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What The Boston Bruins Plan? 3-24-17

Mar 24, 2017|

Danny Picard and Rich Keefe discuss the Boston Bruins issues during their 4 game losing streak, their lack of leadership. Blake Griffin says he may be interested in the Boston Celtics

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What's up well. Welcome to the show on Dayton pod filling in for mud tonight. Hit till 10 o'clock rich keep in studio it may as usual till seven. Richards talked about much bigger and and I'm doing good this the first time I believe that he did then on the edge again there's only a matter time yeah we are right every time I hear you play station and she went there I think of Shane McMahon on Monday nitro. Ethnic and at. It is it's similar scenario I've bought bout bought the company added I don't look a bit it's base when he finds out that as the sun after all the other night on the on the gas now one of the net and and it's true. Have there that happened they join forces and right. And at the end who actually have to force you actually added that if they're out of all that other relevant though as far as what our answer right now I don't ever have to make the move on did you. Old baby it and Nady hit with the thing you should play the fact that you did you know that is yet ourselves. But Jericho but you know we talk yeah it is wrestle mania week too distant reminded coming up and out resonate at a gut. You it and I watched you will watch sesame. I don't the governments wrestle mania really forever. Yeah all watch royal rumble and wrestle mania doesn't want to know is it to you gotta watch those those those the two the other ones I think was the money in the bank was at the garden not too long ago slugger checked out out. I watch here and there are likely still not as much as they did when a suit in middle school when wants. Raised right yeah. I don't think wrestle mania fan and this is probably isn't the first time that may be the show is open with resonated so veterinarians. Are dotted every I and not have a problem you don't. I just want to announce is the first time it's been tapped to first for me. Sometimes I do it and nobody wants to talk about it nobody once again and he gets on ransacked what I get a response like when I get somebody who understands. That Shane McMahon comparison yes I saw Roland acknowledge that they went what else can we didn't. And you know on him now on the different theories but I won't I won't stick with that because I duets something else that's on my plate tonight. That I'm fired up about and that's the Boston Bruins you guys states in ruins today. And I guess such as it is first because of ends. Dare not men on the top of my priority list lately and it. It is because of what's happened with Claude Julien didn't like it isn't because many they've done I haven't done is mainly because of the patriots not the patriots have stolen all the news. Like it the patriots went and I felt free agency began in the league yet again. Every single day it has been a new patriots story and they sort of they stole everything even away from the Celtics out of trade deadline. Even you know because of the patrons weren't in the nude Britney doing a lot or David prices elbow even Red Sox spring training I. I haven't really been fired up about the Red Sox and the regular season ends. Pretty little while to. But. I think as the patriots nose stud like we don't have as much patriots as we keep watching Malcolm ballclub but yeah it's what we're in wait and see Miller. The same stuff Butler M Rob Lowe is the same stuff. And so again now is time to look at some news of the. Ruins. A big jump off the screen now because. Allen's agent because this struggle on it because the struggles a comment at a time where. We have to now go back to last year and the year before and look at how they finished the last couple seasons and see that they didn't make the playoffs and Nadal even though all. I think I think they still could get men. I think they they obviously mathematically have a chance again but the weight your plan especially against teams like Toronto and against Ottawa. Yeah teams that they could announce they could see them in the playoffs. Not this is an ugly. And I think it's getting ugly because I picket goes beyond it. This goes what's up with the Bruins the last four games goes beyond in my opinion. What you have seen on the ice like I have to start looking at results. In late march in question and organizational structure. That's. That that's the tough thing to do. That's a that's a question you don't wanna have to ask like what is up with the organized is obstruction. Of eighteen in any sport as you get set for a potential playoff run. I say playoff run any mega stretch front to get into plants at this team right. So the last four games to me I'll let you respond at today's but the last four games to me. And a lot of people are talking to look at today. A lot of people wanna talk about you know capacities. Comments to to grass but I have questions in general about. The personnel. And it went for us the personnel. You know what the plan is with the organization like what is the plan. Because I don't go back and look at how the team succeed and under Bruce Cassidy. I don't see any interim tag being pulled. From that. An additional interim pedigree and bulb I guess all of a question and how you gonna respond moved full. Because then your and it tempers Cassidy Thomas into grass we all this is it's based on some comments that or made optical it was fired. The soft group. And if you tell me that they're gonna get into the playoffs. And even have any type of success then they can't. It can't look like this and I can't feel like this I have a bad feeling about this team but it's not just a product on the ice it's also old just. What's going on the upstairs and what the mindset is an. And how they handle on this team because not look at radical art what happens everything with the coaching change adverse cats in a system. And now holiday gonna respond to god it didn't know is going to be the coach next he would what is it about. I have made an unquestioned and what it's all about with the Bruins from an organizational perspective it's good again. A pretty big lead at times of at least being a playoff team no reset their cup contender but they look like a playoff team. And you go back a couple of years ago and auto lock catches fire at the end of the year the Bruins fall apart and as we're watching your San while. The Bruins get X amount of points they should be okay and they can't. Last year you're looking at them and you look good to Troy ears and walls of this happens there therein doesn't happen they missed the playoffs once again. And this year through seven games right now they are technically in the playoffs there they are the last wildcard team right now. But then all of a sudden they're playing against teams that are right around them in the standings the team teams that are written just above the 22 there just below them they want all those games. That at Dallas come up with wells I'll be another team that's right around them in the standings. And I don't know I don't know what it is because. It's the same roster which to me is a playoff roster but it's not a it's a bubble team other than that I don't think you can look at this and say. They don't have the seventh or eighth best roster in the Eastern Conference. I mean look at the guys they have I don't not a great team but when marsh and and pastor mark and and Rask and Bergeron and it seems that should be enough to get in the play thousands and for seventy games. It looks like a playoff team even though there are certainly ups and downs that that they can't the coach this year Cassidy rips off twelve wins in his first fifteen games. But is now lost four in a row and it was certainly a question you know it if if the rosters good enough. It should be enough to make the playoffs from there yet that you got bigger issues. And you know that's what the future this team looks like a big this offseason they're gonna have to make some you know major changes. I just an update North Dakota just BP U 43 in overtime road to the frozen four. But we're talking about the NHL right now on the Bruins specifically and play in Brooklyn tomorrow night against the island is a team that is also. Trying to get one of these final playoff spots we mentioned you know you talked about and the bubble team. And you know the personnel that they have on the ice. Let me clarify a few rich if you don't I'll. You know where I stood at the close Julianne banged up I didn't like to read right now and I don't came on after the fact that well be captain Fred. For much longer you gonna have to pick up the option on on what that's basically all about money. That's like I could you could really fire and any time don't you yet there was each fusion camera now. Right now in my opinion because you wanted to light a fire on this team's ass. To get him to try to not miss the playoffs for the third straight year and I think the way the Bruins organization has functioned the last couple years. Whether it's at the deadline or at the end of the season or in the offseason and get to the playoffs don't miss the playoffs. And I don't don't back to last year's trade deadline I didn't agree with that strategy. I dot last year they should've traded Shara along with Louis arts and are they gonna got a couple last round to excite dot. You could convince me that possibly they could talk summon a ticket but I'm a potential first round pick Zdeno Chara. For a late first round pick form this year. I mean at this deadline I just haven't understood what the team was trying to do so when they fight close Juliana said to myself well. They could come out and play some good hockey after that and it. Edited they picked up and I have I do have to credit the coaching change that. But what I still look at the roster and I look at the personnel and I look at the team they have all right they made bad and Don Sweeney had a nice trade deadline. Drew Stafford veteran player basically give up anything to add that piece. Fine fine. You make that move yet still bubble team right is still a double team. And it. What is she right now is I think a. Breakdown on defense that. We will also CNN close final days includes final seasons but I know from watching close Julia and teenage. Is that he always have the best person now. Let a couple of things that their work in his favor one that he had a difference of philosophy that the team did buy into. Whether or young players veteran players offensive player is eventually they bought in when you've got closer to determine the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I mean what I learned an accord Julianne and I always feel like there's I mean I always watched before Julianne and even a Julian first couple dozen dot. Man you gotta go out shiny elite score you don't go spend money on cobol chuck. Go get those guys you're not gonna win in this league unless you get those guys club premiere rock I became a defense of guy. Watching closer than I did you know I've I want worst team succeed. They don't have the defense of personnel now. Right now even with Claude Julien behind the brand pot loads more defensive guy and it. You know I guess I'd look at all this and think to myself what clubs other teams also had that when they didn't have the most talent in the league. Is they had guys in the bottom two lines you know bottom six bullets that had grit that had hot that had. Hockey I Q. That wanted to put the work boots on and come show up every day not want to complain about their coach and it. One of the veterans on the top six. You know top six bullets all the more elite players to want to show up and down every day what I question of this some type of split at that. Has been brought in his team ever since god like Shawn Thornton laughed. You know I I've I don't people laughed at me when I said the important thing was huge loss. Organization all he can't play he's not a skill guys said what he does not room for his team when the going gets tough is. Bigger and better than anything Zdeno char is gonna do. And Shara is deceit. And if you're gonna lose things like that and a young not gonna have the most talented team in the league and you're gonna have personnel. On the defense that isn't there isn't going to be an image jumps off the screen. I just felt like you need a coach that's going to be able to put the hammer down and be a defensive coach when you don't get the playoffs. You know you have a shot. Do you think will be awarded to the leadership on the team not the coach but the players are now. I think that. Obviously I guess they're not the most talented team yet but they have enough talent to be able to get by with some defense and I just think that when you look at the back and Ciara is not a top ten defenseman. And he hasn't been for a couple years and on the biggest sharp in all and I think they should have another 33 at the garden Sunday hanging from the rafters. That's how strongly you feel about Zdeno Chara in his prime especially with his Bruins team. He's still their best defenseman is not the problem. Or he's always been evident I think I'd like you're watching the games are new here and registered forty. And he's their best defenseman and that's should've been the case that when these when they signed under the that long term deal. You're saying that's right he's got to be the number the teams are defenseman for most of those years but the last couple. You'd you'd need to have somebody else and made they don't they they really dog Carlo look good early on in the year. To recruit tonight's offensive defenseman in the in the Miller's. Certainly Colin Miller's improved blood. Chara so the best guy in that that's one of their biggest problems. And you know you have some good young talented defenseman in this organization you just mentioned a couple mean. Follow Colin -- so glad that he give up those guys at the deadline of one of those two guys so glad hackable will be coming up next year. On the they had some talent on okay where it. A couple guys that can drop the Mets and throw and use and protect other guys you need that's still I think you know McQuay to mellow. But you have all the moment like I just. To me is not enough talent they have between pulled them combined. With you can rely on those guys if if that deal and yet US money younger pieces. And cruel sometimes he's got to make some bad title he's gotta pressure we if that is the play is. I think you're asking him to beat a puck moving defenseman we move and it. You know I don't I can complain. But jar is just not a top tier defenseman and so you don't have. Like you lost. A couple top four defenseman and you never really replaced those guys I during the process of trying to do that with players like Miller with players like Paul and eventually someone like McIlroy yeah. Like that's gonna take some time and package back into organizational philosophy organizational structures like what's the plan. And get back to what things I touch it happened this trade deadline after deadline you know maybe even chipped some pieces out. You know to get some some picks and a night aren't you fight a coach and you have Cassidy they do a nice job with him behind the bench. What was was it and I know people gave praise to catch Andy's philosophy it went real offensive and applause and around the offensive zone four check four check four check. Had some nice plays scored some nice goals. When you get closer to the playoffs I don't care how I don't get what you do with your offensive strategy. And maybe the Bruins and not offensively talented enough with their personal. To be able to make up for some of the defense of mistakes that didn't make as this so bad defense oblique that I don't think cast these philosophy. Op notably is gonna make a difference which is why I go back to I don't think they should govern a quote. I don't. Think it. They have enough. Offense at least is to make the playoffs because. Proud martians have an amazing season in a positive to thirty goal scorer Joseph two point per game guys. Bergeron the start out real slow have been hurt by yet Bergeron and preachy. I have Irvin the biggest great she fair and I understand what your what he's brought the team he's had some great moments in the playoffs most things but. I'm sort those four guys alone. And you compare it that top group like that group like those top two lines however wanted to you know. Spread them out and compare those to some of the other teams that Toronto is the Ottawa the islanders. Tampa I shouldn't shouldn't that be enough. I understand you're not gonna have three lines. That are that are really big time threats to you know put up a lot off I've spoke with those guys are that jumps out music that should be talented enough. It it's it's enough talent live. If US any angle on the back end I didn't which they don't know and and that's a major problem especially good closer you get to middle April and June. That's going to be an issue. Now and that brings us the Bolton. We'll take your phone calls. On here till ten. Rich keeps until 76177797937. I see the Bruins calls common and we'll take on budget real quick before at the break an idiot this auto Pia because we can't ignore what happened last night we took rescues. Mean it's a nice saves early but there are a couple know that I'm sorry you know you know you score a goal and net. If it does celebration last night was to go got a cold beverage at the liberal score you missed about three afford to have bagels and it I mean to have pets accord they responded. As much is on the took a guy he needs to step up and makes it saves last night in and some of those spots where those goals are just brutal. And it. It is he needs to step up his game Madonna stretching it and they instate they practice the coach called them out last night we'll play that audio fully after the break but. Just Richard dot on. On Tuukka and his performance last. I goes bad I thought you know via the this losing streak certainly has all been on Tuukka you know those games that the teams prior to that you said. It was that badly at all you I think the guys are among let him down and but last night. Again not all is all the zoning anybody how to go arguing your a look at their critical game for the broad that it wasn't very many if any and but Tuukka really let him down and just. Three times you take a lead. And at three times these ads over the point organized. That game is tied again. And so that was bad outside what I've never been of the trade Tuukka or even you know over the top blame to gun. Sort of around I'm sorry I'm start to listen to that side of it and I understand you get to any about it now housing in the off season. Seven million bucks a year on her a lot of years and he's the second highest paid guy on the team right now. And I understand the defense and part of them are great but I wonder if he's going to be a part of potentially three. Collapses late in the year where he missed the playoffs. I water he's one of the guys that he says it needs to go. 61777979837. Taken. Your phone calls out today it's time all. Played a lot but I don't have the answer this. He need to be better. We need to do better pharma he'd be better so we'll. Focus should it mean it's. We've march 23 and really our focus needs to be there so you hope it's more fatigued and focus this one year. But I can respect. Boston Bruins in her on the head coach. Bruce Cassidy I should stress and Iran. Because we're got our own tags still I guess I just final one that. The response when the going gets off to a interim coach this late in the season with the team that act. For at least from the outside. Hum jets not chula day have what it takes you know. In the chest. You go out and get this thing done to make this thing happened when I say make this happen I mean get in. To the playoffs and not miss in the playoffs for the third straight ES 617779. 79837. Robert Cassidy caught up in gold that also call out what's going on in front month. Our rich. Your thoughts on wonders Cassie had. Sam I don't think he's wrong I think to grab like the players they deserve criticism while some feel that he threw to go completely out of the boss but he also pointed out they need to be better at problem yet so wasn't just say this sounds on the goal he angle that far. But it was that was not a good two graphs game that was not a performance that you what you would look to and say seeing the skies and only goaltender. Some I'm fine for him saying that he did seem like he was questioning his focus. 'cause I guess that was part of the questions of you just hear the answers they wanted to go there that I guess that was part of the question. Bodies and you know focus is that the team and he he's played the fourth most teams for for a goaltender in the league. So and he's used to playing that get this kind of a number of games he played a bunch early to the back of goals and personal Bowden but. Yeah I mean yeah you hope he should be focus but it just seems like a bit of a pattern here would this team the last three years. When they're right there of their their ten games or twelve games away from the playoffs. And they start to fall part. You know if I am to grasp. This stuff that is happening in front meat can be frustrating. I mean this is no doubt about it I don't know that he's got a c'mon say it but if you watch the stop and catch even point out guys in front need to be bad I mean the defense needs them to be vetted is no question I think the last couple years. You can be same the same thing about the guys in front to get I think at some point. Well that is that's an easy thing to deal as a goaltender it's better goaltender who do carry this team for most of this season. I mean if Joseph didn't stand on its head in the first half you know for most of the first half. We would not be talking about the playoffs right now we re talking about a bubble team we'd be on the team we've got a team that. We're talking about him because they would even Brad yeah. The Celtics died and I hated it Blake Griffin trade rumor that I'll get through at some point during the show manually to get to him before you take off at seven rich but. I mean. It does have a right to be frustrated they also named Bruins fans never had to be pressured habit OK and his performance last night because he let out. Some softies he absolutely did. My question is with Cassidy. Calling him out. And nick LP gets the power is Colin plays out and he's really is interim coach. You. This did not responded well to coaches who might be I don't know I don't look. 'cause plotted an audience of a young he's been a lot of young kids his whole career. Blood and players who don't wanna come back on defense and of yeah I can go back on defense right now that's your biggest issue which I do think it ultimately is still. Nothing has changed on that front. Dad Matt Holliday young kids got to respond to another coach he's gone down not on an especially one that the team the organization did this I don't locked up. But they're waiting full capacity. They'd make if they make the playoffs that make the playoffs he's there and so now he's now so it really that's right thank you could they miss the playoffs either figure. They goal. Right now he's Wheldon Sen so if they miss the playoffs at eight more games of the really good chance he has an under 500 record with the team. So yeah you're gonna make a lot of changes at that point three straight years so another coach I think I'd be these you know the big attachment image that was would quote. You could you blow him out get the next nobody has I think you should. I mean you should have been attached with the culture should want to have the attached when nobody Cassidy compared to close to a close it close maybe the best or. Cassidy as an a for lessons when it. And yet I just think that when C. Moving Cassidy and the. The coaching staff this year I think they deal. And and I just think signal and it after the first whatever one's 1012 games with Cassidy and which they look like a different team and reenergize team. I mean did people think I was gonna last forever you're gonna get some some bumps which it right now pitchers respond to when I just feel like. I don't know what I try to put myself in the coach's shoes I try to put myself intensity shoot and forget all the players respond to a coach is still as the interim tag a coach he still has the nerve to act. That. Mickey says that the maybe there's some things are motivated today to act a certain way it's turned shorten certain what is. I mean I don't know I what are pitching is things a coach at the same time. And and what I did dig into the mindset of this team when you go back to its comments. It's just wondering what they have in that room I want it like what is the mindset like all politics not bouncing back like audio lose four straight at you go on that type run. What's going on between the years is somebody's younger players. Meanwhile what's it what's majestic what what what does this team have what type of hot does Justine have had that. When the going gets tough and maybe the coach gets hot on you like it sounds like Nazis don't write all what's your response going to be. This is the team and a group that has proven that when the going gets tough and Esther. They're gonna struck the work boots on the show up and and Dominic they got Spock and the coach was fired I just think that's human nature. I'm not good the last of army would well yeah but they were underachieving team in the first place. Then the issues that was still that have been there for the last couple years the feds have come up have a coach asthmatic and you know what what's the response gonna be not I did what we're gonna say we're gonna find out. A target on tomorrow's game is huge I would ask that he has directly behind you live who gave him right now although they play tonight New York plays Pittsburgh. What they have a chance to pull even or passing depending on what the result this time zone and there it's right there. I just think they have so many question marks it goes beyond like I. It goes beyond. It goes beyond talent at this point yet that's a that's a problem personnel to defense that is a problem but it all like I need it still comes back to what's going on. And a front office what's going on with ownership what we did they still question and things like that may not have the answer is they not have a plan. I keep coming back to all this stuff when his team's struggles like this and can't necessarily pull themselves out of it. I don't all just keeps coming back so all will sing on the response get the phone call 6177797937. Wrench in Connecticut it's up rent. They were tucked back like. They look you know that this team has sold many problems but you have to start with anchor. To graft. When he gets travel. He shut down innate mental mistake. Ease up that way this goes back to what he had diarrhea pretty well on the ice. Yeah and yet it kicked it gives continuing English and it could not 100% perfect. You remind me of a primadonna wide receiver it is not perfect I checked out. If something breaks down young defensemen make a mistake. If something happens he shut down and it's a lot. A and the real big problem is you're stuck with him at and you defensive front view your best defenseman and got it back last Ole. You know you gotta captain. Who basically doesn't really talked anybody accord everyone I've ever heard. And your point you have to know what will locker room. Well I think what it constitute connects the call Brad yeah right to refresh rate of what you saw last night because there are couple goals that you just wanna. Punch a hole in the wall. And a short joke to do beyond the short people on the team wanted to. But. It's funny nobody was. And and I'm not trying to defend him last night and I'll defend and in general nobody was Bridget took the first two and a half three months of the season went with the terrible defense and problem he was standing on his head. And it was one of the best goalies in the world but I didn't have much praise Arnold that's because we're so focused on the patriots I don't know if that's because. You don't they Isiah Thomas is doing some special things in the fourth quarter early on. All not not I don't know necessarily what the reason for that was the Chris Sale trade but it's just. That did them the Bruins. Were a lot of ignored. Early on net and I didn't hear anybody raising Tuukka. The extent that then I'll bashing him so end managed to get in general he did stand on its head early in the season and put this team in position to even be in the playoffs right now. It is great first 23 months of the season you look at the last three months he's been you know save percentage and under 90% each of the last three months though. Again you can make a great case that the defense video Carlo that off that great start and getting more fresh Zdeno char earlier this season and now both those guys and a level players come down as affected Tuukka. But when they need they need points right now and they are they're not getting nominal at least last night. He was a big reason why. Yeah 61777979837. More got phone calls up next time I'll. Oh. You guys always come back with and sank. Still technically it's instinct now the ball this part of the rotation all of it is guys got has gone a lot of I'm I'm continuing reform front of them how. One month. The month six on 777979837. On Danny Todd Field and I'm not rich Keefe and would mean until seven. And rich I I wanna get away from hockey for a minute for your man it's I've we'll get back to some Bruins and take more liberal is called to see insult. A stand Lima what do you Dotson a story that I'm I just saw literally forty minutes ago. And that. I'll read it from Comcast sports net website it's the top story in the website right balance from the. The Bleacher Report. That it is bleacher report's Kevin Ding. Says that. How is critical for him it's about the late Griffin to the Celtics. This offseason yeah he says quote. More more people around the league. Believe. That Griffin will be open to a fresh start perhaps with the lakers all this Celtics who have coveted Griffin for years. And offering new chance to win the most intriguing fit. Might be if he would go home to Oklahoma. To join Russell Westbrook in the pundit but its interest in the entertainment industry make Spain and Los Angeles our priorities cell. He he basically told yeah and says well. You know he's gonna stay analyze what he did a pretty rough this Celtics out and it shifts. I think but the celtics' plane tonight and it. As the shoppers get set. To be in the plants and who knows maybe they maybe they ought to one seed did an honor to receive right now when they won him behind only one so all. In on the Celtics I think this set up the possibly you know they have a shot to beat a one seed but I mean that. If they do. Yeah well go down in the second rounder if they get to the Eastern Conference finals and politically which they would lose to Cleveland. Yeah people in the offseason are going to be looking at potential targets in free agency employed grip is going to be dynamic be so bad. The Celtics who would think would target like Griffin is just story you'd think it at all or is just kind of like a know all forget it let's move on. Not liking it and I know that you know. They have never really gotten big name free agents out Horford being the first and you know Kevin Durant had the interviewed according Tom Brady all that was that was great. But Blake Griffin and just be survey included in these lists I think it is is a positive thing and maybe doesn't want it it. Maybe doesn't wanna go to the lakers because he sees them as being even a few more years away from really contending. Oklahoma city's intrigued Graham but Boston just spread to be on the on the shortlist I think it's good and he's a guy who I think. You pretty mixed out here on how people feel about lakers and as a back through the years ago. He finished second or third in the MVP voting and he was terrific he's eased twenty points a game every single night EEE doesn't rebound they be as well as he did. Its first couple years in the league but he did the best rebounder on this team and just another guy. Who can score and I think he Al Horford you can you can figure out how they could play together I'd seen him on the pick and roll Isiah Thomas would be tremendous so. He's illegitimate I think neither top twenty player in the league maybe top fifteen money when he's full go and when he's healthy I would absolutely be interest and god that. I'd say that's a report from the Bleacher Report Bleacher Report Kevin Ding says that the clippers Griffin Blake Griffin. Is willing to consider the Celtics in free agency now I don't necessarily understand the timing of its report I guess you could say because maybe everything isn't going great in LA with the clippers might add as we get close to the playoffs and people look at potential. Spots landing spot to Blake Griffin I'm totally shown all. And this isn't necessarily stated again and this report promised humanist reports coming out and people around the league talking and this guy's coming up at this report. Because Blake Griffin is frustrated. And he doesn't want to stay with the clippers is at the lake is is that Celtics I don't know all but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this reports coming out because Blake Griffin. Is leak and it's because he's frustrated I always try to. Come up with a conspiracy theories as to who usually can watch yeah and I just feel like this is Griffin that that's why bring it up because reported itself. Are you Rick quote I just read in which he's relevant consider the south it's it's like OK let's get there. I think the stories probably Griffin unhappy and net. Is I think this is in Lincoln assays as people around the league but I think answers to cover up saying that this isn't on other like. Disappointing bit had that group the other for a long time rental Chris Paul Blake Griffin younger Jordan Jamal Crawford and you know put in some other pieces like Redick. What Doc Rivers there yeah. They're fifth place or on the west they're below Houston who's been a great story this year any that yes the don't generally better record than the clippers so the playoffs begin right now they wouldn't even have home court in the first round. So they've been wildly disappointing. And they probably do need to change their quarry look at their three best players at all as you keep that group together and hasn't worked. And Paul and Griffin to both opt out of their deals at the end of this year that all of a player options. Paul may stay there and just sign a new G double play Griffin I would it would not surprise me at all if he signed elsewhere. Tom. Before we end this segment you go rich what. I you look at adding specifically to the NCAA tournament right now I'm in UCLA's plan one's own ball you get dry and the Celtics pick what that could be last night I'm watching Josh Jackson can't design a ticket to keep the pick that's my guy. This I mean it's like I watch I watch the handful against your man. Yeah towards the end of the season and it's almost like. He's got a Phillies got five steals a night. I feel like as he's jumping into the play and just out of nowhere to pick a ball off. What did Alonso ball unfortunately the ball. His father's illness spotlight he has that caused the biggest clown is his fathers gave you away from taking on a they have no mortal world. Odds the football I was still take him as it is dad yeah as a bit of a head case at all eyes are losers should be a little bit different once he's a pro plus he has two other sons and he's gonna have to split his time outs of it's going to be. Back in UCL a.'s MB split has found that way. Now buzz are determined you silicon Taki. What 851 round picks in that game so all of that wanna mob locked into the senate. Art will be I'll be watching right here on the gets old then rich. Back to stick around. I am and Phil and Phil mutt and Omnia till ten taking your phone calls I see dog Bruins calls and that is a hot topic with me as well 617. 77979837. Back of this final.