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How should the Bruins handle Tuukka? Can the Celtics beat the Cavs if they get the number 1 seed?

Mar 27, 2017|

People are unsure if Tuukka can be trusted in net in these big spots coming up and if the Celtics even stand a chance against Cleveland so Dale, Holley, and Keefe discuss.

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He's that dale and Holley show. Deicing boots. Fourth and final hour gale in Hollywood keep. Radio WB EI. The Boston Bruins practice today took the grass was the first player on the ice. Setting was much improved over the weekend when he missed Saturday's game in Brooklyn against the islanders Anton who build and help the Bruins beat the islanders 21 and and and at least put their playoff possibilities on some sort of life support. After the practice today Bruce Cassidy said to arrest is our number one goaltender. Assuming he shows up tomorrow for the morning skate and everything feels fine. He's the guy who goes tomorrow night at home against the national predators. And there are folks out there who think that is a bad call on the part of Cassidy because in Tom who build and has won its last five starts there. He all of a sudden is winning games no backup goaltender could win for the Bruins earlier in the season and now including him he was one of them the resolve that short list. But he's five and own his last five games including. The most important game of the season which was on Saturday and two who could play two good two on Friday was to hurt. The play in the game on Saturday salute Obama goes in there and gets a win to keep their playoff hopes. You know very much alive right now they are there one of the playoff teams so to harass the bags out of that game in my opinion. Any have to say party to take matters were that he was hurt. So Donna do you wanna hear from him not yet not yet exactly I'd say he's either easy they're hurt physically hurt. And he couldn't go Saturday but now all of that he can go Tuesday. So for me outside wants to take another couple days maybe we'll see you on Thursday that's one regional with the new deal and war. He is mentally hurt Bruce Cassidy who criticize them early for the first time publicly that we that we have heard and he says he ought. I'm not a knock him play so he's either physically or mentally hurt either way out rather the goaltender who won his last five. Having to cut is an incredible goaltender really do I don't think he's the clearly the best goaltender on the team. One of the best in the National Hockey League I am on his side I don't think he is mentally weak I don't think he is a guy. Well who is still. Trying to sort out his collapse in 2010 vs the flyers which is what some people believe I don't think he's still. Smarting over are giving up a couple of goals in the final seventeen seconds against the Blackhawks. And Stanley Cup final on one aside but. And also what this team in the playoffs yes and right. Now it doesn't mean that you're giving up on Tuukka Rask and I don't think he would take it this way. Right now eagle helped. Yes what's it like it hot guy. One more game unless you know what you're going to don't let it go what if he loses. One to get a good rest and the other thing. That they he hasn't gotten enough credit for. Because he is not whispering behind the things you didn't have a guy he's not going to. Tackling the flu though he's not going to Joseph Hagerty insane. And write this or that I'm actually playing hurt. And that's why you know that's one of my performance has been great or he said he was hurt O'Neal our defensemen are terrible at my age I know that. That's why I'm certain he's doing that I think he's playing hurt. And he has trop is the kind of fight through it. And now it's coming back on because he's not playing Lorena not I'm undecided but I I can't say you're playing good when he he's he's playing great hockey right. I everybody goaltending very well terribly against Tampa I didn't think it was terrible at all against Ottawa or raw. I didn't think it was bad at all. I played actually fairly well. But the most recent game that was so it was a worse though that they're tired or bad I didn't use batted that game and then he can't play in the big scheme like the biggest games of the last two seasons he can't play. You keep going there. You're shrine is today they may he was available and he he didn't answer the bell yes OK last this is a daily wanted to. No set this one up but to set this wanna. These this these are the comments from took arrest after practice today talking about missing the game on Saturday. You gotta put the best. Lineup while possible. And I wasn't in shape to play so never easy decision this time a year but you know for a lot of hockey and an honest. Injuries happen and then we'll talk with. Turning stuff managers and and we can't decision that it was gonna play the game and and that's said so so play your game and then can we get the win by its. It's it's obviously tough from from my personal standpoint but. It's it's never about one guy or two guys missing it's it's a team game so. At full confidence and everybody that we had the job done you know Slava played the way we didn't inspects it. Here's what Bruce Cassidy said after practice today he had a good practice and quote he had a good practice today. He's a guy that played a lot of hockey this year and he's not a 240 pound goaltender that can handle all of the games all of the workload every year we know that. I'm not going to put limitations on and but we probably overused him at the start of the year and at this time of year it gets tougher and tougher with any player. That's been overplayed. He's our number one and his health is very important when he's physically ready to go when he tells me that then we'll make that decision on quo. They probably did overplay elevate they had to overplay they couldn't get a win out of another goaltender including Anton who'd opened by the Democrats and say McEntire and. And I was in the top five in the games but of Talbots flip like 67 games they think. And so into himself two years ago played in seventy of them doesn't hurt that you started 67 and in and played some. And they probably played in so much then as well it great earlier on the got the that wasn't the Chad Johnson year two years ago. Who was it because Chad Johnson was a great backup for them that they got a dozen Gustafson year you have probably was who Johnson got himself a nice contract. Dot NATO push it and I was greeted puts him millions. Each. Look it to me it's it's as simple as Bruce Cassidy just said he's our number one he says he's healthy he place. Now again what he said was will see what he says tomorrow when he comes in at a good practice today make sure it came through that fine. I'm sorry I don't buy that because the coach said after Thursday's game he's got to be better we've got to be better in front of him. That all of a sudden to visible screw him I'm not playing Saturday and am sorry I just don't believe that our connector or something else that you guys you. Please let that throw this into the mix of yet we we've got the the Bruins and where you stand on on Rask is he is he the number one goaltender and should be playing right now or. Sit and talk to open I get the start tomorrow. Now. But the cavaliers and Celtics. Virtual. They probably well if that's the west as Cleveland play if guy that's the question that's another notable one my new hero about a in the NBA Patrick Beverley. I'll count eight I think guys are saying that this right now it's a disgrace when your when your help these things not an injury. You know you gotta do the victory yet but of your help from it and you're sitting down. You get paid to play and you should place so I'm with Patrick Beverly thank you for saying which is sent him. But the cavaliers. And and Celtics. If you usually frame this way yeah the Celtics can be the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference but it related really doesn't matter because when the cavaliers at the post season. Oh just. Turn it on yeah most debt from forty cars that aren't you -- it yet from Dave McManaman covers the are cavaliers are espn.com. This is following a a horrendous loss to the wizards. I'll Wear John Wall dropped 37 points on them fourteen between when shooting eleven assists. Said these are becoming commonplace for the captain's. The shock value has worn off. This is nothing new. They have been unbelievable that aren't they have been the second worst defensive team in the league since the all star break. Ahead of only the Los Angeles Lakers he writes to it would appear are purposely tried to lose an oracle I bet a slow down. The cavaliers. They are trying to get out of a funk this has nothing to do although coast. Will coast right now he's throwing all kinds appeared the writer with all kind of theories out there. He said just get the cast and man rotation. Five of them and that might be a generous number just a generous number. Just aren't great individual defenders in the names number one carrier ring Nightline know that. Kevin Love. How Korver old bad Deron Williams gap here and Channing Frye so five of the ten guys in their rotation. It feels like struggled defensively I have. Killing more and more confident yeah about taking it. Technically recoverable you can. I got a follow auto I want my own stimulus to what's that briefly you know everything else I'd do it and you can have a all of northeast Ohio. I'll take the feel about it and I'm gonna put it up I thought not to the field. Don't forget about the so I'll say go today especially if they're the number one seed they have home court advantage against this bumbling stumbling. Grumbling. The team. Goes over the lockdown defenders on the cavs last year in the normal fine. Much Tristan Thompson he's on the team he's done that LeBron on the team that Barbara Oprah does David Gordon LeBron does so proud of the is the product is sacred cow Maleeva Malone yeah. This is even though that you got to admit is not a regular season wagon they are not like the warriors obliged to have the ball arrest another never won sixty games since LeBron has rejoined them yet they make the finals they are to their second third best player hurt in the bronze still push it to a more competitive files question they would the whole thing in this year's three wood LeBron there. So I went viewed to a certain degree hearsay knowledge things are going well and in this they're playing sloppy vulnerable to L yeah it too damn way vulnerable to the warriors or the spurs I still don't see it in the Eastern Conference even if the Celtics. Window by a couple games you mentioned this to or last week two years ago. The hawks had a better record by seven games. And still got swept down so I really do you think playoff time they are hungrier two years ago we have more they work. Captain cattle churn and then one. And won a championship then is is it one of the championship hangover with the cavaliers have been injuries. Are involved too and I think the Celtics really have done a good job you talk about how the Celtics well they just can't be equally in the Q between. Cleveland. If you say that two years ago fair. Right now I don't assure you know when this is not they aren't as good as they were last year. And and if LeBron is just as good if not better than he was last year but the team around him. They can't I can't lie down in the playoffs in that they're going to be upset. Opiates that I'm I'm still pretty good about this. Upset by the south or somebody else in the east in the event none of that they lose them all of those and on and if they you know everybody is kind of granite and granite in the eastern count yet on how you're doing that the writer and that is so great that I would do this kind of Weasley on my part I'll admit it. If this guy was saying something that I disagree with that our political writer or the guy who covered the team now that he's not a thrower Bob. A position out there. May be the greatest writer ever I was surprised. To our three time Pulitzer Prize worth or whatever Wilson Lisa he shared Tristan Thompson you know once. Super reliable ice for a longer alive who are reliable. As a worn down recently. Totaling just four blocks in his last six games and reaching double digit rebounds. Just once in that span. You know even hungry trees comfort I always does hello all I had gotten the championship. The big contract. Not as hungry as he used to do. Probably isn't. I didn't call 6177797. ID 37 mats and Amherst and that I don't. They got Dario was. You know I went to a hockey reference to see that it plans in the and back up story preparing to weaker trading in an attack combo so are you respect it. Look at what we've gone back to thirteen fourteen Heaton and back on back to and it's so. He provoked this started more than could compact games to they have the best save percentage lead anyone the president deserved. Following. He's got the highest career save percentage right now. To weigh a date certain. Policies he was sixth in the league they censor the cheaper players you quote don't type in. Last June the thirteenth it's like well OK talk to your whatever stick your contract let. So the people wanna say that he's not political game or on the fact that the players are at it and they're just not into it leader or they've never had until now now look at shots sellers number of shots they. Looking pork that's in most but not too bad 1415 when it starts second most in the league shut the following year last year's third most in the league. All right you can this year and your sons were no. Quality back up for bad state second remote shot lead. Wouldn't that get Canton who drove in the who should do what an argument to start tomorrow he only plays well he's playing everybody knows that that's the Balkan Bhutto so. Why are you bringing a guy like that tobacco to pick it's it's an indictment action to cut the ultimate Madonna's sweet I don't understand how would look the whole year without quality backups where owns clearly. Just getting worn down to the best you can start the most gain that he's in the entire career and I think that's unpredictable like taking the tick number one starter or a reliever Edgar and Mickey into. And restart or oracle. Well. I'll say this I want numbers I think I can I say I got Lawson I think they felt that who built it was an upgrade in the backup goaltender department they thought. The Who building was going to be able to play a greater role and quite frankly until the last five starts he didn't. With his five game win streak he's now gotten a six and five he had that you know he couldn't buy a win here talk about the past. President I would hot and and in cold never in the NHL 95 like this and so I you did go through the opening lineups and they are saying if a player is hot or cold in new there on streaks and right now you have. To put on a cold streak in buildings on a hot streak and he's healthier that would open hasn't. We talk remember many injuries wrath that is hurt I'll take over for his heart argue Joseph. With the game of kill you and I did I've known five dominate known known known when do we give a guy covering you know the move Keith. There's so there's a couple of live T mu. There's one singular and I don't trips to me tips just come on now. Have you it obviously every given the Rory chips such a basketball game in June. Yes there's no tips you can give anyone terrible basketball just run out just just run. They're about to run against them in bad shape now. Weren down. Odd decent lead anyway don't. I don't know well let's do it was our background and it's a big game advocate this as elusive as bears are bought the cavaliers it eludes to disperse. I hated that it. This so I am able to the original intent. I agree I don't know I just got it through Baghdad has got to go to I had I was I was trying to end it I often go to Hadley Smartphone who's gonna smack me down that you great basketball fan Hadley here. Had they what's up. While I'm you do view on that are real good job of gender equality and what it's crazy talk got to listen and I. The Celtics only get to the Eastern Conference final level wanted there to see if they have to go to Toronto forget about it. But so the only way. Cavaliers don't get to the final edit LeBron has hurt because when Matt Dillon says it's wrapped its old. Like this out instant win a couple of games but he won't plot thwarted a forty odd ploy to an end. Whatever deciding game there are and it's over that could take the trips to the final in the east and like be there. Yeah okay let yet you make that's what I heard Jim when I heard you say and I agree with. You on offense I think LeBron. Will probably averaged forty if they get to the Eastern Conference finals I can see an average in forty what you didn't mention. Is a real problem with the cavaliers that's by the three time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Mac. Haven't mentioned her deep red. Have not been. Hey listen to all of ball not just look at in the series a bottle a digital having gotten rid of judgment. Apart for a while some are even attached and I just realistic. Medal Smartphone while they just got while back. Don't get in a groove built a better defense this objects are not. Holding backing down stop getting trampled so. Annan get them out a good night I get my hopes up he has a get my hopes get everybody else is also to. All Aaron to what you're gonna get I want to. Pop I don't have. Alleged call then out during a conference finals and all right. Look I I. Atlanta winners vs I said last week I think that the Celtics are gonna get the number 1 spot in the Eastern Conference and I do know if you look at the schedules they got a much better chance of doing that than the Cleveland Cavaliers to. I still think Cleveland's going to be in the NBA final. It edited and hit a button it up they got some issues here. And to a one area where the cavaliers are. What was the Celtics are better than the travelers. This is a controversial comment but understands. Yes there are coaches. You know coach. But but even though Brad I was gonna say OK well why don't white got one guy has won the NBA finals was controversial guys on the NBA finals of guys who won the series. Hasn't won a series but we think he's better coach you have democratic congress and they look like Brad Stevens still but don't yet to win a series before we start. The crown on it Tyronn Lue got to decade last year I was able to LeBron calling them any wrote it but. This is now he's got a he's got to figure out. How to get his team out of a funk how does he. Does he's going to be like a a LeBron whisper because LeBron. I really do think LeBron can turning on and off. On demand he's great he can he's a guy who can. Who can guard a one point guard a five if he needs to. I think the rest of the team can need to motivate the rest of that team and get them together defensively because they are wrecked at UN even though. McManaman okay has once reporters only two. Well this is the guy. Who wins pointing out the fact. That their defense has been the worst in basketball. Since the all star break and that's a small sample size you talk about a month a bad defense for the Cleveland Cavaliers they just turn that back on. Eagerly Darrent Williams gonna play a lot in the playoffs early their play those are some of those guys there with a team like I think our shorten the rotation OK who's a backup point guard. I am and I'm at I'm not I'm not fifteen minutes you know this carries and may play more in 33 brick. We gonna have who's gonna play seven or eight minutes were. I don't exercise for Deron Williams complained that Sam can sell roll from the only itself straight I just fine. He's got played lastly there is LeBron retiree love Thompson or play more Deron Williams and then some of their their bench for Nader and loyal to us. And Thompson playing an excuse me Irving playing more. On one hand that they had these point offense and have problem here apparently will will heal lighted up. But are they gonna be able to just snap into wouldn't say our guys. We haven't had the intensity the effort the concentration. For the second half of the season. Defensively but now we're gonna do it in the playoffs because that's just what we do where the cavaliers and got LeBron and we'll just figured out. And I think that's a pretty simplistic. Approach to it and that has happened in the past. Led a bit but to a lesser degree they had fewer problems to overcome too defensive problems. I think the cavaliers. In those are two years ago they weren't a wagon and the Wright issue and an Arctic to target Al were bad defensively either. Our let's see if Danny and lol sigh sell signal as an. How we're talking it out and yeah I'd have Soledad good luck and I wanted to do I remember I come from that generation where I've watched Michael Jordan he carried out cold by Scottie Pippen in the slow game. I don't know what's going on with these stars in the early cabinet take. A row I'd gain loss where else yeah healthy scratch and I don't know what happened today NBA it was. Debt but. At night and tell me you've got ticket because if you Lewis to disperse especially the walkout by the stressed. Ought to he. That at all why did you get a piece of Singapore which can be brought chalk it take shot teammate play each other. They're in a cross court and all the big Celtics won their first. Incompetence. Head to head matchup that they have the pick they look that game Kate Al is going to be tucked it is now ought to win again I wanna see them. Players having it here and I don't know all that what it called it data in the struggle against Arnold but I disagree that W guys feel about it. What the Celtics also struggled from there are likely to cool the suburbs are a lot of rallies when they play Toronto they know Jean-Claude and all they are afraid it definitely she does it up at that tougher matchup for some reason I think it's a part of it is mental and other artists DeMar DeRozan. Yeah yeah I'm the lead organ is not a touchy Feely thing it's a real thing he had he he's a he's just a typical catch up for them and he has great games. Against itself I think wizards are a better team than Toronto but for the Celtics Toronto's a tougher match. 6177797937. Our final drive coming up around 545 thereabouts. Dale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.