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Chris Sale was nothing short of spectacular in his Sox debut

Apr 7, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss Chris Sale's debut in Boston and the Sox getting rained out today.

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I whatever to dale in Hollywood team Sports Radio WEEI. Spent the first start talking about the Celtics implosion last night. And Brad marsh and two game suspension was levied today not unexpected he will miss tonight's game against Ottawa. Saturdays. Game at home against the Washington Capitals but eligible to play for the Bruins. When the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin next week if we haven't really said much about it yet but. Chris Sale was everything you hoped. Four as he made his Red Sox debut last night's seven innings seven strikeouts three hits a walk no runs. I did everything you wanted him to do as a pitcher on the mound and a miserable like to play baseball at Fenway from my temperature perspective. And then set all the stuff you want your your ace to say after the game. This guy is going to be this guy's gonna become. American go goofy here and say this guy's gonna become it's as biggest Pedro is that silly. But he's gonna be a very big deal in a very short amount of time here for the same. I love everything about it. God yet the biggest ovation on opening day when they announced every player every staff member on the team he out far and away the biggest ovation and he immediately backs and out. It out of the things David Price do we got off to such a bad start. And even when he had a good stretch later on the season at the ERA is still four finally ended just below four. At a news about the playoffs those cards the bad season for him start to finish there's good mix and but yeah of such a bad taste in mouth and David Price from a year ago. Chris Sale. The exact opposite where he comes out now he doesn't get the win but but he was tremendous. And yet he's the guy you're gonna be most excited for a look when you get tickets this year it goes as a Chris sales and Chris cell game I think they got into the guy. You look at the list of these guys who have who have come in here these big time pitchers in their debuts. And say prices the worst one in his debut wasn't at its debut on this season opener where he wasn't bad not allowing America and no not at all. What blowing you away but he had ten strikeouts and a couple of runs against the Indians last year on the road but you look at Pedro is first start look at Schilling's first start looking back its first start. Now Chris Sale. They give you enough in those first start you say absolutely all of this is why you know this is why I've been excited all offseason. Outstanding dale your right after the game saying. Hey you know and I was just draw on the balls sandy male called a great game. After if he is on and having regular breast eat the first guy who gave sandy nobody gets credit I think your own game caller now as a pitch caller. Now he had a little issue early on in the game when he sort of ran through low read to Brian Butterfield. Brian Butterfield stops sidewalk just barged right through that got gunned down at the plate but made up for the bottom of the twelfth inning. Within a shot on a night when the ball was not traveling very well at Fenway a shot into the monster seats to in the game. Red Sox start to know last time they started to wanna 2013. And now here in this. Let's hear from eight totally meaningless statistical department the good omen budgets are too. Are you guys will be negative yet you wanna keep on about the red eyes so yes I'll be negative yet here but he got some. More Agile Kelly paid more and more Aladdin the little boy Sandoval. Who serves as error thinks that an act. You know you are you confident that no we we talked about more than before the year. And you likable little bit I like him more than you I don't I don't like him enough to have that fifth I don't think he's going to be the guy hey Carol good handle that you know now now. And I have not weld got nine strikeouts already. Yeah this is the BC and some pitches. Work that there are just working towards your hours of five straight all over par fives I don't that's it overnight opera 95 strikeouts yeah that's a slower start doing things always start. All right and on either guy really wanna get back to back at a today unfortunately can't. This guy was better than Allen Craig. Yes probably yeah I have mass got antibiotics. I'm not a buck and it out college really cutting of all cases you're gonna make Allen Craig's going to be your goats we're. I don't know if that's my go to but. This is Moreland as a replacement but just the biggest story I thought the big one. The fact she got everything you're looking for from Chris Sale last night stands out in May it takes the if you'll if you were so inclined I was. That to feel the blow of yo on month cada being traded away it kind of takes yeah that's dangling. I do need to hesitate now listen I I loved the deal when they made it I was perfectly happy to give up you one month cotta and whatever else the key for me was. You acquired the best pitcher who traded uniforms in the off season. And gave up nobody from your Major League roster and they know what I expected. Bradley is gonna have to edit tags are spent ten or somebody is good that you never had to have this conversation never had that had the never had to have the conversation on. Well he's building up. Does velocity is now where it should be in April but give them some time. And in. Gotta adjust their web third no. Does the lot of the brain and it allows prices brought it last night April he's always bad April after a year yeah. That's it but you could say it. You can see it coming at me it's dangerous at times to make. A court let correlation between spring training in the regular season but not always match up now. But this guy was great spring training. He was great last night. He can a little for nine with five strikeouts means with them in stat. Using stats for your argument that it's adults. It's items they had whose ads that city's worst player on the team beat. But I don't I. If you want but until I did you say well. Isn't static it's. All part of the all part of the that this mortgage. For all we talk with fairly yesterday he clearly. Saying how he already left the that's important. Right especially dependent on. What's in the bullpen on the other side that is import them so I think the good guy can hit right these are left the problem right and then some I think it's sometimes I think. All managers not just barrel over think that because you have a lefty who could hit lefties. Marvin wants a durst as of the drastic splits like for you know that Matt Joyce on those guys for the rays right like you'll hit. Fourth against right he's been out ninth against lefties or not be in the lineup late Chris young's a guy who has pretty dress exploits. But the guys that we talk about you know Pedroia events Andy Bogart's Ramirez bats where he's when he's healthy. Who cares rightly I know just put those those are your five best hitters on the Roman there one through five. And isn't the logic we're doing this because we don't want. A reliever to be able to come in and yes like about two guys that's absolutely right or so are you doing your your constructive lineup for the seventh inning. Well first. I would I think I thought it essentially for the final at bat well but that third or fourth of that. Look what's more about Italy that portal called lefty specialist or a lefty who didn't read it like right idea lefty specialist for most lefties. But forgot like that intending unity we don't have enough debt down on bad intent yet but for guys that can just hit. Who really cares what do you need to shoe worn Mitch Moreland or sand of all into the fifth spot. When you're sick you're so worried about the the opposing ball. I say I would I would do that I don't play two games and that's with even in the I don't know because because because you sick. But that's somebody economic thumping moral and or send a ball really deserve to be hitting their chances are whoever sitting fifth or you be a zillion runners on base from Moscow's. You're going to be playing the entire weekend without Sander Bogart's. Apparently left the team today was placed on the bereavement leave list. Not last night they put Matt Barnes on the bereavement leave list his grandmother passed away. He's going to be gone for her awaken her funeral but is expected return on Saturday. Bogart's and I am guessing this means he's got to get all the way to were Roebuck they said he won't be back until Monday. I don't know who passed away in in Zander Bogart's Hanley we don't know that but. The play that we can without him he'd be here six than game whiny at third last night but nobody was having last night. It was one of those nights where it was not much fun taken about after the batter so this residents have a little sadness at his written. Hammered it they they should have they get they could call this game last night they gave it they did play every. I did play the darn it that nobody can complain about the better lack of no accidents or complain yet isn't it yes. No we ignore my little ballpark way that they can sell hot dogs beer parking we don't we know all the way down amid you do them real early yesterday this will happen. A browser maker and also some quick follow Pittsburgh I don't know what is Cisco lineup when he possibly gonna play this but next week ago. Quick in and out trip both teams have a day off next Thursday's that it will play next Thursday an afternoon game at Fenway Park.