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K&C- Will the Patriots trade for Richard Sherman?; Headlines with Mut 4-6-17

Apr 6, 2017|

Hour 2. The Seahawks are shopping Richard Sherman and the Patriots may be interested. In headlines, over 40 companies have pulled their ads from The O’Reilly Factor.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee Kate and Gerry Callahan plug sports real WEEI. We're. 90% reveals how would you characterize the last six or seven months with richer and the relationship and there's there's very much of openness. What you've seen. Lately it's been in the news is real. That's on both sides is just open communication. He knows what's going on we know what's going on I don't know if anything would ever happen. But like so we've all time where. 90% of the deals that were involved with we don't. We don't follow through it but at least. We've opened that door gone down the gun down the road and went in seen what's what's that's what's behind me you know Adori your door be you know. You know what lecture in John you never hear you rarely hear GM. That open and honest about dealing a player picked in the NFL but I have to give credit to the EU view her. That was the master the great Mike's Hulk and his partner Brock. Poor who are you or whatever is cured Q are Brock Huard Damon brother gives you hard rockets talky show. And I am sure when you sit there with silk. You know you can open up these settlements that he's greatest certainly bearded that he benefited. Assault blush guys it's might walls and then it's much so yes yes yes and I would say. Schneider. News. This is talking to people he's listing noted vehicles. He's going to deal he's gonna deal. Questions Z deal and as he cost too much or because he's washed up. And a little bit of both Jerry's a possible public alert about the off the field year Sugarman last year and it be on the field stuff was pretty good was hurt you still. A top fifteen quarterback quarter pro football focus is the off the field. He had restrained by teammates after one game he went after it defensive quarter Darrel bevel and another. Yet the whole media thing with Seattle where it's an apple and your your press pass right answer re in the Seattle PI story today it seems like at the off the field. Richard Herman a candidate big everyone knows he's big he's in loud mouth he's an ego maniac. But he's a little part of the delicious if he's good effects. But. It doesn't sound or seem like the patriot but you know he was Andy's. Beat a great great play that Randy Moss sound or speak little APR before he came here did not holistic guys who didn't sound like a patriot until I wish Belichick were as candid as Schneider would say yes we're talking more interest that. Believed to think about your as you guys would you trade Butler for Sherman people's idea or music yes because he's taller. Originals more physical I say out of the picture effects but here's the thing Butler if you were in this mix three point 91 million Susan sons attended you know it was a restricted free I'm tired are you an hour outlets event guests know now talent I just learned it on the personal check that at Butler ticket free Asia and once that right enters. He's not happy new electric trains on the team that acquires him. Amusement new page of that money. The Smart move for him would be to play in play here yes pick out of big insurance policy for whatever is fifty grand pick amateurs balls in play for four million. And then hit the market like Gilmore did. And get blown away by team has the jets. Alimony down right the middle is going to be those teams out there that would be the Smart thing. But would be disgruntled Malcolm brown will be as good as a he crumpled one. Our disgruntled when his brother and companies disgruntled. Who's who looking at the end and during the years talking as agents and what teams might either quarterback you know historically the disgruntled player Angela Logan Mankins went and disgruntled. When. When the Vince was disgruntled. Does it affect their play does Belichick think it affects the play of a player who news. Just looking forward to. Eight try to stay healthy and be trying to get the freeagent here's the difference between Butler in the team guys you mentioned diesels guys terror first round picks who got some sort of money up front right Boller and essentially his mind now that he and his agent feel like he's getting screwed right now they are attacking never got that big old can't Madden if you're. If you're the old course it does give your answer or an hour or for the player than they even describe conditions after the super Britain's after the personal but at least with those other players that can disgruntled and Bob when they got paid at the end of it. Because it seemed like Malcolm bulk or at the end of next season no matter what he does is gonna get paid here no we don't be paid. Somewhere else I think he should I think he could they can afford it they could keep them they could play and they get it to corners obviously there would be allocated a lot of money to corner. But don't we all agree corner is really really important is that it after quarterback what's the next most important position of water level or owner or left and dollars you know pass I'll pass rusher off the edge you know right defensive and if you in which is one miles garrison to the first part by and his goal in the paid who's gonna draft pass rusher. Yes they wouldn't usually pick things up more that are gone now should come coney easily they don't have one. Like a real stud pass rusher it. They don't have Chris longer eligible she's ready anymore of those will be tough loss column and the so here's the thing on the face of it if we were asked fans there let's do 6177797937. Which could Butler for Sherman the reaction meter is no one of these typical just. Speak in Wichita moderates. Love trades we love trades we love love miles guys we love things like that confronts. And you say yes I say yes and your explanation your reason is he's tall he's much too and she was hurt last year to get -- down yet but I think he's just not gonna get hurt anymore maybe that's what happens when you're 29 year old physical. Defensive player. Here's the thing though I didn't know this a sadness saying initially he's available. It sounds like Belichick he and kind of move you know look at you like he said like Randy miles. Bring them in rejuvenate him and play here Nguyen good chance for rain but it. He's been on a pretty good team. He has a rain does he almost had another. But but. Then you were here and I'm just looking at a couple things. Monday Morning Quarterback Andy Benoit. Is that Benoit thanks Benoit took a bullet and going Joan Benoit was gonna like this you don't know. Thoughts to Andy Benoit. A rights at all piece about how Richard Sherman is in decline. Then we have the pro football focus grades. This is ranking the quarterbacks around the NFL all the quarterback yes according to compete FF. Chris Harris junior was the best quarterback last year. In the NFL. Do do list because it's pretty interest to keep to leave AJ boy way. Brent Grimes who doubted. Number seven on the list Malcolm Butler there you go on the patriots. I'm number. The holder to earn. Stephon Gilmore on the list losing all the he wants it bad you and he's not in the top point was what about luster was not no no I'll. Number thirteen. On the list. Richard Sherman 84 point four grade and that's with him being hurt a year ago and you'll all get a somewhat of Logan Ryan was number sixteen. Pay. Everybody every guy that this is going to depend minority. You've initial reaction is love to have them right we've seen them as best in Sherman is great has best yet right. He's physical he's shut down an idea just of course through Gerri great ball skills a mean he's a former wide receiver. I mean he's he shuts the side of the field. He's very impressive or was attracts the ball did you read this Andy Benoit yes then he writes. The fact that he's available says contrary to pop little bleak and as. Little to do which Herman's volatility. And all the things you talked about a month ago burst on the silent element though bevel. He says these blemishes didn't help Sherman's image. But of what is really diminishing his value is is apparent decline in physical ability Sherman struggled. With change of direction last year. You know that right I did yes summer scouting and forced to swivel his hips out and we're all at receiver. Out on the corner where. Or specially breaking in on a slant he often allowed too much separation in breaking patterns. In breaking patterns make me smarter here have always posed challenges. For the angular Sherman. But 2016. Was the first time they consistently posed problems nothing good number defense. Fast in the corner with the explicit weakness the quarterback position is a 100% reactionary offense can always attack it in and of itself. Sherman's trouble we're changing directions. Isn't enough to warrant the Seahawks letting them go but it might be. When you consider that in 2018. The fire earlier this contract his cap number will be thirteen point two million bucks so it makes a lot of money and he's in decline. That a Belichick and later. Nobody first they bring him here and they what redo the contract right they bring a mandate given new little extension there at the end they lower that cap number of these that would everybody. And you wanna say declining is still what thirteenth last year as quarterback ratings of the year was hurt. You there is there's much more of a known going forward Sherman you know he's going to be with Butler when you read Jeff how today he speculates that they. Talk to the Seahawks about trading for two chairman. Before free agency started they had this thought about trying to replace Malcolm Butler. Since the season and it sold there aren't thinking about that they must have been there had Jerry we just talked about. That going through this year playing in his one year tender might be good financially. But I think their probably word about him staying focused on foot. It almost did get through deals out points note you'd you'd trade a lot through as you trade do do treated Butler. To war when you and protects. You is urgent. You get the Nixon and his spin on the Seattle. For Sherman solo through radio show robot Olympics. Pitchers and can we hear. Wanna hear from judgment or again to tell me this coming if ever heard this before I mean obviously we're in New England we never hear anything. From the decision maker. But this is Schneider on the hot seat with my Axl can Brock Huard and I'm trying to piece together all the little parts of knowledge. Love to keep them here in Seattle in some way the men as this is this is is his attitude. That holders are. All yes. I understand why we allowed to say oh let's who Manhattan's next podcast is about. Because I thought I heard it today. I don't think so okay. No no like you know this do much you're the gossip or in my. What is next podcast I'm guessing what is. I would say look that is I'm not he had not heard that a once on here crack use is mentioned on the area. I don't think so so I don't know that's why Allah every piece of it has been finalized and I'd say hold off on her Saber sick and so let's hear from Schneider again the Seattle GM talking about his star. Wonder what. You seemed. But lately in and the news is real. That's. On both sides as just open communication. He knows what's going on we know what's going on I don't know if anything whatever happened. But like I tell people all Time Warner on 90% of the deals that were involved with we don't. We don't follow through it but at least we've opened that door gone down not gone down the road and in in seeing what's what's what's what's behind me don't go. RA or Darby you know. Patents that is at some maybe he's been amazing and again we're in Israel where it's wonderful he's talking about trading. His. Second or third most high profile player behind Wilson outside right there. A big big league start nationals are a guy who's 29 he's not a dude Peterson he's not 32 he's not. Over the hill is a loss problem and and granted he couldn't screw loose hips last year lucky just to. According to them his defenders and sure salt he would explain and he had a and CEO. Yes undisclosed and studio minister and CO MC he had repaired at the end of the year does not says I think that he did for everybody including the NFL open put on the injured list that's riding at all well perfectly I had trouble but you know is playing hurt right. And paid playing well and was still according to people we're awful important better than Stephon Gilmore with it was a bad guy but Seattle pitchers play cover three year. Because he's a foundational player corny it Benoit. For the cover of the right you've seen him right we've seen them but when April zone. I've seen in the last five years we've seen him. More than any corner. And that's the difference in football baseball basketball this were Seattle mariner. You know we would note crap about Wednesday articles all right but it's a Seattle Seahawks who have seen a lot of them. When they focus on him he looks great it's physical it's. Savvy and knows he's he's nasty. He of those guys has a man want a quarterback all the things you're saying Jerry's what you would build a quarterback is remarkable over a few years ago was fifth round pick formal wide receiver came up out of nowhere but he was. A surprise and became a superstar ascended to that elite level is a very patriot like selection by Seattle. To pluck him out of obscurity in the fifth round right at those who picks the pitcher in light of Stanford those who have the patriots like Rutgers they elect stands for the general effort I don't those two mixed up raptors instead of. Benoit says the off field stuff on issued this weird quote from Pete Carroll thought Richard went through a lot last year most of it was self inflicted. So he's taken a shot it is guy after the year talking about the off the field to take a week that's part of you mention my blog how many guys to the patriots have or have inquired that I like him loud miles. No punks yeah. Eagle main quarry hill and Corey don't have Corey Dylan wasn't like that always didn't allow Cincinnati always definitely and I won't allow shot himself on the Cincinnati is a question he's more likely to repeat as he beat up his wife. While she's driving the car and he was the he was the passage past that shows not only a UA violence meant that your kind of stupid. It just drive in the power to try and knock her out let's say those who do Chad Ochocinco did not make the team but he was brought in here by Bill Belichick while he was here. He would hear the patriots playbook quantity. Chad Ochocinco here he heard what I know what at did such as Jerry saying look guys they brought in that we're allowed this is a guy initially. This fake hall of fame Jack on the sidelines that's just a minute bargain either you know this is an impeachment like bargain. Get this contract right here in Buena no by no standard is. Mr. chairman right now Bard is 56 abilities to two years left. It is gonna be highest paid quarterback on the roster not just as a sort of sets it puts Gilmore says this hour hi David I quickly guys dribble pull up about 400 votes 51%. Would read Malcolm Butler for two terms of early votes if he does the indie band no way to peace is usually there are doing. You know get through he'd like them. Machete your current reference that challenges that you shot. At you know what no bogeys or give me more widgets at my side from Seattle get it sold millions Tokyo moment it's all getting more Richard Sherman takes we can hear. C'mon this question GM which. Good very efficient good. The challenges. Changing oval and as you can do in this job opportunities right now that your team has had success and it's been a couple years since a suitable do you find it to be different in the beginning we knew were first trying to build the team when she got to there's no question of the change out of that. He's felt he's on the acts he's on the right side of the ledger please tell me were still allowed to. Make fun of so keep it real estate today were today or good I've been told by the producer that out podcasts that the one that we're speculating about is not due out this week. But different broadcast T moss without tease the room. Who assess very good question to say it might involve somebody via third from in the last reel in the sash. John Schneider and attack at. The John Schneider. I say we have to our bar. I think when you first hear chairman for Butler Sherman to replace partly pale outside because he's such a big date night to best. Then when you get. I'm reading here and you realize he's for each is tolerant that you really love and I do mean yes because he's lanky legs he's physical. You tracked the ball well. That swivel a little concerned. That could level analytics. That could be the MC movement on audiences around us. Outside vertical routes no corner in the last five years has been better against outside we did Butler is going to be. Great if he's disgruntled. No ideal. Occasionally describe the last three years he has no life he's not quite quiet on describe why do you think he felt this respect I think the Gilmore thing is the reason the put them over the edge right but I think even after the first when he picked off Seattle in the super ball like he should depleted then. Oh yeah you know what if he got paid then he'd really be disgruntled because we bacon like. Five million a year and Logan Wright make it nice and what my agent really look at any Gil Morgan sixteen or whatever it is audit that must he be saying he'd be more pissed if he was under the long term contract probably concede would be short money right hell they were offered him last year was it September August when was. Is there any of the year the beginning of the year 67. That was the market value for a guy it was a free agent was good corner young corner in September. In in March. Gary Gilmore gutsy I think I think it's easy to get a rehash the way read between the lines of the Gilmore side to me it's kind of easy Belichick has shifted his philosophy. He wants more physical corners. Your overtime charted out learning phase of it is physical but you black visionary he's not as big as those guys are real issues are applause. Under God's eyes battered the as Victor what do we have the rest of this pro football folk we can skew more coming and he's not top one. According these walks weir does he command does it go to the next twenty years off by an easy in the top fifty. I substitute munitions he's in the tub on 180 million bucks. Now the ball like deal with the whether through a parade forum gave the key to the city where New England. You accuse some of the GM. GM. Of this romo's gonna. Ronald can be just notify we've got to get what will keep the poll out there right bull market talent Twitter account it was the biggest A hole which insurer national Kosovo. That was the behavior of Melbourne would you phrase out couple have three future sixty yards with sixty on the pro football among among the guests Belichick this atlas stock in the pro football focus this is our bodies and months. I'm from the rest of the list you look at it looks pretty solid these all the in the big stars on this Chris Harris junior keep Logan Ryan. Yea or the B gap. He was 6060s. Is only this only 64 starting quarterbacks. Before Chris Hogan toast and what episodic drama and he got sick on the million yen. And over the top there is no ordinary go to get help. Pot we talk but Don lemon in headlines Citic republic Donald Trump. Defending bill Riley today and other headlines was blind eye on what's the pious as what's he zero clause is and because of the walls work did anything in on Bill O'Reilly yesterday he is he's got no wrote. The old are on top of after a that the list on my effort is the good news. We do thing. It's still hang in and he's currently in the vein and Willy the veins still with you got life when we debate takes his gold coins and bills. You he would be troubled real headlines next. Kirk. And headline. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind producer Chris Curtis I considered dialogue in the city. The man who before his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like. Love how much rubber brick free go to Richardson from the took an animal house to reflect growth will fuel honestly think that I would not happen if I hadn't Ringo Starr yacht and go Kart pajama party. But this is now clean and need new and improved Curtis whose fault I will brave boy am I rainbow bright move our UA. It tests like 28 months and years and that's just basic you know support multi year right associated mother and floods functional street he was still functional strength you can jam off a roll over on the when you do not answer to a question of the corners to give answers well to let's rush the quarterback center left go out console shipped sale and so our own watch. I'm gonna guess. 8614 Beaumont very close Curtis 8714. Bloom always unfortunately it is. It's. Time for Curtis and Kurt and tell my hands and high. It's. So glad we're still love to make fun occurs on that never changes now. We're not ever know around here Gerri overstep it plus there's no reason I have part of the job yes it is beating you get right back of me wants. Prediction option fees that now you'll never see the smile one judgment seat he loves mentioned here. If you want to know you do that you still exists but it. He likened it to us did he misses it yes. As he moved away cuts was more fighters Curtis is takes a beating and smiles touch screen and back to her passive aggressive. You wouldn't. You raise a fight during breaks determines desperate. And ever secures. Doesn't you know once a year now he's never done it in town probably crossed his mind on this broadcast in the day. What do you know you all you heard this meter. We've. I I've not been the dean I've never been there I've never got to therapy I've got what hasn't gone that route that I heard therapy for the first time in my life true that was on I TV show was Chris mount saint Curtis and Ken layered labeled it. Going off on the you know we have at some point. We have to do this long there is full of F bombs will go before 8 o'clock about that what is headlines right now they're brought to about it the hair loss expert. Doctor Robert Leonard at 1800. Get hair yes they'll list was stuffed for 21. Today. That number is forty that is the number of companies that advertise on Fox News eleven now it's not just pull their ads but have gone through social media to announce Jerry. They are splitting from the O Reilly factor. The response to the bombshell New York Times report indicating that a wily Fox News had paid out. Thirteen. Million dollars in settlements to address complaints brought place five. Former female colleagues. It's forty today that 50 by tomorrow morning we're Kirk's back and headline. It's a count the pages a nine. This is like fifteen pages. Of there. In my hand. Advertisers who have failed here's an O'Reilly here's my toss I never when Kirk first that'd be gone in three months has had no ways Colorado who survive as a survivor he's been you know. Making the moves on. Young interns was there a career and survive right. Well we know people yes total proved its act president of the EU president trump. We have fifteen pages of advertising bailed. That hurts that. That's going to forty the number is for all according I don't illusion of women to Asia and another column everyone who are not on the list every Amazon has not failed. Is getting kissed. Pestered all day with these groups like national museum of women in media matters and EMILY's List and all he's. Xena water voters owners. But here's the positives in here it's a big companies throughout almost couple off the top these aren't big companies are they Mercedes-Benz. Monday. The Lexus. BMW. Mitsubishi. Sober it's every car companies go on C at the suggestion that blunt and five categories lose they are. Jenny Craig who. Are Mika. Unique and so the longer beyond. There around effect. I give you one good one that staying. In g.'s list you would angeles' I don't know that it was and useless a slight go want to try to find someone did you odds and ends. Around the house of taking it away I cannot picture on toilets you know what I look for plumber and how did you list does that edge. This sounds let's now listen to the guy from edges this signs that the people. Who want if you Peterson who's in the listen we got a job to do all that personal stuff says aside. And you know they make a good case but this you know I can hear that from anyone else you know apps want feedback that helps. Verified reviews and other reasons join today's list for free. Neither of us that little element they got a lot of recognition for this however was. Learning what usually Washington Washington Post by big headline but. We've debate is still hanging in there I William debates that gold coins you'll as well Michael Boyd and you can do that too. Maxine Waters representative from California took the opera who has hair like James Brown Bill O'Reilly wasn't right. I'm telling you look at it prepares just like James Brown. She should not be on that list of protect the people were not allowed to make she's a congresswoman. Any lunatic who makes fun of other people why what can we make fun of her because she's old awake and that she's a woman we surprised that she's the one of firing back on the right bill all right had to apologize or herald which just like James Brown's. When would that. Chris O'Donnell she was not what to Chris O'Donnell. I'm MSNBC I'll also dollars and actor Chris I've either Lawrence O'Donnell Chris Rock you pay Chris series. Or it's O'Donnell on the bachelor. That that will we see the city got its. It's James Brown hair lookalike got Maxine Waters last night that she got them but avail. Well it's coming out of the mouth of a man who has said some horrible things about. Women don't forget he talked about Brad and women in their private parts and because he was implied we can get away with it until they are two of the time. And so I'm not surprised that he stood up contracted it thin build on the route but. It's all kitchen of the real rally. And that's sexual harassment enterprise that they created over there that fox and then I knew way out of this because you've rich. If they continue to do this in the way that they had done they need to go to jail. Mean the jail or go to jail. So firing won't be enough for Maxine. She wants chaos and she referenced the president and this is one of those cases where he needs to just shut up and get out of the way the president defended bill Riley yesterday against these new revelations. Quote I think he's a person I know well. He's a good person trump told the New York Times I think he should have so I think he shouldn't have settled. Purse clinic he should have settled says see here's my question for my man Donald Trump. You know I mean you just speaking off the cuff here. Which have to have more information forcing innocent he knows of his friends I don't think bill that anything wrong party you know is no idea. You know like a smaller person I think he did do something wrong I don't think fox has only thirteen million in 21. One woman got nine I was that I might. Confusing field settlement. One woman got nice and and are there Gretchen Carlson that what 1513. From. Ailes is to go away should get more emails he's creepy here. I didn't hear origin and I was looking at James Brown Waite. There's nothing wrong with that he goodness a lot run on the horizon that's not how. Any good news I Donald Trump by the way. Also defended. Roger Ailes I think you've I think they are unfounded talking about the accusation based on what I've read trump said. Couple months ago wholly unfounded based on what I read this is the same trump would declare who. April national sexual assault awareness of professor buck right. Sounds good president wouldn't that be good thing to do want national sexual assault month takeover alleyway in chains about the and this one statement doll that I. I don't like to a headlines like this because I don't wanna put someone's life in danger we don't try to do that on the Kirk tried to get the headlines but. Don lemon is. Don lemon scared who is it. Don lemon according to the New York Post a really really stupid but and he says the White House's verbal attacks on CNN hadn't concern about his safety quote from Don lemon. The one thing that makes me nervous in this environment is safety is he told add the folks at the point foundation. Honors gala went to hell that I do not think that president trump realizes the calling journalists the enemy of America impacts our safety. That is happening with me now I have to take certain precautions. And certain steps. Because of the threats does anyone believe that Don lemon is now probably with security say that the president says no but no way he'd odious of. Afraid of though he's afraid ghosts. I view this is afraid of a UFO's who is afraid of you know snakes yeah he's afraid of bugs. He's afraid of that's scary things in my pin was offended but he's a moron. Some kind without the Malaysian player and into a black hole that he was the catalyst. Or maybe was drunk he was been drunk on the air wedge drunk on New Year's no tolerance zero tolerance drinking on the air at the station and you're zero tolerance noodle. Or last month or drinking on the especially on site. It might note I don't know if you're on site trickled out one thing we focus on the broadcast later but you do that. At all the pros come after all I've witch project. Let's say all right it's a little hesitant I guess the focus on what's going on a funny you and do not adhere to the alcohol pressures you pay a little. I take this seriously I don't know if it. It's not funny at all it's not my mind it. But it isn't a back up my mind whatever that means. Now at the thinks it's not in his mind's in the back of his mind I have to take certain steps entering and leaving the building on assignment. It's an odd place to be it. Full unless. Megapixel life is danger yes he's what it takes certain precautions wary go with people all the really violent people don't cry on your team you know they're the ones. Who are scarier than the ones who. Violence he loves Michael O'Reilly and already today we we've we've missed this yesterday this historians think though. And we have to update yesterday the story was that in COLT who's dating Jimmy Walker. When you should Jimmy Walker I'm I'm not time a golfer let's talk that it would seem that would make more sense to Jimmie JJ walker. What is happening I mean the the voice I don't my generation that I will not I don't why. And so the story was two days ago that Jimmy Walker and and called to work item who dropped the ball yes that you and I mud didn't do it. And I tweeted about it we did mention it and yesterday she corrected the records that they're just really good friend. I. Which is almost as we amused with them as we enter your quote she said this comes up sometimes really liked that people are happy that you are Asian wall strange. Group of friends I've read about obviously I have an interest in. Laker land yeah I've heard. But she lives blues and LA I think she's bi coastal. Choose an LA times so I can't tell the botching gay guys ghostly gay bars she's a friend of bill Mars. Off. This was for Ozzie Omar. I don't know and she's offended Jimmie JJ walker championship or not an item but on the regular worn candies scramble to find more changing Jimmy Walker's own. It was clear he was on what's happened right what what's what else to lead Lebow. Suspect. With her very relatives. That's a good that is really good gas meter what is the exit of a good time. Love Boat club it was unlike. Like. In Hollywood Squares that's at that apps I think he was diseased and lives in Russell. Do you think it has its Russell becomes Grubbs a couple of an episode of scrub Jimmy. The office. It went in there is reason Larry Sanders Show back at you that's that's. What do you think really this we think Jimmy Walker and cold who do their own hands and they just. They just talked about the world tanks and other souvenirs and watching when you needed him he was in the comedian that did your movies the came out last year. That no one's nose I did not theaters. He's an Internet and colleges laugh so wise that you don't listen these are movies he sucks you must endure your advice this. Which almost us that's been dinero exact definitely love the brother Ray Lewis wash first sit now Tony thinks knocked up is one of the great movies ever made. It's those right that is the day after I sent out an account so you're here I walked down like a slap at Nate and against the neighbors we're allies just Sunday and they are all of that size that will neighbors who it is an awful. Neighbors want not a good. Our neighbors he would approach of what like five LO moments let's you don't want to think about it for an hour and a half. Again like hang over want to treat us like that's the port there before Arafat knocked up star office Christmas barge example and not only god. So throws over he's not for them on a huge fan I like Jonah Hill. Like a whole Michael Michael Sarah guys. These super about a top fives are Dennis Ross. The fact that's who I wasn't phone yes. It was good about the shooting that is headlines but you by be aired doctor doctor Robert Leonard at 1800. Get here we come back if you've not thirty yet you'll hear mount saint Curtis Chris Curtis exploded on John Dennis. Out about the city's city of Boston meter is not heard that she had a player for meeting next. Yes he tradition like no other I get about a half an hour. The first group at Augusta National will tee off we're putting together our Dennis and Callahan pairings and math through problem bold Jason any day now our conversation with Brad Faxon. Nobody's going to miss us. This is down of the masters deals for every day of the year eleven minutes too often does that mean there when we were to break it down to miss I ask for a much you know do the poll had to wait times back excited about the innocent commitment to it I'm a couple of facts and know god does say after the interview and who in a minute houses as a upon facts. I'm not great. That last group here is that faxes he had the phone to somebody in teed off is on the witness to them told them to get I think it I think what's wrong with the ads on the different sound. I'm up here McGwire on a week the agency can mock me for my guess I can make money you're gonna go sensitive here with these utilities route and a sad. It. Saturday tickets. And it. You're here is that really do us. A little tight. I sang along that was the sound I think it was at the British from the right was the second out at say over tank we texted Kirk and set a bad as the second he's on the here's what you found was little we years in July now. And that was the British Open that well in practice. I'll make a difference and I'm sorry I take that back was a corridors I could tell I and that alone was a major. A lot of ups are blade of who I think actually does and it was riveting I'm sorry I college loans are our guys are. Team of engineers busy put moment leaps in. Of Merom purses ran yes I didn't realize how much work that was a lot of F bombs a lot of really vulgar language shall we have to work overtime to clean that up so they're gonna work and actor in the top of the hour and we're gonna let people know now they can vote Kirk and Callahan Twitter would you trade. For Richard sure Malcolm Butler former teacher would you make that trade right now it is 5050. Isn't on the Twitter and explain further 6177797937. You can give us a call. And and is a big tease I don't think who's gonna leave this radio. That was the temple at Carnoustie might come back we'll hear packs and tee off on the left and we put it on the route and it doesn't act.