury year on the bereavement list or whatever it is. I mean everybody's down with something right now. And that's sucks that's what I'm concerned about get everybody back and healthy what's it going to hear god. I'm also concerned about the fact that the Red Sox only score in one inning per game. And while my concern isn't super high for this yet. You gotta look at this bullpen and their car. How many more times is this gonna happen this year. I understand if you get beat by Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez okay those guys beat everybody. Those guys are just beaters they're just world beaters. They do those sorts of things Miguel Cabrera I mean spill and his age still as I think the vast right handed swing in the league. I don't think it's particularly close either Victor Martinez is a beautiful swing. By when your pitching around. Jacoby Jones and James McCain and at the bottom of that lineup. In what are your first appearances for Joseph Kelly I mean it's just you know what are you doing. We do are thrown at them like that they talked a Ferrell about it after the game they say would you sort of Paula it. Robbie Scotty was he wasn't good either obviously but he only through what four pitches and four give up that double matier. And that Joseph Kelly just not. Not ready for primetime so far. And even in that Pittsburgh game. On the fifth which I believe was that opening night. Now that was a Wednesday. He came in and pitched two innings in that game. And actually picked up the victory. But you'll notice. In those two weddings didn't strike anybody out. Didn't strike anybody out in this one either. He did record one out but then he walked two batters and that was it. I don't know what to make his bullpen but I gotta be honest so far. Tough to be very enthused. I mean it's tough to be enthusiastic about what they got coming out of that time and any in any inning really. And forget about the fact the robbery rush juniors now with a flu in that. You know Carson Smith won't be back for a while to like what July. The new kid Thornburgh he's out too I mean there's just. This is what's left this is who you have take it or leave it and you know you gotta take it to another no option here. If you you're stuck with a at least for the time being until some of these injuries start to heal assuming that they do. I'm frankly a little bit on the fence over whether Karstens was ever gonna really pitcher and I'm sorry to be sort of a downer like that because I think to Carson's ms. good and if he could come back and page there jury dating guy irate air Joseph Kelly can sit as as down. But I'm I'm dubious about all of that Thornburgh to. I don't know why I just you know there's now reputation here with these them browse the acquisitions. And is not a good one. In fact it's the opposite of that. And he's injuries man I mean that's you know. When Carson Smith pitched five innings last year not even. Thornburgh injured before the season even starts I mean you got. You got some issues here. Another thing it's sort of bothered me. Craig Kimbrel. Listen I remember last season very well. Craig Kimbrel in either four out saves or five out saves ordered non save situation. Wasn't very good. And I remember they you remember that we are remember that he comes in for three out ninth inning save he's fine. When it's literally any other situation. He isn't. I was sort of hoping. Deep down. That they would put him out there with those two outs. And let him try and get that monkey off his back to your early in the season. Get it out of the way. She if you could build the guy some confidence. And maybe go forward using him as a more traditional. Not just ninth inning one run lead three Al closure. This frankly with the bullpen in the shape it's in right now I think you need a little bit more than that for your closer. Francisco Rodriguez his 65 years old he pitched two weddings and let them in there after he gave up a three run home run to pop all freaking ball. OK I mean. He still he came he bounced back after that and got the final three outs that he needed. I don't know exactly what I had to do with Craig here but I would like to have seen Craig Kimbrel. Get a shot you know it's early in the year. Maybe a little too early for that I heard dale and keeps are arguing about this back and fort dale was of the belief you don't do this right now you wait until the games are more important. Keeps argument was every game's important which I agree with by the way. And also you know the bullpen in tatters right now. Turning Carol and say Craig get us out of this. It's the bottom of the order. Now what do you think the odds are that if that it happened Jim what do commit a blown a two. Honestly. Remembering last year I'd say probably pretty high. You know why it's six of one half dozen of the other Joseph Kelley blue to. And frankly going forward. Until we're sure that ohrnberger Smith or in around any of those guys you're abroad Rossini and will be back. I would be OK with throwing Kimbrel out there. Until he either figures it out or he doesn't figure it out gets bombed the. Times then you go just right back to the way things were okay fine sorry we tried it didn't work back to the ninth inning for you and only with the lead no more you know. Five out saves four out saves to winning saves non save situations we'll go right back to what you're comfortable with we just wanted to try this out now because is. Look at the bullpen. You're the only guy we can trust that their current. And you may be reached deep down inside here. And record one more out in your generally used to. That's what kills me about these closures especially the ones who really sort of struggle and other situation. And Becky go to on the list I mean there's you know Trevor Hoffman Mariano Rivera all of these guys in non save situation. Word is good as you heard regular day situations it just sort of part of the mentality yet. And you know how mental of the game baseball is especially when you're out there pitching. But Campbell sat on the bench did not come out Joseph Kelly. Left out there it is it's sort of twist in the wind unfortunately. And twist in the wind he did 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number untaxed. I see the phone lines beginning the lineup they're still a couple of lines open so go ahead and grab one here. Were venting a little bit here on this Friday night doesn't have to just be Red Sox got to Celtics takes don't like the way things have been going for them. Bruins finishing off their regular season tomorrow patriots on the news Aaron Hernandez jury deliberating. Ben Roethlisberger says he's coming back adding even though it is thinking of retiring. I miss that old story. Aside today Ben Roethlisberger coming back as a comeback from white. Pretty gal and or use years I didn't even normally laws and even though he's joking about it. I had no idea. Been around the Israeli minimally fourteen years a long time. On time for big bend but he's coming back so a it's on 77797937. Asian phone number quick rate Greg Beck after this. Yeah there's all this stuff it's matters. Going out and trusting it and executing pitches I thought that in no way it unfolded you know he had gotten through that the meat of the order with. Particularly castellanos and Cabrera the way was going through it but still. I'm you know W time in this season where you look to go to Campbell for four outs but not in game three. Now they go on John Ferrell saying not in game three. Hour wait for the games count more. I understand is why wait until the rest of the bull pens back. Now's the time to do it. When Carson Smith Tyler Thornburg all these guys ready Robbie Ross are all out. You'd think that would be the time 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian armor on text. Let's get your phone calls here early enough and that is the late night promise we kick things off. With rob in Newport Newport Rhode islander Newport California. I guess yeah I respect your opinion obviously don't. I think it'd Charlie in to have your comments where there they're coming across which comments. Just that you're you're down on and he seem like you're down in pre judge and everything so quickly. I just think that. Easy to talk more about the comeback that they had. They were down for an up and it came back and deleted and. Yeah that was great in the mood I got a very positive thing you know they lost rock I understand that sort of sort of a lot so that's. I understands what got to talk about it come back to any game they lost what does that what's the point of that. While. So let's just it was a nice comeback but then they immediately call to back up by the bullpen and rob the only. But the reason what happened I understand rob the reason I'm even bring it up like these is because going into the season I was concerned about the bullpen and I don't think this is the first orders surge certainly not the last time. That we're IE I have a conversation like this at all. I agree about the bullpen is a factor it's a question mark but it shut. Inside the and all of of what date what they're trying to do there are so it. At a good you know they had good tree gang and you know they saw that you know they blocked today so they've gone in 612. Games for the treatment so. Our advice let's not talk about again. I out of Arizona what are you wanna talk Mara. I'm and I'm just it's all good to. Thanks for the call. I know it's all good it's Friday night game. Did I come off particularly negative thing anybody or was that just sort of OK here's what happened. As I've Boston laws I felt like I was breaking down how beginning once and you want sodium positive side nice man at least not. Yet. And also I mean there's there's things to be added problems in the ball in a three run home run out gear out in the eight inning and a clutch spot would throughout that was great it was terrific. Take that every day. Published in the balls and actual major league baseball players this year that may be really happy. Is I was pretty convinced. That we would never see him ever again. Next time we saw him he'd be like rolling downhill or something. You know wild. Indiana Jones run away from. That's what I thought might be you know I really didn't expect anything from Bob was in a while this year I thought they were given the opportunity to play third base. He would be sold you know unfit to do it in spring training even if you lost the weight he wouldn't be able and it anymore I just was totally out on Pablo Sandoval. He seemed like a guy who is just not cut out over for professional sports anymore. And so far this year looks like Ronnie has been great defensively made a couple of errors. By your member opening day in beaten out that infield single to drive in the first run of the year and today going yard. I forgot what a publishing and the already looked like. My when he gets a hold of one even now I don't slim now. Boy he gets all the one boy that's a lot of force coming coming around on that bet. Is nice to see an odd ball far. The blast. So they go whoever you are from Newport rob from Newport there's some positive stuff where you rate there jobless and the ball what is it that great job bullpen choked up. And that's why they lost 6177797937. As the phone number go to Cameron and main camera. I looked around what's up. As ordered say that you know are out there and I think it's encouraging that. This block and the if it is gonna lose. You gotta lose in this encouraging way to get that we. We are out at three bet that sure. Monkey bit there and him bat bat seeking to prevent that and you'd seen it with a Barbara probably knock against the bears aren't pretty either direction that. Well they didn't score any runs against Ballmer didn't score runs until the bullpen came in at Detroit bullpen is not very good but you're right Cameron he would without your three best hitters you know on. Absolutely. How nearly they leave on base in. It's all I mean what I think seven. I think it was more than that I think there left late. Well I don't know if it was just against former but I think overall in the game they left like thirteen runners on base I wanna say. Opponents say that yet yeah urging any Q that well. That spoke or nine plus nine and nine beast and the exactly so I mean they're driving in the run and. And I mean it's brought quote getting it. Packard young didn't it and that's encouraging it you can have those bench there those batters from off the bench pinch hit single in the late in massacred I think and I think what this urging your right bowl then I mean read our rob. And yeah we are Russert good setup guy starting. Do you trust rob you're asked to be like a regular eight innings. Pitcher I mean that I don't think there's anybody there whose job it is to be the eighth inning pitcher night in and night out I don't think there's anybody there right now the give it to move Robbie Ross are you putting that mixed. Darn it I I joked Kelly is that better guide I. Yeah I mean exactly yet yet matured yet to know that era lie back and see any. Stressing immunity order signing. I mean. I think it would really really get hurt you or. And I think that he and in having. Outing it's really Eden is terrible for the doctors. Would the with the three got an app. Barring David Price being out there that he and being meeting guys back in Europe Asia and give them forward four point IDR. And if you're right in court about what is generating about. Three or 45 run but I mean still cracks down on your you know it was about a year. Four runs on seven hits the first inning was when things started to come apart but it wasn't like he was pitching is holly was thrown meat balls out there he gave up a leadoff single to Kinsler walked past the on most. Got Cabrera to follow foul out in Kansas went to third on the foul out and then Martinez hit a sac fly to score Kansas so it's not played. You know it's not like he was getting knocked around and then after that he got ugly sees the ground to a double played and the second. Another double play in the third he was striking guys out in the fourth inning I mean he wasn't yet a 123 in the fifth like I wasn't too. Put off by Stephen Wright I think you know it for back into the rotation kind of guy which is what they expect him to be this year he's expected to be your fourth or fifth starter. Assuming David Price ever comes back. You know if he can and if he can be a fraction of what he was in the first half of last season your pretty good shape with him. I agree with you gotta admit that not there I they're good hitters and cadaver and I think he did a good job. Got like Miguel Cabrera and eat yet switch it up but that's all the hard and get through or reverse C yeah survived he does that. Yea your right and then that home run in the seventh inning I was. That was unfortunate that turned a to nothing game into a four or nothing game. And they left demand for two more batters after that I thought that was a little odd you know I'd usage by John Ferrell I think everybody could sort of see. That it was time to move on from Steven Wright at that point I don't really blame Wright for that I mean I thought he pitched okay. I all right thanks for the call their camera 61777979837. As the phone number 37937. Asian armor on text. All of that's excellent 413 you're not overreacting other texture that was not negative. Texas says I hate the fans there's a 162 games let's talk about the games they win. And it. In the 50 wait your a again. Say this but it four letter words search of the I can't say that on the air I'm pretty sure. The night and cartman and it's right. Texts are the 401 says is Laurie coming in to drop some freestyle Friday magic. That's a good question he finished he didn't do the eat into a freestyle fretted that erected their church out. If anyone listening right now are Lori if you're listening you wanna come and you do your freestyle Friday men doors open mics open c'mon and seriously. I was in the LeRoy wrap all night. And big fan and a man. And you know like sodas Zorro listeners I didn't even know this earlier in the week Jeff. Got Texas and instead have major open my ringtone. They're really they warmed my heart reading that. I don't know if the guy was if he was even sure I am assuming it was just why would you make that up that's when unit they times as yet ranked seriously. And you know let's get right now it is it short it's quick it's good sound could be. Horry gets open honor means it's in it's I'd I didn't know he can still make ring tones you know that's the thing. I didn't really they cage for about five to six years ring tones were everything. You word to fight your entire identity was. Find firing town even ring ax would yeah obnoxious yet so when you stop paying for a normal song that went on like old school opera music yeah. I tears and opera music and I had no idea obviously you don't Polly's sells him rate. I made I dated a girl who had Lady Gaga answering back. And I grew to hate Lady Gaga song and everything else just is that every time there was always on and it really liked them let's begin with. It was a bad romance so to speak to me. Here on my vote. 61777. 7937. Major phone number 37937. You know ember attack on serious if LeRoy is listening or anyone who knows LeRoy is listening. It hit him up and tell me come on down here right now and do is freestyle Friday that is absolutely fine. Tags more than fine I would encourage it specially since ever ready got deprived of this at 6 o'clock and I understand I mean they only have what a half hour show. Now he can't he can't take up. Large fraction of that with. With LeRoy is vocal even though denied that listen in and I would listen. We're three songs in or out you know is also in Iraq prayers marrow that's radiation. I've heard that rap actually avid they had a little battle gone back and were those demanded a marine in dollar. And American Marines got some skills actually it's a skills on the Mike you're. I'm not a rapper myself just to be wrapped and played a big grip and but I've never actually tried doing it myself. Because I know would be just embarrassing for everyone. Everyone listening although one time I karaoke edge in 99 problems and a crush it. He says with a bouncer said. Couple lines had to change on the fly I think that's what everybody lights in our. Like the part Reese as a young and I'm blackened my hat's real low like added change that went up a little bit. Half a mil for bail chasm African entities that want to. But luckily. Let the liquor do to thank him. Just like Jim Leahy 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian armor on text. Let's go to Jason in Attleboro with a thought on the patriots say Jason. I got up. What do you think about Richard Sherman and a patriot straight talk coming up on. Yeah I mean I think it's interesting I don't think it's gonna happen I I you know was intrigued by like everyone was how did you not be. The idea of having 26. Foot over six foot tall corners who were some of the dim best in the NFL. Is certainly something to get excited about I just don't think that they're gonna be able to fatally. The only way that made any sense Jason for this for them to pull this off is if they traded Malcolm Boller got back to draft picks and then put those track takes over to Seattle to get Richard Sherman accused. Right now they don't have a first and they don't have a second cell. Unless Seattle really doesn't want much for their best. Player on defense and probably their best player on the whole team really for being honest here. I don't granted patriots have the bullets in the gun get it done. And in order to get them they would have to trade Butler and he hasn't even signed his tender he had heard you know I just doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like the wheels are really all that much emotion it seems like this is more of in town talking point than anything the might actually happen. Relegate that it's all about picks or do you think. Now check out like. A player or a couple of players in mind that you beat China Mobile are I don't know. Like I. I haven't heard anything like day Jason but also I mean just think about how often do you see a player for player trade in the NFL there's only got a few over the years there was late dale Clinton supporters alike couple others but usually if there's a trade the NFL's player getting treated for picks that's like 90% of medical trades. I so I I wouldn't stay up all night waiting for it to Germany come here I just enjoy what we're gonna have next year with Malcolm Boller and Stephon Gilmore even if it's butler's last year. I think no matter what did they do always at number one number two cornerback. Whether Sherman whether it's Butler whatever. It's gonna be pretty entertaining and it's gonna be a very very good secondary. I mean really good you still got the Korean chunk coming back. You got Toronto Harmon who decided to re sign here for whatever the hell reason I have no idea why Iran permit re signed here I really don't. Don't you think if you're Toronto harmony you're 26 years old and you have to championship rings in you've been backing up Devin according now for what three years. You wanna go somewhere and start. What do you think late that would be something you'd wanna do. I keep it pretty good money coming back here gets signed to a reasonable deal but don't you think I would through a range. Who has made some pretty big plays over the years Toronto aren't as some pretty big interception that ended change in point fourteen and this season to. I was very surprised when he resigned. I thought there was no way in hell that Iran armor was coming back and went for the reasons I just mentioned. In out your back up here he's part of the rotation surety plays a lot but he's not a starter. He's not gonna be a starters along is that McCord he's healthy. So I thought that was a little weird but he's coming back so they got Harmon Chung what Corey. Butler Gilmore. And as Bob Butler Sherman maybe I mean come in. You know forget the legion of boom that's that's as good as any secondary in in the league right now. I put it up there with what they have over in Seattle even if German states. Really wide. Or Ryan Clark this year there's. Ryan Clark NE SPN's saying he's gonna quit. If Richard Sherman goes to the patriots let's listen. For me going forward I'm very interested to see what they would ask for what they would say in where this goes in if you go to the patriots. I'm letting you know now. Is the last day I work for EST in Tibet tied it is just and I can't take it no I'm not an affair they get another good player I'm done. Sort of a weird. Weird 'til the dying on in a weird thing the sort of put up is now. If you get this guy I'm gonna quit my job oh okay well that's like Justine Anderson. Guaranteed Mark Sanchez would be the quarterback of the Broncos last year she she. Cities and never gonna work pre espionage eventually cut off for now she ended up everything. Really wanted to see Anderson all of us you know. For a little while. And I miss that. Chirac and are walking around like amber rose just rock in the ball that she can or one of the Moffitt and in Paris art book I feel that it was on interest. Is Mark Sanchez and you make the teen straight he didn't he ended up mud hanging out with Dallas but the count him. And then there were a good. That's too bad when you get beat up by Trevor Ximian and the rookie with that with the Turkey's name in Denver Paxton taxed and that protects the lynch. Sorry Sanchez that today. Six on 77797937. Let's go to Mae west's war or before the break on eight. Hey I know that let's. Quote awkward by the red truck. I can't believe Pope had evolved as good as he has this year it looked like. Well lets you know he's good so far we've got a 159 games ago. I mean compared to last year I mean he had a lot what do we all thought is going to be accused of what you said earlier on. I think it's created with a small hits he's doing good I mean we are down batters. But he's still nicotine look okay yeah. Another did have a greater strikes at the end of the game today by. Again like just another example pan cutting onion you can only do so much to try to switch every single person to put it about it. C'mon. Thought that that inning but by Iran could who could. I don't it was it was tough to watch that Nate banks would call 6177797937. When Kelly walked in that run off. That was that was tough as tough to see that. Really don't walk the bases Lun I gonna walk and run against the seven and eight hitters and I know McCann homered in the game but it was all rapa knuckleball you're throwing a hundred miles an hour. And now don't have to be so perfect just put it over. The plate Darren any. The shame and he's you know Joseph Kelly who years ago wanna say. Guess it must have been two years ago yet because he's one of the bullpen last year two seasons ago at the end of the year. Joseph Kelly won nine starts in a row at the end of that season and it didn't matter really began the season was over. This is 2015. We Kelly actually looked like a good it dare I even say dominant starter. For a long stretch at the end of that season. And I remember thinking at the end when he fifteen why wouldn't that be something if Joseph Kelly serve return to form and became a in a real contributor here in this rotation that would certainly make that John Lackey trade look a lot better. Allen Craig still down there in the minors this Lis franc surgery whatever I want him out either. We can't now. Because lead below attached were made easier over what treat them the respect yes. Those guys. Urges ball and out of control down there are the target. You know what good for them. I wish I could be the king of the target. Now there's two kings of target then their Allen Craig or were they just parent up the club scene down there. It. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. On tech's quick break we're back after this. We're back here late nights were three a W eat the dark and announced. DJ jazzy Jeff Beck they're taking your phone calls and 6177797937. He disaster get a late night like tonight yes I do. It's a local one. I know that I like to sort of pull these late night lights from all over the place we got one from write our own backyard here from wall and some you probably already know what it's going to be. We'll have that for you recorder twelve. And it is a whopper tonight. So we'll do that in about an hour from now in the meantime your phone calls we've been talking a Red Sox here a little bit of patriots want to open up the doors a little bit. And talk Bruins and Celtics are both off tonight. This isn't the normal sort of conversation we have on the show about those two teams usually when I come on to talk about the Bruins or the Celtics I'm reacting to a game that they just played. But no games tonight for either team which is weird for Friday at. And that's in the Red Sox played during the day in town we sort of have a little bit of time to reflect here I'll tell you what. The cavaliers game tonight as he got me all my stuff. I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers walk. In the TD garden. And put the Celtics in their place all right let's just be honest here that's what happened. LeBron that he and Kevin lot I mean they'd they'd played Isiah Thomas and Brad Stevens in. The other night and I hate to say to that was really sort of hoping that the Celtics even if there and win the game. That they would put out an effort that would make you think okay. Eastern Conference finals these two teams Celtics have a chance to at least make an interstate. Instead what everybody say after that game forget it. These guys aren't on the level. LeBron has that extra gear that the Celtics don't have an and the secondary scoring and they're better and. Posed in Bible level block. So what happens next Celtics go out lose to Atlanta. And that dialogue begin to get a little bit louder about the Celtics anyway. Cavs and hawks play each other tonight and get fish. The hawks rest everyone. Know Millsap no Dwight Howard no Denny Schroeder. Someone else that you are forgetting to. And the hearts in Cleveland. Rim cabs out of their own building. Any cavs didn't rest anybody LeBron James played 41. Minutes in The Hague he came. And they lost and it wasn't even as close is the final score wouldn't would well I guess maybe a wise at one point they were down twelve in the second quarter. They made a little bit closer and anarchists pushed them off. Now was it. So the Celtics who didn't play tonight pick up a half game on the cavs. Who at full strength. Were beaten pretty easily. By an Atlanta Hawks team that rested all of their she heard reports. Chris Humphries started this game for the hearts. Worries. Twelve point seven rebounds or assists. Like Al Horford game right there. Sorry and I if you're listening. Tim Hardaway junior. 22 points. And Mike Dunleavy might not even a Mike Dunleavy still played. I guess he doesn't have the junior anymore now he is Mike Dunleavy. His brother is coaching job as our team and car yet. Might only. Forty minutes. When he points off the bench. And this is against the cavaliers starters. I mean they all played. Very Irving 33 minutes LeBron 41 minutes Kevin Love 35 minutes they take the night off. And not only that but before the game I think it was LeBron they dig cabs are saying we're not gonna arrest year we're going full strength but also the ball. Until we clinched. These. And yet. Any game where the heart she didn't have Dwight Howard or Denish a reporter herb Paul Millsap. Available. Today they lose a home. I guess the point I'm trying to make your folks is that sometimes the NBA doesn't make a lick of sense. Tonight is one of those nights. Tonight let there is that time when the lakers beat the Golden State Warriors there's a time when the nets beat the Celtics. Once in awhile you see some weird stuff out there. And the cavaliers. After that performance they put on a TD garden that's without wise that was 04 inch. I mean you're out there making a point. They may build off of that by losing at home to was parts of. Win a Hart's backups. Weird very weird to try and figure out the NBA right now. But I think that despite all the actions and all the stuff that happened here tonight. We also sort of know in the back of our minds of the Cleveland Cavaliers team we saw a TD garden on Wednesday. Is a lot more. Likely. DaVita Cleveland Cavaliers team we see in the post season right I think we can all sort of agree on that I don't know what happened tonight. I have no idea what happened tonight. You know what the cavaliers are capable of and you know that once the playoffs start this team's gonna turn on. They always do. And they gave you a little. He's of an hour winds ever been playing well. I don't expect in the when the when the NBA championship this year. You know there's a real holes and that team they're not good defensively as demonstrated tonight what Mike Dunleavy scored twenty points in twenty minutes. Well good defensive team does that. They play good defense against deal. Everybody except JR Smith JR Smith is so bad on defense almighty god he dad. Every single time in transition JR Smith looking around like where where my supposed to go up what am I supposed to do I have no idea. JR Smith looks like that mean that for sponge Bob what the crab and everything's like all blurry behind them. Every time he gets back in transition defense I don't even know what that's supposed to be I just see it on Twitter all the time. Whenever someone's like freaking out about something it's that crab. And everything's glory all around them delayed signify that you don't know what's going on mural stressed out and and panicky do you know what that even managed. I was sea sponge Bob and his old man under watch. The crab I don't know the crab sponge Bob he's looking around in his everything's blurry around them and that's like good things at the thing in the Internet that's JR Smith every time he's back on defense. 61777979837. As your phone number Josh is a New Hampshire is Jeff. Hey I don't. Hate I know. You know academy Lecavalier the little that. I think they were trying to send a message to us and Celtics and they played them and the Celtics early this year and in the last few years. They have a quarter energy. As far as you know Derek. The summit crater in the total you know of their art. And what do you play out that that gets shortened that they had on it. And you don't work out why can't compare all the way up in the top five. You know and so what he had to play out I think that the cavaliers will play playoff idle game. First at the pulpit to send a message. I and that's fine job that doesn't explain that doesn't explain what happened out there tonight on their home court. Against that against Atlanta's second team eliminated need Internet Howard didn't am sure they know Mel sentence of three best players. The cavaliers didn't care at this point. Regular even and you brought. The browns played 41 minutes in this game is being Jerry had a funny way shown it. You know he was twelve fit from the flurry had a good game you know I was playing RD it's 227 point zero rebounds seven assists already took the night off. You don't look Ron in a statement before that Celtic game were you saying you know you're gonna ask you about it. Regular season game like really. He's in its interstate the ought. Did he seem disinterested in the game Josh I mean LeBron had a monster of a game at TD garden he was great. He looked like he took that game very seriously enemy out there reset security dead. The idea that I. Pick out the Celtics obviously you tried that message are they unique in the play out like you got all the. Happen yeah well I mean they face the hearts in the playoffs they're just as easily archer what the fifth seed right now I mean that's that's just his. Possible that happens is the Celtics in the box I mean the arts kick their ethnic. You don't beat anybody it talk you're without Michael left that are. Apparently not just because Chris Humphries started for them tonight and think he. In I guess Cleveland's Ehrlich across the van saw Humphries did take is Jack obviously he's starting. Okay. We got his money in the bag boys. Let it out they didn't rest they violate. Get a lovely 35 minutes LeBron played 41 minutes he was twelve of fifteen from the Florida to be cut aid. It's really. Really good shooting night for LeBron. He also had eight rebounds seven assists two steals. OK it's not like he was posting here. He was playing his play in the wind and they get they got seen. That's what happened. They get seen by Mike Dunleavy. Tim Hardaway junior Chris Humphrey once. A hawks' second unit was able to do that the Cleveland starters in Cleveland wide. Guru do we have time for how we got to take a break hour at the top of the carjacker Wally holed I'll get you're right we come back I promise we got to take a break trending now final hour coming up.