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Late Night with Christian Arcand - The Celtics will go as far in the playoffs as Isaiah Thomas takes them. 03-30-17

Mar 30, 2017|

Christian is joined by Greenie of Barstool Sports to talk about the Celtics lose and they look ahead to possible playoff match ups and how far they can go in the playoffs. Christian also talks about Marcus Smart and how the team needs to figure out away to keep him on the floor but have him shoot less.

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These these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. Would that he winds down course and art can winds up with the socks packs decency stock but it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get weird here. Howard ever tell your Sports Radio WE EIS's late night guard Danny Airways tickets you'll feel the morning. About thirty minutes will be joined by Dan Greenburg greeting from Parcells works to react to this loss. Celtics here losing away red hot Milwaukee Bucks team was won thirteen of their last sixteen games. I'll be honest I don't know exactly gathered unaudited tonight. Tonight they shot 52%. Almost 53% from the floor. But that team has a weird team. That box team. Like they're starting lineup tonight. Chris Middleton. Malcolm Brockton. Tony snell. Into the combo and thought maker first of all those are some hilarious names. I mean there's some funny names in there. Broad Don and into the combo snell and maker of alike I just find those names entertaining for whatever reason. But Middleton brought dense now all shooting guards all three of them. Into the combo sort of this freaky weird hybrid guy who can do everything in and maker I guess was there was there Sadr. My road and start he came in in in you know they go to the only point Curtis and his whole team. Is Matthew tell the doha. Who was in their mix it up a little bit tight and I totally forgot that Matthew dulled Adobe even existed. All our members indicted in the people's knees in the playoffs the last two seasons. And everyone got out that delve adulthood and about how about dead yet how what I want us rapper. Indiana made that money out of that he certainly did. You don't go broke diamond in the people's knees in the NBA yes. For some reason I don't know why you should go broke for that but you don't anyway that's it I mean that's that's a very odd team. You know with the odd superstar. But date they were being hit their shots tonight boy and most of them were coming in the paint solvents getting outscored 5442. In the paint. Can't let that happen on a night where you out rebound the team 4235. So they beat him on the boards and got smoked in the paint how does that work. You know the Celtics had seventy offensive rebounds the knights though got to be like that inside that's that's Roth. But again in out the bucks are weird team and their hot right now. And there aren't going into this you know and post season situation and I don't know I I don't think that they're necessarily going to be the team that the Celtics end up facing. They would have to cool off substantially. For that to happen just right now the southern Serena gonna be the one of the two seed. Unless the wizards really you know catcher neared the end but I I'd I'm sticking with one or two seed here the bucks right now are to succeed. So they have the fall out of the 78 to be a first round matchup for the Celtics right now disease Edward and right now. The Celtics would play the Miami Heat the first. Who also have a pretty good front court with Whiteside and some of those other guys. And the bucks would play the wizards. And that would be a great series all men in the box in the wizards in the first round that would be that would be something I would enjoy that 61777979837. Asian phone number let's get back to your phone calls and we'll kick things off this hour with Jackie indoor with a thought on the Celtics special object. They Christian I don't. I'm I'm really concerned about the celtics' bench with the inconsistency. Tonight they bought five points from this 79 and ten man. And then five points and even that much and even seem like them much they got three points from brown and two points from Scioscia now impossible not zero for melodic and zero structure repko yeah. Are you gonna when it played out seriously that. Yeah and Marcus Smart off the bench had another abysmal shooting night I mean he was good in a lot of ways he came off the bench and gave me the hustle points he got rebounds he was getting assists who's playing great defense. He was doing all the things he wanted to do. But another night I mean for fifteen from the field. The threat the pensions the bench is gonna be aren't always guilt of what's gonna happen is. He's gonna wonder plane status too many minutes in the gonna run out of petrol. Yeah you know that's that's very possible. They have not won a series I mean if this bench plays like the way they played tonight how we gonna want a seven game series you know credit to what. It's gonna be difficult I think that this team matches up pretty well against the team like Miami but as you can see that don't match up great against a team like the box and it's tough to match up of the box and other Bucs are a great team this year but they're tough match up there just awkward or weird you know I mean don't want your team and it's hard today it's hard is it to square up with that the Celtics. In other words out of this game I mean we came right down the wire so. I think a series between these two teams would be good and the Celtics did beat the bucks earlier in the season like way back in that. Earlier on in the year but you're right I mean they're they need a much better performance from their bench much better their bench was nothing tonight. Thanks for the call Jack let's go to Chris and Chelsea acres. I'd deploy a day Christian I voted for you against cal and that's with both both sides art and where I'll rocket it will it read it. Two months that I thought Laura op Ed politically of the minute this team one beat hootie. I mean so many teams go lower 6785. Whatever. When he got back to the means to be proud of the hawks in seven out of that app. The will be knocks you be the ride them a box and seventh. Absolutely not I mean you know beat and beat it will be the patent but at target is Jeremy doubt about well I don't know what did you. Where would be about other pot. Revenue note maybe. Well. All right thanks Chris Chris and Charles chicken and there is WW we promo. Let's go over what he said there. So this against the pacers in the first round I think there when that series against the heat the first round I think there when that series against the hawks in the first round I believe they were when that series as well. But to give the series. How any of these teams could give them a series. I don't think there's any easy out here for the Celtics. Even if it's if it's the pacers earth the Chicago Bulls are only game and have back from that eight seed you know get hot here at the end of the of the season which seems. Unlikely but you never know stranger things have happened. Pistons and hornets are both still lingering around their bad news for New York Knicks fans tonight. The New York make a markers. Have been eliminated from playoff contention. Very said. But yes and I mean today I look even even with the Celtics playing as well as they have lately and don't get here on this stretch they've been on here. What Dave what they've managed to accomplish in down the stretch here in the season has been tremendous it really had. You know they've played some great high energy. Team basketball. And the results are what they are mean you can't you can't deny the they've won seven of their last nine games. Scoring wins over Washington. Over Miami those two teams it in our playoff teams Indiana another playoff team there. Beat Chicago by twenty points couple weeks ago. They've been they've been playing some good team basketball here. They were able the withstand a seventy point performance from Devin Booker is the win that game. There what Paul George walker 37 points. In that in any Indiana game and they still they sold score when there. It's not gonna be easy. Okay the Celtics I don't think you're gonna cruised to a series win over any of these team. And I think to salvage a sweep and anybody. But I would I would take them in a series against any of those three teams you just mentioned including the Milwaukee Bucks team we just saw play tonight. Is I don't think the Milwaukee Bucks in a seven game series are going to be shooting 60% from the field or 53% or whatever what they're not going to be shooting like that. Okay that was that was a freaky good shooting performance. Inside and outside. And the Celtics still almost the you know sent in an overtime at the variant. Despite defected they shot a good thirteen points you know worse than the than the box from the floor. You don't see that very often any game this close. 61777979237. Let's go to shot in Watertown here Asia. Hey Christian pay your original it's. Go to our I guess wanna say I I really thank the Celtics are are being its merits. And it's a good team there are ice who. Need. Are you Larry a lot of the media. I I and they can be the cavaliers. And and NEC here who are in December December gives you an a seven game series in Atlanta Ahmanson's. Are so. The cavaliers had a serious. Offensive when it. Your native Britain. There are those Celtics will take complete. Control. And and and stop you know easily able to be Isaiah. At the help or hurt. Gradually almost. You know. All those guys lighter again is they're gonna score twenty point what are they gonna do Sean did you say those guys exist and they asked. They're honest hurt when he points a game against his biggest Jeff. They are they are an aunt and I think we need to arms race you don't give little ball well. To the Celtics. And and we recognize. How good. That set the scene is horrible what a great chemistry they have let agree email you and and you know I really do thank you they know they go into it quickly camps that they're calling people can step up. I would hope so Sean but I mean listen the the problem with the Celtics is that they need more love locally they get plenty of love locally for me and I don't know of Sean if you listen to my show or not but I come on here and I need I am a big time. Celtics on. This season and I have been pretty much all season. I have not you know I've not been one of those people one of those data while they still got to show me that now they've shown me planning this year. So these are shown me when he they don't have anything else that account for your except win in the playoffs which they failed to do the last two seasons. Now you're seeing something this season. That's wildly different from last season good I think I've seen that. I think I'm seeing you team here now. Today. Looks to me. Like a team that learned from some of the mistakes that they made last season in the regular season and elsewhere and not to mention the fact that they've you know added a guy and Al Horford. Who is in in down he isn't isn't the markets cousins known gonna mistake him for a dominant big man. But even tonight any game where he'd in united on the score sheet anyway it didn't seem like he had you know that much of an impact. He was pretty good our Greg Monroe you limited Munro. Sixteen points he rebounds and Horford had eleven points six rebounds six assists. Which is about we expect from him. Now is he gonna ended series against Cleveland on all sons are averaging twenty points a game now I don't think years. But I do think that having him out there and is passing ability is his defense lot of different things. Lot of different reasons why I think Al Horford should be able just on his own. Did B a big factor for this team inside and outside. In a playoff series. You know guy for a Zeta dish off to with the defense collapses harmonies knock at the free throw line just a lot a lot of ways where he can help. And I also don't think that the Celtics are gonna make the same mistakes they made last year. You know Brad Stevens is too good a coach Isiah Thomas's turn himself into too good of a player to you know attitude to explosive and offensive player. To just be limited like baton and shut down like he was the last to play out here I just I don't see that happening again I really don't. Let's go to TJ in Portland who's been waiting very patiently here before the break he has a thought on Jimmy drop lights eject. Hey. I just called to say that an armed. The reason I think Belichick and the patriots are sticking loaded Glock blows for a variety of reasons courses. Week. Had to do with his talent and and how quick release and but did the complexity offensively pitchers I think. Play into that that's why they're not willing to trade him and just bring somebody in that they can back up for me. It that you bad at all and her however when you're street for years. And I'm not and just pick up and Nazi initiate it to carry buried a team from guys that Reggie Wayne. Gerald battling each and every year that goes by gets harder article at all and doc I sure as well. Hi I'm the coach KG was eating a similar one in the war lips. Yeah now I agree with that but it still doesn't make a lot of sense why AT drop low for just one year and then potentially let him go I mean it. You know even if you want a load up and have a great backup in case Brady gets hurt or whatever that's fine but. You know you can you can also. You can also get a lot in exchange for a guy like you meter up alone and as much as he understands the offense and everything else in if you if you were expecting Brady to stay here play for. Anything more than beyond this year. And you're not treating or upload something's gotta give it just doesn't make sense any other way to. Look at the cap and gone up the ad this year I don't believe that we have I'm sorry I just think it's a a calm the situation dictating what would how that happens increased in the. Yeah well that could have some of doing it thanks for the call teed him up against the break here but even with the cap going up. Jimmy drop launch the start. You know they're not gonna offer a contract he's gonna be happy with we go out there in the next season in the offseason and makes starter starting quarterback money. Why would you do that. And they can't afford to give the starting quarterback money right now to braced on the team and Europe against the Kansas is not it's not it doesn't make sense. Financially it doesn't make sense even with the cap going up. 6177797937. Is a phone number 37937. Your number on text will be back to your Celtics calls next year and we'll also be joined. By Dan Greenberg green from Parcells sports calls in a when we come back we'll get his take on these Celtics is they lose tonight to the bucks a close game at TD garden one up 103100. Isiah Thomas setting some records we'll get an all that with greedy when we come back Carolina Mike is in Fall River MI. And eyes on I would that the team recently at night and I think of them might be wrong with that bad because. He did not look and right he didn't look at the energetic at beauty does he sought little puny little guy. Particular tie at the station. Thanks to a coma and expert on. It'll like to say he shot nine of seventeen for 32 points. Correct 2000 points. In a season one of six players in Celtics history to reduce it. He shot over 50% from the field. He passed Antoine Walker for the most made three pointers in the season. Any led all scorers with 32 point. But he is short caller is right about that he is short puny little guy he did now that you got that he got that part right. And that's the only senior I don't even think he was it to get you know what out of the use of the incident until it doesn't like also I think that was that was also wrong. But the weird call you know what. But to get a little weird game Greenberg's unit journey here just a minute. I'm sure I'll have some venting to do is as we all well this is tough loss for the Celtics tonight and all would have been nice wouldn't it have been nice to go on Thursday. With a full game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wouldn't that have been great. Knowing that even if Cleveland wins tomorrow they still couldn't get back in the first place. This time tomorrow so this could be out of first play and I am taken very well happen. With Cleveland got tomorrow band that we now. We see Ali at the bulls. At the bulls Tamar. Where they should beat anybody should be the bulls. But the cavs. Lately have been. Really shaky. I'm talking really shaky. And people are starting to take notice and I know the LeBron James always turns in the Superman at some point usually right around now every season. Bite this this is unusual for the catch. If the cavaliers. Were in the Western Conference. They would be the foresee. Two games ahead of the Utah Jazz. The spurs who beat in the other the other night beat them handily have ten more wins in the camps that. You know this is this is something here we don't know exactly what yet they can all change in the playoffs but right now whatever this is it something to be sure. Our let's welcome in our guest from Parcells sports. You know on his grainy and on his well I don't his greeting to Dan Greenberg joins me here on late night green I don't again. Costs from doing our right to be a little disappointed by god they overall doing. Yeah I'm doing OK to it was a tough loss obviously and a and a weird game and that that that Milwaukee but that's a weird team over there. They got there of front their backcourt is like three shooting guards into the composes weird sort hybrid. Find maker mean eighth they don't even have Monroe what they're starting tonight that's a very very un usual team but they're really hot right now and you see that you see the Celtics run into a team like that he's playing really really well. You look ahead to the playoffs I mean I'm I'm start to get thoughts in my head here about some of these first round match of the that did any of that spring to mind for you here in this game watching this watching this one unfold. Yeah I read everything at the oh so close really from me the number one seat down and anybody could. Between Miami Indiana amble locked union Karl Arctic gamer at our. Then you have Watson's been in Cleveland at the top sort of all. Jumbled together though. I think you're gonna come down from literally the final day you reduce the balky. Again. What do you don't hurt though. I don't know Barbara is it that I don't have definitely gonna play a block in the they executed a quiet but by the way it's. I mean from the topic probably you know what good things that are out I went by. They have let the ball far. The puppet state that they've let the or get away and that's the book that at the point part of a boxer with but watch what Milwaukee did it on something than. Yeah I I would I would sort of agree with that too secondary scoring really not there tonight. And I did some point wanna have a frank discussion with you about markets Smart and how we can get the ball out of his hands here because this month for him has been dreadful but. Look did I look at the bench in particular had a couple calls about this than I agree. The ventures nonexistent tonight he really really wasn't even Smart in LA there was. There was nothing we didn't even see me see Kelly O letting you blanket you missed them tonight I mean there was really. Nothing to take it take the heat off the starters and outside of Isaiah the starters were really all all that with that either I mean that's. Is that just sort of a function of this match up in this weird box steamers. You know is this something we have to really keep in mind. I mean it was weird I feel like Islam. The happy if you can has relied on has started a long pack I think the highest opinion player other than market played like thirteen minutes of something like that. I'm so you have a bunch of guys who. Are bitter little bit I mean they had three days of wrath by with having to come back from fourteen point. Over evidence that it was to help. Their their legs were a little tired guys like Avery. Comforted their shots that you would like to be kind of like eliminate guys like Jalen play. You know more than they did yeah that to make sure that they were fresh down the stretch if you gonna make a run. And the topic at that you there and they just couldn't seal the deal but I think that's. Kind of have a matchup thing because we haven't been grad at. Or occasional odd. This but we're tired isn't this just in case you're gonna you know deal with guys minute though I'm gonna just start up to one game but it definitely. Yeah I'd chalk it up to one game to another weird thing that happened in this game green I'd sure you noticed was the salvage program and all sorts or rebounds and in Oregon offense or read at seventeen offensive rebounds I think in this game tonight. And still got outscored substantially in the paint which doesn't make any sense to me when the rebounding battle yet all these offensive rebounds. And still get crushed in the paint like that. How does that happen. Paul I think a lot of us could have what we know clearly that Milwaukee was getting on the second chance points are often remembered Rick that by. They're dribble penetration in the public. Perimeter defense provided note sort of resistant or Procter and getting in the way you had. You know decrease predate the program whenever you want it though. Would rather have that happen than ever patent yet met up with and beat. Greg Monroe getting these you know two foot down and things of that nature so for me more repeat that the breakdown in the normal formula is. Everybody that not only gone up late in date or outweigh the pats would be like there are reports have argued that the topic on the rebound battle and again. Yeah I'm very unusual Dane Greenberg joining me here green from Parcells sports talk and Celtics. We got to have a talk about markets Smart because this is this is gone all month now in the month of march mark a Smart shooting under 30% from the field. And under 20%. From three point range in his last three games I believe he is six of 33. From the field. When is Brad Stevens gonna get the ball out of this guy's hand has actually has the play he passed him he was so important for them defensively on the on the glass. Everywhere tonight and he'd couple bogus. Technical fouls on him to one which are rescinded but I mean he was he was everywhere he was doing a lot of things you have to keep him on the court. But why can't may be him and Al Horford switch the amount of shot attempts that they take and we do something to get this guy to stop shooting. Yeah and Mike Stanton did pretty well known on I think that that the back. You're never gonna shoot to a level that we've would be acceptable cab type nova. Though for me it's more about his shot selection and anything out though. When he starts called the basket starts in the post he facilitate the overpowered people get alliance. Look nobody. Sees soup. Honor all 4344%. And and really make an effort. In game bird locked up read these although the ball and playing more of a scorer than a facilitator. That we're we have sort of will be people out UB where it operated but a negative and noble eliminate all the other and oh well. For me out picket I'm Bret that you needed to say hey take your man on the post or give it to you and you'll make something happen that way. Mean if you missed the last find an IQ or company didn't taking a shot from six feet that I do from point six seat belt premier bit. Get through and so Mckelvin just say hey review Richard is that making the marchers are. Is this what we saw tonight grainy what you think a preview of of Brad Stevens rotation in the playoffs is gonna look like he's we know the bench get shorten it goes from you know ten or nine down to seven most. In most cases and you know maybe maybe eight if we wanna be generous there are some guys get in foul trouble but really I mean that's or talking about the brunt of the minutes that's that's sort of where it goes do you think that's what this is gonna look like her could Brad May be get a little creative here in the playoffs. What you're gonna matter to him and government plan and again you might fit against Milwaukee yet I think. They play Cleveland you know you knocking at the heavy earlier but it it but. I think we shouldn't move away from what makes that he could convert that right I mean. There. And that the defense is getting tighter that means they're probably gonna have a lot more rewarded him. You know come to play out so that'd be able to play Kelly Olympic the player Jalen brown. To get them confidence so that when I take it doubled they are ready and they can take a shot. I think that the important quiet you know that's like Tyler Zeller missed completely layout and things like that if we have to deal with that the playoffs I mean I don't know what. Which team would you most like to see the self explain the first turn. Our commitment tying probably between. Indiana or letter to. But I'm I'm not overly concerned I mean I think one have a lot to do love well I got the music playing so well others don't wanna play now. We'll talk to compliance concurred basketball I'll let I don't know of anyone want to play that. You know I think the way that they've gone about their body of work is here I mean I'm accurate and we prefer term period but they'll certainly be paper no matter who. Yes I would agree enemy and our hearts are playing very well right now on nautilus seven of the last and McDade to have won a couple in a row here but you're right I mean the Celtics are as hot now is any other team and certainly looking a lot more. A lot more poised and and ready to to begin the playoffs than the Cleveland Cavaliers who were just. I don't know it's I wanna say they're unraveling right in front of her very eyes I mean I just went over to there're Western Conference team to be the four seat you don't see this team. Struggling to get to fifty wins at this point in the season hardly ever need you certainly don't see them. Playing such bad defense is there is there anything to the idea that that this can be an opportunity to topple Cleveland maybe not for Boston for the wizards of the raptors or any of these teams. How one thing though what I mean I think LeBron has earned the respect that give him the benefit of the doubt you know that the two of the playoffs start by. You're right the way that they're depending. On how they look. It's certainly not going to be cakewalk and imitate you turn on the proverbial wedge. I could see them playing five week gain in the first round you know they seven games that background and eating it if they have the plates are now. To run so good defensively he's not affect around Matt. You know on that. Everything you got detained on both ends of the floor her cat and an adult page it doesn't leave a cakewalk. In the final that we all thought it went medium wanted to adult life. We all know upon it and upgrade the going to be playing. Those of the matter of in the role players that have been struggling around and made that same. Is this bucks team tonight the team you least like to see this other play in the first or. On. If they all mean I don't know because. I think a ball backed up by a Chicago would be a tougher matchup than ugly guys that we have an editor of us. Out the people that are there I'd say yet that because the length of Israel army and the Greek region. God though why pick a topic when that innate you know six or so games. It definitely probably development the compass. And they're. Yeah I would agree with that and and sort of looking at this in this game tonight is sort of a lack of you know lack of really contesting the shots from the from the defense as we just talked about. Do you do you find yourself sort of looking back at the trade deadline in in you know Hammel bitter resentment in when you when you think about what maybe could have happened and in ways they could a short of the front line and know that sometimes time makes these things better but sometimes time to make these things worse through especially when you get down. To a team like the box in the fourth quarter they're shooting 60% you're shooting 30% in on I mean like that in. He even if that's not even if a guy like Ilyasova one advances. Remedy will be 100% for something like that he'd have to think you would help break. Yeah but I don't think they lost the game because that'd bring in you know low post presence on the current data that that outrebounded the box they were. You know that what in the U whatsoever. There's a problem and I was at any time that day you know they got down early they're excited about the recorder. And after that and on the box meter runner in the something's started together a little bit of momentum. They couldn't string together but it was stops right where you have market aren't recognized you lay out the tide at 93. And they gave up or the extra point. Right after that you have I'd pick on now in the fourth quarter. You may lead to bring with a one page and can't get you know. For me it was a horrible or Milwaukee is making shots than the Celtics you know a team that normally get those type of big momentum stops that didn't happen. You know the bought our house like you that they're gonna pull it out. All right finally before oil ego here Isiah Thomas and setting some records tonight. Sixth player in franchise history to break 2000 points in the season first and peers did in 06 any also broke Antoine Walker's single season franchise record most made three pointers. You forget what a Gunner and one was archenemy. To 120 deal. That's that's a lot but yeah I mean I'm looking today at a night like this phrase a here tonight he shot really well from the field over 50% 32 points. Who wore what can you say about it I mean is there is there any reason to think that he's got new he's not gonna learn from these last two playoff. Series in and take his game to another level here once that once that gets dark. Yeah I mean you're not gonna find more pro. Kind of lead that chart though. For me that was at the bit and that's how it is not you know he's. He's written they're all over the topic you know franchise record book that he's been. And my take away from that is is pretty simple pay he shot well he played pretty well on both bands against the team that has. Extreme line pumping it probably won't see again the other team in the playoffs so that the bonus because outlook be the thing that finally shut they're down. Didn't happen. The second part is. He was on the floor late defensively he made plays and get that final post that tied up late enough or order that's an encouraging. I'm overreacting he's ready by the shock that the and I think all odds on him because. That's sort of the lab. Sitting patrols of the haters wanna say about it the playoff record we're and that they have to win but when is in an early gonna go out artistic. All right Dan Greenburg either read his stuff on Parcells or start Tom thanks for stand up body won't argue against it Democrats. Are written record here all right thanks to greening at the end Greenberg there once again you can find him on Twitter. At stool grainy that's greedy with an I Yi at the end not a Y a quick break here we'll be right back after this. And it the best teams in the east over the last month and a half. It's Middleton came back so you know I'm not surprised by their level you know and their level is really and there. And and you know we talked about before the game we go small vs them we look small. In the pain hurt us tonight we've got to figure that out. We'll play him again. Yes they well. Have to figure it out I don't know if they will place again there anything if they do plan again they are gonna have to figure that this is a tough one tonight. The Celtics lose the Milwaukee Bucks by a final score of 103 to 100. I've bragged and did. The meter rookie year. Sixteen points nine assists. Was big down the stretch in the last couple minutes of the game mean he had some big shots. And the Milwaukee Bucks don't look now I mean they're only a couple of games over 500 have won five out of six and four straight road games. And they just snapped a four game win streak of the Celtics there. And really this came down to a couple of things as we just discuss the Dan Greenberg through a few miss that order rerun that interview when he 1 o'clock hour. But deferred for me in for a lot of people who watch this tonight it really came down of them not being able to get stops. Isiah Thomas did a yeoman effort there to it to keep this game close and you know some other guys were doing their best but really no one else had a good shooting night. And the interior defense just wasn't there. To let that happen. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. Your number on tax. We'll get into this more next hour. By where five days away from opening day five days. Doesn't scenic. Think a lot of sun today and by the way I don't often do this but I like to apologize for my weather report last night. I shouldn't really be apologizing to is not like I gotta doppler radar and here I mean I go about what I read in the Internet itself. In there that we do whether at farmers oppose the new ones I read I read what I see. I'm not out there like Alka brilliant splash around in the puddles in Arabs I don't have a weather map and a not it's not really what's expected of us but my weather report from yesterday. I'll got was that a Barack. I said it was gonna be in the fifties sunny all afternoon. I got hot the war is to god that it was 45. And I didn't see the sun once you see the sun at all today about I was moving today I was moving stuff so no I was outside remember I did not see a single ray of sunshine the so I apologize and you know why I may have to apologize tomorrow for this one it's says going to be fifties tomorrow mix of sun and clouds. The gone back to that same place and complex that I thought I weather report from yesterday so yet it may not seem like it's it's springtime yet. I certainly don't don't feel that way about the about the weather that we're seeing me you know like five days from now. Your Boston Red Sox will take the field at Fenway Park on what is sure to be a frigid April afternoon. And do battle with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Reports say hello Chris Sale. Seem hokey bets back out there in the outfield Jackie Bradley Zander Bogart's. Your role in the bullpen. There's a lot of reasons to be excited and optimistic about this Red Sox team. I mean there's a lot of reasons. But I feel like a lot of the reasons are also sort of being. Shadowed now. By a mostly health related reasons. To be worried about this thing. And I say area now or about 5050 it's pretty even to me. In the rotation. You party lost David Price drew pom rants looks like he is not quite ready to go out there and perform if he ever was. Since they acquired of he had a couple of decent starts last year but not enough that it. Not enough to justify really anything that's gone on what you bomber it's. Not enough to justify the initial trade and certainly not enough to justify the fact that they had a chance to get their trade back. And send him back to San Diego and they said no we're good. That's starting to look like a horrendous mistake now. On the part of the the rescue we'll see we'll see where coach. By that I mean that's not a that's that's looking like a major blunder here. David Price. His injury I mean that's that's a big great there yet an injury at the front of the irritation and injury at the back. And as far as the bullpen is concerned I hate to say I mean it's only been two years but now we have this sort of annual tradition. The sense that the browser you trading for a reliever. That reliever coming here and immediately getting injured. Whether it's the first you know week of the season or not even that we don't even get that far here now with Tyler Thornburg. And what the hell exactly is going on with this whole. Misinformation. Sean Spicer asked sort of thing going on here with the Tyler Thornburg. Not to Thornburgh shots vice are actually don't know who shot Spicer is in this analogy. That name just sort of seemed to fit as I was as I was are. But something's very off here. Thornburgh. Clearly. Had an averse reaction. To this throwing program. And we know this can he said it twice now. We also know this because John Farrell. Hinted it may be it wasn't a great you know. Something something got lost in translation here. With Tyler Thornburg in the Red Sox training staff and medical that everybody. There's clearly some sort of serious miscommunication. And so now we get three via nano tube came from one guide Thornburg said it twice. Ferrell set at once. Ferrell then yesterday said no that's not the reason. And Dave number ST talking to mastered an auto Boston Herald. Stated emphatically that that's not the reason and not only is that not the reason but he'd appreciated if the media would stop talking about it. Why. The media the media is not talking about it. The manager and the players are talking about. Maybe you know. Maybe deal what that first before you start lashing out at the media for doing their job. You know the media didn't put those words and Jon Farrell's mouth and they certainly didn't put those words and Tyler Thornburg from out not once but twice now. OK so let's but I'll dig it take a deep breath here before we start getting in those. In the Loney to land because I mean we can't we can't be going around here expecting people to take. Take these statements seriously. Statements like. I wish the media would stop talking about this the media is not talking about it. Your manager talked about your player talked about it. The media didn't suggest that this was the issue your your your guys did dad. You know get a house and ordered tell everybody this what we're gonna say. But then when they don't say what you wanted to say which is what it seems like happened here you can't come out and start blaming other people I mean that's just that's that's. Ridiculous. So I'm and I hope that this was a miscommunication and not some sort of weird unraveling here going on in the in the inner workings of the Red Sox because that would be a real shame of it all happened over Tyler freaking Thornburgh. But very weird stuff here these last 48 hours involving him in his status and why exactly he got injured.