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Roger Goodell is coming to Foxborough! Welcome home Rog!

Mar 30, 2017|

The NFL commissioner is claiming that he will attend the opener at Gilette Stadium next fall... does this put Deflategate to bed finally? Or will Roger find a way to duck out of his verbal commitment?

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Number three Galen Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program brought to buy lunch dates. We're trying to figure out. If Tom Brady's going to be able to play past his mid forties and a Bill Belichick is going to be able to coach past his sixties. Why would Belichick be able to you would be able physically able to I mean that we believe we presume you know his health continues yeah I would. When he what are you ever say. Enough is enough. It's as a twelve month a year thing. Sammy may essentially special when your playing into February and they hear your turnaround a near at all these pro days ago at the draft. And he got me cancer thing else it's it's a year round job harder than that I have ever seen him in an offseason. You sign people trait in people. OK if it's enough. Then what he'd. Hang on your vote go to yielded in target. I think somebody had to tell him how to be retired. All people I guess at Atlanta right and I'm not descended that the Bill Belichick thing you know maybe that word a lottery some retirees there are and he knows people are counting down. Ten years out there. Yeah I've been stretched out law here we go up another one up getting closer attention now. The a that is of people they retired now that you're retired but then ones that are on the it is you look at other. Coaches. That coach Weathers in their sixties or seventies and in case of Marv Levy what happened Dick during the game kind of passed them by a little bit right they didn't really adapt with the game. Where it does seem like spell check is the opposite that it seems like he's taken some of these rule changes. He's CO spit on them on their head he's gay he seems to be one step ahead of everybody even now. It's so do you see that really changing unless they make him so many more rules changes do you bring this up Michael last week. About how what might eventually get belted out of the league to. Salvia noting not only a stop changes and elves that he did do this snake into that now this is a new idol -- spin on the sidelines September 7 with his arm around Roger Goodell will be there. Right well said he plans to be there. And I've been on a pay balance a relatively well. Arab hey how. Action under payless he was going to be here at some point this past season long as I said in the talent and I'll point out here. Over a twelve month period in the next twelve models. Now Roger Goodell the Ron Toews Charlotte inhabited. Yeah it's very rare glimpse of that at a you're you're an outing on and I hope that hope you don't have a so personal whose victory laps yet it hasn't actually that's not that's a very pointy it even assuming your lying phrase that you just as it was accurate arm and a lot that I on my part on my calendar year the last call broad group on racecars stubborn as a mule yes. Because UV's first most are finessing a month it was even what I said to him about the stubborn and this is out with my speech is back. I got to act under way right now yeah market down sick and we remember when it's in the Paula don't do that I don't play for Asa kid yeah. And I said that in other. I was ambushed by the reporter from the bathroom make it about him trying to grounds that it that's a reporter who hybrids and have anything else to report I'm well you know plans change I don't wanna be the story yeah. It's about the world champion in the patriot and it was about that about we're trying. You don't want distract from you know I honestly think fine show up I don't care it really doesn't matter. That night. In Houston Texas deflate gate and forever on the late gate ended idiot not to parliamentary debate and never gonna ask you this if it ended. Why did M middleware a fire Goodell hat and why did Patricia aware of the Beagle they're our children sure. Amateurs are these rocket scientist that a child that he isn't that the president coordinator in the league. What would it so it. George marathon is it ended and answer your question and they Hollywood has been ripped an era you know with the Hollywood script movie and I hand that via the trophy off to the patriots all the next morning he's got a and the MVP trophy up we also enhance that there on a signal answered your question is is gloating. Had to gloat it ended the day and then there was a glowing reports say I have not had the opportunity glow by the way I don't think it and Arnie I don't think you'll ever and because. The draft pick mystic. No dropped a couple of optics and so I made unless you're one this year you can hit it can't get past and here's another reason those men. That kind of ratings on that coming right at the kind of penalties that you have to deal with the unofficial penalties of just. Wearing a patriots had in Chicago wearing a patriots in Los Angeles just haven't beat all the kids stand should be called cheated us out there are books of trickled to shooter should. That kind of stuff. Gates yet so whenever any booty in Houston that's a lot different getting booed here in Foxborough and uniting negates the embassy on the field and all hell now disease sit next crafts. Job that's could quite get his. Not see out there got a thermometer that's something that's up to Bob Kraft that is I my vision was always you know you're welcome to come we got a suite over here in the corner for yeah yeah. You know you're in year you when your coal art she got a privilege of Austria doesn't count. He goes enemies close. Even close yarn that give on the it was a man named. In his gracious. CBS down less in the less movements. I can get a Nazi assets that are going on unless you're a Nazi. Now Mark Wahlberg yeah he's sitting there are on Jovi. Mark Wahlberg you won't have to worry about him being in the fourth quarter the word don't know I don't worry I ran this kid was set on what. Out went through that I can't question that one pass or you have Roger Goodell sit there and just that is good for the camera. It is good it's good Ottawa. A couple of reasons that meant it maybe it makes you look good nationally as I don't think Robert Kraft wants them now they wanna be in that shot if they put it it's jumbled popularly I brought down pirates that I wrote. In the script you. Robert. I brought this guy is an organization so you know what I'm about you they'll show home on TV but not on the Jumbo screen. Would show them because that's cheap. She'll have a problem as the most green get is get as Abu in the back there. And then have maybe craft and I have been headlock theoretical. At ease up and people which year something. We got to get past that would have liked that obstacle about it about the chokehold theory there's a little bit like a fun but for the kids focus cars. A move in the back with a chair in my back. And because I backed the call 617779793. Cent we have a doctor on the line well this has got this this other guy. I doctor. Doc. The appeal. Target vote. Altered food. At sort of Brady played it was at least to the finger. At him smugglers prevail. That presently open your inability. Of individuals over creator fortitude and should she close that you or your vision goats sheep. It there contact lens for about contact lens is it getting can't get my circle we have surgery for that. Can delegate large print. Levels. Claire playbook on that respond reprieve or can. Slide down there readers but it you're done you think this might be what. Look kind of throws birdie off these guys that reflects your partner written on his horizons and zeevi near visions going to be the problem. You know because. If artwork. It crap already begun to happen did happen if I thought I'm Bob Miller wears glasses he does if an inaugural but but doctors at it let's just pretend like I'm one of your your patience and I come here and you're saying obviously paid. I did that large large font and large print all of them think hey doc. Pop out of surgery how some good wishes and hit Democrats seem reasonable what is. Hillary. You learn by. These these about a laser on. Tiger. I thought I had Lacey. Yeah yes. IC much better and they look at glass made racism for reading that every debate in the dark restaurant but I'm worried a forum. They have lights of the stadium lights for night games. And Sunday at one. Is there was that. There are forty start to get pro Israel president continues. I'm over the age of forty nor cost of that. I had worn glasses we're gonna learn I want glances at that was nineteen of a and so Donna Estrada Obama's obviously I had talked I don't think guys are gonna bring Tom Brady now doctor he's in maybe a doctor not my doctor. Ellis from my stomach so I thought that are now. And a negative doctor Boris the volleys got a condition I can't even spell nor now zealots the Prez I hope we get things going as you let your doctor in an upstage him as his as his pretend patient on the radio. They got okay that's great yeah I'm sure there's no doubt in your yeah. I just blast is Ortega surgery. Molinaro. Governor did not look good pie hole you got that it's not tired at night he made with the U wiggled its teeth. Worker opened you'll place he would. Oh. It's it's the one right you see I don't quite remember. I have to and at the web right the city. I got it on this guy but I can't read I don't. But that is the first we've heard of that just that negative. Doctor he thinks nearsightedness is coming get them because everybody over for over four years scientists are gonna happen or farsighted. So all the young guys Wear glasses. Are there worse like Von Miller who is Yvonne Miller yes. It probably played unreal although a little dog Rex back Kyra just. Now he now Von Miller who doesn't Wear black that it would not Miller does Wear glasses made a great play in a Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Against a guy who wears eyeglasses that Needham Cam Newton. This character and cam Newton's the balls and ground. Yeah fumble but I don't rhetorical get it bottlers like Alia that context I just lit. May apply. I'm doc let I I don't think he's gonna play six or seven more years 'cause I sign but I don't think it's got the eyes I've pulpit brings him down I don't think about. But the doctor knows much more about these things and I'd throw freely tonight doctor or did you just a regular doctor Condoleezza it was an optometrists are what I aspect. Aren't too bad if that if I I I show music up so he didn't have any other reasons. Now that this is ours does the eyes as artists pres myopia got it. There what what they've got to you know what that negative doctor and other people indict the negative talk show hosts here well I'll tell Arnold I'll have to realize is most of the time I'm sure the doctors are most of the time you're over forty of these things happen most of the time over forty. I your quarterback and things start to goes up when you. I just got one of those you've got one of those rare athletes. And Tom Brady and nobody would have thought at that based on the don't be looking picture. He took at the combine. In 2000. And look like a guy who you can say he's going to be an and one of the best athlete ever to play professional sports. But it. I think some of happened you what what's happened yesterday you have the Celtics winning the whole thing yet today ya know like today all I got. Did it say to edit OK go back to back days until the publisher itself that would in the title in 2007 team yet and now Tom Brady is playing. Feel like forever if she'd think you have him playing 47 years not forever but airport 707. Or eight more years so you know. Come with these great performances bright idea what what. At this time it's supposed to be late in his career this is supposed to be late career maybe it is one song but Tom Brady I your bomb in me is supposed to be that but it hasn't been. You're not supposed to be at at 39 you're not supposed to have a Super Bowl performance like that we'll have a season like right. And still come back strong and after after the game sitting down in Chile on big sky country. Talking entertained onto anger at the institute that. She is very positive. I did the Celtics and would win the whole thing that they could that they could. Yeah that's what you think I think I need to re easy really against rays you don't think the Celtics could. The warriors lose in the Western Conference and it is there anyway anybody else besides besides a briefing. Like when the time. One in the east and sewer in the west so the other warriors could lose to disperse. The spurs when hoping the worst in the opener of the capital you don't think arts over the rockets then you don't think this birds. Playing the Celtics you know think the thought would have a chance against the no Tony I think has no chance and somehow an expert at the Celtics have to beat both the cavaliers. And the spurs in his seven game series. Back to back it the cavaliers get press conference files. Our guys that I may lost to a team right. That out right now I think the cavaliers. At this moment lessons in March 29 visits point nine after birth to my knees are shot out Christian ethic are the Arctic are. On March to not call uncle Michael later could to talks and sense into. He's out there thank you it's too late about it and dollars and 70 march 9 2017. Deaths I think. The best teams in the Eastern Conference ours files number one. The Celtics number two the wizards. Number three. The cavaliers built adjustment first power rankings and I loved it on try our rankings three and I did not the way they're not even the best team in the east right now the cavaliers are the best record I think divesting or not the best team. They're not. It's earlier that the Celtics were a better team right now in the cavaliers who shouted me now that's a good point L. You were you receive now things are better team in the cavaliers right now it's yet does then you said the cab the Celtics can't beat the cavaliers with I thought was no yelled at legal niceties don't think he yelled that team in the cavaliers right now you lashed out them yeah a lot out an album besides its hold Roger Goodell. I don't have IR. Yeah Tea Party later it's a hard yeah. In the now that I respect and deference African apparently at the navy can't even a lot of it definitely I don't like mark I love. Josh is in New Hampshire hey Josh played on. What's the I have they. The port number pretty pressed are all just I think I mean it's not magic anything you just don't put talks with your body and in your body reacts better. About numb on talk about. Don't think that him playing so it you know it's like forty would be unprecedented and it. Feel old school baseball Satchel Paige. And you know according to what we don't know how old he was playing. I trust and I think he can play. Yeah there's an is different any Kenny B I thought it was best quarterback in the NFL last year can he be the best quarterback in the NFL at 424344. I don't think so. Are there and in what is the fault what does Apollo looked for him how does that how does that look I'm sorry is still better than most. All right so if Tom Brady. And it should have been an MVP somewhere in his twenties he wasn't in when dispersant BP into league's thirty. But it appears as if he's as good at at 4344. As he was at 2728. You're right. That's that they are by the terrific quarterback that's a terrific quarterback what Tom brands won 2728 yes he's great he's not this. On were otherworldly. Hall of fame best quarterback ever guy buddy buddy was because wasn't he in Super Bowl MVP at that. I think it has affected monies you the whole affair because of the Super Bowls. Right but that's also a team thing etc. saying you know. Eli Manning's ultimate consumable W when he was 2720. Did you think to yourself this is a young Joseph Montana and it. Oh yeah yeah outing he had yet right of course to get the our own time he's still better than paid many of them thanks so when a couple of touchdowns or via VP of the regular season he's yet to be in the playoffs. And then once he hit thirty he combined both of those things they put a crazy numbers in the regular season as well was the playoff success but. I guess you know it you're always gonna have a guy like Matt Ryan or Cam Newton or some real says the big season but how many years in his forties. Will he be let's say top three quarterback they got a lot different saying will he be better than there most of the early lets our cities and just throwing out an amber let's say Easter. If best quarterback in the NFL. And that's what exactly it's great of them Alabi kidnapper him. Yeah I think I think so if the team still wanting. Our teams still wanting at that level and he's a big part of it like he's not along for the ride the Peyton Manning a couple of years ago but if he still depart fifth escort right in the league. Yogurt you're knocking on the door and. Yeah regularly quarterback who was a moron guy. Well our world more under but yeah Haley got the guy that was the guys said that were morons and guidance because Aaron Rodgers had a better year last year than Tom Brady did. It's a much. And just it I amble through all the cold all the all the numbers it'll memorials are a bunch of numbers well just just you know quarterback rating. I hit a great year won a four point two Aaron Rodgers whose great. Tom Brady won twelve point two. The support of the girl I don't. That's why I'm using these numbers and not like total touchdowns. QB are great year for Aaron Rodgers 76 point nine. Number 8083. We are there a I understand that at odds. Thank you let the fact of the matter is Aaron Rodgers had a great year Tom Brady with a better quarterback last year than Aaron Rodgers was out here is. That guy that point there. Like Erin Rogers no no he. Never could let her like her voice and you appreciate. Angry that the the the counter. Counterargument guy it's just. Aaron Rodgers was terrific special homered to. Yeah on the homered and think Tom Brady's going to be able to play at least 45. This countdown the days Scott tinge Rose Marie hey Scott how you deal. I got a great area. It was so don't talk about you know hey people technically debris can be played to retreat some number of years yeah 67. Right you guys you know so what equity to keep them grapple with this year and you know I actually think. Bill Belichick maybe thinking bit switches bad. You know they're prohibitive favorite to witness suitable for any teams that are a good chip with a super ball. Egypt has nothing that is very rare especially in the in the moderate area which is. They actually have tickets are by losing their great starting quarterback and bill. Have a chance to record that back up that they're that good at that yeah quarterback and he would your favorite your gut. You look back in history in your cost Peter gave it could hit that says you know back in 1990 was like I ever really happen but the giant. At the fourth previously thought but it happened then and political agenda Belichick he could appreciate you look at 2008. When we had a Super Bowl for evidence favorite team by far away we newspaper it being said we're done I mean we get it play out. Okay take the lead in the lab and they have a chance to really win yet another squabble and really cement the dynasty league is minorities meant it. And pick himself early in the starting quarterback instead of it in its shot. Well records that they have a good shot because we've heard others that say you lose breed yeah keep grapple you can still win it but as I now I I don't I might say a lot of back off now I I would but I still be a very good team in the NFL. Hi I still think I get the overall point because it's like you're treading grow up blow away. For a real need but what's the biggest need on the team like they might be one of those rare spots were. They have the luxury they can they keep a backup quarterback rather than getting something form because of both say they get the ball over OPEC. What do you take their opposition like how much of an impact is that player this season should be good but it goes like they've had first trumpets there really panned out right away so. I I still think if you can guess having forum. You do. Just because of brazen to play for so long it's just that the contracts don't. Lineup at all if you're having that brings completely 100 I did hear that gestures. So that was losing I guess like Jimmy can lead him around. That is get him to the meeting Rohm and it's about fifty animals here Austin on the plane they are really I bring all Michael hit the. Examination. People who might lead huge event occurred during an examination. OK. That's good. I'll assess by the day who is so I would have them the pits it's OK okay I passed a seven. 7797. ID 37 our final drives come out of 545. Gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. As we get back to the calls it 61777979371. Quick note here. Adam chapter so you know it's true. Is reporting that CBS is making a strong higher report to upfront push to hire cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for their NFL coverage. Ian Rapoport. Our ads that CBS is trying to hire Tony Romo as a potential replacement for Phil Simms in the Booth. Working alongside Jim dances their their top broadcast team. Lot of folks thought that Romo would ultimately end up in the TV Booth at some point. And it's a little different now he's 36 years old. I'd make it a boatload of money. Like for somebody I don't know what's gonna before I mean bats that's still up in the air. The question is Willie just -- cowboys you know what screw Tia and I'm gonna go into the TV Booth with with Jim Nance here. I got to believe that he still wants to play but maybe he'll decide it's not worth it. And everybody wants Tony Roma CBS fox text the geragos cowboys wanna keep room. You know as a Mitchell at the future of your field fail though of the McCann he ol' if you are these he'll probably not. A hole. Fit probably not very but he's he's got married man cannot run he had a great program and are now. I do in the game and I think it bears a limit I don't know what it is maybe it's five years. Five to seven years where. As an analyst you'll make that despite that switch where you want criticizing. Or your oil or you'll be very you'll be very selective about. He criticized because they are and the commissioner talks all the time our partners our broadcast partners broadcast partners seized or talk in these coaches. A year after year and it's kind of like you're in the you're in the club a little bit so you try to protect. But he is insane thing and any talks and circles there's you know what I don't they try to protect everybody YZ consumer and sometimes when they hire a guy and you wonder is great is everything's Rex Ryan's going to be. If he wants to be a coach again right those guys have a hard time so like that might be my quarterback next year that might be you know gaga wanna try to sign. And soul feels that he's been doing this forever but why what happened to him nearsighted. Farce of it but it is probably had asked pretty ask the doctor he Belmont he's amassed now maybe that's what it is so did it so I don't I think they receive your program go take it in a pretty good and sound like it. And shots and got out it's not like you're looking for a replacement Graham so if it's not pill it's not Tony Romo. Oh wouldn't give me. When you when you make another run at Peyton Manning. Probably all. Point patriots fans love and everything are you two and a half vitriolic I hit the off at Gillette full four times on here clad stainless you know what you get from him what do you do just get greater now that salary shocks you did know you've got a great house and get Brady adoration he would be on all reported from her in a good way. Actually would be interest thing they have Peyton Manning in the boot as a third guy mr. quarterback group. That would dictate what you see there from a quarterback in perspective I mean kicking expert on the sideline him they're gonna. Your car wreck here. Underdogs. And handed over that there goes your second. It on a list that I could top three got his Louis Peyton. Hates all my motto might be at the top of the list really started the list based hole I started yeah you know it's a whole family's. Each yeah fraudulent they are they all died so friendly favorites good to see again to rip although it right is still are people. It's those people out of the worst. As are their friendlier face and I wanted to India are about you. Audit does trouble known say anything about you once you leave the forget about our that's a lot of talk about your regard for all all RG thing with Eli did not go to San Diego apple thing to do that whole thing like your Peyton Manning like five minutes before a match of your walking accurately fifty yards away yeah. So my tricky from Williamsport trader WE yeah I played college football. Favorites on the door and follow the career. It's. I like this I don't let the birds were what are martyrs who put their payments. I remember that happened too by the way my he had of Mikey. He met patent it and fell on her belt it's all come out and by the way kill them worst thing you kill LeBron off for years and year house. And then met him at Fenway in game wait you know wanting to adopt. As the wrong he'd he'd be that. No ruler you know it's the record keeper Brad for like a today. Look what they were friends of the next thing about rap Peyton Manning. You know this guy did praise sincere. Honor if it will lead them. Act the calls Nixon Plymouth hey nick I don't. These guys that you. Just make comment on Robert crafts. And bring you play in six or seven more years so I was kind of neck in the dot well there you warned you guys opinion on that. So. Chapter obviously seen Mosher from anything he's ever back to vocal awful though not being treated. Now. Call me crazy but do you think it's possibly. Be regarding craps comments that maybe. They're more. Publicly speaking about Brady's. Career into his 45 reported six year. It's advertised other teams hey if you're in the next season you know hey you still want to play another five or six years. To make it more or more tradable asset. You mean radian asset to train yet yeah trading Grady Little yeah I don't think so. It's just got a confederate army no I don't at. Well I haven't met the coming. Tell me why you have to consider trading to operate at that that's your that's when you're that that just as quickly tell me why that should be under consideration. Because bill always does what's best for the team regardless of the personnel and. So why would it why would you consider why would it why would trading Tom Brady be best for the patriots. It give I think it. They don't think that he can still go for five or six more years. Let it okay. Why would talk about Obama trading right now let's let's they can't go five more years why would trading him right now. Sound like it's that they went into the draft and somebody said they'll give you that the the top ten pick for Tom Brady you think it's best for the patriots trade Tom Brady right now coming off the Super Bowl MVP. Note it would be the end of next year. When drop blows up her. Franchising. By the franchise tag possibly you know let free play out next year see how it goes and I just think it. So you'll do you'll be to have I don't like radio I don't want I don't know I know I'm just and I'm not try to talk out of this nick I'm trying to find out these so you have great plans that. That Jimmy drop was going to be a great NFL quarterback. I think you're gonna be a solid quarterback yes and I think that the risk of losing a solid quarterback for the next ten to fifteen years at the expense of for five more years. Of a great quote yes don't fall well I give a good chance of getting a solid. Quarterback after Brady perhaps now the chances of getting it a halted are Iceland obviously very slim and I don't they are probably not gonna fall into 1199. No probably not. But I also don't. No Holler result convinced that it's drop below it could be like we all look back years from now that drop is top five quarterback in the league in the sky ago but we already know that Tom Brady is that is coming off of a great year. So even if it was only three great years of Tom Brady I would sacrifice that's for ten solid years yeah. My parents like unknown yours and ideal grapples going to be. Not only keep ours you know I was licking you when you're talking in the discount lip over your shoulders under after hours partner. Oh yeah after hours partner much money at night yeah Monday night with with uninformed 67 yes six or seven yeah. Itself. You know listening much. Last thing but not after you were. Are you still listen after set after senators like 1045. Rob. So nobody is instrument and Broward proper effort yup but. But that's kind of like a hand in front of ours here is an accomplishment but. Yeah. So I agree with you according to according to Bradford yes you'll like this regular units and at Brad thought what are you want to fall which I haven't heard that yet I've never seen this in an NBA game. So this this can happen according to Bradford you know people are crazy. Who say that the Celtics could possibly do something in the post season because something you can't win the whole thing you know there may be I. And Bradford up Isiah Thomas. Don't look for him to be. Double team in the post season and to be tripled. Oh yeah look at it to shore he's going to be opened everybody's guys lower everybody's got to deal triple team him so what's happening on the butt but what. Product district. Our guys are gonna score there's maybe somebody wanted to get it if they're gonna scored against a basket and his drive and basket they got a lot of threes because there are three guys right on Isiah Thomas. Yes many of two guarding. For him to write articles that's not a math skills psychiatrist better on the power to wait a minute wait at all part educate our team did just not a good situation for anybody notes. So that I've got that they thought that I got a what 77797937. Our final brag about an hour from now lots of time phone calls be with you guys between now and then. Taylor Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WE.