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OMF - Colin Kapernick is unemployed because he wants too much money, 3-28-17

Mar 28, 2017|

HOUR 3 - In hour 3, the guys discuss a column by Dan Graziano and another by Bomani Jones about WHY Colin Kaepernick is "blackballed" by the NFL. Graziano reports that Kaepernick is seeking "$9-10M per year" which is roughly what a bottom-end starting QB would get paid. They also get into the Raiders moving to Vegas, and some potential problems that could arise.

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These Fort Wayne Loney and 48. At the end and like problems and I or letting children are all terrible moves. When things slightly unhappy Tobago. I heard reduction of a job should be himself with pregame with glee and Lou and Christian yeah still locked in there and a world of not talking sports that it's a baseball shelves. Big leagues at. They're talk about trump for dummies you should be talking politics talking about health care liberals to privileged conservative. On Sports Radio WEEI it's. Lunchtime. And our hero oh Atlanta that's next on 777979837. With the soccer football talk to patriots didn't do it. Got to get to the readers in a Vegas but the problem campers it. Story has taken. Little bit of a twist here. Bob Jones by the way. Wrote an interesting article here in which. What do you think is a predictable way and what would you expect the money Jones to read about the calendar I would save people money you ignorant slut and so he's he's basically saying that the cabinet accused and it's an extra. I bought my heat its effect put a lot of work you do this guidance locked out of words here. Just say this is worth this kind of pisses me off to write the whole called cap that we talked about it before. I think people premature he should be scream why cut is never Jaaber chase Daniels a RG three. Why does this guy if you believed in him he'd stop believing in your cards. He's now now he's down and as Neil he's known activists at. But apple pistol from grass out of me as PM changes the game changes it and makes everybody look polish. He's as we know multiple source from multiple sources that capita isn't just looking for any job. Just taken any crappy job out there to people who spoke last week's he's looking for a place that offers the chance to compete for a starting job. Any salary benefiting about high end back up or low when starter. Something in the range of 1910 million. And you race baiting hate this. Need to realize that this guy's the reason why it is that the job because he picks he deserves ten million dollars any good. That's the real reason. And he and and again to use you start with you start with first look at just 32 teams is how many teams need a quarterback right. So let's say half the teams needed quarterback OK and now some are gonna go to the drafts are gonna go to specific style army we've resigned their own players. You may have a handful of teams that need a quarterback I so now what's one of these quarterbacks fits our system. And okay we want this Corbett has a packet to every young quarterback Tony there's still a different variations that go into picking a quarterback especially freeagent. At any girl in the back at the guy I want. Star money. So we started modeling world could he wants to compete for the started putting that she's a guard but he but he yeah. It changes it course but it but it still. OK cite a salsa thing about darkness John Harbaugh. Because had this quote somebody asked about. Is out with Colin Kapanen. Black ball pulled on Jim or John no John Harbaugh okay John Harbaugh was he black ball he says notes stupid. This is how I'm assuming insane because he would be pissed off like little. It's stupid so it intellectually lazy to its more nuances it's there's more to it. They've just him sitting ours dating all our weather is good weather is bad. It's not just it's you just can't pigeonhole the situation is they want it it that solid it it it's more layers to it. Knew exactly so all I got acutely Mark Sanchez. They're not gonna sign. Call it cap Rick Edmonds ripped in the payers and it's all ball. Rates and it's all about that well you know what they got a starting quarterback it is to crap load through the looking for back up that they could pay a million dollars. Not so delusional bastard who wants to hand because he thinks he's good. So why it was Chicago ever wanna pay ten million dollars Rebecca when you decide my clinic because everyone was bitching about the beat the bears go to sign Mark Sanchez. All all he wants that panicking and play into that he wants that chase chase Daniel's back when he tees and you whose career baca. For multiple teams out of it in six million dollars a year or what's been okay our job was bitching about two Eagles. Getting the job done with the giants. Oh my god how could you have a hard time I think has what does geno Smith manager part 700 CNN 5000. And he units with the giants once you know Smith the McAuliffe can't predict what would you want him as Rebecca. Because your fool you about an hour right now just a slight but thinks he's a starter yet even once ten. So the giants can assign him all these race baiting pigs have no clue what you're talking about it's it's all your talking about our original it's any and they are our. It's political it's so easy at all so it's so it's a week and a half after free agency starts. And he's not sign. Well something doesn't look right look on all of college tepid and he may be blocked all he even said he was nervous and now he fired his agent. It turned out all the money he walked away with a 49 or not you're not you're not production. So it's just so easy for you to throw that out and just cannot look at it and just with religious life. Anchors aren't bothered their team that it possibly can use Tony Romo let's bring in my partner and in putting into the cap and equation here. So Tony Roma and bodily Jerry Jones is another when it's that it's full of that he will get to him and Leo hold vague story is he's placed pagan to that. But in this case. He told everybody including total telling Tony Romo that he was going to give him as a right released to the point with Tony Romo thanked all the fans went out if you remember on social media and award. But then suddenly Jerry Jones is screwed us the teams that guy you get a job next year well. There you know of course she's gonna get a job. He's certainly get greedy. Thought maybe he can get a draft pick in return. Well the reason that nobody wants trait Fatone right right now is because they don't wanna pay address given draft pick and that eight Tony Romo. On what he's getting with Dallas right now they know the Dallas can't conduct problem and let them know we get upper actually nothing and Tony probably wants to stay. In Texas he's got a home there wants to be Houston. He's just exactly so you're watching teams right now. They could really use Tony wrote on the you've got out of Lebanon last pastor accords its scope like they're at it but why is nobody can make animal right now. They don't want to tell him I feel it too much money and running on the same think he's putting conditions it is the thing to people that are defending him and screaming and Spike Lee in the six and Bonnie and everybody else. They are asking why he's better than Mark Sanchez and geno Smith in the league say of course he has in his wanna be a baca. He wants 910 million dollar deal he wants to starts. And I think even the people that defend it was it. Ole you'd never hear he's not gonna detect that money. They're they're screaming from the rooftops that it's race related when it's actually that guidance and over inflated opinion of himself wanting to much money. And it too important a role when it's race. It's politically it is it is it is politically motivate the same situation with Ager Peterson. Okay Ager Peterson is not a teen Ager Peterson thinks he's a starter should be paid like you like he's an MVP but he just rushed for 2000 you are you said it's okay money but it Christian is that it's not okay it was it once he realized he wasn't getting the money. Initially. It's always about the money I wanna prove me wrong married you wanted to you want the money you go for the money person realizes that there's not the auto market. The problem Ager Peterson and Colin Kapanen if they book out keep their coverage people thought. They're gonna get something and the ones that didn't materialize so what's it like nobody was picked up a phone or returning their calls. I felt crap. This is OK so now we got to go back you don't need your Peterson can't make can't make he came out the chute says was paid 3.5 four million dollars in year three year Deere the three year deal. With they got third their third European and optional like fifteen million dollars. You can't guarantee the ten million dollars mil from all the backs that are out there if he wants to play and security says he definitely will wool will play. That's what he's corny and do a million and got back noted that bloated contract where the lies you're gonna guarantee health and hours directions all at but here's. The time's ticking. Time is ticking so. The longer opry seagulls along and faculty get to the draft a lot of dots here to thank you so blunt I know there are but my point is an idea of taking no we're not as desperate as we were does not bad blood in the water mentality. So we're gonna wait to see what happens and then there's another appeared a time. And then that people signed before camp starts and then there's another quick period of time that coach Israel all of this guy isn't as good as we thought this guy got hurt. Now there's another rush to sign all those veteran free agents. But again the money's diminished sought for by a million dollars okay it's one point two with the legs minimum Rex. Birkhead meet three point one with the patriots. Can't afford comeback. Unit and asked these special teams call players were notified that his guy there owes you rather have Rex Burkhead and eighteen for three point one would you rather give forty competed at a college tablet they got at least look berliners red shoes and I doesn't matter as it appears that there really go about Nadal compared to I was gonna say somebody term I don't like an informant. Three point one for Adrian Peterson a three point one for four Daryl and I finished this is true about cap and Colin is looking for nine or ten million dollars and he wants to believe he's the reason for starting job that's the reason. That he's nominees that's great benefit as well yeah or organ at Atlanta Emory okay so where is it worth the dialogue out here at 6 o'clock will be paying attention. It'll turn on Mike to Mel because it's it is not just sports its art its music movies debate right now be on it at all and I'm glad I. I followed an audio urban dictionary sort of OK okay we'll go here I'd say cap and its lack keeps me. I think that to me I think he's whack you Easley hit a Christian he's Wii anyway anyway we do we yes Larry you go far out you don't like you're facing those types of Benjamin's. Okay dropping my god what front is a guy. I get a personal and did you. I got a vote it would be more entertaining to put two white guys in to us as a television talk all let's keep it for outs for everybody talks politics sports is like it's run its course nobody cares about sports we should be talking transgender. Health care to trump. Democrats Republicans radical Islam this what we should be the only every day you budget idiots. And the point that it became it was like let's wait he would cap and it's like it's almost like you want it to it it you were on that side you wanted him not to get side I don't get good note be a good thing for your gender but. OK Paul should we wait how long before we can see it's it's racial. How long before we can say it's about what you've got nauseated how long can we do a little bit of weight and a half right out of the game. All right because there wasn't Brett if that's what he's played two ball money Jones had played to their political agenda. That's why so would you use it and you make it out its state news because here's the thing here's a thing but what did you write about this you know any thoughts goals and a bunch of things he thought thought about distractions. Kate this distraction that hole or distraction and what is being thrown around loosely just happens at. Meeting every situation with a broad so you don't know what you need to say you don't know how to say it call it a distraction. That the that that the one thing that he's not let them be that the ways the least on his availability for job. Is distraction. Like that's about it. Teams have dealt with worse issues eagle from from all the domestic violence goaded guys coming on the draft but money talks the body mentions. Michael Vick mentions go mix in the guy running back out of Oklahoma. I mean there's a list that list the list go on and on ought if you are good enough. You'll have a job. Don't expect to be paid like a guy who doesn't. I have issues you know this is where he really become shallow in this piece he goes which one he talks about global money yet he talks about shrugging it off. And saying then the breaks. In the face of a visible potential case of discrimination. It's intellectually. Disingenuous. At best. Indefensible. How it at worst and sound purely like the worst of past the valuations any week out. Coverage of black he asks where. This sway you you've got to start looking nickel cap predict himself. And album money obvious he's got his back right and everybody out whatever anybody that's just key. Did you have this agenda has his back at what point this gap to read this article Longo. Actually no bra 110 million dollars in Houston and do race. I've already been offered or want to bargain offered three jobs for two million dollar guarantee ya down because that enough I'm good I've turned this thing down. It's gonna do with racist and everything do with my needs my wants if I don't have a job in camp. It's because in the salary cap league and not want to take less than ten million dollars and that's on me why wouldn't do that when he's got somebody like Beaumont Jones negotiating out there are responsible cheering us on this isn't so good I sit back refusing to take jobs because it is that they get paid. And LaMont Jones answer would be if you said two people. He wants nine or ten million a year and he wants to compete for accidents. On how to get out soon. What you look white boy wrote that that's what it's actually Yzerman and I don't I don't I just wanna hear from a money. I would do oil flow and OK hold on hold or advice and none I don't know why don't bring snowfall we've heard. I don't know right now teasing sorry now doll calling for sound golf and all of you say that he's terrible we don't know these terrible not. Now you can go back and look right that you could also deal with the unavoidable that they captured it was pretty bad in 2015 injuries or not whatever he was pretty bad. And there was more interest in him after 2015. In their interest in him after 2016. When he is sixteen touchdowns and 4 receptions and I am account. It a whole lot of duke put double border one interception ratio and didn't you run out of the league people's age that he is terrible no 1 o'clock watch too much money but money. Liquidity and you've got a look at how much money you have to look at it is gonna come up all knew he could only throw Jeremy curly you gotta look that's the past. You can't get caught up in just the numbers like garbage time numbers crappy teams third string players and you just can't. Look at it that easily they all fade routes it is it as it gold line play for of all he doesn't roll out and it hit a all I can a flat. Let that number doesn't mean anything to me. Nothing you you're telling me that when you've got a four touchdown lead on the 49ers you're not concerned about all that underneath stuff I don't overlook yet also yes so there's going to be a big cushion. You your reply with guys probably don't give a crap anymore. There's just creeping fickle wind to watch them play like to forget about this that you watched him I hit a lot I watch the eyes and you come out of it. Watching him he's OK he can say that easy starting quarterback in that leader ardently as a delegate is a superstar like everyone thought the problem. You saw it in the NFC championship games on the super boy but I'll. This are rising. This guy's revolutionizing. All you need it was one game last year you want to burst into in the patriots in the first half. What if he was lights out. And he had a perfect quarterback rating dignity and a second half we sucked because he wants of one game music. He can still play but he's gonna turn into this eventually yes he can play. But and cap the leak. There's only so many teams that will only give that guy nine to ten there are arcane. Why I don't have Rick signed his new concert there's a reason why there's a bunch outs. For the 49ers are the reason why it looked completely. Like like crazy money but when you broke it down he was that make in the money it'll body was no there was an Al please place two years they use and he gets out of it and they have the option. So they think they know that it's not you're not who we thought we were we we knew that Harbaugh was Bobby gonna be gone down the author of what happy go directly through you. Then all the old by the way the another coach a new coach and another new coach then you're deep but the players get hurt one guys quit because he Borland quit because he doesn't wanna get hit in the head anymore. He had no receivers sold in the whole place just implode it's okay and they say you know what you're not a guy we thought to work which is completely fine. So now you're your potential. It's not even close to what you think it is elevated evaluation of your well he was looking out well. Think maybe he was looking at fourteen million dollars last year not to repeat was he got injured he did he was looking at fourteen nights and now suddenly if any teams saying to won't. About two million is a black and of course I think about all the little not a hero and now you can read about amount they have got a problem but you don't want and involve money gets into the hole who issue and I don't yet. And installed eight so. And when you look at when you look at cavern when you look at Capra. And he he say he can't run. A traditional system whatever to say that about other quarterback to say that shakeup occurs that don't. As a quarterback he can't run he accused him or not he can go we don't know you're wrong sorry he can run a traditional system. Okay which is your basic style offense 75 step drop he's a very good it. They run it. Visit the heat wouldn't it than he originally chronicles wildcat does not my point is that your that they were running yeah that's my point so but every good he can run a traditional offense. But he's not good at it. So you start weighing your options and listen we don't run the wildcat. OK we we don't we don't run that's not our style that we were not built for that we've set up our roster to be specific tip of this philosophy. Whether it's West Coast weather around Arnold doesn't matter what it is and systems guarding more. But you're not very and so we look at you compared to. But Mark Sanchez is of the world who grew up who played any and a pro style offense that USC. And played a pretty run heavy pro style offense with New York but then just you know of fitted it in Philly. But so it's an easier transition for him so the odds of success are better with Mark Sanchez they're better with chase Daniels and oh by the way the whole money thing. You throw. And it just in case it varies every role as it is key role knowledge you know what he's looking for he's not looking for team that looks for Neil's back ups. Teams might have contacted him for that role but called capex and no brother Eddie me. Ahmad backup are much starter and I want nine to ten million Lisa thank you very much we decide that it would it goes thanks Sanchez so. All it borderline teams that are looking for starters yet. You get Chicago they sank Lennon. Then you've got Cleveland I'm sorry but also Weiler. He just as good as jeopardy and. How do you measure as I would like let's compare quarterbacks it's horse throwing style I don't hit the ability committee hears it turns into a certain. Well sixteen million dollar loss while at ten million dollar per capita battling out I don't I don't need to crappy quarterbacks general do you think oss while I was good at reading defenses. Stocks of basic Catholics are still okay and allowed estate cabernet is not creative meal even I was able to get off. Loan costs and other he had you don't know delivering. Yeah never burned April football yet he spoke like a rocket. That's apparently does Agnes throws it on a roll. OK. So they kept it probably at a quicker release 'cause he doesn't do the whole thing where he brings in around that he slingshot was. I also wanted to that the other team to San Francisco and we feel that that's just enough and has not gone back there. Benefactor as I was only three options for us guys a starter that kind of feel out what. And now it's now it's looking to us the back of which he's not willing to accept so you don't. Jumping on pleasing as an agenda right now on all the show it to show yes it is a grouchy and a break this down you look at the browns the jets. The Texans the Broncos in the 49 she's talking about teams. Who were looking at a quarterback we're gonna rule out to right away. 49ers of the team we just left the jets are all by Woody Johnson at a valued political friend of US presence of maybe the distraction placed him with the jets I'll give you that. Texans are waiting for Tony Roma to be released. May be that the Broncos to doing the exact same thing because. Denver did try to work out a trade last year for for kept surged to a all of those push for this guy. Other than a backup quarterback. And a back up quarterbacks and it paid one couple million. The president what's he absentee and look at it and who you are patriots have won right now for 950 grand. Yeah and his other banks that got more geno Smith for 775. OK thank that's. We got Eli Manning and spending that much money in a back up. If Rebecca Rusch started blows. In May be we will give you some money beside could be ten may be full five. Yes it turning down offers right now how ridiculous that these guys that money Jones. He's turning down offers and you think he's cute black ball. Now here's seniors you know you're so free agency don't know the whole free agency you know starts their rev up and peoples and in and teams know who's going to be freed who's got to be resigned. And the raw thrown out there and it's a big race right so and then there's like a price tag attached to each player. Date the Smart agents say you know let's be realistic about this Mark Sanchez. Tees deficit be realistic about you which you'll OK you all what you walk a base and forget Oleg did for the jets that nobody cares anymore. The words out they know you can do they don't know what to kick you been believed to alarm more can you do for work and you brings us I would get I think what cult kappa B a great back up. I think so yeah and Allegheny worry about what type of system you run not worried enough because here's the thing if the price is right. If someone does get hurt OK you Pearlman there yeah well yeah he can win you games. And did it give a good supporting cast maybe he doesn't have to throw as much maybe your defense bills are often tough maybe have a really good kicker. Maybe a strong running game at a Smart coach and a city that supports that he sold the whole environment is different. And you are now you're like you were back when Harbaugh was to go to the 49ers. You're running play action and you know you keep the defense off and then every. I love you and nobody springtime then nine or ten million dollars. For it back up quarterback nobody says that is more or no they're not always a backup quarterback can be done about it and opportunities start. As a back up quarterback eat it in you're willing to commander and and do it for two million bucks. You have an opportunity to start now you might have to wait until the starting quarterback either fails miserably. Or gets injured. But you still have an opportunity to start to chip to a lot of backup quarterbacks who get the opportunity during the season. You know Brian lawyers ready current. Getting the opportunity to start because somebody goes down with a knee injury. I would take a break we'll get to let your phone calls at 6177797. And its recent Sports Radio telling you. All the arguments that people have. In the fall apart but the argument that falls apart the fastest when he comes to cap predict is the notion that how to capture neat would be too much of a distraction fourteenth and what I talk about in the colonies. We break up this idea cat for nick as a distraction. And we both we act like it's a hypothetical case what utility shows up on a new team he's just go to why does being a distraction. But he did play a fourteen after the protest you play for the 49ers and it wasn't a distraction. Well that's yeah that's definitely easiest thing that's that's the easiest most obvious yes it's open for debate. Whether what that's the case because you hear another T well if that was the case why did San Francisco on. Does anyone they want completely under GM not gonna good enough I'm good out of they want is not be a good enough to handle distraction on 9% to do with the well I think it does you think it was when he opted out if he was a great he would greet you get by Easter crappy. It despite. You know think he'd film based on the play like you did a FC championship game. Ball. He is going to he would be able let me follow what he went at it already blanket you don't have to get according to have a quarterback Christian and the waves points for years ago. This distraction might be it you know a bit of a podium for some people bull lash out at them. But he would still have that job not they would sit here and say he's too good at what point global deal isn't yet listening. You. That's what I've got you got a price for its reported mainly in the beginning that's the point of it right from the beginning of any goes back to some public nobody that was broken leg and I are all of her calls. Our. Government. That was the that was. His response at best cost it is just cross. It prospector glasses are vigilant redirect their product after I didn't Mubarak and get a gimme point when you. The easiest take is the destruction is not the issue. Would you stay out of all the reasons why he does that jobs because he could would be distract law I don't know call widget the story is that if he's asking for an entertainment first of all these nobody forget about the model we finished. If he's asked if you can't forget about of course you can beat you can't because if he's asking for nine to ten million. I would say it would be stupid for any team to sign the reason why did everything probably not so then everything else but I know bowler but forget about what but wait a minute in Europe if he's talking about a backup quarterback. And teams are shying away from him for my back up quarterback I would say you. I only stole his take from you is that he's not a good enough quarterback. For me to absorb the distraction in my community a case of my my point you is that. Out of everything that we've been talking about but everything weather's like call weather's they're not that the thing that has the least impact on his employment. Is the fact that he could be a distraction like at NFL erosion is it big navigation with at the last. Last may Tom DeLay era that are late how much is he wants because we get to connect happily. If apple money really wants to write an article. That he should write an article wondering why call it capita is no longer gonna sit for the nationally at the they don't that's the article usually right out little because you get so much credit. For going against the man and that green in heaven of voice and courage in gold it. And risking things and put yourself out there have been admitted become a free agent all that is. Gone I don't know what you just an absolute fraud that your article one points and a good because clearly. And cut cap and what you would now. Okay racism as it's been an innings to pick which opened its first ever bridge yeah your article it all right aspirin fit you're right you're right these guys on the other side politically frauds. They should be calling out their guy I left the cost of he went that when it when it hit a when he got hot catches yeah he walked out of the cost as you know what. He just wants to work boy now. I think it is okay well let's say I'll all the Marines right these athletes do that a lot of that he put themselves opted in Bristol lock you risk a lot of money. That make a lot of cash in by doing this to be a distraction. But you know what it took all it can't predict because he doesn't care he's put it out there and the minute all of a sudden his contract is up. That means nothing and care all the outlets of all the reasons why we're giving so much credit for Libyan athlete speak it. He just drove as well it's a bunch of crap and that's what he's backing down that's what people should be deleted job people who align themselves with Colin Kemper and thought he was calm Regis yeah he was on how well you. They should be all think he has won it got hot when the issue got what did he do but the he got selfish and said none of them and then you know this is nice to have as a local and I've really looked good. Amongst you know people that at that of the same political you know aside the dollars but now when it affects might play in effect on employment simulators. I don't say it's a bowels OK bad choice a decide not to have to deal anymore cause it is the least. It's somebody think you're being black ball they can be correct you would have legitimate support here here I am not giving up my cause everybody's saying that OK we we'd love. The idea we love you standing up for your beliefs. You don't like what you're doing it but we're gonna support you because every former Leo excellent source speaking out a week off the right to give you that right to Neil. Our money and keep doing. I totally agree we're Burgundy the column camper and Erica several leads to receive the money Jones responds. And all the latest reports now that Kaplan could sort of from 910 million bucks and he wants opportunity strike it and in the up to a good start that. And I'm 109 about arm. The Oakland Raiders are going to make it since we heard. Because they're going to play in Oakland this year and we know those fans. Will take it really well. In Oakland that there they've they've you know they're gonna get up in Italy probably at Cleveland fans. When he tore apart the stadium on that last game they just ripped a hole and yes it's really it's they were really had a right to be okay so I can only imagine with the Oakland fans are going to be like or not sure when it's gonna happen. So the gonna play in Oakland in 2070. They're gonna play in Oakland in 2008. And it looks like they've. Probably gonna play in somewhere. In a apparently shot more somewhere south. Where in the in the Bay Area Gorman right some high school guys high fuel at a split the field at that with the niners it in 2090 yup that's the and then the twentieth it'll be twenty the fuel be ready and yeah. Apple's got lazy on takes that long to build something and easily Noah gonna be the old generators appointment they still gonna be Oakland Raiders playing in San Fran always simply because and it turns his biggest playing in. Different now they thought that Vegas and get the Vegas Derek yeah you don't do that to the Oakland fans right it's still an artillery units Elliott Fisher and Eddie. Rulers demands an audience in for an Oakland deploying its infringing us our columnist. Eight is rated ally that's got that's so three vets are such that we want it out. Okay because. Even though the commissioner once again by the way a complete hypocrite. This is the same Roger Goodell who was fighting the state of New Jersey. Right and fat Chris Christie that I that I respect somebody because of the way that he's exhibited regional and we'll lost at least getting a cute little discouraged I apologized. Really YouTube gets in a case but first. The Chris Christie who was trying to. Set up gambling within the spate of New Jersey right yeah and you'd be able to go to. Two to play some sour and right into the hall where credit that I did and they were looking at it is a huge tax load for the for the state. And the mission was. Are all about that we can't have that what was that 2012 of them depose me there under in his hearing. He was asked by the lawyer knows represented Chris Christie what threats are there the integrity of pro football in United States and Roger Goodell. Gambling. And being number one in my list. November 12 2012. Gambling five years later to put a team in Las Vegas. And it's not an issue. Yeah I yardage already policing happily. At least you have Lewis and Clark right Lucy Clarke. Which would be the NHL franchise what it in the this any what are the strippers. And a large sharks are there some trendy name that goes with the city of Las Vegas we're. We're talking about that. But dealing else they're right it's there's you all of you ought to Vegas because the pats are playing in las Las Vegas on our own that is going to be the core. Quiet this football game on a Sunday imagine this you're going on Thursday. Okay you raged Thursday night Friday night Saturday night. You wake up and delegate money over government we got a limo Chrysler tends to game one with time is it well off cheeses are not already and you see you puke you know albeit self. It's crowded you're sweat and because you been up since six say Allen. Well Greta what about it yeah there. You'll want it gets you the what you. Let's and we saw Don talking to. What do you Dylan's got no clue in and talk and try to set the scene about how bad it literally and Bill Clinton and senator do you have. In general examiner leaves it wasn't my mobile phones with a month old by the Fed does not a lot of ericsson's sales post I have news yeah. And how many members. And seeing you sit in the stands speak it's wet and an ex phenom premiered African. Bull bull's. Thought well hang overall 12100 breaks in the mortgage. It and thought I was Lou I'll bring him magnetic anomaly backers I think none at Mellon. That's a great break at the things that could be you know maybe but winning out with. But it's going to be would pick a destination trip. That's the definition of that I actually do I want to be in the summer August or September 3 so some hardcore action political pull. Oh you are or back the party of Bender it's going to be very trains novice and people are gonna go and you don't what's the date so by the time Sunday comes along. You want to get help Nancy yes yes great to have a lot of guys wanna go to game no. One to close that. At 1 o'clock at Las Vegas. We think that's like in September stock 170 TO. Do you what do you think yeah at 4 o'clock game let's go on the clock will now whenever right now it's going to be. But I will take this the people would think that that the fans from. Ollie Oakland or San Diego or or LA market and make pitcher they're still gonna hop on that southwest. Southwest flight delays which leaders like want to leave every half an hour sometimes be. Half an hour an hour on bull three of those cities Cleveland Oakland moved. From LA the same thing happen because they were when they were in LA people from think yeah hagel would drive to humans and animals Oakland Davis. It's a 45 minute flight dropped you down. Commercial we see people like going to Vegas like when they go to Vegas all fired up. And show them on the way back from Vegas. Alia are thrown out yet we'll get his wedding ring back on the government to girls like from a batch reporting all are all on over. I mean that's the vibe you're gonna get you mention actually on the way down. But the thing is from Sunday morning at which people dressed up the doors are you know your calls the costumes that are aware of I would say we want you on the planet public. Business does not match play there and is it of whatever the direct flight back from Vegas at and 930 at night. Measure do you feel at 9 o'clock united take in a red I'd barrel Sunday night after being Vegas. The last thing you wanna do on the final day is totally football don't you don't want your fitness Kansas September when it's still. Hundred years and avert your hung over the world all the pictures that are out of you. We talked for a jury to footage used to be programmed to what are some general you know what the hypocrisy once again of the league and the commission got a glittering evenings you know. You got your hands at Tampa your hand they have got a good luck if you don't at that point I'm its biggest huh. Don't bet they closed the five directly to you. Or stamps on you have to yeah awaits what is with us you just ate some horrible off day I think I. Aren't they gonna have to put some of those video gambling machines out of the stadium I mean. Will you don't know what we general would you go to the stadium. And suddenly you you can't sit there push buttons and in you can't wait correctly resolves in Las Vegas. Do one game you can bet on his UNLV hoops is that correct yes so that the game itself. Will probably be banned off the board they want a long boulevard is going to be for the long socks. We can never bet on the game and reduces the generators or it just like it when they play there about every city of Vegas there have been have been like on weekends in the December news set and I love and I'll sit there all day long. And I'll just bet on football games about a quarter or half line a full game lineup you know and they're all day long odds bet lines. Halftime and come back second half we are doing whatever I salute goes along you'll always. Hey that's life that's out today that's all right sounds like they and it now that he bet the biggest game B now it's right down the street Lou you've got all these other teams Tibet with one lap clean it sees as was less work. But we'll get into more of hypocrisy because it's totally. Hypocrite you are probably commissioners a joke and Jerry Jones part of that probably you know. That just plain white six point 777 on seven 37 back to a phone calls as well. Act ON meth on WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter has always math and EI let's get you back to more important way to merge ammonium 48 right now what Sports Radio WTI. Asked. 00 and what are some of the public this great nobody is looking into sort of do you initially nuggets semesters but I see you makaha. Well I'll. Yeah I've written to keep up the law I have blown out. That I don't want to line either lives or dies after this Friday at 14 Emmys you want to look. You call and you contribute something to it at 6177793535. Yeah we wanted to die. You may want tributes are still doing its debt you've got yeah yeah I I think you should you don't you don't you go to funerals sometimes just can celebrate somebody's life the past. That's it was a great life course I'll just tell us what amounts to find out you know more insular site under I don't I think what like it'll never come back. He kind of has come back and it's how he progresses though not to say that's really nasty to keep her what questions are would be proud that the heat probably got that idea from you. We're gonna keep them. So yeah. Even Nokia tremendous programs and you never know federalism among you already I don't you can imagine this is just the same stuff to your editorial don't wanna live but just with the with more personality something that's funny it's happening elsewhere that it has a little sound to it that everybody else in the world as. You can hear a little bit and there are going to be the you haven't heard it on them and car quarters and immediately give me a little bit to get anything to the hole and I let me that he's implicated by Renault yeah. Bob and else where else with the broker with life and where you've when he looks Hollywood's list. Book in normally Wear. We and so. He's a religious argument about what is real house. How much value and eggs kitty Bob but should be elegant and Italian actually you know when I still came on the Maloney household million annual with a lot of speeds up big. That's comfortable. She. Received lewd Uga just like him one day when Washington was confused actually it was like that in Paul Gigot the white shadow. Aren't out of Georgia. Now we're talking about is how. He's gonna look at our power thought that was kennel and development specialists I was a well look at that little Angel wanted to share alike you dollars and he should be he'll let fear was. The army. Of course with a surprise. And of course he did play like the mommy went out it'll we'll. Bottom when the game he's got a vote on sure you had the healthiest and most diversion Arab. You think. Yeah. Well I don't know it's not by Iraqi bubble would only yeah nearly three heroes in life went and pulled the screen and is going you know my little island about anything to beat. The white shadow he swallows him. And when we. The. Basketball team grow and do high school. The good snow ice and wait for. Our big man elected him program but it doesn't pick and put my service. He personally as they have only recently. I've been involved not. Salami let's see if we're season haven't this is Lucy from the number you know and things. And I hollered nice nice. Perfect zone perfect zone perfect. Like it actually for madness too dramatic Alex I'll take you. Saving our names called reason wasn't able to attack yours is real real Avago down to blow for lord that I'm a floor vote for the story. New eleven sharks scare a big fish takes a bite out of a treasure coast teens armed. The felony great story there's not a kid okay were here from the kid you know but there's there's an interesting twist. The end of the program. He's got you know you noticed you know it's not like I'm I am permissible for friends and everyone around the whole story. This. Referral yeah before it's like for twelve point five it and avoid violence and that's exactly no we need here in when he we need to open. We've got up to switch here we used to agree to a very good topic that everybody here but me doing it right and fortunately it did something nobody cares about that's right. Did you do that you're gonna find a public I just crazy and funny story points. We didn't want me to take him when you have a story out of port 8838 yeah do you actually that's not what our former arms. Everybody that's the rebels and yeah this list and Austria and its ultimate. These three core I thought through. It added. Referrals I really scrambling at 1241 every day all of I'm you and I tell you that referral site know I hated you right and it's been a bit irregular but as we did so but the executable the same segment probably had his gun. Zain segment on it. It's key informant and on the things we would pass once solved but Downey doesn't mind it's much me. This habits of the different needs walked in the league sacked saint and it was like it was like I don't wasn't. And we don't think about it via a show week and a fights a wacky happened in Florida dogma. Airline's failure right here I have to wait wasn't that one big display if you accept that from Florida. In Florida we are stuck implored into college executives at worst roller bar stool lift our game and get on your standard everything happens student group that comes off I am a gallon and get on well with an Adelaide. Well all of it something always happens in those terms of public that we let let's let's let's let reach keyed in on the new thing you can do. More specific and this isn't all through this. After all. This I thought I'd have to lose actual see. And I think we have got stores if you don't with the dealers and here's the deal. So I want electric nice to. Users can get him out of its opponent when I've come here to Huckabee and mitigate that back the swollen and availability alleys along essentially it would give me and another. Applications to be and I said let's just let him think the he's invented this whole new little benchmark in radio cocky format yeah. Even though he stole it from view. None of whom you look you're elected it is all right I'm really into your Genesis all of this company started everything so anything anybody does jurors in the back. To slam them managed to look at the role models in our lives PG is just goes from like rolling out of the Jerious I was trying to applaud you. Okay forgiving Kiefer I want this to. Is that was it that we played that keeps on yesterday yes and the guys in the morning didn't hear. And I'll admit. For the afternoon guys it was sort of like the eighth Friday afternoon they'll post again and it was coming out with that but it's all good but it's the good news Dunlop. On Monday or Tuesday people actually listening in comic the next day eagle wait for the weekend. And that's it isn't up to go to Monday to those guys Howard whose latest sort of like it's totally depleted apology exactly yes so early barriers and I don't fear at first of our show is made aware Everett or not but he got over and back and not get not nice I. I'm appalled at the moment you all men and is it all that tees it. Take a break at all. When we come back kicked just. That's her.