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OMF - Tony Romo is retiring from the NFL and will replace Phil Simms on CBS, 4-4-17

Apr 4, 2017|

HOUR 2 - News breaks during the show that Tony Romo has been hired by CBS, and will replace Phil Simms on the broadcast. The guys discuss everything that led up to this decision, including why teams didn't make a push to get him, and why CBS is willing to put Romo on the "A team" with Jim Nantz, despite never having called a game before. Skip Bayless condemns Romo for essentially quitting without a fight. Also, does this mean that Houston will make a push for Jimmy Garoppolo?

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On you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty's opening day but still it was a lot of wrestle mania LPGA that go that's groups are a lot. Extrapolate what the definitive face does the lacrosse game at a curling match so what it it to sort of opening than it will with Mohamed the only open all day people routinely try to take my page from me with Ku and mu and. Christiana knucklehead is not a field right now being chased down by superiors. All inclusive. All the glasses before it. We're Smart idea and got a pitching change. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. But the girls guys. This thing and since that emailing more strokes and a final run us major. The strokes and it got effect I'm writing my email right now to the NCAA. Is that I saw three things last night that the officials treatment effect nice let's let's. But I'm only churning amends for three screw ups and again last night I'm gonna have a game over chart. Zags are gonna win this thing you want. That's all fan has to do Rite Aid has female lead people. That it did about change start to listen to the network the CBS or to a senate for the NC double in my hand to Matthews tied to. The give a tie away to somebody fails them is that. I needed for the remaining energize that's going to be awful if this whole thing with Tony Romo turns out to be the end of Phil Simms. As as one of the major panel won't give you three here auto the home of sports business journal yes who's that in sports business world this is their site as BJ SUV as a suburb bridges retorted TJ. SP Jane Kaz BD I don't know it's it is a blue check mark. Sports hall of sports business journal and daily publications in the sports business world breaking. Sources Tony Romo play with CBS next season replace him to stop him. Them into that now that shouldn't surprise anybody even though the network is told this for the last couple years. When people complain about Phil Simms was terrific he's wonderful what's the word for that well. Not very Smart they will work. First. What I think is fascinating about the Tony right. And and whether it has any effect now. On the New England Patriots with mr. Koppel thank you is thank you so well look it is political thinkers and directing global. We from guy got bugged out records all the bad guys you guys never call him out because she's in a manner that you won't like it I don't Joey just sucked up this out there's there's so well sharks and what are some of that. Through absolutely not it has prioritized into possibly the Jimmy grapples. So I'm reading here that Tony Romo. Apparently is going to sign broadcasting deal and CBS seems did play people say well it could the year could be a got a broadcasting deal but he also apparently is request. To any clause in the contract that allows him to return to football. So if you're Dallas Cowboys in your Jerry Jones and he's been like. Really troubled by all this originally they were gonna release and then he's going to be and then suddenly he wanted to draft pick form. Would you not please. On the reserve Rick hired. Because we're PA killer. If somewhere down the road let's Washington loses Kirk cousins or whatever. And you have already released Tony Romo. And halfway to the season Tony promises is broadcasting so I still play football and go to the Redskins are absolutely. You hold on to win and if you look you know he that I talked for several these jobless CBS he retires. He's retired from the game. So you're saying that a that a network. That has the patriots okay is going to co sign. On Tony Romo possibly leaving in the middle of the season that is what the reports are now I'll say this now that the best fit for Tony Romo. Is in the NFC fox okay it's there for fox it's not with CBS Xena says things what I mean he's gonna get the cowboy stadium a couple of images eased he knows those teams yes and it's on. And it's unit I would think would be naturally a tougher spot for him earlier but he's a name or can they want the name so as everybody's competing for Tony Romo. There is obviously lever once again is gonna happen hat add something to the table that fox is willing to do that he has yet. He's gonna do any of these ESPN analyst job that's not him. What I thought was a good little opening was. The CBS in studio pregame post game because Tony Gonzales it's suddenly they were prepared for this. He's decided he was done and he wanna go back and forth from LA to New York you don't that they were already forfeited have a replacement ready for for Tony Gonzales. A natural easy progression would be straight from Jerusalem hard to an actual easy progression tight ends I really think they should replace one tax credit or salads and that's the determined that the cover girl looked cover girl and recovered he's. But no that would be easy transition might just I got just talk about games yeah column. Okay and you you respond to all the games of their once a week you show up on a Saturday you rehearsal you're you're out of there by 6 o'clock. Are you surprised I don't with the bills that do that it's excellent Bledsoe and it is. Interest like Hillary here. Donovan Brad Johnson a sobriety that you're not doing something like that with these guys that you number of Peyton Manning was discussed right now glory to the Booth and it's. He would have gone right to the but because you want hey don't because he's in named as it. Mean he's gonna be good at a no no no out of a long list of guys that (%expletive) or that's what I'm saying so why would put him in studio sort of grew more for the year. You know while he's doing now he's watching the games babies gain some reps in whatever. And he's got to get comfortable in front of the camera do understand the business itself in the fall and he put him in the Booth now my guess right to move. My guess would be that he does not wanna do that exactly what course changes that he wants to comment on the gain. He doesn't wanna necessarily be the studio thing but your right as for the maturation process it would be smarter putting it in there developing some chemistry developing a personality on the what I feared the most was him. Any anybody would be better I think than that it seems would write a concern seems to be just lost it. Gotta be able to test it. Exactly but the problem I would have missed. Dearly removed from the king it is. So good thing at all it's our towards what's no no no no here's here's what to do we know as far as calling it we don't we have no clue if you can do. What's good is that he has relationships in the lead what's good is that he is also close also but now it is it fuel. Because all your all your information you gotta have a relation with coaches OK so you if you don't know the coach that's why it's of the NFC's easier. Of all those coaches they're gimmicks and easier AFC it's like I work we're gonna have a phone call with you Lawrence down on top with the U. You know we're gonna end Andy it's you know given information and the way the game is what teams like to do you play against hobbled at CT so you know that Washington Redskins like to do X coverage in this situation you play them prior year typically if. Tina hero guy agreement Lola but the fact that their contemporaries. The guys who were applying. There's a tendency not to say anything negative or to criticize unfortunately imaging. Somebody makes a good reply. And usually you the other data that somebody's plate about how many how many times do you see guys you really critical colony they don't do it and hit it into weight do you know your critical. Pre and post. That's your critical that's what you need opinions in any game your opinions. And the Davis is so different now most of the time not really not doing the John Madden being. We you're creating personalities is gonna become your base clearly that is really going to be you know you're doing oh yeah we'll talk. You're you're talking over. Replays are talking over rules as there's more rules and breakdown whether the guy was a batter who was attached. But it is developing. Personalities in the game. Doesn't exist anymore yeah I should have good personality you know the networks the networks spend time with the quarterbacks every single week. So I'll guarantee you Betty all. Thought the world of Tony Rome locust. These they have great meetings on Saturday before they heroic moment given no sitting down oh dollars and eighty more you know solicit domain with a guy like Brady you know for the game in a bedecked. A good conversation with YouTube but skinny jeans but you know we have exactly open wearing them. We derive the AFC's been doing a lot of patriot games. Mean you know of union SC probably do a lot of cowboy Q they would write about you do a lot of giant can voice our opinion a lot of its job but they can make his job. Kids eight would have the number one game so he's having Green Bay Dallas he's had in Minnesota whoever. He's seven all the big time and edit seagate he'd be number of the guys that's what this is this is an agent who's gone in there with a big huge high profile player. He's got a great personality people know that good smile he's got all the TV looks at the Republican team guy and his. Agents said they got the item what isn't studios now this is what he wants he wants to be on the number one team I think that's part I will be surprised. Is fox didn't come after him was something. But he's right they're not given up Aikman's job so he's a lot of hootie has said and and and dynamite guy wants to be on the number one team. Was negotiating that's gotten agents don't. All of this for what from when you look at that when you look at the line as for CBS the I believe they're gonna change everything I believe that they're gonna mix up a bunch of different roles and there's going to be completely new. Fresh blood in not just quarterbacks and it's not just quarterbacks with that it is this situation he's among mormons jobs. Apply for anything. Sort of thing but it's diesel spill schism and there are some good news you will be spent a lot of time talking baseball movies in August and September do you think Dan bounces on as we come over here you don't think your dad what how did you program west is ugly out yes but yet again about the on Israel I don't do so now as it is innocent look would bills is that they're admitting or is it Phil Simms go from number one to number two. Can you swallow his pride in any people bills if we go from number one on number new blood. Okay and then I would think Hibbert of all these quarterbacks putting we have too many cornerbacks out anymore tonight and he unique yes you are that. And him are you ever voice he needed different perspective. What about the second half adjustments do you think we're gonna see here I don't know what they do have. That's the approaches. I don't know via the mountain views and is what's right edgy tired and so. What that pay huge coup for CBS so what did you know and on and on our Zambrano it would be okay. Hello I'm a Roma or two ago. To CBS and take over that number one spot with no would would know did you ever see him doing like a charity game. Amicus kick. It could and horribly wrong and what happened these situations. Some guy retires and then there's blood in the water Iowa know why I wanna I want my boy is it and it ESPN that fox is in it. CBS's it. Reading this correctly. Romo was apparently talked to doctors. And there's some risk here if he goes back out on the football field and he gets hit the runway make sure he could really don't know what right to do it right he could damages back. For the rest of his life and end it in some way. Upset the the quality of life so he's. Actually normally. To get out of it and walk away from that would be very difficult and it still may be put it could offer him. Close to the money he's clinic episode now how president Wilson makes. All we think it makes ten million dollars a year I think he probably made at least a million dollars a year. You don't know he'd. You don't ideology doesn't have a million students who games only rich get a game I think getting rich Michigan is now making feel. So let me ask you talk about the report and hear anything of that as impossibly you know these interest he can get out yeah what's up with Christa found it hard to believe founded make you my number one guy. We are starting tomorrow prepping for the season and and there is no getting out of it. You're either any around. So is this what Romo wants to do all as it is no last you want to compete for the job. You know wasn't sure Jerry Jones released we don't find a job no penetrate U. And it wasn't enough interest to pull off a trade we hear houses of green bird breeders' talking about you've bought Denver was just. In trusted but they wanna go the young guys Houston was interested but was only on their terms they wanna give up anything. And get that apple always like. Nobody wants me they won't let me compete for the starting job and I'm out there to trade market over watched trade form they won't release read their release and wanted do scroll. It's what he wants but I think the money is not much different right now for broadcasting is what happens is he gets released by Dallas. What's he gonna pay him an a one year deal is that it does all the money though it is you want don't know your dear Tony Romo would you wanna keep playing or not. This thing will be out here a couple of years maybe there's an opening now you what did it replace Phil Simms made maybe that's the maybe that's what it is. Which replaced Phil Simms time you wanna go back and play freer fine. We don't know is gonna fill in for Phil Simms and you know what they got a does this year might be there for the next ten years we're not gonna wait for you. I could face the production because of high res edit anything here if he were making twenty million here 42 as a quarterback. You might look at it and say if they they rule in opinion that that's what he's been. He might have looked at is that you don't want to do football for the 22 million but the fact that maybe he's getting five million. Okay into the broadcasting gig six million. Yeah today and genre round there's not much difference right now. In what I'm gonna get what's gonna give me big huge money pure and it's gonna be instead of latent. And I don't even all I want them where it exists and what he wants to do though this is so that if he can do for the next what 1520 years. Could over want wolf he goes innovate football for one more year. It might not be able to guard the new guy who fills in for Simms might be if forever I think he would find spot them down the road but not a fight or not there's got to know not one guy not this that's the opportunity is a timing issue to where could you complained of. And a hoping is that there gathers in Troy Aikman he wants to stake is that really is the easiest transition. It gonna call game so there's no more John Lynch only just gone John Lynch was you know there's an opening rapidly growing did he was he's got one of the better. Analysts on TV so he's gone and that number two spot is open. You can out of eight Ronde Barber on who holes they have do on fox games. But you can easily go to that second share too powerful to know. No I'm I'm East Coast ice outs in the AFC and so that's where I would stay it's funny Amani Toomer said the same thing in his application analysts say in the I don't go coast know it I think it better than it would be that you can be among if he does do that and CBS's really pulled down her pants and we've just taken. But it but there's doesn't have a bunch of job openings so maybe he has an opportunity to go to fox but it is that number to dig it's the lynch did a decent angle and how would take and so are you voting bill since they beat it kid know like it's. That if you think hey Phil I know it do we do we notice contract sentences fulsome. I mean I'm sure I'm so they would have a column this morning news. Bill they may go to another to see here down Tony decided he wants to do this you're gone a Celtic still can do that showtime gig every Wednesday. That's a great shell and B Tony Romo and old Brandon Brandon all our show all data be perfect so here's the deal according to Mike Florio. Oh Romo needs to be released by the cowboys. If they would instead because he's wearing heavy clause in his contract he's requested this now Romo. That he can go back to football if he decides to do so in this first year so if they would instead placed him on the reserve. Retired list. He first needs to get them to release him. If and when he wants to return so the cowboys that would control and if he wants to return. Because the team develops a sudden need for his services. The cowboys may choose at that point to try to get something in return for his rights so they can demand something from. Denver Washington whomever. Then there's the potential complications that would arise from a return. After the trade deadline. At that point. Romo would be subject to waivers. Which means that any other team. Could squat on his contract and keep him from going weird he wants to go. So it's like he's in now. This is a Chancy thing if he wants to go back and play again it has to be that he's got to deal with Jerry Jones strike the price cut goes down. Will you come modeled the boom and it's got to be right give me some glory hole. Previous plans to officially announced Tony Roma today for source. Making it feels it's the X. Some don't feel they have it was at the big deficits seen here in the second yeah well we don't want think it's cold. Here here's the they have not been the source is not fit into the bowl games he's if he's doing games or he's doing studio he's. Okay. Did you need the business thing just yeah it just means don't we confirm foreign. It I'd do everybody equipment everybody has been he's just because you definitely yeah are out of your don't know what your patients shows and now you lost out of organ and only answer the path I am sorry to see myself in CBS's Thursday games to you know we stick to a two week to week that's why the bill Getty rookie and we Iowa do they have the the Thanksgiving game with with Dallas. They do visas so easy passes on to Thanksgiving game. In Dallas. The point that it usually box game. About seeking could each of the book home game with Dallas and CBS hasn't critique of they do that they they and I don't I was late Norman not an hallmark you know be a game like that. Located in undoubtedly it's all the roads he gave Dallas played for close to rotate so if they're playing an AFC team that's visiting Dallas and saint Xavier is in its RBS game on Thanksgiving can be in any of seeking that there's an iron that's Drexel deploying an AFC team it's CBS owns that right. It's the roads cracked betting Dallas to be at home but it for fox. Now Dallas has CBS dallas' 430 on Thanksgiving CBS. It goes for the planning and they play any of CT. That put it past the Detroit LG triplets there'll. And a figure who can make a big deal now. Knowing that now the question solve this problem because your holiday debt so huge amount Houston know who the quarterback Tom savage. When Jacques de savage foil or. But a couple of offseason for Houston it all excited about Ross Gload bring him in that trade them salary dump. And then it's listed these you know you just from the outside he looked sensible rubble to Houston makes sense. There's a good team published at a develop quarterback behind him. Because eventually attorneys are not gonna last for a whatever year odd that they bought a one year you know you've you've you've got a veteran. She got a veteran quarterback in the U could've drafted your future quarterback maybe you know who can play behind Rommel for a year. Now you're Sydney Google can draft a quarterback you don't trust equaled a nickel of that team or Jay Cutler the guy. I'll say I have to say in the dollar going up there. I think that's usually you bring in Jay Cutler did he star Jessica for one year and you draft a guy in the first or second round this year one of the quarterback for the 56 quarterbacks were to go. He draft one of those guys. And you bring him along slowly or if you Billy O'Brien. The united desperate pick up the phone. And ankle. Bill Belichick but to they have enough. To be heavily get a quick look weak that they had plus throw picks there was tons of action. Houston have that really. Is gonna get too excited and if you're Bill Belichick you know JJ watts coming back and you know what what what we're. Doing. You're. I don't know what I'm just the person doing research. I'm impressed he's converted his don't react just skated to do Gasquet he's don't. If he's thrown researcher will be here while while you re talking on the track I like that's what I'm doing is arises again what have you guys is good when you're done. I'd if dad is on the character best guns instead show a profit at guy but if you're Bill Belichick. Why if you know they yet that defense they have down there in Houston you know right now you him grapple if you really think grapple commuted guy. And you had over grew rough couple. You've she used to protections. And now suddenly they become a team that may be able to beat you any of you do you do that now. Done and I don't send him there. Yeltsin and clean. Reliable we will leave you don't economically weakest are gonna be you don't set a lot of great options. Are we gonna break I got regular drop out you go doesn't go homer called me this is better than Lavar Bartley involved it is much like Almonte who lives in yields. I don't wanna get to a remote area and it's gonna tell him I'm gonna. Among ballclub at fifteen coming up next constantly trust trust we rumble sound like Mr. T unit and added 56777. 7937. We get to you vocal that. Back to Fort Wayne were moaning and Fauria they showed it can pretty much handled just about you kidding him can handle anything you do. Rather you can't yeah any day Sports Radio can't. Yeah we'll be right here at Lehigh stadium form of fed worry this up. Hazard to guess right now where mr. sands was going to be down on that field here 408 days. We see the way up that idea. Philadelphia got any oval are they supply without dialogue was good FF but I told us I do love this trophy. And rules committee there who started from there. Six did it his idea was happening. I think that was as he announces. From I think that was the blind and assassinations what I think. You should know what it is and that's what that was like to do you could do that yeah. Let me just common sense you think the relationship between Jim Nantz Phil sends a good one. There seems to bail amount on a regular basis and as a donut hole after broadcast after a long as you say talking knows why a full whenever friends and maybe even bosses and employees people who works when things like this is gonna get this cute ridiculous it's our. Guys I'm surprised that you don't go yeah the big reason I think there's a right now all ivy was surprised because in there really is an excellent. There really wasn't a threat. There was it to me what inning. Peyton Manning but I just about you you guys think he wanted to do I don't think he did I know I just I mean that I don't there're offers of Obama I saw an iron eight once Peyton Manning. Wasn't involved anymore to realize it but really as he wanted to do something else a levee called games. Then there wasn't really another quarterback. There's really that's what it jobs got to go to got to go to cornerbacks got some some some credibility so eat a little Peyton Manning retires you think they'll since it isn't all nodding yeah but naught but you know it's as simple as that he'll not feel like it not back then yes. But because it makes sense for patent and leniency and all the games they're gonna call against the teacher that would be easy. But there wasn't really threats we Tony Romo was still able to go to Deborah Graham and go here we go there I think it got to a point where. If that's the reason why nothing was happening with the cowboys there wasn't a trade that happened there is that there was still he decided that I mean this is something I wanna do but don't say those. The back of his head maybe. But other that there wasn't a quarter data just retired was a Brett Favre wasn't Peyton Manning wasn't Tony Romo still look like you want to place he's dream. You know my guess my guess is you know Gerri great giants player and the the people that. Are running the networks many of them are New Yorkers or whatever what they've spent a good portion of their lives in New York even if they've come elsewhere. So he probably. Had a real good relationship with those people. Now and so he'd he'd he'd. He might might not have been blind sided but he might have been fooled. At the fact that they were sick is that it would defending him publicly I'm confuse now I know you are but they were constantly defending him I think they just like a in all and he is one of those guys that was announced to many of armed. But they also have our our code didn't develop any other guys in their pipeline to to have you know to have leapfrogged it'll take that job. Mean there is Dan Anderson filed some outs they're just kind of sit in their ways you've. Also that it doesn't matter like giving you said the guy available Peyton Manning became available he retired. Just the fact that there's even talk of it in your hearing it is saying you know. I don't know the next guy's gonna be but the fact they're even talking about replacing me while putting Alec Manning in the Booth. It's it's in the back your mind. And the next guy that becomes available could be. Good replacement you had to bend it back is migrants and their relationship between Kansas and can't be good that's been going on for 23 years were spent a joke. Yeah. Yeah so that we know so we broke so what are the options for Houston. So to me if you're looking at the difference would so Denver won a Tony Romo Houston. To be is probably screwed the most. Because what their options record I did they go on the draft a quarterback in the end of getting to Jake lockers of the world but Blaine Gabbert of the world. Of the EJ Manuel of the world guys that come in. And they force the issue. And then a great defense goes wasted a great coaching staff a great opportunity great window of opportunity Eagles wasted because your quarterback. Just can't do anything for. So Casey don't wanna go that route. And you have Brandon weeded with a veteran quarterback he's like my age. But he's a veteran still playing continues to do one played baseball and the first tropic of Cleveland accordingly when he's draft and yet Tom savage. It's like they're pretty excited about Tom savage bill O'Brien keeps talking about that's fake they must pay a toll grew few. So you're free agent quarterbacks can't capita Jay Cutler Cutler. Aren't you got proton interceptors and and rewarding years you don't think ilsley cap caricature right in down there and in Houston with those people. And Apollo Catherine I think it's that we don't think you have got all millionaires in a really love that goal like a study that kneeling down and now but I. I won't say. They they could be built. And and this is the way you take advantage of all the cap and its assets and what he can do strong defense a philosophy. We know you're gonna get multiple opportunities we're gonna rely on our running game was Lamar Miller is their back. We're gonna create an offense even though we like that Tom Brady offered to create an offer to around you. This other thing and that is that if he does interceptions as. Maybe there is a market now for called cap and the calls people bitch and we kept talking about prematurely testing settle. We don't know what's going don't rumble now we know what's going on with Romo so viewer team that was sit back and waiting for Jerry Jones to do something. You know is thirteen seconds at a cape. We're not critical insight cap predict because normally a week later we might be able to get Romo and we'd rather have Tony Ramos and now that's gone. Now maybe you'll see some movement can epic maybe Towson with Houston. Know for a one year deal or maybe look at Seattle if you would Jay Cutler. I think Africa's better maybe you'll get a job. And then what peoples who will be to be OK with that no longer black ball. Let the market kind of shape up for this guy who knows it might not until after the draft is it might be a kid did you date like almost as deck press got past. To rip it to get this kid in a third round fourth round and we don't need to happen. In Italy you and Texas going to their go under the of their season. With Tom savage. Probably ran in Sweden probably not but I'm not their mind and I had no idea yet and obviously thought I had a choice a choice a Dick collar Catholic all day. All day long over Jay Cutler you talk about issues in dispute just ho hum and not giving a crap. Meet Jay Cutler looks like he doesn't give a crap to colors will be frozen off of the linemen in the bossa I would only. So audio that I used to ability O'Brien has been said there's that you know what. I actually just did change Dana's I give him a chance he could be pretty good. I who knows. Amid broad view I don't think it's gonna sit there and a look at it and you're looking at a gala tastiest maybe there's someone in that camp. The has worked with him in the past that likes what they've seen it is Jay Cutler it's capita in May choose someone other than capita I don't think they're gonna. I've purse that I think it's gonna be able performances because they think somebody's better than capital. Is it'll be an outrage for not why nonsensical or make us unable to hear it again over. Yes that's what was their 25 pick you have AJ McCarron bigotry for we talked about him here gather it was on base of the same boat. Rob Lowe was two years ago. When the red rifle got hurt and nobody talks about him you know he played great to do when he got the opportunity to start great idea stretch but he has taught me okay for for the got it hasn't played all right fine. Did you make alarms they don't care right. I. Your leader and the temperature right it would be it would it would really be a waste if you put together. That type of defense in Houston. And you're forced every Sunday to go and win seventeenth tents donated fourteen are able to sit. Happened on four hits a look at Mark Sanchez. The views in a row they really didn't ninja game with a quarterback I'd just gotten by without because all you do to look we're not gonna ask you win games our defense is gonna win games yet. Did you watch it because he put that tire. They got to practice all the time he's I think an autograph it rest red dust there's. Okay just don't screw it up to eighty clouds linebacker corps become our sec man are the specialty socked these subsidies are terrible. Areas so in gamer so I told our piece of the courts are now so why. And we know there's a relationship between Belichick and bill O'Brien bull why would you. If you're Bill Belichick. Set up a team right now that is missing really one thing. And that is a legitimate quarterback and if you believe your guy. Is a legitimate court and shoot in what you believe and he's watching him every single day maybe even grapple it doesn't it's not the guy. He should they go and he's gonna get exposed once he starts playing every week maybe maybe that's the case if that's the case. Then then you did you do Whipple why would you deal with Cleveland right. Well we all believed it did that fall is available correct yet. While I would do it's well I would take 25 cent in the IC edition of the to a team that can win decent that you take twelve was cynically play senate to the CB dissent against the team it's five years away they're not getting guys in there somewhere that's Iberia Alitalia. So good why would you feed. She used you don't give them that opportunity because we talk about all the time where's the competition in the NC for the for the patriots. And I don't know where it is but I'll tell you what if you're always a good quarterback that good NFL quarterback and he shows up in Houston with that defense. That's certainly becomes your competition right there. I would agree I don't think he'd do that unless you know we can't play. I think you license. Because we did liking me be traded if he says maybe still is he's tired of this month if he says of the Houston that will tell you everything you know yeah. You know nomination and why would you help our cause you guys started on him all day long. On that if he's not only Cordoba that is. Here's a franchisee Houston Texans that have just been searching for franchise quarterback for so long. They just can't find one. I just find it hard to believe that they're gonna try and solve their problems like gravity guy McCormick and a first round. First round. I think I would accomplish surprised at all. He Houston grabs one of the first by the second the latest they have to to get somebody in the food chain dumped. Let's dig you know make you feel it right now anybody they get whether it's capita Cutler one and then all the network hasn't had a final. And we'll venues are looking at record that are available looks like all going to be Connerly. Four and I don't know just that is why they're gonna have to jump don't jump in here. Okay no jumper in the long I'll betcha anything that's what they do if they can't find somebody right now they're gonna have to get somebody. That they like. That is is they're looking at as their guy for next few. I six point 77797937. We'll talk a little grappled little football we'll Tony rolled all. Next. Act ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every game keep up with the show on Twitter at OM path to. EI let's get you back to more important way murder ammonium 48 right now what Sports Radio WEEI. I just thought that the competitor and Tony Romo would not allow him to walk away unfulfilled. His willingness to walk away at this stage and age is may be why I'd never really loved it why couldn't ever embraced Tony Romo because. I don't think he ever love football the way Shannon Sharpe looked book all the way a lot of players Ray Lewis we have on the show Chris par. Loved football we just couldn't walk away unfulfilled. Davis is he's just he's just a fan. So he just either falls in love with a player and will hide all their fault or just the opposite he can't stand the player and will always. Hate the player no matter what the player accomplishes. I mean you could tell you want but that Tony Romo gives grating games he also had brain fart in the last two minutes of games that's a legitimate. Gripe about him. He couldn't stay upright yet a bad back he got a good read everything and right it's right to fill pour it out there. But lucky enough Huckabee who want to come up with that's. So yes you know you look at it you can look at the Jessica Simpson had not the Kabul with Jason Witten yes you can look at you know he plays way to much golf what you should do you scratch golfer. If you are in general I mean I'm just I'm going to say you should be you should be working on your craft more you should be dedicated to know should know we're underscores that I. I did or he's come from because there's a bit you couple that with. Dessert dissolves easily. You know milestone like bad plays at twenty room was the solution. You know Tony roll with the Seahawks in the flub them though we indicate. This lets you know I mean he's gonna get a lot better than he actually wants now that he's done. Correct jelly everybody I mean he's everyone does and he was a good court records say when two playoff games in his normal for some failures. You know that he was training don't say that forget somebody's uncle Mecca for talking about hall of fame and it was just so while what while while a slowdown. He's cute quarterback it's in good years used on the watch couldn't stay healthy and good when the post these on the gym. Everett ledges and he's right there the Drew Bledsoe edge in the audience. Easy pattern that drew was better yeah. What he's on that ledge that ledge of the next rung down from from all think he couldn't stay healthy enough. Yeah and it brings Reggie rings now you'll added I don't have friends and when does he as got to have played an unbelievable amount of how many playoff wins does he get to me this it says. OK so I'm listening salient about you you can you fly to roll up one of them and the extra points are now Tony Romo is now being considered the most under appreciated quarterback and influence legislation under appreciate nobody appreciated get us those days you are a lot better right now. The ever wants is good quarter down there before it was just dissing on an rag on him left and right for every playoff loss. That it that it did he ever had. And all the opportunities and a tidbit that that the best as teams have bigger has been over the last like 43 years. Really and that's what he's been his most fragile. That Moscow does this past human that this year and wanted to know the last three years and fatigue and office live eat what I want DeMarco Murray was right from those yards and the defense was okay but. They they had a bunch of talent. They end to end the conference wasn't as good I mean they're they're division wasn't as good should would and I think every year I love this Houston Chronicle that. First line this article so Tony Romo. Would rather or higher. In play for the Texans. And I think it's. If they're everywhere Condit and abide DiLeo variety editor for what the hell's that Nadal Murray doesn't work hard enough it worked Croatian shark does here's mark in Springfield landmark. We're going to take my call that's sacred and that's pronounces her do it by the way offered. A ten hour. You know are accused and mentally completely screwed because. First of all we went through it's Patrick. Saying it's very. You're you know you're going to be wound up dead and I remember Michael JK mart gets to six. Then. Then they went out and they. They tried everybody that they have weapons in the bank and that that would work out so that was spent the bank got us Weiler. So no way are they gonna take Tony Romo down that road for like okay we'll immediately QB could perform year well. He's not let it get what they hit it into a locked up marbles but he'd come on the guy. We are so screwed what I did what is cute and supposedly. When you got a guy like Romo on the market Barton got all that other crap. Why listen they are receiving wanna go far enough they want him on their terms were that there would have taken a player for a year we also while they sent a four year deal. And they gave most guaranteed money and had to dump the player. Basically for salary dumps they get screwed but I don't think a one year deal gets anybody in trouble. Well in any alien. Though because they are department about a lot of that he has already been down the X-Factor throat but that's that. And so that one year deal we don't want to let you guys or. I'm not comparing roll mode of its tactic obviously either to either no one has a lot better at the other but. They have how many times you gonna try to sell all of a bag of rocks to to someone else. Our mark what are the options if you feel gold role for one year I think the color as a better option for you to captain it's a better option for a year you wanna dress and kidnapped. And jump and have the Dixon did the first round with that when he hit gambling gamble on that. Separate unit that there's no way to predict Iraq although he that they wanted him. Are you kidding me how are they gonna sell their hands based debt by anger rapa well. Easy huge holiday kinsella fan base easy he's a New England patriot he was behind Tom Brady. You saw the easy six quarters he played last year there was no. Did I miss a beat they can sell it it's easy to sell your your fan base crop. Next quarter. What they think that they can make. I got other you can tell if they'll drop load anything and the X any fan base good looks charm doesn't it to wow me I'll east. He's got he's got the talent doesn't mean it's gonna work by mark you can sell your fan base on that. Better than you can whip Tom savage who you've already seen for too much underfoot or arrogant and Fitzpatrick or any of these other guys back makes absolutely. To me as a make any sense at all but Shuster is faced with little teams have faced with you got a lot of good players he just don't have they courted them. Okay how is that any different and then you know 1214. Teams in the National Football League right now. Well listen if it Houston does not sign com. Colin capita or they signed. Using well to a degree the we're in no degree. You're degree Kirsten if he were that good football player he would be able to Jay Cutler being white all of. Each he would yes yes. Yes yes and issue Rio radius on the street this Hager. Is eating red necked the deal with jeopardy fears is he's not good enough play here. To be able to separate himself from the distractions. So when you're at a team you're general manager your coach or owner. And you talk about college pretty decent parents he's a great you know what we bring him in three year. You know we kick he could run a little bit forest at all. This stuff breaks down it'll be fine and then OK but he also now is a political beast he's into the stop them we're gonna have to deal. One. Political yeah he's a political legal so you don't you don't really you don't think that plays into an all know we've had this discussion to play. If you want to say it's it's less that's the least of my concerns on the agnico. But it the whole standing sitting at the least of my worries. It in there because Houston's death for now my opinion they need they need something they need us bar beneath somebody that's hungry dot com want come in and take over. Not only the team but a locker room I think Cutler has the last year that doing that and cap and pat Renee. You can see. He works at it you gotta find your guy when he does that and Darren about it well I'm not replace about that like right now. Is he's a VP and that is why does Tony good solid so why it is bad how do you not think it is a loss body building on war but that's about it a life choice. Sure it's a lot of people say right now that he doesn't work hard enough that's one of the I think I've been criticisms. Of him that he does not mean that that's that's what. People have said that the wrong okay. Okay well you might know better and I'll tell you that that is supported it but can't dismiss the fact. That the political statement he made last year. Hurts him at Tom Brady made less of a political statement some people made a big deal about it but the fact. But he's gonna get rid of Tom Brady because the distraction is far less than what he brings to the table. It might be just the opposite teams are gonna shall wait for. I think once it's up seven on 7937. It was all day information at all yesterday and it. Actually probably agree on out there. Yet found radio outfit and fighting and yet a Deion Julia Louis it was unbelievable. Get through next.