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Giardi and Bradford - The Red Sox open things up tomorrow so let's do some over/unders -- 4-2-17

Apr 2, 2017|

Mike and Rob talk about the Sox getting things going in tomorrow's season opener and give their thoughts on the team overall. Giardi throws some over/under questions at Bradfo.

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They saw what I was saying. That sort of thing that program director sound off on finally. Worked out there. Comes in policies that hack you got to come in on Sunday but he comes in the eastern. Pink shirt he's all dressed up going on meet the court is all of the christening. On all kinds Nightline. This is like the equivalent basically like why you dressed up for you right now. Adjusted that the and they dad. I never dresses up on my garden that he's got a girlfriend now says the Arianna you want the growth and she likes and he gets on my. They don't money this is my point here but anyway I'm he's all dressed up on my all you have to go fancy designs. For. Episodes of I mean I I feel again when I go to Gould's distinctive clothing this is my next stop and I actually do there because again and UC I have to go to and I Taylor's also okay it's my place and I. Whole battle without hobble what I go there I'm gonna have to get the deep black on black on black. You know just because I write I haven't been to a funeral while. By what I do on the NAFTA just all I don't have that I am not equipped to do now I'm very my wardrobe is way too Craig Sager asked. There's a general all right Pete. Let's go you know Tony didn't Bridgewater. Told members of water okay. I call you Tony ally but. They the senate talking about this stuff when we get opening date or what are what or. You're talking about half an hour and a half. What you're talking about Belichick and the only time on ten minutes the lines only it's a well are open you know in a Belichick at the traditional sports that's why people won't give Carol. But you are correct. You know I I get this stuff I looked at Red Sox what. People would give them first place and to the World Series in general seem this year. I really don't know what struck the ball. I need whatever Accenture has sort of talked all right Clark in Chechnya went to Ron Artest. Right. That you are obligated avenues are gone they're gone already medicinal and not a lot but I will say this and he maybe this is the start of something new would you and I. Are for us agreeing all season long. But I I picked Toronto to finish first division because of that rotation. Yeah it's not only the location I mean out of the top on the other leaders they worked real well last year that he had it about us you know Kara Seahawks are what we all the case but people would just. Couple options at a Red Sox you know because sale in the pulpit committee is in real trouble. Would do that got picked up from Milwaukee that hurts it's not act camp I thought he would beat out. Well not nice views they always had June 1 but you're right you're right heading into this year and what is the most guys might in Tony much to my best friends. What what is the most was the most uncomfortable thing when you're watching a team. It would need to what is not going right it is the ball president because you have everything else eight. Only the bullpen and it's been that way but you're the last 56 years or Red Sox finally caught up so I wallets they are we Kelly stop but. With what I see these guys going down. It's like OK you know next guy got what. You know like I don't like it opened up a little bit. Another place went down you don't know you don't golf published others in the beat besides you know everywhere doubled got a question mark could put so it'll. Repeat last year I just think it got to pick up Koppel stepped back and she locked all it'll take an accomplished a lot. I I. Tony I loads of open right now now as as rob said maybe there's you find something out there and Ben Taylor yeah well I just thought I was on clay and. Moderates. But it would write an all you can talk you can look at he traded for a guy did. If you traded for two guys you with Cody you fitted for two guys Carson Smith. And Tyler Thornburg which I up until January is going toward ordered marshals. Won't sort. Yes so but but both of whom had injury issues before yet and you have to Tony you have to ask that we listen you have to ask that question. Anytime you trade for relief pitcher a young controllable relief pitcher. The team know that it has the candidate Obama what is going on. Go back and look it's that he'll he'll only get pitched one hit it was like 23. That I. Is it yeah and get delivery. Yeah you'd he had an elbow he would elbow soreness the year before and the last month of that season is velocity wind down significantly we know what. Seattle I'd sort of say that year. That last year all OK okay. What did you beat Portland Red Sox a bit much but it gave up a guy who is supposed to be the rotation. You gave up you can whether you know what you think you seek wait Miley is any good he was also value it was kind of like Henry Owens that's at least wait Irish section shopped picture I don't but he wasn't viewed that you gave up a guy you know he's number eleven pitcher. And now. He can argue it's great protection that they'll battle what did they should take a rest yeah that's all every time these guys a lot because I could hit a democracy helpful ideas I'll. These wild delivery will be out on the shop you know adult. You're right you're right and it's the same thing with David Price David Price is. When you weigh in you look at what he is and that week while he's never been hurt and he's always been okay and ease. Ted economical delivery which I actually thought was a plus for him. But at at some point. When you pitch more pitches and anybody pitched more innings and anybody is gonna catch up view that's how pitching works that is the science of pitching might he. Are also has a funny recoil. Does that they had been out among word about the but I think I can win an arm as well ask us about him sure. Why why why haven't they done anything. Quality yeah actually threw yesterday I can write so. What what it's a question what are we legit what is legitimately fair to expect from him. I think legitimately. What is fair if a best case scenario. If you're thinking. This is the path they're going down and there is nothing wrong it is nothing to see and Kevin Bacon. Is actually right in the stadium inside like nothing to see nothing to see if it's a progress is getting stronger look cute you look at the video from the Naval Academy yesterday's pro and up about it's just a matter time. If you think that all of that is true. Then I have no prob what that because forget about this guy pitching 200 innings. Just get him right for four months to have right for free but I don't care. But at some point you have to change your narrative with David Price but what were course he is but he is as one manager told me this spring training maybe one of the reasons he's got in the post season is does he have to work so hard to get there round. It's I don't know thirty it's been floated in and that's a theory. But so if if what you're saying is accurate and are due partly it doesn't drive me nuts it's like you McGwire UB a little more transparent business. But why Aaron if it's it's maddening I. I just think what you're doing here. And look I get it his body and he has a medical's and the Red Sox had the medical's and they're by not being transparent whatever I did they they don't obviously they don't what do we do but. We're talking about someone who you're not gonna see. Until June. Yeah I mean there's everything works out perfectly. Oh look they're watering just last year which if there's a loss of more worries because you're supposed to be guy when Gleason and I are interviewing him in his truck and Chelsea back in three days. An appendectomy. Very yes give my best. When you say three days and it becomes two months that that's an issue and we can make a lot of similarities because. This is sort of the progress in the news. The route key that he went and also by the believe it was made made that he came back. OK so let's say midday if it if it protects you for the rest of the season in fine at least. Whole thing was weak and you need to strengthen it for the long haul then fine I get it the short term mentality but fine. If if he's throwing 9192. That's a problem. And anguish he comes back and if he's enemies on 9192. He's doing it when he's. Hurt like there's something there and they're trying to pitch through or underneath. This unique elbow oblivious and his albums as unique ability is so. Allow him to do that. Then not only putting this year. In jeopardy in terms of you're not gonna get the best performance from him that you need to yet but then next year you could be going to be exact same thing. Yeah so so to lay out your scenario. If I say get the damn surgery done now come back. All but but by hears it and and normally I would agree with you because everyone has its. No we you're not as united have Tommy John surgery in the break and we'll be back whenever. By next week off or sixty seriously don't do it by the way and we're gonna Pete Shepard Cohen from his moving truck after next segment. But I do wanna do the simulation of boxing out if the video. Of because it's still drive me nuts the guy from last night so he's out. But so you say to skip the surgery now and I heard I heard heartache central over there in Burlington say it is over and over and over. Well here I'm not necessarily part of politics and I know I'm so proud that the fact OP OP hello I'm just not on not being and understand like that I'd. I'm cutting okay if that's the discus apartheid you're cutting through. When you have David prices they get the surgery now the thing that I come back to is you get a PRP injection. And usually the PRP is always the gateway through with the surgery so the PR beaded work and now you're gonna have surgery. But there was none of that so that's the thing you always baffles me OG of the PRP well coached the PRP lasted two years ago. He may have. He may have I remember the first time ever heard it was his countrymen that Takashi Saito actually add into that yes the guy you recess closets I know that's the first one fell valued its. Be doubly excited it was a guy out. By but typically when you have the PRP or late. Two cormorant said the stem cell then. This is the prey Lou this is what we're doing instead of surgery and we think this is gonna work instead of surgery. But you didn't even have that with price so when people say well he's just gonna need surgery just habit already. Ball if they thought that that was even close to the Casey would have done the PRP. Right I guess I don't know. But the whole thing and so the whole time tables been weird though because remember it was going to be up to seven to ten days. And you start without America back to like I am like I don't too don't use our timetables are always because always put to basically screws player. Let's go to talk to him. From mission again but attempt. Hey I. Couple questions there or to your opinion. I'm I'm really concerned about the offense. Might it David Ortiz I mean everybody starts that I opera so great last year. Even when you lose their keys but. I got to believe is that huge influence on that. I'm kinda kind of worried about that. In my other question is. What you see the upside of Robby got I I really think he could be a wildfire on this team and and do a lot more than what needs. What what people are thinking right now. Is obvious that looked like then Taylor now he doesn't. I could pick I could Packard to differentiate between route is government I could not a fun game I could not the sport it's a really now. I actually should we should play the game both of gas that Red Sox might see you tomorrow we can do tomorrow when I'm there page devoted. They could basically run out and running out to the first baseline Robbie skied Ben Taylor goes in the whole whack he banged. Poses questions I don't know it's the same Robby asked about what Hillary's face he's excited about the defenseman rob this guy is eleven what was this process got from was the first that's definitely the best for obvious cuts story was that he get engaged in he. This third spring training. And he treated out the photos. Of him being gates in these professionally done photos and I thank him. How does how do you do that you have it is a surprise. And he explained it. That he hired a photographer to wait in the bushes. And he had to be at this point at that time a new jump out and take the pictures and then at the failings in the bush is to go and they all jumped out Noel today. Who new balance are really. While that Abbas and while he was now want to in a war that ended up and like the inside track however at pictures of it and Sasha really. This'll probably is yes a very good without me get the photos. But I'd never that that seemed like like you say at could be at this at at 5358. To be at this point on this path. In Naples Florida with the sun just right. And then if you do that that's got to know it's gonna say yes that's what that's. Of all who says now. Who says I thought I don't know earlier somebody no anybody who's ever had said no to an engagement purple. Just not. I heard over and over and visited the eyes that true. Now it's that your Oprah how did you propose as you're and joins our Bonnie a great program directors like he's on my he's assets six or seven when there is his version of propellant is not at every Friday night his first that are proposing to swiping right. It's beyond what what what's what is your proposal. We went on a horse and buggy your well monologue it is and that's where this the city. So at what point like it did when you were at the horse will decide well I thought about that offering a rough or. If you Maroney was eating in the road yeah. Will last month. It didn't happen but I did think about the world worried. So what point in the horse and buggy Raj did you actually I don't. I knew the feeling was right. There are important but it adds wryly. What what is so what that'd be unity with it yams and it was more little witnesses often started up his guys in and out of the time was right what if you think it's. Are you guys get your story is there. I have Mike yes my story was I was it was New Year's Eve so I don't really know which year actually proposed and it was. Up for debate as to on the beach in Florida. A proposed. And then by two seconds later my wife talk about China patterns I had no idea what those where. There's a whole thing you know is slightly with the Poconos like a few months before and she was give me crap about not proposing and and though I had a lot of crap about bad though it's sort of like so if you're forced into it when he went years ago. Non security spending craze has it's seasons. Avoid you Michael. Let's just let's move on 11230. I hope I'll. Holidays I don't know stories about the proposal Radford at ya party MP shepherd do we know are Peta is. These somewhere of the road off somewhere on China I would think any idea. Studies out of big truck. Pete was in New Hampshire. No I don't goodness okay now. It is working and being shepherd beat shepherd. Still a friend oh still friend. The Bradford GR racial hatred toward relative territory whose arteries dropping. Bombs from Beth tweets like we we will we will embrace the into the with the march oh. And have him call in from his moving truck as he moved down Florida. Brunch with. She. Sports. Today Gloria. Reenacting. He's so North Carolina Oregon if it was done properly. Boxing out is it hard to do. I walk right through three approved what's that boxing out a video and age is it hard to do it believes very important step one. Box thousands steps to. That really is Hank Azaria from dobbs all but convinced that the defense. But they are her driving and on your days are mark Myers on companies and anyway. Yes so we so in the break we simulated. We stimulated boxing out and I'm that's who's we get through this I'm going to tweet that out the video of us executing it because. Once again in case people missed it. So too ready to set the scene in this I feel like they do it to that was late. Buffy gets waited out a new want to save you till noon we'll break it down at noon okay. Sure. Meanwhile I wanna do if you wanna put you out of ritual on the Iraq. Okay oh well I hope maybe it dogma and out though how unfair in the words of good order right how unfair that is to put me in the corner. Asked the united it. Little game of over under cold night to get ready for the Red Sox. Seasonal upper tomorrow. And you are right here on the W yeah I Red Sox radio network yes. Yeah 120. Pregame show whole bull lacks. And that's appropriate insurance. You take your shirt off the Prius I hope you guys okay is it the groundskeeper Willie. All right we'll start with the the big one off the top. Winds. Over under Vegas Maggie two and a half. Under. I would say under two okay. But not too too much 91 that I within ninety or I won seven. Mean something obviously if you're if you're dark gonna go over something is gonna go wrong what you are gonna fixable and you gonna have some significant injuries David must go for of one meaningful touchdown all in in Atwater. In and and you are making up Ortiz so. It if you are. If you are if you don't hit the over or 92. And something goes wrong I think something's done. On. I mean I am told feels that I don't possible perennial all. Currently as can currently counts what's next let's go to you talked about. Replacing do or seasonal part of replacing David Ortiz is getting. Great production from Hanley Ramirez it's. Over on her home runs thirty under. Thirty once in his career. Now last year. And I think his shoulders I think he can hit by his shoulders and messed up. And I announced by the way they knew going in it's it's. Well this is the I mean this is where. You're there so and the times that that you were valued in in went to spur interest us competence. Your value is there 2000 yes this thing I remember those days. You UN to spring training and you were there would Hanley was work and everything else and all my goodness. Did you buy into the whole. Hanley doesn't have his glow he's using Mike Napoli glow of what a travesty uses. And Hanley could no no way in leagues can be able play first base and be honest. If this is why did not they use an embryo if there are so I did is I'd you know once again this is the exercise that we did. We go on record and were proven right Iran. Fine if you're on. But with a badly you say if he's injured and he knew about this are I'm with you on the I don't. This is something we talked about transparency with injuries. This started off was well if you wanna WBZ and he came up all the way to the last day. A goal of the WBZ. If he's gonna go because of shoulder and then. He did last minute he's not going but he will be okay because Gil is gonna get better here and now we're sitting here and he can play in the field. I see those trainers constantly working on his shoulders he can still swing a bat he could spring training it's fine. But let's pretend there's nothing wrong. Well I mean the deep pie in the sky for Farrell was a wall made you'll see him at first base in the second series that being in Detroit. Well it makes you believe that can happen but what. It was again it goes back to the David Price seven to ten days. This is this was that the narrative with Hanley Ramirez was once games start in ways that he isn't playing first. Well it's like using goalie WBZ. A don't worry staying behind to get a shoulder is better so he can play in the field. And you really be like going up the last couple weeks LB I suspect he'll get in the field a couple times. At the industry training he never date you can say he's gonna play in Detroit but the overall issue here is that there is something wrong with the shoulder you had. All of this time to get him ready to did say. You know what we got is ready his shoulders ready for the regular season. I knew that wasn't enough time belonged to spring training in the history of mankind. I know this from personal experience from being there yes and tired and you weren't able to do it now you're going it to say you know hopefully get in Detroit. I want to say. Life force the issue why bother to have a DH but I understand also. That you have Chris Young sitting there and you could against lefties and he can't be a weapon that regard but it keeps seems to me like you're forcing. Him playing the field when you don't want his shoulders are messed up he can hit the gatlin hit the crap on the ball right to sit and now even though he said yeah. Tin mine plan first base and one Cuba's and it. I don't buy that yeah he just wants to play in the US and in isn't it. We talked about how far he came playing first base last year. Yeah he's taken some ground balls there but it was nowhere near the intensity this spring training of playing out there it was kind of like if felt kind of how fast you know I'm sort out there I can't throw. Asked how it felt anyway like this he knows in the back of his head that. The odds of me doing this this year this year not very by the way he can't say this but a farm him on what this means that DH because you know when his contract is its contract is this year or next year and that he is a vesting option for plate appearances combined for the two years. If he's gonna get another deal which by the way that is going to view last 21 million dollar year deal the heavy mayors average debt right so there is an impetus. Four I know what to win championships. Wants to do whatever is best for the team but upon him is like the tournament on stage anyway is there another over under. Let me let me hit you with and continue that same day Mitch Moreland. Now just go based on moral and not being a full time player being a close to full time player. Home runs 22 and a half. Under. Lou yeah I'm very negative make our arm and I think the over on okay. Art that's fair all right a Bee Gees this that's a good one that's a good line though. You're very you're you're very keen your census in terms of the setting these lines because that's right away or where he's landed the last couple years yet. 23 and 2015 and 471 plate appearances. 22. Last year 406 okay ripped torso yeah over under on wins. Another good line. A good line good job. To be one of those I'll go under I think it's harder to get to nineteen wins. Then a lot of people remember me think about how long it took them to get a guy there and dog wonder now I would go under two because. Last year. Batting average of balls in play a was lower than it had been. Everybody figured out maybe or maybe you just had one of those years where maybe everything got hit somebody yes and he got outs maybe. I did I mean I'm not I ice that I don't think. We're talking about someone who's gonna have this dramatic drop off and suck like you did. The first yours here when he couldn't hero kind of pitcher was yet to make any sense but yes I'm gonna take you under there are zero. Then a Bogart's who is going to be idly batting sixth tomorrow would be sure will be idiotic. Batting average. Stop. Why is it. I don't I don't wanna cut our cruise on through this. Why do you think in a bogus hitting six of us is one of those if I have me if I am a huge beef we use. The manager of this baseball team John Ferrell or managers in general it's as righty lefty crap. And the idea batting Bennett and the high in the order when Bennett Tony is proves nothing in his rookie and has one couple. Our fifth the that's 200 bats the management level under his belt makes no sense. Makes no sense because Bogart's is a proven. 300 hit two 300 hitter to water hit guy. Why wanted to stop the Washington backs I think he's still gonna grow into his power I still think there's more there for him so my idea would be. I'm put my best citi's top. Which is what you're supposed to do OK so let antennae gate become what those best hitters. He's not there yet and he's a rookie okay put him in the back let it chill in April let him figure it out and then if you break him. Slime or. Let's play this out. It is as as John fry altered told Kirk that interview. You don't review some of the information yes let's play this out so you put that intently to the number six spot that's where you put him. Yes so check yet so you have Moreland Ben and dandy Jackie Bradley. Pablo phantom ball Sendy Rleal. Right then how pay you got a good lefty in the bullpen have attic. Because that that is that's what's gonna be brought in for that are the order. So might counter to that is that if you think that he can do anything you view that big. That he is going to be an above average hitter into Bennett Tony and I get you got to prove it. But if you do think that the chance of that happening. Insurer put up there. Porter put him up there I have no problem putting up there once improves but but they ball you'd say you hate the lefty righty thing but that's part of lefty righty thing. If you're are. The beginning of that lineup if you look at the guys Jones or your pension and. Well you know no you don't it is different about it that. Now that you're not pinch hitting for anybody that's my point is that so when you have that many lefties in a row and that many lefties who. You anybody make you think that he's gonna hit against lefties but he didn't last year. Jackie Bradley did last year. You did for awhile. So you don't pinch hitting for them that's that's the other problem you cut you can bring in the lefty pinch any forbade antennae you know penchant for Bradley according. What we know now you don't pinch hitting for below. That's three in a row. That you're not penchant for. You're gonna bring in Erin loop your favorite guy loopy little little sort of the loops loop celebrity bloop bloop bloop bloop Saluki. Which is what I don't know if you noticed echo lefties in the pocket and monitor to go Aaron is in the left deep bomb bomb bomb their ego. Took pearls of genius. Almost didn't quite enough to clip that is gonna bring that and go off it probably care. Anyway John so yes genius I don't you were genius. Is that Dotson. I'm distracted right now. Why I have been able on your show on sports reporters on his Populist Party shies youth that is the power of the Boston Globe right there. That is the power of the Boston if I show off the air. Nick is a show could be the last show. Business. That's right we talked about this before that that story that he did. That was like. We've all I've done that story you might have done this story but you can't you have to be self deprecating he can't be saying how awesome it is I went down worked out into the work out of the players and look at how awesome and everyone said well Mike and it's you're much better shape. Now now you can't do that yet to be self. I didn't do that story I did the trying out to yourself which cheerleader. Yes you can say it was awesome it was an awesome cheerleader what I think we learned then and I was like probably 1012 years ago is that I am not the most flexible and and they try to stretch which. The two leaders tried to stretch yes. The chilling distract distract cheerleaders they'd they they stretched. While. There was that's not to say that there was an attractive group of females and of Ed I just. In fairness you work or your marriage. She eventually stretched it. Can we get mrs. yardage on the phone that yeah her thoughts of the and by TRU admitting that the Celtics clearly distressed them. Yeah let's get the proposal story to. So that adds 1115 I had heard from coastal break I believe.