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OMF - Fauria finds out that his jersey was stolen by the Mauricio Ortego, too! 4-5-17

Apr 5, 2017|

HOUR 3 - Tonight's Celtics/Cavs game is infinitely more important to Boston. What teams does Boston want to avoid in the playoffs? The same guy who stole Brady's jersey, apparently has an official "Christian Fauria" jersey, as well, and Christian can't remember if he still has jersey from Super Bowl 38. Speculation runs rampant Mauricio Ortega swiped that one, too. Roger Goodell could be getting a new contract.

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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. It's away. Up against Boston. Margins being escorted out that would signal that it's a major penalty water wonders if it is a match penalty. Had it been days with an automatic review by the national hockey league's player safety administration with wind blew in Christian. Last question about big game for the student. From Florida. I'm not want to get caught up rather receive it and you madam. It's I'm in the situation finals and then. I'm the last person as a regular season game is. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I think you're an announcer. We thought about the Bruins and the Celtics won't finish with the Padilla the top of the email list martian. What the hell was he doing what you thinking okay it's a big huge game and now the possibility. He could face a suspension. And let's say it's a two game suspension any misses Ottawa and Washington. And they lose those games are they lose the Ottawa game on Thursday night without. If this goal score and then suddenly you're facing Washington in the first round of the playoffs. And the other one obviously is the Celtics tonight with Cleveland how important. Is this game for Cleveland what might be right how important is the last two months but for the click castle earlier official was to Tristan Thompson is out out tonight. An MRI and thumb its you know maybe we'll take it maybe that M trial in LA somewhere. Calabasas area complacent or don't how how is that what Al Horford right yeah. No Tristan Thompson. Again saw it. Okay noted prouder noted crowded there's no. Maybe crowd is not there to cover LeBron and all of a sudden that's that's why I'm afraid of is that this game is going to start losing the luster Celtic you know it's not gonna be I want it to mean something I wanted to. Jeanne does beat chippy. I want it to be teen sending messages to each. And and. Celtics by our team is that it's only good I don't diaspora. Our investments where I fit layup at the end of the game on ovals and that has a will say this if that happens tonight and it's communicable for ESPN they get tonight's game and they had an almost surely this is dominated the morning here so I don't know ESPN tonight Celtics cavs didn't like it is the biggest game on the planet look at the Celtics are gonna come out hungry the Celtics are gonna come off fighting the question is what the cast him. What do they do you talk but the record 199 backs. How they get a response Celtic minerals and they match the energy level that's going to be at the game Celtics are also well rested. Utah there really aren't great shock when I more than two days for a US led the Contras. You talked earlier about the double overtime game they played on Sunday night and then. You know they play again last night they are one line the cavaliers on the second headed back to backs. On the road that's for the entire season one and not that surprised at this situation arises right. A little bit what the ninth for good team will. The defending world champion yes it does surprise their road record this season surprises me he got to be better than. On his it team like that to me back to back that has the schedule adjustments you've. Give it to look at but you look at that so that record to me is a little bit skewed a little bit because he's there one in nine OK on and effect give back to backs. LeBron James has skipped the second game back to back four times are ripe old riddle me this cigar guy lol how and how true is that it. It it tells you all look eight guys are gonna laid out there and asleep block them not to be indirect Null. Roger isn't it Oracle's gay or maybe five and five would be a sure McCain record okay and the sun a night of back to backs OK they're nineteen in nineteen on the wrote. To me that's a factor they play mostly East Coast games rank that's witty name is an affiliate bay that. It was trying to throw up these numbers in the stats to try to quantify. Their present level very dangerous level okay of the cavaliers. And in the end it really doesn't matter with Stephen A Smith that we came back earlier. In the first hour. Is OK so how important is this game. Balked then. Have a lot to worry about if they don't get the number one seed in winning tonight will go a long way toward that Cleveland. Hats close to nothing. To worry about animals they did get close to nothing to worry about. What is agreement that also eight so you don't look at is allergic to look at you know the back to back you look at rest of players you look at what he's done the last couple games. I just feel like that the cabs. Are gonna have no choice but to respond. Because I really hope energy is going to be what some teams have it they got in their mind to listen if it tyra loosen listened. We're gonna be honest right now K we we know what the situation is LeBron got a play a lot. Carrier ring you're not gonna play it time locate Tristan Thompson's not playing I eightieth on these other guys Korver and loved me you guys more rats. Amber's gonna let you just let's put ask morally to release are a concern with the outcome. It but at at some point time of the Celtics are punch in the mouth and it's getting ugly. You know Brett from the beginning I think your human nature aged and actually one of her small rural I'd back you would think. On the last question about big dance revolution and the one thing I would worry about is the Celtics tonight is often an. It's true and I saw. Like he got it around him situated finals mantle's. On probably yeah yeah. And beat our Brothers and that it has entered the cigar man with a. It adds what that it's stuff like that to pisses people off because I don't see how you can keep this stuff the way he plays he served unbelievable player. But the what did you worry about the Celtics tonight is that there are a little too juiced up tonight. That there that the game is a little too big for them and because of that. Wish they lot Paula it is or the Celtics to Houston Texans. The Celtics can correlate to invest the opinions of the Letterman jacket let me give you just let things. That's what it is. Like although I could have been a bit adds up my cousin got under scattered out is that why can't they they got to prove that we all they've ever been in this position and this is never low as Uga Uga Uga to gauge yourself the best in the game that matters a lot to his stick. Everything is right the Celtics the number one seed is gigantic to the Celtics it actually gives them. An opportunity and age to compete in the post season. But it does is so it's a going to have a chance. So flat and death Cleveland Cavaliers and advancing to the NBA finals they had damn well better get that number one seed. Boy yeah that's employees from Alvarez right bank and number. Yes right because you're playing Cleveland seven game series conference finals in Cleveland's own team you don't really give them much of a chance right. And it home. Might not matter either but you a better chance just coaches or 500 team out of the were surely they're 500 team and all the they have the best record in the Eastern Conference and her good Alton. And that's usual for a veteran team using those veteran teams played very well on the road it's the young teams that seemed to struggle. When they get away from the from the home crowd. But yeah I think are fascinating that's why the playoffs to me this year. Are four more fascinating in the NBA I conceit Toronto really giving. Cleveland a hard time I don't know what to think about Washington right now for the both tied right now yep washed we get Ronald Bausch and that's a you don't know if it's. You know if you're out there Fiona Toronto's a much better team in Washington. So it indeed it's you can't sit its Asia beat them once he'd go number two seed it looks to me more in the Washington schedule still you know the Seoul's tough games. Toronto beat them through. Washington them before so if you want Washington I didn't want to five I won't Washington from Boston. And even though I think I want you know I wanna run one. The two yes yes yes the fight an agent all gathered at a Seattle where the funeral suits our children's courtesy equivalent to a letter to tiger what Aaron yeah thumbs up I want you know two guys know. You don't punch each other in the face or hate each other and not well they are few and hockey they do offer. You know some adjusting matchups as we know the backcourt is really good and then we know what Gortat can do inside the interior. You know rim protection game but they don't defend on the perimeter at all. And Boston is one of the better three point shooting team should only hear the criticism all the time about Isiah Thomas doesn't have enough sense. He's not a true point guard on the blink of course she's got a point. In Asia as I just know it definitely is what's your original I mean yes heavier and it. He's not get three point but we are here's why I believe it's a non factor in your a lot of people say that. Some passed the ball and he hasn't said enough people up his rights and on track to. Boston I believe is the thirteen in the league in total since the season. So they have a bunch of other guys to contribute and what Al Horford. Horford out there he's up contributes with that so they have other people. They do that so if you are pissed or insisting that its attention you're right. They have a proper exit ever guard a true point guard they condemn anybody else's past that they have a true point guard at a at a more reaganite. You don't know I think ultimately it's as good as Larry Bird a model that. Watches or gotten past that whole bitch is scheduled to pull the scheduled cut even both Toronto and wash and play three of the last Warner road. In Washington at New York the next. All of against Miami home game at home against Miami at her if I destroy your life at Detroit at Miami so it. Three out of four road but nearly a Miami twice who's playing good basketball. Toronto at Detroit home against Miami. That at New York. That actually MI let's remind you and hit a bump in the road here though rules and laws that would Denver the other night they're hit a bump in the road but they're actually in the years now we've recipient. Mean who knows now but that would be the perfect situation but the Celtics that's why this team is more important to the Celtics you get the number one seed. So you end up with somebody like Indiana. Or television in your ideal scenario that's your dreams end Aaron Miami I don't want my god you won Indiana bumped all sort of defeat atmosphere look at the banner politics I didn't. Hockey team here wow I'll take Chicago I'll take Indiana because I want all George to have understand how important guys here Austin but the fans are into a and then in the second round. You had to get Washington as opposed to Toronto because the first round may be a little bit rough for Toronto. Even though they'll have a an opponent that should be able. And who would they end up that they would end up with the Atlanta probably well let's uneasy because Kyle Lowry just comes back. He hasn't played with Tucker yeah right he hasn't played with a surge of blocking yet so that they simply gave him. Looks like Milwaukee and Atlanta are gonna play at 314. Those two teams and he's a Chicago and in Miami got to compete for a seven eighths and so Toronto good deal little rusty because Lowry is just coming back you don't know. How he's gonna feel coming back how close to a 100% is. But you've got to get him in the second round. If you get Toronto I don't think you necessarily want that is now the Fed a few games under their. You know to to get him. You know acclimated back into the game at a Washington and that's harper accident are getting Guillen in the first round. Justices. You get some chipping this he get them in binds you get to an attitude Washington and one half six game series maybe against Washington. And then you get the Toronto Raptors for the eastern a Dell corporate I don't want to menu in it and they play medal here you damn thing and the Golden State's thank you were before they invite you back give your jacket they eight they ga remembering your Bakalar and order way. I think that's Carmelo dream really adds. Leave me out of the White House and then I'm good I'm good with a rather do here's Mike in north Providence what's up Mike. I guys yet not I think in this in this huge gain the Jalen brown. You know he's an eagle on up against LeBron but more than anything like since the all star break he's true shooting percentage down about 60%. It shoot 40% on the breeze and you know it's kind of look like fortuitous illness and injury lately. Forcing Brent to play him more so he can actually show what you can do good I felt for a while that they haven't passed and the ball and out anyways. And now they're being forced to do if he can actually score and on the things that make in this big at this point is that. We cannot play ice dated Avery and Smart at the end of audience you know in the playoffs it's just not gonna work. Used to undecided. Is not like crowded that you even 646 by corporate rat problem rebounding and Smart can't shoot. Mean yeah you don't want him shooting and then announce it yet so we were your plane. You know you could play those three guys tell us honestly small Cleveland placing you watch dale brown was late in games shall win those aspects he has been playing lately it. Give me the guy you could actually hit reporters actually score. So that he could spread the war for the other guys because. The problem is in jail and has like 67. And media if yes he's in stand next the crowd are out there he significantly tall Mac. About saints take Crowder. And it's like needs link you need athleticism. You each shooting you know an associate the end of the game. I disagree with you about where they're playing H brown eyes on the floor at the end of games Bret Stephens. Has been going back for a while yeah ending and you're right that. That corner three he's not as good out in the wing but that quarter's three specially from the right side. He's got money in a banquet that moment that shot. But I think they like his defense they're willing to put him out there I've heard this criticism. Of people who just fallen lovely Jalen brown don't think he passed the ball enough do you think part of that argument that he had with markets more last week was probably not the first time. He had been out of position on a certain point. Well actually I felt I felt it was like even wore its IIE ill talk you brought a doctor in the game without really saying it. When Jalen plays with with the starters right he gets the ball scores and that's what. I think at this as live Horford. Into and they pass on the ball he scores he plays with the reserves he doesn't get the touch the ball on the car and who was the guy who has the ball in the Smart Smart. And a complete that and you'd think he doesn't notice less and I think that this is part of this in the late the flat game markets actually passed the mobile but I things. The user become like gulping back a lot because I can't comic and all corporal patched them all but this guy won't you think he is going to be an issue. I I can't get that worked up about him not get my the ball sports guy he's a rookie that's part of it right I mean you you don't expect him on the court. Into the game plan he. I wouldn't be surprised he's plenty of games against against him look at type of games. Understandable why you play is not a are. We had is that not a bad Bernard that Tony is once you wondering what the rotation is going to be a PP goals and keep plays. Com an obvious everything matchup based and the other game is going is rotation right now is and dad always in the rotation just wondering easy to be easy and be content Waldman got to play. Or think he's gonna play more than 1012 minutes of play with she'd been averaging out here there's been 1815. I don't see the rotation change it much I think ginger repko probably gets less time unless they. They need to spread it out a little bit on. No you know like a Tyler Zeller is going to be in for. Of a specific. Situation. I think he's in the rotation right now I think they feel confident what he brings and is this guy just said. That court through spring great in the rotation a question of the guys minutes cola. Everybody's the starters minutes go walk. Marcus marchment goes up but they beat and Zeller is what 23 minutes on a given night may be it's 61988. Next maybe none busier played at night to repko same thing similar role eagle on nine on ten deep but if you said matchups so if somebody's going with a bigger backcourt that's pretty road providing got a problem for you than you you plain Jane brown the backcourt. You can play him at the three that's why I agree I think tonight's that interest thing is hoped that you know hopefully they they. If Jalen if edgy crowd is gonna probably only sit him out. And we see a lot more jail record I want to get more of this experience unlike polish our earlier this year when he was out there on LeBron James or Seymour that. I think he's ready to take the next couple I love what axiom is you know one of the best and I know you're drafted third. But other than peace arch in in Philadelphia and the kid Malcolm frog with a big game yeah the Celtics seemed free Milwaukee he actually. Is it is go to rookie season we help don't help a more in this. And authority was going to. And if you do it always is play obviously earlier we got more confidence and invited you know I don't know where he's averages on the a year because that it has picked up lately but if these. 1617. Minutes I was we will not attack. Well he's earned. Yeah I inherited and met its so it's that's the last thing games eighteen minutes of and its Europe and in the last in the 27 minutes well so hard that when I start to legislate pointed out minister had always regret them started and in the same thing eagle back to minutes played unit into a 25 against Phoenix there by 7000 points for the record before Booker started got a rat right I mean I'm just you know this. So as a lot of different reasons here and get and I think he's just former ground hockey I think he's in the rotation on exactly in rotation the question of now minutes but I've even seen her beauty talent so how many times is even out on the floor. In the last five minutes of games I think he's been out there a lot. Eagle back at the beginning of the season. The lake one of the first games who's out there and he screwed up some play but it was by the fact that he was out there was. But it allowed any case and I Ryder truck there forcing the issue on him earlier. Right so in these situations at the embassies in the games that matter in the playoffs. Its ally ARA this is all brand new to me. I listened I like he said one of the better rookie season so far as far as what there have been asking him to do. And get a cornered record three that was my shot also so I kind of feeling you know were were kindred spirits here in ice build a nail that one of three like it was like I think there's like nobody's business easy with my eyes close let's consultant today about what I'm sure you got it right senator do whatever you want some. It's that big Angela can't go to our. We'll continue to talk about the Celtics and their game tonight against Cleveland will continue to talk about the a Bruins and if they achieved what you that this is that the policies now. And I'd be happy when everybody but here's the deal I I don't know if you are real happy today that affect. I think we aren't going to yes I think we're going to. Petitioned the commission right now for an investigation because you probably heard this big story. We're Tom Brady had his uniform is Jersey stolen tour from Super Bowl 51 he also had its though it's really twice as 49 but. We have now learned. That to somebody else who apparently had his Jersey stolen and we're going to work at the bottom of it put we're getting into the their investigation I didn't find otherwise he happens to be in control. Odd. How does all of the night night and got 200 then things can Wellesley footballs here commitments. 6177797937. You've probably heard that they Rick Crawford. Not only Super Bowl 51 Jersey Tom Brady's but Super Bowl 49. Astrid Mexico. He stole the the jurors in Kurdistan restarted it turns out a nineteen year old Dylan Wagner who had ninety years of age. It's like a big sports memorabilia collector re nineteen years of age. Wouldn't get the money go up there daddy but it's. It's funny shirts and dad and mom dad I need you stayed out of every bit of money at a bus stop until of that nineteen year old collector now. Now Audi and he's got stuffed its work I mean thousands and thousands of bucks so he's doing a deal now. With more Timorese CO or take the guy down in Mexico ripped off breezed jerseys. Snuck in the locker room enough Super Bowl Sunday install more iso or take your calls him up. Yeah they're apparently. He sold on the Jersey on eBay so the key to sell the jerseys. On eBay and the tulip I'm exchanged Florida was a kid we can't get out of like collection. Those drugs he sent me. Almost thirty photos of his entire collection. And for senators in his entire collection was tongue receivable 49 years. I asked him out right as like hey how did you get that he's like you know I'll tell you later it's a long story. So don't sheared Artie gets photos with his body clock ATF special agent Christopher. You sent me a link to and yes if you are going on in the fine print at the bottom of the article stated that. Hey this isn't the first time that Jersey was stolen from radiant it happened after the Seahawks have more on that he sent these photos of Ortiz collection images contact information. To the Boston ATF agent. Who turned it over to the FBI and Chicago. So get this we're looking at the thirty photos and from front end sooner you know one of the jerseys. Is. He right I gap. In the pictured would grant why. Important part of the richest and life he saw there. Zip right. By its Christian boy it did came a little locker room and ripped off your sure I hey no proof. Nazi poll asked this earlier earlier in the morning and I have no idea. If I have. That's why sort of surprised that I don't know about it Fauria at the year I mean Gil Brandt stand VP. And again so it's always great one against the there's it was a symbol 38 you have the blue Jersey. Art so we won in Houston and you probably remember of your locker is next to deal. I was that via. Uncle the tour. Little cousin went by numbers are way past 8384. Who before was that they. Fred Baxter 85 and we had 186. Patton turns candidates that you David Givens. Myself welcome and I had a little air into. And so Boris Diaw ripped off usually yeah all of Super Bowl guy needs easy seasonable and beat the right note the number it's gonna win grab mr. idea oh. And we know you you probably too often shocked in her. I think I've. No matter thought I would assume that would keep though he did go so where is it is probably here right now where's there's just some guy used to. A camera what's doable it is. But dom could see I'm. He online time like my cleats. Somebody asked for my cleats. Like a knuckle head I signed them gave them to some random dude just. And amid the excitement at Belgrade is hug and everybody would think that they do you think they give to some underprivileged kids absent we that it denies them some other world country generally they're gonna where I'm at work in the village and you know you all something it's going to you need a little excerpt but they edit we hear that we got to see the African that there is a suitable packs on yes. Then we'll know for sure that you can propel. You don't act like so much to be pissed off about it for a half years is that you still I don't. You I don't taxes filled with like old stuff subdue rowdy night when Michael back I'm gonna look that bad seed and I'd just like iced a suitable racy. If something's gonna pop up on the the civil and Evan went off Mexico and I lost them right away I would just think how I can bump and Ortega that. Might cure what goes on some ballroom. And that is not in my back I. The Brady realized that he got ripped off shortly after his it means that it's it wasn't the first time that that. But it's supposed to be like this do you so we got to do that and they raid that Ortega is easily grab all. Yeah whereas only care about with the so we don't and it's always yours you negating the male FBI nobody has thought that he called now. And it would help me because you look at me as usual but he's given me the message. And I have. I. Should put on Twitter. I DM me let me know who has sent out their contact the FBI contact is get. And just say I want it back yet did against the big advocates from Seattle. Tonight he located from Washington right well I got some ties back there maybe I should have this case I thought the way you're starting the story. Up I was gonna turn to some weird like Chris Hansen did right like a young kid ninety Caribbean Qaeda contacts from. Some guy named Ortega. Because I thought I swapped jerseys if you like that's code for some weird you know actual lack cursing at some Charlotte and Chris Hansen Ramsey did come knocking on the door runs crowded what effect Deion Branch seek yes it's a good idea. That that's actually I'll do that now a given that that must be it but it's for Pakistan or and one of these third rejection it's for the center of one of these thirty packet they don't show shuttle back and they still back. Forays ranch. Dudes got your shirt and now it's what you paid for it didn't stop its. Partner. Not sound the I don't think that it. Mean you know I think if I they can't go OK I had I just told I don't know what I would give my shoes away okay Super Bowls over how simple is back on okay so all over just one airline only as that would what is Carolina did anybody certainly did anybody at the first one was on a few hours nightly yes. So did anybody ever committed locker room Sydney I missed it for you not know I'll give you 2000 dollars figured out to you I saw modeled on the field I'm on a van Allen a great time yet and the deaths there dads out there probably stop populated robbed of a touchdown he won differences mainly the senate still has an off selfish where it exists in terms. Off. We have a faith play over again you from a different formation in the third interception something more at rest early you want this so early OK I figured like that nobody rushed my site on the army field goal being on another bill go from from ads they'll get that to play there. So what we do to you she wrote into the locker with you Lee have you trophy died I here's what I did you I had it Lombardi truth before it felt like an hour. Couldn't climate we backed the locker room. Cannot figure out where the hell was walking around the stated with the Lombardi trophy in the tunnel with my nephew at the point at like twelve some like that. And just going what do we do with this trophy I think he's like just lead to whether someone will come get it up like writes I put it down on the ground and locked away for mets' priority and it got even the real Lombardi trophy and Marie sealed coming Janet Abby just picky jerseys off in his store in your bag. It's that you just drops that's what Brady did that and somebody grabbed it out take comes in here and he rips them off. You kind of get your Jersey ripped off yet unity you know and you don't even. No that's the worst part and here you are we wouldn't surprise Elvis there's all this time I thought I had it wasn't a big deal so you tell I don't know if somebody's got to like actual account and don't care about. So nobody would care to Brady didn't make a big deal about it right it was a big so you guys really. Honesty and hello if you if you feel the Brady isn't an idea and are haters gonna be in jail for like he's a hundred years us. And nothing's happening this request you archer RC zero it's happening to discuss this guy is out of the streets that your question there's nothing. You should get off somebody's gotta be accessible is because you wore white and if he championship game 2000 war. You beat the stimulus. Annual white. I mean it's doubled over the last I don't think Mauricio Ortega is going to be analogue currently seventeenth minute and grabbed blue jerseys. Now you do Evernote he goes to Super Bowls but you're automatic and I never saw him so had some reports say that when you do find it we can bring you out near Fenway dog for our data show charity gala. I'm sure up you can tackle on I want all related voted yeah or are ridiculous they know what they'll steal it. Yeah they don't run and then you run after with the arms flailing yeah yeah short shorts and you hit bloggers uses any existence of gas shells landed it was so cute it's George. Now what I really. Really what is really want to have a I want what I want is there a lot I want to you know hold my Jersey April routed. And then also you know orderly comes up from behind he he has the latter can these two short relief rally on film like rock. And sixty million here's the Benny Hill music and books are. Help and a tasty bread. All over the label him an. That's exactly. I'm proud he's just announced they're working around the globe. Because yeah it's funny. Yeah so now so you don't you've got futures stolen from this you know if you didn't even know how many years is that. He didn't even earlier he'll look long time an English summer reruns I would yeah I'm going through game type when I get home. And when I get home phenomena go to my bag. At this whole like his old school equipment magnolia based lies and you don't have an all sports it's that extra extra day. You put everything in them to go back and open it up and be like got out multiple cable tree like that. Wanna come in your meal has to live in all these look like I'll be able well I hope people while I'll read about climate that I left a okay all faced the national cable finalist who black holes positive message about this morning on the giants perhaps the event live the ball hit. Given that there are door. The good habits and obviously it's a patent but it it is that he's got and get everything I have a good she's that's important than ours number of really mental ability. Those memorabilia. That's that's an awesome hair and got it tagged. It's English languages they have says it's about better than a right some there you go and do you hold eulogy. So that out of an unbelievable so this is Mexican. Thief. Who leads that we read about a lot in the last couple weeks probably has Fauria is Super Bowl painter's moment it is unbelievable. As humble and I think that the numbers on the ice less. My wife and never look outnumber whites are dominant Amadou L proposed. I Manama to FaceBook like geez let people who were supposed to pace but I think this guy went and literally just don't look at their brutal rape and look for wrinkles. See guys this. That is until I got there and he's laughing he's not laughing because I'm an NCA flowering. And out now politics. On a just and reasonable and support us and funny and there's. But he scored plus and that's not a is that when you know it's funny how that when you are watching how I may have lost loved most important pieces of it in my life friendly. More and you hear this big gets funny I do not gonna hit that I don't did you tell my daughter and say yeah frame it and and you think that's funny Maurizio sit there walking around us or is jock strap on you know that's about it Santiago. I think who's just on the line says he's might. Went from one. To assess. Find out since he's like he's easier to Mike he's not like we're the comments no comments and not quite there are now properly account for beginners maybe had a Jersey we have actually liked it here on vacation itself once you've you to we're doing a radio show when you think it's no I don't. Think that some guy just Ballinger yeah John there's some. It's never realized it was collude and you know took no part that's not really supposed to you Delhi's. It's. My uncle who was sure we go to the and Reynolds and brother just closes and it's like they might. But I wouldn't doubt when he ally Saudi program today. Christian itself brought a lot like you re really doesn't care. All of its World Series stuff was stalling. Like from. Jim court. And cool ass. He's probably gonna tell that story tells them actually took it from low Logan. Somebody's took his shirt work to a party. Some sorry. Next thing you know he sold this year the army for fifty bucks. Became open around. And he approached Jimmie Jimmie you ought to buy you a World Series sure bet for 300 dollars. But I don't share the three other follows you may we don't know who had it. It's out there does have. People just take. You know I wanna take in the bush Christian. You know. On now I feel like you know first you can only get 300 par Oxford Jim course and Jerusalem and oh. Note about how. Your team unity and realize. What month in Mexico. Bankers into Mexico way of Mexico I might say hello Kim source OK a world so money is not proposed the deal branch if they if they grabbed the ons. Okay at least I am at same time when you can put an exact item such that the I'm not a member reach out the fewer. If you know they got your stuff you're in the locker and he's got our stuff that makes an Austin. Because you can get an instant one I want to get to all of you shelves David give its retail data given to him yet. 8788. Beats per second season we should go. What he was featuring him he was featuring viewers don't get people discuss this. Maurizio was turnovers on a manic yours and Deion Branch is probably up front would like each. Or upfront is that one of those things like magic and I'm big in Mexico finance money confined. That's a that's a good idea and I Jersey that I have always and I everybody. I thought today that five majors he got like they did it but it's here here's here's all the jerseys and so there's Drew Brees Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis COLT good stuff there there's Drew Brees and old a powder puff blue charger once there's no value there's a Joseph Montana on and Brady's right next to it there's like a junior C Al helmet who didn't back. Right back right. Saddest. Things teachers are you. Stolen. Excellent night bonus and you know guys that don't and a doughnut hole. And it you're in Maryland Sylvester. It's. Don't work and word is you know like it's. Total it's Tennessee. Just isn't good. And it's not the kid. If you're Boris and. He's Jersey you've got no. So I don't know blow no Lou for what allied two years now I do so we gotta get it back so we got to find a dozen FBI I'm gonna call yet. Because they the FBI. It was the the one that's. That would in their two cultures and strike that took all the memorabilia to. Put McCain. You got to point to its finance money you don't click. They don't give you the money back that the treasurer since they would you cash if you don't don't get it eat eat. Get a flight to claim by claim that's getting their name. The little bitty Bob Reno Madeline. Solved I think his jacket off like fifty degrees I don't get I looked it up this diaper and he's a very cultures you discuss collection Crable Smart. What he is a way it is a way ticket with him like a whole crew and try to play a lot of water and what really counts most shot I 6177797. Banks increase. Hoops. Or lemur Loney and forty. Christians aren't Sports Radio. We sincerely. Crumble it just in case company anymore. She made an announcement when she fought she's like listen nobody touched this today. She's good company only to lose when. So that you judge me and apologized on Friday night's event. I thought actually I find it matters how about the athletes like that which is think. The Russian special one Sebastian. Bashing them is like a funny girls we have. We'll show we really don't know the name of the band you don't know the name doesn't equate your answer after the entire night and he she puts stuff. Console in your face usually can remember his last name that residents as a relief and Italian and Colorado City continents. Hillary all of it's sound bites not sound like Dominica. Was telling us spaghetti dish yeah I was always attending solemn filled out with you get it was a Michelle let's. Shows that helps to death great definitely worth it to your chances see an article about him down. Mean look on the show movie do armed person you know impersonation of all I know. And examine Italian comedian incomes and those that are not all love a lot of overnight I'll pay pretty good morning we have we have officially found somebody. Who knows somebody who knows somebody else. That works in the FBI that right now is working on trying to really get to the FBI. To view it was trial like official Google or Louisville is the second you know it's a person who know windows guy but he egos are gonna I don't know Darrell Russell guys who would you kick it to the FBI and the UIDF. Directly resilient guy made one phone call to the preacher who we want you dropped your name or you're dead yeah I think they need to make up the call god the way that they died the second guy who knows the guy is a drug variables god sent his or other alternatives I. Actually despite your dad's got an old guy and gap idea easily museum are we gotta pressure again. I appreciate your promise yet. The promise from Glen Norway is is now it's 72% C half past and the people respect its rate hit seven to go to. Engine but it only minutes where I hate to New England Patriots. Oh no matter who they play I'd like to salute. It's just she by the way that they are already talking. About giving him a new contract. System who have brought ranch yeah well now so Roger works out this a new TV deal that's always good that's why he'd keep on doing these TV deals. But don't the other owners realize that this is the progression right now they're sport. And how much is Roger responsible for this could not Christian mom maybe a Christian could not somebody else out there. Do the same type of job that he's doing right now based on the success of the week. Based on the fact that TV is scrambling and now they're in competition. For the digital media so Amazon prime. Signs a deal to streamline string Thursday night football games for fifty million dollar something that the reporter paid. Ten million for a year ago they have they have increase that fivefold. And the rights fees is that Roger. Or is that the technology that's OK right now because isn't going on on the TV were were Amazon and Netflix at it as taking. Everything away from the major network what you're saying is he just happens to be the right place right time exactly and it's you know what they liked the way the league is going financial and and then like what they say so. Yeah I just I I really passionately that the whole Twitter experience when their appeal streaming games live on Twitter was terrible. It was not in that equality wasn't grades and I mean I don't know what I was I was quote it's fun. If you remember that one of the first games they did it. I've just with our rights and it wasn't what you expected to be that's not in a case and and and what's the payoff for for Twitter users or for for Twitter itself and how they make money on streaming game. Well to get people to go to court and more people that one out and you don't have much in the game owned and they're doing advertising like FaceBook as. And where Amazon I think will score with this. Is that they get more people to. Give a hundred bucks a year for Amazon prime. Because if you're waiting you can always get Amazon prime you can only get in an Amazon prime and then on top of that. They're gonna have their own input to commercials that they can run where you push buttons of my crap. So you'll be able to buy shirts by it maybe it's for you and your dad had cancer and you'll have the bus that just push a button. And go to your Amazon prime account. This waste of life and want to pay fifty million bucks along with a ten game strong as it sorts it's set for just one year deal when you. Yeah that is out of the crippled monitors bird and game investigate just. You know venue taken off through alive pattern your phone in the apple TV. You work rates UT beating a false fairness not watch any. That night everybody. Wants to have sex with the shorts would be expensive that it doesn't matter everybody. And you toggle Roger Goodell but they don't want to move that you wanna have sex with Roger Goodell had a little NFL he what do you think if you give him credit for anything. Purple I thought I think that it. Won't. Ohio tomorrow and give it what are your Mike our little overboard. What do you immigrants pay what it what are the a big game too much money. Because he's in charge of one of the biggest businesses in the world ideas and NASDAQ I'm not and I finally got plenty of he's tried a million dollars to be the commissioner David. Well his pay from 45 million a year to 35 million people why these contract runs at 2001. Why am I reading stuff out there right now. With committee wants to get together and start talking. With him about a new contract and wants to do what they do to players. Which established the contract will drop for an end of it down from 35 million out of fifteen million and a better candidate and what she's doing now. What reason is a very good effort give him three years out to do to regional Roger got concerts. And so so they're gonna forgive him for the hold the flee gate fiasco. Others say hey great job because I like we didn't have to placate the other shooters on the LK as far as or handle. OK so fine the they want. Okay and the guys are pissed off of the patriot pushed him to do their bidding OK so there needs a puppet like keys that nobody is a job he's the puppet. But so he's done so far but you're gonna be in Europe you're going to be in economic team in London a Kraft talked about that again you gonna be you're in Mexico yet games in China got a team in Vegas yes. Two teams back in LA. So let me. Arrow like the so I guess they're doing a good job. But you know the extension for a commissioner believed it's it's not. What is the reason for that. And we talk all timer managers don't be a lame duck manager bill players in free agency eight and Trent Locke about now but boy it's free agency when you the commission in the NFL. Tell me why you extend the guy I don't know but god forbid goes into his final year without a contract. Was there such things are going duck commissioner. Is is embodied what regulates some other league is gonna scope of Muppets it's gonna be free agents. Like what why would you have to extend a commissioner of leaks three years. Reports are I don't get. And the the TV contracts come up in 21 in 22 that's what I thought I read. 120 he's a point one so is this his camp releasing the real no he actually was asked question in Oklahoma. No comment he was asked about other conversations Colombians. Now. Up are we get another hour ago. We're working on you sure the phone will again you have got a little over open has gone out some information on my guess that it won't have the big grass strain on like please I don't know if I fell on that president and I six months of itself was evidence evidence recent.