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OMF - The Celtics are in control of the draft AND the Eastern Conference, 3-27-17

Mar 27, 2017|

HOUR 2 - The Celtics are tied with Cleveland for 1st place in the East (although Cleveland has 2 games in hand) and are poised for a top 3 pick in the draft. "FiveThirtyEight" says the Celtics have a better chance than the Cavs of winning a championship. Also, the guys discuss Devin Booker's 70 point game, and how some of the Celtics players were chirping him about it.

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When he. Beats Fort Wayne Loney and 48. Thursday the bigger. If you name is Johnson you've played well tonight. I I Johnson plays well. With glee and Lou and Christian obviously he's banged up. Two can play him not so you sit rationale for what you're right it's our week at what was almost let me play you play Wednesday night aren't so everything. You you want you're not want to be number one appeal are now on Sports Radio WEEI. Certain words. Estimation class and Johnson's war. And this eight a lot of jobs online and it would help our guys answered the that's just like golf Tommy that is I want demands for ticketed and sort of goes editors like application of this line and ultimately had to do was maybe four or forty noises even better synthetic party noises like I would rank in the top three things that'll that's up from some really aren't as. Just to mention is when it where they'll be pretty remarkable when you think about it. The Celtics have pretty much good control. Over the NBA draft this season like this is a pretty good situation for next year owning the Brooklyn tech post it on all these other picked. But the amazing thing is usually that's reserved for teams that sock teams that are totally in the rebuilding mode. They are with an opportunity after tonight's game and Cleveland is not playing well. I saw that games Saturday night against the do the wizards. They are not playing well defensively. They have all sorts of breakdowns the wizards had their way with the cavaliers in that game and again was in Cleveland. And the wizards don't play well on a road. So the Celtics could be tomorrow morning or this evening. The number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. And along several birthplace no so how could you be in a better position. As a team than they are and yet people are still. Miserable about it because they they look at can we still be champions. They closer to knocking off Cleveland now. Are there. No they're not. Now Arianna if you fall for both. No they're not all these years of wisdom when you talk about other regular season doesn't mean much needed to play out as different I'd sit in the superstars because as you know the question out of your salad is total leaning towards them. You can beat Leno wants it I'm cynic. -- as of their team he's all angry now got the better out here on in Cleveland a 100% guerrilla once again you know paying attention of the program that I wish you were more I think this is really good so ball Ron right now I know that's the trial I gotta analyze my store I'll throw. They get to my point LeBron James is that may be the best player on the planet. When you get into a seven game series Lou as I've said many times before if you get the best player and not Arab and Hilliard is a good chance you gonna win that series so no I'm not sitting here telling you that I suddenly think Boston. 101000 he's going to win the game against Cleveland but I'm asking the question do you feel more confident. That they could get more run for their money maybe something's happening with the cavaliers internally that. Yes no post like that right yes yes go analysis RS in oh it's. It for awhile involved felt the Cleveland is that need that number one seed you know it because it. If healthy and playing well then pulled James teams do this off the industrial tools in the year it is always a cool. Who they're vulnerable you know or some point a year whether it's Miami heater Cleveland they're vulnerable. And the post season he just sort of takes overbay text to another level but I'll say this. There are some. Maybe some nagging injuries with guys that Kevin Love who knows you know is back on a percent carrier to build that neat thing no big deal. Gimmick Beckham played the next day. But that's where no one's seen it this he got better shots. You're a better shot you get that now once he gets Cleveland's no question about it you know so but we we know LeBron coming in game seven win do but I can't measure it it. I give a better shot because the first two games are at home you've won fourteen of the last. Fifteen. Here at at at homes are yours and what is she the next week by the way next Wednesday night cavaliers will be here in in in Boston. But the cavaliers have some problems right now the trying to incorporate JR Smith back into the lineup he's taken a lot of shots he's not shooting real well I think defensively. They have breakdowns most internally. It's very difficult to went back to back we know that very difficult to keep everybody. On the same program and help matters right but you know one thing I would say. Other than the Cleveland advantage you would have. Being water to why that Matt might not make a difference for Boston. You play Miami Heat right now the waiters is gonna compile accurate if you game he gives them another. Offensive weapon you know we laughed at this pilot Johnson thing when Miami game when fifty million dollars number. Perhaps it is of constant that's a Little John hello yeah the other when James is debated and debated John yeah he's pretty good and he's he's real good. And we laughed and I did too I said he doesn't think it didn't look he was averaging what four points again. But they saw something he doesn't think so easy even with the number once you saw Kris you by the hottest team right now other don't want you to play and and Nate Nate Cedar Fair to replace haven't whatever. They're still not a lot of old they should just automatic dish go to the next round. I don't want you you're you're if you wanna play Miami right now not a not I don't they should they should be able to beat them that that should be a win worm or moving on the next round. I would say this thing they can easily just get hot start shooting better of the matchup are an issue and the next thing you know they're pals Kirsch in my opinion of the third iron around my guess is that Miami is not form behind if you wanna go back my it was nineteen games under 500. Yes and suddenly found their way. Okay and now since that point when they were nineteen under 500 a check their record is close if not even with the boss so what does it what does this way about well. Bullet that anybody inside vacant they can they complain that that interior. Gain that rebounding game which Boston has the Picasso would disable your team and appear appear at your number one seed your plane eight seed and and you're you don't have confidence like that that that's a hostile I think to me and amateurs saying to me it sounds like he's. And it never happens it's a tossup. It. Shouldn't have the normal Melissa you know it's not well okay well I mean some white or about because it's not an easy first round series that's what I'm saying it's. You if you get an up and almost two and they get number most of what team discuss the Milwaukee Chicago any of those other teams. Right now Miami's playing better there were a letter is really everybody in thirty yet that 248. Since that's that's religion it's pretty payment on that that they're angry at what I was innocent and all of our brand look at that it sure those stretches they lost the on what is the same angle injury before he's got it again it's a lot tougher 18 matchup. If they if you argue happened in knock off and Cleveland and once he and you get Miami it's not exactly like hey you go easy. Four game series get through this thing and he's okay. Exactly I think it's all first round a tougher and governors and let him actually quite a few minute epic played well since I'll be quick you quick. I agree but I would feel much more confident if you get one of those other teams then you get to the second round. And let's say Toronto wins their first run you get the four you're more likely to get the four. Toronto now with a Lowery back if anybody's noticed the 22 start to play well and going to yet Kyle lottery back for the post season. They may be a bigger threat to not certainly that that's it. Why don't by the way the regular season whether -- have been you haven't faired well against Toronto Ian played well against any of the teams aren't that you're supposedly better than with a better record Toronto's added to revise or you better get home court and so that's that is huge for analysts. You're gonna get home cooled off you know I don't really. Better to Toronto Washington. This is a game that separates the two of them we talked about Washington's schedule it's not it's not easy. Go west coaster they're a tough schedule on the road for the most part as a chance of Toronto becomes true. And now he's an external and seed might work a veteran of three rather it might work out better Judy it Washington. I personally think that you of lotteries healthy. It's from if you look better but solid auctions of. Pushover in the book if you're looking at the office this is amazed. This is a mission for those people that are. That are all over the Celtics the website 530 and I Cabot takes over once you laughing at a kidney to the probability stuff mechanic. So the Golden State Warriors had. All life you have to you have to explain here's what they do. The update this like every day every. All right so based on today this of these are projections based on the day and today they wait about you know travel distance schedule altitude based on where you're playing I think they'll. The two to take. Number two the San Antonio Spurs 18%. Show the probability is it's going to be a Golden State San Antonio final and ages and gold states going to win and you know stole home court is still up for grabs here. The Houston Rockets have been 6% chance you get three teens. At the top of the west 51 Golden State San Antonio eighteen rocket sixth so whoever wins the west as a better chance of winning the NBA championship. According to this formula. Then the Eastern Conference to the number 1 Eastern Conference team. On this list tied with the Houston Rockets at number three overall or your Boston Celtics a 6%. The cavaliers. For that 3%. Yeah and it makes ago. Bat does it DD care because the other one that they have. Is that to get the top seed in your conference and AM the Celtics are absent one with a 66%. Chance. Two to the top seed in the Eastern Conference and I think that's legit if you guys are just numbers on how we only the army says right. I would be surprised if the Celtics. Lose more than. Two games the rest early the only amber to the deficit goal is more do we see the caps it was resting some guys that it's a few injuries here and there LeBron gets a break as he knows he's about to play forty minutes of your back and actually coming up. Yeah saw that number today that the number on CU to. Is more realists say yes because you can look at really look at the schedule you can look at you know resting players and maybe go back to back here road trip here. You know what's in it for the other team you're playing how important that game is but the playoffs overall winning the title. It's also act is there there's there's a formula that he'd give you any information that you consider ago Ari I believe it like fourth quarter points. Rebounding from what I mean if it spend record on on road trips. Actually pats record actually the Celtics have been hole in the fourth quarter over the last few game five I I also don't. Court or court appoints and the teams that you ladies and disability. This thing as the cavaliers forced in the east. I don't see them to four I'm just as far as the chances of winning at all well for the wizards are right behind the Celtics now. The raptors a sit there in front of Cleveland as well. They know they they were out of that game against the wizards. Over the weekend Cleveland they were playing at home they do look totally out of sight down is it that their their their resting this thing out. Is it that Tyrone Lou just can't get to on the there's something going on between him. And we've seen in the world Oakland we have seen it before especially a team LeBron is on. Think there's just located doing the little things that goal to win every single night but then at that one moment in the game when it's just. All right we gotta have a little whatever is desire game but it just say whenever it's we got. We got to have a Washington was probably up of his game won't sell display cast erupt for this game more. Teams that LeBron James it's just. It's a different animal come playoff time. It's like the focus is all of a sudden there it's almost like every team disguised these final six years in a row OK every year. It's basically 82 games of pre season to figure this thing out because the real run starts we'd like to get the number one seed in the tissue whatever the seating is. But the season starts when the playoffs begin so. That's the big question I think is it that the cavaliers have some. Internal issues right now certainly defense breaking down and they were really a really good defensive team. Or are you right are they just sit there say screw this we don't care 123. Is why we just get to the post gazette journal's John what are you. Go to the motions of just saying he's he's you know there's a certain point Woertz is. Ramp up that intensity. And I just don't know today big constantly LeBron James teams constantly have their Ina big picture. Eight they know he notes Andy's the leader of that Team shares expressed it many times we will win every single game but we know when the season starts. So right now there are internal Indian interior defense right now Putin's. Weak teams is just driving taken a ball from you don't want it to a great play. The other the other team welcome back score in an eight seconds against the what he's not say this would be based on what they've done in the regular seized as you gotta give some credit for the team's. That in us that you mentioned Don. Miami holiday complaint as of late in that outfit look at the sounds when they plates and all star break the best teams. And in the NBA. So you have to look at that and give him credit for something right so but it seems like if they hit the number one seed. No faith they'll they'll that that they'll get out of the first round based on what you said based on them I'm not. And as coaching us now hold on hold it like they're paper champions now that's not true I might thing is that it would be a colossal failure they do not I don't perfectly normal. I totally agree to me right now if you look at what you've accomplished this year you go out and appoint what 54 game somewhere around plus or minus one. It would be it a totally. Always if you don't wait for Rendell season I don't get yourself to. Now I'm not saying what I'm not on Eastern Conference yeah I should yes. You're you're gonna be the number one yeah thirtieth to relax. You just that about Toronto and what you saw waited until you just you know obviously we want to not now not a blizzard now you know what I'm saying you know but you flop around all the other nicely up well water I'm not flopping you can't. Okay so let's get Arnold and you can't focus into what may make it a minute winner for uniformity they can't clean air same stuff and they thought they think all the they're gonna beat. They're going to be in my opinion they should be the number one seed based on what the schedule. Remains for them and in Cleveland and the rest of the titillation it and it won't seat. They showed that based on the they should get to the Eastern Conference fight even though they're the number one seed and click on my beat number two or number three. I still don't expect that they're gonna be able to knock off clay court it's going to be a very difficult series they could pull off but I'm not betting on. But I am saying to you that is the number one if they get them once. Doesn't mean that the trip is going to be easy. I'm hoping Miami ends up as the number seven seed and not the number eight for the number nine and not the number and now because that would be the most difficult. For your top seeds the most difficult first round. Challenged all of last year in last year's staff last year when you did you'd say it like that. You brought it Toronto you you you. So you still would stop on the wall you and it's on it's good company on the mound now it's just too like I would Sydney Pollack picture of the helped guide you like while it was one of the you know if you wouldn't let Rangel all Michael Jackson polish gas city Pollard being it's against bell event integrate test and an article and all of magic eye posters. That you don't like looking at real deeply exactly you know I I that I archer has a way away and see what. Happens here aren't. Apparently pose a Jew but last year. Last year. Toronto Cleveland. Did you give Toronto shot and all know. Not at all let's dip I like by the Boston's got a better shot against Cleveland you people just erupted in that Boston then got it. Because they have some problems for glee. They offer some issues for Cleveland matchup problems yeah that's really what it all comes down to my match with bats and look at Miami and out of drew few. Based on their height and take Amir Johnson had a good game Kelly when it's been playing well. A G Crowder had an unbelievable game. Lou's favorite player Al Horford on me any good playing like Ramon. Love the way to play irritability off and storms do who's getting exactly what you want I will say this don't you get the feeling disease. Falling all over the place much or as they as close to a 100%. And again he still may be a problem because what exotic and he's he can't I mean I don't assimilated it and it he's ever hit and he's busted his. About will be key that would be key so if you were able to somehow. Based on the scheduling if you can give him. A solid day. Practice you're just a little play as many people's possible pending to schedule C matters of Cleveland are just don't care or do they manipulated. Do they sit there and go this and we need to lose couple more games to avoid that match. That's not how they got and it's a good. You can't so I Amy's gonna finish as you don't know well. Thought everybody got it with guys all of us once you do that plane ticket lately as quickly as more games left then and the Celtics right. Couple of what you're saying that you lose schemes to move would I don't think I understand it is a good day is today is today patriots. Jacksonville as type deal no worries centered around we don't wanna play them. Mommy I mean to you you're capable of doing or why would you not do it could lose games that dropped to number two in the Miami ends up finishing seventh. And you've accomplished nothing else and they give her yourself when you get to the final round last originally in an arrest. They have they have eight of twelfth eight games left to get three games on the road against the knicks hawks and hornets. The box at home Orlando Cleveland big game and it finisher with the nets in the box right Ali you're gonna listen to zoom. May maybe seven and one peninsula to do with Cleveland but in that ring budge but I have additional elusive thing if Isiah Thomas needs rest for is needed you rest of IQ what you go that's for us when resident and it's still you know if he can play play at mile in his minutes to do whatever I thought last night's game. Oh shocked how long it took in the fourth quarter. For these guys to come back in the game yeah I mean you look at a fourth quarter you know all the momentum and the world at that third. And none of the starters were in the start next scene all night he's got a one point lead. Eddie guy and now as it comes Avery Bradley here comes eyes it was like six minutes ago the game and adding up couple minutes to get to get loose and into it right the only shot he took that long Rebecca. I'm not sure what he's doing what do you think he's he he's trying to arrest those guys or is he trying to see what he's got. To put together that rotation for the plants is this going to be short rotation. I mean guys like to repko or going to be specialty players that you don't wanna use when he cements an awful what I'd like you. Is on those guys and it was the first time he got a look at it and a lot of this but some question marks about the rotation memorize area. He argues that coach tenacious and you know it and it was at the Phoenix game whatever it wants calm on the next I think it was. Where. Actually watch Brad Stevens. If we elect has been honeymoon right great coach we ever we love everything about it but we don't know Brad Stevens is like. You know in in the playoffs and Lucy at the last couple years ago it bounced. Both very criticism on rotations or criticism of VO plays out of break what she seems. More than capable of I think for the first time now legalese expectations if things don't go well. It is that you certainly are open in the past you look which is a good thing because that these people are expecting something about it now. But in the past you look at it said they don't have the person now. That necessary sense would win these expectations are. You look at it right now that's why I said to Christian. My expectations. That this team can get to the east and should get to the Eastern Conference final and if you're Celtics and and they get beat in by a Miami in the first round. She extremely disappointed there's an issue. There's a problem if that's the case despite the fact that Miami right now is playing as well as anybody in the Eastern Conference and they gonna get Dion Waiters. How we gonna get to his Devin Booker with seventy points on them. A new game on Friday night and a lot of the the Celtics people getting mauled its off. Because they call a timeout to get in seventy points we'll get some of that stuff plus levoir ball is doing it again. It goes back on first day. Any can help decided it's cold. By. 39 in the game. And not only does the old man come on their but the kid comes on there as well look at the can did not want nothing to do what it amounted to do. And we'll get to all of that coming up next this one beats the. And the efforts with the appreciate you guard your best book vehicle or you're Chris Kennedy Airport away. Maloney and pouring it on WEEI. Yeah I don't think you're right there isn't. Fifty but I mean it was obviously their return. Plus plus do it as disrespect. Colin Thomas that they didn't cut the game close. This is his basketball among command I'm not committed any arena. Just happy to be here trying to be light don't care about daylight. I really don't care to be honest with you become an and they were trying to do so with this young group of people don't like this what we do it solar and do something about it. Simple as. I say some is the first voice of Earl Watson the coach of the Phoenix Suns. The second place. His second year player Devin Booker goes out and lights the Celtics up by area between Sicilian you've done an excellent yet worst piece of junk refuse I agree whether or Watson Lou we have a problem with the with what happened is other. The Celtics are well I'll say this I like Earl Watson's comments issued caring but he said all right I did not like the last 45 seconds of that game. The case that should have been that was an unbelievable performance by their kid and it should have been 6063. Points. There's a 45 seconds when they started to do it before that other guys have taken shots. But at that point is when the Egypt every shot and they weren't trying to win the game because it kept following Isiah Thomas. Did they were trying to kick the ball out of Isaiah Thomas in bound to get following the best free throw shooter indicated they're called timeouts to advance the ball. They're doing everything possible to get this kid to seventy. It took me a bit more impressive 63 performance and. Was that 72 the only problem I have with their Watson's comments is he was to suggest out of so fifteen out I was like you know I would have I want the pilot and you guys on. I would feel much but he said he was doing it. To move to actually close to windy day that's 40% gives a it wasn't a candidate rebuilding here terror no doubt that it is an America that's what that's huge. If you episode I defeating them is definitely life though any eight were on the night before. What would you do we should say hitless and it was on fire and he luckily all sent him what do you twentysomething and in the first half it was fifty some odd points and is now. I'm sitting here saying to the to the media question. Got to build this team up we're building for the future if I take this kid and build up confidence but c'mon come up why not that's how you build up I don't wanna I don't know probably and I attended a with him lying when he games produced is all we're trying to get closer makes so we could win it now you. Don't you trying to give the cute confidence and your team not to keep him conference and while there. You know what else pick up any competent they didn't make that as an option candidate I think the real confident that so he sports that was born championship for the team wants that on Friday and that's what that wants. They socked have been awfully good. After bad shift and I. I beat you pretty confident the wrong choice of words okay it's not conferences select on you trying to have some fun yeah fly back. To Phoenix it's a long flight you begin your butt kicked along eastern seaboard appeal line up. Confidant stimulus is asking yes he is on line can went out and they don't look good that's Bradley McCain that is like that is that is not even at every at Alonso all game that the bar Balkans and 500. After the game was over in the first quarter I think the school we can look at Apple's 25 to three now thought it was never a competitive game the game was over if you're Watson. And suddenly your kid goes off in the second half years city everything unbelievable shots. Why won't you why don't you keep that thing going so that you can build up the it's fifty he hit sixty or Mike let's keep this up and. And that doesn't even though subsequent I was impressed amoeba that's that is you're not gonna look back five years from now when all these guys are five years old CNET merit. And look at some milestones. That game against the cellular it will. It really was that there. Heard they will in Phoenix a look at that this team is awful their pathetic. And now you can look at it we gotta gotta put up more profound to say I agree glad I think it does. The conference will see you saw the next day Cuba's court 23 says that anything we are confident he knows. Seven in Wednesday's game that is better than he was it if you look at Rihanna is just he was doing some of the things they get them I listen I understand with the Celtics are sent. But doesn't know what the world Chamberlain's 100 points was an at a competitive game. And I'm now that that's what it's to me it's now wasn't what I what I read what are coping in the last game is awful. If those numbers embarrassment but this one here it is really appreciated your conference spurs. If media outlets are retired at 63 points with 45 seconds ago before the chaos started I. And it fighting every that'd let the ball in bounds Isaiah that we're trying to get the ball out of his hand and you follow him on the phone if you're 45 seconds ago the cued it 63 points. That was an impressive night back we that was that dude was on I want liar wanted to get and so maybe get take one more shot if he played out normal maybe even two. But the called a timeout just to get it does seventy didn't feel right. Again 63 performance if you left it at that that would have been impressive and fun to walk pac the hell out of him they tried that up and pack. Hackett has. As fast tackle him are coming I'm not commits any arena. Just happy to be either of China the lights don't care about being like a really don't care to be honest with you becoming a ritual of the song with this young group. Give it a few little like this what we do it so where do something about it. Simple as that. Senator are usually a big trap big to me to try and Adobe team and he knew he's gonna shoot you still get Musharraf used to get file. They tried to phone seven. I agree it's a phone seventy but does Earl Watson gains something with this team in a season that is very forgettable there's been a ground. The litter game that. He didn't bother out now just won't change youngest young not paying young he's slowly gained absolutely not have a little young regime in NBA just trying guys what sort of separate but are gone and fifteen of the sixteen teams that play this weekend in the NCAA tournament. You tell me I don't see anything wrong with a you're trying to idle Ottawa here's what you're not stunning now you're not listening. Yes same. You're asking me does it does that bill topic for them in the future. No one had nothing but does not at Camp David their competence so he's thought there's our heads. Those guys. Big deal he could do your driveway that does that the meaningless game ever been on any game that needs some of saying. And on a really bad team and suddenly yes he would for seven years ago. Great climate now confident it's a current. This phenomenal night. And that's certainly are and you're you're back on the plane suddenly feeling good about yourself I don't know enough about it isn't yet final so. See you beat a team that I see you score budget points since the loss. First initial every night get their ass will not. But every single night reaction you have to think that plane ride home from Boston probably a lot of a lot of different and a passel what is so wrong about a mats this and yes I. I'm not fighters that have. All that that's it I like the coaches this young probably stop it stop that it had alum do whatever my issue is it that does nothing. With the building process of a young team we're not doing that doesn't do. How does it we'll get a little well it wasn't homeowners or seventy point me to reveal our careers are now what you eat it earn a playoff game. He says you know what pay hydrogen to Miguel passionately arguing for real time three tigers game what you're saying Kobe's problem on the future I'm talking right now going forward to value. That the hour flu it's different this well I try to get like it I don't expect you know actually and and satellite channels my years of very good way of doing that that they are both went up with the. But that the difference is when your season has been so pathetic. Did you have a better chance if you create something like that that's gonna be a positive on that plane going forward. You gain more out of that I'm not saying that it's gonna suddenly turned the Phoenix Suns around their young team they're going nowhere and. Otherwise it's it's a moment in time they're all there and enjoy the moment we still so you're in the locker room by the way. Lane is back in one of them are but keeping your celebrating like your. Cheap so you get your picture out of there and hold up that little sign seventy at all he made it MBA posted on its Seagram's. You seats sold there was a response from boss man 99 ST crowd are you respond Augustus that all yeah. Never seen so many guys happy after it fell and then there was another response by deep ball to. Devin Booker they keep you can't guard me. Sosa hit and run that's and they didn't run and there's what there's always go back to Phoenix address if you obviously goes on at UT guard. Yeah did you say have a good off season market. I don't Tuesday you can even order champagne you sorry are you going to be okay tomorrow. It had argued that as of with the would go to even a defense like I had anything to stay clarity that. I would I would that the game that Friday night would my body I'm band and you it was good I'm glad I'm. When it went Welker had about fifty points in the fourth quarter the crowd better realize that they all started here on every time we make a bat sure yeah. Well when you when you look out Howell. Are right or Booker hit like a forty. Forty footer. And they didn't count because. You look up belt buckle or the crowd started blowing Iraq. During that 452 when they're you know everything they can't get to seventy. The crowd cheered even more every. But you know what you don't want it because you slide your mama that the I don't either but you know why you see it no hitters in baseball. That a guy will do it on the road in the crowd will get behind him but your team ends up losing in that case in this case not only did you win to gain but it was never in jeopardy. Ever ever ever so why not a little you know. Let alone a cherry on the top of the security. I'd be different Ethan if the Celtics were losing by thirty. And it you was running it out there would have been different end and then the fans cheering and their embarrassing and it's also now under that and here's they've seen history. Mike. Pollak in the last 452 there where they're doing everything they can't just to get rather seventy. Didn't want don't want. They cheer and I want to see seventies they want is history. No problem that you win again. Alec you guys delight you or I don't know I don't know. Registered. Christina now credit you know Arnold it's got to get some support material you're also having a problem. Understanding forays language now that's always trying to late change and what I had. I probably why do you want I don't ever get when you win it is they're doing it and some public doubt this histories going on you wanna see it I mean you went in and watch you got tickets to go watch him play the worst basketball team one of the worst basketball teams in the NBA you that you get tickets to bring it kid whatever even look at for totally along and he looked up it's Phoenix yet you got the kid meters deep Sox. Nonsense and do is drop in seventy yeah you're excited you're cheered forma problem with that. All right we're gonna get into warrantless problems of who we're gonna get more of this at 6177797937. And Lavoy. Bald does it again can't help himself. This time he brings his son who gets schooled over the weekend by a Kentucky guard he brings him on first take is well and the boys are done. Because the travel. Escapade continues this afternoon so dale and Holley today a Thursday at 230. It can help himself his booking radio shows this week so that's all. 39 points and you're going on radio shows always let you hear it matched. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show at Bloomberg Loney flew back to more importantly we're blowing at 48. Right now on Sports Radio got. I bet there are enough OM apple get too low for ball in his someone's own. Who obviously just by looking at the the video of this did not wanna be on first day today it. Court on that hat on it was almost like he just hike before we do that. Just a little bit Warren is an on this whole thing. Where is that Devin Booker a lot of people on social media and the texting line here. The brunt of the fact that it's pretty amazing. Because we keep on hearing and Michael shape did it again over Boston University this weekend doubling down on Boston being the most racist city centrist. So you had a player from another team. Commend the Boston who just happens to be black. In the Boston fans. Were. She hurried him on. In the fourth quarter of a game he plays for the other team didn't and they would she you know old. Why I've known to want you do that what are what they do that if we're racist or and Boston. And you've got you doing it against our team and on top of that. Some of all why are urged on IT you are getting pissed because you keep on calling timeouts. And and got wiped coach who thought why. They guy that was Gordon he was to have a job as manager here of thank god on our hands. Yeah. Exactly present them to double money Jones the souls of. Race is Boston. This game you would she ever heard yet 5068. Day bag as. A hole and wanted to hold rates again and I'll listen to morning show and I was listening to them talk about it. And always say in duels here ask your black friends ask your black friends who would bait out of they what's their experience like. I would say just the opposite. Asks you white friends or more importantly be able to infiltrate. Wait you'll you what currency hears that with me this is the guy on its infiltrate your way for this is just doing God's honest truth. Austin listen this morning go honestly the most racist city I have been. And Charlotte, North Carolina. Okay. Not LA. Not often sharply on and it's because of obviously only 116 red because they want us okay affected you and and and none out and it was funny because like when I would prefer to meet somebody. Such like like it there's always disliked businesses like vetting out process with thousands went yeah what are so they they don't really know what jokes they can tell. It okay till racist joke. Again they're not really sure so there's like it there it's weird but I Muslim I don't know of any new video quit the one acre so once they assumed out his arms and why are just not black and more importantly. Now like a Hispanic I was band members like a he's not black until black jokes and that the hard and end a conversation. Or it would like its whole honesty session. Like OK so now we know Christians OK with it. Is there a teller black children an arm like it was 98 or. Hear stories from teachers who were so happy. Council had to be sent the white. About all kick. That fine to me that's that's the real test. Of black people yeah the only infiltrate. Like why America so great if you could infiltrate white America and that they assume you'll light and honest with you date they then you'll know if there. It's an interesting point especially when you're dealing hardcore investigative reporting right I figured out. Try one it's none of straight talk you right here. It took Kyra. I tried out late guilt. They are you know go to Dover over there. It's senators beat port to bring it up if so notoriously. Racist. In this thing. Twenty year old kid as we go just gloss over the authority and a dozen proved a point considered project even Keener. Not needing care they thought it was a great moment here's a young kid coming into the garden game wasn't in jeopardy wasn't affecting our team much. And they were cheering. For a player coming in and all lighting up the Boston Celtics are seven points. Now yeah heralded but they are mocking him and you knew you could flip it no you go to lunch and Annan I know I I agree about pointedly alternately they were just there are you marine and all of a good job the guy that double fell. Pay as you keep I don't think there's a bit. Don't let nobody in overdue and you know. I know we hit it 66. Elmo missed a full of rice it lets the it's just act people from bringing it up and I thought it was a good the question of Arctic is the engines so much stuff about this. A little bit you know from people we're gonna get into the Lavar stuff you're gonna hear him. He can't help themselves this guy cannot help so holiday they're Smart hit. A lot of reaction with him on first ten dollars last three and on right we hit it on today it was more so listen you know especially if they lose Tuesday win. Bonds knows that things to do but if you could bounce this weekend in any of these games let's put him on Obama would certainly put him on with its. It's and this is this is after that video was has been you know. You know he can't blunt he's so that's. Video of Lamar it's not their rights like I tweeted the only legitimate but still can apply. He's got no shot is easily put you can't win over fifty before an outlet until we have in common and something with the mismatches were from well it's it's it actually irritates you now know he actually did okay. One other thing. We're looking for in house in Florida we think we file our video guy or we think that's that a until the end of the Olympic at Fort Myers area. So he could do you know you could take and Red Sox baseball spring training. There's over what he called spring practice or ridiculous and I get Lavar boy you won't believe some of the stuff next.