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OMF - Red Sox opening day (Farrell, Pablo, and no Ortiz), 04-03-17

Apr 3, 2017|

Hour 2 - It is opening day for the Red Sox's and the guys talk about John Farrell and is he a good manager. They also talk about Pablo Sandoval and will he be cheered or jeered during the opening day ceremony. Lou's end of the year Red Sox poem is also replayed and they talk about the poor ending to last season and what we can expect from the team this year.

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It's opening day 20171. Sports Radio WEEI we get you ready for about Sox and pirates broadcaster like the casket flag are quite happy. Here's Glenn Orton who reloading and Christian warrior fund Sports Radio. These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Yeah. With the gland Lou and Christian I think I know on the radio each night. Bradford trapped in a corner good good good luck Bradford. Huge rocks I think he called you we've been walrus face well. Ha. Open. Oh victory gave them baseball you'd be all right. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. What is beautiful. One thing of all the talking about going. He's doing with the right place for you through these particular but all that and the other big story is all these uncontrollable. We built we're all or what poll where we're first they need. But the Boston Legal it's not where you can't look at my thoughts that you ultimately it would have talked about that he put me. Re Merrill auctions are much about it yeah mesa. A victory at eight. Merrill controversial what I would say that out yesterday both of other. Otherwise it's paralyzed was now have gone up with via Amazon will do it but you know. I don't remember the answer was I don't know about this. There was with now now I don't vote. I actually think that the average at 3 o'clock 3 o'clock. 2 o'clock here. You remember those. Of you that maybe there's little wars that we did with this. It. At all. About why it or Asia or. Hey maybe it's back because for their pitches on the disabled list to sit at the bar taking. It is on well. Added that both the bull the last night to let you know I don't know about it now. Not a argument you're. If you want it that. All right and and last year it was almost in the Red Sox lost the lead the league the team. What is right we Lula opening day. Army okay what else would it really that you now have there been like you know nick about that as a yes wearing hopes that it. Well it's a wired up all. You know that. It ain't it will rule downtown hotel this then let's do this let's back. To where we ended last season it is not yet. We get ready and urged. What I'd edit one of them have been edited version being at all. And on and we edited her hard and it goes on. The unedited version because it's set up yet and we've edited it was it was the most it was the most tickets this would be that this was right after a picker great. That's that's the joke it's. You know obviously about it as she audience I think. I've got joke is that while I felt really I tried every that's what happens I tried to read it and I just I. I went up when it's this is where we left field last year with angry Lou it is well after the Red Sox get swept body. We'll let socked his designed to suck when you eliminated the game starts in spring when it's cold this and it blossoms into the summer drilling every single. And I mean every single. Afternoon and evening and then. As soon as the chill rains come in your hitters to gently operates on. All great ball ended dirt against Trevor Bauer aid kit. Be aggressive continue to take shots against breakage Josh Tomlin who walked a guy but yet you just sit around Sydney just take strike laws have to strike one with. Absolutely no aggressiveness that this is you walk. And it stops that's that's enough and watch the Toronto Blue Jays. Bench Jerry to. Vs the Cleveland Indians and Terry Francona Mike Napoli in. Miller had. Coco progress. We kind of let this stop its in baseball score some runs and they don't. Because you need to. As a starter sock in your manager your pick but when you don't. And it just when that day or literal slightly less well if you're needed most. It stops. And it sucked so. And Ortiz retired. And it hits home at the most impact probe back. Maybe the most important Red Sox a multi unit come back next year too little it's gonna come up with a clutch hit you tell me up is gonna come up with a collection every. You're manipulating the issue daily without they monarchies that scare anybody get out of eight but today scares. October 11 the morning after he gets swept by the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland. It beat it that's a quick note Rezko bill Salazar. To reality said he got this idea and he picked up. And if it stops. In the summer. It's over. Took Chicago Cubs the that's solid say those sleeping with well a little bit different alignment is that there is that there's an issue her to last night. Last night baseball field guys eat no not a waxing poetic a little bit about today in Joseph talked informally so you have that multiple. As a baseball player ever pursued their the National Anthem and you know what to look back you know you it was going to be. Would even when championship win the American League east and it was you know everybody wasn't even playing field. The last two national health. That's all the problem. All flags Alec I expect the team ain't that bad element and eloquently as you nightly war. And ought to be able to sit there analyzes human nightly basis like it's almost looks like get so mad about because I care and it was a lot of things you look here. If you write for sale. You'd be the one data comes in your wanted to dominate like we expect. You know we don't know it really focusing less likely to be active they have like the revolving Eric never. Around with a soft lighting cameras I had our prevent automatic with the growth will lighting it on the docket that is what street probably yeah yeah yeah. Was close to lighten up. The reason you get angry. Good hits in Johnson. Sexism and that you are now. Yes it was it was by the way by the way. The walk the other slips in well everything that's. Don't know what you did that. Party rank it expects to be a little disingenuous if people think that the law ice at. It was an NBA game but two hours and almost electric jolt the bad economic and this habit this is moments. Open at these guys. Get the job that makes. It's just it was an accident on one and yet here. Everybody's talking about. The rats off a little model won't last night in the networks right all along. We like that it's like this. To the development get all of a few questions. What is the taking a lot to the next level with the Cleveland. And it means that Chicago Cubs. To date they have the pictures. Of him. In the rotation back it helped out greatly missed the team needs help me out. And they got. Actually I hit me yet. Don't scare the Lebanese. All my commitment with rights currency. Without writes there's that below them but it but he obstacles that it. Without without the right yeah I would that's the reality I would agree and let. Once people get. Which are just a moment first place yankees in the al-Qaeda that it is that the Red Sox Whitney the American League east ebony when. It was celebrity Italy Italy reluctantly. The hikers did. Maybe twice in the last decade yes let's put it doesn't happen well it definitely. If they. Thanks so movie you play in the doctor goes out there it's yelled go and are looking at they're just preparing its reach numbers one earned run throughout the tires rain. It just got shelled in his first game it was really just not like I have to select committee you what you think that we do I got my point that I. Whatever if so did a thoughtful pop off and on at a great rate cut but of the Vietnam thing on the. Yeah that's some legal rights to produce itself does it mean anything on us now watched it yet they gave us that the Sox are app game around the world and I'm back it's. If that meant something I'll never be starting pitcher here. It's sort treatment that. He would have been drug through these I think it's I think it's now find out what might have done yet though you're always a time you're AC it shelled out that your great brain. With what does that say that would that sit up or sell it and here's the difference I think over the years if you think about it these people probably would would agree. Over the years we get all worked up its stuff that would happen to return to I think what we've learned. Going through time you know what wins championships we know is we're losers if you execute the whole you know cars up whenever. Over the last that a fifteen inches it's just been in what we're gonna get worked out what to what he shows up today. Do you think getting these people want to spring training game if we do what else. Both questions is reiterating that anybody wouldn't you know it you know of any of the yeah. And I don't care if you think that we are regenerated natively yes that left with a question. About spring training of what the Red Sox that as Richard would you have any idea the answer that question. You watch if you look at her question whatever question givers. That's a lie. We'll let the community. Let that dean didn't hit it. Is this guy over and want to help you up. But I did it didn't go well at the mayor Wendell. And I don't think it was Bob Hope it doesn't look like Potlatch stimulus pile that she's been around the let them know what else. Yeah course flight 300. I don't know about you got an answer wrong. Detonated whatever went to get it wrong that you want to watch. Yeah academia and you'd really have a reason to watch not okay are you had on you. And it knew that and half but there's no real story lines of it gobbles it it sort a their prices hurt. I mean every time I looked at it immediately vote. Bitter price but the ball flight for nine UPS. Yeah B 58 Olympic club it's quite well at last look at 200. The guy just like Albert doing. The David Price watch. The biggest thing coming at a camp was all the broken arms that have been acquired by if the browsed via a clear Olivia I don't. There's this whole thing last we go what the hell that was injury with the show program. Wednesday but that's an upset. There is anyone out there that sectors that you ought if these arms initial program breaks them. Now no exit yet. What are but he said that's why you acquire these guys that already broke it David Price we don't know how he's gonna do. Marcy Smith I don't know it a step back the other day what does he come back to ballot but what we're troop operates the only help the quiet was preventable that. And so far Rick I mean actress at Antalya and I take that what I that six off this guys acquired former rock. Donte' what I think the the best thing. That happened out of spring training when you're looking at the pitching staff that Eduardo Rodriguez did not pitch in the World Baseball Classic and editing and choice you looked. Pretty good the good times and I'll market it Garrett won but I like the fact that he's not. Taxing is formed legacy that maybe stroman upn in Toronto is not only did it that's that's Nassau dated OK so maybe he comes out of me. Solid for fruit for the blue jays what is he like when you get to July and August and now a lot that's along that yeah but we don't you like what you've seen. So for the fact that he didn't go to W. I do I do and I look at this team and it's funny because that you know it is people pick and other teams and whatever is clear that the only team you reward out there they're loaded and it you'd injuries do what we look at the Red Sox we know this you. We see that every day all the awards. But today there isn't a team in baseball that would sit there and they finally get the Cy Young award when he brought it for sales and on top of that rotation with him. You got ill and water Rodriguez who for two years that showed last year based in the first three months he was lost. Andy you know that our leaders who he narrated that 1617. Starts Steven Wright made the all star teapot rates made the all star team we'll see he's healthy but. Or act like this that was a mask now that there's some health issues I understand that but every once the track record robs companies that help that you can look at anyone they don't let that stuff. They haven't got there. Don't know to what any data that's out that that's 34 years all yesterday app that one years old Guerrero was last year what we often down lineups. And we opened down rotations and shred each team. We really well and that's that's the great one because you're right because there is this the nature of the position to be the picture that you think Julie. It's not a comeback by chip company is now I mean it but you look at the way they're set up you go all right with all the best case scenario with the pictures that they have. They should be used to smoke people at the way the line at the senate speech just this is what much of runners scored but he bluntly it last year I'm not sure that's not gonna happen to die at that I don't think that's gonna. Is that you know that this David Ortiz thing is is read and by the way by the way. A Smart move David Ortiz he's not going to be here that. I added a lot of people felt it's gonna bring I wanted to go and that's I'm gonna do here is that Ariel the little things that he's not going to be. Now. I think that's more who like it who want you move off. If you gonna move on your life we're running people doing this over the last couple months as though he's got back as the opening of the you need to be able to move on he'll be back here and you'll get you know great of a random bag here to show it will trust it will spent a lot of time that some. Talking about David Ortiz not being here sure that's gonna play you know that's going to be gigantic and it was like. Well tailored to vote it's you know it's what you put your. You put your little the put it might we love canal plus like what the other candidates without work. This on the diet and don't who. Alone I look at it a different nevertheless here in order lies lies the beauty marks now but it is that there's there's no easier you don't need it. Think it worked for. But Smart mover if they didn't. Because you know what he's doing for the team for the team he's he's basically saying it's not good if I can back. And we struggled earlier on this game it was that she might of been exactly right actually that. It's not a good of an app like this problem getting a lot of nations that step and I hear you all are up black on Hillary of the last down the joke you are now. He's done wrong so far. So he's even more normal level well bought it from wrong and wrong. You can go that way it played well that it was great yet okay that credit well yeah I think when you I guess. You pay somebody 96 million dollars you're expected to show what is that part of it when you showed up and baseball contract. Weren't you told to get so appreciate you talked about this before like. You're gonna apple for the guy you want to play well this team needs and you know. It's to save the whole like you guys are all over this guy. You know right now it's not their plane while I hope week as well to put that away from the fact that basically to that its contract with them good. You know on good medical clinic gained seventy rounds have been what we're gonna miss it hires instantly keep their definition of taking your money eagle at all. It was the lasting legacy when he ran athlete so that's not going away all we can do now let's move forward that's in the past. You know so I hope it goes out it's great yeah that's the way what happened last couple years but they need in the law that before they needed to hit lefties. It needed to be gotten a lot of their second half of that order who performs plays good defense that'll that's related to behind him. It's the typical Bible says that it was right about that. The first call the calls us up the bubble gets off to a good start integrates right it's a ticket you gods didn't believe that if you believe in themselves. Because he believed in himself. He would have showed up. Getting twenty million dollars last year in good shape and ready to play third base yet and it took the money went so I don't. Want any we're gonna do over last season and suddenly say outlaw all is forgiven we are forgiven me more likely. As (%expletive) that no other options that there was immediate jeopardy formula to deal with it all okay you're bad ass out there are. There's no way if you're this apply. At. Also given that he's the new cap the only guy great season. Christian because they needed and what's been great these there's a black apple would think Greek team that can do it to 55 to sixty with a dubious policies being home address for the both you've more doubles that work that's been done. He's not a signal power that we could team in RBI. And all kinds of signals that it was a hit the regular season healthy at the likelier bet they're solid they're nobody he'll be built me the reason why they lose game I thought that there to go through the region I don't believe in future years ago he was a really good defense of really located at medical well both. There's a lot of guys not that polls don't matter models both these young man is priced at both ends up most original traveler behavior and attitude that they were Smart fellow Europe both and that's it. At the the crap. About what he saw Pablo it's about getting to see it really isn't about MySpace in light off that they want I'd I'd feel good to get to the postseason with with him. Got a track targeted to positively of it the fact that way it's like Italy last year. I was as good to see him about lay the way he did delegates turn that thing around the of forcible line. It still let's take away the fact that he embarrassed the game of baseball the year before. And there was a lack of effort and couldn't stand watching it may even conceive a nightly basis when it last year was outstanding. Right so it's it's okay I'm not guilty to two years ago which makes me say I hope. We picked up we can we get in late last year as opposed to years ago because I think he's the most of what got this line and it and networked video awards he needs to be an absolute fortunate to be what it was last year. Particularly in the second half which is outstanding but you need to be a force that boats line. If he doesn't go you got serious problem. Want to answer he doesn't even know which shall we are right now though he's worked at the right Charles workable optional but I have the same feeling you have in that. There's a reason he didn't play first base in spring training at one point made and we already know it's it is they treated wanna play left field we put nothing. Last year they basically wished that may be that the carrot at the end. Was David Ortiz has gotten excuse it was one you are for late and figured the designated enemy that you get away with a but it's like guys to gain what that you always have to deal with it it's a dated date goddesses on at how well it it's always haunting him. What he's the reverend Wright's gonna have to keep an idea is let's and for her for him like it's a matter of changing the way he approached the game. Like 617779793. Civil talk some baseball will get at some of the roads and the Celtics were ripped the weekend for both of them. It's all brought to you by horse like drafting advice once and ground network get. And waiting for opening day today. Back to more or wade remotely important life task like. What Sports Radio WEEI. That thing alive and markets. In the neat thing. Easy. And buster is a fan was being made an awful lot of money. To sit there get up but the rate of important that we all but here's the deal if you wanna that this compensate. You know what the hell was he doing something like now. According Mike Florio. Her source with knowledge of the situation. In the patriots organization. You gain permission. From the team before climbing into the race. Assuming that three point stance it was bowl lead out to the New England Patriots this is the script. This is what he's going to do he's keeping it real shoulder blow in the ring. And they were fun and everybody was on. Well here and look I'm 48 the only way he was doing it it was both sides by the patriots. You don't have you don't go from having your. Third back surgery. It is jumping in the range of wrestling match but they were to we all those they whatever. But there are some risks inherent risk of doing that stuff you know I don't know install that I am used to well listen. It. Whose real. Vis. Were you deploy your microphone that now floating away. That he needs a leg up thank god that I was born and how they thought it. Marconi how we that it was you are absolutely could put it to sleep roll. With sleep in a but now maybe Harry yeah that's true enough room just hit it immediately but I like that as I said earlier I take with them but this. The patriots are on board everybody's all of sport I think it looked at all of the stuff looks a little worse than it really. It looked. And I'll look at the athletes you know it's it's it's easy for people with security should be you know we have people arguing with the house yup they're blocking. On we have to ask him at no point. We're pissing and moaning as well I expect a fertility is required to open go to Sony's. Whether it's a distance and they don't exist after the open. Like script that's well. I love the opening day but what you'll scenario Leo oh Cleveland yeah. I gotta tell you our enemies. If you look at that look at this remarkable JK yeah it's it's like three out of the top five guys last year in the Arab neighbors of Iraq. A recap the kitchen as required sent between. That it you know account. Straw men every adult there they just got that Jason grizzly right. Sovereign wealth that. Days since 96 years old now. Well when a sudden and it may then disk that came stacked that that talked a cute story. This article what they're very cute the zone. That there there and eat in my mind you know but I still. You know you can talk about yes I'd like I've pre stages honestly is that Cy Young guys that use no question strongly. I believe that I love the irate and bottom well now that that took hold on the tonight the bull that's not great OK strike that was not. I would agree with you and a lot of it meant so what are you gonna get them out this year. It's a team that he thought was going to cover off the ball. They did so I would guess that these victims back on what you do you like one year old pro at K so what he's trying to resurrect himself on what you're. Donaldson routes so Donaldson is healthy again right so that's a fact it. Donaldson usually we don't know that they're all feel to be shaky you know travesty Mubarak spoke as experts agree morality of it just loosening commercial. It's a big blow of a very good rotation couple minutes of mass. Yeah I've been you know I. You know why we have might read what blows but I got to targets every what's that about SARS while the World Series I seem escape that public. The only a lot of what we speak on that came to be honest which were the Red Sox always got to eat there all you stick manager Ed let other people wanna get it medical. Don't let that that's the good that's done what he's. Meet known NFL all the profits in the world it that's OK hey Tony don't worry about it. Because rob Bradford will cover that for your money yeah yeah Gaza I was there all the areas you drop them on the record. I think they'll need other things for hours discussing. It. It basically another podcast I'd like five minutes who got I heard like the way too much blood and who got into law if we get it to Bradford today. I listen to him yesterday because I couldn't get it up for the retro show up hoping that a fight with some long enough market for future that they. If it just listening to a did he realize that my yard with his co host yesterday but I thought he was sold. I think I talk an awful lot. You know like Brad. Richards took over at the start their children for you both podcast who looked at him again about it not trying to. Such lawfully bear it from the very beginning. Better yet there's a little felt the odd box now like that the majority of the idea that blew up I'd I did do that. It's all up. I think they called you leap and walrus face. OK you did say he loves you so he he ripped you of what what does one have to do together at the I don't know I mean he just he went I don't know like rent to without you so so he feels as though you put him in a bad situation all. Two an area people and when used Joseph Cali pinch hitting for policy and of all all of it. And nothing lower that I give my opinion he gives his opinion checks and bounces right yes. So we do the iPod doesn't like this is due in part gets loose and yes foreign investment fund next thing I know on the radio each night. Bradford sat in the corner good good good luck Bradford. Could rocks they tried running can be in a corner of trying to get you say stop like public where does this come in from. And then I talked to them on the radio. And Steve did you now's your way you know is by you know time it yak he had no got a little dog laughed a little like all that stuff. Wendell or what happened. Should know who left quote I said that it laughable. Organized at least I would give reflect progress over the Internet fun don't you people always say it again after I was after it. Effort or spades but that's that's what I knew when he was no but I also knew that he couldn't do that. Accomplish what he wanted to use target you know that mean anything because that's what I've the leak so. But we just right in the nick does what he tried to do. He tried to get its old Vivian moment when I criticized John we go back to podcast that you want you want to do this show has admitted. But he did but it applied but they're initially did. It's a political experience on a dishonorable and 88 and there's a pocket right now withdrawn amid. It's a vote checks and balances the photo accountability it's about it I'll put it out there what you gonna do so when he doesn't bring in totality the image. He admitted with the party that that's exactly why we. And yet they'll make you about nordic and because he's not Smart at the book and a quarter and and with baseball wouldn't. No doubt looted a little without him. That entity and I explained that scenario I have. No problems opens ever let it specialists and that's the question he was. It is beyond poverty out where's the order which doesn't matter it doesn't matter that it does that do it to be in question. I'll do whatever it what it wants it was well it's but I it's that a that you're the other qualities that. Would that there you can't that's the answer but Dynegy Houston all the you know the circle analytics yeah the but he showed it to the city Johnson. Now you don't that I thought well that's the argument obviously. I was so. Since witches and due process or defensive that would pump yet it's. A lot in the next. Person. It will sixth inning what you do off the lap Albert. It's just so I thought about it is everybody but it. Don't walk in it's bothering field date but what's it brought it up by war stop it and it. We talked about it on the radio for literally. Ten minutes he called him because he couldn't help himself considered insensitive we put them on the radio for another five minutes that we did what may be. Maybe twelve minutes fifteen minutes of a thing. He did this is the line from freaking hours. Girardi couldn't get a word in it wasn't so bad for putting it wouldn't rule forgot we. It was an accident yeah there's no way that you that it might do that there goat it dispute right Lou. I mean I Don on other stuff that'll. Instantly got its announcement that it. Of that he thought the night I don't have more experts don't yards you're not actually have a at all about her nickname your way now at five bogeys. Yet to back from where we go go to great each kinda split its last night of me. Where were you golfer Greg. I'm content kind of got robbed Jerry narron on this idea what's done is just right now it's almost almost midnight Garrett. Mr. Clinton level all that and so what's the first pitched him the bullet suitable. To order morning but up airport bullet. Technically yeah I Wallace took on guys in the future. Oh what that. Well AF. On the on the home period envelope that everyone didn't look like up like all he actually. It looked like alcohol but possibly get another call back. But it seems like everyone forget that when we return in Matt Cassel who had. A much better team and at the time that you're easy cat we only got a thirty earlier report back. 34 pick in the draft. And we let credit maxed out of that ilk so I'm a little confused quite what it looked like that allegedly gay when he only played the court. I appreciate golf John it's a fruitful Monday. Yes I'm sorry I don't I asked if I. If I was like oh yeah just OK okay hey your quality of your. You're multiple put that into people's ability and elegant just apologize it's only you know I wrote it without its dignity. Will light to bring that up when we take. All right so why not too easy. So what is the question that Leo. Why that three of the ball in Icelandic Ericsson wipe out on pit road like now outnumber all went. Pretty Rick or not. What it would be like them we communities and an artist that you would. We usually from the mosque there to get psyched up. About number twelve. If you I don't think I don't think we're gonna get as much we think we're gonna get you anything accidentally on trade. Why. I think that is I think that great and there's a split here grave a lot of people want to take QB to ruffle would have on the shelf. For the next 34567. Years because they think I don't think it's gonna ask us you can get to. And Jimmy he's going to be in a position next year where he could. Go elsewhere in the only what you gonna be it will hold onto it slapped a franchise tag on for over twenty billion dollars would you gonna have to make. It's starting quarterback. We're back so. Exactly and I I mean you're never went there would have remembered while I don't act on it and now those. This is actually in there. Who don't you know that but. Sports authorities and there are. Guys bill. Florence they thought I think but I'll read them all thanks for Obama. Celtics got that puts in Yugoslavia it you play out there that it's him. You can go sloppy with his nervous Nelly Kelly if you and I can't get bail yes he did play sort of from CNET. People will report Friday let's and I'd just go to. At Martin a little bit of a football lose the cup team start offseason to be seeded Buffalo Bill to look Los Angeles rams. So football's starting guards are football is widely read all they do it for a apparently they've rhododendron where it affected so we get somebody who's monitored first thankful. Because they were talking about an eight I'll look at who want to double that got it got kinda. And it. We're talking about first accidentally hit somebody monitoring back at the station yeah I'll talk to her neighborhood and I've been so they are good they're too acceptance speech you talked about literally without that when the patriots. First it is only an American audience that got. All of applauded for the broad. And it's they want is talking about it. They never brought the chiles. Used to that. Well because of you. When you're talking about what you bring it. Let them what is it that's picked him this person can you follow other candidates have brought in eight meters like I'll be. State they did not mention why because for some reason there are people out there that want eight lead at the tickle me you know it. To get into the game and get a job to what I can get the negative side. Well they. The barrel on its just wrote down its products yeah it's digit yet his ability to murder you know and 932888. Who aren't like to hear you answer no at least 32 of you Republican line. Or that right that it the that these laws are note that out off with them. I've six point 777 on seven that recent you know what you're good at its opening day we are alive just him like at right outside of that way. Two more blue and that adds live from Brookline avenue that casket flag. On Sports Radio coming. Yes climate. And let's billion equivalent we'll. We do the markets after the you know that they would actually you know through that would. Because he he's goodies. At this could be. Well yeah it's great there's one constant that makes I think a lot of margin each have another quick beer here. Some wars coming down here and maybe we can all watch it together let's go Red Sox had. I was and we thought bill they often look at it it's no days off now that no days off and I would love that yes all you don't think so. Our own abilities are intimately and now a days. Trying to start next year days results are. They wanted it I'm not crazy about today one. Freaking day off late on Sunday one day off the article announcing this minutes Sunday night. Take away from opening day that if they pick one payoff Bill Wilson to give me one day. She stood so I don't are you nervous that that would the Comcast news show. Featuring all your buddies it's gonna start with eat your Peterson in order snap of the game. Now these are we get a good have a helicopter following that count Bartlett brings it down yeah. So popular off Rick you know later today it's all buddies be it he ate out and it's that's bad I don't know. What Matt Powell analyst game is going. You don't you tip you well I want to World Series and go but ultimately reads here's a here's what does vaguely if I. We'll talk about the depth at eight played. Really rules to block. I didn't want that takes away I think from a little that if it. Your opponent. It's inaccurately. And I think rivalry all. I already made up a little low I'm sorry he hasn't worked for. Yes I have two weeks that have different rules you out there compared to what I hear what it's like. It's like to think it is because they do play if she plays leniency during the regular season what it's like you think it's yet rule. Where you can you have ticker. And they come out and that you would extra point by kicking it to yup and again if she didn't have kickers and all you did you go for two point conversion OK let's. Leave when you point it the other. Team's stadium. US to which you are there rules. And you got to find somebody they can actually ticket to be up for the audio equipment Scopes and just not that the greatest gap without say OK but it has yet to beat it down that it. And it was another I mean it just it says it doesn't. Obviously it'll not like you played some the need for another clip recently when he European rule basketball work. They think he used to be bigger wider but the rules were different or you like a litany rules hockey. Or Italy it is definitely considered but at least journal.