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1974 Virginia 500

Mar 30, 2017|

The MRN broadcast of the 1974 Virginia 500 from Martinsville Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives for. From Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville Virginia off their. I did go motor racing network with the broadcast of the Virginia 500 Winston cup grand national stock car race. Presented by Anthony feed makers Brookline automotive product. Advice time and I free thought you get more of what you showing your car up for the winter climate. Hold for today's broadcast. Why error. Had a good good day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Martinsville Virginia this beautiful racetrack in this beautiful part of the country. And today the largest crowd at Martinsville history a brand new seating section down and turned water into a filled to capacity. It's 23000. Strong to see the most competitive automobile racing in the world. The stars and cars of NASCAR already four meet number nod and a half mile drive. It's 500 laps brought down to 450 laps this time around. As per the request from the federal energy office for sports to come up with a general reduction of their activity this year. So what 400 outlets office last year our moto racist past kale Yarborough who sits almost all about mark. This bill no we've runway earlier load times and we live federation are usually very review. Enough duration 68. There's nothing like something always happened close to me in the first evaluate sort of conclusion anyway. You know that's when UH come you know nobody there who wanted to we got a shot and this is Susan Maria. Close to the thought that the gentleman who is running for number one prevention in the grand national points standings for the three million dollar awards than. Fox series this year. Outside pole is Arcadia California is George former catcher Jorge former all fall Martinsville. It could happen tractor very physical. When you're in traffic constantly and there's good news though Merrill Merrill drag them in a I've seen alloys that are wider than this track so often you can imagine how tight it is murder for the driver with a you know 300000 stock are trying to get through corner and he got thirty have Monica. That's the kind of action we're going to be presenting today on the motor racing network. As these grand national Winston cup stars prepare for the Virginia 500. Asked Bobby Isaac who was one of the toughest drivers that ever since stuff mostly thought about half mile track about coming home to his try to racetrack Martinsville Virginia. Well. I don't really does come home and I'll always enjoy good news. You're effective thing that I had a little more than Fifth Amendment added that they've they've always good. It can become used to the Martinsville Speedway you don't just feel like you coming. A short track cute government. 250 mile later this. To make the Buckley would it make you went to the 500 mile race you know so. What is home where where you feel like it has not been here. That's Bobby Isaac who's out here today driving the harsh Ellington novelty. But like these annual Virginia 500 from Martinsville Virginia Ken Squier the motor racing network bringing you the action today and here is the starting grid. Give up thirtieth position outside of ropes originating from Danville Virginia other strong racing Chevrolet up while they flooding. Starting 29 on the field a rookie driver from triangle Virginia it'll be Travis Hillary at dodger automobile. Starting 28 on the field from Charlotte, North Carolina I in the fight a fresh Chevrolet Al all language. And like you here locally. In the 26 position little tarnish off from Winston-Salem North Carolina the heart racing Chevrolet. Going 25 on the field from Houston Texas get a lot of rush hour if you steam car Chevrolet for Gordon van Ludwick Tony that the house and junior driver. You don't want a fourth position today from Concord north Carroll on the edge in the Brady won a third round match built out of see the reliable quality Chevrolet. Hoff David Cisco. For the 42 position the venerable state but that's motor racing game built champion 52 years old champion racing for 41 on the field. But Cunningham Kelly Chevrolet from Columbia kind of see cuckoo Marlon. Going twentieth. From a horse showed off Carolina as the kind of quietly engines is given as we saw Gordon. Get a sixty it was a tonight Howard portrait dodger Neal capsules. Starting eighteenth from Wausau Wisconsin and Debbie enterprises dodge of Dave Marcus. Going seventy will be quite warrant. Bob Harrisburg North Carolina the hut restaurants dodge automobile sixteenth today the stock Chevrolet of James Hilton amendments South Carolina. 58 JD nicked up based Sanford North Carolina in the gland not landscaping Chevrolet. Fourteenth another rookie driver from Daytona Beach, Florida eighteen year old rich advanced to the track masters Chevrolet. Thirteen converts 67 body Arrington Martinsville Virginia in the Stanley truck implement. Starting twelfth from Winston-Salem North Carolina the LC Newton trucking Chevrolet at Richard Childress in the eleventh position from Houston Texas former grand national rookie. Walter ballot. In the Ballard racing Chevrolet and what we call on number seven from Asheville, North Carolina the belt and asphalt Chevrolet up being Dalton. Starting night last year's rookie you clear from the Bedford Virginia Lennie pond in the masters Chevrolet automobiles. Based on the field defending grand national champion from Detroit metric good in the king's role fireplace Chevrolet Benny Parsons. Starting seventh problem gut prop up North Carolina in the hot selling it and why a lot of wiper blade Chevrolet. Bobby Isaac. Starting six on the field but Coke machine for VOA town Alabama Bobby Allison. Fifth on the field the ash BP dodge the winner of seven of these Virginia 500 races. If Richard Petty and number 43 seeking his 158. Career victory this afternoon. Rotting fourth on the field Carner fanatic from Martinsville Virginia twice water and sports when competition on this track Jimmie has actually in the trucks more duty Donne lovely car. The third starting position is that died guard racing Chevrolet up Donnie Allison. Outside all book but our RC cola forward to Georgia for more of Arcadia California. As the field moved down belief. First and second turn area into the backstretch the pole sitters. What are three grand national races this year. Front Evansville South Carolina in the car care Chevrolet truck break kale Yarborough ladies indelible that you're starting field for the Virginia 500. The expert commentary for today's race. The winner of a tell a day ago 501. Year ago. Great driver and California is alongside her love from the Booth today and pick Brooke to the delight to have you with us and I guess the first question to you is. Our job there with a sodomized dodge this afternoon the competition. Well it can't worry. We. Would like debate I think ever race driver would would really really like to be an arm and a race car when he says never watch a race but. We have which finally Simon I'd black's company where we were to do fourteen major races. That's going to be mostly on the super speedway. And what are present rule changes what have you we just. Because he's probably with a car and everything which. Just couldn't make this right we have we'll throw last week. That was the first short preparation plans. And we're planning on toward the end of the same hopeful that we can come back here right all right and what is this going to be a good race today. Kind of a pleasure to make and after watching I think this is Columbia premier new grill. And racing itself something that adjustment. To made has been fantastic anyway and I think this. Really love a good. A capacity crowd rises through their feet sold out of Martinsville Virginia to see the battle. If between the east and the west the sports car driver and the stock car driver between the Chevrolet of aborted kale Yarborough Evansville South Carolina. Inside and outside Georgia Wal-Mart Arcadia California former Hannah and friends and gently at the grand old racist song. The end of turn number one Barney hall hailed gobble gobble up the moment that I won't call it. Joseph are former pentagon having a great art just slightly but Donnie Allison our tails Obama on the back side. Ballmer got a little rough over the water he's not good but we'll pick up with a little. Failed to offer our belief Mike Huckabee. Only my second headline that beautiful large recall like car really took collect Gil was sideways good turnover filled it back right away. Running door to door what Richard Petty but later was really our world Donnie Allison is in second. Bobby also runs in burden. Benny Parsons is going forward Bobby Isaac is in bad. Athletic father after Chevrolet runs in six. Going to have a good Donnie Allison fact that they Jordan Wal-Mart Richard Petty is denied having red Jeep that we'll send it can't be gone eleven Dave Marcus is while. Richard Childress wanted thirteenth what fourteen belonging to Houston Texas while there Ballard. Going fifty. It is James Hilton as the field moved back to Barney hall all the outfielder Jeff blue devil Robert throughput that canal also derived second deadliest golf cart anymore. Boy Bobby I didn't get them in the late father at 6 o'clock. A tough break for George hall worked over probably cried up a little bit hard. They got a good position out of that number one moderate daughter I'm mailing opera gets locked up but he is back in traffic and running at about eight. It's about the power. We'll labs are down three laps to believe what makes the fifties or laugh along the calendar here at the Martinsville Speedway if they are keeping track of the market monitor fifteen days faithful are maybe having trouble with some great what about a week. Brooks. Why I think that's probably George Foreman last night because they were have a little problem. Download struggled in one way or another network like what kind of what happened in the peel one off the first turn together and I'll put the cart looked like a Bob little bending over sideways tonight. Sometimes does happen. They're all up there's still running all over trying to for 64 Hubble Langley looked like you I've been having some. Motor difficulties was his car in every finished fourth yesterday and pocono Pennsylvania your dramatic margins try to move on a carnival fun if they go to turn one. Martin played good good run right now I just take over the public wave that away from shipping handling. On Colbert automobile there's a lot of little smoke coming from left rear tire of it all out my data sheet metal finish out the fire all the right could be walking up a little. There wasn't startled at the bedrock of civilians out of the car where you come out here and I believe you metal beverage of good job of not really expensive on the left five foot bomb but he got a verbal offering on November we'll talk we'll tell. Talk about how the Houston Texas is running very slowly on the inside of the black. We're showing 56 of 500 laps completed. Life now Caylee off road hasn't won here since 1968. Fireballs that show Roy out of turn over more and has himself almost 12 advantage. Over Bobby Allison Chevrolet and second hand moving the bird market for seven exude defending national champion betting markets there in turn one. Cahill right now opening up a good separation you really getting up a lot of drivers were not a word male there's an awful quick collapse. A lot of black diphtheria that all the driver back to working right now he's just. Almost half of oil on the field can fire nearly caution flag coming out. He left Travis Miller and Jane Thomas says he's still not a little. Burned in the latter number 58. It's Caylee I'm world picking up big caution flag in the late in the field that brought down the first time in the race. Why for the yellow will no momentarily I think the yellow is probably offered Toney bent out. Started barking up the graphic up inaudible over your corner they just had a good chance of letting the car and they're good why. Drivers and all of that area. Natalie I'm just gotten the word in the middle what happened that the only gotten out in the as a program followed a card could not control the other colored photos out they'll move him out of the way the record trickled off right now factor that now George bombers heading part of a fifth day of the Archie called like cars white and blue you know liberal machine calls out. I don't go to work to put more troops over the law which. Spartanburg, South Carolina to rebuilding that has gone to visit. Our freedom doors they would like to have a quarry pit stop but. They have to take it as it comes and they do have some sheet metal ball off the left trivial change that fire that in the past thirty years ago thrive are on the left prayer around to try to move. Sheet metal away from a child that apparently got to straighten out they pop operas got back and you thought it way out but I have to wait for the field to go live practically have choir. Waiting on two left out of mobiles I don't believe you lose a lap. There if you want excitement and thrilling wheel to wheel action that he planned to stay the Winston 500 next Sunday at Talladega Alabama. But once the 500 where fifty of NASCAR's superstars battle. For 165000. Dollars. All the ticket office with Alabama international motor speedway it right now they area code is to go five. The number is 36290640. You do that number again. That's nextwave Caylee are world bodies baker Richard Petty David Pearson and many others NASCAR giants will be at the Winston 500 and you can be there to. Twelve operators are on duty that Sunday afternoon in Talladega Alabama and the phone number again is too old five. Read six to nine almost export that's 205. 362906. Or the Winston 500 grand national stock car race next Sunday. If the Alabama international motor speedway at Talladega Alabama. Still under caution here at cal at Martinsville Virginia from Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network and. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust and hope go to veto fuel that feeds you go second campus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so great. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert former crew chief. I know it takes to keep engines performing at their best. SDP's latest breakthrough additive. Best TP ultra five in one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years ftp has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run better. It's longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. In the initial stages of the Virginia 500 at the Martinsville Speedway where it is build the capacity we'll watching Caylee I borrowed the green has just been. I'm keeping watch the get go a lot of plot leading Bobby Allison got to the front of a lot as Alison Jeff. Lightly touches the brakes at the fear comes in many parts of riding in third wife. On allison's rear bumper going forth Donnie Allison. I'll take that but these Juli dawn bloody car being driven by Jimmy can't play. Who has had such good like here in sports book prices has just gone around Donnie Allison so about half they arrived at port here that Juli dawn love exports more part of my body was. It's Donnie Allison in bed. Going to six lose money on seven that Richard Petty cases popping eyes are moving two night. It's part of an ID eight Rickie bad going captain Dave Marcus eleventh here's these dolphins while it's automatic six. That's Richard Childress automobile. Going thirteen this Walter Ballard riding fourteenth astronomer fifteen George boulevard in their deepest James Tilton sixty the JD nicked up they. Seventy. Is the car of cuckoo Marlon eighteenth there's body air ranked up another hometown driver from Martinsville. Rotting nineteenth on the field built championing going to wanna hit is Carter reported course Cecil Martin. Now that's what 65 laps down we have one caution. In the early going when Tony that positive at throttle linkage right down out of the car park for free for trouble wanted to do. Here they caught the ladies 67 laps would again Caylee our world dominating him pulling away to 12 advantage down the party. All he had come on hard definitely far from Canada that kept you're hard Phillies holding down real low on the racetrack in the corner getting the good fight off the turn. And around all the floors above financing. The build up only. Secondly the Bobby Allison but Allison what little fat short track drivers of the business. A lot of problems at all. Saw the most competitive automobile racing to the world is here at Martinsville Virginia Talladega Alabama back something that you can't play at Talladega I sure hope your candidate. Pope Leo the auto racing network all over the United States that regularly action. All the greatest automobile racing to be saying it. Kelly I pearl who hasn't won here three catches for 68 last year. He led more laps of the two grand national races held at Martinsville. And any other competitor and yet both times he lost in the official golf after all real Donnybrook with David Pearson who was hot here today. Adam the second races. In the fall he and Bobby Allison really had a hand Richard Petty at a set it would finally the races being decided in favor of Richard Petty. So the car is working well and incidentally. The kale Yarborough car really looks a little shop worn today you're ever there were north slope toward North Carolina last Sunday afternoon. They've been working 1516. Hours today. Preparing a brand new. Car care Chevrolet we'll Talladega next they get this car ready rebuilding and hire new engine. And so they shake map was still showing somebody abused at sustained at north wolves Berle but the car is running like any Junior Johnson car. Flawlessly and as Barney hall just imagine do you find candle was what makes a difference here you can have all the horsepower the world this is one dragons one of the toughest tracks. Many drivers considerate league's toughest track in the entire three million dollar Winston cup grand national series. If you haven't got the handle of Martinsville you might as well market right now mark well a lot of thought by a second point for me. His car number eleven Kelly I brought up for a while Bobby Allison runs in seconds. And we'll leave him that word positions his car number 88. Donnie Allison car enjoy the third position as he moves around car number 72 Benny Parsons again the body hall. We're competitive like you move up the feel about getting. Walk off possibly later got cars as. We offered enough going comedy very hard to headache about the red about a fourth of the forgetting to move that ftp dogma about the. All racing fans around the country this marked the second of the historic series from patty because he is using a little mention this is up 340. Cubic inch engine. Which is broke the 362. They can't score 340. Get a little good men on the walls and that would explode on the sort of stroke after the initial one plus that. From north looks for a last Sunday afternoon we're adding one. They called the 50000 dollar right well Dave Marcus and George Wallace really laughing and snapping and I would say to Wal-Mart is black running out of break. Looks that way that brought us. I could possibly be he hits hard after that restart at the start writing career and I've been watching him a little bit B drive an awful hard trying to keep from getting lapped. We'll move around a track pretty fast and harmony made just got just a little bit into. Markets and their five but he really went to the left side defenders more up front bumper winning rock you're part of a joint hearing goes under Ricky match. Diving out of turn up a lot like George Ball hard. Who is experiencing a bit of a road racing is short short track today. A lot of slamming in Atlanta it is you'll always get at Martinsville it's really rolling rock while they automobile. We'll for the crowd it's sort of nor racing might not awfully lot of thought and Benny Parsons of the current number one that's typical Martinsville and Barney hall Dolly. Together the lab had the fastest way of getting brought up probably later than normal run laps nothing is in the top five all day. Very strong here and an idea they ought to look back later this. Evidently what you hear. Floyd is around they are back. Up fastest car on the way strike at this moment. Is the FDP doctor Richard Petty is moving faster than anyone else faster the leader's bloody and sports. He played in the field out of now he begins to wade through the competition it's really our world version Bobby Allison and second. A lot of sports cars Donnie Allison runs in the third. Stanley ftp callers why more than caddie did a small engine they have rapidly spreading round they called out of 50000 dollars and 50000 dollars. Build themselves up on 362. Small block. Power plant for competition. What next week at Talladega that he'll go back with a big engine because your native Talladega when he got to put that 190 to 200 miles an hour racing. Which is Talladega Alabama international motor speedway build champion has pitted he's back on the right here's a good report let's talk to Charlie Carville right now. We're talking about though built up good ballclub over there. The political difficulties. Just hours. We'll just call total. On the front page and the Korea's also getting here comes number fifteen fold. Getting down underneath Jimmy canceling the local driver in the Juli dawn of the car have switched up my body is fast moving inside like George Ballmer. What varieties get a lot more in court today he allison's. A beautiful red and gold number twelve rides in second with a low one goal operate at Donnie Allison in Burd their bumper to bumper. Then ten cars like separate those two cars Richard Petty and more at. Rotting in the you bet physician looks for the need of aid but letting one car number that people are in the sixth position is batting arson. Going in the seventh okay we have done our number one rabbits no. A lot of reporting things is sitting right in the middle of turns over wanted to do and cool graphic very down to the bottom of the racetrack and red Jeep packed almost got ahead on. Caution flag atop the field gets wiped out of the bottom bracket goes buddy Eric on the outside of the very hazardous the victim here and over and turn right now have a stellar final Virginia look back. Travis still with a driver's door facing traffic get a look like somebody was gonna do what my T ball right through open that would Smart. Travis Miller a rookie driver sideways and turn a ball on the cards still lying dormant. Right in the middle of turn one and two and a half mile track of Martinsville Virginia body every do it is getting Caylee opera was lady gets to that late on that last run down its body of lies and still running a consistent seventh place the great Ryder probable Carolina part of the second caution today George Colbert dives on the good role. At Martinsville Virginia the leaders are all on pit road with the exception of Bobby Allison. Caylee are growing quickly and dances backdrop of the straightaway it's also latest Bobby Isaac Richard Petty Betty Parsons Lennie pond Richie fan. What out of fought as hard numbers while Allison. He is in fact helped block a floor slower cars. Which he'll have to laugh for a bit lap or that leader and number eleven scale and they include add an agreed dean Dalton cuckoo Marlon. Build champion JD nicked up being. Ernie shot Dave Cisco here's Frank Warren very knows the cards and brought all of the leader between the leader and we safe because the cardiac safety cars. Went Caylee off world news came man. Estimated 32000. Folks here today doesn't look to me like there's a seat anywhere in the park and this is one beautiful place. We'll tell you about some of the upcoming races at Martinsville Virginia a little later. Always like to come back to Martinsville it's worth the ride over from Roanoke in the spring when. God what's the first moving just come up through the mountains this lovely little town on this. Beautiful racetrack that. Player Earl has spent so much private so much body it. Every year they just keep on improving the racing facility at Martinsville Virginia is where they have tremendous modified racing yesterday. On this track. Just a dynamite Mod Squad performance the unlimited racing cars of NASCAR were here yesterday and Richie Evans won by about. That much just a smidgen over. Donald shot poorly a local driver mobile rocket not protect your bank parts and that he was second time Jerry Cooke. It's not United States national modified champion finished third yesterday at flap. Trial roster New York's fifth and Johnny fly the path of Virginia worship. An answer that Lagos modified race here yesterday afternoon before about 121000 fans were shot of the caraway speedway in Asheville, North Carolina ran last night. And and just about forty minutes those same cars are Randle to race is down here in Virginia and the North Carolina last battle Lacey did Fulton New York. Had some kind of all the that's part of what the Mod Squad lives with a rose Mahdi unlimited cars so congratulations to Richie Evans on the basis. Bob Evans wedding yesterday here. At Martinsville Virginia in a 150 lap event he is currently number one in the nation Jerry Cooke had the number one. Because he moved in just two spots that's how close it is for the national championship a modified in the first quarter of the season. Richie Evans is to get some a lot of golden streaker come up through the studios. Richie Evans had a great day yesterday will be bringing you more results from. NASCAR racing around the country has the Apatow to address. As matters stand here we had 87 to 500 laps hopefully we're showing Bobby Allison in the first and after the clashes that stops. Jimmy canceling of Martinsville Virginia twice to what our exports but competition off this rocket terrified half miles acted second. Going third. Unofficially they're showing George Foreman I believe that is incorrect he has at least the last out point sir it would be Kelly opera what going forth with B Richard Petty. That's unofficial without we'll wait and see we're showing 88 lap how quickly caution cars kill off the reason for the second caution. We're just spin by a relative newcomer automobile racing. Travis tiller. One of a trio of forty drivers who were in this race the other two drivers facility that houses from Houston Texas fabricate action Daytona Beach, Florida. And there's a squadron of rookie drivers looking for those honors this year than last year went to what a father Patrick Virginia. Lenny running well it really well and very much popular here in Martinsville two busloads of flooding on bands Bolden just before the race. Talk about conserving energy that's one way to do it rerouted to buses. All came together. You Leon ladies and gentlemen Pontiac safety car coming in and out of Martinsville the Virginia 500 is back on the way. What the leader of the Alabama gang Bob Ellis the lady on the Virginia 500 and apparently why. Allison enough money go not a problem nor one part bottom fifty doll look out for the believer out of black beauty don't often often over the water coming up with the office. Delgado Richard Petty and Donny Alice. They're caroling bombarding thank you about a half mile next. Sunday after dawn about two point six mile track will escalate the finger over 200 miles for our offense at Talladega next Sunday. Look today at Martinsville and that's just go Laporte this is the want to leave the driver's license plus voice and exhausted. At the end of 500 laps Allison who races all the time great import nights a week. Right now is in plot and that little local machine shop here comes across my father Dave Marcus getting nailed it I mean he really put electronics make for I think. Wiped out of his car. All of a sudden that George former cart to get a look like a double Marat their thick books. Did today as I think I think you just drive of the two party got behind the beginning and these you think it's pretty good chances a couple of medals paid off do well. Well right now that car is still running but a lot of that is have been sustained at that today Markus Carr has twice been the Ron Paul they've already got busy. Charges up to traffic in the Arctic Kola car don't know all of the best that I can to the left a lot of probability of them from your beloved pop up form. Hopefully he'll fight part of over the probably right. The cars they pretended problem are going to permanently. Here's my belly up well going under George former and he drives it quietly outside the flag. Here's Dave Marcus thanking James held and I mean they're wrapping up smacking cart now markets. Is coming any other tire rubbing and maybe more right front tire rubbing off defenders as Dave Marcus a number two balls back on the road I think. He's going to be angry when the race is over that brought us. And I think she felt awful lot of money and he's just about got all four corners that I think Obama got the whole left side Knight is banged up right side. Judge I'm always kind of OK a little bit lower your old local FM life out of him all the right rock over apple left front government have a like body back up. But I think that is hard to throw up all of our user. Hammered it. Metal. Well what better. I've run the program back a little. Well here is at its most brutal farm grand national Winston cup racing slam means watching so traffic the greatest stars of automobile racing today Ambac Coke machine up Bobby Allison. If dominate player comes Haley I've always been around on my Thanksgiving actually had Caylee opera was back the second position. Chevrolet lot wanna do more runs in the third and fourth lines and more fears that number pit lane Donnelly inside they have it in the same lap number of fifteen. George Foreman crawling up. Coming around the outside. There's joy ride in there with the fact that they go down the turn number one former top level failed and it is not on the inside out. Iron numbered money actually got it up they're not Donnie Allison tries to move under George Foreman read they screen down the backstretch. Bonnie this is really like according lap race at Columbia. What a lot like that. Can I talk about Jordan although I think yards. Find it got a little bit conservative and look for places like a good finish. Think George really get aggressive because you certainly have things overlap here he's doing a great job of that. The front wheel development of the they gather your development as. While hammering George is out there running at Fort Dodge Donnie Allison is working on the back again here's Donnie Allison. These drop kick him twice in the last lap emails are coming out of turn on perform. I mean they are really out of today at Martinsville Virginia. It's grand national racing as you always expect the sale of half mile drive. There are some very nice thing about here today and remember they have to do it all again next Sunday and over 200 miles an hour mark at the Talladega Alabama. Unbelievable. What these guys handled cars. Slipping and sliding slamming 3800 pounds of steel father's half mile facility. At Martinsville Virginia they're sold off today the state grand national automobile lays it out and bought. Bobby Allison but that lead is evaporating as carnival eleven Caylee up pearl continues to what drop laughter laughable that audit. Lot of the burden Donnie Allison moving up or Richard Petty dropping the pin is caught her fifteen George boulevard. I believe Georgia's give the word by that. Plot mechanics. But more than went back green flag came out for that it was they rebel jarred it and simply stand up that's what Jordan Ballmer has been doing today. He's really taken the gloves off and he's getting in there and really mixing it up. Reentry like we have a battle for first place Haley opera about a 1000005 Bobby Allison. Explosive guard turn a whole lot definitely arrives daughter your scale up bombing inside a battle for the sake of little things right away. Failed tried to dive down low they hit the first turn. Relatively good job but they've got bailout we want to stop it from an adult they gave it a bottle of water. At thirty drop out of lake band jump up all of walk like they're sitting on the floor and out of my read the battle continues. And apple want that to your nail down on the and I don't look up the door on him again what you do on. Believable and scale sticks his nose and now we're gonna have a few won't crash it wiped out about 50000 dollars worth the race card there's tailback running inside he's diving all Allison dropped to my paternal wanna put my. It could Carnegie get the perfect outfit automobile have air bombing of reviving the dog failed failed market. A little bit Lieberman wanted to get adjusted and tied up underneath but he cannot do with the development taking advantage maybe you can run and a. The dog that would not allow them about the way to put away. As they come out of this Winston cup grand national competition today it's fell flat audience like you don't have to mow these off the side Allison. You battle over daughter about scaled down and look up front maybe a wonderful thing about the back stretch running form or another on a break already got home. But card America have a way to put it later. They'll have to replace the arrives out of jail is not available they talk pushing battle again but Haley opera puts himself back at brought. Dropping to second place of Bobby Allison Allison driving inside advice to both drove. This private the other way around Barney purple. Lot of traffic in the corner that's not a Cahill worked traffic and we'll develop a lot of good as anything drivers of the business they're both really. That's putting it behind the sport are leading a very long it's coming out of the boardwalk and up on you for having him run. Bobby Allison looked mighty good out here today they're running has fallen to about automobile they've put a lot of work you do it. I feel it's gonna stand up and bring them all look right now at junior Johnson's car driven by bill gobbled Evansville South Carolina. Whose greatest fear was it 1968 when you probably want to hear the one they don't. And he won everything there was to win except the beauty contest. Is running out and run. Where it Alison trailing him by Ford car like the battle is what third position where Bob Lee's younger brother Donnie Allison. Just fighting Richard Petty Chevrolet against god if they shoveled up and it turned up one. Competitive and keeping them like about it every level out there are uncomfortable about the backstretch without audiobook don't want our separation that is running a little bit. Qualified to play record as having definitely better probably. Nobody got underneath. Don't bother coming out of the wolf former what do you. Kale Yarborough as lady Bobby Allison is in second but there's been a change in the third Richard Petty has pulled around Bonnie Allison. That there's a sprinkle available rankled. Get a life front fender off on dialysis automobile let's see if netting of the Brady blows out here. Hello I'm half mile track the speed never gets over 100 miles per hour of the action as the steps all day Bobby Isaac. We'll ayalon the windshield wiper talk for what BA don't buy hot selling them. Now pulls out of the role. I think I'm really looking good out here in the practice rounds. Let's just hope it all comes together for him as you know he was hurt in Darlington with a banjo Matthews car was demolished Betty parts of the erupted imagine. And batting. They flew at Bobby right behind it and Isaac had a polite to the Oilers back awhile about a 150 miles an hour. Org jumped out of his ankle did over his golf game per week for two weeks feeling good. Let's just hope they have bad joke get really together and come out flying cars today I think driving the ball toss Ellington car. That have been driven by charging atomic clocks back from Georgetown Indiana on previous occasions this year. The 110 lap one doubters that he completed 115 laps and here's the way it goes through fourteen position race fans. Robin brought it on number eleven kale Yarborough Bobby Allison is in second. Riding third that was Donnie Allison Richard that he wanted for it. Going bed with Jimmy had played six games filled the seventh when he bond. Void in the eighth position for Bobby Isaac we still on the road going Knight prophetic Parsons. Camp was great car but I think the Richard Childress good run by Childress eleven football we're about out of Houston Texas. And a lap down into the wall was seen doll with a match bill going thirteen plus the car number fifteen Georgia boulevard and going fourteen. What's card number fourteen cuckoo bottle of Columbia Tennessee. Kevlar body all of her number one of the fab tried to push it also like the Chevrolet behind the wall Bobby Knight. It would get up the road and collect the. On the hard rock hard moved up all of us. Look good look awful lot of footballs overheated body found out of the car it's open wheel coming up what they're ready theater. The woman behind the walls. The vocal about my book. Bobby Isaac who went my body was the most underrated great drivers in the world today certainly one of the most brilliant tactician it's absolutely one of the bravest guys devers of a race car we asked him about Martinsville. Very here. Seems like you're either. In the racing lane or you're just playing out of business. This is true and a lot really if that was would never run any respect and no other Martinsville. You know they don't really dislike the placement it's. If particularly expect it's like he's saying that's like saying here. You can be you know you can be the caboose you know if you could fuel when you get code but. I do win Martinsville. Probably his hard harder than it would be to win Talladega. Because you have maybe 5060 made changes at Talladega but there can win oh you wait. And Martinsville and that they can win either way. Except DNA of this very moment they strike than any other man that said Richard Petty has been big year probably. Maybe two to four terms in the way. This excuse you know. So. You know you gotta you get a really feel that there that the Fed would not his place. How about one to go to Martinsville but even before a one man to man he's got like Martinsville buckles. A lot I have a mile racetrack we go to under the tons and stopped in. Religious. Kind of stick around the corner you know if you get this villain too hard if you roll if you don't get an nephew lonely it really takes a lot of maneuvering. To unleash years and when they've been. And even to be a contender in the left eye of the race. But saving your break for the first time for the razor shaving your car was that you can be content for. Body that tonight there is part down those charities this Nicaragua borders really struck Iraq 422 laps. And while they were fired the car after you've got a lot of that they've positioned for great former national champion of the problem North Carolina. We are at 123. Laps complete Richard Petty has been performing before at least 32000. Vote. Just some of the most amazing half mile drive and I think they've ever seeing people that literally dancing just get a rain this big dodge out of a field in between sport cars. As he tried to block those Chevrolet as well. Another Republican caller John Paul aren't problems again felt like you lot of erupted there are a lot of do whatever corner and he got me my quality automobiles and heavy traffic is on the grass spinning car Robin George probably early this guy. They are people aboard going up the backstretch and it is not Colbert day here at Martinsville but the power. We have a caution about a third of the day after a 124. Lap as George Ball or blows the drier get through sideways and turned over to move there under caution. And let's get a look at some of those pit stop these are really where they can't because it's under green where wonderful and it changed two tires adapted to be so costly but they're not doing battle pit stop right now MacBooks. Not think your. When somebody makes a stop like they just dead I got about fourteen point 05 seconds and that we do tires and gas McBride does that. It has made a difference of about the Basra Detroit dealt with the good stuff. Fourteen old wives second or two tires and gas from the other day of the north course where they changed four tires and at a gas. And 45. Seconds. And dale and what we're so proud of the fact you're able to export cars that dodge told Richard afterward enthusiastic we've finally done you Natalie anyone's ever skateboard tires faster. And if I could fit in with because they live but in truth she's. Well I don't see what's good about that you changed to import being second shifting billions of boot Lola or I guess dale awful punch your battle. Seriously standing trial for eleven Caylee Yarborough as the joint as the leader we have it all kinds of cars involved patrol pulled back out again George Ball or is back on the attack. The car is all torn up all Forsythe to qualified outside pole on the RC cola car has really shown some abuse. We at Stewart Ballmer. As the business of getting used to NASCAR racing bit more difficult than he expected no I didn't. I didn't have been him preconceived notion that I was no but I have a an easy time down here in NASCAR are expected to be. You know have that Erin my my ranking and learn the tracks and learn the drivers and then I'm doing that in the minutes. It's good evening some days that they I would been a little discipline little depressed about how well hello we have a good read them. This week it's it's coming back again and I think maybe maybe we've got a the worst of the buildup run most of the tracks now and I think we've we've. There ourselves. They don't have afforded a little bit better I think men to grow stronger than in the release are forward. As the race gets ready resumes. Other stock car crowd always feels good for our body hauled out of turn one got elephant gun battles and there's something dragging other dotted like something. Why with a powerful level on it materialism and come up with a corner that's exactly what it is what is it Dick Brooks. Florida I don't daughters say they like bad. That her mom. Are the face probably a piece of a brake duct. That they've got recruiters on the brakes it looks like a piece of be frost wrote which values on my carnal other cars. I'm certain that's part of the three run it from underneath the car back into the brakes I think that's probably laugh. Well prepared because they came by the pet there they're built right here and he's going to be brought him box filled out the way that short little plays also have a verifiable spotted the truck driver. If they're ready to go fast food lady doctor with the ultimate as far as what miserable. Backfired when the lid off then take. Oh yeah and all now that okay. Back in the. I'd say hello a couple of cast downtown toward his garden estate guy guard police department. You guys that get things done. OK if we're glad you're okay belt buckle up our. All the people provoked police department ordered movies have trouble getting out of town hall of music we've ever put little obvious carnival eleventh. Caylee up for a lot of clock Bobby Allison finds himself in second bishop Richard Petty and learn. Bob always thought they were coming up with a grain. Dave mark. Pulled up beside Norris Hall where the driver Wausau Wisconsin Marcus. And waved a finger at George ballpark so we may see some more flashing about quarter's one resort between Marcos and fall when we started to say. As the stock car crowd often considers the sporting dark proud kind of handy ways with a come from really getting out there and Schwab we've been around and lean on each other but that is not the case here today this guy George Ball or has that been here mixing up with the best of them. And for fury plans to stay in stock car racing and enjoyed it. Best of the old fashioned form of stock car racing began a half mile track at Martinsville Virginia coming by Kelly got were all still up front they are not able Jack. Get Donnie Allison and number eighty. Again Donna does not realize the problem still driving the black flag is not the consultation wide forum I don't like cars running well that would be a heck of an experience when you're running out well you don't really want the race car they want to do and he doesn't know if there's something right now the automobile. That's certainly is not read that happens and it kind of really a shame the way Donny is running and he's gonna have to come in all of the users take the prayers that. While it will all be over. But it'll cost of Alaska that's almost impossible to make up your Martinsville we're sharing the expertise. All the sodomized. Why haven't been following all of our little walk that thing done well let me so close yesterday it was not a hard line outside the track your wallet. So let's see Matilda now it's off the automobile. And willing bringing van they are in. Alison we'll we'll land Donnie Allison has been they'll take a look at Dell and it's gonna check underneath to make sure there's nothing else flagging on caught a break Donnie Allison automobile prayers are still looking underneath it's no longer there and they're sending him on his way. God's. I guess it's all of their day. Had a Jekyll and again. So Donnie Allison is back on the way home very shortstop Ricky mansion trouble gets up from the marbles you're turnover for absolute stop bombing outside a asphalt track the buildup might tire Wear little. Pieces of Robert that. Clicked off the automobiles and you get up and all the marbles and lol yeah right we can't wait if you're not careful Ricky controlling very well. Running for rookie of the year honors. And there are as we've matchup real drivers out here today. All the same thing in mind what if not a good performance before things. Sold out massively out of Martinsville Virginia for the Virginia 50137500. Lives are complete and here's Donnie Allison I'll possibly overlap like Caylee opera that's O'Costa that stop was to win the second place car is Bobby Allison third against Richard Petty and riding him -- position. Is james' children going bad there's a lot of good people are planning on running sixth as part of what I think Jim had excellent haven't settled discovers that make too many parts and those seven cars are running all the same line and give me. One lap back if Waldrop out of Houston Texas running side is Richard Childress Winston-Salem. Running two labs back in Canada as part of what's happening JT make doubly bad in eleven business card number fourteen. That's the retreated to the violent. Going twelve to George wolf aren't going thirteen is the car number 98 being driven by everything bad sport because they'd just go. Fifth street right warranted more laps back in sixty. As number one export these awards and seven because Dave Marcus. Team is okay it's. Great action. Had it right now being led by. Caylee opera. Bobby Allison second Richard Petty is in third and Caylee operative played a lap on Donnie Allison died dark blue won gold Chevrolet I think about a Florida report in the 145 flat. Very shortly Charlie are you won't update if you want the Christian right the drivers who have already fallen out of this rugged mountains Virginia 500. Bob Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would need to go second camp but Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get there whether he'll run on third. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee. Strong match value selection in the warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. Ladies and gentlemen like confrontations that are racing fans all over the country look forward to is about to happen at Martinsville and Alison verses that aid. Chevrolet against dodge they've bottomed out last year they fought so hard at north Baltimore North Carolina played eleven cars there's just one homer of the helmet. Here this after knowing there are about to run side by side look out here they come. To a classic a great drivers the most fearless very elaborate save their daughters are stable and it's our number one of Barney hall headed. Nothing about cowboys are headed not the end out of the playoffs I think. Behind the lord of the automobile an elephant jumping off their back door to door get out of my friend they still have things. They opt out of a bottle of pop star break. The beautiful. Red and gold Coke machine and Alison ME STV and many blue Richard Petty Obama to change colors as they worked on each other sheet metal and turn number one. Are always right. On the up side. Now for the one. They pushed each other around manhandled while they each other at. Talladega at 200 miles an hour and a half miles they have just a dandy time Allison vs bad data later they Alabama gang. Catholic king of American motor racing Richard Petty aren't out of in Toronto. And coming off the the pressure on your record now the other side of the body lay. They're gonna join me. It's now they play in the world want Alison these guys and then not a lot he won't let him know she's got him. He's got a male Lucy goes into turn number one it will be Richard Petty taking over here about second possession from my failure comes now is it right back and turns so how often. The pressure out there right. I'm up for much. The one large separation. I'll tell you if you wanna see it at its best you've got to see Allison and caddie and a half mile like Martinsville Virginia a lot of demonstration. Here's Richard Petty. Men have a historian out of that's deep sea dogs down the second place kale Yarborough now leads by three seconds. For the second place runner Richard Petty caddie has won here seven times in the Virginia 500 and this is just about his racetrack and don't forget he's won six times. Is that god what 500 the end of the year he's up faster than half mile from his physical condition. An average making about a thousand turns a lesson that would 450 laps today. Honest half mile track shifted to whether this 3800 pound car. The heat today isn't too bad it's about a 105 degrees in the cockpit so it's not as bad as it has been sometime but that is a little warm. For more hours and there is no defensive team this and then he's out here all by himself. Shovel and Nicole about eleven body aren't gonna Richard Matsch as Richard padding. Winner of 157. Grand national race is the biggest winner of American auto racing ever. We are in the dynasty. Save jobs in the state Colin go to work areas looking for kale Yarborough and kale Yarborough in his own right is one of the greatest champions of NASCAR's ever had years. Alison getting leaned on my body Arrington. Carrington on the inside these lap but he's a fine runner this Martinsville runner Arrington foot erratic put money could be dynamite would you agree Richard brought us. Does very trees ready or quite a bit. Hometown I think you really really wants to run here you. I believe he was probably the first let's talk a wildfire that has a big engine. Together as race. He's gonna cries for him and he qualified about thirteenth I think it's about the first big. As you know there's a picture of the little legends 35351. Street forty syndicate for Richard Petty car. And some of the big engines out here and all flow and just light up just a little bit quicker and a half mile track when you come out of a hole and you wanna be justice Kagan. Those little engine war really sucks you right down the straightaway on a big super speedway she wants bloodiest scenes. Get up to 105 miles an hour you need to make enjoyable ride here there are a little Logan. And on a half mile track you need something new when you touch it it flashes and that's just what these 350s and 350 one's Lulu. You're asked for a spot and they really turn off. We'll have a little bit down and talk with flooding earlier in the wake up that they scheduled and it was quite does not a bottom of the fact they ever wanted to present the filming a video of the run. It's a possibility would leave early competitive ball goes right. What he did call logs that point about a third think players and running well the play clock with a power. Let's go right back to Charlie Carville yeah. Update you on the competitors who have followed by the wayside in the Virginia 500 today Charlie. We'll have more of burning cars were available Reuters was actually Paula well one of the top of credit for a while periodically as part of the settlement was version. Cavalier way. Overheated engine and you'll Kabul left open if you have a goal with a broken axle. We'll champion has left because lawyers for both of operation and has gone denigrate your sort of talk a little while ago I had to leave the right. Phonograph now and doing euros about a boxer with a broken arm round Robin Fleming whose daughter who reported just bought. You know several livable most men believe the muscles six carve out a Verizon what they've more productive horizon like hell. Let's take a look at the schedule as we continue to watch Caylee up for O'Donnell like the Virginia 500 Martinsville Ken Squier and a motor racing network video from Martinsville Virginia next Sunday we'll be put you at Talladega Alabama and coming up. Right after that I'm maybe eleven plays Saturday night the cars move to Nashville Tennessee build on our great right. The physics anymore why is going to be held on Saturday night then made a night game. It's a Mason Dixon 500. Mason Dixon 500. Up there in Delaware and we sure hope you folks are get a chance to get up there and see that event on the eastern coast. On May 26 is the world's 600 at Charlotte, North Carolina and would laugh money this year looks like about 40000 dollars because the winner. And that raised so the world's 600 richer than ever and I understand there's going to be a host the sport automobiles and competition more than any other race this year. We'll have more on that a little later in the broadcast. You're on the night of the broadcasting video from Riverside California would divert more hundred. From left to right very great low scores. The only opportunity that Americans get to see these great grand national drivers on road courses Riverside California. And you wouldn't find a better course. In the last record lows on the West Coast next June by the Sunday afternoon. Up there in Southern California feel on the sixteenth will be moving to. Michigan and they Irish hills of Roger advanced he's great Michigan international raceway in promoters say 400. July before America's largest Independence Day celebration. Up firecracker 400 is sparking Parcells loves. The Independence Day activities. At Daytona makes the workplaces need your help really a lot of that in July the fourteenth surprisingly moving to. Bristol Tennessee and volunteer 500 July the twentieth live from Nashville July 20 to Atlanta Georgia for the next to 500. August war the first time ever. So big boys so they have grand national headquarters in pocono Pennsylvania. That's the first time August war the great stars and cars the most competitive racing and what they are just more than pocono Pennsylvania were 500 mile that. So let's see what we are an hour 168. Eight laps in this 500 lap event today at Martinsville Virginia wouldn't Caylee hop world dominating Richard Petty running in second. Going third betting arson. Running again or is James Shelton knows how to find more present time the best position. Here's our number not a Jimmy's hands away from the sixth position. On those cars are all running in the same the last. Richard Petty things out here in second place right values laid his wife Linda comes over get a Martinsville enjoy the racing within a year we CMO. I don't know sea blows a tire Donnie Allison Brothers Larry gets James held and then filled the hallway around coming out of turn number afraid. Donning little light my fire and easy ball. James L Donald really don't give me right in the driver's door about eighty miles an hour of brutal blow all. Here is still an easy. Still able to get the car and Kerry's running black boards up turn over more caution is out for the fifth time today. Hilton will back his car around and try to get on a pit road. Yes well I cardiology on one date markers just erupt for tiger and overdue water off a bomb that's not a label we had a head off though. Kelton whites the automobile moves down along the main straightaway here's Donnie Allison come at any lagging. Rubber bumper down on the ground and Marcus is segment that he had that fire down he does things like we're down into the white front that's down on Donnie Allison automobile. There's all of a sudden the tires begin to blow kale Yarborough the leader pitch more place car. Benny Parsons admits second place automobile Richard Petty is kidding me. Let's go to a word from our expert commentator today Donnie Allison well about Donnie Allison are yours that you brought. Have died I think when he comes by I don't know if that's what caused the tired going up for the right right right was on fire. I think a lot of times that causes fires break out that that happened where just over eat in front brakes in the united Russia need in retirement look like probably what ever done. There's a snapshot is coming out of a car capable of hollow. All well all of that rolled around those found out of the car is apparently a group of the play the right brought it up right does appear to be on fire. They are still working sort of thing to do that we'll find ways lahood had a little ball look at Philadelphia all the play she's settled average Jordanian out of the smoke comfortable. Father and his love Madonna dot org are looked like his throwback to the dome. I'll dice for fifth position James Hilton was battling Donnie Allison Allison was on the inside as they came out of turn about very. All of a sudden you could hear what's not alike don't want old fire power certain. Firing down here and burn war. And the Allison harm. Leaps across the striker volleyed into the driver's door James held and automobiles sending hill and in the slightest one in nearly a little while I was able to get control and continue watched. She Donnie Allison. The Mario Rossi crude car that di Gard machine KO for the day james' children they're working on his automobile and he is back into the fray. We're getting ready for a restart another time. Let's see how close we are to that safety cars Kelly buyers Richard Childress fitting another word from Dick Brooks. I just gonna say Bobby Isaac looks kind of distress disease walking out trying to make his way to dig at you gonna go home. Lot of times a guy feel their way when you just. And I car breaks down our generation my well mart it has got to go home let's go to radio I think probably fill up that. Shorter than a short day we watch Bobby Isaac about 10 o'clock this morning. Carrying a suitcase for the racing uniform and helmet and had walked easily into the infield and he wanted to order Barney hall mark O'Donnell they chatted first few minutes. Now he's going back out and Barney you'll have to work any longer than Bobby Isaac today. Well Bobby is not available hard luck driver in grand national competition when he ran scored for the modified cars have been decided the didn't do anything wrong it could come out with a lap of Phil won a race. The grand national division has just been the other way. Yeah look you know why we did I wanted to comment a moment ago and it was talking about it. The guys about the small engines and large is as high definitely qualify that started seventh position here and they were running again. He was well pleased with a car until it went on Mormon too much power this very discerning audience of race fans 32000. Should realize this is eyes again they realize what a great champion he is. And there applauding him and waving to him as he comes across the track now on heads on the good job and North Carolina up bad break for Bobby Isaac. Out of the race early but he is just one tremendous runners just too bad we couldn't get to see more about your today this is his kind of race. Pace car has the field down the backstretch where are under caution after altercations turnover or not Donnie Allison not a competition. Charlie -- I understand you've got a real racing enthusiast with it down there in the pits the. That's right I have better enjoy Yarborough all the life of Taylor all pro once you've been waiting here for a while for the opportunity at a ball for the but it Giorgio put those on you could hear me better. We want you what you have to live of course hale having a great day today how do you feel and jailhouse visit right. And I guess like found otherwise you see an average and I am facing the voting here. And then the gala event to win the championship this year and he's trying to aren't enamored and handed me an envelope I then that's good guys Chevrolet. I think I think he's an extremely well. Dolly yeah. But I think that this is Japanese lab. Will happen it's. Gonna. Let me go to you go to all of veiled racist and colleges today and we have three girls and when he's dealing to murder rings mom so. I try to make your royal Canadian from a family him when he's not the best they can't take care there. No details on all of those who knows we have to follow that career mark won yeah. It hit me now he's barely lay out. Green giant big. Campaign. Yeah David Ellis then a very good jabbing the nation yeah. And I think he'll be coming to continue to. Not to go on with his right and it didn't work now I know lots of double marvel about a probably not running for all the Red Line. Yeah well that's good leverage over don't have your body. Love love to have you on the right but until later. No they don't like look at all. While they're lovely ladies and motor racing in this is Yarborough won it looks like grandmother is that task at home today it was easier to see Gail can finally landed Martinsville Virginia has been a dry spell since 1968. For Gail. On this racetrack last year Ian Pearson really had a goal. In the first race of the year right down the fish kill the most polite than David Lee. Let the water really count. I know I once again rain has not a Martinsville Virginia. Let's go ahead. Well one of the top grand national. I'm surprised at all plus mark Todd here Martinsville Virginia Caylee I brought in front in second place Richard got a third is Bobby Allison and Cahill has a lap. On driver seven to Benny Parsons running directly behind him as they come around to completely 180. Lap this time. That a lot of caution in the race but that's to be exact and a half mile drive when you've got the kind of competition we have here today. Bonnie hall. Cars. Got broke all of hello Bobby Allison almost getting across governor part of Richard Petty and money you can really get crossed up record for the electronic. Richard Petty went down inside Lebanese. Solid balance and if they give up for a number of reporter got it sideways Alison just at eighty miles an hour during the whales go right straight in the car opposite it was a Sunday afternoon brought the family and your nationwide imposition. You just cannot intimidate Bobby Allison by banging his rear bumper trying to push him out of shape. He's used to this crazy business but I'll tell you when you see these drivers do you just have to be amazed. That's their ability they're nerves. Because when somebody's not there throttling of banging away on a real problem I have while driving your going as fast as you believe your car can go all I would say I could kick up a little Dick Brooks. Why faster than it. They are I think most any race driver that's the thrill of the fun part of it. Man that's OK I know people that look good Garland highway eighty miles an hour 150 miles an hour. Are comfortable feel good here Richard Petty died at the end. I want and what my home with a better. You've got to move around now for the coming up to him. They often don't ever bring up another recall remember how does. And they get off on anything that thousand of them he's gonna nose and how Allison spent the top of the track. Also almost got there what George Foreman why don't put Donna back right truly enjoy and I may have. And he yet allison's car. On C. We're. Just there late night hit and I thought there was no place for Alice in the Ghali had been head catalytic car went off to the wall Allison is back on the way. Plus they've pulled mark Karr. It looks exactly like something you'd see in the world demolition championship every spam alana. Has been busted and broken a big not clear at Martinsville Virginia today and now that car is dude but hey it's all done Ballmer is knocked out. Though what has been knocked back it looks like a front end has been shot back about a foot and a half when a car. People who have put out of backstretch when he hit the concrete walls. He's got to pay leg he's entirely destroyed the front here's former beginning the climb out of his automobile. It's all over for the RC cola car today at Martinsville Virginia. George Foreman got out his card as the field came by Allison came around. Deep well has done wanna know they get hitchhiker a ride. Betty a lot of fans I don't know what blue but we've but doubly sure did and it looked like everything fell out of the Bob Murray start as a big oil streaked down the backstretch. Actually about 300 feet out of turn number one was worried that engine began to. Bristle up bright and now on the cars sitting there waiting for the record date is gobbled water a day George Ballmer had. It was. Give us an all out charge and it ended on the 184. Lap. This is today for the Allison should be dragging things Donnie Allison had trouble earlier and had a big broaden our consultations likened Bobby Allison also just brought in Dick Brooks what was that hanging out from the they've got Coke machine. While it. Better panels and career you change in just a little bit more. Usually get more we'll travel. Then that severe to be what broke out probably weren't bomber getting that much to lose now. He's going to be running down on the left career probably open right behind him so attire will be just only if they between him and retired I've had an appetite for doing. Get Dolly gets a lot of heat for the you get to drag a funny feeling when you feel a thing right behind you live pictures rocket you wash cars. We asked George former that was perfect Brooks the driver was finalized dodge. Yeah and children from erupting but I've got Georgia the good right now let's ask this of course. OK we got its logo just coming out of the record but George what happened earlier and I'll Atlantic on on the backstretch I have played out there she just exploded all over and I got sideways trend back to Bobby and spun him out me. Just messed up to attract some fears we were speculating earlier in the right to do appear to be having a little bright trouble in the early going. Well I didn't doesn't so much the brakes I've relaxed they haven't tire problems. I got to attack in the first corner and I had an extra stop and enough. Try to grow a little harder to make up the dust inside lost during a stop on the green. I was abusing the car a little bit and so after. Never caught a little bit we settled down a CB are right Garcia go OK just. Okay just the last movie are you enjoying grab my boys are all very much it's very gut them out and competition is sisters out there or not. Her latest drives read the maximum all the time minutes. Really good racing and do you can ask for anymore but if you look around his stay hasn't always people stand up tell you why it's good. George vulnerable brought into the much among but I do my brother about a dog weather is back for the tower who. Zoran agree and add to the fifth or six we may be getting up to where we have though what we call yellow fever today yours buddy Arrington well yeah. The owner of the car out and tries. Richard how hard is here. Richard the car care Chevrolet we are mentioned earlier your automobile came out looking a little of the who's. From the race sitting next dailies track we understand it likely kill yesterday that the boys the junior Johnson's crew there working 1516 hours today to keep this car up. That. That's right Miller played built a small engine and we found out this post don't take stay up we'll. They're the border and head small engine and not think Judy is capable put one together so this is because we do. I do right now. Sure fire out and try to live fairly healthy lead but it's. For some reason this track hasn't been good to you're ever a year ago you led the most laps twice. And then both times say it all for ordered away when the race is over we have somebody else when board Pearson and petty. That's right. You know that is coming out we become known as part of the treasure back provisions come on strong at the end OK okay real determined today though he seemed like win win the most laps and can do okay. While he may on this racetrack with seven victories at Martinsville but he sure doesn't know when you're attractive Charlotte motor speedway I don't think he's ever one they're heading. No and now we're. Not such a flap fun this time coming up that the big payload also left looks like again for 600 lap was six from 400 laps. Really you know this year the terms and energy cries will be thirty. Bring our six dilemma for the and the man could go away with 50000 dollars and we've got a lot of mold sports of sports fans out there would like to. Palin the we'll have a lot more fortunate to go along with the shooter gullible about no doubt it's dollar. Well you can have as many as big as George homer drought when their looks like Dallas ready for the bone yard. Well hey Georgia put on more thrills here today the fans love him. And if we can't we just try to get to come but Mort I'll play them. We will give them out their lives as Greg Helen's and not get credit file yesterday it would take it felt like the Mets. Really I imagine there's this big toddler that she's elevator earlier this pick up result of the world 600 out of Charlotte for their race she and I and you're right you're absolutely right. I don't think it's. Over what that George former performance today he's finally took the gloves off and he was the stock car driver out here Ali agenda. And deal with the old fashioned stock car racing that's the kind of thing you're saying welcome Bernhard some hard. So glad you just like decoration in the crowd was really reacted when George violate really enjoyed over the wall. He started to walk back job do they were plotting war applauded or giving a raspberry don't get me wrong. Hey guess who this guy really come alive all the sudden he's invited out here today and gave them a whale of a show. Polygamy Sergio do the same as Talladega next week or broadcasting the of the world 600. Had shot about Carolina on Memorial Day weekend we're gonna see more of that kind of action. Thanks for coming by Richard I hope your plug holes and there today but gee this hasn't been your track and sure had he. Let Matt get his say KO lead now but. Yeah Richard headed back there aren't a lot of these other boys will be trying to bidders would. Just OK okay and hang in there and look all you people come down job I didn't do well we'll see how it goes we have 193. Of 500 laps completed Martinsville Virginia Caylee I broke car care Chevrolet which. The entire transaction put together by Richard how to shot about god is out of pride. Let's they've been out of front now as an hour it's sad it's where you are when that 500. Lap mark comes up on the board. And that's still a long ways to go all don't discount Bobby Allison we have seen him come from sometimes as many as three or four laps back. Bodies half mile tracks and called off course at Martinsville that is tough. These are tough racetrack catch. Martinsville Virginia car number eleven Caylee ever Rose Garden care Chevrolet prepared by Junior Johnson hurt after a commitment company is running out of brought Richard cafe The Daily Madden crude car Marie studies automobile is running in second. Going third is Bobby Allison might have accrued car going forward is caught for seven exhibiting parson they're given a one lap mark Dave Marcus Vinicius. She knows that little white liberals number two car down out of the road running in the best position as a kind of reminding Jimmy's hands laid. The local driver from Martinsville Virginia in the trucks more industrious car. So those are the front five is the field now pledges to read Joseph Manchin Racine activity today at Martinsville certainly one of the lovely just tracks on the entire Winston cup grand national circuit you get a chance to go all over the country from California. Up to Pennsylvania. South Florida Keys Westlake campaign is automobiles. No word UCL a lovely always tried to the player all facility here the lovely job of Virginia. No way once again that's about 3032000. On their feet as they. I'm not a number one failure I'm only available on cargo flight autobiography let's talk about the. Okay. Well not. Many of them around Carter I Jimmy has please automobile also letting the clock will give them a scramble I mean there there racing. Out here but we hate about you. Nobody meanwhile have a lot. Now they get a whole bunch of fans look. They've got a lot of things whether your break. Won't want to kill you I'll talk about his late mom which is wrong. They are. What warriors they are moving out of the why are we have three cars running on the lead lap they are my number eleven and Hayley I'm all about 43 Richard Petty outnumbered while. Bobby Allison after that shot when he got trapped. My card numbers. Fifteen. Alison. Who just thinks all the time it's amazing even when these slighted and spinning he's already decided worries gonna go and actually put it down do here is you really get a running get it back around. They have no laughing at the machine got it fixed and drive back shots that he remains in the lead lap. We got the you try to close out Richard Petty as many continues his attacks on October 11 Caylee up world. He'll have to do really busy bodies auto appropriate quality physician prof Caylee our world today Cahill does look like he wants to give it up the car in between Caylee I'm borrowing Richard Petty running wanna do is Benny Parsons automobile. Parsons is running Indian boy what he has a lap down. Now they've been having some problems his best finish ever Martinsville was a 64 years ago last year it looked like he was headed for second. And then if you recall they had mechanical trouble. We'll imagine that market. You know Benny Parsons was today his new. Sponsorship this card numbers seventy do they can hope fireplace automobile running very well today in fourth position a lap down. Running in the way. First and second place automobiles. And the interval between the first and second place looks to me about a second we're gonna check you for your right now it is. A little over two seconds to about nine deaths between first and second place. Richard Petty in that second spot now Alison is running right now behind let him sleep car from which. Richard Petty. Little while ago that was the automobile just in front of him just live labs gulf petty move around Jimmy actually in nine years Bobby Allison up behind the number not a driven by Hensley. Big prizes attack to move up through and Alison car is looking a little abuse one of the reasons says the money is so good here today. What this event is just. I'm very very well pain braves. Fan and a half mile track there. Early morning now. All the banners blowing all the field goals as they run the soreness after noted so rigid race although it's a tough one Caylee I borrow this lady in the event. Tailback having just a tremendous cheers here and they ran nationals Danica it's NASCAR he is currently number two Richard Petty is number one. Cahill has been working his way to talk to the stand he has won three races this year going into today. Caylee opera was victorious of awaits number one less record. Riverside international raceway in California. Anyone at Bristol Tennessee anyone in Atlanta. Had a has also won three races this year. Winning the Daytona 504 unprecedented fifth time winning Rockingham and what inaudible outscored North Carolina this past Sunday after no. Now the other winners this year Bobby Allison has won a race at Richmond Virginia and David Pearson. Manner look I'm hearing the darling granddaughter kept quiet funny actor doing the Philadelphia coming your daughter lives in rock you've got a lot of nobody doubted. The woman recalled her body I do not hitting the wall just. Spending and around the bottom of the box. He brings out the caution we'll have to check the number of cautions thus far the race yellow is again on the straightaway from Martinsville Virginia this is the auto racing network. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert former crew chief. I know what it takes to keep engines performing at their best. SDP's latest breakthrough edited. Best TP ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years ftp has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run better. Longer one bottle contains three times flyweight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. If your vehicle isn't stopping like it used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the spring break feels event should take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts to it right rebate and get a twenty dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail would you buy a set of break this select pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day limits apply see store for details. It's. At Martinsville Virginia here's the 200 lap rundown for you caught a 411 Caylee off world chemicals South Carolina later Richard Petty and second. What Bobby Allison brought it and cleared a lap back and forth is betting market on the Detroit Michigan now betting over under caution. Running this was caught everybody the truck or car we're getting actually. Running his sixth place on the record for Jenny and after Chevrolet car keys two laps down in several. Walter about out of Houston Texans having a very good day in eight James Hilton. Running the night. Relapsed down with congress seventeen dollar and Ambien tablets car number 96 when Richard Childress. Richard Childress who brought it intent of running eleventh. Was car and everybody eight. That's Richie finance rotting in twelve was number 05 David says bill thirteenth was number fourteen cuckoo Marlins fourteen was quite Warren. Fifteen foot body carrying them sixties was. Today's market is going seventeen Cecil Gordon. Eighteen saves dollars. Nineteen was car number 46 rapist killers come running in twentieth what's Carter for 7 o'clock Bernie Shaw of Winston-Salem North Carolina. That if we could Jala Carville how hot updating us on the Karzai officially out of the race at this time. Mind cause of Roosevelt or is there one available through ballpark George Palmer your computer whether it was originally called with a little. Thought they also liberal brick walls are actually one of oracle files while the other is often goes left the track all over the golf course. He'll travel golf with a broken axle. We'll check your multiples of five corrosion and has caught up to settle available online visitors worldwide of the day April 4 have you briefly your score Valdez now rather for official Gordon normal wind was in court when report still overweight. Moved Oregon number ten built juggernaut they have in the British. How sort of rough housing and all of our troops. And it. Normal lightly as far as all of our total total robbery all their portfolio time cause I'll wanna want running an average or nearly 500 by the radio from role 204. Dina 500 laps complete its Haley. ES TV dodger Richard Petty and hailing him as a rubber ball while the Dallas morning nose to tail at one last play we'll be right C plus again here at Martinsville Virginia plus great cars altogether. The driver this time I got to get Brooks is our expert commentator today Richard award for you would we get ready to go. Vatican is the first time since the very beginning of the race that top three cars are going to be able to start nose to tail on the hour just clock I'm just a bit ago and now. They're run and about consistent speeds care was running about a tenth of a second faster burlap then ready worse. We'll see what happens this time Freddie was in traffic there was over. Bigfoot. Supported bill California with a sort of broadcast today and next Sunday Islamabad Dodd who are racing but over 200 miles flowers. When they turn on at Talladega Alabama. Your way out of back out of a half mile drive from 32000. Gazing not an excitement of this great racing on the race starts. Allison drops but eight car like sort of huddled up and put Barney hall. Double what about what I always thought if you've got a better record. Was awkward and probably over petty keeping the pressure on pay a lot of fun you can. So they're just about half way. And the old axiom in stock car racing as did Richard heading of why they have a broad Florida halfway point of the race he usually won't win. Wally is loving the second spot right now at 216 laps and the suspension all the petty cars is always shut out. Over the business what you did to get into the race there's the track begins to get swept parade. The group begins to get a little more difficult to stand. That's suspension on daddy's car won't work in the latter half of the race and it gives him a tremendous advantage really off whirlwind a lot of people about halfway point in the event. Give red white and blue dark haired Chevrolet leads like who violates. What he has deeply routed petty blue car Richard Petty. The most famous dodge carnal world going down the backstretch of Martinsville Virginia record looking towards 158. Career victory no drive. In the history of auto racing has never made the market Richard Petty is maybe. But he showed no signs of retirement. Much do they displayed at the other drivers who very much like a champ for so many of the victories which he would always marched out of a year. Here's how to dropping back got to turn into Barney. Could prove his debut at number one of the little put off and let her not just look. We now have a little fire coming out of public record that's one reason the post bail was still getting it down very low to the bottom right right happily go we'll let the record. Set up all the gold headed automotive you're going to raise. Hold water poured into the lane he has now 67 calling back the back right about the video we'll. Dick Brooks. I think are probably the moral problem with a reason pale blue. Run away from Richard hill over laughter get a little bit worker he good with a late break that hardest good he's been picking up about a ten feet laughter okay 15100. I think you just driving away from. OK LAR Murrow is getting into it now out of running hard court he likes the charge that the difference completing his violent shake David Pearson. Who plays it cool all the way at eleven last lap then charges Caleb Judy Johnson both believe the way to get it done is to get up there aren't just didn't have a basic competition. The show that you've gotten more and drive away from the. Right now I try to pull away from Richard Petty. It's dried just hard to stay whether that I've looked like it turns to mitigate a couple of Arlington party all week. Pictures definitely OK. Okay we'll be a lot of like they were available we'll have a real good and probably OK okay feeling much much different turns and the other drive. We're here but for the dollar and lap traffic now. Richard Petty pulls up as they were working to move around three birdies. Shark cartilage that Salem North Carolina and that he was able to pick up more car like they bring about a little down the backstretch. In the 242. Last. Here are couple of masters of moderation. Caylee up for old lady Richard Petty and the second possession. You know for many race fans over new folks who first come up with speedway sometimes it looks like it's. Always Hussein. As a matter of getting out there just name whether they don't realize. Pick. Every lap on the track changes and every lap the car came to the tire pressure builds up. What drives me get a little more oil watched corner and you have to really get yourself dialed in to change what that or you won't be around for a good. Tonight. Our very true right track doesn't change. After caution flag requires cool down you can run your career for a lab do you have to be able good just in that period of time what's gonna happen fifty laps later you gotta find yourself some kind of remark. Where you're going to be able to fast track again. And I think the field got a real good course heading. Fatal car kind of Lawler he bounded around the turn and go down as readily see it bouncing up and down and they got touches. Salt spring set up under this. When the fire really get slick caught the weight transfer just right and just. He's tough. On our race with a whole lot not all hope some day I could do what he's gonna hit a rough and tough game but it's a thinking man's game sometimes played at 200 miles per hour today marvelous about it Martin's. We'll Virginia. Dick courses. I. Certainly not. Including his own horn here today because these are guys because they last year at Talladega 500 and one of the most sensational 500 mile races several times. With a tremendous upset that giving proper car it was my certainly heartwarming follow those who see Dick wrote. Supportive of California lots of other years we just hope you have a great day or so. Tell me the elevator Vick meanwhile here today it. Martinsville we had kale Yarborough can't. Why doesn't look like that advantage is much of water looks about Kandahar alliances it has over the past fifteen laps. And the question now is is Richard Petty going as hard as he can go crazy just kind of waited it out here what they have a parade and then to make his. Move on kale Yarborough on number eleven Caylee off pearl leaving Richard Petty right would've been second place falling back a bit in the third as Bobby Allison. Who was nailed by the spinning George former car wouldn't blow an engine than a lap back and forth his Benny Parsons. Running in fifth is a big part of Heidi that is Jimmie has played. Running in sixth two laps back. His letting a lot of after Virginia last year's grand national acutely air running seventh is James Hilton running mate is Walter Ballard no Walters followed backer position Hilton has picked up what he's moving the seven. Lot of them night. Is the number of bodies six Richard Childress he's moved up one spot and dean golf has rocked back to ten. Running get a lot of this car and everybody gave the rookie Reggie match at Daytona Beach, Florida whose father live advance the former Daytona 500 mile water. Now there are the big topic this youngster alive today and they did is doing just break. We have completed 233. Laps now at Martinsville Virginia. We're the battle Caylee out brawl splitting it between two automobiles. He had just drove about any get a lot on the money for the bowl through those slapped automobiles it's dramatic to watch these guys just. Maine these cars caught the require the crew as they go under what turn wood into. It's fairly wide open and kale Yarborough as the master of the trade just did it again. Richard that is great champion who is our racing legend the entire petty family. Usually brings his wife the Martinsville Virginia tonight they make a lot of races together but today. Linda is although we have Richard yesterday why this is Betty wasn't here to see him drive away and his faith race at Martinsville Virginia last year. Computer. They have gone through got food. Colin insurance broker in the bay and they distorted if van horn askew and the flu they have a band called concert this Sunday and he had just won out over my Lisa she's grown because you're not going through it and you listen on radio. Well no I imagine the Bilbray you have. Q bureau orange and still but I made issue please look around listened to probably have listened moved. Race and won here in the man who others. We'll let Xavier lets me of that pocket radio. Over there today Richard currently running at second place. Richard told me yesterday I'm proud to be quite as tenor saxophone player they families get in the college hoops. Violence is made up his mind just to do. If you want your race driver not they say has a lot of time to do that he's a pretty good basketball players over it was a fair basketball player he was a football player he's married a high school cheerleader. The betting. He says they years ago she never thought would all come to live her husband would be considered. Perhaps the greatest driver in the United States history of motor racing winner of 157 races. And an internal revenue in the nine office. Everybody gets brought up a matter of money all over there. No doubt Obama would drive you avoided Nadal again. We've gone over talkback live football and go back but now. The scary part was headache caddie pulled up at carver 46 a young driver from. A working driver and a rapist killer put on the brakes locked it up. The car directly behind it was too good marlin who stopped. At headache or they were slowing down was still wide open and somehow he got the cars sideways and was able to come off from them. Or he might have been riding in the truck go cuckoo Marlins automobile. That was as close to love mishap as Richard Petty has had all day let's go back got a Barney hall. With a lot of cars in that area that is politically surviving several drivers did you keep from getting in front of them. It's been live another record there having a lot of problems getting off its hardware spending. Not getting a lot off because now the group is moving out and I imagine. Talk about an hour this. Second place car Richard had a the FTP dodging is on pit road now here at Martinsville Virginia here's another one of those famous petty breaks. We ask Richard who was famous for making his own breaks to explain that well a lot. You've got to leave with a leg breaks and you also gotta be able to take advantage. Of what comes lawless world. You know assure everybody will play out one good good turn is always a bad term red turn is a good turn them. If you run it was somebody and he has a bad break and of itself you can capitalize on millennium. Give bout with their you know by having a bad break and still be embedded with the preacher who goes through. If you do then you know it's your fault for not taking advantage if you could look. Harry trip that he has taken a battered so I think I've been meticulous driver of the game bad bladder. And his record certainly proved that he hideaway the national championship again this year. No one else has ever won his battle races he's finished I'll race you championships says that age. He's really getting refresher for kale Yarborough throughout the season both have won three races. The Florida might clean shop public schools. We are back on their brains are just coming out and as they go into the first turn petty drives available on Kelly opera for the ladies. Anybody get all the data. Good not a jail just brushed the wall coming up more apparently jockey. I don't think they get to play the walls in the heart complications going on. And already. All these fans are just going to wilder today as the Chevrolet continues to I don't look side job avail until one side or the other. Had a pretty evenly divided between those who want to see Richard had a programmable North Carolina in the garage. Napa Chevrolet from South Carolina what Caylee out well as they battle it out of the Virginia 500 in car number three jail as a sport Darlington vanished. The last automobile they were working against that James Hilton he has now fallen live cartilage behind that dueling duo on the line up Caylee up merlot Richard batting. Bobby Allison maintains third spot and a battle for fourth position today is a good look at one lap down Betty Parsons. It caught overstep they do the red and white car is going up against car number body Ginny Hensley the trucks sport car. That's been a pretty good scramble in the past 1520 minutes for the race fans here we could. Continue to talk about those fellows up right. We're really the Winston cup grand national competition it throughout the. The field where you'll see plenty of action motor racing network schedule next Sunday afternoon will be broadcasting the Winston 500. On the two point six mile Alabama international motor speedway the world's. Last of race course at Talladega Alabama. Where they'll be going in excess of 200 miles an hour then. The world 600 in May the 26 Memorial Day weekend we sure hope that we would just to enjoy. The most competitive automobile racing there is the grand national stars and cars are fast car that's made a 26 and I shot about. Carolina June 9 will be broadcasting from Riverside California. Weather to record 400. Now we sure hope you're trying to get tickets not a see that one because we've seen these same stars that battle today and a half mile. Battle next on the out of two point six mile course map laid off that what's being served 29 turn road course at Riverside California shot late June night. You're on the sixteenth at Michigan we'll be bringing you the border state. 400 and then July 4 were a lot of throbbing heart of America's largest Independence Day celebration. The firecracker 400 from Daytona Beach, Florida incidentally we always like to have a few comments. Your comments from around the country from wherever you're listening this drop was lining Kara motor racing network. Speedway boulevard Daytona Beach, Florida. The I have furnish all the furniture all at once and so who would just. Bought out cobalt blue for. Rounding out the right we'll have a what Charlie back we'll have. We've rushed for all alert have been picked up the Bryant's. And just at war a war breaks so much so we'll go about it let's do. Bat I had again alliance golf like fifteen maybe America. It's just gotten so hard would eventually go real sources were hit list. That's what causes but that's what voters really good job okay. Well here you can do your job. Orvella thank Joseph and furniture off like little five foot two Ernie shop we've been considered the heart and soul of stock car racing around what's available. Little guy with a big heart we've seen him upside down on his roof. Then come right back out later they try to raise the same car where you. Watching. Bobby Allison trying to put a lap on Jimmy had sleigh is egos at the turn a blind. I'm Obama. Okay. Are you got that's okay. Awful lot because he's playoff maybe right now with the. Here's Alison coming by trying to pull up Bob Ritchie match Carly running in eleven places mansion. Going to rob does too cool marlin thirteenth as jaded like doubly important because frank forward. I ever get there are some of the back of the field waters of the red on middle of the field runners we still a lot of cars out here. God here comes letting on publicly before letting you running in sixth place at present time one of the nicest looking cars in grand national competition. Money on defending grand national rookie of the year the latest rundown for 250 laps. It's Caylee I world's worst Richard Petty a second time this Donnybrook looks to be decided quickly that new role. Then running third lap down he's showing a lot of the Celtics lose. Letting cars dodge John McCain third spot with Bobby Allison dropping to floor and car numbers might be dropping too bad. Here's number Matty and while running night together so they are running Bonnie hall source possession. Number while Bobby Allison and carnival like giving us lake always you know all of battle report. This present time is actually support this Allison dropping back to six is letting plotted seventh James delta alienate the wild are valid. More laps back to the ninth spot as Richard Childress running them moving up one possession. His client number 98 Ritchie and now in the top ten. As dean dolphins Conover seven balls back running eleventh has caught number two on the move Dave Marcus moving up. Like water runs in twelve. Wind thirteen this kind of reporting cuckoo model that he dropped a couple of possessions now. Google mylan falling behind a couple of automobiles but he also has been that make victim he was riding event. And now he's running back in about fifteen spotted late Belden asphalt car number seven a very likable wrought iron. Anyways this kid and have a good day real soon dean Dalton and Asheville, North Carolina the belt and asphalt racing car. If you just really bad news we're broadcasting to you today Bob Martinsville Virginia if the Virginia 500. Never mind do the other events here this place like the older pentium 500 is on. September Y night in Winston cup grand national racing. We'll be broadcasting that but I didn't recommend violated if you're not here today to be here on September morning got three older pentium 500 you'll see grand national racing. As it was love 46 years ago and evolve again by half mile track what days boys can really get out of fender flail that's what they've been doing all they they'll do it again. On September the white guy. Then for sure we haven't passed the house today they add more seats everytime they have 32000. Here this afternoon. You know they'll have more here on the ball for sure it's always such a lovely thought you come here and displaying. Flowers is just loving god would just holdings when you come here in the wallets a lovely autumn period of these mountains of Virginia in the little town of Martinsville. Reminded of that October point seven which broadcast began presenting it to Shane. He raised modified sportsman competition October point seven the cardinal 500. Have a watch a lot of NASCAR the unlimited racing cars those gremlins and Vegas and that is. With the 800 horsepower engine the boys who live by the grace of god made out of horsepower they say will be here for the cardinal 500 October point seven. As well. After the first cousins to the grand national NASCAR's late model sportsman most of the cars from 1964. Through 1972. Advantage. So capable late maintain and put together by Peter Keller. Have they bring the very best in the nation here to Martinsville Virginia October 27 from the modified ranks in the sport from rags and that's a dandy ray sets. That's really. Yeah in my in my one of the best races of the year because you get to see the guys a lot of I have miles quarter miles in thirty miles get a chance for big money. Here in October at Martinsville. That's October 27 what that race this year. We're defected with a donor dropped from virtual father elephant talk is over cars running OK Bob an all time in the pep talk has left that Bob Medders probably back into the field. These films like welcome later we'll. He's having to work his way through my. Thank marsh is. That's just that it is not really can't read or right side reverend what the car back on the speedway once again. Thank Parsons from Detroit Michigan development North Carolina reality to what car which com slash with a brand new spot for this race. And the drivers having to his credit card for the kings rolled fireplace people. There's parts of my brother tried it once again a lot of the 371 of the best days he's ever had at Martinsville Virginia Barney hall. Is that a lot of. You know what you have to do. We qualified well. Best finish thank Parsons has ever had here with just one year ago we started club and finishing in sixth position. Today he's running far ahead of that of Germany holds together and stay as bolt it down until we reach the 500 lap mark. Here's the 260 laps 500 lap a lot of us have always tried. The lead guard his car number eleven that's for Caylee out world car when Richard Petty and second pick books. I'd say Cahill just now we're gonna laugh while the top ten that your father is hard for about one lap and I. That's really good cars the breakaway speed is just about exactly the same here but then. Right. Think probably I'll start watching his name the great little blues get the attorney have to get out Ronald over early and slide off a little bit more. Candy. And I Afghanistan will be allowed but I think the big difference right turn straightaway in the hours and hear about a thing. Here's Bobby Allison putting a lap on the monitor to Dave Marcus his car which is really torn up on the left and then there are about. White the world automobile is missing from altercation with a George homer in the RC cola car the very early going here today. If you listen around the country this is the Virginia mine auditing George Palmer who set outside pull us out of the race. After some of the most dramatic racing we've ever seen former a lot of stock cars the vikings have think you can mammoth Grand Slam champion. Turning his hands too Smart card for the RC cola bud Moore award this year. Really wild wild various exhibition of motor racing. Most of away go finally down the backstretch the engine erupted and sent him into the wall fleshy nose on the RC cola car really watching a machine. Undervalued today sought some spectacular running my former wiley wasn't proposition we ask George ballpark. What they thought about NASCAR. And all NASCAR is about to have such a good safety record in the motor racing competitions a valid. It's true that they felt. More or less comes gave they've they've had their knobs and you always get in my generation average fell except this. This type of responsibility and risk when he gets in the car he knows the things and not turn around abiding bad. Then. Adjusted there is that there is this safety factor that you haven't couldn't live with wade and today it's the same on the highway. The fellow driving the small compact car and read it runs and go with the rolling in our Cadillac he's gonna come out the short end there's just no other way. And this you comply the same thing two two racing down the no on them as NASCAR's not rather. Runs in the wallet a hundred miles an hour is gonna come off much easier but less pain than the color runs in there with a full 11100 pound car. Those were George Palmer's thoughts about why these drivers has the amazing save your record they do a NASCAR grand national competition. If you just Soledad another of the great champions of predictably so half mile competition. Former grand national champion Bobby Isaac couldn't come up North Carolina fell off mechanical trouble on his automobiles so mommy is out of the race. That's too bad they get on I have mile track like this he has faced. Course of my many others many Iraqis have to find who you gonna see some dynamite competition but. It ended early for Bobby Isaac today as it did for George Wal-Mart we've never mind cars officially retire and that's an update that we may have had some other retirees. Again the John Harwood of the pits. Always stand on the attrition rate. We have found out about it nothing remarkable drill field in morning photo right George although. Qualified Tucker we called Favre on itself. Look settled all farm while the other X number of slightly smaller car you'll help. Robert what they do boulevard build champion of the reporting or boulevard victory over what they thought boulevard Veronica. Over one infection while marvelous. All. Live number one in portable fire the whole line right now bother coming back with a no. We have results of some of the major NASCAR races around the country. Well this weekend coming up for you very shortly so stand live for of that report let's give you the 270 lap run down here's how it goes it's that he still. Running second to Caylee I borrowed leading live two and a half seconds Caylee I broke first Richard Petty and second. Third lap down his Bobby Allison actually to have them they say them in the fourth position has caught a fanatic you may have played. Dad is probably 54 mark and that number 54 hours Lennie pond that was a lot of the gentleman who wants position he had been running a bird it's gone for 72. Golf cars numbers tomorrow night 54 and 72 which is running currently in sixth position Betty Parsons. All running the same lab so that's what the action is the battle for third we'll just being spot for cleaning Allison in third now put out a Jimmy actually employed. The fifth place car letting mom and a sixth place automobile. Driver seven to march into the ball in the right side rubber on the brain rotting in 73 laps back is James Hilton plotting it made me. More laps back is while the ballot running at night live lives like Richard Childress wanted to advanced six laps back. He's got about eight Richard mentioned. Data running an eleventh this card number seventeen golf moving up again and running at twelve business card number to Dave Marcus. Running thirteenth this is number seven David. Fourteen import things look good models of Columbia Tennessee anything just being loved I'm letting on the master Chevrolet has become how to turn. Actually 207 laps run down we've just cracked the 28011 market this 500 lap of that at Martinsville Virginia this afternoon. Kelly off for a lot of running out of brought the car care Chevrolet. We set to kill yesterday it looks harder to drive in traffic here at Martinsville Virginia and anywhere on the grand national circuit. Now earlier in this is one groove racetrack fifth when one restaurant for the coolness. And after you always get started my. Will miss most of them proven now that really it's abandoned due to actually get no more would you re ahead. It's okay throw strikes you're on the spread straightaway you know they're laden turns a rod is. They're looking good job we I think he's a good promoter he's done the facility as the flu than. You know Fox News from. Okay he's done what he's done and they lose lose track of time place you can't overlook the hardness of the. It's a tough and brutal track gets a tough and brutal game of the masters of the radar here this afternoon. In Virginia live Caylee I relating that's the boys you just heard Richard Petty running in second. Going to third is Bobby Allison. Have a running in the fourth possession. This car. Number body Jimmy canceling those are the front floor at the present time. The fifth possession as they continue to swap positions Lanny father Lenny is really on the move. Money certainly had his share of bad luck when he ran for grand national rookie of the year for the last part of the year he really put it all together. Remember just a year ago Dick here on this very track running so hard look at the other car got off trying to stop the catalog coming back from trying hard and place fans of Virginia are mighty proud of the fact that. Grand national rookie honors in the toughest most competitive here ever went to this young man late father got a lot of mail about him a lot of folks' interest and money on the and faster Chevrolet is actually just is the hometown track for money quality jobs to Martinsville. That's as close as it gets duration of holding grand national competition. I think has dried flowers look at the year quarter of the year honors and 96. I know what it is. Kind of competition this might come back here. And didn't really know anybody and we had to start all over the first three months don't. I don't really care or is there and I start helping you are working well. You seem to come out on top but I know Lenny I'll watch them all last year needs he's ahead or rethink your starter racetrack cleared all the bases. About three days later he's back another great drive. Ask you one day idea. I imagine they'll all that I've just. And I'd I've got a lot of that 69 myself in the kind of wore me down a little old I am. They've gone about this how hard worker and it's really really is. Tried payoff for a grand national rookie of the year money bomb goes down and turned the ball he's currently battling any of the third position this afternoon of the Virginia 500. The FTP dodges currently second here at Martinsville Virginia regiment just sliding out of control and turn those let's go to Bonnie hall he's facing. Traficant the driver's side great right now against a perfect drive to get up over them off the right track record when real life and it's a very might help. The car models are really getting headache coming out of that market to get out of that group you're automatically gonna do great things that's what we've got these. Not ignore the outside nobody has the look in good shape let's go back to the now. We are elite eight caution spirit of the afternoon and I think we're working him on our record for a number of cautions and racially checking out Florio. Richie cracked down on the inside of turn two trying to get fired up he's one of the candidates for rookie of the year. We asked him who he thought his party was concerned a man debate for rookie of the year honors in 1974. I believe our merchant gonna meet Amanda begins here because he is he doesn't run as many races both. They don't want me an average out better and played a weekend in our best money out of clarity and show that it. This guy believe going to be earning okay. Swap parts of it we gotta repeat match. Thanks Bob as a few years Don Ritchie and their battling pain rookie of the daughters of the grand national circuit Winston cup grand national action this afternoon. From Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network. If your vehicle isn't stopping like it used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the spring break feels event should take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts you would write rebate and get a twenty dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail would you buy a set a break this select pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday limits apply see store for details. Mubarak's. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust Sunoco a repeat of fuel that feeds you go second camp putts and I've got killed going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of links. One more lap and we'll be right here at Martinsville I live report from Charlotte harbor elements that activity while we were away we'll recognize they have had a got Utah's apparently a problem. Lose my gonna mostly what caused it has been out that it looked like you gotta believe marbles all the leaders came out of will also take up along the lights out as they came out. Bad move for all of there's still a lot of bottled well they've bought them. They're putting pretty riled up like not a riled up was the winner as far as going to apparently OK but for the home. There's no chance of any speedway record today was seven caution flag so we won't bother you. On eleven daily opera was in front of the green about Richard Henne didn't want to line up behind them as they go to turn one. Meg trying to catch up this diamonds on the outside here. No doubt about it we laid out over. About a lot of golf preparation all put please open field. Halo over. And three more laps. Caylee out world is coming up 5000. Dollars. The most laps of the race for that part of the competition or at 300 laps down. I believe with a torn in his next lap you will have done it. Made himself a 5000 dollar Richard Richard Petty is right there trying to make you work an extra lap but that's not going to be the case and Caylee I borrowed because of the strike. Picks up that additional lives 5000 dollars relating. The most laps in the event we've got to the real thing Dong battle now on the third spot Bonnie hall who is number 72. Benny Parsons slammed the turn a whole lot of the right behind him is Bobby Allison. Crime numbers but eight giving enslaved and let me talk all body of the third. Back on the road you're getting that often played beautifully and I'm glad that topping the chart a new. Can knock off about five starts to get there today as well he's got coming up another one former life I'm very. Okay. What are already hardball tonight. That's the scramble it is for the third spot probably seven exude Benny Parsons is back for thirty years Bobby Al also running in fourth right behind a bloody body gets around Jimmy had Slaton. He's in there have played drops to six. I think comes out of the main straightaway over 304 lap. On the backstretch they've kept a divided into one half volleys much right away one half on the back and one of the rookie drivers have been crying a burden. 46. Travis tiller triangle Virginia his car is being rolled backwards the payoff today as I have someone. 5000 dollars for leading the most laps and kale Yarborough has already. I'm not about one. 121000 dollars for winning today 6000 dollars for second 3000 dollars for a third of total pay off. My mother lives 64845. O'clock to match not bad for a half mile racetrack. I think that's. Would sound good to me. Laughter wanted to validate your grades and without knowledge imparted this makes you feel like good. We got it right they'll now. And this is by half a mile racetrack during my life okay. Really fantastic look at may have got an absolute massive crowd who tracked vehicle and just people everywhere in the that's that's what's really gonna migration coming popcorn I'm sure that many people think that. They may be inflated the figures but I'll tell ya every seat is gone outstanding or above lately all the way around this gigantic horseshoe of seats. Only one man does not have seats turns three and four of their seats all the way around late. First and second turner about role what 125 people here have everything is negative people standing up on the back of the stands. Let's see the most competitive probably oasis of the world and here I come caddie is what they did on Caylee up world. Chevrolet el diablo and there's they got out of the track number ones and we have a Flickr directly behind us here. I think you're doing a little run just down to the stands right back in the men's room. That is an add on. And designs and four officers. Watching the race so intently watching. Richard Petty against Caylee up girl never saw the Martinsville street but by George we did everything about pop out. There was not Isaak. It was not I think you're running two fast if I'm wrong. I think what my friend my caddie just Sandra. He made a quick snatch and out of the men's room at about 75 C. Turns around. And then at dobbs lives kind of back door of the men's room. Another good one thing it's another folks revive her station identification. Richard Petty a flat out here on the backup car number eleven Kelly I'll probably can't get around him. Jailed just refuses Soledad dodged through the ftp died fighting for every edge you can get out here and Caylee up world body to win this event. Leave car car number eleven Caylee up well with your caddie is still a second gala stands as late not a robot while car likes of they move into the first turn. Bonnie home. Sales fell like a good job here he works clapping. Get off nobody else would work traffic when they're running really about a mile delivery driver with a. Offers. And right now it's. Right now he's about five colleagues back to him about. My guess Richard Petty closing round that could be that Caylee Apple's playing cat and mouse. Not running as part of what about a almost watches that keep track of hale has even backing off to let. People think that that he's catching Kenny really run blast to the next day. While I was so busy watching this straight you're outscored ample sleep you know. You've got to think this young movement in the crowd that's why it's like I thought they I've been blocking Galen. He just consistently after about five or six laps it's consistently are they gonna do it 300 for the second. It's been away all they've taken pushing and pushing hard for the they like wildfires get our Roy gets killed first drive away and I think if nothing else happens today we'll. Claims to be LA they did that void of any. We asked Kelly Yarborough whose running how to fly right now his margin stands. Got about eight car lengths over Richard Petty and there is a lap car between updates fiscal Nashville Tennessee we ask Gail if you're loses here loses little time. Kenya may get up what erotic art and phils made lavished coffee cup miles. Hard to talk make up time here. This racetrack is. It is strictly handlers treasure your Hammond know him a source very yet you won't get around your good. You it's hard really hard to make up time if you get behind you really get your work cut out forwarded to get back. What about or seen out of turn one that was Caylee I grow up making up time here's Bobby Allison on the inside many Parsons on the inside on Al sunny outside of the backstretch morning. Many cars maybe average of tire problems again. I want to command that's going to be a change of light side rubber on the green that's the second time that's happened dilemma that has been costly for many today. I don't wanna go watch a lot of it gave up a bit like they have all been there about enterprise ready to go all the life out of LA has been getting a little follow gladly. Buffy would those coaches traveled to follow a great trade because. I've got blue rider will walk. Gonna go like well thought out and now they've got to get in the gulf off public outcry that is on his wife thought to myself. I was talking back just for the here against the number nine car and Bobby Allison and Danny just before the last caution flag was actually run an open match when they were. He was right and about a half a second per lap faster than Knight star would you just raining down when it. When Carson come out. And just he and house run just about the same. Many just make your next stop now must constantly a couple of laps they do that. If you're just joining us broadcast today here in the Virginian pilot at Martinsville they expert commentary is coming from the winner of the Talladega 500 a year ago quarter will California stick. What is alongside. The 310 laps run out of the 500 to be line shows Caylee up world first Richard Petty second Chevrolet lady dodgers' second. Going to the third position. In the third spot. Is car number while Bobby Allison. In the fourth spot number body conveniently dropping a bit Benny Parsons in the sixth position Lenny bottom level label and it may be able to survive not that last pit stop life. Benny Parsons but he was shown as. Six and 310 laps in seven James Hilton in eight wild about like. In my Richard Childress some bad defensive squad car over to Dave Marcus who is that I sending troop positions over the last. Thirty imported live just up the cats watch. Running in the eleventh position. If the car number fourteen. Sukuk Marlon. Running and while his car number 78 JD Mike Duffy dropping to thirteenth district chief Najaf but that's been up good turn over to. That's at 300 and the laughs. Lead card number eleven KLA opera once billion level is. Half second between first and second place. Kale Yarborough is it tough burden that things will always on our top. Like half mile tracks like Martinsville Virginia then on out two point six mile track like you'll waste next Sunday at Talladega Alabama. Not say as more men trying to run. Think the speedway it is George Turkey. Georgia and he's just you just have to worry about. The traffic work in the traffic here and non five super speedway you've got so many things we're back go to work that is. On the other worry about. Power usually the film does happen than not this is so many other things to worry about when you run into miles now. I don't think you ever worried about our Fuhrman did anything bill. Well I shall not do anyway it was a you know. When the race is going on you don't worry about things I admitted what you do stand in you're talking about that a change of attitude is the only that in thank you that they're even cross your mind and all I have always says coal mine. And I thank. This calls they're about his mom about when you're 200 miles miles on those have my hardest normally. You know I just never talk about it much but. Sunday Caylee opera leaving Europe Martinsville Virginia they will be running it over to a lot of miles Gerard from the famous heart care Chevrolet and you can see him. Talladega Alabama public gets the silver fox David Pearson. Public gets Buddy Baker Richard Petty and all the giants they Allison and Alabama gang will all be pared back Sunday. The Winston 500 here today. Taylor's on the outside of many Parsons and Richard Childress says he goes down the main straight away. He's having little trouble getting to that lap traffic to see if the first turn and heading takes advantage. It's available for 50. Got up really close on May. He's getting everybody to move on and get around in the last ten or fifteen. Your last perhaps. Kelly opera all have widened two thirds of what it's all about here Martinsville Martinsville is always. Great way to the first is to win the hole the second lead the most laps. The most important is to take the checkered flag last year he won two thirds of those three legs each time you hear you win the poll was thousand dollars. Take a 5000 dollars if they just as today the most laps left that question is. Can't watch has eluded him in the past season finally come his way that they checkered flag when it's all over. He's won a grand work wanting the ball 5000 dollars for most laps led getting picked up while thousand dollars on a goal for the Virginia 500. The records today a look like they're gonna go Caylee up worlds away with the exception of one on names breaker. Wearing an engineer's cap within about a 150 feet here right up to the right of our broadcast move just out of the fourth turn. Not apprehended. Marvelous run. And brought kale Yarborough was doing the same be streaking along. Wearing what it has to be now varies what they are racing suit is it about a 105 degrees in the cockpit of the car care Chevrolet Kate good. As they have a lot of Richard Petty the second place campaign where he in this event. That he has won here more than any other driver he had won seven Virginia 500. Many years ago 1955. They nineteenth annual Virginia 500 and as such life. Grace is Madonna it was seven wins like that. Other race here that takes place each ball on six. We're mentioning we had. Other NASCAR races around the country to war on the Southside speedway and Richmond Virginia last. As Tommy Ellis. Story is over now Brennan. It was at Southside speedway or Richmond or else you'll sleep like like ray it's probably more about this weekend. Sunny not just looked lost that race and blew an engine. Birmingham. Birmingham international raceway out of Alabama. That's often feels a lot of those are always double feature programs in the Obama won both. The Red Farmer second Bobby Allison. But to. Have finally feels Sonny hutchins was victorious this weekend. Caraway in North Carolina the last okay national. Was Paul Radford in the new car a lot of fight card please campaign. Richie Evans. Richie Evans won here yesterday afternoon and they 150. Lap re losing those grand national race yesterday afternoon. First actually second Gerri good Birdie Putt before and Brian Ross finished in the fifth position. Then. Also this weekend they had big 500 local and all the farm team from NASCAR cup. Velocity got his first major victory. Cal velocity right playing Michigan defeating norm Nelson that you Laura congratulations. We understand that the elevator back. The driver of Osama livestock the today the next Sunday he'll be strapping them. As safety equipment in his famous racing car and go racing that Talladega Alabama always take Caylee up for a lot of collapsed on Bobby Allison. Elian pearl diving into the culture change let me ask you this we'll. What's it like when you're racing that Talladega Alabama and you go down that you. Long long intranet belong backstretch and card games. Hundred miles are what does it feel like. I think it's all relatively. Why do I always. I always OK don't everybody else's. Then it doesn't seem like you're going back off on an intersection sometimes when. Still trying to do everything like plucked you're really moving. It's about the same room service big red plums or vice Corzine's big. Big yard go. You have a good road Simon I'm right from a private matter a whole lot better today it's. Good. I've read the news back home some of these I think. Hill trying to slow start have a second. And Bobby Allison is right now. Then Richard Petty officer Richard slowed down. I laugh Paula go on. Maybe change. You dropped off about a. Fires up your backdrop to try to get better relief. Laughter. Farm report time. The entire thing. Track they would have a very. This backdrop just. Don't let it fly off and it turns. That's why I think I could've been washed. But good relapse. It's picked back up. Ten or fifteen laps later he's back home. We may have done. Winston cup grand national racing dirt road to put us on the broadcast today and next Sunday he'll be at Talladega Alabama in the Winston 500 if you can't be there we sure hope you'll be with us as you know pick one. At Talladega a year ago. And they're preparing his car right now back. He's like a Sunday afternoon. Today on the toughest track there is a grand national competition. Martinsville Speedway in Virginia that's where the action is and 32000. Race fans gathered on a beautiful laughter noted Virginia. To enjoy the spectacle of the most competitive automobile racing in the world. Should Caylee up world in front his advantage now all about two seconds for the second place car Retief that's brought his car. On pit road had the car service on everybody day and his back into action and we see Dave Cisco's cartilage second place automobile. Richard Petty. Third place. Relapsed out of Bobby Allison can't afford his car number might be giving happily. My name in bed is letting the clock in the same lap with a car but I have slate. Now a lot of that Roy going behind the bill Wallace body Arrington. Well narrative about the overall report out this afternoon for the players caught a lot of great movies got a while ago they activated off all along. He pulls them don't automatically power there. Good threes you'll look at water rather. But you gotta think you'll lose. Presumably it will have a pool live without hope for the debacle the project up whatever they get to putting his troubles arose after the buck for the power. In the sixth position is trying to present I think you've got to Parsons five laps off the pace of seven James Hilton's ex wife back. In an aide to Walter validate labs saw it lying par comfort food day markers and he's been moving up. He's fine labs found out of the running much further back earlier event running event distraught over seventy JD picked up big going eleven describe for fourteen cuckoo Marlon black outfits while. Try to providing eight Ritchie match. On average dude Dave Marcus is in my view was running in fifteenth about fifty laps to go see is. On the road that definitely enterprises card number to Dave Marcus we have Marcus how much time they spent fourteen of their rearview mirror. When he's running seventh eighth ninth and then today's race. It all where the other competitors were on the track. Well I racetrack like SI logic quite a bit for example Richard somebody you know are running good news Kalin him and of course fans there's fear rays and I hate to get in the way too fast car drunk royally messed up. So he's try to stayed out there are still pick up positions and stay out of the way of Caylee off brought Richard verde. Four of the active deciding this battle between Chevrolet and dodge this afternoon from. Then I'd want him why Richard imagine doing 36 BYU and number one former again facing traffic hit all the right traffic comes out the drivers get off the throttle. We'll out of the bottle speedway riches out against the wall and just rally felt good. Often very precarious position. The fact that now. Trying to fire the engine. Making here already advantage of Daytona Beach, Florida originally graduate of a plea sea breeze high school down there. I'll have the ball high school that was created after they go to reach of all right we're. And he has started the car around get it back get a competition here's Kelly. Richard very they're tied at three wins eight trouble like a team that's happening foresees a wherever they Winston cup grand national races. Fort in the most difficult part of the season. The cars race last Sunday at north books for North Carolina here at Martinsville Virginia these to a contract. That next time they Talladega Alabama the following. Saturday night he'll be in. Nashville Tennessee and here comes Richie and with a right rear tire down Griffey cash right rear tire blown out his automobile. So that's a lot of racing for grand national cars and sport MacArthur went three and four nights a week as Willie. NASCAR modified but we're grand national. There's just a really tough time of the year and these competitors take shots. Pride in their equipment when it comes out of it's always a question please sparkling but already every car here isn't producing don't play ball that badly abused. If this is rocket racing we're seeing this afternoon we're talking to the national champions. Benny Parsons libel roughly control fireplace Carl covers 72 about how tiring it is right now north tools for a last week Martinsville today. Talladega next on business. It really has been Kim here. It was good to guard don't know what you have on the April. Also. Went to a pearl was there shoot well and we're final thing and it's too. Tell that they. In the Monte Carlo we had you really become a few years. And it's been about the 1415. They all week. First. Five days a week like 1415. And makes money infused is only a very long days. Jim downtime and we'll get a break kept telling him feel asleep governments and north. So you always see there's a lot of romance and excite mother beautiful ladies and fast racing cars but it's. All hours upon hours of labor via the entire crew to make these cars work. I think you'd verify that the crooks. I think good good good. More so than most people really understand you talk about beautifully it was going to be here today good good. When you're in a car you're gonna drive them 4 o'clock in the morning you don't try to get rid of the racetrack just. This it doesn't really look the same wife sit in the car today record. Winston 500 Xbox 365000. Dollar raise the ticket office is open today over until they get a call. Operators waiting for your phone call you're gonna see some kind of thrilling racing there next week. Given that phone number again we gave earlier area code 205362. Battles export port Talladega Alabama Winston 500. Next Sunday 165000. Dollar grand national Winston cup race. Given that number again to all 5362. My house export. We are right now. In the 364. Of five Robert Black Ford just back on their brain. There was a real battle on pit road as they try to get Richard Petty car out fast for the Caylee up boroughs but the herb nab prove its Junior Johnson. The crew chief or they've lived just nip that in the flood stage just barely and brought forth Gail what they had a look out from under Richard Kelly start right before. Also hello my today's first clue what caught our phone records horrible thought hardball feel fulfilled or. There's little football. Got garbled live off of a volatile durable product will afford new cars which are all vulnerable for all available where the problem. Grab their practical advice for the power. Of 350 laps run now I've got to go with 340. Kale Yarborough leading Richard Petty second Bobby Allison third relapse back and forth Jimmy cancellation. But what's more car fifth Lennie pond six batting march 7 James children's. Eight Walter Ballard. Number two Dave Marcus was just bomb hit a grown man that was our number seven AJD and adopt these same as reporting no windowless that they. Used the well to replicate the drive formula. Like chemical what you shoot for putting out gas wires. On the back into the car and opportunity pulled a drive biggest hit of extinguishers and provide even a little ways to trickle down off the back of the car he would back an accomplice to. Although that would put players on the world wide real real hard over there there was a problem fourth quarter of we've looked like absolute fly over there aren't a problem right. We'll talk reporter it was all the ladies OK now my little. Remind you again out of often coming races offshore racing up word gets next time they will be broadcasting to you from the Winston 500 at Talladega Alabama. And coming up on May the 26 the world 600 at Charlotte, North Carolina. Over 183000. Dollars at stake in the world 600 this year all kinds of laughed my. It felt like tickets you can call 70445521. New one this afternoon for reserved seat sport. The fifteenth annual world 600 June that I fully Riverside California. It's nothing more than 400 at Riverside. I don't know let's workers looking forward having all you Southern California it's evolved from Arizona all around palm laid far western seaboard will be with us. Got to enjoy that great race Joseph on the sixteenth will be up in Michigan. And that's some drive back to mile speedway there I think we see some of the best super speedway racing. Ever when we get to Michigan international raceway will be their June 16 July the fourth of the queen mother the super speedway as. Not on speedway boulevard at Daytona the birthplace of speed. What a firecracker 400 at Martinsville Virginia the toughest half mile Oval Office. ES TV dodger record better you have water at Daytona Rockingham north Walton ruled this year that dark hair Chevrolet. Won the first race of the season Riverside California that a Bristol Tennessee have had a flat out. The question of who will win Martinsville Virginia seemingly will be decided between mr. mayor we write 374. Of 500 laps. There is one more pit stop to be made by the leaders it is expected they will come in at lap 464. Tough battles still very much John less than half a second shot 41 and second place between south Carolina's kale Yarborough the former football player. Had Richard Petty they all time champion America probably a racer it's going to be some kind of a finished today at Martinsville Virginia. 370 laps are now complete that ears that frees up your lap run down 378 actually complete. We've got to change a little here. It's still Caylee off heroin while we're dramatic second Bobby Allison thirty Benny Parsons sports. Flooding in fifty Chevy Hensley had been six Lennie pond as it was at 360 there was one change there. Earlier let me on this but a lot of the fifth position he has now been dropped back one spot by the hometown driver Jimmy actually was moved up to fifth wedding on dropping his six. Now the seventh game children as reports indicate Walter Ballard every forward in life. They car numbers seven BJD make copies. And fast changing. We'll just camp this cuckoo Marlon leave big loser on the latest rundown. Victimized while on pit stop which car number to Dave Marcus we have dropped back we love and efficient hey what's in those little fire running the car which we could probably. He cruised the back profit tracks what he has dropped back there a couple of spots. Running for office talk about a six proved once the assembled Carolinas and Richard Childress those are the front twelve. Here at Martinsville the Virginia 500 this afternoon Dick Brooks. Prejudiced runner up point scale got them. Pretty good heavy traffic goes that you're blocking them and they've been running back of the things we've back straightaway and around the racetrack and all of a sudden you know. Things like maybe they even had a lot of traffic feel good market through traffic a lot of well. World record in the name of Paul Clement bill well welcome now the real trouble here. Elaborate service 161000. Fans are on their feet. Giving the sharks signed a richer that they have the other 161000. A year giving a whole backside the daily our world. That's the way it is with 32000 air and it's tough partisan crowd deeply divided. Between those tearing the Chevrolet South Carolina driver Caylee I brought North Carolina Richard Petty in the us to be done. That they are on their vehicles to cars come out of turn on number two Barney hall. You know last Sunday Richard Petty and literally demolished look we'll open up local North Carolina will let you lose momentum lately about where you want mentioned a moment ago. The thick rough maybe this Cahill was. Possibly playing with a field here model but so I think everybody OK. Okay over losing. Right now it's. Obama to go never been more than create more effective by having the last 100 block okay. A lot of you don't like I don't know throughout the game it's okay. Now you can watch me. Leon girl has again picked up Obama a ten car length lead. As a point of the day grace he has to watch warning watch grand national career victories he's won three this year how to do things. Through 1973. Richard caddie having won 157. Coming into the day at 1154. To 1970 very. It would tales of three victory earlier this season and all the time Winston cup national electorate kale Yarborough has now pulled five body blocked speedy Thompson have taught himself. What Jack Smith the driver of the old Pontiac back the most 596 today reversal from Daytona speedway. And if he wins today. He has won his second victory point slide in behind Joe Weatherly the late Joe Weatherly who would want wanting sport that would be the next driver that would be challenging. At least overall Winston cup grand national victories. Kale Yarborough for a lot of reasons would like to come home witnessed checkered flag today. One thing he's been stalemated here and his efforts the million Victory Lane at Martinsville since 68 what he had his absolutely golden years. This year 1970 board would be down all over again this will be his fourth victory of the season the same for Richard Petty if you can. What a lot of my a lot of O'Donnell won a lot of it is they would just go he has been in the car goes dobbs hit the bottom of the concrete on the bottom of the racetrack to them probably grab from the but caution flag coming up again. Get a week off kind of problem. It's about who Richard Petty fleas and filed for Obama there looked like they may have gotten heavy traffic well that's a problem but nobody touches the Phillies on the grass looked about an hour. Hot Springs office ten caution period of the day we'll have a check with the cops that we are seated near that record. Record number of cautions in a race at Martinsville Virginia ten caution periods thus far this afternoon we may see them duck in here. All balls. They really can't go home from here Ken lay Dick Brooks believe it would have to be a little later in the running could go all the way to finish your 389. Laps they have 500 black who finished. And they're gonna need to commit up. Little later on the go all the way home. Plus. A lot of. John Harbour a lot of kids. Put your creditors coming out of the trip well holding up a lot of record move out another tale I've gone around laughter is a good bit of both sides. It's got a rubber all the whites out of the car with a five. One quarter when they didn't want it probably include master calls like Taylor like Richard good. Our world sports capital factor of having your car itself as a percentage. Short par for the go under the letter they do little right ready evolve with new powerful watchdog Michael Powell. Everybody see him command for left side tires were under caution he has nothing to lose here Dick brought the question deals as our expert. Commentator today and drivers but out here doing this for many years. 300 body one collapse of 511. Big goal. Can Brooks and Yarborough and make it home on the fuel could pick up under this caution. While Brooke. Our program I think Betty I just aren't ready come you haven't. Betty mania. It's not hard I don't see any problem of the cars and ran about those thirty to eighty miles of them now I have mile racetrack good somewhere around honored that the laughter. I don't please crawl all okay James hired again from raid another killed not I don't know why not take it on the fires there. You know that's the best thing to do Slade director of global caution flags. Been paid just got fresher tires. They. They should very troubled former Russian oil and gas balls. John Harvey I wanna check thought that help heaviest changed all the way around the previous lap features Whiteside robbery has not changed much I'm Robert years' jail coming by. There is. Looks like one more lap but they will be racing. Pedroia told filibusters to comment Richard Davis got new tires on both sought but you'll like pop off and you'll have no problem we're all going to rose to a wide. We will check will leave pit road feel or throw shooter dropped until we'll have to like about the football more fuel but the golf. Kalin went down there picking up free. He came up with the blood that came awfully like satellite farm walked back over plus they. Area where they didn't carve a 43. Just about to. You can walk right yeah just about set. Or hey start that they are back from their brain once again remember record that he now has fresh rubber all way around. Replies jump off a lot of that finish at Daytona back in nineteen. Seven they would beat Hamilton was victorious is 69 when they came rubber all way around on his car which was a pity party defeated David Pearson at the finish line. Here's tails you wanted to go to that for a number one sandwiched between he and the second place runner is batting Karstens and money on. Richard caddie goes down the return of more what do you think Bonnie hall and I. After all after notable for fresh fireworks UAW are. Okay believe right now that I'm about ready to. I think all the credit card that was OK okay. I. Richard Brooks what you put on brand new fires like this that they have immediately start work for your you have to eat buffalo yeah. Goodyear tire or don't have a have a friendly fire here. Good fellas they were gonna run here and I've never read one of them. So it's hard to say sometimes compound pull us are working immediately from time to take a few laps on the good. I don't know. Hailed the decision making their view on things we've looked tired old fire these you can actually run about things down grateful for awhile. It's like Richard made false just a little bit on news fires. I'm still kind of laughed and why they didn't change field fires. In my case it would be that I didn't have anymore but I don't think that's their problem. From Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the club. Or into the pit. I don't feel you can trust sonoco to beat him fueling keeps you going second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up for the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco CSMC races. Citywide took countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit. He's tired dot com and Hercules tires ride and our strength. Martinsville Virginia the Virginia 511400. At all why bother why they are now working up 400 laps when I come around this time. Think Kelly I brought front and suddenly hapless nobody handle a lot of Richard that is automobile we'll usually comes out of turn Roberts killing more Justin pagan. That hasn't been happening here right now. All of a sudden it looked as if the flyers weren't working Dick Brooks. That's certainly did it seem like here Martinsville you have really as a laborer I don't want on the racetrack. Urban you have to run right against that urban and he's been doing so beautiful all laid. Why am. I notice about two thirds of the time he slips up about a car width so I don't know they like all of America's fuel oil molecules. If they get back at the moment they may have changed compounds often. But right now things are he's going up it's. Sometimes they'll change compound over Margaret flowers attract kids would connect going to be what they've done out of just a little while to get to work. Shall I Carville can you check to see if they change the tire call mom Lori petty is indeed having a problem what does that look like do you Bonnie hall. Things got off. If you Baltimore Philadelphia inaudible with the driver. I've related revenue. Find out. Well. Here's kill diablo still a lot richer than they are still in second bombing Allison third relapse back lending margins. Or going then let me wrong six laps. A lot of money. Which is Jimmie has played in seventh James Hilton in the eight Walter Ballard in my car number fourteen cuckoo Marlins ten years. Watch TV make enough they lack the Big Ten position than an eleven car over to Dave Marcus. While his car number 96 Richard Childress thirteen Richie mansion. Ford leave his numbers seventeen and all the running. Hope alive they've just go challenge I've felt good we have a report review has actually a number of cars and out of the race and who they are there. Well call Donald President Obama thought that your loved I didn't check smoothly Junior Johnson. I'd feel low level like another good golf forecasting those. A lot of cars over Rome Georgia law okay. And the great Tony about housing tarnish off we'll all finally. While they Fleming and the latest live later just goes on our. We'll walk right. All right we'll let my at all. John Elliot begins to sound although it's a beautiful blue sky here is if we see some dark clouds for Caylee out. Think what she's got to come and even have become an armored cars you know I've looked up reminder you have the ftp dodge presumably in front of them. Dallas furniture I don't know why did that while ago. They. Enjoy the moment for another caution flag and they probably think they stay in front of him. No they didn't they just laid out there things then we're ready to start tonight. Okay. You are noticing on the track believe he has actually gain. Okay. In jail doesn't get another Washington program we just checked in the middle that is true let's play ball over. I'd probably open a file called the cardinals have left what lakers Beckham. I'm like the. Richard Barry has just laughed Dave Marcus and that's what's nothing but should they send. Daylight between himself and the leaders find number eleven Caylee I. Last lap car between the mayor was named Marcus and now it's a clear shot down on the back of that red white and blue card here Chevrolet. Janesville and slowing down these. On the outside of that lobs got Chevrolet as they go into the turn number one Motley else. The last line now. Inside you know bombing outside of turn number one going my money all smoke. Hard working so well I don't know what the reason. Well there. There will be. 500 up from. Okay. Caylee up for all is trying to stay in front trying to pull away from Richard Petty and on this particular Lafayette to open up some more daylight. What it allowed one Richard Childress we'll have a collapse Houston Texas while your ballot here the Virginia my drill. I ask Caylee yesterday morning. Putting it all away from the field with this Junior Johnson prepared car. All right got the ball boy. Cannot thank them red doors because of not knowing when we don't have to worry about of course George is doing a good job in the car is running. Real well good. Richard Petty and Bobby Allison Donnie Allison all these balls. No real good so I don't think we're growing only anybody as far as helping me be real competitive and very close race. Polling I can't say everybody runs away even though there will be made. We'll kale Yarborough try to run away with a right now he's opened up pretty good advantage of over 543 Richard headache body is just slap. 124 season Gordon number thirty while their ballot number about a six Richard Childress Richard Petty still has to do that. Richard medic comes around Childress he's up to laugh at Walter ballot season Horton as they come nomination ran away. In other NASCAR results while the nation to report from Islip Long Island up with a New York City metropolitan area last night's modified NASCAR what our. Dad was an Austrian has a brand new car that Jeff was mosque is campaigning. There's big news going on in New York State what NASCAR. All of on Long Island which has always been strictly one drive the ides of straightaway they now have to modify tried Friday and Saturday night. Friday night will be Freeport long aisle the very famous. All the eastern track for the mid jets ran for many many years and now is NASCAR modified territory on Fridays and on Saturday nights will be a life Long Island. And they're hoping to get a strong enough circuit up there on the island. To make a real indentations on the national championship which currently is dominated by New Yorkers who've come from over the Great Lakes section that's. That Jerry Gordon and Richie Evans and this is the auto racing network I'm Ken Squier were worthy of this afternoon remarkable. Over dinner expert commentator is Dick Brooks running all of lettuce and John Harbaugh was covering that that activity. This tremendous grades the Twain prize amount Caylee up world leading. In the Chevrolet AME STP dodged a big push your you're shaking your head. What's the astonished. 7 o'clock in the scale and Richard when when they're both running without any traffic. Mailed us. Away when they get traffic where you can kind of make it up a little bit I don't know whether you drive a little harder traffic the only thing here well it does make big chance that. Then Richard had to take pitching. Even when you're running behind you got to play catchup game we have they. Here's the me that's probably what's that the mail when they get out traffic available like. We have sad news the speakers here today did you take your number two was just fine. The first breaker got away whether it's the second triggers that make over here are right they they nabbed war. First trigger my head Simon guys on the. Brady didn't have you have to get in looking at the time we like getting failed version of these bad trouble with the law. Really Alfaro is in front Pritchard met a second Bobby allison's first relapse back and forth does Benny Parsons invent this. Let me find my mom is back up this possession going in six is Jimmie have to play seven is James Hilton. Eight is wilder well I don't mind is the number fourteen automobile. That's. My money in my position to have this JD make up eight. Running eleventh his car number to Dave Marcus twelve is number and ID six Richard Childress certainly think that Richie match and the fourteenth his car number seven. Seen a golf match. That 400 laps the average speed is only 69 point 398 miles per hour. Can caution periods. On this half mile track get a word nowhere near any records. Here's a fact where you race fans are really in the Winston cup grand national racing at tail winds today. Richard Petty places second Caylee out werewolf then mechanics. Lee national championship point leader Richard Petty going into today's races number one in the nation. Stock car racing in the Caylee I bowl wins today you'll have 517. Point one more point. Record 114079. Point 16 if Richard wins. He'll maintain his leaves we'll 527. Points details 468. So it's all important to Kayla as we get down toward the end of the first leg in the Winston series but what this one together and win today we understand it. Richards that he is on his way all my child Carville do you wanna make 1 march check with dale Inman of the Pettigrew and safe. If they feel that he has good. As the fuel for go the distance now Williams to make one more stop the progress that is that you will be able to go the distance. Kelly opera will have to make one more pit stop towards over geology he gets that information. Red jacket with a medical right now I have no doubt about having enough you'll only do all look a little more than fifty miles to go. They can get it all goes right so they've operated modeling job smoothing out tonight. Both inevitable that the ultimate fuel what we're going to check for this group got to see if we've been having an analyst all the problems. I noticed a little bit slowly coming out for our turnover move a little while ago I'm going Georgia got a little movements bomb was apparently unraveling as well. Which is very unusual warmth and. That's actually a federal. That's absolutely why was just intern or any came off the curb know what your vetting never touches the curb he can turn 500 plus will be two inches off but every time. But on that last lap but no one around in that car ricocheted off the curving bounced about more freedom of the straightaway. Until something is not quite right the petty car late in the going here at Martinsville Virginia this afternoon once again a reminder racing fans love the United States. Here's where you can say the most competitive automobile racing in the world today. Grand national cars of NASCAR. Coming up. May fit the Winston 500 employees fans and Alabama here's your day gets the Winston 500 at Talladega. The world's fastest motor speedway we sure he'll be here to enjoy on May eleventh it's done music city export volume that's great halves mile or. Nashville Tennessee. Saturday night may eleventh on Sunday may nineteenth. In Delaware nom Mason Dixon 500. Dover Downs International Speedway. That's made by being made at 186 will be in Charlotte, North Carolina. 600 migrate my don't have the right direction our. June the ninth in Riverside California for the newborn wandered chill in the sixth they always thought process. Living in Michigan the more space walkers and July 4. Hope you can join us at the birthplace of speed. Celebrate the birth place of a nation. Pitched Daytona International Speedway America's largest Independence Day celebration. Handle firecracker 400 Winston cup grand national racing often coming through July the fourth and again we want to remind racing fans all over the plus today happy commenting and like to hear about problems aligning your motor racing network. Speedway boulevard Daytona Beach, Florida thank should probably just say speedway boulevard Daytona Beach, Florida because that's where all began and they. Even before that teams in the twentieth century Daytona Beach where it was happening that's what's gonna happen on July the fourth. You're short of seeing two great races Paul Revere did that the only wildcard reported late news coming up. I'll I don't think Richard can run better for traffic and Gayle king and they've been around and about three to have second Smart. They got her own body your ten cars in traffic and now there are less than two seconds apart. Then I think into laughter. Richard through traffic picked up. Now most of the 22 and a half seconds. Caylee opera comes out of turn number four and his advantage of Swine Flu and there's caddie bouncing off the attorneys. Two and a half seconds back and again on the very same spot in turn number of war. Cars leaving my mom mom with a Kirby. Didn't look why. Why I think it looks to me like cars flipped over right in the middle of the turn and he gets attorneys get returned just a little bit too much made just miss judges. Just a fraction. Like that before you have to stay right against the curve in the car is actually when he makes a turn variety actually probably 67 inches from the turn him. Lying on the left front catches it it's about ghost and going in the first turn and doing that. He's just trying to run a little extra hard and I. Wanna car slips on and gets misjudgment about. Kill diablo still in the Ronnie still has the pit stop in front of them Richard Petty is free and clear to go home this afternoon. Any possibility Gail can make it a kid that his ranger goalie I don't see possibly now John marvell. No and apparently going to have to make another met Bob has proved that's normal volatile way up and had a ton of activity in the red zone or. Junior Johnson Martin please click on the bottom fifth brawl. What could hit seven microphone isn't content on my feelings are what we'll let you know move for the layup vulnerability number. But they're clearly about what happened to Mike another bump on earth did that prove their way you know now it's. However brilliant red white and blue collars of Caylee ops are still being carried in the first place here at Martinsville was after known. McConnell writes I came into this race still. While little ruffled up from that north walks world challenge a week ago all we talked to Gail before the race. Car looks like it's been in some races and he told us about what the crew has been delayed although there have been a lot of North Carolina. Well we've got behind. With a small engine program has just gotten their buzz so far behind and my whole crew's been out for a two days into nice now we added credibility usually you come back into the car here. Before their bases Greta normally can live engine and we're building a new car for Talladega and all the body me and then have been working toward for those days trying to get it really just doing my fighters so. We just all already behind then everything just. There's just do it taken all the time that we can possibly get did get these new little engine trade in out of your car felt they. So the car came and maybe not looking quite as fresh as Gaylord Junior Johnson number of NAFTA argument would prefer. But it's running has any of the Junior Johnson cars do absolutely meticulously. This out here and that crash at Darlington. I really put the wraps from the banjo Matthews car but whenever banjo brings a car you know you're gonna see a great piece of equipment and PM mommy I've ever done in my. I'm sure we'll put it into our report some sponsors really looking for our great dynamic duo doesn't get together banjo Matthews and one Robert Vance size of your pit stop on North Carolina because they really get it done however it. Awful tragedy at Darlington. How to beat Bobby. Put his golf game for almost nine days. Bobby says well you know that's just the way the wind blows. He's ready to come out again. Why are you today was running a very good seventh place and may have mechanical problems on his car now with the hot selling started they had put away. Number seven AJD make up the almost get a piece of the wall just now they came out of turn number four McCartney. We've lost the handle and wanna ride up across the loosen up or what they call the marbles up there and they. Loose material was gathered up and spit out but these automobiles. Small fire he's just so for the balls accumulate on the outside the racetrack. Located at W stuff that's up from one to get into it it's a lot easier to find the Walden is to find the racing groove again. JD has it back under control he's still racing racing well. He's solid running in the eighth position the latest rundown let's get that feel right now. 440. Laps are complete at 500 to be on this afternoon at Martinsville. And we'll lead automobile. Our number eleven being driven by Caylee out pro second Richard Petty third. Bobby Allison who is now four laps off the pace in the fourth position Benny Parsons in the fifth position car number that people are. And money on his six wives black running well today and six spot number ninety. That's Jimmy has played a local driver who's twice won here in the 250 laps fortune from places. Efforts to grand national competition really paying offering him a good finish looks like for him seven. His car and a thirty while the ballot in the eighth position is JV and adopt these numbers seventy. About my position is gone over to Dave Marcus and maintaining that position as number 96 Richard Childress and Childress has moved up a couple of spots. On the latest rundown he was running out that while he's picked up to. Now we have a 440 lap rundown for you. 458 laps they're saying arguably the board is six laps behind tech right or 52. And car number eleven. Fortis collected or 52 is running him like any second. Alison third Parsons scored on the bed. In the sixth position number 98 cancellation seven pilgrims ate Ballard. Nine is our number seven they. The automobile club javy back nothing's going out that kept calling back up another spot here. Dave Marcus and need more than that can. Richard Childress lack a lot of running twelve. Is the car number fourteen. Cuckoo marlin. Cuckoo is broken awfully good and up to eleven this afternoon. A one time is running in my position and fell off after a pit stop thick bushes they keeping track of those laps on the leaders and they wanted to show you. Well around there somewhere around three seconds marred. They got in the budget heavy traffic and got them less and less than. Well second run at a second. And then and again and we'll open wheel again in the body of ten laps you'll read about and others like. And opened opened laughs given that we just drive away Richard. 456. Of 500 laps or complete. Caylee off world is leading but lurking in second place waiting to inherit the league this Richard batting. Caylee up for all have to pit one more time the big question is raised as wild weather last stop on the clock tonight about race card here Chevrolet and we. I have an answer right now one dollar Carville is trying to explore that situation right now. When Caylee opera comes in. And they say that he will come and then Richard Petty will have the SVP dodge and Ron and perhaps beyond his way to his maiden victory here Caldwell. 457. Laps complete there have been at least two occasions and previous times of Martinsville where. Wolf first and second place cars in line optional. The last fifteen laps of the race. If that happens today should that happen we would see Bobby Allison rolled his second grand national victory of the season it seems inconceivable this morning. What it can and it has happened previously. It's still Caleb why. Again big heart care Chevrolet the FTV dot second and the Coke machine is in third but he is four laps but didn't really up to what. Look back on that scoreboard several laps they got Bobby Allison. As you recall he was tagged like George Ball whereas George. Wall that an engine in the RC cola car going down the backstretch didn't. The backgammon on average while sentiment of the wall and Michael pushing battle on the rear end of the automobile 450 live right now. Still hasn't it was an average speed of 78 point five overboard. Miles an hour match no where Barack we've had ten caution periods out here today. No record runs about 73 miles an hour. What fifty laps to go I don't think you're gonna get much of a chance of running on any kind of record this afternoon ten caution periods that's the whole story. Dramatic changes in no way Richard nowadays they don't last time Bible right side rivalry just come and may have changed two tires on the right side available failed and he. Loses all lap and pick Caylee up borrowing car number eleven. They'll screw us get a lot of knowledge I don't want my little bit probably better than god gavel of the quality lab the golden victory for the long hard look at eleven. About seven or Bob ball. All about finding another bit off. He's got the good lady and moving along Michael Dell back in the second half of the story. All these alleged act towards those goals and non stop Florida's flat wrong. Junior Johnson feels he's gonna go all the way home when you know what experts are they just local boys away from home. And Caylee up rose through this is their local track. Just Timmons will charger he's used map miles and Junior Johnson the course of the last American hero. Just seemed an incredible what they let him go unless they were sure they can take that drawl when they have confidence that they can take so. That's the story right now they have an extra laugh now as those tires. About one Torrealba helping. The hotly got a couple. How. Thought I handled looks like it's gone out of car number 43 and that's something you rarely say. Is handling problem what they ES TV dot I've never. Play Allen writes I've liver problems they have only just tremendous change rather they had a flat right rear. I don't know whether you win the latter were plunging. There was some that are hard and had blown. Looks like now they're having. More okay. I think probably told the hill today is. Just tired really. KLA app world ladies mile overhaul laps you Junior Johnson. Confusing. The experts today. Almost certain they would have to come in no way they're trying to send that car all the way through the end of that is the case you can almost look collapsing around us. Almost never counts of a racing game ask any driver who's been in the business for over a decade they'll tell you that goes almost one out of a white flag lap. Many occasions. So why not home yet galas and Ryan Allison is running third in between of Richard Petty in the second spot. Here's that part care Chevrolet with a blue number eleven on the top. We've lost so that's quite possible that Chevrolet homicide the red would leave white lettering number eleven automobile looks like the lucky number here this afternoon. Sound off of 32000. Gathered here boring record attendance today at Martinsville Virginia are beginning to filter toward the exits. Caylee opera already don't like JD picked up big 472. Labs are complete. Shooting for 500 today. Scales first victory here since 68 years now lay off the turn looking a little smarter this time and Bonnie hall what about it and turns wanna do is pick up the fight back. I don't want me. They'll walk away. Right here last year. 500. Eight dollars now. Have a great. And it looks like he'll make over the national standings and they can just stand on I've just a few more laps 25 laps remaining 25 to go. Cahill with three victories this season. He's come up with a series of 32 place finishes. 13 place in the fifth place rebel 500 at Darlington that's not bad and eight races this year but he's still second to Betty the national standings. This could change at all this afternoon as they move toward Talladega Alabama next Sunday. Believe it does take it. Next on supermodel is literally a living thing about children a good job likable about the auto. We have run and win races he has run what is it on. All the we're real proud Obama could not live up almost 300 level another the ball sales of over two men in the like from the foul. Last year. Kelly opera led the most laps every time they came over your Martinsville Virginia and two times he came but he didn't win that 500 lap. Right now he's driving a very careful race. He's back off but already filled justice relentlessly pursuing that checkered like he was earlier. As time has slowed down about half a second I've got big news on tires. Now. There's Rickey back together again he has got to the Traficant failure or just barely squeezed his body. Ottawa Illinois trying to look for Obama is availability problem run out of that car here Chevrolet Richie is. Now on the glad everybody is clearly the. That's a whole cause about the Bobby Isaac crash at Darlington it was the number and I think you've done a big card on the banjo Matthews cars. That was made on the news. That's that's. Darlington friends that are available under the grip he's going to go to rubble alive but of course is going to get together like tough love call golf. Now all the gospel lite bottle bill put. With the new cars on the outside in this cartoon like reports and look like Burma now whales noise all about the shuffling Mala Jenny come right bottled right. He's only well money from the home. There's the caution that could just about lead a lap bird. 21. Laps remaining wanna you wanna go here's Richard Petty coming out of the remaining Jews. That is the eleventh caution flag early afternoon eleven caution very shaky pick up becoming five foot on the left side but can't as the broken. The what is plugged up in front of the driver. There you're talking. Just gonna go about either. Driving that night guard junior college Drudge or car I drove the guard dogs and last year. Lately destroyed the worst record ever had in the first turn almost in the same spot that I think took another car this year and totally destroyed it. Junior they probably wouldn't go back dogs unless they would reroute his car around the first turn and that's gonna say god didn't just get that first start. How about a graduate fifty years ago do you darlings. Why wasn't I there was the worst I've ever had to do. There was so the last day to raise about eight flash Georgia and watch those annoying fast. And errors or car starters for anybody Arizona in the first paying. I don't know a couple others are. I thought I had just hold things like you can get their court and that you're gone through it meant and I had made up by conceived by anymore embody Erica hit me on the right career. This turned a bit in the law on the card and even veer off toward his turn comes straight back down into the boxing was a big white wide mirror flashing. Then the next thing I'm stopped them all these guys run out these white solution on. And I kept thinking my mother until this daily thing. And that's sad I guess that all goes to raise it from Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust Sunoco the speed of fuel that feeds you go second campus and a coach Phil going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. On the 407 lap run down leader Caylee our world's second Richard Petty a lap down and third Bobby Allison for the Benny Parsons. Running strip away on. You know everybody automobiles they have sleek thin seven James Hilton. JD make Duffy and he's moved up one spot in mind. Is David Cisco what he has moved up one spot the loser here is number thirty water Ballard dropping back into the tenth position Walter Ballard's automobile. The victim that time down two spots it moves they've markers to mind. And those converse of an eight JD McDuff begin newly made position. 484. Lives there now on the floor that was the 407 lap run down we just gave. Bobby Allison was he brought in just a moment ago. The guy that is number on the board I could see down the flag stand I don't know what I wanted to come in change fires online. Right back out. You couldn't see him doing any well the thing I don't know I don't know what the problem causes a black flag him down. Martinsville Virginia the old pentium 500 comes in here September the morning nod if you weren't here today. By all means make your plans to be here in the lovely autumn was he won the loveliest half mile race. Enjoy other great. Winston cup grand national race this one is back on the greens. We are now at 485. Getting down to the end of the fifteen laps to go here's the 480 lap 1000 kids showed Caleb like Richard second. Join in the third spot. Gonna revolve Allison going for it was gone over 72 Parsons lived on sixth number inviting. And nobody out on the field is they have played seven games Tilden eight JB in the coming back that night. Car and about thirty water Ballard can't remember not a six Richard Childress an eleven to fourteen. The Pentagon but it's named after getting caught up and no golf ball spends almost 5%. Hardest thing placing might try to get up at the corner good golf over the Bible are still a lot of games November then look up still automobile moved live no contact. Yeah I like twelve was part of an ID eight on that last one dollar and everybody eight publishing fans thirteenth woods Cecil Gordon running fourteen when. Warm running and fifteen was muddy areas of the talk about Maalox. This may run in front okay. Likened members still have found what about us. Forty laps to go on a short track where there and had a caution for Stewart last night your chance to make it back up running for gonna have a race that. That last restart Richard Petty was just in front of the later number eleven. Caution car is solid fuel pick up kale Yarborough and Richard Petty has the chance. 488. Of 500 laps completed the ball around the speedway. The only other car in the lab with Caylee opera was Richard Petty. Here comes Betty moving around deemed off one of the squad cars and James Hilton's automobile that's not Chevrolet looks like it took kind of a slowdown they are. Let's go to Barney hall again as to how much damage was to stay by those automobiles. Your car's got together without a job Hilton's car playoffs I don't know like third quarter panel. Don't forget. Russian got a very light and had a car problem. Wow that was about what they're functioning they're the number one without a lot of problems other firms that they're getting out the group. You figure out how to get out just a little bit wide and hit at least you're going to be crazy weather related but for the town. As they bunch up the boob job through Richard Gotti has fallen behind James Hilton is able George they. First turn collapsed running out of them. After gulf next time around they showing already got working the boy about it right now to release number eleven Caylee I fully flat. Richard Petty run against second any of the opportunity to move around although. He is not maybe he's waiting for the marker to come out of there is one of them pull through. Gary is up beside shoot who modeled his right behind Hilton's car as they move through some of the slower cars a lap cars would drop down. And what the two leaders who are running in the same lap together. That is not the case but I'm one more lap when they will be racing. That's what why isn't very moving up on the back of millions of fleiss try and do I think the main reason there was James Hilton's up in the way in which is trying to get up the track is so narrow that that the cars don't move over an hour ago. Now he's making progress he's trying his best together Kahle decided to start the race looked like a general Ricardo. It doesn't want to lose this one he does not want to lose this one and here they come down. Restart he realizes that pennies on the makeup no way they go all. Bridgette not able. They're outside the okay I'll give it just a little jot down a much Reggie may start as a lot didn't he stop for a moment. And has their back under way out of turn over to Lou Caylee I Verizon to lapped cars between himself and Richard that they would less than ten laps remaining. Many large defense money fathers sandwiched in between. The leader number eleven daily well the second place car public your vetting body clock goes tied eleven Richard Petty about we'll. There's a place you've got better later pared record going into turn one amazing Caylee out world dot com why I want the golf club without having. With the Obama are you. Out of turn three and it turns more many cars and now we're playing. Richard Petty into. Effective spot and really operable later but they go to your number one day getting up out here. Warning that Hollywood reporter getting right out of the bottom of the right back with the way the way around we want to. Player on the chart to watch a lot about six Madonna doesn't look like there's any chance. But you never know until it's over it's all layup on a second a lap complete course for the second place in the out of its way to get back closer together and Haley are world. The left Evansville shot Carolina racer goes down the backstretch. Pulling off another laugh read your bank trying to chase him down that could be doing any good trying to catch you guys actually not a good I think they'll walk away from. We'll let Reggie. Brian hardy just bank wall pretty hard shove down by the car coming off back attorney get a pretty hardy. Just got a long way the audience please. Failed leaving the bears Richard Lindsay is back bumper Rick you're going one dime he ever gets closer look at the end of the race on a short track where you see guys from area reading. I think they can get them a little bit closer in my. Kaelin's first automatic six where Richard Petty and second Bobby Allison. The third batting margins more than what they want is bad Jimmy actually six James killed and his seven. Mike Warren is now running at twelve of the last one out here at Martinsville Virginia this afternoon. They've got lapped cars between them another time at that Obama has wildcard team all the all the cars are more comfortably get out of the end of this race here if they don't just beautiful Robert Witt before the masters Chevrolet lifeline coming by about a good choice of words there. Now the right side. On the backstretch number eleven Caylee out well. There's no show biz finish about this these drivers would it while thousand dollars for the first 6000 dollars for second they get caught what all the way around. He had the first turn those big triumph would go all Kelly I'll grow richer better. Just like a little model better laptop around it go by governor Marvin does John Roland Martin behind him a lot of mobile wallet that. Good groove armada between them nosedive as they move could turn I'm afraid that maybe Lilly's. Screams of the burned about three of these brides and Jake now want love and all white flag is not going to be eligible for a third. Gobbled up a lot of the fairway goes right. All Natalie got great goes off Republican caller ID is battling back there is no way is gone wrong. Wire. Here we are for the finish. Market has built for a grand national weather cleared and all hang together and they're gonna scale up bar on as while the Virginia over 500 the first time. Finding a six day. But these Richard Danielle what has all of the one I've got a lot of racetracks the performance by the ball just magnificent. They're down the backstretch cooling the cars didn't Gordon today it's. Caylee I broke first and ES TV dodge in second while I was set to go to Victory Lane Charlie Carville is standing by with a Victor Gloria Mike McConnell. Well thank you always it'll withdrawal might related follow but the caution flag coming out. Just made it down a bit easier pausing car ran perfectly. I'll never run and I also Gruner and all the boys did a fantastic job getting this Korean. I don't find the ball back home has been working about three days not rob and me and all of them home. Plus you appreciate able to focus on it now right here will go to detective Jay did a thing on the Carter in the right now arming and I change time you know days and I'll thank everybody on it creates Carson bit Stanton and leave the machinists and call a guy gave banner. And Roger Gregory now on the senate thing. Matthew good friends Paula farm director Fred let it greens Jim Owens didn't even know what I'm sitting oh boy let's go provided. Killed my drive like your job layoff. I felt like if you would do go to my Guitar Hero who lost sponsors they've done a good job was this year of course. Family and all the people this is not so soon human. There about a plan to Walton. Okay thank you good how are baggage TV. After they've been legend and when there's DP still want and then all points to do forgot it's. Gone I don't know that I could talk a it. I'd tell the. Well that's the story here today. I never heard so many is so quickly. They got a ball ended a ticket that's that's really getting the job done massively but it's part of what professional life over duration a lot of things certainly took care of everyone who. So much makes motor racing really world particularly in NASCAR grand national competition we'll take a look momentarily at the final standings and today's race. Dick brought to any closing thoughts about this battle we've just seen it as half mile trek. From. Well I've picked. Another Carter win on the ballot this year in the press box. Hailed certainly run ran hard here the last to last through three races. Craig gave me. Driver and they've got a very cable car. Does do a good job on announcing all the Washington DC this weekend for auto racing. Without those kind of people we were not that he's not my mom. But I'd like to play one more time for final. I'm glad to be here for them it's. We'll network to have me here. Doing what little I can. Colors blue yours truly well it sure was a lot of of course we look forward to being with you next Sunday when you're down there except for the seat belt. Enjoying just there's which it is put basket that Simon I thought Kerry at Talladega Alabama. No like that better than here Oreo definitely I think I've proven out this data we have here I think this company branded to live a lot of fun. But racing still comes first and now and forward fall back at Talladega where we're gonna be a little better off we'll run him in those small engine. I'm truly look forward to the breakdown of the draft is good it's a lot of fun and I think we can keep a good and Dick Brooks. When you barrel into the first turn next Sunday afternoon I believe they bring the cars and the first thing about a 155. Miles an hour. How does it feel when you know we're here one of the elite one of the world's best race drivers in your on the world's fastest soccer practice. What kind of a sensation as it would that firs time up of those five story high corners at Talladega. I think all the feeling it's probably felt before you go into the first turn by the time you get there the flag is already grown from then on it's serious business and it. The scores. I guess if there isn't feeling this is the greatest feeling in the world is something that you're doing that a lot of the people like that do. For some reason or another can't. And I've wanted to do this since I was born them and I guess all my life and and now I'm good at doing is just. To me it's still almost a dream whenever are from California and I don't have much raising up there and I just never did have a chance to have to do it always wanted to do and richest ever atomic. Wake up very warm for racial Christmas so make sure it's still right. We'll pick Brooks they'll be right next Sunday it'll be that Talladega 500 new folks listening around the country earlier on motor racing network and we sure hope he can be there. To see Dick Brooks and all the rest of the folks who make. Grand national racing the best racing there is estimated attendance today a new record at Martinsville Virginia thirty feet. 2000 folks who filtered in from over Greensboro legs out from although given these lovely you know to see this guy on my all race. It finally pitted Chevrolet gets shot. South Carolina guess talk show life Caylee out world against the giants could. From Martinsville Speedway this is the auto racing network. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get there whether you're running on their. Running a job. Hard dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee. Strong match value selection in the warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules irons to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires why Don Larsen. He have a 500 laps at Martinsville Virginia this afternoon an average speed of seventy point 357. Miles per hour three hours 42 minutes 41 seconds. The water kale Yarborough Evansville South Carolina part here Chevrolet prepared by junior Johnson's boss French first massive circular. Second place for dale Inman prepared car operation for the car the FTP dodge driven by Richard Petty. Finishing third this afternoon car number twelve Bobby Allison but Coke machines. And it was still hammer the crew chief Bob left machine. It was four laps back and forth position was Benny Parsons elevate north Joanna Detroit Michigan six laps off the face and fifth spot. Cried over 54 at the masters Chevrolet and the driver Lennie pond the defending grand national rookie of the year for metric Virginia. Finishing sixth today Jimmy canceling the local driver from Martinsville Virginia getting the chance to perform and hometown and doing magnificently at a grand national car. Seventh was James Hilton Woodstock Chevrolet. In eighth position in the independent JP in the Duffy of Sanford North Carolina. Placing ninth with Richard Childress one of the most likable new talents and grand national racing. Richard comes up with a ninth place finish this beautiful car from Winston-Salem North Carolina. He can't place the Cunningham Kelly Chevrolet driven by cuckoo Barnum of Columbia Tennessee. Eleven plays the part of the 24 Cecil Gordon unfortunate North Carolina another independent. Finishing twelfth was Carr's number seven guy Frank Warren and Harrisburg North Carolina the hut restaurant dodge automobile. Social reported a scale of one they 1000 dollars to be on the poll of 5000 dollars for a week leading the most laps and they took home the richest. Let's just bomb out of all the twelve grand four overall it brings his total they want about eighteen somewhere over there and I'm not sure there's some other. Accessory but it could give up over 20000 dollars. Well this afternoon's. Very rugged work here in this half mile track. This track among the drivers is not their favorite but among the crowds that come here it is their favorite. This track makes the drivers work Carter just. Just actually keeps you out on a hot warm day to be on this track it and have to fight it out the truth about this competition the NASCAR reports. And against this kind of the speedway the next four. Just a tremendous show for folks who enjoyed motorists. If you want excitement and thrilling wheel to wheel action we hope you'll be at the Winston 500 next time they Talladega Alabama. The Winston 550. NASCAR superstars battling for 165000. Dollars. Get the ticket office today you can call the Alabama international motor speedway and get your tickets like college area code 205. Have a number look at this number a couple of times 360 do. 906 floor. You'll see kale Yarborough the car here Chevrolet. Buddy Baker to KKR Richard Petty the FTC dodged. David Pearson is purely a car you see the final I've got to pick books and all the other great stars of NASCAR in the Winston 500 Talladega next week. Do hope you'll be there and get your tickets again those operators are standing by and here's the number to call at Talladega Alabama the world's fastest motor speedway. That number is area code 205362. 9064. To a 53629064. You won't have a better afternoon of family entertainment and what you see this for the champions driven at its best. By the grand national stars. The Winston 500 grand national stock car race next Sunday Alabama international motor speedway Talladega Alabama hope you will be good. Winning today kill Yarborough for fifth 181000 dollars Richard Petty for second place 6000 dollars Bobby Allison for third 3000 dollars. They varsity sports the fourth position and that's the best finish getting fired she's just ever had a distract the other superior go forth today. 2250. Dollars when he climbed 15100 dollars for fifth place on a half mile track that they'd have bad. Mentally I was trying to get three hours forty minutes 41 seconds and it's given that incorrectly reportedly replied it's three hours twenty minutes 41 seconds. An average speed seventy point 357. Fly all caution flags today. So there was no record there was seventeen cars running after finishing up the event. Again there were big twelve automobiles that we have thus flock here for full rundown this Richard Petty. Seconds Kelly I broke third Bobby Allison sport today Betty Parsons. In fifth with the number 54. Of Lennie pond six number vita Jimmie have sleep several James killed and eight JD McDuff feet. Ninth Richard Childress tenth. The car number fourteen of cuckoo marlin eleventh Cecil Gordon and twelve. Was Frank Warren when it was over only two drivers have an opportunity to lead today in the Virginia 500 your Martinsville. Conover twelve Gary Yarborough led three times. Brother crowd over twelve Bobby Allison my three times for 23 laps and car number eleven. Kelly are bro let four times were total of 447. All the 450. Laps run that story picked up that 5000 dollar prize. The. Overall finish today. Had a Chevrolet in first place. Dodge in second place. Chevrolet they're dominating. Back to the top Tennessee gets back to live eat. The process you can look at Chevrolet showed fifty excuse me karma biting. They duty done what he carved change that in metrics for those who really have prevailed before you shoot another matter with all the way down through just. Plus Chevrolet raised that likely next week at Talladega Alabama for one thing if you're will be there and that's my cruise ship applied it to this week off to make sure they were. Set for next Sunday and and they're they're shooting for the pole. Again there was no record on time today. In as much as we had a total of twelve caution periods seventeen cars running at the finish. So we'd like to invite your attention to next Sunday afternoon. We'll be at Talladega Alabama it's a two point six mile track its bank 33 degrees in the turns. It's a 165000. Dollar pie to be decided among fifty of the world's finest race Travers and we hope that you will be there to enjoy it. And if you wanna get choice seats that the number 205362906. Ford out in Alabama that's at today pretty much from Martinsville Virginia. We will be on the air next week in the time on the East Coast Rick. There will be 1:45 eastern time and you configured back from their pupils was into us out in California. We'll be seeing you right after that if the world 600 made a 26 in Charlotte, North Carolina and then following out of June 9. Will be in Riverside California for the billboard 400 June 16 at Michigan international raceway for the motor state 400 Cambridge junction Michigan. And July the fourth at the Daytona International Speedway Daytona Beach the firecracker 400. This is Ken Squier thank you so much for being with us for this great sporting event the Virginia 500 today which is the one. I can until south Carolina's great racing champion kale Yarborough we'll see you next Sunday afternoon at Talladega Alabama. Okay. I'll Martinsville Speedway this was the broadcast of the Virginia 500 Winston cup grand national stock car race. Presented by NS TPC makers of fine automotive products. And by Simon guy is free soft. You get more of what you shot in your car performed with Simon lives and homes today Ken Squier burn announcer Barney hall hit announcer Charlie horrible. This broadcast was produced by Rick we. Technical directors were Hilary Howard and Bob Oakes. Statistician Bob might hurt motor racing network general manager Tim Sullivan. Next sound you hear the Winston 500 from Talladega Alabama all the most of these same stations. This broadcast of the Virginia 500 from Martinsville Speedway with the presentation of motor racing network. A division of the International Speedway corporation I'm done. This is an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.