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Boston Sports 101 - Fenway Memories

Apr 7, 2017|

Uncle Buck, Jerry Thornton, Fitzy, and George Kipp talk about their favorite memories going to Fenway Park and watching the Red Sox.

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All right we're back. Boston sports wanna want PS 101 for short. I'm your host talk about. And now we have a special guest here tonight paying kitchen. Angry you know extraordinary and our boss here in the IWEI podcast radio or how the joining us to basically pictures that we don't standing controversial. Dirty campus here of course literally gangsters says (%expletive) I want your miles gangsters and Jerry tartan. Our east are you hold closed the sale it's not that's it I'm not here there is a ball offends my sensibilities. And it can be honest as I can before I get out of here Jonas which will be in about thirty seconds we communal Jerry thorn in his. In my top three favorite people to work with both oh. So. My parting words huge area are the new wouldn't hit it could. The moment I told then that I was leaving to noted by national sports is first reactions take me with you. And he's added every single time we've seen each other will no doubt my above or below Matty Siegel. We care globe solicited as when. You're gonna have to be above map. Okay because that is deleted the ignorant it wasn't once I found it where you were consultant and what you're making. This may look nice that they haven't had a the found out how much money your making as it alike and that idea that you attribute you relate the second whispers that meant W media. After the rules that first and just total my total charts says augment my balls it hasn't. Rows of balls woody is on talk about Zorn showed tonight at now. Is Alabama and I would probably much rather just an iron to a restaurant in the wrestling you know another nine hour marathons or go archives and check out he had nine hours of ressam as it down and with it should use serious hole and and if I've been those alleys of what you previously hurt by that the a lot of really hurting for a second as painful. I tonight's topic is actually after opening days in the history and we park when a guy about. Mentally all the a brick by brick we're talking about basically drug. History right and going to be clear ground rules this is it going to be like that hundredth anniversary thing they had about 45 years ago John Williams music it. And a and then what are the bulldogs did not materialize the and paying the most cloying treatment he thing they have done and that's analog nose is going to be. But I RE SPE CT. He's Derek Jeter was that the worst fingers and my parking that was really bad Craig Aretha that was. Are we know he's so locked pretty do I guess I give it some points because it made Jeter feel weird. On his last baseball game it just made it on our border is a give them credit for that but otherwise off. Am I besides we note photos are eat food US ECT. That you get a singer right. Expect man by the way for a guy who basically was Craig Biggio. Only about teams that won in oh Rick zero tonight. Is the best Cox and an old baseball history I'll give that. But they get a lot and I thought he was doing out of the rarefied air occupied by DiCaprio him. Timberlake. What for him greatly he'd he'd stuff aside and tiger right yet. When he's not willing to do in football he didn't personally. Wright's talk a little bit about that we part of the way to show is gonna go fellows is there are a lot of could lead to behave there is some factual scenario that was my side. Thank you for joining has been that again event and and on a high note well the way you do it. If we or his waiver. And fifth. Levee about where we convert ask me the amid a majority but. While we do that we have the way I kind of broke this down was a kind of like a lot of our boss immoral one podcast is going to be like history a lot of factoid but also. Especially because of Fenway Park or a local this is going to be certainly a lot of the stories of growing up in the park. Drinking their first Beers in the park. Or teases fiftieth hundreds 150 it will basically be covering. Without really knowing our 15250. Beers that a lot of its. Sales of dribble entry tore it down your Adobe drunken shenanigans may be a punch the owner to know paints him. Remote little people doing things maybe not not a big deal in but also mostly great memories so let's let's go and just get a few just back doors at a ways that we can kind of focused on what we came to talk about. Fenway built in 1912. By engineering company Osborne engineering. Also in charge of building originally stating Harry does balance Letterman's I don't I never why Aristotle as Seattle I big green guy Alan Norman Osborne who. But that he did agree monsters goblins Grassley got a date as a guy or if he kept talking to himself fit and would it as a mask yeah it's ironic I sit right thanks. Yeah all terrorists and how might this not. Well I adored history at Fenway pocket that's helped Evan lat and then if I'm. Out. About being known as gene did that baseball improvement as well automate our you know I like the night to be in the sky and on the field on an. I don't come all the way up there from Georgia not to shoot out but what does it. But the equipment wrecked it. Literal picture yucky with his buddies and telling them what they shot guns on the shoulders look like that the crew home port he's. But then my dispute met it might just turned and said this is literally at that hadn't somewhere guys Michael Lewis Michael. And that be recurring theme of this like the times a bit of Fenway in recent years and found myself significant. Why did we. Like those old coats again like the worst person in the baseball hall of fame and its fans something. Has a street named after him next that is the the ballpark by Boeing and had not been a hall of Famer. It did there's something in the with the worst in its that it. They Simone I'm mediums and some not necessarily app builders for easier no I didn't I lose the threat of the wonders Newsnight and Aaron. Ninety yet thank you 1912 was built Osborne Osborne engineering. IEA also built Yankee Stadium latest fighting an engineer yeah we definitely yeah that's what you look ditto is still he was yell and had a mask of himself the that can't carry and I am you know I adulterous. Pass I am. It's late at best it's ever it's an Osmond yeah. If that is not sure who I know he's better know if tactic is abiding did Smith engineering. We wouldn't got a three is a lot faster. Than I think Ed is saying. Lowered. RA so they also bill I got the million black polo grounds did the iron work in the stadium was stark. That's. Stephens might. Tell me over the left field wall was and I nightmares. We have since they also built braves field Notre Dame stadium and rfk. Designed to reduce the human feel lane into Atlanta to answer we'll put we'll we'll go all day excitement going back at. Three river stadium. And their last project that I could find was that Jake Progressive Field in Cleveland. Now don't always been home to several teams not just the Red Sox they also hosted the Boston Braves from fourteen to fifteen. The Boston bulldogs and AFL attempt at a professional football franchise Gerry you've only played six games before folding. Out of Boston Redskins before they went off to become the Washington Redskins. From 3336. The Boston shamrock a second attempt and they have a franchise from 36 the 37. Although they did it was our first and it our first ever football title 1936 league championship. And then was also the Boston the XT at the Boston yanks who played from 44 to 48 in Boston. Ended up becoming. I should know this I've I've researched this I've written this. But I'm gonna I'm just connected to the past not the not the giants is the giants were Aerosmith. At the Indianapolis Colts. Get out where originally eight Boston football team. The Indianapolis colt's owners near Boston football team so they wonder why we cents bite of dinner went straight to Baltimore enough to handle any local they would have. Boston yanks and then they became it because of the war they had to spend a year in New York. In any case they've over the New York yanks and then they came back the Boston missed about a couple more years there and then. Did have that desperate and basically folded in the remains were sold the man in Dallas. Who created the Dallas Texans Texans and Boldin and those remains were sold to the folks that founded in Baltimore colts. Yes it wow what are your Q I've heard there are there any anything else. They were okay for awhile that. Obviously see that there is greener path right and you don't we do that like the bastard child of the bastard child that's what eventually leads to hang in an AFC finalist and a you know it's like Beasley so yeah a daily oil hub that had a good bloodline and then over the years it just falls into disrepair and the next thing you know you've got your your brain addled. Multiple pop and owner and banners that nobody with pride would have won our own New England Patriots did act by the scene from 6368. And men in Finland so that was that pre or post knickers and it was pulled it was supposed probably started additionally hard and I'm so I think there are the book on the downside at all from darkness that dynasty on you here guys but. Geno cap already among others said it was really an honor to be in Fenway for them as much as it's badly situated football football. They look because they finally felt like it was professional like they don't I'm the same locker room like Ted Williams who's in and Babe Ruth as opposed to. Some dilapidated college plea to a wooden bleachers of 00 whatever. Blake the footprint of Fenway is uniquely. Ill suited for football like you know what Notre Dame played their that was the cents a himself. One and donors at home plate the other end zone as bright hard up against the right field bleachers. And the problem is that good seats are blocked because nobody can see the field to the players. So they came up with the unique design unique in all the world because it's the worst idea ever if they put. Pool benches on the same side on the green monster side of the field. And they had bleachers help Israel. Yeah so. Guys just said it would every game we just go walk it into the other team's side and the side crime goes nobody's as you aren't game brawler to steal their place and then Sam and as I'd like. Not seen in others now that patriots got that she she didn't play an event at theaters Gerris sideline had spent 1 o'clock. Nine you know it. You know it's. Amazing about that way as the football stadium not only idea. At the end zone basically the gospel album in a separate him from home plate out to right field whenever somebody would score a touchdown. In right field they would scamper through the end zone if it was on play and they would fall back over the wall in security guard would just pop about it. One has to open in the if it's close yeah I inventory under estimated that those additional Jennifer wondered as well Arianna parent. I Arianna. Two days the Arctic is gonna say they are tees to cross calling it an act now. That the recent history of these policy was being used. Football as well you'd think of any stadium being more suited lesson ripped you know. Port equipped for football or baseball or basically almost any rate and finally beat as. I know arms through like late to the conversation. Now but it is. Nine it is man does not about to get physically and allowing golf but I haven't already met today in a holiday films that didn't move the ball. Then we for its hundredth anniversary and how does she they have archival footage that I looked at for the book of guys just routinely. Won an out onto the field gives us a little to stop them and like grabbed the ball into play and that there was like a cub. Footage of a fan who just intercepted a pass and it just kept running away and hopefully the scent of field tunnel and then ultimately it's a. It was never heard from it if I saw it out all of its common agreement emerge with weird fun fact about this and I just to open Indian standards and Kennison Kennedy on seems and it's usually experiencing pain and it's gotten back. He went on with the UK per gallon it was like mr. I notes at Kennedy said it. I think and act. A. He's the one of the things they of features that bad this year is the bullpen wall is collapse of bull so you can put football in there. Meaning you know you're gonna get all that every it media figure out a new revenue stream at Fenway that guy. Concerned about it that was those four. That they away. It's there and those collapse double walls are sponsored by Jordan's Furniture in fact we which had. Marry aired attacked us about it I am the other guys that still would Jordan's turn you know you collapse those malls this year can you believe it. And you went on your card and acts can only tell if you you'll get to ride on mom. It's got a does that sound and motion Odyssey. While. It does double secret it's an alcoholic and he just won't open up. Actually used to be a guy back to it. And I think we digress so. I can anyone name any other stadium. In your ballpark that has the shape I mean as many have their own histories but. Fenway doesn't look like in this is just what is imminently Boston about it and it was felt that way for reasons. Yet it's tea seems a bust owning no other baseball park stadium or now multi function sports complex looks smells fields. Or has the everything that android is just so Fenway it's only. And nutter is uniquely uncomfortable it is it's it and I never put you in outfield bleachers and have you faced a left field blowing up your favorite place to OC. The year at least they replace I think we all have the exact same feeling it's like. Can't wait it's all of these things about you where you and I think you'd think about that. The beer you'd think about that and watched and and you get there. In your knees are up here in. And your your ass hole is toxic halfway up some media outlets that it. The speaker the people behind you hits you get all the congress people in front of your over five but he you'd use third week in its yield. And they have never well all the different improvements they've made they've never address the fact that basically out rate of. Other seats. Help hopeful I did not talk about it isn't it I get up and down. Wrong. And different. Thank you thank you nick and I was Edmonton. That saved is what I've been I've been sick in my entire life but when you say that the people it's like you wipe your but with the American flag dole it out to areas that. Yeah to have posts. We don't post anymore we'd all be on post technology they don't exist anywhere except that is one place. She'll meet that guy who's so waxes romantic above and way. And then show me where he's sitting because it's not my hobby how to post the old Boston garden and once said tickets to a Celtics game visited Larry Bird are aware and orders steeple baskets. I had to put my ear on the armrest. Because that would Duckworth and about it birdie it will play a game was Fred Roberts and I said there and I don't know got a red glowing tribute about sitting like this to watch ignited a basketball game. And that is like get fought what percentage of the seat to reduce their effective in some way by crappy sight lines of vote. What if I. I would say twenty or at least are literally host of steel. Because I'm. Murder as I only 20% as the steel in about 60%. Is the I have to like do. Yoga return my body segment TCI is not a body built for you and and that the right field. Quarter while they may point in the general direction of the pitcher's mound are so bloody far away. I mean he'll vote aside from those first few rows. Yeah you might as well be at like the upper deck of Blake you know the University of Phoenix Stadium trying to watch a baseball game it's the it's a slog meant it as a challenge to watching game. I thought you're gonna say when you were at the Boston Garden inn in order be able to see that game in the 1980s you had to go. To the ball a cigarette smoke. On the front end like smoking than it. On a lot of about Mario did that a deadline tonight's game Rajiv identity and I think I've put out what I've. When he comes up like a short way if I put up with that because the secondhand smoke killed so many of the rats so as well as win win yeah you do is given to make this in the right. So it. Would anyone have literally. Object in this room if they dissent OK it's served its purpose now. And we need new and move it to sell the or something I mean you can't literally just like it's all meet in just put on the trailer and partly why I love the way you would do that. That and if you got to remember that could come back. Where we hear about it let's he's busy day in gate in a firefight in what was the movie with that. Again it at a and it makes it as it is going to be I admit he drill upon is that it adopted daughter Ben Affleck that's how we talked a lot well podcast in my rear view edit a look at all right it's a wet identified happened I got tons of war shoot you and then in the face it my left Barca. A kitchens are addition he started cursing while now yeah he was. So evident feel for a little bit aegis goddess eat like a hard. Now that we can't and I can't win it with everybody does things got a point after release it we generally seagate and Italy I don't any it's a little blank the islanders and nudity and that person including the -- make the money. It had sat in on. How we do this date they just can't figure out in this location. To them forty would you do it they're gonna have to and that. Watches have buck Lubbock hot sunny now. Hi mum on. But the way that worked as they can't pick in the same location that it made got to go spend money on somebody else's. Locate and they've already maxed out the ticket prices so. Wonder what other options decides to hang in people by their shorts from that light post and they're going to be hard not to put into more Rosen yeah. Yeah I think 124. Seats this year because. Day of the good seats that might makes that they brought this shortened Alter a little bit more at least average but there. You need an Osce where literally they just ripped out and tired bleachers. In just redo. The monthly in the season where it's because instruction on exactly would you let first season or something like that and figure out literally. Obama and park in my block rights and that is the seat of imagine imagine. I think the first game I went to and another city was. Camden yards. And even that do adults aren't good luck to Jason to a then I went out to see India a onetime. In Momo was in love with Jack Murphy. He was a row by a parking lot what do novel concept you pulling department that you walked to the game in Alex will what are we got hello though at that place is 65 bucks we block and then you don't walk a hundred miles a. Now right now and now in fairness in fairness saying the when I was zoom in recent and that's like I said Stanley Park built 1912. First every gaming at Harvard exhibition game one but here's some of the amazing animations for 191230 here this week I. They have they actually had a small parking area for our mobiles just afraid field because you realize respect and there was only like 45 cars and our country. So they add this little attic patio where that you could put liked eight cars of the guys that sort of probably owner. They'd put 11 part the wire screen behind home plate that you CY BI and Micah live they edit it I well because. Because follows Balboa pesky foul balls breaking the patrons noses. It is an all on the second I've got to send a message in my life this game is running line I'll do about what. O'Brien has a right to our eyes that you act and what do I have a second. 00 Europe both operative but it didn't and no I don't and both. It dig itself it's like I don't that he thinking an opinion antibody that didn't take ten minutes. I'd get that ten type deal end of the month. Get your picture done by the same guy that painted on the Titanic down and right field tonight 45 minute while ago I love about it. Johnny like what do you girls jacket. Paris if it. If you're expected this does an excellent example. He and others have Osborne and hit the it was first elected scoreboard. They did have twice as much seating as the original Huntington avenue grounds them. And the original that distance from home to the outfield flagpole 550 feet. That's nearly polo grounds. Yeah that would just I think the tunnel the people that don't well into it and she got out I seen them on the the footprint of it in the outfield foul poles that. Although browns will likely less than 300. Feet they weren't they like judge said he is big and you're basically playing it like it assignment. It original Yankee Stadium also had really. The original idea they've also has really short. He had left to right field doubles in fact the fact that waste even 310 was would want to hear you talk about the dead ball era with a note hit home runs back and on the first got to hit a home run that happened in April 2 mornings their first season Torre sixth in the that it had not all of the rest of his career. Really yeah so. But the on. So they don't they day they did see is Bozo they did beat you again. They did beat the Yankees an opening day. That we perks of a six in eleven innings they're star pitcher in 1912 Joseph wood and I thought you guys that are preaching I appreciate what the he started in baseball. A few years earlier turning pro for twenty dollars a week as a member of the barnstorming through whom are girls. A this is what afford a man new dress in drag. Out. There it's just Rosie O'Donnell got a Gena Davis although image. So their first season now before they even have their first game April 20 at Titanic it sunk by April 15 to the report to people it's a bummer for game talking about. You know the sinking of the Titanic. Offers a very tired of that. Civilians they gonna have some agencies may win what's considered still to be one of the greatest World Series of all time. In actually eight games because they and it ties back then over the New York Giants seem team had refused to play than do those are the nineteen of a pop fly dropped by Fred's on grass and I guess that's you react to start about feel like you've made that up nearly one no dairy no matter. Yeah I am I got a lot of time with baseball history crap and now is acute effect. I think Fritz night guys media did to my Josh Beaulieu quote I'm Nike president has really yeah. Opt I was just what's the real that what was the look what I just was really adds I was I. And I think it was where have you gone for it's not good as the idea of B and it may direct talks with the World Series sometime in my life I'm now. You know everything that happens to us that was a lot of bad stuff happening to us go believes the non Americans but my friends as and I think for and I know that's not a cool can't solve I don't aren't a lot of the things I did throw rivalry right that NT yearbook when you were using your tools available is to beat all the latest entrant with a sorry lined up for my prom by becoming the right market might prompt to Asians. The proposals. Right now thousands very drastic proposals if I already Kardashians and the bustier and. So Dodgers right game hate the Sox trailed by one in the bottom of the ninth when Fred's not grant strapped in lazy fly ball. Giving the Red Sox an extra out later it was actually AM ball that was not played by Fred Merkel the guy woods' group in 1908 season where the the giants against the cubs giving them there were at it now. Let me this one hasn't name and it just shows how time is changed displays you'll find in the history book yet produced miracles Boehner. How Letterman at. The last Acura RL for some reason I don't know why I know. And I know not nearly half of what you know in terms of Boston sports or but I have heard of Merkel Boehner or I. You know I wanted to return to the golden day in age and I wouldn't complain about having a seat 180 degrees different the action. When we are all shorter is of people we weren't as obese. We wore gray wool suits and would crotch rot and at double header and at least they're going to be a race right in the field who smokes cigarettes and enjoyed and phrases like Boehner would actually economic round with regular because. That was just the dander headed play right and you take one right fields not grass right. What it was an unruly fan behavior became the stuff of legend like you know the royal rude using crap that they had riots on the field because they didn't have seats saved for themselves of the first World Series. And bill said. While Barack callable bunch of months and now like got the big deal like yelled too much so it's securities hauling around a side of the. I don't bring aside into the stadium but if you'll excuse. Excuse us. I mean in the rest of the White Sox are gonna have burn your Disco albums party and almost accidentally burn the attack him sitting down. Then I'd love to be use. Boston experience a World Series champions and 1415 and sixteen. Fourteen in the Braves 1516 mean the Red Sox in the Sox won again Anthony team clenching at home. Estate worth as part of team. And then. Something happened where babe wasn't around anymore and member of it. On May seventh of 1926 there was a fire in left field bleachers. And baby births absence hasn't faced they traded him to the Yankees in 1920. Was so palpable that they did not prepare those burned huge because the attendance was so bad until Tom yawkey bought the team in 34. And when he rebuilt the bleachers caught fire again. NN that. Nebraska is spreading the point where they had do that it deliveries third time. So I'd like and he said do things now while we're gonna fix them bleachers and organize Ed segregated. And straight back on. An early else's time just the latest. What I believe you guys are probably gonna think this is ironic that. We're gonna we're gonna replace these bleachers in the Ross gonna add in this thing that was used. In the stadium to put out that fire hoses to spray people and stay. I made and I raids on the other. Along Michigan alum that foliage in Atlanta let's be clear about that nobody hurt my radio show book. Good afternoon there is evidence that you have and now all long locked to a Georgia. The well wasn't always the correct there was a ma date we battled Duffy says they live day don't be evil as they did originally had a total articles on her identity. This is a statement. She made out Earth's actual. Early you deal with your childhood but I was reading spirit with Blair he doesn't bring us. Odds in this able somebody for the love of god creates Star Wars so I can move on this. That and my motto that I summer for his boob and in all this went away. Right there was every cliff they did have an original 25 foot while and they built the place they put some bleachers out there and but nobody ever hit the ball there's nobody care but there was a left fielder. Name that Duffy Lewis who you know when the ball was it there's too few times a year which is that was really gonna be a little play this little mound. Oh it was pretty ghetto fabulous Lewis left. To speak are in San iron and I Harry COPEL was the right below to get heavily nine years or something where they are treated now by now. Now there together for nine years were they able to it. And here it's like all the same benefits together. Other teammates. They are together or there's a different time yeah yeah happy and I felt passages. That were. So. So. Let's say for the average sports fan. That's like an archival Google search of what mainly used like that are run through there was a bit of him down field akin to what you'd policy. In center field and I huge. It was more like that name are actually Jackman and you rampant pill make you question caddie shack right in the go for goes by England and Israel but Andre. That's pretty much what there was there was this kind of just basically add it was with a bit of an uprising there where in the neighborhood putting some some sort of bleachers back there and yes so you know this state emails were to courts do it right. But then yes edited despite back when I was on the story from the globe as well actually they put all of their stories. Online you can read stories from 1926 from back when despite an island which at. Need to read you know I honestly odd couple hours Afghanistan central gulf Vega but I'll let I'll take it 92 he referred to the area which the fire was at the corner of death he's clinched. It's like you know there was this comedy you know talk news that he's Clinton. They did average sized ticket the World Series circles both. At the base at its F. Right by the area where an ice especially children on. And guy in 46 they made at the World Series and for some odd reason. Things are we talked about this and previous by again. The the Red Sox had. They had to kind of wait around the nationally cardinals to play a of three game playoff against the Brooklyn Dodgers decide it would national champion was right. So the jockey the jockeys and their manager Eddie Collins decided it. Put an exhibition games to keep their guys sharp bright and able they'd actually brought in all stars from the American League complain it's like it. They're there. Now people talk about like resting starters in making sure like if you clinched the the panic with ten games of radio I said Kleiza was like having games left in the season they actually. They have eleven games off staged playoff games to get ya so players or other teams in the American League showed up just to help keep the Red Sox stayed sharp so that they could win the World Series after they season was over it was a different I guess what happened. In game two tabling apply to the elbow is injured himself if he ran into the wall. Trying to catch a I'm mar ran at the wall he would not much of enough. I ate it up there I got the fact check him out but I think it was that freakish a thing like the one time he hustled after a ball and meaningless game. Credibly was hit by pitches what was that they ever do for a team in country now. It. What's Tom ends of gone the World Series rated 200 at the united no extra base hits he slugged it. 200 in his only world out there particular series because of the fact. That he challenger has yet bomb album he is one of these things and claiming he never said he's never ever said that he examined now. But whether waiting army wanted to prosperity you'll never admit it right if you got he would just come back from like killing not season while he would actually include two comet them but you know he helped defeat the axis powers. So you'd and the most days complain about a bus that Al ball but legitimately. Ted Williams never hit him you never slowed 200 over 87 game stretch in his life who looked at this at and assume every. I love it going to be a roster of I don't. Georgia I got to edit this I would write in the Mike Brown. Oh. Now part of the aural record and you don't hit it isn't edited to him it just let me know them be head of the major corporation. And I'm Alice I think we're Elizabeth Hurley which he goes you know clearly not a thing I like. Okay. If it's a now you understand why. People say you know don't throw that guy out there the extra in this is why people there this is why you don't run them out there for that extra start little sidebar relevant to this though. The way baseball is played now and the fact that we see nine different relievers over the course of the final three innings of the game vs the way baseball used to be played. If you go to Cooperstown. And you just start you don't go look for your favorite recent player or like I wonder like oh there's my dad's favorite players and Ehrlich on of this animated and steroids era. He's go to the way back of all the names of the guys you've never heard of before. Annual read these plaques and it'll literally just be like. You know. Trash and rightly. And bill read about like there's that's. A hook up all of trash did. One is at. The dress like literally all the trash that. Clarence agreement but all. Today's Iowa buffalo Albany cult is both. The top pocket equaled that and play well now it's. All straight guy. Sold shoes in the morning and threw two innings that night have a little literally used to pitch. That. Double headers. And likes old insurance sold fuse or or our guys don't get out here lightly by local Phil took us me in my cousin there and chills as he has I want you to see areas. Old Hoss rat berg is the tiger about. Once won sixty games and he couldn't. One that speaks to it and it is. My use Albert I guess they need to go visit doctor enters into this. Surgery named after that she left handed it to the measles and shares his name with a pair of underwear he can buy podcasts. Right uncle buckles has never had a 160 exhibit all of think tenable great name again I don't know Mordecai three finger brown. You know getting cats at one personal Mort a crime guy that I needed it binds me it is gay era regulators Libby played in the first cut at a particular vehicular deaths we added a game three thing is three fingers and any pitched you know have a nice guys Cilic will go out two months to a tightness in their quietly said he had a wicked changeup is in the three think that it's like I did you know it. I would cut Clay Buchholz is hand like cut this pinkie off. Just to see if he'll work Jim Leavitt didn't have a hand you say that's my earlier I want him Adam or anything had you get a hell of an arm now. He practically won those Cy Young single handedly. George CNET blank space from the moderate nothing happened or point 22 how are you locked oddly enough they were and it's five figured out on a couple of it was got arrested. Guerrero were exit two years after the I guess not derail the in 1948 this Sox ended up losing a first ever won in game compliment. A stunning thing is that you're there and focused LOC because he only had happened and systematic. Is that the fighting they make if that's the funny thing is you know way yours is the train moves not the station. He now when he goes to a game easily be in terrible security to get as a blonde and analysts that bullets with he stopped. Oh. It was an inspiration that click it deserves none of this is not passed next week it'll be George and I. If I mean to the Texas and I fully Lamy. Now you know what things he's ever write a lookup comes. The wheel wells rabbit we apology here at W yeah I. Not all cut was the thing I'll comments made by. It meant getting the value I ask the Italians that everyone involved to come off as they are part on a one podcaster not necessarily reflect the people who actually put the work until I can play. In honor of his career to members grip we saw human hand have to. You go there's the door right there. He hit. And me to just told them he for a while peso hunt that. So how did you asked about who's your favorite vertigo is great I mean the five minute. Didn't have a deft comedy have been the opposite. This this is going nine edited definitely going on added another it's going on action. Actually don't know what's going to happen. But what you. And I've had tears while we're about to get into interior personality and politics and families are telling Airpwn ridiculous significantly. Reduce. After midnight closed Williams it was the body stands years basically trade. For the fifties it was dreadful every picture you see the place. It you look like there was like well that they would give and only anthrax like people is selling general added a blades razor blades. By the dozens I think I read a horrid I had done a great monster the green monster became a billboard an end this thing like it lights repeats itself. When they put the Coke bottles up on the light tower there were people doing like if follow popular and it gets and you desecrating sacred pure simple. The bill it was a billboard one of which was like Jim Malaysia and blades and had a duel and all right okay and then the famous one is life boy so open and had a big illustration of a guy and a shower and it's it. The Red Sox used like Boyd and Evelyn to them don't take it yet at least that day and threatening in the I was like oh boy yes. Missiles before they realize that likely will be still poisoning. If you put it ends in kids mountains to us. So they put blazing right you don't know do you avoid boy if that's where they make that the paper's results company. That's. Life was so I loved it. I love the opera that people when they think about like Citgo sign had on. A player's Jersey a moment ago the Celtics might have legal out of their Jersey going for order. This is what he's The Beatles people you're with these insane on the and added that it rushing for a man actually both demand for tickets are gonna get more expensive they're gonna have to put ads and lately I can't believe it's all the naming rights to his. That's the way it works on her own net and missed the boat on cat got that right. Oh memo and that the signs went behind home plate. And I ask you all ahead on immediate he is like cause celeb to the point where. He became almost unlistenable 'cause he talked about it every single game like boat that got the scrolling banner behind in its one sponsored which sponsored by somebody else. She'll get no hitters you're she needs only a couple does site radio crap TV grab the north care is about to the point where. A few years ago this does ownership they're too clever by half like they wanted to sell ad space and agree months of the new. That that would be the blow back they would get so what do they do they put a charities that. For the Jimmy Fund via and they Jimmy Fund stayed there for a year may be too and it's still up there. Or al-Qaeda are our Latino and you're mania you know there's a W lab right up candidates here's a and. They'll date they added into the scoreboard right the WB made something an apple ball hit that the only been sailing on top the WB Mason side. Against what the sun came up the next their eight I mean there and really wants. Yeah that of the protagonists on growth as sunset. And I like like before even Wrigley camp I want to Wrigley 2006 and the recycling their first return there and is 1918 and read and it really is great but when I went dared there was not a single shred of advertising inside the park. Nothing nothing and I need to appoint I think and the the scoreboard nothing anywhere. But when you wanted to get a beer it was like being hit over the head with an old yellow pages. Everywhere it was like on the. Are they doing. It might back the hurdle and he will I think it'll be maintained. The the pure and it's the purity of Wrigley went into them because they Wear for them. Many of the backlash and Wendy's when Theo came they finally ask submitted to the F it was under armour was the person go up in the ivy. Cut out a section of the I viewers and an error that was huge. But today and they admitted Budweiser out and outfield that was beyond the right now on the tour hello guys. It's called greatly want to buy your product placement non European you know. Yeah mine night ozone by the people don't Wrigley gum I get I get that it was only. But aides it's is it do you spiritually right the first thing and I thought when they put up the Jimmy Fund thing was like. OK Jimmy Fund but that's light and did eventually it will be fun show and comedian Eddie did because he'll think about. When you beauty drop a fraud upon a hot water it's gonna jump ball but if you put in there and you can slowly turn at the year old just fried itself and that's what they don't. Member when the Tony can agree Garros seats went up on the ball great field 25 dollars apiece so families can come in honor of Tony can agree arrow. Two years in. That was the Cumberland farms section on the seat to a 75 bucks a ligament whatever honor Tony C you are right out now what are we on or ignorant you know strategies in. And and I united swapped out my leg and I don't seem to dissect but you just reminded me of my wife and I were looking at hot tubs. And now to look at and Amanda and I just like coming giggling and she's with the matter it was a simple mistake we will get the boys in there. And now this kind of come up behind him is Tyson carrots and there. That's not an outcome it was a good. Dark that you did it get added to just let it that I really like parents good god what's going to. I thought god that sounds like let's go to get their degrees attic and Ed dot rapids yeah. So can make clear our rights say do the local boy done good. In 67. Are up pause button on the the last thing about the Ted Williams thing real quick do we know like if we're talking history of Fenway Park in this that memories and how many people actually were in attendance on. The final that way I look at apple while back and I wanna say like like twelve is now is army and intent at all because my dad. Like so many other dads if you ask around Boston. You know levers to surviving from that game. You'll hear like there may have been between 75 and 200 people right yeah everyone claims they were there in my dad swears he was there for that. But their only world like 10121000 yes what I what I its troubled gulf. For the right because if you run one now it's urban legend about amicable stated where their claim there where in fact I was gonna say you know. Later in the thing that my father had tickets to the Clemens when he strikeout game he gave to a secretary because it was a horrible game there early April. But freeze that's another I was invited everybody in their mother has said they were at the game Clemens threw twenty strikeouts in that only had an eight that and that's because it dad was given are women Janice. It. A. She asked for. I looked up the pale I would definitely look for the purposes of I was taken upon a blowback on the station police say that I would rather have had. That David Ortiz had a better career than Ted Williams all things considered. Not well if you look at that Williams he won a way to war and in this career verses that currently only Ortiz is is better. It was more exciting I would rather of rooted for that guy so to make that point I looked up that sped attendance that day from his final game. An old buddy cared. The Red Sox had been a relevant to ten years not his fault the Ohno was dope he lit it. Reese's hillbillies running his team they couldn't build a pitch in step but the reality is they would tease. Woods has played in front of sold out crowds since he got here in 2003. Ted Williams played in front of empty seat. Ortiz is on the mount Rushmore in my opinion of dollars were Boston sports I think keel over kick over took Williams. It's when he retired I am I an eye increasingly am. Might not have cracked this top five greatest moments I didn't get annoyed at me like politically rather root for him. And now wise I was gonna say like. If I can just like are Nikkei might have gotten what I can remove the snorkel on the mask as I get out of like late update their for a second registered for Europe and and they can graze David Ortiz and I would think that would be second race. Object I'd just in to fill may get it up beat you know your honey you're thousands more in his mouth every Obama if he had to lock off. I hits in the same Camp Lejeune decades you know edit item and I believe that right but I'm not discount. Things Grand Slam because that was an incredible moment of same with any other guy that would be hit it clearly. His greatest moment of his career with Ortiz it's conversation. That's how many had Ted Williams did great things. At the plate. Front of empty houses that had no impact on and it racism whatever that's not rip and Ted Williams now he was like a secular saint to meet a guy that I grew up like read every book that was ever written by camera boat ramp. Yet Ortiz Korea played to packed houses. With three chippy and chips verses the guy who put up really great baseball card numbers in front of empty houses on losing teams. OP or in north all the Ortiz is a star became. A star not quite Tom Brady's level around here but may be. May pretty close maybe the you know a top five Boston's star of the past twenty years I've seen is statue where the bright I agree with inane name a bridge after more yankees number two in last twenty years yeah I've been an irate and Miami radio and think as early. Anybody else in the race or the last eight years did you think about of a character I'd I'd I'd maybe put rock with him at as a character as as like a superhero antics but like what they acts yes in terms of the antics and the marketability. And how much people enjoy them by. You know yet not rely regionally and Q rating in favorability. Don't really count as much as. What they contributed. On the field right now I think for these intents and purposes and for the mount Rushmore fact rest naturally you know I think David arts and I think David Ortiz. And thank god for the ownership and this leads to an actress on our says serve moves along. David or David or cheese is only popular T shirt she's guys. I was semi hotly denies I have a new dip I want necessarily it's unbelievable. It's. Think art person and it's RT it's how David lord she. Please do your movement jockey after the game and I applied to it they have a or geez. Which one is definitely borrow either way. Did it up adequacy. Not that 2000 dollars by the end of the well there's going to be games help if they ever actually think he's been a while Italy's David Ortiz Tom run them on the attic and his agent Graham Flanagan thank you look at the editor. In any way shape or is it too. One of these things is the greatest product at the Dominican Republic the last 25 years the other one has. It's dairy products and regular and it's herds of a I. And I really Dave energy benefit from the people that brought you Boston's well it's 101 and found the energy the if you thought that Jimmy Abbott rose to a I don't know I wouldn't get that didn't grow. I'm gonna take it take Bloomberg nick. Carter had. Big poppy cook and a cup I guess what guys gals Lockett back. Sporting very cute you can kind of like to watch the lobby where there's this guy from like the energy companies like I noticed this and get the helium leak it to be ordering your. The guy's gonna have to get the problem we're going to be giggling at the op. So in the I want to ask was. What was. The biggest ship like the biggest change to Fenway. In terms of what the ballpark has become that we know now cents. You know since the the days of just all the losing and you basically kind of like look the same for forever and ever and ever so would it be. Would it be the arrival Pedro. Would would be the new ownership. Would be Ortiz in the winning ways. Or just they just the entire season climate change in Boston sports that kind of help make Fenway it's thing because. I I think I am alliance that accuracy here routier's. Michael may or may actually be once and it Pedro arrives in the emergence of Nomar. Exactly we'll just. Oh I don't know I colonel loaded but it. First of all just Pedro alone and when you with the family at. It was like almost like out Mardi Gras type of right atmosphere. That Dominican fans that came in witches they would go bananas. And he would they would bring flags it would be it would pretty yeah bring all sorts of you know horns and drums and altered the things they used in Sierra family before it was it was just wonderful atmosphere. On in so but on top of that he is it like it feeds sucked. It didn't matter who should've if only because nobody would show up at all. The driver Pedro start was like unlike anything like look. We get a bunch here all really handsomely twenties. All of us have been going to teams for it. Her dad went to predict it and dads in out of seem. Puppies Clifton you know they'd been read about Merkel owner in Manhattan in the favor of the older guard read me off a fresh in Africa I thought about it. Couple. You know we know we remember what like justice and we were all like long tenured patriots and we all sat in selvin slash slash Foxboro Stadium so. We we are members of like generation on the Brady in the pink yet brigade. We were we remember what fed might look like when it was kind of a little dumping into television like really mean addition again when they had profits in the bathroom exactly. Do you stand between. Right grown men and we alerted to a large bucket again we are still call it Fenway Park syndrome when you get stage fright AD Arnold. Me of my buddies always call a decade Eumig going you'd have to go really bad in you'd stand there but. You're a bathtub with them and do you do you and you frequently just couldn't produce speak to begin so also got just what are they need to. What was good about about it yeah I just. How the hook up Watson comic. Mike MacDonald played. EE does this bit about my impression of a guy evident take a dump at Fenway. I gotta take issue yet. No I don't I could come up. Flu related to that that in the intro on our one wonders what are his Mike Donovan and I like kind of an ordinary course. So but it let me ask you is as what was your first like Jerry what was your first Red Sox team growing up with the 67. Knoll that. That was my brother's team can still for my life lake view lead falling hard for the. Seven eats teams that you know the food Jim Rice the Fred Lynn Evans you know although all those guys you know for wise would ever. I'm I just kept it reminded how solid today MS 67 now is really get special that was so much bad in this like excuse me that. It's game seven of the World Series against the reds pardon me if I can enjoy this because it wasn't 67 or whatever. Didn't get to a game until that 78 team. VMware with my Brothers are right now with it and just. With Depp who is your dentist might identity today is Jim Lombard. But like any. All ya ya kidding no when we moved to this. Does social when I got married for ye Eric I was living in Cambridge with fan and I got on her health plan we moved down a social or is that yell we do want to dental. I'm finding Jim mom or should I think he's widowed and like situated summits too far to go idol I will drive there. So we look it up. He's. Go up our street take a right he's there a thought and he is the nicest guy in the world like my son was it real good around strangers in his little. Met him gave him a hug he goes upstairs gives them assigned. Eight by ten. When when the Sox won at all everybody in the hall of fame got these. Ring a replica. Hall of fame ranked. He had a on his desk and you got to like sit there and Mike. Lately that if you wanna put it on its not be the only requirements if you wanted to the picture with a five dolls for the Jimmy Fund might this cold I got a terrible hire a no brainer I know and they called him gentleman Jim when he was up. Are all old pitcher. It fits because he's just that real. Lead actors really did guys who became a dentist gives that was in the day where if you were Smart. You set yourself up for a post career in baseball if you weren't gonna make a lifetime riches of guys who had on you guys. Said earlier like summer are out when Georgia Georgia put your leisure area days. Sees it Gerri every other reds I think of me and our tank and as well act and just as you'd ever had a Cy Young pair of hands in your mile. I I have on May be Clemens like deal depicts them lettuce eight the amount that was not an. Idea where so do you. Yeah Abbott did you Meredith justice. Munson brawl Americans every three when that happens. Did not delve into doing and as the more famous one which is the 76 brawl at Yankee Stadium right where Ken Harrelson and at times it. You're all around like. Clinton people. Immediately put a bull's eye Mickey rivers back he became pure evil in everybody's mind to the point where. There were people hurling decent ice batteries out of the Fenway bleachers Adam and this is kind of a theme we wish publishing get into how. What the culture used to be like a going to sporting events. Crazy hostility that today like we said if you if he'll hold up a sign they'll kick you out of there you know to me an end if yes. God forbid you use like sailor talk like Ben kitchen did at the beginning of this you're out of there. When I was a kid the experience at Fenway and and as my teen years me in my cousin used to get a package of tickets for Christmas every year we go in on the train. So in the bleachers you know we thought up. Boxee people snobs or whatever so we went like either every like Friday in a team of Japanese have a dozen double headers would go to those who would just total junkies on it. Every half an inning you're whole section stood up to watch the fight is who is a fight nonstop right yeah. To be so many more fights at Boston sporting events we're talking today about wrestle mania in one now. And even like last week when we were talking about the history of wrestling in Boston that. I don't like I'll get out of it and it literally looked up late past the load up to the balcony. And watched one guy I don't drive another guy. In the Boston Garden into this day it's still haunts me to think like that guy might. Have had his life right well let's. I am about it like that might be paralyzed it again halo like red you know if you could speak logistically. Not lean and mean girls yeah it's just a hardly think that like we spoke rated at the time being built and when it was just full of you knock. All the swearing. Like the funniest currently the most outrageous thing that's happened now of course it was a its own weight in part was like oh here comes the pizza. Phil is letting it be like now these guys throwing food at granite. It and it bit back a good idea always a great great what public doubt woods. Par for the course back in the day you know would mean an end. I remember whiz kids. But who guy in front of us it's not Italy in front of him. Who for the crime she committed was rooting for eleven of his throws Odyssey was the blue G includes a relevant. Watch this guy take a full beer and slowly poured into her her hair. In Xia poet and an empty beer cup into the woman's hair she just put her hat back on him pretend like it did happen in my president on. Diagnosis and how adults. I guess that's a solid. We'll triple Libby for his sash had a hero there. But not well thought out here as arcade next. What I'm curious about is I've been to patriots games with the guys. I have a kind of experience. I think you. I've kind of experienced the whole weird kind of fame that comes with that being in videos and before the board going to patriots game and now since these videos hit you go to eat you go to. A game with you ordinary or whatever and you can't want Tempe without getting itself be can't go anywhere what was it like before you broke a bar story EEI. And it before you became bitsy and then since after that now your Fenway. And your Jerry store your beats the then when I am just curious how was before and after. Before is just as you'd you'd think it is you have maybe he would once and I'm bloom owned them and meet someone who knew like seeing a comedy show or whatever. Right from me that it. And big game changer was on item at Red Sox documentary cursed be Ambien addiction or to 2003. But two weeks before the Grady Little came by the way so none of that the worsened cosmic not punch in team history and they didn't even in the originals by it. You know they they did a sequel and I mean. Most recent story guesses I tip my son to his first concert ever. To see McCartney last year not because I like he's a rock but because McCartney is a godlike figure. Two guitar playing high school play anybody who likes music as the year reversal absolutely and by the way he was eight. Brigade razor he was so quick minute stretch out his energy in my seven points and even even doing like eleven songs. Don't for the benefit of mr. kite spot on with the way if you shall. Well so weak it's his first concert I shall for the expensive seats is just an experience from Saddam whip in the back. And we wait for the showed a start and finally I got to get a bottle wire 2000 degrees and coming back to the seat one of the security guys stop me. He went out on the field Mike can do a skit with we surely just watch from the field it's cool so there's layers of security we keep them a move past. They just keep moving us along to the point where where it's given down on the field. In this woman like with a microphone in all of them walkie talkie sheep to motions me follow me. Dozens they were just is human these all my outlook or busted all the Sox she pulls me center stage and I would arguably the anabolic second base and she goes hey guys might be able seat better from here as it. My gosh that's the sweetest the every day she said. You kidding me you've been defensive wall but how. It's up and and there's like fifteen year old who's just don't. What's happened and I know I don't know all of the people are just nice now in ways that they didn't used to be nice to anybody. And the crazy thing is. Then Jerry took opera had in port twenty you know I'm at arrowhead. And India and decided viewers Gallup and putter had back there is. Yeah a secret it is a blood I was I was there before your time for you before PT. Came to happen I've never heard of it while Serb fortnight fifty Stevens became. A household name. That is known as if the only thing I'd get the only thing like I worry about it think about is. When I take my kid who's burst in the years and wages like so long is because the way speak in the videos in the embracing the house on long time. It was awesome in a lot of ways when my dad took me. Hot and I dad would take me to patriots games in Red Sox games are up. And I would hear bombs as bombs and one that is eight me and I'm happy to be Rory and now I think my kid has a different kind of future ahead of him and I just don't want. That particular culture. The century or taint my kids' world views so. And you know at the same town that's cool I like videos like go pats or whatever but I just hope people don't think it's like awhile. You're drinking a Coke and popcorn that I have uses the or use you know afterward than. Utley. Or five Euro. Route that done right happened maybe post seventh inning stretch and people have had a viewing behaviors might change but yeah I give you we all invite that sort of and I and I am I loved it then guys yeah culture and sports yeah out and I look I'm using this word with love but that idiot culture you know immediate bros it would ever and I've it counted ballots. Goldman and get you in the neck device still out of CNN let my two kids and in my son's girlfriend in my life not. Nuts cool guys could get the picture images role in the arise like a glide you know I anyway he had dual play all. It for a lot of it we have the ultimate first will likely happen like that what what a bank. If you stacked no artist wanted the but I'm so glad that earlier you. Said that maybe it was the page thing that changed the way. People felt about Fenway in the experience that we would. Peak is. Before when you went to Fenway it was something you'd. Have and there was a prerequisite it. It was perfunctory ratio couples are now but it wasn't much. For some reason the garden was more fun maybe the danger on the me as. As a some success. But they're got to be a time when. Sure maybe you know 86 equally need ninety and they dabbled with access them. But then once Pedro came. It was it felt like okay this is where the franchise takes its earned. This is where things about and weight change. Now we're gonna start because now they start make him on now it's a party and all the bars yet. Short we also had to take a second mortgages and call up you know. Fidel go to America all one of warrants if our line of credit can be expanded per day at Fenway but the entire experience. From. Buying the tickets in the expectations that would go into it in the in the anticipation if you go to through the entire days afterwards it was more expensive. But it was more worth it because this was like a consummate sports experience this was. Well what also happened and we have we jumped little bit but I but I mean we talking set and see citizen right on the tenth of Phnom right so you were here today and until tonight that my father sent at them until after 82 gentlemen. 1015 years ago. When eastern all right in my office part of his work in any reckless and I can't write him off anywhere are all yours. In so I took it over and you know since then they've kind of you know I mean going off the body's trying to help make the money that he got to pay for these things. When he picked them up and 825. Rows off the field bulldogs take. When Pedro arrived there recently acknowledged that. Now can at a hundred of that when the Yankees content and it is it's become ridiculous is it different staggered pricing now there yes tell you if you go to org if you go to tomorrow. But it could be raining of family in the second game in art in an April it's not a hundred bucks. But if you go you know in the race we go to yankees man though at the Lincoln 176. Words that section. But I'm. The Red Sox were the original inventors have surged as yeah yeah over race that is copied the model of immigrants are an airline that comic capitalists thing costs of what's someone's willing to pay for it and not some other amount. Not all and end its sex but the they have. Full capacity you know it's funny being somebody's inside a ticket as his ethic group. It's so different and the guy who's trying to get much about because you look at and I paid them. Not that much more than my normal regular season high for plastic in them. And he got stub hub and anybody who just against any room paid over here. You know. Real techno World Series game sick. You know and you and I get that you wanna own that moment and you say hey you know let it. Once in A lifetime opportunity in you know again what summons on a pay Florida you're right I I thought of as a veteran of the run my living room and just let those special moments to me you know I don't feel that need to. And send make it to communities com which we got so I wanted to be there till now don't. Jerry kind of got in the seventies they yeah do you remember. Human fists around. Yeah they've not ever not 100% like not a ballot they Robin Williams like clarity right I I think it's funny the things you remember is I was at 12:30 in the morning exactly I mean it but David Ben remember mandated that brought baseball back then on his uneasily. I remember my mother trying to send me to bed has it was a school night was game seven against the reds and I am not glanced at all I know and I'm. Sinking seven of asset okay and they lost him a C 43. And I Yassin made the final out. Tears cry myself to sleep what averages that's. And that's when I started to care and when that season was over I couldn't not care about sports cell had been setup on the Celtics have ways that they had before. A following fall also mom's the 1976. Patriots that. Imprinted Meehan now we like Jay Jacobs on bell is Bibi and twilight and and it said gee guys before when the patriots lost the playoffs for the raiders in 76. That to me was like. Bruce Wayne's parents being killed in an Alley that was my moment they'd turn me into the dark brooding you know. Creature of the night that I Yemen that I am not like violate. Thrown twenty. I don't think we can all relate to now when I get that they're well I'm sorry if you it you know not team Jacob like islands and I was the only team Edward rose. Sure the candidate who the leaders at night that could a I got an answer gonna run out that's not gonna make the as are gonna make a hundred list on an estimated 78. When Bucky Dent hit that home run. The old guard did you ever do you righteous kill me absolutely no is still to this static I can remember that date. That did they had such a huge collapsed a year and I was still into baseball that's the year the apple won't mention trip to Coopers town. And they were way up then changes Zoellick the world was our only start and then they had the collapse which is excruciating. And then the comeback over the last couple weeks where they had a game. On the road. It went like thirteen innings in Fiske made a diving catch in a foul ball would say the game whatever. Sold they can have this amazing win with Louie Tiant on the mambo below the Louie Tiant it to but it transformative figure. One the great clutch pitches of all time and then they lose that playoff game that felt like hated it they had it one. And it was now that was from mead the beginning of the cycle of every once in awhile you're gonna get eight. Soul crushing loss for the ages and it it happened time and again. But did you ever feel like it's been written knowing. That and we it was against. Because again here's a park in which a shortstop. I believe but it was sort of Vietnamese and yeah but not getting choice not to rock he'd rebels. A home run right over the wall to the point where. Where you're stressed he was playing the ball. And when he sees the ball go over the wall he just kind of moral lapses collapses right. Even in the call. It out there. So it at any point did you guys in the nick at what point do you view getting into did this you know a year later. So I'm born seventy. Or 78 happens right around selective memory time ago I should serve I have memories there's nothing in particular that I can draw from there. I'm more of was rooting for them. And keeping dad's company and make mr. you know granted joyfully part of like the family as decent culture that house but. It begins really wit me. I'm Kim I'm committed for me. Look at it to interview any point did you kind of feel like. This had is park h.'s beat if we play play here read to him in this shore or another implement Bucky Dent game. Bold ninth inning Sox are trying to rally and Italy they pulled a little bit now isle right right. There's a ball brick Burleson. Crushes a line drive to the gap. With the sun right in will open l.s face it was not a particularly good right fielder. He reached out and stabbed the ball on one hop that. I'm convinced he never saw because the sun was bright in his kisser Jerry Remy has the hold up. Rice ends of it not a huge sacrifice fly that scored a run to pull of that one. But go ahead run as a third instead of would have scored if knowledge doesn't. If nothing gets by him that's. I'll be a lot Ghali a little money went instead on our 2004. It was that one hit by Tony Clark OK and not acknowledge where round they kind of wraps around the low walls which. There have been there but it's where they've been saved her ground rule double on it yeah but it was like it was right. Fortunately I've spent. All Ortiz in 2013 and some parks may be their right field isn't as deep as it is there because what is short. I remember in 1995. It's game one against the Indians in aid division series was it still. Just in LC and and real line and while there was. 1970s Timmy oh and for the wild card yet yeah OK just Al represented ninety warnings reverend. Yes so it's 95 years and bounce back here against the World Series in Wakefield burst your pitcher the Red Sox. Was unhittable all yeah inning game one competed against the Indians who want to. Lose the world answers to the Braves braves actually in the World Series. The lobs one to tell me in terms Jim Thome was just village. It's a massive. Massive home run hitter he rushed one and it was a laser. All in at the time 29 other ball. And she just places in the side. Of the foul pole early on its way to go we go again came to the Ares I am. Certainties as a percent something that would only be fair. Only be fair Fenway rant but it was such junk bonds and that's it felt like. Ali you know like a home run all season. Offers that and Austin. That disparity now. Bring even when things go our way like this in foul ball that foul ball is in the area are we in the markets when he Nashua. Point feedback because. You know yeah I'm when you uptight about what's you know what what the game changer is. To me up. Moments was breaking through in 2004 changed the culture in the ballpark that atmosphere the the feeling that. Especially in October. It was tense in there. You felt like something was common and I hate to say this because it sounds almost like a shot as you think oh we always expect the worth star witness you know I it's don't Calvin as pessimistic and new englanders. No it was palpable you could feel it when there would be a weird hop the Tony Clark thing mate that you mentioned. You would sit there and hope you hear it here we go again. Then they would go to Yankee Stadium and it didn't matter who the Yankees who planted that place we get one break in oak was. That wraps to not comment on massive amounts that noise from that that little kid that Jeffrey Maier member regional for an easy little story runs. Then I had him killed years ago. Please I wish you know it does not a jury in new it was elegant it was now of course there was that right field. Was in Rubin's. Ruben Sierra now. Is that. Who's been striking a deal there four for Baltimore outfielder from Baltimore who's pointing right up and should just caught and I write in my guess it's Jeffrey Maier yet yup yup yankees doesn't Boston now. He doesn't you know them aren't too which again you know we should do is Michigan Affleck and Jerry Ritter was go beat the crap as. Isn't much though but that's Gerri it's your necklace. Perfectly relevant. Reference to Maria because this makes me think of the way it used to go for. Vs the way that. And you needed something as groundbreaking. Unprecedented. Geek as 2000 or right. To happen something so bananas that you couldn't script app on the question. Because. That's how yankees games that they were star crossed artists and yes and we the words. With languishing underneath the barrels to. In a little moments in that 2004 run analysts say Tony Clark to write them umps that ball in your verdict Billick he hit one that was down the line. In it bounced into the stands in arrows now rule double that could've been you know when it ended the series. There was like a game for game five thing yeah that was a a Mark Bell one home run in Yankee Stadium where it eat it up its hands and feet. Joseph west and a pyrite despise him like he's the king of the guy I don't need to call for the ball or strike I'm gonna take place we asked time it once it watch empire. He was the crew chief they huddled. They got it right. And then the famous one erode the era and relevant gloves trade monetary Thornton did he. The outlaws those moments where it turned and then gained seven when you felt like here's your chance it's. Francona brings in Pedro the Yankees it'd bring Obama had. The one hole. That could give Europe your opposition hope this is game seven of the two as well yes exactly you know and that yesterday Jennifer's tingle he gets a few runs. And then the Yankee fans are into it the way they always work like here we go it's happening again. And mark they'll point it's one off of my meals for people in that silence the crowd the sweetest words of that as sounds of Everett Malick clay. Who is and it I thought it might add yeah. Did you. Looking back now they always. Synonymous with Red Sox was the fiscal run in Iowa so those had a terrible because we ended up losing yes exactly I well I remember I called into the mad dog show we did and that. I said listen and. Eyebrow and as I. You know I know that we've I don't put a go route food and that's a good cause picked up bio. Call Nike golf so it always jesus' death rate has told route one of the greatest possible time. I'm you know currently is you know in the world. But the big loss the sear in my argument was everybody in Austin knows that. But at that time he brought baseball back in people's rooms because you know money proposed. Baseball was not what used to be at a point right so so that was guys that know Boston thinks that we had answers out. Rubin it's a bad luck they employ about is that that we had his I love that moment that led really to nothing into the point where this'll salt in the wound. I'd Johnny Bench India has got inducted into the hall of fame at the same time and now we get like someone asked Johnny Bench about the extra pride and the LB imparted like great World Series he says. Extra pride is of the great World Series Ali knows I want it I got a ring in his young you have like eight feet away and I. And out lesbian a Red Sox and that was your experience. Jersey has greatest player ever yeah but he never won anything they we love know yeah nobody ever want anything it was he steady line back from. Nomar through. He drove to Clemons. Writes yes as Williams all the way back the big brute the continuous Congo line and unbroken line up. Yeah beat your guy that you love. Wasn't a winner he was a choker. Yeah and but isn't that the Marino argument though life to amity. You know that you need rings in new hall of Famer gene rings to be considered the go to you know is it championships which at about how. Regis great re relevant to the team. It's got to suck for them that they didn't actually get it on in that it was the difference of like you know. A single home run its drooling smaller it's a walk off for some of these guys that makes the difference. You know I it's I've always found that world championship argument drew it just it sucked it. On the other end of it and now NATO is now we don't have to worry about it though I'm only we will hear listen and so you know I'd. Mustard and Johnson on a Saturday on on WEEI and it's all just Yankee tock in darken you know they limit on what to the point where when they finally treated Nomar. While I was shocked and saddened because I had two kids with closets filled with its maximum of five jerseys. I was relieved because that dynamic could change at that point in wasn't changing back it was. Nomar resolute as he he was out of CS IG cup pollen don't understand what it's all added momentum ball. Bloody time eight out as a lead good Nomar it's been spared this but then they win that the culture change denial from thereafter. And animals and in 2005. To the White Sox in the playoffs so might very minor. And of course it was Al duque who basically they glossed over Oklahoma now ultimately Americans is that he was. Nails in that particular series against the tour and I have my brother trying to scream and yell Frankel does he know he's still in this move sect that was sect and I said. Now I'm just not beyond it but so are they won the World Series last year you know sometimes you don't win. And it's OK I don't feel the need to like talk about memories of mom and grandma never got to watch a winner like it's just. Then it became a team that they can just win or lose on their own merits you don't have to like. You know talk about ghosts of Babe Ruth piano and upon Arlen bullish talk about changing that the scenery do you guys were Colin and 83 when they put and it's 600 club. All oh sure and meant bull number that was like a -- was like a movie theater where they're like let's just make that class and you can go to the movies but the movie is that red side and we thought there was rich people we've done a result that's we look at them like those were the egalitarian right you know it's so that Giuliani is right no. Did you feel like there's really. It's a pipe in ambient sound because people listen Agilent it was like the worst experience in the lake city you'll sort of this ball yeah yeah pavlik had to hire the people from the Atlanta Falcons to pomp and grabbed me brand. RCA dome in Indianapolis in Wade Boggs who was convinced that his power numbers off his balls swindle on the fly in helping ease the fly out as it cut the winner yep and they had they did scientific studies MIT was it was up a proposal the -- -- -- aiming it at like quarter map on the road to vacate it started ultimately turns it does it have on that order them to hire expo on their retirement where there was talk radio suspended four games for buildings that. He didn't need it. It will nonsense you plan to build like a spoiler like on the back public you know like a ship that's. If help but I don't so I always would make the wind like that Ronald about later that. You're on the primary was Axl and they started it really. Isn't there is my uncle owns a liquor stores in Roswell. Rods and this. Guy and I he would get tickets. My best earliest exit and it was like when my dad we use it so far wade. Tells. The obstructed view. In brokers in the right corner in this great big. And but when it was at a hundred back surgeries it spreads and air those two and a strain to god forbid look at the fields. My uncle because he gets on seeds every year would bring instant like it's it's. The big players remember him. Second row is god or bought a military. And we get to you know there were. At stake at Atlanta. That but yet. Of course and I'll leave that. And the as Craig by. It was it was awesome for two things in the new light in. Like it's sort of like let's go down there like. Is Jack and rose in unison like mine. There's like it does way more fun. And appearances. You see kidney throwing a drink at the black at that. We got it and actually it was more like every soft serve Garnett that it is always a risk and it just melted just slow release date through the cone and out. So the deal that year yet as retires they had that great cinema with a rocking chair and he does the lap. I mean that's got that's actually my like first memory camera that was my parents were at that game and it was in my father and of coming home and taping that if the film on film special of the as retirement. It probably replayed a million times getting home from working with Vernon. And then you know they adding the great season and 86. I actually was like you know I was at game five when they would Bruce Hurst on the ground. Right and had they just won game three or four that came out of as she's dating loser and leave them here. The World Series. I'm Miranda Kerr my father go 10 in the World Series tomorrow night. Not knowing who either way is trying to what I tell our and I. A live radio Latin. Morgan magic mediate in I was very scared primaries around. Can we just real quick not passover. My specific. You know deep in his harness its memory on disease excuse. It's so hard all areas like you know the particulars terrorism. That that that's the courses that those who want settlement healed yet never and I don't want that and it's a lot easier now than not because it's yours and the excellence. This teaching. But. When the Red Sox lost that rain delayed play delayed Monday night games in my idea so crestfallen twelve year old. That me and raise you watch in the living room my family I was so crestfallen I was so hurt. That and I cried myself to sleep that night. Was known. Sadness. Stupor of sadness. That. My mom actually let me take. Aid grief took a personal day or night as a personal day and she literally wrote an Epstein ma ma ma noted that it deems mother. And I went into school the next day on went on Tuesday with a note that read. Dear mrs. In. Please he's Hughes knew from school Monday used to use that rents the world. All five let me hop and they work fine the fact that she didn't think like put that in a little Lehman it. Older and send it home with you at the end of the year you could see that which doesn't have an easy save everyone waiting to land yet I I have. When I've raised when we raised our first boy is now four years old. I used notes she passwords for the rafters born I used notes that she kept. As to when I should be concerned about the different colors of toddlers tool I have saved everything that 10 I don't know. I'll I had these different. Revolutions. All involved in Fenway it's always been a part that at least it's been some part of my life so does the teen years it. Being completely. Like obsessed with film in the but heartbreak is seven you would ever. By 86. OK now I'm. Drinking age a Marcum part time replacing cam was clear that the video production. And the guy cool but they've got the contract to do the red sex video yearbook that year this is 86. Sat me down as is the part time worker goes I stopped following baseball when they went on strike years I don't know anything about it tell me why the Red Sox he could just pick my brain. Then let me go to the ballpark with them. To shoot video at man in the street and his eyes carry like a bag of batteries tickled we'd like 101000 pounds. Will the press best it was good for two nights so the next night Meehan my buddy went as myself in this guy. And got to be in the press box. Clemens got hit by a line drive that night no doubt they clinched the division. So they just get ready for the playoffs. And we got to be of them like I looked like I was nineteen. My buddy look like he was sixteen. We're in there we don't even have hands were just trying to act like we're reporters and suck. John Mack and Ameristar Mike. Week wakin that is rob it's sharp MacNamara is office who was the crutch she does full best of all time right it's it was gut. That is gonna tell everybody had a time it's been kind of hard nights he can you closed the door is not my buddy Kenny the Kenny closes the doing a it's a does anybody have any questions and as Lesley Visser. Closed. He would start Bruce Hurst in game one yet that's right. So you know worried about start a lefthander in Fenway goes. Yeah. Undisclosed island global hawk curled right up there and. So let's hope it was the other in the middle blocker just trying to look likely not Liotta plays some good brushes by my head in Jim writes 'cause it's aren't man. I think it was a jock out of Almeida and did jock is that the funniest story would have a in my my biting us. So that's what I'd. Cultural these brown eyed looks like miniature all the bright enough guide foot now that the uncontrollable giggles. And NATO I and their goal getting those same passes for game seven of the deals he has against. The health Canada and California angels. But now it's like during an edge he had on me like are we had friends drop in beer is not the balcony of their apartment in ten more square fantasize of ideas. Realize what was gonna happen to implement draconian and you know it was all Maryland is on then yeah there's so much misery. We you'll blame you. Jerry was inside until. Game six comes and I Saturday night game six was and I'm at a bar with a coworker. And at some point it was tied in going into extra innings and a girl sits next to me and I think Dave Henderson hit a home run. They go up quite a month then they are back to back doubles than go up by two and I think I'm in a week whose game is sold at once celebrate not me not me I did not celebrate I swear to god. So I'm gonna ask her at the dinner not even gonna try to get into our pants and discussing of waited my whole life. My whole life I was 21 a whatever. After the loss in its doctors that she Satan and I just makes me unabom dialogue and reverse Robin Williams. Well absolutely I don't need to see about this girl has a horrible. And I need to see that I never see her again and yet that same thing making seven. Where they got a pitch Hurst again because it's it may rain delays. Instead they went on to be Cameron he's out yeah so it. And Doris your your bots I gained sickening thing I you know what I was. Yeah this is definitely showing go and I had they had and a stunning pitches they federation of that game took place. It's cherry. Yeah ragged all eyes are saying that we need tag Allah Allah Allah tell a different the only story that is a horrible I'll autograph after. And Ella and nick knows about this as I was texting him during this OK it was then the date of the marathon bombing Alice. And took only god way to start a story. It was my daughter Mary spurs game. Well there where at is that. I'll start so where. Mary's just dying to see the the stadium that we you know we it's her pictures she just wants to in the stadium so you know those steam it opens at 9 AM. That morning. So. So everyone else is created eleven yeah everyone else's streak in the streets and party Mimi are the only ones walking through the speed so again there. And then these two guys with crock pot a bit of still we get we get in the tunnel and I see what the talks are you're standing at the bottom of the tunnel. It just me and Mary blocking down the hall in its Pedroia who's probably one of four Red Sox players over the recognized by site. I go up to him with my cellphone I know he doesn't you might get the two of my dollar and he looks at me with a Mary and he says. Now. Walked away from me but it and how they. Most of the draw is it still so I got to say I don't have time like this right now no I can't but he said that so demeaning. And I was like he walked away whenever but there was no one else around he totally convinced I could tell us that snapped the pit two of them so I start. Yeah so I said texting net. Who's in new York at the time I go. I'd I'd just not Pedroia I was home I was gets back in the laws there at the bit I was a he listened to day he would take it Richard nicks like OEU is still Lackey impersonation of the things they. Well YouTube Pedroia to get back in history to make me some cookies I. It is going to pick it tell the good lord Jesus moment of the good of all adorned drop every Yunnan yeah. So anyway. At that happens everything happens Mimi reliever early this he has CPUs and and her legs get tired and we end up leaving and taking the train we have a great day. Until we get off the the train to realize that the bombings that happened in my. Get a million messages a oh god where home you know don't worry about it. You know weren't watching TV and Pedroia is on TV's and we do anything for our fans we all love our fans there and I'm just like. You're OK because we. Didn't. To be honest you and I know this sounds terrible I stopped being a full on Red Sox then because of Dustin Pedroia. And I know people love that guy leave nicks like. Don't know but I'd stop being up on it's not been that day because of one's. Jerky and a unit dealer unit in the bank. What I'd I have gone bad because I but I mean he definitely what you act as an entity and that works for MLB and I used it in action in history World Series tickets it to that there and I don't know how you didn't. Yes or no. You like hot off the ticket. I like I had a toilet I eighty. I'm Mike and the height technically got a a set down. Here silent protest with the current. I don't it's not I I took I took I've taken my son had to I want them to experiences. But I I just hands. BF fan you know it would be filling that Dustin Pedroia shaped hole in my heart free ticket to the world and that's what happened do you like these holy god. Reason why and I understand that that the only reason why. That I always sort of likes I didn't I never sided with the draft complete guide we understand that the reason why I felt this because I've seen. Exactly how many like you're asking earlier like eight years of game and people ask for pictures. And sometimes these guys in these mines at imagine like. Pedroia is tenacity of ferocity and like the mindset. Maybe he's just think in the wrong ways is that it says this and doesn't think sometimes these guys don't think of what this means to use. Ours is what this means to them at that moment and that's not an indictment of them so much is it sounds like. Well I mean they they should they should take it from home because maybe you just after a sensitive. But maybe that was taken twelve million dollars anyway it's a good pitcher what am I attracted to be pretty much as we try it it's great conversation does that have this for so many people. And and and some people like oh yeah Pedroia is. I've heard he can be kind of a Dick like that and then other people like whoa he was working that day and I was like you weren't there in the moment where it was me my dog there in Pedroia. He does so conscious and brushed her way now there is expected to rise to that possibility seer or what no he didn't need to but it wasn't a nine year old girl at the time you them. You know. Now that this two possibilities to be feared Pedroia won it's at that time a day he's already like impress mold like he's in the creature of habit focused on the game like. I'm working right now he was you don't call on his phone lead the other thing is that the. Maybe he just cite you it's kinda that you are. Like Britney does well this guy Joyce is not excited if it was a normal guy show up but I don't I don't talk like this current that everyone knows that he's got. Ginger phobia he can't take pictures yeah I'm right there. I don't wanna pay to look at my when my dog to get public humanity pitcher with my dog there. But hey that's that's my when my starlets like quick story it's not like the way they've relate to this I used to collect old baseball stories. Was clearly birds and way down out Gary Hart park Fenway Tommy LaSorda once told a story that when he was a kid. He was like you know went to a ballgame in the asked the guy for an autograph and again I just just that experienced big time outs where you can get out of my way. So he says I checked his number and I grabbed the program and I looked at Japanese and his name was buster Maynard had never forget it by estimated so now. Time goes forward. He's a young minor league pitcher up and coming guy come to the plate all the guy on the downside of his career any as announces a and a matter. Must remain united as I looked and it was the same guy. So like buzz among the fastball pitcher and hit him again like buzz the Maggette gets by my punt the Leo's. I don't know you know look at and will woody caddie before he goes did you dig give me your autograph now might be apocryphal aren't put. Deal does secretary didn't invent paean addict and you didn't invent. Resentment and maybe someday you'll get your revenge served cool like Arnold calling on problem. Say is this. On the MVP seasons as he had since then I don't know that how many in your face. Quick Fenway memories just. Out on the hole and overall. Favorite I know we're not supposed to like love romance. Games are times when they lose especially before they were champions. 1995. Was at a game. Again we is to tax congress. It was Michael Holland didn't pick them up a jury arrears dentist at the they kindly there it is. That the different ethnic. So it was 95 was and again in like my uncles really get seats and Red Sox went down eight war economy was 91. And pay lady furious comeback Mo Vaughn it's a Grand Slam now I think that opened. You I don't it was opened it was a memory a little hands out and lined a Grand Slam yesterday evidence may be at your career. The Sox somebody's actually murdered. At the on the mound and it was a disaster. And they've had a Coke bottles at that point. Oh it's huge. And then don't. Like. There were down 91 on that help in the Red Sox possibly come back from this and outs so if seven houses. Atop an and Canseco. Who is just all. Every. Or stimulate an anabolic ingredient made implicit there that. Comes up with a gas has guerrillas body fat and just saw how and why I'm duke area. Yet. Orders surge idea. And the first pitch he sees. Hits and I swear to this day you know they talk about how manes home run was one foot short of Ted Williams. Longest home run in the history of them because they wanna preserve that's. That very very special precious element and and nobody believed woods known what is. The home run that was would have in the furthest. In the history of Fenway Park is the one that is it by those they can take on this moment as he sees that first pitch is an omen get a fastball. Sitting on it and he in all of his cues. Swing. And he hits this ball that the second pleases that we all know now it's an aide in the iMac on the news. And then the Red Sox 32004. It hits the Coke bottle on the second lights are not the first one closer to the pole in left. But it has the Coke bottle on the second light tower as it's rising. So this ball if if if if they if a giant piece of plastic and object doesn't get its way this thing is going 600 feet like. This one's every home run hitting contest long drive and run Jose Canseco doesn't have the longest run. In the history of Fenway Park. But the electricity in the park at that moment. Three we won anything. Was the most joyous moment I think I had saved for a walk off run Carl. Everett. Thank you Karl ever hit in that game in the year 200939. In the ads and of course after I yelled and most of my feet and that analysts came out of. Well always. That 2000 and yes I was there is freezing cold game and we actually Q1 right on the screws to get him on our member crosses to center field and that's when. I IE eight the look I just remember he broke that scene is known Al. I don't know zero a Atlantic right. Singles like singles and it was something it just was like you whose two out bottom line and a meat is I was things that I would never you know there'd ever be anatomy again. So let's get back on the train here. We Al remember but it he's gets some people argue with a ninety caught the ball 99 the camera and regular I don't know I mean I think amateur partner. The members said everything in my life is directly tied to some at Fenway. Not only do I know he sighed. He caught it we sitting right there where in that last section of bleachers section 42 still it happened in fry enemy. Not only that but that sent them to the playoffs if you thought the battle Ozzie Guillen they win that game by over run with with runners on base. If they doesn't catch that date. Probably don't go to the post season it is going to be a playoff or whatever. Both following Saturday. I'm Dominic cape with a bunch of buddies at a bachelor party. I say. After the would do it we did we golf we had a designated driver we had no plan after golf idol eight. The plates of the street we can get a bite to eat we don't watch the Red Sox playoff game. They also have a DJ they get the answer any crap. I meet a woman there that one of my buddy says you make your life tonight. And I did they know are standing right out there with my buddy Jerry who stuck into a girl's name and who has a girlfriend named and. I start talking about one. So if he doesn't get that ball then we're not at that sports bar she's not there with their girlfriend to watch the game. And I literally a cardboard box help back of a dumpster. River Bruno but you know it's so it would and again everything that happened there somehow it does direct impact. On my life and now one in particular now they got swept. That was part of a stretch of Red Sox teams that had thirteen. Consecutive post season losses starting with. Game six against the Mets and stretching all the way all the worry you'll on Friday nine B a all four all was the reacting in. It. And then instinct tells them. May I just thirteen. Straight postseason losses that's. That's unheard of that's impossible. Because of fear that bad you don't make the post season particularly baseball then. You know what you have a sudden I started to do you dismiss me tell the story. Nick about how time brilliance he's catch late comedian married and Mary and when you're kidding. And it Aaron yeah Elena. Well 'cause bought industries involved yeah I. I accuse him and I'll marry a ponson and weren't about how they during that period last thirteen consecutive postseason games thirteen. Like tell you we can't completely stuck at starting with the Buckner play. Thirteen that's right because it was the last two that they lost that Sunnis and the there and it did help one game that was gained two and you know Cleveland series where. The only time and is. Pulled seasonally mole on drove in runs but they won like nineteen. And a one blowout on my arm's killing molecules of the when you are they revoked again infinitely it was so Kirsten at that point. Even the best wins. Moderates are they only won one. In new blood dot Bosnia. Yeah nine dollar line literally Clemens it was a 233. We asked him but. Like in 99 through here and leave them wanna put newness was at Saberhagen OJ or LP as it pays Iranians started her hands and how it's used in any. No hit ball no hit ball win out of fast yeah I don't know with a broken over and use. And money and that's why he's still my favorites are you know favorable time when apple indoor and dark. And he came out and that game was a football score at that point he came out of there and you could hear the air collide at the stadium we needed out of the deal Cleveland Stadium. And he what you said he had nothing in he pitched a known there was it was insanely twice walked Nomar. To pitch Detroit hail Mary yes and aren't aren't and a Korean support them. It's that was that was that was insane that was a great moment at that time but then there were non competitive right the Yankees series that was the I'd chuck not blocked go that Jose offerman miss them on the tag and they call a tag they culled through the system was it. No not be missed. Jose awful. Right off and yeah. The umpire called them not yet. In the post season is the post game might well I thought about not be that is is. You know he. Those runners shirt moved to stop and eat your shedding me it was when the Yankees. Word just the most dominated franchise and supports double. The 98 teams still want the best of what's that was such an a couple of things happen in the ninety's producing it. I was a game in ninety woman power now if the White Sox and I after the ounces and at that it was so go via red super emirate remember. He paragon out in the ES Stanley Cup and the environment Daryn is right which I was not but I was it BAC championship in 96 in the parent. Yeah Magglio an even par. Weird you know economy airplanes 94 not just isn't one right everything's all time actually July 21 1994. The roof panels of the kingdom following. The Seattle has to come to Boston play the Red Sox in a series at Stanley Park to sitting at three games and while they try to repair the kingdom they were selling general admission ten Arctic. My buddies and I go into the ten dollars. Maybe roll up the deputy in the garage doors and we roll cities in the running proceeds in a three euros off the behind the plate. Missed dirt in front of us turned on at least Krejci it's all that. It's always read the rest of the game now Oreo the magna recited the blues and it even make fun of those guys every Thai ministry demagogue. It is great faith that. It is said to him like no they're not. He'd better. Mobile on its on course in 95 and in the division. They make the ban and an excellent way to put down. And I'm out a broken health colonial what you his role and in his grave full broken legs and build a car accident a Max of foxy lady. That's the best thing rage either debris tree on the in my hometown for our. They kind of go out much longer after that little girls trying to rule the rocket in jail or Brandon Spikes actually said that people them. Who vocal and later. I haven't in the number of them about. No associate this is given. June 14 and 99 as a personal story Sox were down two to one to the twins Bob and nine regular season game. On my father and my brother and I are all the game by this was just scanning here. We can believe you got to state in the ninth but was notorious for its time there early weakness in traffic. In my brother Alex goes on and around and that's day and the next you guys up in back to back home runs and we win in you know gonna happen. And you know my father's like you're actually net if this happens I will clean your room for a month. So I Darren Lewis comes out you he doubles that causes a clean your room Darren Lewis Darren Lewis gates don't. Hits a solo home run. Okay the next that Jeff Frye in your daddy shoots Jeff and I both local home run. Well you know if you look back to back apple telling those still today Jeremy as to how many homers to Jeff my father was I followed magnanimous in the bet. Geoff right in the year with one home run though Darren Kennedy here with two. So it's areas than Scott never clean my brother's room. Understood he had he's the dad dammit the however what your mom stubborn in the mail. App but. It's like you would Lynette. How about the nineteen Iranian and house are. Well. You know. Pay your striking out all shattered his days. A gambling coming out of go America go literally just talk about where we worked out okay favorite favorite Fenway moments. Experience in the park verses favor fan my moments on TV. Top five would have to be watching Pedro just makes those and he's looser and Mike McGuire. Perry walker yeah just look silly. Yes certainly embarrassed them and I guess still a lot of minutes among got a bat on the ball goes I don't know how that happened in the strike at all along he wanted to have them on the second inning. Don't think you didn't feel like him like his. The best thing was when he struck out somebody. And he would throw that 97. That was started here that back in and then kind of comeback over metal plate and they were just swing loosely. And he just finished and that little Fuller who was like almighty god. All I can ever do anything is it that I'd ever in my it was so they caught us off Pedro is the best at it like. There's no one had a swagger nobody nobody made especially pager. And it was much better for people at home his we understood the dynamic that was their complaints are mighty my wife's cousin. Alms season ticket holder he was there and had no idea what was going on like Blake couldn't hear the conversation. And I knew from being a complete absence of Ted Williams. You know fanatic where Shubert. The book conversation it was ever is going I want to ask you something. When you fall off a ball he could smell wood burning and and more vices yeah I've done that because seek I'd try to tell met blogs that he thought I was out of my mind. Coming from an interview. He got with an interview that he did with Peter Gammons Wade Boggs and Don Mattingly the four of them sit front pocket hitting. And that story came up and I know exactly he was talking about that to the people in the stands it was just stay. Bunch of players stand around while it was such an emotional moment that was one of those. Yeah you can't have a cynical bone in your body about this this is why we love sports is this moment right here an old guy. Who has the preference for these modern players who have reverence back for him and -- reproduce estate pure good. Minus the hitter dot net man. Idealism made I was at Hampton get two minutes and Alex Jon and I mean to my girlfriend and her family at the time machines and and her brother couldn't stand me at the time because we are buddies and his sister but easy Dustin Pedroia there was Dustin Pedroia wouldn't take a picture was there or would they could do with mine my daughter. But it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire life and to see it. I spend way implement a national crowd because we hadn't had made national I'd games because since I'm working theories and out unbelievable it was so sexy star studded it was. Unbelievable Monday night. Of the all star game was. Mark McGwire hitting. About nineteen steroid fueled bombs over Wednesday. Over the fence and quickly India prior to the monsters it's in but he knows is that old fashioned green monster woods hit me just and bloody and man. Up over apartment somewhere in. There and when thanks guys at. In all these things made up for the fact that they had smash mouth saying all star but then again my career it was already old by then and that was. Eighteen years ago almost artery of the line. Yeah so yeah my dad with the season tickets goes. Now I went there but he was incas would be advocating guys in the group and so they had four seats for the home under four seats for the game. And they basically pulled wool balls like they do. Like we do now and am I trying to get to go to the game but he can't inspect the game after the game is batteries it. Now I picked. You got that up as alive it does they try to get the cardinal are. Yeah O'Donnell are the only good part of fever pitch woods Jimmy found speaking of dark credits. And gratitude to god speaking to the other girlfriends. Guys saying yeah I was appeals her game. Grown men were crying when they're Williams took his very good. Group that movie. If I could get into the while they keep alt there copies. And is into the benzene I would drip that mr. dislike dropped the manner is a cell overall if he went it would be great if they historically we're filming a movie when the Red Sox. It is an 86 year drought in it was a good movie with inmates in the effects stuff agriculture had Keno hill and I tell you reverse the current military and arteries that. Notes hundred of the panic that we've got a mechanic at a press let's just act. Wow we are also deter Edward recruitment tablet comes out when he it's we'll in the gulf cart. And like that the guys acted in the cap Wednesday. Night and it. Old man like you would expect that we can Christ oriented down and yet. You know eats it after he'd as a vote again. Whenever I'm okay that all of he ever the head coach it was a little you know. Are yet at start in this story news as it is. Now it. And we have. Injuries guys. And now. Is now. That they remember the golf cart comes out. And like jail but as like an amazing moment art we're gonna got a commercial and Aqua Marvin the and also I imagine this and there was a microphone left on Ted Williams. It. They all live in me a call you back. Just out of what I want and rod as Mike. And I kind of thing that's. That's great you know that's he has such a grant on moment as we grow up. Only knowing. Williams. You know like fly fishing it in the commercial. Flight jiji news and Brad. Ray good enough for a war hero or somebody who didn't like all those people that moved into the neighborhood O'Costa. Obama. Our great baseball player great fishermen got a machete father but still while Reagan warrior out and why not his last the jaded as a if you want your kids they go up that none of them are content for you wouldn't see you as an ATM would be years. Thank you don't want to have this ad last and it rolled them out maybe that. Don Larry was like. He's wearing pants. Towel over and. And they threw like a blanket over his legs in the wheelchair and give you couldn't open his mouth argument of famous. Halloween costume of the guy it was one peddler sells its 200 sites if he had told him ahead in a jar so yeah you don't generally that it look like anti immigrant MacArthur prominent handler and I conceal the like I holes and like kind of are on the collar bond. And I just like this is. Hitting balls again yeah admitted that. It's it's quietly awful weird things that happen and finally historical moments you mentioned Clemens. Twenty strikeouts and still look the greatest sports picture of all time because the one to go behind the plate. It Stedman LeBron found a third. Clemens is pump and is this the umpire it's usually there's a strike three Ed does the incentive field Steve Lyons what bowl audience opened up in the book please complete despite even think like it was Dave Henderson's and his like turned away it is still Bradley yes I learned the asset and that does at the hitters just like Lian is back on the on the shall I wasn't yeah you know a lot of calls that night. On the Dallas Dallas I was an eighth and final strike wasn't even act that was in the Ken Coleman Gorman Thomas yeah I've ever peony that it does not grant him and always don't seem to join us for the world tool crap. I said Steve line spike onto. Spike Owen's I don't UW's he's the shortstop then yes senator I thought it was an Arizona man (%expletive) he was on the team they strikingly Jackie Gutierrez. Circulated photo of all time and again I can't recall not know that I I used to go regularly a bloody mice to get tickets in Tuesday was his night off. We Sagal when a group a lot. One time he offered me tickets this kind of last minimally and economic crappy John Macon thirties and so we're minimum wage to ring register ticket and have it can't help. The only game in the history of baseball. With two triple place. And might but he grudge called both of them it was the Sox against the twins he. They at first and third Sox guy you know of the plate and in my by that's wedges triple play. Ball cap it wasn't you know of 543. He says it again a few innings later now the triple play elections and it happened the guy five Republican public. You'll wizard like I think they they wanted to burn him as a witch that never happened before or since in baseball history yet John Valentine. Had an entity can live with an adult. Best. Known I hit for the cycle betterment the best and assistant on ours are two consecutive pitch balls yet the unassisted triple play. That led off the inning with 81 pitch homer. What you can't do better than average you can have eight on two run homer his. Yeah it is from a defensive enough that you know in it was a crappy team his mid July and because I'm an idiot I was watch in the game. And I just it. I might think age is an unassisted too because you don't always recognize them when they happen then leads off with a dare. Would sit there with a hole when Bill Miller had. Grand slams simple sides of the Texas. They were in Texas know Texas that was and I was at nighttime hours shorter reports that and there and how how about the Iran had. Varitek fight though is that correct yet alive 2000 Korea that was a gag me decorate the walls of every single place that calls themselves a sports bar and every minute every one that you might not have a look a license but you have to have that picture. Of him meet the gloves and. I remember what he said do you throw me we don't have to worry users have all. Our parents the ultimate earned. Was sick burned and everybody thinks that during the season they still one of the month. Before they really turns into a ground in August it was but it wasn't until yeah didn't go after that jumps I don't know or aren't against Rivera yes you know the attitude change that and was. Couple days after the where about other moments. You wish you were their foreign and wait 2003. I was remember the home in ranging visiting from New York. And it was Sunday as. It was game four of the five game two. AL DS. Oh yes and the patriots drawn and we are still football first house so we picked up the kitchen TV rotted into that and put on an extra day and this backed that idea flat screens for everything to others are we ought to to do is. And we watched the reds the patriots game on the tube TV. And we watched the Red Sox game on the kitchen TV on the dinner tray. That's it gas. Right and maybe Ollie. Okay it right all men disguised the greatest closer in baseball yet were done that's it they're gonna lose 31 and then who got the big dinero. On on some of that that was tip that he'll win every game theory that you ran on a Saturday night. I remember I was watching it varies all of your. And it has not trying to some one game in three. Being game for Ortiz ripped one off you know double yet that a double down the line. I was at the patriots titans game. With my daughter and they showed it on the on the big cry and they were going though. They don't show HOK it's like us write our. It's a special. They show it. Yeah and the patriots had just lost I think at Washington via and they were like. Led to an import later or will we weren't sure really sure what this is gonna turn out to be the witness that's it would promised they rushed McNair in the titans. That day and then they went on to win I don't think realize it was when he advisory it is no wonder when rather than anyone's. But. He had and the sort of the big screen it was it was mobile on its at least you know buyer on the yes I'm sorry example one poppy that Ortiz on. Jenna and I mean hysterical no hitter I had tickets to that I. And their well thanks I haven't opened them there when I my wife I couldn't delighted to work it was a male manager wanna sleep with the earth when my wife were guns Kyoto process Andrea. Now and my of my wife and a taken the two tickets. With turner friend they go to the game she calls me in late 270 AME he has the game going. They know what's going look at them it to happen in oak is everyone's going nuts turns it's. Burress no hitter in a long time and hit their way Derek Lowe Derek and I missed it. My wife went who didn't have a damn clue so I balls so I had been at the am no hitter that Nomo threw. In Baltimore in Iran is the second game of the year I bought opening date I bite game two tickets. But it was a Wednesday. It was no game on Tuesday. And I was like in the ninety's it season and I note note 2000. As it occurred to Belgium one does. In my body and it flew down there for game three are the but he was gonna meet us. On necessary game twos and Wednesday we had Tuesday off and we were likely to show up on Monday we'll get scalp tickets whenever. We fluently and that Baltimore airport morning. Go to that of the green turtle we get drunk on beer cans it's that in the beginning of the year candidate in the bar back and was like he can we. It would drinking at 9 in the morning. You're so trashed around the by the time my brother lobby does which is half the reason we were down there. Was. We get our arms screaming fans. They're throwing ketchup. Packets and mustard error and Fries with ketchup on abbey I've gotten covered in garbage is fairly move us to an area where. Where it's again not much nicer area and I think yelling throw you out there actually did this movie critic of patsy. Yeah its name will be and that now I Sergio in the cal Ripken's geriatric use tool in the somebody comes over and goes. He's really stops and that's the Stanley went through his fraternity. As a married. And I and it knocked my dear I asked the upper deck on the people below me so anyway I'd seen a no no don't Torre eighteen is amazing Newman editor Billy Ripken and did and the two days later this on the bottom is that it exists as of Elizabeth that they'll they'll blow game comes out in 2002. All right obviously I don't know it's gonna be no hitter my buddy offers me a ticket to go with that it was a difference in the bleachers. Am my wife goes we have to go to Stanley wedding in Maryland ago. And they're bleached in April rightly worried that. So. I go. And I am kind of keep an eye and the game in my buddies start sending me pictures and are we don't say it was at that point 2002. They're calling me and he sent in my new Nokia yet another app so. I'm finding if they're winning whenever. They're sitting in the bleachers. And these this couple in front in these this guy this girl. Are so drunk that the girls are flash in the crowd bleachers. I. And so I'm going to. You gotta be kidding me amazing this is hosting currently happening. The guy hands his camera old school point and click camera it's my buddy goes next and she does take a picture I want our members. Of an extra thing. Next time it happens detectors churn up boobs are out he takes a picture. And here comes scared coming up the aisles to get to them my but he sees that happening immediately re winds on the camera pops it open throws pocket gives the ball gets that. You take it away. Days later he's developing in every. Hard down the road brilliance out Cincinnati. If that theater there now days all of you almost and oh here and you. Yeah no hitter he and pulled back we didn't get pictures bulbs now and there was no Internet there was no Mardi Gras like oh it is to Nazi pictures of boobs lied bedside and an actual or your little gold club CBS again to develop our home. By the way there's nothing quite like. Unexpected boom getting bought them as an unexpected news there's. So upset there's nothing almost like unexpected moves easily live like and you have a roll of film developed. That you forget there's nudity on and that he sees the face of the person. They can get those pictures mr. Even. Zone you'll have to admit it while that's that's just that's it with like telling that's part of the human. How about a it is. YouTube. The first hole relayed commercial. Starring a young Alley McGraw it was called the swinger. And the entire intent of the commercial real well actually McQueen coming out and say it well early seventies and 87 wonders socially. Where they basically the entire premise of the commercial is. Eight you can take pictures of boobs is over pharmacy to get the city of polar. Wretched and miserable at Iowa and she was finally a smoke show back enemy. Now that she was bad indoor probably late thirties but then I was like. OK I have a million American men went out Ambilight cameras raped and example writes that take really terrible snapped. We don't hear buck where I would like we're wherever two hours so that everyone on our Maria back to them yet little line tonight to be as one on presentations at. Remembering Fenway the podcast. Older than the stadium it's a if I would I would have a little actually let's let's skip through. 2004 season because otherwise we'll cover that solid guys zip read a 2005. You can't remember in 2005 Omaha. Are we really got to do like and that's at the pilot let's face it times the patriots walked out underneath the giant red American flag. With the Lombardi is the time grounds chase time off the because lawyer Malloy gave birth and and then an airplane came by and rape or child to Adam and she says that I read that was there of her money bulk but it's the rest him rest of these memories we rule it doesn't feature pride. And that may be wants around the table because I just wanna sit tight rule out a sheet deservedly so at the current owners in the way that like squeezed every last dime out this place. They have also made. Massive. Unthinkable. Upgrades in improvements that place is eight. Reading palace and I. I did it too many times they were upset why do you like the previous owners again maybe sometime around Paul McCartney concert CN Springsteen there'll whatever but. I grew up in the center field bleachers where. If you don't remember there was chain link fence separating the bleachers from the rest of the stadium where you know ahead. Grandstand seats you could pass through it meant back but it. Played for bleacher ticket right as an annual like for it was like a prison yard like that would contain with and you couldn't leave. And then I I went up Camden yards one time and sad the bleachers and so we don't want her around. What we mean they ultimately go is not they served appear in the stands like all these things that were unheard of that is so much more room now it's a much more comfortable it is brilliant how they've kept. The original sort of feel to it while blown out the bleachers and make and also it's a room at the other owners that wouldn't exist the food that the concession stands. Yes you still squeezed into a seat that was built for two at 2018. Attitude and absurd 1912. Past. In only and of craft Beers in double stuffed with cheese crust pizzas and stuff. And that's a hard thing will vault had the sweat of a guy next to what's on our bodies. Four keep that place up they've done heroic work and it's on a woman Jean Marie Smith who's a architectural genius that they let go. Yet and in out of the deal now it's time that maybe sometimes there's so knowingly. That I all the spam is here and it's himself he's nonstop and into the game. The pink cat and it's tourist destination it's the land markets weak airline and the eighth inning. It's still here it's all part of the culture in the Africans. It's probably the most iconic artists that he in fact. I bet if you'd you'd like again an unofficial poll it. What says Boston more than you you people would probably say at point park. So it's awesome that it's still here. Lightning round. And my memories real quick 2003 got a lot the first monster seats were. Up there who went there for friends that the party would drove all the way from New York. To Boston not that that long trip up halfway. I've foxwoods my body is bachelor party was a ton of money out there we upgraded seats. He was working for your team at that time the name of the little action answer to this girl by the name calling and rightly. That's up. She in the some supper club treatment because or at least camera from Europe we workers organized teachers to bus with fox was blunt about it on the way up. Colleen turned out to be the girl. Who danced in the dropped in Murphy's testy video. Our like I with a broom field rumors of Europe while. And the animosity that first. This is if if whenever I'm conscious of the last time my eyes are open or shut them a lot of fallacies you know. If your family your wife and kids like that that at that time like my god this. One's at that used absolute paradise whose. Absolutely have the greatest thing memory problems and then. 2009. When I was in the Booth with Jerry in on ourselves because we're promoting pocket money in the worst man in the interview show. A long time and mr. while the other terrible says that made for NASA and and the appearance once so well on the broad. A hollowed out noted that they get rid of the FE two puts it at which was great. And it feels good as they don't know but it just that it is calling Gerri music is Digg does not like being an actor in a speech at UCL I was dealing with a Marcelo and Ramey at no point outline on on on live TV. And did that tonight. Allotment the same time when people like to make fun and it's like OK to show a minute tape of when you got to be on. NASA in the granite idea when people make fun of the game when he pleased to make Letterman has while I was way out. That's your late night tight TV content. Shut up. And then 2013 when my body who works bird and B a as a with tickets to the World Series in game one yeah. And then but he mine and I got to be there for games that in its. And the food mystery and the outcome was sublime smelled any watney was the by the way up in person and close. Prettier than you would imagine. Yeah it is if you are too close you could literally feel he knew. Refuse to actually get in touch the ground just holders man but it goes she's she's the closest thing and he won't though. In real life to that. Traditional for the woman who plays like asylum. 69. My favorite moment year 2000. A it took my wife on what would be one of our first states to Fenway Park if it was. Pouring out and knows the score six knots and they were losing to the White Sox. And my wife was there. In she did not wanna believe because he had never been that close to the field before. And it was boring boring boring she refused to leave and those like. It you know we can leave and she is and orders leaving though it was. It it it made me think hey this girl either really doesn't get so much bored she's in the along moan she wants to stay at Fenway and much the reds lose by six appointment. Those files for a game six that. A band but hey let that that's you know keep yet it was a huge hurt it was. It was one of my fondest memories of them in Austin. We have we have a good time. I desperately moment in the memory I was there yes that's health foods are Cooper Scott Cooper did not take yourself you eyelash. It was Anthony house. Giles and analysts I was there. Satan in my seats when they wanted to doesn't thirteen I assumed that my race it was next meets moved. I. Yeah I would love to have revenue of my dad Leo you know he brought an entity to. And that for me even though that was amazing the first time ever signed. Guy in 2008. New plane he was four years old liberal science at four rebuild their generation every program finalist whose North Carolina. And he gets he Mark McGwire hit a home run over the monster when he was at these days. It was just he couldn't believe Nissan is you know this is a guy who pretty emotionally experience based on the radios. But I have to bring my son there when he was four in just to have that kind of experience. Mine and Neil experiences tunic with with your excellent you know and I know you guys have. But that was all that that still trumps for me. That make game. Being sick and that's entertaining and it's funny thing is when we pick those tickets season ticket group omelet. The game seven was following them on how we. And I at first it kind of respect. And I said I don't care what's happening make it through the age where tallying documentary that's important you know so I'll take games. And and that being they would win the World Series with don't worry. About it day. Appreciate your base is where in my worst moment was I'm sitting there and I got to take it. And this is not the same way same kinds of different different day and I just I can't I can't do it I can't so there's one out. There's a guy and furs. I'm gonna go for so I go to the nearest. Euro parted nearest port of and it was over by the and the nearest bathroom. And outer I get in there Akron I get in there and as soon as his soon as I hit the bowl. Is a double play. In some huge comes off of telling parred the rest of the bathroom pound of the deal aren't our fans back. Matt and I am digging through they try to grab toilet if there's any left. That was Nolan. Now as a one time and all those uses 82 that I hadn't yet there it was not so I guess yet Lleyton Williams hit the head. Line and on that note I earlier today. Let's say it's that much out our ports one outline what are prettier podcast but we will be back next week are doing to them. If we're still only at that point George get their QBs gangsters things votes thank you Gary Thorne. Always always a joy we always and began or in the pope's dollars. As where this case an RN script could have I'm so glad that instead of watching Braveheart you got and decided to incentive memories brought to you by your friends at Boston's sports what I want it has not those people that at the same college that this ad. In the room. And will they be Desmond realized who aren't that he's elected USC next that.