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MMQB's Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Apr 6, 2017|

We had an impromptu visit from Peter King from SI / MMQB to our Fenway Studios and decided to talk some NFL and Patriots with him.

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It it is safe to Europe every coach in every locker room clubhouse like pockets if he keeps in there and these guys are in such close quarters so many hours. And they literally when a guy gets sick they literally sick just get out yeah yeah get away right don't come near don't come back here until you feeling better now that they don't want Okie that's a grounder available. They just wanted to get everybody else played and it's over the Monfils Dora the a couple of years in a row and whoever else. And Anaheim moved out of something to ground out but the Buccaneers at something with a couple of years ago it was real those was there at around the grounds that it abducting two yap yap yap a mentally. We we sanitize it him into the plants yet it did somebody would know that I'll bet you Peter King remember. Fast out all of the rounds without Peter. An instant read what it does the how's the red of Sports Radio questioned the Cleveland brown can't buy it yet in QBs in the house. Which like. Viruses spread through team's. Locker rooms rounds awhile ago something. But they had a staff in fact there yeah thing. The browns of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a yes and and what happened was. They both teams had to. Like. You know not not quite rip apart their facility that they had to evacuate their facility. And comedian and sort of PRO offices everything it was really yeah. It was quite its due but that hasn't happened. Remember the last staph infection story in the NFL like Lawrence Tynes kicker for insurance program that. And a few other guys that it had agreed the bat. Know that so that's always an are you here on out no movement that aren't currently I've I mean I like it here now like three times a year and cookies might. And I wanted to see that's kind of a bummer what's he got he's got that bar and I got but yeah John Ferrell told us earlier he's afraid it might be going through because I think Brock whole medium available tonight as well how's he what do they do they go to guys like they get that yet they've got Zander up in the three spot tonight in the batting order in a Christian I'm going to India in the right field from Okie well hope it's not a fourteen inning game for lotteries and you have the little chilly out here I've bought out. Peter King just is that ball game tonight as a fan but but we got to ask you a couple of NFL thing out. This Tony Romo think could be a disaster for CBS that's my opinion I'm not asking you to agree or disagree. I think he could be a disaster what do these horrible. Com well she if he's our only made terrible mistake it's like it's a housewife her broadcast. Now. I don't think he's got to be horrible I don't. I don't know how we skated to honestly. Bly I of these horrible. I think that means I wrote this morning. The one thing about this it is a little bit odd all of the Greek guys do its job now Collins worth. Columns were started out like. In BC's eighth team needed four games this first year. And then he did a bunch of stuff at HBO in for the NBC pregame show. So I mean he had some practice Phil Simms started I think it ESPN needed a bunch of stuff before he hits and did to that job. The only guy in matte now obviously did did a lesser job I think at first I work with its frank lever. How blood but I I the only guy who compares. To what is going on Romo I think he's boomers science. Because boomer his last year was 1997. And he went into a three man Booth in Deir Al Michaels Boomer Esiason in 1998. That they got rid of deer or after that first year and it was just boomer and now. In 99 and then they fired boomer. That they hate each other idea out there I think Al Olmert and that it and a and so I think. That's the only guy OK compare sites are the boomer last night. And he just said man misses this is rough you know it's gonna be rough it's a it's really hard thing and I applaud boomer for talking frankly because I mean he's the CBS guy. Let what do you what do you think there was so much. It's not like it was like a bidding war so many people going after Tony Romo for that. Either the number two week that was mentioned to replace John Legend fox or number one which he's got now. What what has Tony Romo exhibited maybe you interviewed him and you have you seen that kind of spark or there there's got to be great. I I podcast with him about 32 minutes. A week before he got that he injury in Seattle it was their last day of training camp and Oxnard California and he was Ian asked. He was good. In a lot of different ways but I knew who that he was pretty good because in the past I've seen him either training camper after game and you these things like. He'll pull up the throwing motion different quarterbacks on his phone he said create easy little. Tom house type of throwing Bernard. And he and he'll bring this stuff up on its phone. And he'll basically listed like he's here's the best one like you look at Brady OC look at treaty. It's he's the maestro and he'll just go through his whole throwing motion the picture agrees this is how he so good being. You know so so small in stature and so you know he'd go through all that. And I always writes this guy wants to be really good TV and so I think on it got really good. But but he hears the a couple of things about this that I find as weird wrote this but this. Tony Romo played a 162 football games career regular season and post season. The three teams in the AFC it now. He's got to be around like for half the year. Denver Pittsburgh New England those three per year AFC teams right now I mean I can change in ten minutes. But he has been in Foxborough once in his life. He's been at Heinz Field once in his life he's been at Denver. You know again I'm talking about playing a game once in his life. So it's an odd. Juxtaposition. Now. That they're gonna ask him to go in and and the one points and it is. Who knows Bill Belichick that it feels and who has a closer relationship. In the media. With Bill Belichick it feels it I mean he's he's facility ten times a year or however many times it. And they've and he used to be on this team that he won a super goal range and everything so. I just there are some little things about this if US treatment. How. How he enjoyed being around the patriots when he had computer games he would say you know not a lot. Because he doesn't let anything he doesn't get anything and it isn't that. That he is that it that's not a big surprise there's not a lot of broadcasters who get something. Blood and by the way I did hear that this year's super bull that Belichick was fantastic but he told them a bunch of stuff but but be that as it may. I think my whole point about all of this is that. There are so many layers to this story that I figure going to be so interesting to watch it play out. And it from a patriots fan perspective we're look at Tony Romo maybe go to Denver or Tyrone didn't go to Houston to teams that are pretty well put together maybe the exception of the quarterback now that. Both those teams I have to go to different direction is it. Who we're looking at a news topic I have a big sever I don't think I don't think there was I think it was a 5% chance he would go to Denver. If he played I just John Elway made it clear right at the end of the season internally now look if if Romo would've played there for like Chris Long to the patriots contract well you know he's gonna think about that. But. I think that in general. Elway had this attitude that. We do not want to retard the growth of pacts in which particularly. And people say oh he's crazy but John L only light forever ceemea a lot more. Then most people even most people injured. He just thought he came from. The you know so far off the pace. To play it played decently last year that he was willing to let those two guys coming to camp. And and do that but I there's no question in my mind that bill O'Brien. Even though bill O'Brien doesn't have the personnel. Shoe design in Houston it's Rick Smith the general manager. I think bill O'Brien really would have won Roma alive and I don't know what the money would have ban or what they would have been willing to do with the money. But that would have been a place. And you know a lot of people at Dallas owner duties related you know nobody really went after nobody really professed their love for Tony Roma. It would be tampering. And I can just tell you this Bob McNair is is it absolutely. Is my experience with him he's at thirty. Played by the rules kinda guy so. I think I think this week. The Texans would have tried to sign. Was sort lasted Peter King from the MM QB and broadening your talks in football with us for a few minutes. Did you see Michael Irvin since two ran into him now what he. He. He said before he did the interview said my lawyers are gonna freak out that I am doing us. And he talked about what happened in Fort Lauderdale when he talked about very specifics. Very specifically about what happened and who was involved and what didn't happen and what did happen. What people do this well that's that is we were taught we plates and cups from a with Lincoln. First of all he's right his lawyers probably did freak out that he did this. Well but our guess is he he feels that he's got to get in front of the narrative he's got to get out there. And say hey I didn't do this you need to know this is not you know because let's be honest Tom Brady was convicted of taking air out football's pretty quickly wasn't it. You know in the court of public opinion. Do you think molecular and going to be able to hold onto his job at fox that at the NFL network as that's what I think he was really trying to say yeah now. You know they're very very sensitive. In the NFL I mean as you saw with the Warren Sapp. So I think it depends where this story goes but I also think that. They're not going to be too precipitous. These guys that network who really like Michael Irvin and I think he adds a lot. To what they do so I think I mean the good thing about this now is. They've got a little bit of time before their next marquee event which the draft they've got a couple of weeks to sift through so. I wouldn't expect anything to happen I'd expect him to look into it but I. I I'd I'm interested now in hearing the and I'll listen proudly tonight on interest in hearing. What he says about it obviously that's what I'm interested in hearing yeah Warren. How long did it take to get into and out of Montana. And soon do you buy it what Tom Brady is selling. 45. And and every bit fit to see it go play beyond 45. Well just a little bit history I think with Tom Brady was 31 years old ID. Oh. And interviewed him. In back today when he sleeping. And remember he said. I want a plea for. It's interesting. About that next year I talked him again goes I want to play into my forties. And so okay right sheer yeah Woolsey. And so I didn't I didn't think anything think that that whatever it is. And then over the years he keeps talking about it in the way he lives life and I have to tell you Michael. When I was in Montana Sunday after the season was so cool about it it was precisely. Seven weeks almost took it to the moment of the opening kickoff for the Super Bowl. I was sitting there with him his cabin in Montana. It's kind of funny to call it cap and it's not quite happened when you and I think the captain. We don't think of necessarily three Ritz Carlton suites. Mash together with walks outside it the past. That's basically what this caused. But I Taylor I'm really applaud. Brady for doing this because. And I'll get to your point but I do I did want to make this point. That. Look we all ask for things in life in his job and we all request interviews people. I thought that Tom might keep me some time. The week after the game did I think that when I asked him I'd like to come and talk to you in person. That he would say you media option of going to Montana on Sunday. No absolutely not and but but that's because I told him listen to it if you. One record this I want this to be your record. You're sort of leaving record you know when your memories are all still fresh. I watched the second half of that game like four times after game. Down in meat in the game because I have a little bit of time. I had Josh genius for 25 minutes talking to him about the theory specifics. Play by play in the drive. Where a genius told me the story of the last days the last played practice on Friday. When. When you've got white as the site cart tight next to three and then David Anders snapped the ball over your head. Anything to yourself. And I set so I sit and she ran it again. Did you wanna leave practice that the in the last practice of the week. And I think Josh is feeling was like out of we Ernie and he snapped it over his head I can't call it in the game because everybody be spooked by that so. But I mean and so having that sort of background and I'm so glad that after the Super Bowl coaches talk. You can obviously is the coaches stock because then you can run down exactly. Plate right player I had made and questions for. Specific things about I'd seen enough in the that in the last 25 minutes of this game so and and critic. Tom Brady. He didn't. He didn't economize on these stories. He told the leaving greetings stories of what happened on that drive. And the amazing thing is so we made this into a two part podcast the first part was out. I'm guessing maybe fifteen minutes in the second part was. Maybe 3030. Minutes so I forget exactly what's it made it to two part broadcast. And so the first week normally might podcast we'll get maybe 45000. Listens downloads ever. And right away this thing started growing growing growing I mean what's crazy about this is a checked it today. Because we're gonna try to sell ads more prominently next year this podcast I checked it today. It's got 12100 downloads this week. And so. People are still listening Jason Garrett came up to me at the if the owners meetings last week and he said hey just one player coaches listened to that podcast. Was really educational was so much fun listening to Brady. Read the talk and that was the thing that was. Kind of a thrill for me that it was Tom Brady talking. Not its press conference Tom. It was talking like you were sitting there having a beer with them. And so he's at Wright waters hero and not a failure but. You know but but anyway OK so about how long he'll play. The amazing thing is Michael since securities need it Kansas City now that's almost nine years ago. Since he hurt his knee against Kansas City since that injury. He has missed four games I think in eight years in those fourteen instruments because of suspension because of injury played every game. The most the most interesting thing that we got into was he at the end of it I finished. I was leaving I said hey thank you. I've met his wife matches now and she's very pleasant so. Anyway I would I'm leaving and and he he says hey you know feet feel my arm. And he holds his arm out I feel the under side its throwing error and it's. Pliable. It's not. Solid rock muscular. And I'm thinking of myself this is in he was trying to prove a point. Because my point is there's probably 16189. NFL players who have asked to do the same thing it would feel like you were pressing a boulder. But his arm it feels like there's some tissues there and you can press it in you can make an indentation. And it's not like it's weak but it's yes it's flexible it's pliable. And he has said you know his hope it's very clear. His answer to fitness is not to lift more weights. His answer fitness. Is today eat every meal like you wanna leave to be 110. And two flexibility. And do things that are not the traditional. Weight training stuff that so many football players do. So Michael I agree I mean you know and I and yet I have set the whole time. I do not think I don't think they're trait or apple I don't think they're trade grapple if they can offer to ones and it's insane and I totally I totally understand. But I understand why they're not treating Europe alone. Because still no matter how great it seems that no matter how it seems that. Brady's playing in the street. There's going to be forty years ago. Fluke things happen and Bill Belichick feels like. I can win a Super Bowl Jimmy Europe. I don't know if I can win a Super Bowl Jacoby says but I can win one which in Europe everybody outside of the six state region in the wings and laughs at that. Ace on these crazy nuts and may be a lot of people inside the six state region laughed at that. But they believe internally that this guy he's really good player. And so we'll see what happens and and the only other thing ever put this. After. Maybe after gamer may be in that briefing but here's the amazing thing about the patriots. There were eleven guys on the field on the game tying drive in the fourth quarter who either touch the ball blocked okay. You have five offensive linemen and six guys touch the ball. On the drive that tied the game and send it to overtime there's one of those eleven players. It was drafted in the top 75. So if you are patriots you don't necessarily think like everybody else you think. We have a great player here we can't predict the future behind beyond 2017. And we still think who knows what's gonna happen we still think that we might be able to find a way for drop below once Brady. In 2037. Is that the quarterback anymore maybe your apple will be the guy and that's how I certainly can I need to get off team but. I just think that that there are a lot of things that. Don't fit. The common. NFL thought process. But they fit the patriots are a lot of discussion this week about Adrian Peterson obviously visit with the patriots on Monday. Our ability to get anything left in the tank and what are you be if it knowing. Well I mean it's a really good question. You know what has he ever left in the tank to the last three years he's been invisible he has not. Either he hasn't played or he's been injured you know I and so he has played but he had one great year. He's a very. Very interesting. Person. As far as his physical condition is there's no question in my mind that if he puts his mind to it no question. That he can still be a really good really effective running back. Okay but. I think then you ask yourself the question. Okay is that guy who isn't really suited for a lot of shotgun. You know kind of site car. Type of handouts and those kinda snaps which she really doesn't like and a guy who put we will play easier a special teams. And again I mean Corey Dylan wasn't running down kickoffs a year ago things. But I just I've not. I just don't I don't think he's a great fit here but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they sign him because I do believe. That he could have three or four games and rush for a 150 yards. And look like Adrian Peterson in his prime because remember two years ago. He was an incredible. Player. And so I think he can do it. And plus he's one of those guys. In you've run into a whole lot in sports Emmys. He said Kevin Garnett tight O you're doubting me want to stick it up right up your career. And it and that's the way he's training this offseason so will. It will he do it. You know I don't know why I am I'm dubious about it especially because a tape what I'd really really like Rex Burkhead. I think Rex Burkhead was he was. He is the signing in 2017. That Chris Hogan was in 2016. In my opinion. I think he's gonna have some really impact full snaps for the patriots it's. It's fun to talk football with you even in the middle of a cold April day. Little brother and I don't like of all I'll say what you know but and I learned this lived here for three years. If I ever told you guys but some evidence out then we need some work our way. Three guys come and work it here for a few days talking to. And it was its. Its case for stocks and an ice and one of the guys from higher immediately here five years. And come to find out that they were totally in the patriots. And we give a crap about the Red Sox and that and what I came here I really expected it to be not the opposite. OK but I expected the Red Sox became. Still especially because they are winning you know what they went a series a couple of times and all. But it was different that I thought. And the patriots I think. And again I could finally here now I can't feel the way it goes three years. I really I sense what nightly of the year that it was changing and not. It did in the race but it's it's another team on the airplane. You know and then end it tonight. With the Celtics and cavs I didn't realize that sellers on my way up here today in about that. It happened at the Celtics beat the cats. It is here. How would that Leo and how about us hey I'm. One of the best sports events I went to what I was here. Win was win Rondo kill the caps in the playoffs remember he had he points as ran circles around everybody. And I always sound like this guys the next superstars he's kind of weird I. We're that's what it's a player yeah yeah that was an incredible. That. If that was really fun and that but anyway. It's. It's really really good to see. All of these teams. Be so good at the scene. EEE Kiet pick out. Which is the best one I mean it the patriots obviously that's the one but you can't pick out here well get every one enters the year like a chance to win. Who'll stay warm tonight are right that like that case. Stopping by and its way to see the ball game dale and Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. A couple of things from Peter king's visit first ball. It's kind of cool when you can just sit around with with Tom and me to sell and you know. Talk football for an ourselves. That is life his life itself well you know we noticed that she's very very glad and very pleasant I haven't George Lewis mark. Three Ritz Carlton suites. Which together with some walks to get the sense that petered doubts whether Brady's going to be able to do what he wants to do. But at that that Brady is also very sincere in saying he wants to play until you know is at least as mid forties. What I don't get this is his part about Barack alone and get any mention of the that I know it's great to know what's crazy is that they're turned down to first round picks. Buffer but they help radio he had a half jokingly that pretty much play till 2037. RO six point one point 11. I don't understand how rob glow sticks around you the problem maybe they've had envisioned him being the next guy Howell but that doesn't make any sense to me. If Brady plays as long as he wants to play. You can't keep Gruntal and. You simply. Yeah I mean I guess you could. Are we partner. Yeah I probably would reside guess I think he definitely would result don't I don't it's not resign but you have to go purity years probably happened franchise has done about it and why they got it's funny you ask your franchising. If if Brady still play at a high level you franchising your back quarterback any target actually more than Brady right Beth. Significantly more than I guess. The way that would happen. Is if they don't think Tom Brady can do what he says he's gonna. If they're looking at it and build ballot second Josh McDaniels that number in a room together and say listen I know what he says he wants to do it can't. What was that what they're based. I made that I am just saying that's all I can come up and how does anybody basically you you can't say. Well it just as I can't say it will happen definitively although I do all the time it was eight but I can't say that definitively it can't prove it. I just believe it just like you care through while it won't happen. Yet he can't prove how do you prove that he's not gonna plane that coach says it but it's not gonna happen. I don't acknowledge checked you have to make. Some sort of a decision for your franchise you've got to sort of you know you've got to make and as good an educated guess is you can but I just wonder what that would be based based on just hurry last three or four years the history of somebody else not yet history of up. Quarterback play in the national football out about the agent force that would be wise because you're you're talking about somebody yells at the quarterback history should win. Bicycles court action sports. Should be. It hundred tactic. Who turns the greatest player so if you go. Would it be you know let's say he's not. Injured but he dealing with nagging injuries more so than before we know based on that throw his career but it it's more of that there are aware it takes him you know more more get onto the field. And he has a thing a handful performances like he did. Like the first half against Denver this year the government is works game right the Denver game in the regular season that may have been worse game that you put together a few blows. Maybe that our audience we we haven't seen it yet for them like to point out back to back that games and robbery that we haven't seen it. But if he does do that maybe that's a sign there it gets credit for Belichick wore get rid of a player you're too early that year too late so it's it's ultimately going to be. Artillery you know it should ultimately be up to him but I have a feeling that the Kraft might get all of the player you know that agree.