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Danny Picard - How do you replace Ortiz's talent and leadership? 04-02-17

Apr 2, 2017|

The Bruins and Celtics both have big wins as they both make the push towards the playoffs. The Red Sox open the season on Monday and will be with David Ortiz, how is the team going to replace his stats and his leadership in the locker room

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Such Bruins patriots Celtics. Talk about them all now. 24/7. Sports continues so let's get. Network. 4 o'clock taking your phone call 617779. 7983761777979837. The Blackhawks. Just school load to make it you want the Bruins attitude not deleted goals from Ryan spoon and Patrice Bergeron. But the black watch. Just under two minutes left. They scored their first skull again it was a we goal cut the Bruins lead to one. I don't even a laws in the Blackhawks can hit the high stick out front. And Phil have been neck and he was sort of she written are all all he was on all Ford's old in his face on the goal line. And a rebound came out to left post. And it didn't really slide all the because each guy in in the neck it is neck. But this was down on the ground holding his face the Bruins net and adult it's overlooked Adam and and then or now front for the Blackhawks had a shot. And it's a lid. It's I had opened. It got stopped by the Blackhawks playing that was in the neck. So but to back to veteran Andy puts it what is already underway that went up as well that was shaped by his own guy. The bowl oh shots you don't think it's sort of stood there and look at the guy in his neck. And they review and they said good go well I mean. Of the Republican front of the I would think the addition sucked in touch it should be stopped if a guy is sick and yet know. And apparently adult dog that true but I mean it would be nice to see adult and continue to play. I'd throw it he just sort of stop that he thought and infringed an adult and I guess I look at that Nidal. Should you let the plate you gonna do is agog Donna hurt in the net is unfit black coach Shula but it's a Blackhawks play in it's the bruins' next. And yet play resumes. And they score a goal. And not an ideal goal. Goes to black auction you know when they Don do not been at all now take on any weight again. But that cut the Bruins lead to move to Milwaukee mile on that there at the second intermission shelter two periods. You bruins' lead it. 21 the Celtics at the half day lead the next by thirteen. Avery Bradley once again not in the lineup today Jalen brown it was in the Scott line up I you'll get more minutes auto market's not as you should. Up with the Celtics lead by thirteen and the Celtics and a half game lead on the cavaliers that number one seed in the east. Cavs tonight at home against the Indiana paces and. I mention opening day in Major League Baseball the Red Sox begin tomorrow but with a three games on the schedule today I can't just ignore those in the first and. The Tampa Bay Rays posted a New York Yankees. Chris archer of Hirsch on. Tanaka cannot reverse option so it's not at all one for the Yankees. And you add up three runs. In me first then rain and any let up to warn the second so the rays lead the Yankees in the third inning top third rays lead at. Five that Joseph keep you updated on all of that we had some calls in the first now on the Red Sox. And yeah I'm. I bet I'd put it comes to spring training and I got a tough spring training and. When it comes to actually Aaron about what's going on the Sox a couple story lines to grab your attention to David Price elbow thing is one of them. You know keeping your Ryan what Santa balls villain that's another. A couple of the injuries with the pitching staff you know toasting each day they grab your attention I think the one thing is gonna grab our attention tomorrow at Fenway is. Not having David Ortiz in the lineup. And I think that is when you know they wrote to the lineup and we she'd act that's one that's gonna hit home. But certainly there are questions when it comes to injuries wit the pitching staff not just the rotation. But also with the bullpen. The Thornburgh situation you have of. An organization that seems the I don't know they question general drone program or did they question and then catch themselves questioned it and then backtracked and contradict themselves an immediate. So yeah. So shady situation when you hit things that coming out of Red Sox camp that should be simple that once again they've thought away. This idea every two I think complicate matters by either not on the same page and talking of the media. All. Your is not really. No one what's going I figure out which one it is to say it's just. Not being on the like you don't have to talk to reject the manager should be talking a Dombrowski before to make comments and media about an injury the players should be talking to the manager. Before they have conversations with the media. About an injury all just the same page at all masking. But it doesn't seem like they overall with those things so. It makes for some shady stuff that's been set about the drone program and somebody injuries especially. With the one bird injury. But as I told him the first now when it comes to concerns that its Red Sox team. I have which went the presence of Chris Sale. Where is the guy in Amman under tomorrow who's the defending and reigning Cy Young award winner and Rick assault while they put ourselves gonna win again. But. You know I I don't think he's. He's going to be bad to the point where. You feel scared to thrown in Amman at every fifth day like I still like us all. A solo Chris Sale and water every does. I think it on the Imus now paean to step up and used act college stuff that he has to his advantage and put it altogether. I look at that and I think to myself. I don't have scared of the pitching staff when it comes to bullpen usually they have a bit. This general closed out that we forgot about that. And it. I do all of that you can. I don't say bill the bullpen during the season but you could do things. Improve the bullpen throughout its season and it there are guys that can step up sort of out of nowhere. And that might not be ideal that they step up on and all of it if they step up they step up and that's a great thing at the end of the day for everybody involved. Think you happen dodge can step up in the bullpen during the season so we might not be talking about or not could have a major role in the 67 Dari panic. No direct charge don't have back there is. You know a day don't necessarily. Have that guy right now I think that. It is giving you the Cleveland Indians mentality last year we you can use Milla. Could. It's three straight innings and and get the job done and always gonna dominate like you don't have that blueprint. And I know some people of civil that's new blueprint does he need to do well is it all if you ever patient backing go deep. Into games and made me. And prevent you from not having to do that should that it will cut eight. But you know what I go where it is the latter which is giving your rotation that's got to consistently get you deep in a ball games in a point where. You have a number of bombs to work quit in the bullpen. And you don't necessarily need to rely on one guy to get you 34 innings because the rotation. Has given you six or seven like give me the different irritation that's gonna go deep into games rather than go to the bullpen that you are reliant on the have. You know one dominant guy to give you. What ever Millwood gave the Indians in the post season last year I don't think that's the normal. And in fact I think if you ask Cleveland tool man behind the scenes I don't know that they say this publicly because they be knocking Andrew Mela. But what would you prefer to Cleveland last year you'd probably prefer being in the post season with Salazar and harassed all healthy. With clues. That point when maybe. You didn't have to you know worry about Tomlin plane would drones before playoff game. Is can play a huge problem. Those they did they would be such a big deal and maybe you if you had. Those guys you'll have to rely on someone like Andrew Miller the way you had to rely on him so. I think it's funny when we had people say oh that's the blueprint that's what you got to do now I don't think so all. Give me the rotation and that's got to get you deep ball games. And and I'll work with what I haven't bullpen because I've seen bull pens come together it darn season. And yeah because that I should Red Sox bullpen has gone to get a darn season darn shipping agencies its. And because of that if you have the close of which they do a camera I'm not. All overly concerned a panic and about the bullpen when it comes at a rotation and increased sales presence helps me panic less. And this idea that you still have the reigning Cy Young went on opening day and you got a lot of Rodriguez. Cool I think has all the tools to VH died in this league. Even atop the rotation guy. And he's gonna go on Thursdays and Red Sox I gotta go tomorrow reports sell they'll have Tuesday off total Chris Sale Wednesday. Don't go at that water every gets on Thursday. And those three Scott is right yeah I think that. Did make me. Panic less about the rotation of panic less about the David Price injury. Because I know those three guys are capable to do you know they go out get it done bad that's wanna play again I'd sell. Wilson but I am jacked up about. Opening day in Major League Baseball which is today and when you look at the Red Sox. Over under wins. I mean let's go to Arizona stuffed the Red Sox over an hour winds is 92. 92. Not if you want to show give me give you the World Series. Not the World Series and look for the future is here have a you know the defending champs fit yeah outfield got a good. Did not have to ask the question will this be the year. I can't let last year. The cubs that was creating a bit of favorite Indians. Second best odds to win the World Series. Red Sox the third best odds to win at all. And then you got the Dodgers. The Astros watch out for the Astros they didn't make the playoffs last year but. You saw you before the year before they are in the wild card game I stand and Al. Why don't they end the first round series again they lost to Kansas City went up when at all. At a Houston had a lead on the series and they had a lead in the final game. A big lead in Kansas City came back and end up with a dramatic win but Houston is definitely I think a team to watch out for this year. Not plus 12100 they have the fifth best odds to win the World Series and the Mets. I think the match very easily could be have better odds in this one all it's just I think the question mark is with irritation. And can they stay healthy because of that rotation with the match stays healthy. And they're also getting some an exact wheeled back in the march idol matches Evans in situations giving you got hobbies and god did Romney at willow. That mets' rotation is that's as dangerous as you get. And anything going on the list but I mean it's the cubs the Indians the Red Sox the dodges the Astros the match cozy. In that order. Best odds to win the World Series. And look I guess for a look at the Red Sox this season I say it about. Say what every team every it's gonna come Downey a rotation. Of courts and I think the addition Chris Sale is going to be huge. But. As you know all. The Red Sox offense last year was an offense that. Was pretty exciting and Eric's because. I don't get multiple guys step up have a big seas is 100 RBIs seasons. What did Ortiz was. On another planet last year and might not a lot of people were voting for movie bats for AL MVP. I didn't get it obviously that goes the Trout that in instruction a guy I don't give a teaching. I mean I got a bench should've got they'll repeal the truck. What if you're gonna give to anybody in the American League last year I just think it should have been David Ortiz. Because I thought David Ortiz last year was the most valuable player he was the most fit to hit it in all baseball last year I just. I feel that was the case. And I Italy and play the field and I know some people dole wanna vote for the got it doesn't want to feel little historically they don't want to give the DH the votes I get it. Why that's you know fired a vote. I don't obviously but if I did I'd be given at the David Ortiz because I thought last year he was the most valuable player not just the American League. Put in all of baseball. And if you don't lose that guy. Who hits thirty home runs Drudge and 127 runs as new leads the entire majors and all PS. You know. Madonna's lineup and at least I'm thinking to myself. And replace. Anybody in the slot that can replace Dave and teach or don't applaud anyone in. And place of what he's like you're not. Move and Hanley did DH and light and magic wall and insane and Mitch hit 38 home runs drive and iron 27. Mad net then I have you know legally oh yes like that's. That's what that's not gonna happen. Ask him to do because you know it's not half you know we talked about seeing the ball early -- the spring training. As much as I'd like to see and carried Dutch French ran into a regular season and if confidence. Does editing for pro athlete I guess it showed it. But no even ask can publish it all to do. David Ortiz did it and if you all the your expectations are sick of all even if you walk. And then they come to Boston when he was leaving San Francisco when you saw what he was in the post season with his World Series rings you shot him being clutched in October. You wanna and yeah you should not be asking Santa vaulted to do do what David Ortiz did feel last year. Just last year David Ortiz his entire career with the arrest shocked to get. You can't ask anybody could do that it's an unfair expectation to have anybody. Not just on this Red Sox team but anybody really throughout the entire league. David Ortiz brought. He got and on top of the numbers that he brought that he had a clutch. Residents like no other and I think because you have all those things. And you shut your fairway hit and yes you are yet clutch at the moment more than anybody else in the league. And Euro leaving your veteran Paris saw woody things that would she's brought to this team and especially dish group last year when not all. It's like aren't we talked about him being gone that's one day. And you can play spring training and without a net that's another. But to step again and again of 162. Game season. And not have David Ortiz. In the compost sit in the dugout. Not to play in a big spot. You know that's a big loss it's a huge loss and and I knock. The talent that monkey debts is. Dads into Bogart's adds that Bennett and Leo Pedroia on Jackie Bradley junior. And they were marriage I don't I'm trying to knock these guys and is trying to tell you it's good would those guys can do. Fine. But you'll meet someone. That's. You know that that. It would be fair. Ask them to do what David Ortiz did last year shell you're all you're up front is not going to be as good. Why did pitch that's a fact but there are other intangibles that come along with. You know when when you do is struggle maybe in some of those clutch moments where you look at the fact guide to step up with a big hit. Well you need that veteran presence in the club house. That everybody looks app that relies on. You know carry this team when the going gets tough I mean Ortiz was that guy. And to lose that. Not just that player and that talent and the numbness in the questioners but just the mayor and residents in the club out to me that is a major loss. And I guess that's that's what I'll beekeeper and I powerful. Because it's funny at all and it's gonna hit all the odd tomorrow afternoon. You know it's one thing to play spring training games aren't. Sure they've done that plenty of times is bring trying to pass. It's another thing that it talked about Luzon and see in the farewell tour and think about what life is like an odd capabilities. Did I realize tomorrow we're all realize what life. Is like without Big Papi. Powell. Ruled a. Not only do you adapt but I guess I could say how they gonna recover from. Because that is something that you need to recover from the loss of David Ortiz. And that's where my focus will be on tomorrow. As we watch the Red Sox begin the regular season against the pirates to all five and you can hear already here. On WEEI on the take your phone calls up until 4 o'clock. Any thoughts and Red Sox what do you expect to see this season I'd do you have concerns and if you do Wear out today. Bad and you know any around the league if you wanna point two I'll take that call as well the Celtics and Bruins currently in action Celtics. And knicks at Madison square got a majors began the second half celtics' lead sixty to 49. And the Bruins about to begin the third period in Chicago that these heavy total on me. All that the Blackhawks Bruins still of the 21 lead over the Blackhawks. Four minutes into the third period I'll keep you updated on that I'll watch event. On the TV to my right on the TV in my left I had the Celtics knicks. The Celtics lead it in the third quarter midway through the third quarter 74 to sixteen the Celtics leave it. You know a bowl teams the battle for us Celtics battle on for that one seed in the east. And B Bruins just fight to get into the playoffs and playoffs began today. The Stanley Cup last began today the Bruins should be in the final wildcard spot playing Washington Capitals in the first round. And that the NBA playoffs began today the Boston Celtics would be the one seed in the east and a half game lead. All the Cleveland and they'd be playing the Miami Heat. A Miami Heat team at the Celtics just beat not too long a goal Cleveland tonight baron action and the cavaliers. Not at home at 6 o'clock against the Indiana paces. So we got thought to browse the Celtics I'll take those calls but I do see some Red Sox calls comments I'll take those 617779. 79837. Bodies in Chelsea it's a broad. But they. Bob hey. I am. Not there so a lot recalled aisles over what's up guy. Did that occur spotlight on. And a couple of they've won again the baseball I just talk about in their odds of getting a look here's my thing. I'm but it came flying under the radar budgeted at at what I want actual. Side I didn't I think they're probably the second best in all of baseball they have about. And it bought there at the top of the rotation in shirt or our Broken Arrow art. They haven't done it lined up with Dirk utter crap you know it never edit logic or. As what are you would think because you know this game but under the results break a one match. Yeah I 95 ones last year I think what the nationals. And you know I can't I can't speak for a full lie is maybe they get noble look to icons of the favorites to win the World Series because they're not even in the top five Bulgarian defied the top five based on blood. A fire at a gas style I would say. And the inevitable plot all if she Max Scherzer. I should not shares in Strasburg didn't hack. I would think that some that they look at right. Yeah but we knew it I don't you know that trait turner. Out of the end end with a bright Parker on the debt aggregate credit that are big. Either go. Well. Want to ask a. Yeah I mean goods but goods and apply I didn't mention that they just gave him a top five. When it comes to best odds to win the World Series in nationals. Do not have the bad not in the top five best odds to win it but certainly they're a team that. Won the division last year. That had 95 wins you mentioned that veteran nixed that you have you know what they have the top of irritation but I do think there is the elephant in the world with the nationals that. Well when is Strasburg gonna go down with an injury and miss an extended period of time right. So all that is a big loss and a certain. But I think you look at a least. I'll let the mets'. Rotation seems to be healthy and you know I get a if you talking about the inevitable plot of Schreiber are going down an injury than. How can you pick the next. And invasion on their rotation to win the alleys. Well it's because as of right now all the Mets talked the bottom. Would you really take our rotation over and over someone else and I wouldn't. I mean if he did the whole well what if they got injured and then our Canadian pick somebody else and maybe you want lean towards a national but a British don't want what you have right now. And who put money on. I guess and a seven game series if the Mets rotation was LP. I'm taken and that's over the nationals I guess that's where I stand in that division but I'm not trying to overlook the nationals and and maybe that's at the call of. And maybe implied when I was talking about teams of the best odds to win the World Series this year and I'm just telling you with the sandbags. May. Fashion goals go to the post season. Put. I think you look at the National League most current crop the it's still the clubs. I just in the National League. I think of the content if so he's gonna knock off the clubs you're gonna need it and you get the postseason rotation. That's dawn and of course things can change with injuries as we know all. Well when I mention that rotation in all that leads me to the dots of the match rotation I don't overlook the nationals I think there and that conversation. You know it's not the Mets maybe it is the nets into the nationals are gonna get the post season a good enough to get there and when they do. You know let's let's see what those rotations look like and net. And that's I'm not a norm I think the nationals I think overnight she's 95 wins last year you know they have all the tools they have all the pieces to make this thing work. Not the problem is you know bad they're international there and a division. That. If healthy then they have another team and a division that. That is as the best rotation in baseball. And that of course Iran National League in which the clubs the defendant ran in World Series champs. I still sort of the cream of the crop idea the top docs via the number one team ego eat you don't have. Beat the man to beat the man as a Ric Flair Woodson. And you got to beat the cubs and unfortunately for the nationals I mean. Yeah yeah also got to look at your own vision. And added them that's got to be an improved team this year based on what I expect to be a much more healthy rotation for the match 617779. 79837. Just sort of looking up and down. The league. And but to answer that call is question. Non model bullet in the nationals. It did to do some special this year I was injury not you know what baggage hasn't. And I think that. The Indians lose in the World Series last year. You're Cleveland you talk about rotations and health and rotations. Look. Whoever Carrasco Shalit dot. And you look at that Andrew Miller factor an apple and you look at that lineup. Cleveland. They lost Napoli Napoli goes back to ranges but they gain that. Encarnacion. Glue was what a forty home run guy last year 120 plus RBIs. He signs a contract I think maybe they misplayed the market in the offseason but he signs with Cleveland. And if you're telling me you would trade Mike Napoli thing and 'cause she own if I'm Cleveland idea that the second. And not saying that was the exact trade off that they talked about when they lost Napoli and they made this move to a quiet and costs young. The I wanted to see Encarnacion and a Red Sox uniform. And I can happen. I think that's a huge pick up for an Indians team that also has got to look at this season as if they gotta get there rotation help the debt a couple of top spot as back. To upon way of those guys weren't. He last year at the Cleveland I mean maybe the article is that they are all fine. The Indians. You know we talk about the cubs and Indians and grocers last year that they are welcome to legal World Series again I don't know what I at all. In other 62 game season a lot can change. So as we do look at these teams we say well the last column mentioned the national and I talked about the Mets. The cubs the Indians. You know these teams that it seems inevitable that they got to be planned post season baseball and have a chance to two win at all these teams right. Which had said there are going to be a couple other teams that there's always a couple teams that come I don't know. They're up that nobody's really talking about right now. And and they don't look at anybody. Dick come out and Aaliyah and do something special and make a little bit of a run at. In the American league for me it's the Houston Astros. Icon is set last year and it pitches that ended up happen in form they gained some might. College Beltran who is forty years old with not playing like it. I mean what if Perry argued. And 35 home runs last year close to a hundred RBIs. Beltran is that and also veteran presence to go along with the young core. Yeah Correia then I pick the ash drones. This set up to have a nice season and odd day at 84 Owens last year but I would have done or not I've accused him. If you're gonna take a team in the American League that can be sneaky good at. And may be Duchamp I was months and Baltimore beat this team. But I just I every single yeah I questioned the Orioles pitching in today. They have what it takes an irritation didn't really do some special I don't know 89 wins last year. They played a wildcard again. Against Toronto but I'm medical Houston on the go are used to be that team that nobody's really talking about right now. Tell to maybe. These sneaky good to appoint they might be able to make a little bit of Iran. In the National League. I don't know all Dicey anyone sneak up on yet I mean and that's if you wanted to look at them and say. Our day at 87 wins last year could they be a team and anyone's gunning five they could but again. It's based on their rotation. And and can that's they help you mean essentially got the cubs nobody's knocking them off there 103 games last year and a west. Dodges. Where an egg on. Ali they don't anywhere not one wins won the division I stayed at the giants 87 wins that to be done that as a Dodgers and the giants division I guess you look at maybe Arizona. If you made me pick a team in the National League it's like. Nobody shocking bottom could do something and it's a 162 game season lot of things can happen with some of the top teams that we're talking about right now. Somebody could step up and make a little bit of Iran and make it interesting and Diamondbacks Zack Greinke. That's a tough year famine as Arizona. And first season and Arizona last year can he bounce back and he's young enough to do it and it is good enough to do it. And yeah I don't think Arizona is this great pressure for him to like if fear that type of season and a Boston or New York. I I would not my money on Greinke bouncing back this year but since he's Arizona. And it's a place where you know I don't think the the media's going to be hauled him to put all this pressure on him to have his bounce back year. I think it will be able to do it and if he's able to do that I think the Diamondbacks they have something in Arizona where they could they could make the west interesting I mean. If you if you put a gun in my head in and mainly pick a National League team that could make a sneaky run and be sneaky good to the point where did they they make it generation late in the season. I would say maybe the Arizona Diamondbacks but answered my little look around the league as opening day. Begins an opening days that I make Republicans say the Red Sox begin tomorrow but these three again today and currently the Tampa Bay Rays. I have a 72 lead. On the New York. Yankees in the bottom of the fourth inning against temperatures go Arizona at 4 o'clock in Arizona and then you got the cubs. The cardinals at 830. In Saint Louis in the Red Sox of course tomorrow at 205 at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates Rick puts cell. Gets the stock on opening day and you can hear it all right here on WE. EI will lose the Blackhawks. And Chicago all nine minutes left in the third period the Bruins. At 832 lead they'd let it sooner and not getting goals from Ryan story Patrice Bergeron. And and the black plugs school. I'm one of these straight titles you're gonna see all season. To cut the Bruins lead to go to one and then. Go on the last segment. Kevin mill that's right defenseman Kevin mill. Little dangles session steps should have his own an absolutely snipes. Pop right. And did the Bruins a 31 that lead at that did not look like Kevin bell not to Kevin L I know it's not at top right 31 Bruins. Five seconds after I Kevin Millwood goal. The Blackhawks Jordan Tutu right out fraud wide open. You know I they I would put this one. You would put this one wide open I'll fraud. They digital he scores 25 seconds lead and the Blackhawks cut the lead to three to sell nine minutes left in the third. The Bruins lead at three to two over the Blackhawks it is a huge game because if you look at the standings right now and the national hockey league of the playoffs began today the Bruins at ninety points. Would be the final wildcard spot in the east and had a plan Washington Capitals in the first round and I know Washington is not a team that. Is you know again not a team that you really should be put your money on in the post season because they usually don't get it done in the post season. But. I wouldn't it did Bruins a plan capitals in the first drive and up to put my money on Boston to win. You want to get that you would that preceded the play either Toronto or Ottawa in the first round Toronto is currently in the two machine in the Atlantic. Autos and a three seed in the Atlantic. Bolt 91 points. However after this one is done for the Bruins. Have played. Two more games than net. Both Toronto and Ottawa. So you'll be reliant on Toronto Ottawa to the to lose a game to extra down the stretch. A bunch bruised orders. Her parent time they will bounce up into the two out of three seed and at this point if you're a Bruins you know you try to. I'm all obviously to control your own destiny but here's how the rest of the schedule looks at that it's one he got three left. At home on Tuesday night against Tampa Bay. Then what is probably going to be. The unofficial it could be an unofficial game one of the first round series. At home against Ottawa Thursday night at 7 o'clock and then you close out the regular season Saturday. Next Saturday at home against Washington so. For the Bruins this is your last road game you come along you played three straight against Tampa Bay Ottawa and Washington. And. Lucky won four straight here you're trying to win your fifth straight you got to hold on this when he got one goal lead with seven and a half minutes left. Adult as a net as much as I have not to golden and the last week bushel. You know I've dotted the 'cause I'm come into the defensive to correct I just think it's idiotic. To want a roll with anyone other than Tuukka as you number one goalie down the stretch. I just think that stupid. And you know if I have been not adult but in the process to get that point or some people but I will. But credit a credit do adult has made some very big saves tonight. I he made some big saves in the last India played before this last weekend in Brooklyn against the islanders. So it's a good paying to have. Two goalies that can make big saves and be somewhat reliable but if you want to the bruins' most of the season you at all. For the most part they have only had one reliable goal. Management to correct. I mean another that I gave you last weekend and on the that I did he during the week. Was that. Through the first four months of the season. The Bruins. Through and through January the Bruins a 26 wins and Tuukka Rask was in net for 25 of those points. And it's not because the back of stated played they did they would just no good. You want from adult. And she battled a little bit of an injury there adult men MacIntyre. Sure Iran and for the most part though adult and the not so bad. You placed on waivers for the purpose of sending him down of the mine is in January. Didn't push him on waivers could have been picked up by anybody there's a reason why nobody picked them up. Okay. What gets you know picks up he goes to Providence you call back copies it back up again. It did get him to step up and makes a big states and he's made some big ones today and act. These far Chicago global. Name. And did sort of give up on the play. Because there was a guy in his own neck. It was a Blackhawks player in his own net who was done inherit an adult initially gave up on the play and what an hour and it showed it twice. From the left post in all wide open net. So I mean could've put on an adult I guess you could at the same time adult and has made some big saves today from what I've seen. And if the Bruins to hold on to win this one and I currently have a 32 lead with six minutes left in Chicago. In the got to do we defense and goaltender. That's what you ask for right now and the one thing I can say about these Bruins team even wood took a rescue net Macon some big saves the last couple games. The one thing I can say about the bronze last three or four games. Is that defense of legal pennant inside. Defense of late their commitment. Did it play in their own and from the defense and into the forwards. Not running around like lunatics. You know being irresponsible and their own zone their commitment to defense the broad current commitment to defense the last four dams. Has been pretty incredible and in fact as bad a commitment. Defense that I haven't seen in the and a couple years. This tiny. And it's refreshing. You know for those people yell and scream all the time about an eight month old Jenny Law balls. Now anyone defense this time here and even the Bruins and her co. Coach who pushed offensive system offensive heavy system amenity took all the even he knows that when. You know some guys got cold and you want Berrian all the opportunities. That you are producing with their fore check. Yeah out. You need some defense to win and that's what they got back to last weekend and Brooke and against the islanders and the last couple games after that. With wins against Nashville. I against Dallas and yesterday against Florida yet they've had this pick ups defensively still. But it's not as much as as you saw I can't really from most of the season. And that type of commitment to defense and the Bruins have had the last four games is refreshing and it's great to see. And at some that I am seeing a couple years and if they can continue to commit to defense the way they have the last couple games. Then they're you know David chance and I just dead end when a series are two does that tell you don't win this tiny. And the other good paying right now when you do need to give your number one and I got. A day off did you play yesterday. And he is still not gotten to play them a couple's three straight games. And he got to go to back up an adult and it's a good thing to have him. Step up and make big saves and keeping it again but somebody was not join to the first four months of the season but he seemingly do it now. And I know I used to Goldman and knocked down and my rent them last week. But I only did that. Because my main point was I'm trying to defend took a rats in a situation where I just think it's idiotic even have to try to defend and the even try to have to defendant is just stupid why we why don't we have to defend it. The goalie who you could say is solely responsible for this team even being in a playoff race right now. I don't even know I have to defend but there was some people who try to tell me that because of a couple. Reliable games from the doldrums at the Bruins shouldn't should they should roll at the golden moving full what is it number one. That's ridiculous that's stupid and it's idiotic. You stick what you got and it. You know if you gotta get some games like the last couple a lot of adult that's a great tag especially this time here one. You know what if you gotta give in on one and I thought you need this. And at this point everyone is crucial and the Bruins. Update like the one of all they like went out yeah well that happened. Not social but. If they can hold on this 15 and a half minutes left they leader by one in Chicago. And that this is a huge win a huge win for the Bruins who would then bumped up into the two of its receipt in their division.