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Mar 30, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss NBA lottery pick Lonzo Ball with his very outspoken father Lavar Ball. The guys touch on the Celtics, his feud with his sons' high school coach, Lonzo being better than Steph Curry and much more.

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More to. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. Lamar ball is the father. A blonde so Leanne solo and look mellow ball Alonso just completed his season at UCLA. When Melo is a a sophomore chino hills high school Lee Angelo just finished his senior basketball season Chino Hills and will be headed for UCLA in the fall. But marble joins us right now night AT&T hotline to Barksdale Michael and rich thank you very much for being with us. Bad guys doing things we. Let's start and get this out of the way right off the bat Celtics have the first overall pick in the draft would you prefer they not select your son. I want to you later. But that's our preference let us sit whoever it is must that's fine. You don't but that's just thought he Yugoslavia it would be like a much already got a hold up altered our government is still valid. I know what what exactly do you not like the Celtics is it just. They like it or just like it is just that we Wes told guys. Unless you're mr. West Coast where his Brothers received moments you know losses aren't certain if you're traveling. Sort of that is so different but what does that must settle quickly became one effect of these goals and particularly in Yates what doesn't matter what you need to charge for. Our our Lavar that you know you're on the West Coast so you have an opportunity agency staff carried this step carry things drive me crazy do you really really believe. It. Alonso can beat up that kicks in what what what why are. Why they're saying. Is basically this is what we say here in the political stance. This chance that turned works harder the mob away so almost knocked it also does is irrelevant. Not a good enough about it at all that he opened his banana fifty penalty. It's a unanimous in B was unanimous MVP in the NBA. And he has proven himself. And I told the people voted for. Which you can look at likeness. Most of the time you put particular bigger stronger faster than. Right he's a bit more body worked with Jerusalem light knock. Sold out there one night. Sloppy play EE listen and I love my. But I don't look at this time you have a title doesn't make it should just loved it just as you had to subtitled. It's just like sometimes we have a copy and you have a guy on that you step toward all the work that you kidneys Morgan the president. But that but that's cool that's going too far Alonso ball who love love. Had ten points in his final college and they got torture pretty good duck. Understood this to now understand it to bills sold lobster guy he's a winner. He just went back to late date if you wanted to kept their fourteenth game get that we not only the played them all the leaders. People want to spend OK but it is OK let's just say you just turn it up and everything all the that the evidence. People line up and you get ready the kick and you look at one guy he's a well he's 63 medical industrial success. And in place and 67 guy he's been shot. In the pick out just Monica which one you want him. Which is basketball at this photos that I can't Obama and I don't doubt the bad this guy or the tallest guy. I I I would say outright that it's in Boston. I think Isaiah Thomas. Wood went towards lobs Allbaugh and that's no disrespect to your attitude affected. That would be lovely sort suggested laden torture. I don't think so I of these are I think I've had league all star quality guy. Because he's still has to grow into his body number one number two easy it 1819 year old kid. And doesn't know yet it. Aside that would be. Part of this scenario. Actually log so instead totally neglect on. He's got a lot he's got a lot of room but he's got a lot of room to grow. He's got a lot of room agreed. A lot of older voters and it is very hot. Let's all say it that people depended. Buckles says that about what you've got a problem for the whole city government gone revenue gain and I don't know that you can make all the consumption. It couldn't get out here played in just the presence or more points don't mean better. What I saw on playing in his last game and he had a good season but it. He they had a hard time. 01 do not just don't want to check out either raven about a bunch here. The defensively that was not done. And well yeah. It's seventy. S and all of a professional competent sort of level well liked it. Yes well. So that's what I'll talk about the body of work that model is done and I guess we all this is just entertain me. People assume that they don't kick it into a computer plot element to that wobble wobble because I have it would gain after. Let it. What they won the game no. I had him after that funny that you want the whole thing and that's what Carolina now. The got a look at a lot of different sorts. Now let's start let's say you want though is drafted by the Celtics and you prefer him to be on the lakers. Get a sense that he is armed we expect to see you here in Boston allowed you'd be a lot of the games you be sitting in the front row here in Boston. We have to work. Why would have to watch puzzled look. I don't you have two other sons out in California I'm just curious what you don't. Most traveled. She's do whatever I want have a son. It is being allowed us in college and I weapons it has group slope Els surround as foreign which is delicate. But it all comes down to distribute all evidence on the same day. I'd go to the youngest. Which is no. Walters who just like there. So these are guys let's say you're injured Sylvia a lot of the NBA that's. A lot of cable probably traveled every week I'm lucky because of downed air. Socialist not like some of these all the Detroit took to watch my sons are just about completes we'll watch it anymore hopeless. Now it's it's probably easier to deal to more hands on in in high school doing with a high school coach little bit less so in college what about the pros do you see yourself being in hands on with a guy like Brad Stevens and talking within our. Thought I don't know what actually you know which kitten from our board when you get a timetables for those involved and I'd be able to kitten. Let the law of the British players is just like everybody thought I went to practices and all that stuff which he doesn't know. I've never with a one tractors. I'd buckle because people call wherever you go OK maybe it's impossible like there's. No love each other to a man that's their job. All confident they can all of our copyright and dog stated let all our struggle to it that way we go to come on now. You don't know where nobody's job and execute go to the mythological god. And you got little girl. Don't mention the other guys who does not obscure way. Well the what your son's still be at Chino Hills and Stephen yelling is still the coach they're next year. My Brothers not Warner will wait until you're going to. Talk about hey I want accomplished was of course these steps just to get very tropical that is what did better bite more debt. They understand what Google originally built as well to ball boys had some excitement into game and display of facts. Well now the athletic the athletic director Jeff shoulder said the school would choose dealing given the choice between ball on the coach. Right that's why the conclude that. Obama spoke about going no where we've we've built this school we re not going to. It is harder decided to seduce them obviously a lot of stuff in the background to do these guys don't understand. The Dickey little bit of talk about to cope. Let's look at what torture issue with them because you do seem to be. Think that was what it was people because there are trained you know what Jill. Went dark conventional side help upload a moderation. Exactly who that person has got to work out questions lies better. Do you know what it worked before he even got them there when western side at all double candidates presidential updated list us all important shot and well. Yeah I did it created music. Crowds so weapon do you think heckled. How do you think he got picked up the rubber that is based I hope into this. You talked a good job but don't you have to respect the fact that he's got the vision of head coach European. Others said it and edited coaching job would you look at that you can't get from the players in this drama play. I'll also made everybody know that as far as what we're just went 50 loss to differ. Why would you can't tell what would coach on the team you're not gonna respect and. Because just like we talk about it. Lets it lets it get it and there's a story that you didn't go to that you wouldn't leave the locker room bedroom you go on July and says. It does not that this isn't that the particularly Kennedy would want to Arizona. The week before and we put it in door not saying. I'm all of the local look at all we gave you don't say good job to report discovered him as a sort of disputes. Now it was certain. But it took his we kept an exact future capital but a lot of overtime before we received started. So refugees Detroit got a catalog will also reflect not awful. The thing about it a little walking toward the locker rolled into what we're talking about a little support here. I don't like opportunities unverified well. Just and so I keep walking back what you want to be like I also liked. If a problem that you taught him that you taught him how to play like this it is somebody else would it even though I disagree with him to respect them. Respectively unless you start doing you'll bad things like schedule. Electrocuted the salute for the people see is far. I'm not trying to be like I was watching this what I assume this is he's gonna get that the do we. I think they're ordered shelter. What else should people among all white suit helped get invited rapidly and everything. Like I was like I don't like this guy you've got to go to our equipment out there the fact that. But we've also modern day he Costello my youngest son told what your golf game in particular pulpit from everybody got them some respect. It is. Don't let particularly if that's sort of the opposite. That's what our policy anyway and it not simple what was my total halt play you have to do not support whoever bottom would know all social not sit. A better ball on the market buses on the font. Impulse which. The pope's. Public and also this whole. I believe anticipate just what it all paid. Good how did you get the vehicles. Black and never had a hit also dropped wants to head over you know supposed to press do you have that Nichols. It made you help them get the job that is loaded double closed up their percentage off of equipment. Let me the job we start talking crazy to me. Actually the problem. You met resistance. Articles last year and gold resistance we're just land and water that was successful it was far. I was sort of divided came in that although it's not do this lawsuit the process. Already did it very if you wanted to sort of like a total somewhere else. I would establish what was going albeit possibly pick up put it in that position as we know what this is great that you. All of that it was Gupta about not only giving up like sit don't don't don't just let it. What is this blog all it would. To understand that you got a lot of opinions I value very outspoken do you think that what's. Unnecessary pressure on Alonso or any other well there are any of the other side. No. Not session. I don't want it don't go. I don't want to dump Alonso is don't get dividend. What are you okay is that it's just the little. It's an indication no problem at all. Yeah predict at. That's not good at all I can. If you look at that I don't want nobody I also important situation which is you know what a lot of bureaucratic nightmare we've got to monitor their art and much easier advises gentle. Julian being productive and it. Man that supports all the laws I want all coming up above what could ask that you get could be replaced. You can't take this stuff definitely. Got to watch that competition in preparation looked directly. If you reference just like this little cryptic talk. Have you prepared striking a body gate slow all. I mean just concentrate in class. Bear interest at the bottom and work your way up if you don't have bet Dick all of planned model. Which you've got sorted. That's why don't Ford is okay. Important tradition that others saying the trials and tribulations that you have to Bolton would be the great. You're a big step it has one woman thing is that how hard asked about stuff curry. LeBron I'd prefer LeBron and like what you said about his son's. All. This is obviously that's OK in any targeted to talk about my dispute sub market you can catch. And respond what was that provide couples like you know what I'll talk about the boot straight hospital and got a marked as I'm abroad as a result all of there was little point. They took my opinion was it anybody's guess what superstar. A problem superstar. I've never say what an acute exactly. What do you think you'll see how do you think nozzle a matchup of LeBron and you guarded yards got stuck Arianna screw up let's let's all caught up. Afraid of Kabul and were very lovable loser does the fate as I don't wanna warn David about like applaud what part of the whole case. In particular that it is great and now a lot with total all the process particularly stuck. Lot more despair is not a one on one game. She can't give my team but all people outside the composition for the next day. It is definitely better than this split delicatessen which lets ask a player have restricted ports of games and never get to play at all. Rather have a guy wedge to six points. And win. Championship. Jack asking have you have you ever turn down aid TV your radio interview request. Yes upload thousands they've. Although there's there's there's as far as. Opportunity today. A couple of people wanna be the duo of reality traders such reforms that they wanted to create all this problem. Was huge portraits of people women mayors of my brother took its not played in my I don't do that. Most of all alternate political reality shall be molded his kitchen. So what was seen. What we see evil we here is what is what you yet it's a brilliant. Now I don't. I know you said that that the pressure or we we see it and yet you don't see it but we see it is for your putting pressure on your kids and comparing him to step Currie and others. It's if it's not hurt at all. Popcorn. From they want here it is a problem what should they want to open the small was pressure. The first during got nothing to do was sports vessel pulled off at all it is. But entertainment is critical to the movies it is cool to watch a sporting. It's the same thing just entertaining and what comes with that if we're gonna live there. There are always tough but boy is that whatever you when you play everybody else overtake. Sort of guide it's four we felt we could sit and that's what we want to get bored yet discussed what forty scored eight that's the guy we want but when you look Eagles. Our television they once were doesn't bother digital should play yourself what you hit forty point Serbs rebelled forty assists in typical industrial looking it. So are always taught America solution not what you don't. We can console mr. Loudon we have four point then blocked transformed into this with you can't afford a loss of soccer ball up it's okay. Yet both movies before that which is all right. Now we don't see typically a lot of athletes fathers on ESPN or here on WEEI talking about the but there the thought their kids do you think. I'm. Actually a lot. Which you know what president won't get caught up call adults. We called you but do you think what else do you think this helps your kids. I advocated a cute but I don't what you gotta do I felt horrible awful and the clock companies split up you. Not sure she watched shall we about all I'll log out button which does not by talking. Like a content totaled an effective were unstable also. But there's a lot to it if it's so hard to retain what some plot assailant was somebody's gentlemen outside and part itself does that help with is it that you political. It if it was like that everybody was ticket everybody's problems and it ought to prop more integrated in it NGOs and government. Right just can't I've got a ticket. Lockyer before the vessel while we're toast. To what Austrian volume on the values. So it was a little bit to. Talking to was shrugged. It's just like me some money obviously a reputable law what went so much that I. Did it just right now are that microphone on the failure model changeover from the campus that that's what. And that we saw I want it to the other problem duplicate. But don't be protected market in my opinion if you're asking me. We are we're talking little marble. Sports history has had examples tot Marie and chances plumber and a pitcher's father the Williams sisters parents. And and quite honestly at times it looks like the parents consider the kids to be ATMs. Is big ball brand kind of an extension of that kind of feeling for me. All in all the holes you got all different to any. Yeah those sort of muscle. That particular year all the old it would meet. Our oldest player for different purposes to do impossible war. Just to say I don't mean anything I have all I want it light which is population wise it's remarkable. I had dental I don't need anything else but at the terror watch it has to better than you and you want them to do it will take care. And that's all feel as an apology or forties. It possibly it doesn't matter. The vessel to a little bit as likely to talk about exploitation of the developed what is ATM machine. So why are already have my passion his personal slain. An up note that this state I have all the ball was trying to be doing this twenty years. So it's not like like model. And make its at least he could find it houses all those unreasonable and so yeah. Just what people mr. outsold all Ford this don't play it came from money just not content for play it or has since. And the entertainment value that is. To present at the technical money you don't want everything you wanted to block it were lost last Wimbledon now you've got to have capacity so. And that's what forces have this passion to play the game of basketball. And acute lied in news. It's not a pacifist up and you definitely pays for. You'd already want. Well I I agree with our what I don't agree with is. Michael Jordan one on one come on now look far. I don't want. This is where Michael Jordan got me so far. When George got okay yeah. A lot of my blood to be too. A section it says that he's as quick to up about the Jim. I'm. And I. And the like George is such an iPod with no one month. Old project. Torture is not that it will restore the. Good to the turnaround you know anything about the as did 53 different got the job. I want it to what you want yeah well. You don't have the whole. At this rate I'm not I play and Michael Jordan could put on newspapers you right now and threats you. And beats you could shut you out they can't. Well yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. The. I do wanna ask you about Chris Bryant who plays the cubs used the NL MVP. His father did an interview on Sunday ESPN radio show in Chicago. And I'd like to get your response to here's Chris Branstad had dissent I would. Just so much if you know where you just just let it play enjoy it more to enjoy it. Is this if you sit there and just. It is zipped it you know don't there's. Don't run tomorrow conditions shouldn't do what he does you'll be amazed are idiots you know I hope that you kids are. But if you do that you talking you gotta do this all. The spotlight on them you know. In it so for the wrong reasons. You got your searches that situation. Is used to me. Stories out there that it don't turn out well because that's what this. What is the. I think that it does it move also. Pleasant flight suit like race particularly where he could talk all the crazy stuff I got hit. This commented on the news I want a little bit lucky the child psychologist or ought to try to bet you it's like hey why don't you definitely got a deal. No no ascetic he's won the. But not enough Becky quick comment slightly left of his pocket and have a good jobs. It's somewhat lucky that it maybe there is simply. And he says he's right he raises kid and another way what does that mean. The Chrysler. Like everybody but all the film that lives you comment on what I still can't do about it while you've been written about what you get everybody into. White kids get a 100000 dollar cars mentored sixteen. Let's let it I want none of my three dead I was a white kid closer. You've got OK okay so we're. In 92 Ford Taurus rose eighteen. Yeah. Maybe not like there's doubt that I won't. I finally before we let you go do you know Danny Ainge have you talked a woman all the you know anything the bottom what do you think. They don't know anything about their VA but I know he was. What was required one inspectors a couple of people want. Haven't talking about all the dead VA doctors we don't want to play when you younger. In other boot for a white guy if you don't live in the straight people get back up to play. He guarded Michael Jordan and our editors of there are their record George. Lamar we appreciate taken the time it was fun talking. Are excellent take our theaters opens itself back on draft blogs or get ready. They are at a resident as Lavar ball. Homered in all these guys. It. He can say is that he he didn't sound completely unhinged it's not that I'm not completely public that I I said not completely unhinged I don't know if you will how many kids that 100000 cars all of I got a problem I've got to lost his mind that the head Greta I need to torture. Yeah it was a hand me down had a little bit please in my mind was older grumpier than that it was like a 2250000. Miles on all yeah technically not. I just get used to oh I'm way behind I'll get the call that you guys in your reaction 6177797937. Its telephone number. Text line just 37937. It's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media.