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Will the Celtics overtake the Cavs for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference?

Mar 24, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe have differing opinions on whether the Celts can overtake the Cavs. We discuss it.

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All right let's get. Have maintenance in one case today and it may be sort of made the news in another way today first the ball. White House spokesman Sean Spicer announced today during his daily press briefing. The New England Patriots will be visiting the white house on April 19. Let me get a head start on the story line. Who's gonna Galarraga are gonna go on yeah exactly what it's absolutely. It will be you know all he didn't show up now at a small gathering here at the White House. It via a small intimate gathering it's a couple of days after patriots day. Patriots day is Monday the seventeenth they're going on Wednesday the nineteenth. I'm sure it will be a lovely day in Washington DC middle of April down in our nation's capital was beautiful. But then the question is gonna become who will be. Well we know will be there we got three guys who and I'm pretty sure will be there Tom Brady Bill Belichick Robert Kraft. They will be there and then some guys have told you not happen for me Chris Long. Ali Garrett blunt. I can't I towers right out of our zone I think I dollar. He said it was a political. She and I shortly that went. It's like Brady last time it wasn't politically is that he's busy right news shopping you guys I called me that are needed if I admit I. Watches out to throw. But the phone was very important for him that he needed a phone I believe yeah leave we know how important one you have to sorority. That. Its previous phone but yet if that's going to be the storyline you're absolutely right how many guys go when you're probably gonna have a dozen or more a dozen. It took fifteen guys who just won't go for political reasons. I'd here's the other. Kinda story line for the day and I find this very interest thing Jason lock on for a pretty well connected NFL insider at times a time oh god he's a line between insider and contractual list I'm not sure. An 89 match up an immigrant he wrote a piece today on ninth CBS sports dot com I'll just reach the opening paragraph and then we'll go from there. At a realm Revis returned to New England looks increasingly likely numerous league sources. In setting including some close to Revis. Believe that if the potential future hall of fame corner place anywhere. In 2017. It will be for the patriots. So that wrote the contracts fruitless yes. That Darrelle Revis is gonna be on the patriots. Yup so without Eddie Eddie goes anywhere at profound outlet he talks to several executives numerous NFL teams he quotes one who anonymously who OK good quote here come up. Quote we did our work on him he can still play he can cover he doesn't have that long speed anymore he's not gonna cover a number one receiver deep. But he can covering tight spaces and he has great instincts of the film is not as bad as some would have you believe. He's a perfect fit in that quarter skiing dollar check runs and they have the kind of safeties who can help him out to you. We are convinced he's going back to New England it just makes too much sense unquote. So he can cover five yard hitch yes that's negative that's all over that. He's pretty hot dogs write about it John that it paired villagers haven't been on the job down to look at it but you escaped the jam OK okay if they're doing is they were there. Now I think you scout I I think he's got a lot last year he was so. Got out of their films says no apparently again I think anonymous held out two putted Sybil fields by. I I just would rather do the opportunity to somebody else. I would love Harry grow more yeah. Fine I would love to see Darrelle Revis back here. As as another guy yardage got your number one. You got your number one the age old war currently have you may have you may have your number terrific stuff as soon novel China specialists on the Malcolm butler's venezuelans now yup. You know I don't. You could have should work now we have. Your body and they hit you right where you live picture like this off my body. Your body branded brown. So to totally physical corner Darrelle Revis 2017. Could be Brandon Browner 2014 because he thought to how well and I'll bet all in all it did he hit it big physical presence like that he's going to be sort of a tone setter yet another euphemism for things to be physical presence another way of saying is that he thought it was an NBA game and just grab people. Whenever they were they would get beyond them without and agenda penalties Hoyer a little core going to be some penalties on Revis to some Revis can play the proper role. So you got you got Gilmore you've got read this in the slot him like this one Cyrus to Beth all of us that the terrible shot. Hi Eric Jones. I know what you like about Firestone last year he's a rookie. Okay yeah yeah. He's multiple. And I'm not sure I've heard I admit I didn't like my a lot of room. I hated him as a returner last year I just did a bad job he took unnecessary chances and they just couldn't get it through his head yeah. That pay your eight yards deepened in the end zone. Don't bring this out you do that sometimes I kick returns are like what once or twice he was much a disaster just awful just awful so. You're not eight hey we got some information that's what I like about senators to ask you bad information that we got to or maybe got a scouting report on you now. You've got a kick returner and out of punt returner. What you are. Is a slot corner which is what you were drafted to be and I'm thinking he's gonna improve a bit. Over the 2016 version that we. On hold your worst rated video game works but I don't my at my concern is that compared to the 2014. Secondary. Odd Gilmore is it worse version of Revis this Revis to me would be worst version took that Browner will be at SARS Jones is worse than talent out there yet and I'd. That's now. Yeah see you Larry tonight a political slot corner at times boomer boss guy. Well I Jason lock them for you never know it but there's something going on rocket and there's a lot of things like oh yeah and Rebecca if it. God I thought that I personally. One. Tell you how much money it's gonna cost the patriots according to Jason block and for the country. He sets. He have been free he gets six million obviously from the jets by doing absolutely nothing wrong because of its former contract. Liken for a writes quote I figure ballot check eventually gives Revis six million dollars. Or flotilla. Opt to play for him this season as part of a two or three year deal. It this way the patriots can buy low on the veteran in the short term. Should they wanna move him to safety on quo. Oh I don't know past six million dollar behind the. It's not multiyear deal or no it's not. Welcome Butler Costa three point nine this year my opinion call Terrelle we. As badges can imagine they happen to keep Butler to right it's what they now have to. War is got guys shot than me come Darren had given big money. Just spat out and Revis yeah. He's got that thing million dollars for Revis. If they're multi year deals that can move to safety so they aren't always cut the corner I don't know he said if they decide to move on to say but that's and a lot of teams now and our attitude three year deal is simply to spread the money right. The captain had out. Programmable orbit Revis is if you can get him in here at a very low cost. Hi incentive. Kind of deal and he got should he get these check marks these these these milestones okay. We got you know that we know a lot of money that way cause god department and I would think part of the contract is. You've got to work out here Foxboro you know he can't do that he did well I Al they listen I'll come and ready. I'm a veteran always thought that we saw last year. Don't doubt it airmen ready. Now so yeah he's six million dollars cars. And even it up money under the cap. It started somewhere else I was I was reading the numbers to you guys yesterday and it's this was as of yesterday morning I don't have a front of me. But there are running through the AFC east salary cap room that's remaining. And and it's like sixteen million here seventeen millionaire nineteen millionaire patriots 26 point seven million. Easily the most in the AFC east they've got the money is Michael sat yeah. They've got a need. As we all know if we think Malcolm butler's gone and we do ya and we're in agreement. Adam hall of fame quarterback at a reasonable look even six million if you think about it six million for a a hall of fame quarterback is pretty cheap money. You want Revis. That does its thing about the right amount ideologues want to you know and I had a reasonable amount of money. In DC for hall of fame quarterback yeah those were your twins are what got. Bring it during the didn't play like a hall of fame quarterback last year him play like a good number two we had a bad season. But the first it was there was a first bad season of his career. So you're gambling that he has got to read he's got bounced back from that. As opposed to going down that deep deep slide a deep well at 31 praise be third certain things are okay that's that's. Record recorders out. Are great. As valid as first bad year universal out of it he was. It was the is oldest. Any and it sounded big contract if they continue to look at your your worst year when you're 31 that's pretty convincing media is and money and the beginning of the end is how we that's right illegal exits elect a suspect all leagues you. Yeah have a bad year at 31 no matter what the injury and all he's done. Well let's get this out of the way from you guys the stuff that he said after he left it would it would go after any effect on this and all right if Alec checked out to comply. The stuff that he said would would be in consequent insulted great insult me all day I'd. I don't think I don't think off the field or comments would slow this down and Arizona not just for the sake of discussion. It Bill Belichick and his staff are looking at the same film that unnamed NFL personnel guys look at that yes and sit there and out office saying you know what. He can still play yes we got to get them laid off and he's already begun that process but you know what I think he can play you know then you'd be okay with us. Or no copy hello I get rid your premises if Belichick it looks at exactly is that he says I don't know what he can play. All of a sign them that's obviously what he's thinking but I also they did they think Adrian Wilson deploy predicting John Lynch could play debate and you know we're gonna although Torry holt and apparently they are excited they couldn't out of your room. Right Reggie Wayne which they would do when this kid just out of my whole point is I would not expect anything out of Revis on the field and I would rather just give the opportunities yes but that he Cyrus Jones Sox I'd rather have him out there on the field or whoever else are they all ivory I don't want nobody. US. Jones Liu eight play the Darrelle Revis she's 22 or three in and you just use the second round pick on an eight or on the roster already paying my brother see if there's anything left with him. Or you're probably gonna draft a rookie year he got a couple of young guys already on the and the depth chart I'd rather see them play. Then expect resisted do anything. 6177797937. Is telephone number yes I said the Celtics are going to be the cavaliers. And take Eastern Conference championship I said. Pregnancies are okay and regulars like regular seat telling Michael that that they're gonna finish first in the Eastern Conference in the regular season yes I said that. And I'm sticking to what we'll get to your calls just supplement at 6177797937. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.