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Late Night with Christian Arcand: Malcolm Butler's social media post doesn't mean anything. 03-23-17

Mar 23, 2017|

Christian the social media expert that he is wants Patriots fans to know that Malcolm Butler's picture on social media doesn't mean anything.

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These these late night with Christian art can sportswear don't tell. Would that team winds down questions are can winds up with the socks packs decency stock blitz kitty goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Tower an ever tell your portrayal WEEI yard gain airway if you live and our breaking studios overlooking the Mass Turnpike. Thanks to have you with us tonight thanks for staying up then Charleston back there in the ones and -- taking your phone calls and 6177797937. Text messages. At 37937. In your tweets and Christian are canned wanna remind you vote for our cans. Mob against Callahan and sent the show's start to pick up four points. Now 6535. Accident picked up two points with 33 when I walked in here 34 when the show's start an hour 35%. Which I'm happy with the improvement and we bump put up a little bit more. It is the second closest of all the first round match up. Definitely the closest between one and a four. The only one that's closer is Keith and they'll Arnold those two guys are on the air together every day about on the air Gerri what three times and like three or four. Gallery has also been on here twenty years. In my 88 months. In a regular in a regular program sought to add to what's going on but you know like I'm not that happy. On AB of I didn't really know what was going on with this until yesterday. But the competitive nature of me in the in and everyone really who works here. I wanted to beat him on Berrian could sense that you know little ambitious let's just let's just work towards getting towards that 50%. All needs fifteen more percentage points. And as Ben as do we put it in the during the break just now. This is like when the one seed in the sixteen seed go to again the sixteenth he really gives them a scare into. They don't often win they never win actually. And is a diverse gal I got the 40% and there's really is an eyelash shot. I don't have another show for the rest of the week I'm off tomorrow night I'm off Friday on Sunday. When I normally have shows because of the NCAA tournament ironically. And Jerry's gonna be on tomorrow and Friday morning. South. Gonna do a tonight's the night but. In the meantime I wanted to get into this Malcolm Butler in the Graham post. Put up that I. Case you missed it it was a picture of him. What can dapper as ever. On a plane I think it is it looks like a plane is could be a bus but probably appoint. No addresses like death or the Bausch. And he's looking out the window got a shades and got a big gold chain. Shirts buttoned all the way up to the opportunity to whole weird but you know what. I'm not some fashion guy I don't know what's hot in the streets or in the anyway Malcolm Butler tweeted the picture. And the quote nothing changed but the change hash tag blast first of all I just like to say that unless it's being used ironically. Hash tag blast is like such a hard oh hash tag. The last shot off. We know your blessed to play in the NFL. In the Philly every professional athlete like does that if something happens yeah techtag but it's like. You paid multi million dollars yes you should be there we know your last. Play in the NFL. May not be blessed later when you're you know walking around her boy was CT right now you are blessed AF. We know that as for nothing changed but the change. That's Mike Jones Leary if you're brat fan of the other swisher house guys back in early two thousands Mike Jones Paul wall slim thug those guys. Which I am by the way I'm a huge slump against Philly tonight in our enemy music anymore. That's a quote firm for Mike Jones who might jump. Nothing changed with the change. And naturally everybody is what the hell out about the what does it mean what's he saying. This means leaving. What does that mean it doesn't mean anything guys. Present me anything it's another cryptic. Social media opposed from an athlete. Look at it got a little positive affirmation that it. You know you'd think that some of these guys. Just being a famous athlete would be enough. It's not. It's not. You need affirmations you don't. That's why these guys all have Twitter in the elements the Graham they all these other things the post cell fees imposed the thing you know what I mean its its first of all part of their brand. Which is a huge part of it. Reading into like there's the way people are reading into those Isiah Thomas. Tweets during the trade deadline in the remote g.s and sort all that stuff that doesn't mean anything. It should think I'd post that a cell be talking about our blessed he has antic. You might get traded you might not know. But I wouldn't read anything in this. Butler. Did visit with the saints last week to discuss a long term deal should he get traded. Or should the saints decide to put NA you know I'm. Tender offer sheet on which they're not going through with. If they were too than that could be with the discussion was about. So is on WEEI dot com they speculate that maybe the post to be indicating the two sides came to an agreement and now be up to the patriots to decide what to do next. With all due respect whoever wrote this I don't know dude just has by WEEI. How do you get that. This post you indicate the two sides came to an agreement. Nothing changed but the change cash that blast. Where white. I'm pretty fluent in social media and I don't see I don't get that at all. The only thing I get out of this. Is he wanted to post the Soviet himself looking cool stared out the window Plame whose sunglasses on and he's chain out and some Mike Jones lyrics in hashed out west. That's literally all I see here. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think I am. So don't read too much into the bought a situation as for what they're gonna do with Butler. Well it depends on the saints honestly. Depends on what the saints won who wanted to make happen here. We wanna give back in the trade that want to trade at thirty did 32 big back. The patriots want more than that. It's interesting scenario. Because while the patriots are valuing Butler enough to give my long term contract. In this potential trade scenario there valuing him enough. Kind of hold the saints hostage here. After the saints really domicile and I think and a brain and coached me in other Britney good straight worked out great for the patriots not so great for the saints. So the pats are now playing career real hardball over Malcolm Butler. I all's fair in love war in free agency on Al balls say that. Now I just because they did you a solid doesn't mean you have to do anything back. Doesn't mean anything really. Now K made a bad trade that's great ram make him one night ranch is gonna take his back for Malcolm Boller night while Bartley and have to give us some big. And maybe that's out there playing. And honestly that's how they should play. Unless they really really really wanna restocking the draft this year. But based on the way that David handled the first couple months of this offseason. I don't think they care about distressed at all. If they did there would traded Boller are ready it would trader Jimmy grapple already noted that a lot of things. To restock on those draft picks that they've moved on from for you know guys like Brandon coaching guys like coney. Patriots here are looking at this season at this offseason anyway. Within a very different perspective on the NFL draft which is coming up here in the just over a month. The NFL draft. As of right now. Doesn't seem to be a high priority for the patriots. Given big money to a quarterback with a high priority trading your first your first round pick for wide receiver was a priority trading sector round pick for defensive end was priority. These are not things the patriots normally prioritized. Now there's many theories as to why they're doing things so differently this year. The one that I'm sort of sticking with is the possibility that maybe just maybe this could be Tom Brady's last year people know that. People at Foxboro know that know that and they're planning accordingly. That would also explain Jimmy grapple situation. Because if this isn't Tom Brady last year white Al would you trade Jimmy grapple. Especially considering the Cleveland Browns traded their entire draft form. You know I mean that that doesn't make a lot of sense and Adam show after state this whole professional reputation on that. On the idea to grow. Apple is not getting treated so there you got. I'd as for Butler here. I'm not sure the patriots are gonna play that. I don't think they have any reason the to go easy on the saints and take back the draft pick if they wanna hold them hostage and say we want the eleven or we're not doing a good. That means next he's gonna have Butler Gilmore lining up together. I think that's what everybody wants isn't it would you rather have Butler on the team the 32 overall pick back or even the eleventh date back. I'd rather have bought them both of those picks together. That's a good I think book courage. I wish they sign Butler long term but that's obviously not happening so here we are best possible outcome for the patriots. And they say you know what New Orleans. Thanks for calling thanks for your interest the world set. We're gonna go into the season footballer and Gilmore and good luck to be in your future endeavors. That's what I like to see if they're not gonna sign Butler long term Dodgers traded just to trade him. You birdied shown this year the the draft isn't a big deal. And he's still got a decent amount it paid sloppy and decent amount. Are on the second third you know fourth round anyway it's for Belichick makes all's picks in the first place. So yeah keep caller that's what I'm thinking. And don't read too much in this NC Graham post. It's just a self and that's really relatives 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. If your number on Texas go to nick on the cape with a thought on Butler what's up nick. They take action to limit you on another night what's gone on the back to watch they're real quick you do you wanna win a whole bracket as you're talking about. I know I'm talking about the other bracket that's going on right now it's the favored personality bracket the AL I wasn't even any age bracket. Yeah yeah yeah I am not one. I want added that's why I'm gonna brag and I wanna win and opportunities. Dollar you're totally right. I'm so yeah I was sort of Guatemala. And 200. Syria might be Brady's last year next year. I think that there's a lot of evidence pointing to that I mean it did not really with the Butler thing but more with more drop below and and that whole situation if they're not if they're not willing to trade Jimmy grapple for anything which is what Adam chapter cities that it doesn't matter what the patriots get offered they're not treating Jimmy grapple. If they're not trading him in he's a free agent at the end of next year. They're not gonna franchise and I don't think they're gonna sign onto a long term contract to Brady still going to be around for two or three more seasons why would grapple dude at first the ball. End. In out if if chapters so convinced that there is nothing the patriots will take for grapple all. Why the hell not you know why wouldn't you trade your backup cornerback you're gonna have three or four more years of Tom Brady you know that the only reason why wouldn't. Is because you know it's going to be Brady's last year and you know you can sign drop below at the end of the season to make him your quarterback of the future otherwise it makes no fabric and sense whatsoever. Good point there. Thanks yet part of petroleum backlog of public debt narrowed to a basketball now. I think that many users may not want this guy out last year you know raptors to a one year. They're great here wanna talk about I mean one out in the money. So tech has it's real. Under valuing were all evaluate quarterbacks you finally got a guy player pool award quarterback morneau walked out after that year. Now about the woes of another person ball and now he didn't. The one that's for whatever you want and yet silence and there was players here but. I think he's in the situation worries he can do this and it's actually our question is is kind of territory. Yeah it is and I know I'd Belichick said Sunday the head a statement about how you know when you get a player it's everything it's on the field and off the field and I I heard that and I thought hmm I would what's what's off the field with ball we haven't heard. A peep from Malcolm ball where off the field we ever heard him complain about his contract we haven't heard him you know get into a fight we haven't heard about him you know I didn't anybody driving drunk none of that softball there's Bennett. As far as we know model citizen I mean maybe there's some else going on here bite. As far as we know publicly there's been nothing. Yeah I had no idea I mean I mean just look at any military record I mean I don't mythic because he's the best coach ever made one parked right select the that you probably in his pocket and that's upon here. But it argues that what is one position were he has. Tie up a pill that not only failed but he really doesn't have as good that position so he's got a guy undrafted. He's he's dominating player yeah a lot about personalities he. Yeah I think that was a mistake tunic I would like to have seen do that thanks for the call. You look at the patriots history and I've gone over this at length but if you over the patriots history since 2004. You can almost I mean you can almost just look at the at the secondary. And Loko is who the quarterback's work. And and based off of that you know from 2005. To 2014. You saw a lot of garbage secondaries I mean garbage. And it wasn't you know wasn't a couple here and there are a couple of guys that you know I don't Sante Samuel came through me he was. And he is never really that EE never really became that guy in in the wing went. He was close. But he wasn't quite that guy. Aside from aside they Samuel. And when Asante Samuel got let go in 2007. White what Belichick did. Replace him is you. I mean it was it was tough. The year after a Sante Samuel left. That was is wise. 2004. I'm sorry 2007. He left in no way. They're replaced them with Fernando Bryant. And another guy while Ernie remembered those guys didn't even play the starters that next year or Ellis Hobbs and Deltha O'Neal. And that there were some bad losses in the playoffs between 2008 Tony fourteen. That loss to the jets when they got just smoked by Mark Sanchez. Or. I have them. I don't know. I don't think it's 100%. Who's in your secondary. Look at all the other sort of Constance that you're seeing. Tom bradys bend your all time there's been a good offense around them generally every single year except for a few 06 you know that that offense sucked but it. In our foremost seven the that's when he fourteen the office just fine. They're good linebackers they're pretty decent defensive line play. The big thing missing for good chunk of that Tom Brady's prime was a good second there. Patriots play society Samuel and Randall and Randall Gay were Jason Webster and Fernando Bryant that was the other guy Jason Webster who do need to make the team. And I know in 2004 when there on the Super Bowl dialogue got birdie put on IR. And they ended up went and it was like Randall Gay and earth when Moreland and Hank Poteat now is that was and now we're gonna might be the exception that proves the rule. But heard the patriots the gist. Let a guy like Malcolm Butler sort of slip through their fingers when he's not only proven to be a performer at the highest level. In Super Bowls in playoff games and everything else but is also after you know making that big play in the super ball point fourteen a stabs himself is a top ten maybe even and some. Circles if you look at certain stats top five. Defensive back in the NFL. And I just letting that go I feel like that's and even for Belichick. As he's tried to make it work in the secondary before. You strike to slap some guys together thrown out there and see what happens. And it's been pretty ugly. You know I mean there is Shawn Springs remember him like there was I was only nine. Yet Shawn Springs Leigh Bodden Jonathan Wilhite and Darius Butler now would you secondary as a secondary lost the jets. 2010 demo or his rookie year he was pretty good. In his rookie year as it as a corner after that he had played his way right in the being a safety that he can turn a sad humor for like three seasons. Not one patriots defensive back turn their head look for the ball. At all like all season. It was brutal. Couple bad draft picks like Ras I Dowling. In a Darius Butler Jonathan Wilhite. Kyle Arrington he ended up being actually a decent is as slot corner and and sort of embraced that role. But it wasn't until 2012 when they traded for key to leave move from according to safety. That they started looking like a viable defense again. Any or remember in 2012 a in the AFC championship game against Baltimore and Talib went down with a knee injury. When he thirteen. They get there again AFC championship game three gets hurt again and smashed in the Wes Welker and I lost that game. Year after that Darrelle Revis Brandon Browner Malcolm Butler Super Bowl. So you know I'm not saying that's all it takes. The big part of what it takes with this team in the way it operates you need that number one and shut down guy and Malcolm butler's proven that he can beat it. Seven Gilmore. Nice player buffalo. We'll see what he actually is let's go to Alex and Portland here before the break K Alex. Hey Chris Hewitt up eight Alex. Edit what's going on today announced the nine paradise W. On not much OK did you vote in the guides you both in the WEEI brackets yet. Now watch Roddick ended up fighting on the website I couldn't I couldn't find it really. Does it on the main page it it yeah I'm pretty sure. On the main page study go to WEEI dot com and scroll down a little bit. And let's see here oh wait maybe not the and yes there is are you look at the front. The the main stories what's the deal with Bret what does the older Bryce underneath that it says best WEEI posters big picture in my in the brackets right there click on that. And down vote for whoever you want to Oprah got. Yeah of course if you know I call it. I mean they get inside now I don't think I don't like the call and I'm not I'd like that lit up elicited year anyway you know I got to act but. Real quick and figure out against it would apply I don't wanna Alec plugin that let you check out crime by. It's like DJ premier Royce the 59 at like nine tracked it look like an EP but it all cool that the fire. I have I heard I haven't heard yet I'm a huge Royce enemy huge DJ premier fan and I will most certainly check that out. Yet it is fire and art. I know a lot about what while like I played it I don't know much about the numbers that might announce that about one dollar and twenty area like that I spoke not. Or might not dumb like 85% of people listening. Choate as would Alex acts. That he. Which he used all the money that you oppose or exceed that trying to save money nor did he keep doing it out their money leftover cat the cat. Orton he spent the least amount of money possible others. I'd I'd try to let it. I know I know we're going Alex and let me say what Belichick usually does he doesn't always do this for what he usually does is he will sign a guy or two in free agency or make college draft pixel sign some undrafted free agents. And and do all that re sign his guys that he wants to resigning once in awhile even broad expansion into like Marcus cannon got an extension gronkowski Aaron Hernandez got an extension peg in the day you know that that's happened a few times usually what happens when all is said and done the patriots have somewhere between ten and fifteen million dollars left to play with and that's you know it is signed people during the year that's for any number of reasons they use it but they usually don't spend the cap. Oh okay catchy and that make sense so it's like Burton might I've always wondered like. I don't know what it looks like now how much money we have left over but it might do what like access to contact Howard and I love love the late late in. Butler I don't know how much money we've got what you were just doing. I know it's not that he and bill we trust. Minute streaky but I think that Michael. And then you got an Alex thanks for the thanks for the recommendation on that Royce album to the EP or whatever it is I'd I saw I saw stuff about that number eight race the 59 and love them in his early work O of the most slaughterhouse just a big fan of a reseller. Wanna address tax throw quick texture in New Hampshire says what planet in my living on where your top corner doesn't cover top receivers. Deserve to get paid top dollar and don't give me Butler covers Antonio Brown they coverage safety over himself Butler now. So what can they cover safety over brown every team does that. Boller still plays a pretty tough and forget about Antonio Brown for a second. How about what Butler did two DR Dre Hawkins week three against Houston how about wait what he did to Emanuel Sanders. Week fifteen against Denver. I mean he she put those guys in their place. Emanuel Sanders if you remember. It was an invite the whole game Sanders got three balls for 48 yards. DR Dre Hawkins and bought it and slam on all on the whole game. And really that's the only guy an entire team you don't worry about. Four catches 56 yards and the Texans didn't score one blessed point. So crime I mean EE UK and you can say may be Butler slightly overrated I disagree with you I don't think he has I think he's perfectly rated. I think he's that good he was second last year he's acted this year and probably Mecca next year. And Larry just put it to you this way we rather have Emerson Evan Gilmore. What do you think the better player. I think most people most NFL people would probably say that is Butler now that doesn't mean you got to pay Boller now Gilmore. Butler's urged her to freeagent Gilmore isn't obviously everybody knows that by now. And understands the difference. But just because Butler is a restricted free agent. Doesn't mean you have to play hardball with Mike pitch. You can still give him a contract. You know guys have been extended before Marcus cannon got extended this year. Rob Gronkowski got extended back and when he twelve wanted to. When he thirteen whatever life. Aaron Hernandez big extension. More than work out so maybe that's the thing that you know steered away from doing that ever yet. But I don't know I mean unless I'm really missing something here with Butler. I see no reason why he shouldn't have gotten that sort of exception that patriots players are very rarely go once in awhile get from Bill Belichick. And is the guy in his in his stone has mid twenties. Yeah before your daily give me Gilmore deal he's here till he's thirty and I think he'd be a productive player there based on what I've seen. And based on his overall style plays attitude everything I mean just seems like he seems like a guy wanna hold on to. And not let go over some you know. Contract misunderstanding or in a replaced with Stephanie Gilmore you don't have to. 61777979837. As your phone number is affect your phone calls here get the general Allen take to what's up camp. I don't did it in there eating Jim what's going on now to Muslims and take my call got a long time. Jimmie JJ BG all my goodness this are how to recreate. A sort of pedestal for the guard to be on after two games and yes well. Honestly can I have no white cook it I have no idea. How this happened I mean he played even play two games to play game and a half. I was gonna say gag incredible the two games and religion have book you know you're absolutely right. And you look great in that game and a half by the way he was dynamite especially in a Miami game before he got hurt he was awesome in that game before Kiko Alonso slammed into the ground but. Really yes I I gotta be honest with you I know that it's it's dire straits here in the quarterback free agent market it's that'll. You know Jimmy probable they're treating him like he's Aaron Rodgers here. Seriously thank you announce an elegant you know I've been I've been prominent in my whole life you know feature solar good supplement. Unclear how much you might be only one that claimed that this guy is just dead too much credit I mean yes you're right you do look fantastic bargain. You know look let's not launched that's not much on here are your resume our game and you know. There you know like and that's not our problem that's the problem whoever ends up trading form and it doesn't even seem like that's gonna happen because honestly it if the patriots in Adam chapters to be believe the patriots are treating him for anything cell. Even in a game and a half of what you side you know. Didn't impress you or you didn't think it was enough of a sample size just keep in mind that Bill Belichick sees this guy everyday practice. And has decided we're not trading him even though he's in his walk year we are not gonna trade this guy we're gonna keep them here. And yeah round draft XP dams so clearly they they like numbers armories in more than just that game and half. Yeah era and they did. Credit to the patriots are you know yeah. Bring it to Woodstock they have you know and I mean if you played a game and passed on the tip on to upgrade box semi we were really be talking about generated. And furthermore if you didn't play like sort of started a game and half. We would have become currency at all out of shock the would have nothing to talk about ms. in the off season. And I also want to comment on. You know let the guy go if I hadn't been the patriots showed that. They're gonna get the players that they want to come to the team because everybody you'll. A lot of players wanna play the patriots. So I don't think they're going to be in dire straight to something happened Tom Brady goes down he retires. Are we going to be hurt and hurt you know someone to come to the patriots. Well. I am content I know what you mean and when it comes to guys and thanks for the call by the way when it comes to guys like Chris Long. And jumping on at the end here when it comes to guys like Corey Dylan. And trapped in the you know Cincinnati all those years Chris Long with Saint Louis and you know some of these other guys who asserted you know hung on for rain in the move done. You don't really want to roll the dice like that the quarterback position. I really think that's a dangerous risky game to play. As for every Corey Dylan and every Randy Moss on a win win anything but in every now. Chris Long and and Martellus Bennett some of these other guys. There's an Albert Haynesworth Ernie Daly is Thomas. Aura Duane Starks. Or earth and I mean I can go down aware Reggie Wayne territory hold to one of these guys week in those guys and you make it teams so you know there you go by. It's it's it's it to do that at the quarterback position. That's it that's a scary prospect for me I don't think Bill Belichick would would do that I don't think that would be something that would even cross his mind to go. Down that road and Tryon you know pick is who would even three. Tony Romo. You know I can probably get Tony right I'm sure you know whoever the free agent quarterbacks are. And it probably wanna come to New England. Why are you ready are you ready for future of you know three years at Tony Romo. There's not a lot of other good free agents out there right now Jay Cutler Colin can't predict you want any of those guys. You know guys are gonna just opt out of their contractor. You know Dick titan and come to the patriot doesn't work like that. Teams in the NFL value their quarterbacks to a psychotic extent. Especially now when it's so hard to finding go with. You know you might be able to find that a player who is stuck on some crap team for a long time playing defensive end their middle linebacker running backer. One ever waited to hard to find a quarterback that fits that criteria you know that that that's that's a tough fast. As go to nick in New Hampshire with a thought on Malcolm Boller hello nick. Correct side as well and you know thank you for let me on the show you you gotten a bit less than hurt hurt you know quite get the almost a year. I don't isolate them bishop elect Jeanne like you know we got stock but I like the topics religious. Thank you very much naked if you wanna show and express how much you liked the show go to WEEI dot com right now and vote for me so we can beat that able Gerry Callahan impact. Apparently let our time on welcome Butler. Our so I guess I really sake you know you know I don't Cogent thoughtful offer for like five years now I sit here and you know I'd really been studying the other differences between between these sides are at. And you know I I really don't page. You know let one player adult. On the east side to side is gonna make a huge difference. In our church actually a tool to awesome station at them according don't pick Patrick Chung got. MET on all of Toronto arm and I think the safeties there are great and they they really do a fine job but I mean Nikki you know just just look at that. Look at the history books look at this team in in who they who they've had a defensive back when they won when they won championships when they haven't I think it's an -- pretty. It's pretty clear to me I think that's an important part of being a championship team in the when when you gotta have. In a got to have that guy got to have that number one shut down corner it's spend it's been a real hallmark the championship teams. I think Stephon Gilmore is now. I'd take it all apart at a level compel I think I would just welcome but Laura Hart beat the I'll just sit age and for the potential that Malcolm Butler holds. But should it to the next two years ago I already you know I would come out until more albeit not what I had happened. You know let's hope Cyrus who owns doubts about them. You know maybe you get it. Steps it up let's Osiris Jones can get on the field. And on and that's eighty steps without. And in others other guy and I Jason Jack and some of these other Justin Coleman some other players thanks for comic but it's a you know to me I made. I just think it's so important. You're right one player on defense or offense generally doesn't make you know make or break it team you're right about that. Buy into just look at the history it's right there you know would you go on football reference and look at who these. Patriots had their secondaries in the years they won championships and look who was in the secondary in the years that didn't. You know it's it's pretty black and white. It'd be a coincidence shirt could be but I don't think it is. And also by the way since 2004 when Ty Law was here in you can beat the case at all these guys at the line. Hi why use that to smash people. First played in 2001 super blog read this somewhere mylar ran up to Isaac Bruce and cracked to a hundreds I think on the first playoff that's. Isaac Bruce didn't do anything in acting Tyler cracked 200. Right as the game started early did during the coin toss you can do that Baghdad. Can't do that anymore so now when you get a secondary when you get a guy in your secondary who can cover like that. And be physical at the line not the way I like used to be a Malcolm Boller for guy his size. Is tremendous. Tough strong. Add as do any nation in LA guys guys like that are hard to find. Guys like Malcolm Boller really hard to fine. And the only the only explanation as for why maybe this is time that I've heard is well Malcolm Butler really had something to prove. And now maybe doesn't feel like he has on the crew anymore. Maybe it's true maybe isn't. Played 2014 wins a Super Bowl 2015 establishes himself as the number one corner 2016 continues to play as the number one corner. Where my letter I missing here. When was the big go I'm so great I don't have to deal on an a to do this and Marmara adamantly it'd been happening with them. And it could still act and I guess I mean it could happen in the future. Maybe that's something bill Belichick's worried about I have no idea. But so far. You know by my eye I see no reason I see no earthly reason. Y guy like Butler shouldn't get the exception you know and Indian get dead early contract I just don't see one not let's go to Wayne in south you before the break blowing. Hey Chris can look upon a little lame man. No no big play big leagues and insanely. Great show and let guys want to look to dangle could Obama actually reaching patriots already. Imagine that scenario already checked as well Christian at what what happened eight Bob Brady got his trash. When Drew Bledsoe smashed Beimel Lewis yeah. Yeah I wanted it blah lock it pint of blood and seven time Helen died yeah I don't. Object so all I'm saying that Brady bashing I mean. Lindsey Jacob initiation. And hopefully this heat and Angola will come it and and doesn't really well yeah I mean. They need that until Reggie and I don't think Brady won't ever be able to match. I didn't get a matter what anybody says a lot old guy yeah I mean it really is. And neither does it let them all of the military and get some idea and includes many a time in the NFC. Think about not true Christian yeah initially had about ticket stub was admiral Gilmour dozens of home. Action. They're old belly check scouted and grabbed him. This kid going to be peace and come on he went from a bottle bill forward and they have now incumbent England he what you all old wings. And impeached. And Malcolm would come and actual question a lot well you can no more crying he wanted you to restrictive free agent in reciting the three point nine agenda I mean and will play IG he should do what and how unbelievable achievement. Then next you know get sixty million dollar contract or some yeah hole. Yeah a crowd would do that it won a national Gamal and they had to shut down on. Got jeans a black guy Williams got about a legend and Christian more than actual the big. Quite a Birkhead today is not that big by the way be emperor Rex Burkhead. He's not to be easily five and he's valley united huge I'd. But I already under your wanted to he could to block the quarterback ago when that Brady get why she's got blocked. Yeah I don't I don't mean and it wants a lot of Bengals games replay and play till the end of the season in the vandals are kind of out of it by and so wasn't paying a whole lot of attention they had their first two guys Jeremy nowlin Nam was the other guy Geovany Bernard is that. Those two guys both got hurt and so he was kind of rusting and it was garbage time he was okay and he was mostly core special team. What's that. Night and how he resigned that Cincinnati is and right now. Can't I'm telling you right now would go I told people at analyst immigration haven't albeit militia thanking Germany all have on. As in a matter what you do a little page it's all gonna come back and win this fight and that's why. I don't get a say that's avenue let's with the bad and it wasn't that I wasn't really the case Wayne thanks for the couple patriot it's patriots had a lot of lot of years there where. They were down and they didn't come back with a any fire I mean that's the other thing and I love Wayne but that whole thing about we're gonna keep grapple hearing case Tom Brady takes a big Newton. You know goes down like Drew Bledsoe didn't in 2001 come on. You get a again and pass on. You get a pass up on all those draft picks for Cleveland. In the event that maybe. Tom Brady gets injured in many times Tom Brady's been injured once once. And it was a bad injury missed all year but I mean combine but he Tom Brady does not get injured. EN day again and forgo budget draft picks on the possibility that he might now way no way not one drop blows and walked years just doesn't make any sense. 6177797937. And phone number here late night Sports Radio WEEI Eric and here. Rear admirals in the building vagina in about ten minutes. Then Charleston on the wheels of steel take your phone calls 61777979837. Let's go back to the phones. Are the Mikey Marilyn I might. It. Oh yeah it's okay all I was I didn't I didn't with no music and any they want to isolate this Benny you're rolling okay one more time nice and slow. You know what that wasn't angry I was expecting better that's okay now at no big deal no no I don't worry about in my carried on Monday. Yeah it yet speak and act. We are in the car well that last. I have no idea I don't know why do any didn't get on the way I thought he should have been added I'd I'd you know and maybe this is because they used to be a weekend got myself wait instill and sometimes it's the work on Sundays VA you know Tomas is their mustard and Johnson got in. Ten layered is in there I I'm a little annoyed that they left the card completely off and I think they should it may be yet another. Another couple around you know throw in of aligning throne tour card. Throw in rear admiral you know as a bunch other guys that could have put in their I don't see why why why not expanded if you you know the reason not to. Yeah Alec until hot but yeah. I got much that they eat all our senate or in art agent. Hey hey hey hang on a second might I said specifically not to do that. Here's. What's on your mind tonight. Yet again I mean it's hard not to get there are numbers that there's Celtics scene and then you're talking about. You know like. They're going to get sick as an artist here and my take on the sixteenth sport again. You know I think at the end of the season that are going to be talked about saint Leonard's first round of the Arnold changeup here or anything. A big disappointment and you know like a speech at the bigger deal is not war like debate policy and get thousand the first round and you know they eaten. I don't think it will buy it. You know they got dangers on their third down and office thinking. You know maybe. They got you know they got someone they could of you know because songs are you know compete for the first week. Make it here. And they're competing for the threat by the way it's a final now in Denver it cavaliers lost the Celtics are one game back they're one game out. From the top spot that's unbelievable I can we get ten games left to go here and the Celtics have they've played one game in the cavaliers lose one game. They will be tied for first place in the entire conference I mean that's. That's really I don't know I needed people keep talking while there are gonna win a championship you know that's true but the fact that there. Of hair away a breath away from the top spot. That's three you know only people likely gets nothing it's it's not thanks for the call Mike and call back any time. But really I mean you know that's that's impressive. The only thing about it that I'm still hung up on. Is the fact that I think they still would have been here there would have been in the same position. Had they made a move the deadline to balance out this roster. I really I really believe that. Even if it meant getting a bench player just somebody someone with some presence inside. They can spell Amir Johnson and Kelly oh Lenny can Al Horford who I love them all three of them I'm not you know on different levels obviously. But. You're talking about you're talking about. Three guys rate there. Who occasionally. Put together decent rebounding night analytics been better lately. Look we're getting rebounds from. You get them from Avery Bradley. And Jae Crowder is now and I'd sit and politika off the bench. And Horford or Freddie get their rebounding tonight. By in on defensively on the inside. They gave up 44 points in the paint tonight they scored 44 points and they also gave up 44 points. They do struggle inside some time. And playoffs come around half court game you know more post presence they just feel like that's it and gonna be tough for these guys gonna be difficult a difficult problem no matter who they play. And right now at the season were to end today. The Celtics would lay. The market box. 1234567. Yeah Milwaukee Bucks. Who have a legitimate front court I mean a real legitimate front court. You know forgetting into the combo with they guy you know aside from him a guide guys who can. Really do things inside. Greg Monroe for example. John Henson you know they're they're not great players but their front court. And they can give the date you give the Celtics from real problems and a first round match up just like the hawks did last year. And you know and outside of that yet. They thought glumly on the team that trade Plummer. Did we have this conversation vent about all the different always. Like miles Mason Marty Mikey miss many Al Anbar Marshal all the only if think he's he's big goofy white dudes all around and around. Yeah hey you know like that that's that's a scary matchup I think. For the Celtics subs are better team and then Milwaukee in almost every possible way except in the front court and then makes a big difference in the playoffs. They won't work on your before the break Charlie's in the. Yeah we don't let. So I agree with what you're saying it out a lot we be the same that we all but I feel like it would at a few. Why opera I'll bring it bought we get outs are brown you. Green it's a god we get down in the first round Charlie. Back. And thanks for the couple. I don't know it was chicken in every cent. I've no idea to catch that I love chicken baby I think it's respect I don't know what he meant but as soon as he set I hope they get bounced in the first round I had a feeling wasn't as yours uncle.