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Late Night with Christian Arcand - The Cavs are sliding, we've fallen down a rabbit hole, and so much more! 3-28-17

Mar 28, 2017|

The Cavaliers are struggling, Opening Day is a week away, and the snow is almost melted. A lot to feel good about. Then we discuss racial issues in Boston. Because we can't let K&C hog all the glory.

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These fees late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. When ninety winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Everybody here's late night Sports Radio WEEI am your host Christian are can't Brian Garvin on the wheels is still taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Text messages. At 37937. In your tweets at Christian are cans. Your Boston Celtics first place by a half game and that any bad do anything tonight Cleveland Cavaliers did it for them. Getting their asses handed to them in San Antonio tonight to the tune of eight. 103 to seventy for a loss that's despite Cleveland playing with LeBron with Carrie Irving with Kevin Love and still getting walloped by nearly thirty points. In San Antonio since the all star break. Cleveland Cavaliers are eight and ten. He intended to it since the break. Maybe. 100 possessions. Cavaliers are giving up a 115 point one point. The worst in the NBA this season. Tonight they got. 52 to forty. And co Y Leonard. I'm looking at a post on dad's been right now the defense Leonard was playing time and LeBron James. He was in his head. Every possession. There's one play. It was in media first court. LeBron got the ball out on the left wing. Leonard's giving him baseline OK and O'Brien takes a dribble stepped in and tries to throw pass. Sort of parallel what is it with the foul line. You know sort of a crosscourt pass slate greater on the free throw line. Letter jumps in front of it steals it takes it down start a fast break. Next play LeBron gets on the right wing. Drives inputs and move on separates himself goes up for a layup. Leonard rejection. LeBron finished with seventeen point. Coli Leonard finished 25. And he was dunking all over people I mean it was. It was a beat down. Well Brian's going to be different in the playoffs he always is. But I mean this is the first time I remember him needing. Time to rest than we were talking about in now is a whole big bird big to do with him though it's only problem when I as were in. Sitting sitting out games that sort of thing. I don't know I mean just look at their bench. Look at the bench outside of well I guess Tristan Thompson not even on the bench anymore though he's. Start he starts at their bench is Channing Frye. Derrick Williams. Richard Jefferson. Derrick Williams. I sent him odd Deron Williams Deron Williams yeah who played eighteen minutes in this game and someone named he Andrei legions. James Jones is still on the team. Or James Jones Kyle Korver Kyle Korver that's right. James Jones who Connie played for the heat he would come into heat game missed a three and then they'd be done for the rest of the game. Or he would come and hit four victories and finished with eighteen points that your right. Listening. I'm not I'm not there yet. I understand this is a tough stretch for the cavs right now. It's been a tough stretch since the break. They've had injuries they've had a lot of problems. But this was LeBron and Kevin Love in carrier ring. In a hostile environment against a top NBA team. And eight in I mean the entire second half basically was just Kyrgyzstan. The fourth quarter certainly was. Fourth quarter you know they emptied out the bench she saw Jones out there you saw Liggins out there. You saw some guy named K Felder are never AM before he was out there he was out there shooting shots at the end of the game. In meanwhile the Celtics are her are peaking right now. And just. For the record here. You know for those do you say I'm all wondered the other with the Celtics I'm not. When the Celtics came back from their West Coast trip to the beginning of the month. Where they beat the lakers had that awful loss to Phoenix that oh loss to the clippers they beat Golden State and got smoked by Denver. Not a great trip. At the end of that trip I was really concerned about distinct. Iowa is starting to think maybe Iowa maybe I had overshot. My my expectations for. Because even though they beat Golden State now as a big win obviously. Even though they be Golden State. I thought that was a venture. And you've been very excited about Isaiah Thomas for the majority of the seasons his shirt. You know I've been I've been heavy handed it. I don't take the slightly but he at the end of that trip I thought okay. They're gonna really have to turnaround here in these next ten games yourself. If they wanna be considered a serious threat in the playoffs and they have. Sensed that Denver loss on March 10 they lost one game. It was the Philly game. Without Isaiah Thomas. They beat the bulls handily they beat Minnesota handily without Isaiah Thomas they just beat Brooklyn but they beat him anyway. They beat Washington. Beat the pacers. Beat Phoenix despite that ridiculous seventy point game from Devin Booker and they just beat Miami. There in first place with eight games left in the season. Whatever your thoughts are and how they'll do in the playoffs or how far they'll go or what and what that's gonna be like. You have to at least pause for a second. And recognize that this is a pretty remarkable feat by this team. And then when you take an extra second or remember oh yeah. This teams also probably gonna have the first overall pick in the NBA draft this summer. Well I think that's just well. And I really do. That's about it when you know I'm kind of glancing through what Cleveland's been doing this year. Outside of having fourteen different players make a start. This team and outside of LeBron James inquiry Irving where's their. LeBron played about thirty AD average of 38 minutes yeah I'm a game this season. As is carrier ring is about 35 they're two best depth geyser outrage now. JR Smith and chuck shuttered as your two best doctors and JR Smith. He could give you thirty points and he gave you four points. C'mon Shumpert losing points use scare anybody with its offensive Knoll but he's good to be here defensive guy I'd it's ours at Celtic mark Smart. Or Vermont Shumpert I would do between those two guys are takes mark seven days a week. On and not just because the sharper strange hair styling but decisions but in those that are dead that factors into orbit it. What it markets in markets came in with don't go back and junior walk after coming into the season and and Salinger worst pouring them Maxine we lines mohawks yeah. The ballpark for old blind adds and I think he. I I think Marcus is not a lot of growing this season on the court clearly got the court he woke up one day it's an eye shade this on. But looking at what the cavaliers have been doing sort of throughout this entire season. This team that for all intents and purposes LeBron team says hand. The coach the people around him the people that they picked up at the deadline. Guys like Kyle Korver and getting Mike Dunleavy to earn Williams. Injured bogey. Now. This is where their laughed way. And fortunately in patients and fortunately having to rely on LeBron James carrier ring. Is not a bad strategy. In a seven race here's against any team not. However. Well Brian has he's he's starting at some mileage I think he can probably played well he's at 3738. But he's had eight on oh minutes on his body here. So when the discussion points to him. In says all while you war you know. No other team in the NBA pastoral I had a single person in the ways of the cats after launch team yep well Celtics and Isaiah. Right so that Isiah. There Brooklyn by air Perino white the Celtics have been running nine guys steep. Sometimes and guys Steve who cares on any given if Isiah Thomas is playing it doesn't matter because we'll we had this discussion a couple weeks ago. If your plan is that LeBron James play all forty minutes every single game you're going to Wear him out if firemen as their play forty minutes a game here going to Wear him out. Dan where does that get you know what carriers 24 years old so he should be get worn out by that. 48 minutes and every other night honestly am I I honestly that they could easily. Where these guys out afford this are you considering now. Date could lose the number one seed if that's important to them I don't now but if it is they're not a position to be resting. Shouldn't be an important clue and I don't think. At this point I think Cleveland should just trying to have found if I'm the cavs and hi Lou and whatever and saying Harry. Guys it doesn't matter for the one of the sushi you know we'd wanna be the ones she'd obviously but it really doesn't matter us. We're gonna beat were replaying the first round wherever it is okay we wanna be healthy. We wanna be healthy for the Eastern Conference finals wanna be held for the NBA finals wanna be held for the playoffs. I don't give a rat's ass of for the one of the two she'd leave that for the Celtics Russian team that's never been hasn't Bennett since LeBron came back. So why play him at all. Could quite wide slam at all at this point the question you guys. Again LeBron James is going to have to be the a one guy turns into a completely different player in the class I understand that. But it will be hard for him to do in his you know early. Approaching mid thirties when he's complaint yet 3839. Minutes the aunt your 24 out if you're 34 your party is going to feel. Yeah I mean what an idea right away I JR Smith is back he's been back for a little while I forgot he played tonight from listening on the state indeed indeed we did. Especially JR Smith related mistakes quimica. When was she out I'm looking at his game log doesn't even look like you missed what I'm. Pre all star break. I guess I'm into Rivera's throw outlawed it just sucks. I've got while he really does suck is that he's seventh on defense and he is the he's the anti market Smart. Whereas. JR Smith can go and shoot eight for nine from deep. Marcus far although one for nine for unknowing here's a game like he didn't play firm. Basically Christmas until. March 6 two he's been back since March 6 but he missed all that time is about three months. Or to some months there. Are in Africa. BA he's been back for a couple weeks now and sense even backe hasn't been very good. And even bag there and about seven points per game and shooting about 31% so. Yeah I mean listen shares and other days 31 years old has been in the league twelve chairs has been in the league twelve years. Well man that's weird. It's weird when some of these guys who relate immature kids referred. Ten seasons suddenly you're 31 years old and grow into immature adults found that weird. We take a break 61777979837. As your phone number the Boston Celtics are in first place for talking about it your only. Sports you're talking with Christian I can. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. Thank you are playing. We're playing them. Victor in the sixth once seventh his armor for the JR Smith in the dunk contests in 05 being thirteen years old watching that absurd to do who's been only twelve years. Only six years older than me please please 41. Use forty when he would be six years older than me. Yeah. My mouth too weird weird and wherever you're special players grow up. Texture says. Love the show guys listen you every night but you don't have to live with the reality that every time police officer makes a traffic stop or speak to somebody could be as last time especially in today's world. Every profession has bad apples but consider this before dismissing a police. As racist I didn't say anything about the police fear that I say anything about them now. I was talking about the city of Boston inserted this this. Area in general. And I think why it still continues to have it its reputation. In the Boston Red Sox the plan yawkey way for Christian. Yawkey way. I mean it's okay you know I mean maybe people aren't marching down the street and I am not saying. That I've ever each weird encountered even. Anything that I would then about while that's racist. Jockey way it's pretty bad but I mean I haven't you know. That hasn't been my experience. So for me to comment on and I think would be a little silly but it inferred. All of these people who have that experience you're banned here in and and felt a certain way about it. Dismissing their experience is you know I'm not sure I don't believe better they're just trying to get it and your whatever they're you know whatever that. Excuses as to why David Price soar. Michael. Something critical about Boston and and you know whether it's racist and I just think is. If you know OK so then let's just forget it and it Boston's great you got it everything's great. And that that that's a great way that's a great way to get people to stop. To stop saying these things. When you immediately start column liars. But when people who. Don't have a lot of experience being in this area living in this area. When they call this part of the country. Racist keeping their base CNET and honesty do you think you're basing it on. Things that happened forty to fifty years ago or do you think you're basing it on things that they're hearing about now with in the last couple years. Basing it on things that they hear about why can't be based on something they experience while they were here. I'm safe for the people whom you know rally Michael change sure yeah Michael shade travels as it immediately he comes he's on the Boston before he shared an experience about it time item. I don't -- the exact details but they when Letterman will barge you've earned certain issues like that and I you know I'd I've worked in a bar would never dress code. But I know please spots around clubs and stuff like that where they have these long list the things you can't Wear if you wanna gain can't Wear basketball Jersey to Wear boots can't Wear blue paint damage he can't Wear certain thing you know what I mean I don't Wear turned away from a lot of bars because I had not the proper attire yet. And a lot of times and I know this for a fact. The they put those things there is there a line in gangster government. They don't want people and gangs coming in and see like I learned red band or whatever and they decide okay. And that's not a huge problem I don't think in. In unless Aaron Hernandez had to be out then I don't think that's a huge problem down there in the news in on the theater district by. It's it's something the you don't really think about it you know if you're not in that environment you don't go out like that. And I certainly don't ever think about it because. It's not something that would affect me. And many of these things aren't things that you would ever consider but you know you look it. You look at some of the things that is the same about Boston. And had been the same since the sixties as they are now today and funny seventeen. Schools neighborhoods. You know I mean does it have to be more heard. In your face the neck. First someone's experience to be validate Iliad is they don't emulate I think that's it that's a silly way at looking at. We can't you also say that that's true for a water. Areas in the country sure you know differ from park Chicago I mean yeah lie over and ready to Chicago Alec flyover America. You know south of where we are South Carolina and West Virginia. You know. I I I talked to many people who can go months that's seen a minority it's just for them it's a weird thing it just dot people that they encounter every day. Yeah now in Boston for example just heard numbers eight. It's about 55% white 24% black. And 17% Hispanic in the end you know the rest of its main I'd Asia united different demographics after that. But that's that's sure where career. Is mostly white people here's the point. And Boston is considered you know pretty progressive place. But that doesn't mean. Everybody is all like minded and every now different neighborhoods people have different. Opinions on everything. And owned firm you know and you think everybody in Lincoln thinks the same as everybody in south the U think every green. Quincy thinks the same thing is everybody in. You know in and Concord Massachusetts just you know like there's. Different lifestyles different tax brackets different every. I've seen this a couple of time machine some people say this be you wanna talk about the real. In other real problems the real the real issues in this city it's it's more money thing I think that a race thing. A lot of people would agree with that however. Since the sixties sense you know this all. This all came to ahead. A lot of things about those neighborhoods and in Boston haven't changed very much. Aside from you know people leaving people coming in. That Jane you sure. But it sort of seems laid not much else does. You know schools in these neighborhoods are very good. There's not a lot of money to go our funding is not not very strong I mean there's there's a lot of examples of this it's not just. And that's that's different obviously in a place laid. Atlanta where he gathers wood did a lot more black people for shirt. But they also have barbecue joints of the big confederate flag up there on the wall. There's different ways to sort of look at this it's not just won the Eddie Cantor say well that's not racist because people aren't you know in the streets saying this this and it yet fine. By when you're talking about a place and like Boston where you know people consider maybe to be more institutional then. Sort of in your face on the street like that. You're having a different conversation and I think he can't just dismiss one of the other they're both pretty valid in my in my opinion anyway I mean. How often does that in your face racism. Rear how how prevalent is that year 27 to eat it's not. Socially acceptable as David Price things at the roasting. For electoral loop. It's not socially acceptable in the year when he seventeen to blurred at the end board chair in public it's not tiger it's not strangers would chastise you for doing. Right at a baseball I. One doesn't know whatever you know it sure if someone did they probably got kicked out of the park but I mean you know do you think that it just didn't happen. Why I think that it's in that it no I don't think it happened I don't edit he said that the bullpen catcher the bullpen Koppen a couple of security people all heard. And we're there and heard so I mean do you say name four witnesses. You know I just seems like dads I think I did. Pretty big thing to just make up out of thin air and not only make up but also make up for other people heard that. Great I mean it that you know I mean like. If you or someone else maybe by just looking at David Price is temperament and how he reacts to things he doesn't want to beat that bad. Why wasn't more native it's the same gross article because. Comedy or more needs to be made that if one guy yells one thing and in the stands one day. Heard you know even as petrol doesn't help the narrative what people perceive this part of the country to be I suppose so. If if if you know the racial way because they didn't happen and no I'm saying what more people have been ready to jump down. The the proverbial full route of the city that really did happen. I don't know. You know you're talking about news stadium with 40000 people and one guy. And who's to say or wanna say get this guy adding here of course your right into when he seventeen. That's sort of thing in public with kids or whatever even without injuring at that. That's unease that's fuel for the narrow let me know whatever do it a pop up in New Hampshire screamed stuff Carl Crawford. You know I mean it's not like it never had just to people chastise somebody kick him out of a game. Does it mean it never happened before you know they anyways got kicked out of game three on some races that are attacking and orchards happened. Plenty of times in the last couple seasons OK so. What part the Woolsey did so that. It's not good news headline news that one on one so that's. You guys implemented game is not a headline that that's like news but the fact that Celtics fans cheer for Gordon Hayward. Headline news. That was it without a doubt Lonnie Jones being rejected it big news or. It was talked about it it's started this narrative again it was talked about because. Jae Crowder added bad reaction. And then some people whose job it is to create hot date decided to run the ball racial aspect of Indy did and I think why wouldn't David Price indeed much easier but if you. Think about the big Gordon Hayward being for five seconds you realize that it's stupid thing to. Throwing passes into the races basket if you wanna if you wanna get to that I don't know I mean. That was that to me seemed pretty obvious. And there's other there's other. You know conversations like that the people of had here. And that's sort of started everything back up again in terms well Boston's this kind of town that kind of town or whatever. But I wouldn't say that that has as much to do with the personal experience of someone like Michael. In out of the and Howard Brian Leonard David Price or anybody you know I feel like that's just that doesn't matter that's not really relevant. Everyone has their own experience everyone has their own perspective. United just played it. Kurt and shared secret to say well Damien Woody said nine years here he never experienced any races and great. So what that means there wasn't any annually. You know they he can't he can't just say well that experience counts in this one doesn't because I believe him and I don't believe this cash. And I just don't see the point Tryon you know get to the bottom of her all I need specific examples of racism otherwise I'm not gonna believe you. Why would be why don't people make this out. You know it's what what's in it for them the only thing that happens when when the money jar whatever. Is they start getting talked about around here and in people yell and scream and then bring their names are more often than they ever would have if we didn't all eight debate every time something like this happened. Now if you want. Dismissed everybody. Who has something to say about the racial climate in Boston and fine in now and then there's no real point now having. A conversation at all if that's going to be your attitude at a greatly Don Dunn wouldn't you agree there I mean do you think the racism is solved and that there's no one in Boston now we still harbors any sort of ill feelings towards YQ I mean I just you know I think that's of. Course couple silly when you throw. That correct that's Pete Abraham guy. Destroyed our program was being much mark you know there's that the that's not that's what I'm saying it would when you call someone the grand wizard when you just roll. Racist out. In in this connotation it takes away from the meaning of that work. When you will or racist is somebody who indiscriminately hate someone based on what they look like. The color of their skin and their hair right. It's not. That complicated but it's a bit serious thing to call somebody whether it's 19772070. Yes it's a serious thing the call individual person. So when guys like dale avatar in Beaumont T Jones for just cavalierly throat around. Dealing with people up in in in this city and in new England. And you sit well they're taking the bait. What about people in Boston say what about when minorities in Boston at this dissent. What about when David Price as what about Howard Bryant on emulate these are people in Boston as much as. It's not just people from out of town you know drop in in making Joseph which by the way I don't like when when they do they either break. It's not that's not the only people pushing this narrative doesn't just exist. Outside of Boston exists in here too and others there is lots of aids. See I feel I feel stupid going on like this because it's not my personal experience if anything new should be. And it did should be. More of an open forum here to discuss this but that's that's and maybe maybe on another show. May you'll make you'll really tackle this at some point but it. It's sort of tougher meted explain how Boston is or isn't racist. I think it's kind of silly to try and do that you know firm for my perspective. I would think you probably isn't. From my perspective on that doesn't really add much value let's go to the phones here are thomas' in the car with a thought on racism and when he seventeen all of them. Hello hi I Thompson. Yeah our our political position here. I am black. I've been living in this typical four to two years ago it it's a wonderful place. Don't let alone a longer believe in it about long term. Welcome back he would very they're very restrictive in but I don't think. That is what this fight all of our institute. It's a group called unity of it all electric auto parts of the country to. Backed pure speculation about these in the top when it all the time but it. Never sent. I never said I never say it doesn't happen unseen it's weighed more socially unacceptable and 2017. And what 3040 years ago. But it's it's. Like him. Wait a minute you I think you make sure orbit. Based on Eric article for that spirit you know I'm sure. Are I can do it everyday I look well I think in our. I was in their make somewhat went to boarding school and one yes suit academy. Where was quoted it as a political position. Some guys. Men who are we saw the sports com and walked away. I'm giving you political surprise they've got I bit equity built an out route and about that reported yesterday Childress is right. Okay I'm back from it and where it is now forty years ago became a night and said it's a beauty of the edge. But what he would it will now. Hi this is strictly a good dog pulled on my vote on my on my porch. Undies and I'm these people what do we need obviously do not present in large regular tour of or people who might down big a couple of right. Through it if supplement made a remote bolstered. I'm I don't think we're going to Soviets on this program in this lifetime. That is it will conduct if but it's a shot in the home yet it might have been and we'll know win. Sure and Thomas can I ask you where where else have you lived. In America yet well I'll ardent. Typically involved and become be introduced to open known it since you brought bunker on Baja and where did you live before America. I came from Campbell a they've got it get before you start most of all out of life and expensive right yeah and I mean I am. It all students fired. Or as fought back core I quoted him war war what if indeed what it says starts with a record I don't want to between Britain since the right. Thomas thanks Brett thanks for chairman good stuff 61777979837. Asian phone number 379837. Asian armor on tech's quick break we're back we return no more sports talk with Christian I can on Sports Radio WEEI. Thank here's laid eyes toward Syria WEEI text workflow on average and Ari some text here in just a minute phone call 61777979837. You're tweets at Christian are and as always. As will probably wrap up this topic here and make period an experiment. Texan a seven anyone's saying. Boston Police is recognized they have one of the best policing styles as they have a mission to connect. Police officers to youth in communities they partner with Big Brother big sister recently about Boys and Girls Club they're bouncing back from once tarnished reputation. Again I don't know what I said about police that is getting these tweets and you're defection. I have friends on the Boston Police force I've friends were matched state troopers. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that police officers in the city and in this region of absolutely. He still had to go to traffic court side tickets when I was in New Hampshire no respect for the future. New Hampshire state troopers there all listen I have a lot of respect for police. Period our hand AA RCA. And has an CDs. And through it. On. Syria I'm not sure it'd where the police texture color for. I do think that there is perhaps aid element to it that involves the police is there isn't any big city it is. Errand that is experiencing these sort of tensions. The police always end up being a part of it sometimes fairly sometimes not so fairly but that's that's the reality of it. And when you're talking about an hour crime rates incarceration. Or neighborhoods all of those things when you shorted him. Bring all that up to the frying is sometimes that that takes president too and again. I know and then of grown up lived my whole life you know some friends since I was it since I was a baby who were on the police force now. And they are horrified by some of the news. Yeah any talk about while there's a few bad apples out there that's not you know that's not like go well OK don't worry about it. There's bad apples out there you know how many you know how many lives. One bad apple in the police force can ruin. You now many how many Finley is that can affect you now many you know what I mean like it's not just something that you just say happens here and there it's an awful thing. In most police officers who tell you you know we we can't have that. And the textures right Boston Police I think you've done a tremendous job. With transparency. With reaching out to the use with a lot of that I'd I am very proud of the of the strides it. As did the Boston Police of making your rated one point they added pretty tarnished reputation and I'd say now. That's that's really done 180 union known in places like Dallas the Dallas police force. In now which is what made that sold much more tragic when those officers were killed they lower. Among the forerunners in in America in terms of in trying to you know resolve situations without Poland on that you know to me like he's. These are all things that I think are moving in in good directions in some places not everywhere but in Boston I would say yes I am based on on what I've read what I know. IE I would think they'd. That that's not necessarily the it and leading cars. Whatever the leading causes of why people. Do you consider Boston to be racist or not racist they think is its own thing. And is sort of something you can't just pinned down to one person's opinion or one person's experience. It's a collective experience that sometimes we hear individuals. Give him well this is what happened Michael Shea onetime this is what happened to David prices is what happened that. In around whoever I Charles Dorian on I mean go you go on and on and on with this. One Texas says do you even know Michael faith of of Hyde Park I was I thought Michael faith who is. I thought it was secure went to South Boston I'm Monica bureau he was one of these secure got stabbed Braden had when busing for starters in the seventies I know that armor name. And yeah he was a white student he got stabbed. And he had stabbed I think like in class in the morning and by 2 o'clock about 2000 people surround the school waiting for the black kids believe. And they had to pull these Decourt buses out in Ed the united they put kids on the bus in the mob one after the bosses that the kids were even on in the black kids at exit out of the back of the building an escape in this was I mean this wasn't you know this is 1974. There's 43 years ago parents of friends of mine who lived through yet. In I mean that that generation still is. Still lives here. I mean I'm not which isn't to say it they all stole hold those types of thoughts in in and beliefs and whatever but I mean. You know people act like this was huge you know back when Abraham Lincoln was the president this wasn't that long ago. Goes to these people are still around there there elders in the community there. In those kids are all adults now you know what I mean like there's a lot mrs. sort of unpack here and just assume that it's. All resolved and no one no one has that sort of those sort of thoughts anymore those sort of biases or her. Murders her perspectives I think is just I don't know how you can reach that conclusion but that's. Those are people who have lived in this area. Who would add their own unique experiences. That you I'd not had you not during tossing this wasn't a unique. Littered admitted that this is one getting rights to people around here who have formed their own opinion based on expired today at within their own lives. The people that haven't spent time there in who haven't lived here but it was so bluntly stated yeah this is Teresa is part of the country where does that come from. Is it. From there at the net held busting stuff it is it from. You know beings that were done to Bill Russell lower on the jockeys history or is it's stuff that's coming out next. That's what I guess I'm curious about where's where's this preconceived notion stamp for. Prize as far as outside of you know the 67 states. Make a New England. Yeah Bernie nets that's a question that I can answer. I think part of it's probably down. I think part of it is probably the the perception. Which is out there which may not be based that it completely in fact would people just sort of look at a man. That Boston. But I also think that there's been plenty of actual real experience and sort of shared experiences from people who. You know gone through whatever they've gone through here in this in this area and I've talked about it and of and I've said but they've said and so I don't know I just it's it's strange to me that they can just be dismissed so easily. Just because about when he seventeen people on do that anymore yeah okay. I'm not seeing that and I'm not a radio and I understand that but it's not. It's not two of those people are not lining up outside of schools in the year when he seventy if if this incident cards I was it's not happening. You're. You're absolutely right. And that's great. But all those parents in all those kids. In a that in just disappeared on and I hear a lot of them are still don't I I don't know I notes some of those shares who are. Terrible racists. For some sort that they sent an act of asking. Rocks in a sense that that's the problem. Okay I I can't relate to. II Ike and chastise to a point but it does seem time. Your experiences here experiences miner mine Christian or yours are in now. It's what would David Price. You know I'm com. The whole thing is very confusing to me by it this is something that happened to him ones. And now he is going cute she is all perception of this area based on that one interaction. Oh cute answer but I didn't go to David Price didn't say I can't pitch here I can't pitch for these people these people are so racist and all know what if I didn't. Aggressive again ourselves as you know what's one thing that people don't know about our. Bosses don't know anything about right he's already defensive. Why is that. He's been here for a full season and he's party line. The defects as if people are. Not literally get him by. Not these so forth and be so complimentary to get on his case why is he already. Connie acted its way into the air going you know they don't know anything about me and. I don't think he feels he's getting. Fair coverage. And out off I agree with that I think he's getting covered about his fairly is as you'd expect to guide making that kind of money negate covered in the second yours. Big contract won so much was expected any atom mediocre to bad year in the crackdown in the playoffs you know I think he's defensive because of that. I think any concerted strikes me as defensive guy anymore. He came as advertised. And you'd go to regular season pitcher who is. Had woeful performances in the playoffs. What did he do last year he had a good regular season in crack himself in the play out. AM pretty good regular season I would say it was seventy when should have been more should have been prouder than one more way ER I was engraving united I do I get yourself. If he did if you had a better year if you get 22 wins in any area in that huge. You know he begins standing ovation every day in a room would love on the that's sort of how power works in Boston where the black a wider span a quarter every air. By it that doesn't necessarily negate. Experiences he's had living here in the short time that he's lived years on Travis. Whatever they are six point 777979837. Your phone number 37937. You're number on text quick break I'll come back final hour coming up on planet.